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  • pq az
    pq az Month ago


  • q w
    q w 9 months ago

    fuck you!!!???

  • serendipity Culture
    serendipity Culture 11 months ago

    Sacha gone down.

  • powertortoise
    powertortoise 11 months ago

    It begins with 'G' !

  • David Dennison
    David Dennison 11 months ago

    Child = Free lol classic cry out loud stuff! Helping me stay sane in Trump's insane times.

  • Scoutfbk
    Scoutfbk 11 months ago

    Thanks for posting!

    • StopThrowingFacts
      StopThrowingFacts 11 months ago

      thanks for watching and commenting.. I really appreciate it.. Jc

  • Tinkerbell Bear
    Tinkerbell Bear 11 months ago

    Sir it's not about drinking beer it's about SEXUAL ASSAULT! But hey what's one little rape right? One rape, 2 rapes....meh everyone does it right? No one should be judged by one little sexual assault they did years ago.... let's not make this man face any consequences...I mean who did it really hurt? It's only one woman who has had to live with being sexually assaulted her whole life but hey she should just get over it it was years ago she should be over it by now right? What young boy hasn't raped/sexually assaulted someone in high school? Maybe this little sexual assault will he good on kavanaugh's resume for supreme court....just the highest court in the land for a lifetime of controlling the bodies of women and what they can do with their own bodies....I mean he has experiences controlling what happened with this woman's body...doing whatever he wanted with her so yeah maybe that gives him extra bonus points..... ARE YOU GUYS FING INSANE!?