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A Perfect Circle - Passive
Views 4.9M11 years ago
A Perfect Circle - Imagine
Views 6M11 years ago
A Perfect Circle - Judith
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  • Biotuned Music
    Biotuned Music 5 hours ago

    Love the song but I kinda wish they did more for a music video

  • LOW
    LOW 14 hours ago


  • Wolfgang Carstens
    Wolfgang Carstens 18 hours ago

    This is just fucking amazing!

  • Crying Polnareff
    Crying Polnareff 18 hours ago

    I-is this Vore?

  • Dionis Stratrov
    Dionis Stratrov 18 hours ago

    This and Fear Inoculum made me do a serious depart from jazz music again...after 13 years.

    WTD TUTORIAIS 22 hours ago

    what's her name?

  • Khaleesi
    Khaleesi Day ago

    Miss my childhood

  • Zephyr Autumn Scythe

    1/21/2020 still. . . .

  • Michael Gutter

    You children have no idea what you’re listening to..... blasphemy of blasphemy’s

  • Rob 'Emrys' Brown

    Back in 2000, an older woman introduced this to me as I started on the slow path of recovery from a bad break-up that nearly destroyed me. There are odd occasions where I find myself easily trapped by the memories of it and then the song ends, and I acknowledge that I'm still alive. I've never been in the position to properly thank the woman in question. Increasingly wish I could.

  • Daniel Thompson

    "Sh" was the most optimistic of the "Ould" family." ,dan' "tuna was removed from the can."

  • Daniel Thompson

    "I'll keep all their first names you genius." ,dan' "Nintentdo©®™ Wars" goes to prison." "All other videogame wars are divided amongst the jails and the families and fractured ones, just make a clan or team or gang or crew or army I don't mind." "try not to overthink it." ,dan' "Tom Waits doesn't get scared that easily."

  • WizardOfAus
    WizardOfAus Day ago


  • Farwest Photography FFL

    I have listened to this song so many times that even my cat knows all the words to it....

  • AmyKatCosplay
    AmyKatCosplay 2 days ago

    Almost 20 years later and this song still makes me cry like no other 😭

  • Björn last
    Björn last 2 days ago

    APC has helped me get through many times.. Put them on the 4-10inch subs, pump up the valume and chill out. Music is life.!.!.!..!!!

  • Mona Kealah
    Mona Kealah 2 days ago

    APC new album reflects the mental and spiritual maturity after the turmoil, rebellion and anger. I liked the old albums and I like the new one that is totally different in its essence. It’s not angry, it consoles, it reminds us to look around and understand we’re not alone.

  • Luis Montes
    Luis Montes 3 days ago

    that was a very tasteful video (for the song)!

  • Amy Barrett
    Amy Barrett 3 days ago

    Grab your towels, and DONT PANIC.

  • soundz4pleasure
    soundz4pleasure 3 days ago

    Your contribution to music is enormous and I am glad for the experience

  • Medic Jay
    Medic Jay 3 days ago

    I am watching some ant show on the history channel and the commentator mentioned how the ants cut a perfect circle. I am high as fuck and like. Thats a band isn't it! and thats how I got here...This is weird cause it feels like im being sucked back into myself...like in time....I was 25

  • Zachery P
    Zachery P 3 days ago

    Came here for a neat aerosmith cover :(

  • iamisandisnt
    iamisandisnt 3 days ago

    I was sent here from Living Color's Cult of Personality. Hindsight is 2020.

  • Erika Gaming
    Erika Gaming 3 days ago

    the only thing I hear in the middle of the song is "oH yeAh~"

  • Jeff Assassin
    Jeff Assassin 3 days ago

    A perfect Circle can make any song or title as ridiculous or funny or as hardcore as they come and they would just knock your socks off I love this song

  • Malus Mentis
    Malus Mentis 4 days ago

    This Song has so much meaning to me. The passing of my Dad and words left unsaid between us. My fault and the song is me reacting in my own heart. It is what I imagined he felt about me in my arrogance and belligerence. Like @Brokenseatbelt said, "Choice and bed be made, Good night. Sleep tight." That is what I think he would have said to me. I am Sorry Dad, Forgive Me, Know I never meant to cause you any heartache and that I Love You! Rest in Peace!

  • Dan 16
    Dan 16 4 days ago

    Jeff: I like this

  • merlimpc
    merlimpc 4 days ago

    13 years later, you break our hearts. You promise will back in 2008.

  • Darren Parrott
    Darren Parrott 4 days ago

    Boogaloo 2020

  • Eric De Stefano
    Eric De Stefano 4 days ago

    This song is my whole heart. 🖤

  • Konar76
    Konar76 4 days ago

    I like first Depeche Mode album too

  • Ryan Overby
    Ryan Overby 4 days ago

    Vampirism Howardell.....I know vamps when I see them

  • Ryan Overby
    Ryan Overby 4 days ago

    What of them?...............all Dooomed

  • Bobbert Dishman
    Bobbert Dishman 4 days ago

    Keeps making itself relevant

  • Jeanie Reich
    Jeanie Reich 4 days ago

    I think it has to do with all of the mass shootings and the fucking hypocrites that say "Thoughts and prayers" because they're not doing anything, it's just fucking TALK.

  • ent3ngru3tze
    ent3ngru3tze 4 days ago

    Just great!!!! ....the whole album

  • Gina Moser
    Gina Moser 4 days ago

    I love watching the dolphins swimming. They are so beautiful.

  • Brandon Johnson
    Brandon Johnson 5 days ago

    I think I could put this on loop, and sleep like a baby

  • Stefanie Ann Behe
    Stefanie Ann Behe 5 days ago

    Mer de Noms.. best album EVER

  • matthew negron
    matthew negron 5 days ago

    The world needs more truth seekers.

  • DecarabiaSatanachia

    Paz rocks!

  • gage suther
    gage suther 5 days ago

    Yo, I'm Catholic but this shit's a straight banger!

  • J M
    J M 5 days ago

    Recommended by some dribbler on Reddit. Confirms my suspicions that people on Reddit are idiots. This track licks balls.

  • Katrina Kyla Salvo
    Katrina Kyla Salvo 5 days ago

    2020 and its still my favorite 😍

  • Mason Brown
    Mason Brown 6 days ago

    Maynard: preaches about everyone being addicted to their phones Also Maynard: Releases the whole tool discography on Spotify Me: Well fuck

  • Miavangogh
    Miavangogh 6 days ago

    So beautiful and badass at the same time 🤍🔥

  • Izabella Melquiades

    Other circles in other time, a new life

  • Jennifer Brown
    Jennifer Brown 6 days ago

    Its not like you killed someone I did it all for you

  • Alisia Montes De Oca JMB

    How in the world did this song only get 14.5 million views. Do people know what music is today? Anyways, back to TOOL!

  • xMrSav x
    xMrSav x 6 days ago

    Great song one of my favorites by them

  • 123HY 456HJ
    123HY 456HJ 6 days ago

    See this song in live was awesome 💗

    NOOB GAMER 6 days ago

    i came here by memes.

  • Dan -Horsenwelles- Williams

    this is about a bunch of greedy apes doing bad shit with toys. this is what snowpiercer was always about. civility needs to be created. invented. kill the ones at the top every couple of years. make the ones at the bottom flourish and expand into the grand new world.

  • King Leonidas
    King Leonidas 7 days ago

    I’m here for Paz

  • Taylor08956
    Taylor08956 7 days ago

    I understand his anger

  • Taryn Diskin
    Taryn Diskin 7 days ago

    Billy Howardel- you are absolutely amazing!!!!!

  • cmarcusb08
    cmarcusb08 7 days ago

    This is not the end. Just the prologue to another bloody chapter of human history...

  • Brian Lattimore
    Brian Lattimore 7 days ago

    Maynard's best

  • Jeka Boxerdog
    Jeka Boxerdog 7 days ago

    2020 ?

  • Steve Wall
    Steve Wall 7 days ago

    Christ....this sounds so much like Placebo!! Thats the second time MJK has caught me out like that....that aside....what a fuckin peice of work....outstanding.....

  • Marcus Nazarene
    Marcus Nazarene 7 days ago

    Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnice . Since the day they launched it

  • Brian Rhodes
    Brian Rhodes 7 days ago

    Putting her hair up turns me on

  • Haley Dew
    Haley Dew 7 days ago

    Wow. This song is so beautiful. Hit me hard for sure. Masterpiece ❤

  • Ryan Colley
    Ryan Colley 8 days ago

    Back to detox tomorrow.. ugh.... Please keep me in your thoughts. (This is my fiance's account).

    GRACE M 8 days ago

    I was looking for an angry head banger and found this soulful soft plea to this and my generation lost to handhelds. One of the most meaningful and on target messages I have heard.

  • Niblade
    Niblade 8 days ago

    I remember seeing this video on TV thinking, that sounds like Maynard. I had no idea that he had a new project because I knew they were working on a new Tool album as well. Of all the songs in all the time I have been alive, this song holds a special place in my heart as my absolute favorite. Especially the long "you" near the end. This song is just top tier shit. Soo good.

    • Matty A
      Matty A Day ago

      @Niblade You're way closer to me in age than I thought if you like that music. I'm 39. I'm probably just more of a music snob and/or everything I did from age 6 on was to buy music. Used to shovel driveways for my $2.50 cut in '87 or mow lawns for my $4 cut at 10 and was lucky enough to live in a 300 house (twins) neighborhood. Buys a lot of tapes. Couple that with parents that you never talk to and essentially being raised by babysitters and your taste in music ends up being a bit ... advanced. I don't remember any other kids wearing Front 242 shirts to school in 3rd grade. LOL. Thanks Kelly Zimmer (babysitter)

    • Niblade
      Niblade 2 days ago

      @Matty A It's cool, you and I aren't that much different, if anything we may have 10 years apart from one another. My being near 40 and all. I didn't really have the money for music too much, so when I had a happen chance to hear something, I would seek it out. Also, that means that I only had a few albums that ultimately became some personal favorites. APC's Mer de Nom, the Mortal Kombat soundtrack, the Spawn Soundtrack, and Tool's Aenima. If this tells you anything about my music.

    • Matty A
      Matty A 2 days ago

      @Niblade Weird. Then again, I haven't watched MTV since I was 14 years old and we didn't watch music on the internet (I'm showing my age), so maybe while showing my age, things were different for your generation. (That's not a knock) I guess I expect all people from the "internet generation" to know every little side project because they had the internet. LOL. Probably makes us 40 year olds insane and or nerds as we were the people sitting at mom and pop record stores reading the trade papers to find out what was coming next, in line at 10pm the night before an album came out at Tower Records on South Street in Philly for albums to drop and sneaking into concerts with our uncle's Maryland State ID looking like assholes at 15 years old. (Thank you Electric Factory bouncers for being so cool) My response to you was more shock that anything. You guys always know 10 times more than I forget because I'm an old ass. Reading it again, perhaps I wrote it like an asshole? If so, my bad man. Wasn't intended that way. Was generally confused.

    • Niblade
      Niblade 3 days ago

      @Matty A I didn't think I'd need to do this, but here we are. When I was in high school, I had three favorite bands, Metallica, Godsmack, and Tool. Since Tool was all I knew, and they only had three albums at the time, I listened to Aenima a lot, followed by the earlier two but not as often. I listened to Godsmack more (because I was a brooding teen) and Metallica was the most. These guys were heavy rotation albums, but as I was in high school, I didn't have time to peruse magazines on the regular and I hated MTV because of Limp Bizkit. So I got news as it would come from message boards, radio, and most likely from my brothers, who DID have time for the music magazines. So, yes, I recognized the voice because I listened to the CD so much I wore it out, so I knew what I was hearing. I knew Lateralus was on the way because of notes from toolband.com, of which I never saw any mention of APC on the news board, but I could have just overlooked it. I also had no idea of Puscifer until the release of Don't Shoot the Messenger E.P.. I don't have time to follow the news of every band and side project, I'd be glued to TheXvid/the internet 24/7. So, sorry if things were confusing, I was just relaying my experience with my most favorite song ever.

    • Matty A
      Matty A 3 days ago

      @Niblade - Huh? Mer De Noms came out in late May of 2000. It was HEAVILY publicized and insanely popular. What did Lateralus being worked on (which didn't come out until July 4th weekend I believe) of the next year have to do with you not knowing Maynard was in THREE BANDS at that point? Were you not a Tool fan or something? I mean, you said you knew the sound of Maynard's voice, but you weren't aware he was in two other bands? Very confusing.

  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent 8 days ago

    January 13, 2020... Sad how large sums of money can fix certain problems.

  • N Ska
    N Ska 8 days ago

    I always thought his parents couldn’t see him. Back then , I was trying some drugs and it was a downers for me, it only took me a month to start and a month to stop , but it was depressing . I could feel I have no direction in life.that’s how I remember this song way back, While waiting for my two friends to pick me up, always cut classes so I won’t be obvious That I had taken something , sleep to friends house for months , so my parents wouldn’t know. But I keep it at a minimum, I don’t want to take too much, and I stay alert at all times. Luckily , they make sure I would be safe, so there is only three of us. I was the first to stop when someone suspected us, and they followed after a month. I don’t think I was influenced, more like it was my choice to try, same year I tried and same year I was save from doing something stupid to continue. It was my cousin who is like a brother to me who told me i still have a big chance in life as a teen, that’s how I ended up graduating and all that shit. I almost fell on a wrong path. It’s always your decision no matter what, even how depressed you are. Graduating in the end means nothing though . Lol, most of the time now , I just go with the flow in life. Trying not to think negative. Or getting away from people whose trying to cause drama in my life

  • Quebec Sucks
    Quebec Sucks 8 days ago

    'Imagine all the people'...and here lies part of the problem...way to many people taking up way to much space...

  • Rrazed 8
    Rrazed 8 8 days ago

    Love it at 1.2 Speed

  • LimitIsIllusion
    LimitIsIllusion 8 days ago

    Just distractions everywhere. Come here for the music and just start reading the comments and miss half the sounds.

  • LimitIsIllusion
    LimitIsIllusion 8 days ago

    Overall, I'm not a big fan of this album, but this is one of the good ones

  • Ben W
    Ben W 9 days ago

    And to think.... there's only 9 years left... Let's Follow the Cops Back Home...

  • Dick Seldomhard
    Dick Seldomhard 9 days ago

    This song is balls

  • dantesinfernal
    dantesinfernal 9 days ago

    I watch this video just to see how tight Jeff Friedl keeps his hair

  • Steve Chapo
    Steve Chapo 9 days ago

    I'm gonna film you guys playing in a warehouse. Yea ..I dunno...Trust me.

  • yes it's me
    yes it's me 9 days ago

    Paz ... can't stop dreaming with your legs over my shoulders ...

  • donamick
    donamick 9 days ago


  • Carlos Ibarra
    Carlos Ibarra 10 days ago

    On my bucket list is to meet mynred James in person I probably pass out

  • James Bogucheski
    James Bogucheski 10 days ago

    My disillusionment was that by "fighting the system" we only give them the voice of reason: "See! They are just a bunch of animals!" Whatever... Sober up. No dream then. We good. move really really far away is also an option.

  • dhd xmx
    dhd xmx 10 days ago

    anyone hear at 3:23 “ taste my cum “ ?

  • Draconian Cloud
    Draconian Cloud 10 days ago

    This reminds a lot on Radiohead, please Radiohead or A prefect Circle for President !!!!! Peace -)

  • Pete
    Pete 10 days ago

    i cant believe how dumb this video is

  • Steve Wall
    Steve Wall 10 days ago

    Working at my desk, listening to this for the first time (although its been looping for the last hour now).........and getting nothing done because I keep watching the Bassist putting her hair up!.

  • Cherif Fire
    Cherif Fire 10 days ago

    2020 anybody ?

  • Steve Wall
    Steve Wall 10 days ago

    This just stopped me dead in my tracks, popped up in my feed on auto-play......I didn't realise it was Maynards (Other) band.......I heard the vocals and went cold "no way is there anyone else who can sing like he can....' ......how fuckin happy am I to know I have more of his vocals to listen too!!

  • Jesse Gardner
    Jesse Gardner 10 days ago


    ZAICLIFF 10 days ago

    Damn I never realised how deep this song was

  • First Last
    First Last 11 days ago

    Keenan swears this was made in colour.

  • Teppich Opfer
    Teppich Opfer 11 days ago

    Thanks to my grandma, your strong and spiral out, keep going...

  • Jessica Cermak
    Jessica Cermak 11 days ago

    Libras will make you hurt like no other. Gonna go cry now.

  • sim,sou pincel
    sim,sou pincel 11 days ago

    It fits so much about the time live

  • ikust007
    ikust007 11 days ago

    Can you feel the Hanger... I can...

  • manuel berroa
    manuel berroa 11 days ago

    i rememberded when i first heard the song, playing WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2009 then i said dam this is pure VIBE!!!

  • neknarf1973
    neknarf1973 11 days ago


  • Rifai Saiful
    Rifai Saiful 11 days ago

    Once Prog stay Prog

  • tOaSt xP
    tOaSt xP 11 days ago

    Still great! Love this video😘❤️

  • Minh Pham
    Minh Pham 12 days ago

    To all APC's fans: you guys are the coolest on Earth, you should be proud!

  • Chris Pixi Smith
    Chris Pixi Smith 12 days ago

    This shit grinds soooooooooooooooo hard!!! <3

  • Blue Strawberry
    Blue Strawberry 12 days ago

    The boomer anthem