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Joker Review!
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  • SigmentKurosai
    SigmentKurosai 33 minutes ago

    Prometheus only had one mistake? What movie were you watching??

  • N. A.
    N. A. 34 minutes ago

    Sounds like it's going to be a reboot, not part 5 of the series.

  • Ryon Reyne
    Ryon Reyne 35 minutes ago

    WhatCulture yeah you can’t speak the truth about how they absolutely obliterated one of the most amazing characters of all time Luke Skywalker in a film that seemed purely designed to tell Star Wars fans that they are worthless and the things they love are wrong or you are labeled a sexist racist misogynist asshole that’s just the way the world is now...

  • mike acton
    mike acton 37 minutes ago

    The broken mirror sequence by Martin Sheen in Apocalypse Now

  • Jorge Picabea
    Jorge Picabea 38 minutes ago

    there's une thing thou... The gun John has in the car looks like a 45, those things have recoil but on the scene it does not even move when it goes off...

  • DJ Castano
    DJ Castano 39 minutes ago

    Ed Furlong

  • Joann Kennedy
    Joann Kennedy 42 minutes ago

    Wow I loved number 6 last name.

  • Tannerj50
    Tannerj50 42 minutes ago

    last i heard of nikki blomski, that whenever she tweeted someone it was always " hi i'm nikki blomski from hairspray" or some shit like that

  • Łukasz Klaban
    Łukasz Klaban 44 minutes ago

    Why Will isn't in Chatty Faces? ;)

  • Saurabh Misal
    Saurabh Misal 50 minutes ago

    Monique from Precious could've made this list

  • Karen Lawler
    Karen Lawler 53 minutes ago

    Thomas Hayden Church stars in HBO's show "Divorce" alongside Sarah Jessica Parker. I wouldn't exactly call that "nowhere" He shouldn't be here in fairness

  • Matt Albert
    Matt Albert 55 minutes ago

    Scott couldn’t be more correct!

  • God Of Fire
    God Of Fire 56 minutes ago

    O.m.g is this an older list? Wth? Mojo...you ok?

  • James R
    James R 59 minutes ago

    Robert Forester had a great career after Jackie Brown. His lead role in the Twin Peaks reboot is one of the best performances I've ever seen.

  • God Of Fire
    God Of Fire 59 minutes ago

    Number 9 makes no sense. He pops up when he can.

  • BradenPlayzRoblox


  • trc2rockon
    trc2rockon Hour ago

    I'd add Sam Worthington on this too. After Avatar came out and became the biggest movie at the box office at the time, he did seem like he was going to be a breakout star. That said, other than that Clash of the Titans remake, he really hasn't done a whole lot of major roles as of late. In fact, he kinda seems to have gone the route of fellow Aussie actor who also did time in a Terminator movie, Jai Courtney, in that he wasn't able to develop much of a personality all his own and kinda got lost in the shuffle. In other words, I think it makes a bit of sense why Zoe Saldana ended up being the breakout star from that movie and not him.

  • Mikey John
    Mikey John Hour ago

    Cuba Gooding Jr.?

  • R Donner
    R Donner Hour ago

    Mine is a movie that I hate now, but 7-year-old me would watch it several times a day. The Phantom Menace. Yeah, I know...

  • Mór Ríoghain
    Mór Ríoghain Hour ago

    Spot the Malcolm Tucker reference.

  • Hungrypiemonger
    Hungrypiemonger Hour ago

    everyone in saw gets what they deserve, she gets no pass.

  • Marlon Sanchez
    Marlon Sanchez Hour ago

    The House That Freddy saved also has 4 load bearing TMNT Beams too.

  • Scott Crosby
    Scott Crosby Hour ago

    Robert Forster's final role was in El Camino... he passed away about a month ago.

  • Mae Tay
    Mae Tay Hour ago

    Adrian Brody??? How is he here?

    • Jordan Bryce
      Jordan Bryce Hour ago

      He's not an A Lister by any stretch of the imagination

  • Zion Newkirk
    Zion Newkirk Hour ago

    The red wedding will always be the most shocking thing to happen in game of thrones to me. They took out a few things that would have clued you in on the massacre in the show. Such as grey wind growling at the freys, the musicians being bad, etc. NO WARNING WHATSOEVER.

    • Zion Newkirk
      Zion Newkirk Hour ago

      Going on about ned stark, it wasn't that shocking at all that he got killed, to me at least. Considering how bad joffrey's personality was and how stupid he had already shown himself to be, it wasn't that shocking at all.

  • irina1296
    irina1296 Hour ago

    Adrien Brody is known for many roles. He doesn't belong to this list. I feel sorry for Mira Sorvino. I love her in Mimic, The Replacement Killers, Covert One: The Hades Factor and Human Trafficking so much

  • Melinda Kinnaird

    It was All About Steve that starred Thomas Hayden Church with Sandra Bullock. All About Eve was a classic Bette Davis movie.

  • GojirA
    GojirA Hour ago

    if your gonna reveal a nickname or something of that affect of a character, do it subtle. like star trek (2009) did with McCoy

  • duckiedale80
    duckiedale80 Hour ago

    Alison Lohman in Matchstick Men

  • Garvin The Martian

    *all about Steve

  • Patrick Dolan
    Patrick Dolan Hour ago

    Sometimes after a bad day at work, I watch Andy and Red for the hope of a better tomorrow. "Hope is a good thing!" Fort Hancock, Texas.

  • Judy Keller
    Judy Keller Hour ago

    "Entah,. If you dare the bizarre world of the psycho-Sexual mind...Whoo! Don't mind if I do!" Ash...ya gotta love her!

  • Carlos Saez
    Carlos Saez Hour ago

    One key thing I believe that will interfere is the age Gap between the joker and Bruce Wayne. They should just leave it. It was great.

  • moviemadhelen
    moviemadhelen Hour ago

    Love the book and I was a bit dubious about how it would translate to the big screen, taking into account the huge differences between Stanley Kubrick's the Shining and the original ending in the book. But I think they did well in merging the two and keeping the essence of the books and the films. Was a bit disappointed that some of the major characters in the book weren't fleshed out (Dr John) or made no appearance at all (Concetta aka Momo), but I guess it would have made the film too disjointed and the run time unbearably long. I think I may have enjoyed it more if I hadn't read the Shining or Doctor Sleep, so with that in mind I give it an 7.5/10. Well worth the price of the ticket (and will definitely adding this to my Blu-ray collection).

  • Milton_Gormaп
    Milton_Gormaп Hour ago

    You stole the line as useful as a marzipan dildo from the thick of it!

  • Nothing Free
    Nothing Free Hour ago

    everybody is a time TRAVELER

  • anthony cheesman

    Everytime I see thomas Hayden church I think george of the jungle lol


    Well written, especially the Serkis callback. See the Peanut Butter falcon for an excellent cameo.

  • Chicken Towel
    Chicken Towel Hour ago

    idk man, he didn't imagine the Wayne's murder scene, it was just added for the film to tell the audience that this is a DC film in it's own universe.

  • kattekaren
    kattekaren Hour ago

    I can't wait for more avengers, but with Captain marvel as the leader???? Eh ... no thanks. And another Thor movie with Natalie Portman? I'm gonna pass on that too. Having the Xmen coming into the marvel universe though? Yes!! Give me all the mutants! (although hopefully respecting the previously xmen movies)

  • Mank 0069
    Mank 0069 Hour ago

    Many of these people are successful. Not being a lead in mcu movies doesn't mean you went nowhere.

  • aleMuse79
    aleMuse79 Hour ago

    i don't totally agree with Adrian Brody be on this list Yes,maybe after The Pianist he didn't gave another performance of that greatness,but he have some solid lead role in his filmography,even in maybe mot so good movies Plus,in Grand Budapest Hotel and in Midnight in Paris he was really good,even in a supporting role (and even in tv series like Peaky Blinders he have done some good work)

    • Gary Atkins
      Gary Atkins 45 minutes ago

      The music in the film The Jacket, ive just found out, is called Fleeting Smile by Brian Eno....

    • Gary Atkins
      Gary Atkins Hour ago

      Im glad you appreciated it as much as i did..although it did take awhile for it to click what was happening, small snippets of music too which i couldnt get out of my head for ages..make this one of my all time favourite movies..

    • aleMuse79
      aleMuse79 Hour ago

      @Gary Atkins that's one of the movie I had in mind when I talked of strong lead performance Really good movie, probably one of his best (and one of the best sci-fi movies of the 2000's)

    • Gary Atkins
      Gary Atkins Hour ago

      aleMuse79 - Have you seen The Jacket, an Adrian Brody film? Can highly recommend it..

  • Barris 26
    Barris 26 Hour ago

    I'm sorry but there are tons of large women who have made it in holiday you can't make that excuse

    • Barris 26
      Barris 26 Hour ago

      Oirad Jochenca Kathy Bates Melissa McCarthy Queen Latifa Mo'Nique Rebel Wilson Jenifer Hudson Shelley Winters Octavia Spencer Shall I go on?

    • Oirad Jochenca
      Oirad Jochenca Hour ago

      Barris 26 who?

  • 2kawaii2care
    2kawaii2care Hour ago

    Mira Sorvino story is depressing honestly.

    • Wally West
      Wally West 41 minute ago

      Its horrible how he could just end someone's career like that.

    • Trillian Spencer
      Trillian Spencer Hour ago

      Yeah, while most of the rest it's "eh it just didn't click for them" she was actively blacklisted.

    • duckiedale80
      duckiedale80 Hour ago

      SAMJACK COLLECTION Some do it for the money like Cage in Left Behind.


      I agree. The dive into Christian films is worrisome. I really liked her.

  • Elizabeth Ray
    Elizabeth Ray Hour ago

    Dumbledore isn't death, jk just said she liked it. Honestly, it's really stupid

  • P S Y D U C K
    P S Y D U C K Hour ago

    What about breakout tv stars that didn’t go anywhere once they left.

  • mj dub
    mj dub Hour ago

    Thomas Hayden church as sandman was the worst fucking thing I've ever seen. Poorly written. Very poorly acted.

  • Richard Booth
    Richard Booth Hour ago

    You should interview the Skinlab boys. They just released a new album and it’s wicked. Steve Esquivel replies readily on Facebook. Get on it. 🤘🏻

  • Draugre
    Draugre Hour ago

    You can see me in a lot of big budget action movie's as a random goon because i am a stuntman, i can act but never got a role in any movies, i would take a tv role as a supporting character at this point

  • Debbie Moore
    Debbie Moore Hour ago

    Just didn't like slumdog millionaire.

  • Zoel Edwards
    Zoel Edwards Hour ago

    So basically these are one hit wonder performance. Oh yeah and Jeffery Epstein didn’t kill himself.

  • Dee Brown
    Dee Brown Hour ago

    So... Al pacino is crazy. Who knew. 😆

  • Biggest Mikey
    Biggest Mikey Hour ago


  • Chad Jones
    Chad Jones Hour ago

    Good to know you think that all of Wes Craven's movies are trash.

  • Doc Brrown
    Doc Brrown Hour ago

    Jean Dujardin is on a rush since The Artist. He was in major french movies. It's not because he doesn't do international movies that he completly disapear. That's ridiculous.

    • Al Grameno
      Al Grameno 54 minutes ago

      @Jordan Bryce Another kardashian fan. go and watch their reality shows...

    • Jordan Bryce
      Jordan Bryce 59 minutes ago

      I'm sorry but you're completely wrong

    • Al Grameno
      Al Grameno Hour ago

      it's perfectly true. He is still on top, recently he stars in very amazing movie. @whatCulture watch only USA movies, and for them it means that your are not anymore a n artist. Europe have the same audience then USA, in Asia also they have their audience. This USA egocentric is ridicoulos . @WhatCulture open your eyes, you have to see more movies across the world

  • Thebtechdavemustaine 5

    1:alien 2:reservoir dogs 3:the thing 4:the shining 5:Halloween 6:airplane 7:the shawshank redemption 8:assault on precinct 13 9:die hard 10:the incredibles Honourable mentions:empire strikes back, fellowship of the ring, the godfather, evil dead 2, escape from New York, full metal jacket, joker, Rocky, holy grail, night of the living dead

  • Nicholas Lucas
    Nicholas Lucas Hour ago

    Adam Clery, you sir, surprised me talking about REC! Respect!

  • Aaron Bondy
    Aaron Bondy Hour ago

    Thomas Hayden Church is in a lot of movies as a supporting role

  • Professor Nicbag
    Professor Nicbag 2 hours ago

    With the Hulu bundle I pay .10 for Disney+

  • Bobby Williams
    Bobby Williams 2 hours ago

    Spaceys lex Luthor was aweful. Even superman 4 lex luthor was still wayyyyy better.

  • Nik Fury
    Nik Fury 2 hours ago

    people hate on Thor 2 but without it you miss out on Loki's character arc, thor and loki's changing relationship, and some serious infinity stone lore.

  • josh the barber
    josh the barber 2 hours ago

    #1 Epsteins performance when he pretended he committed suicide

    • Zoel Edwards
      Zoel Edwards Hour ago

      josh the barber just stop because you know he on a island with Tupac.

  • Evo Gaming
    Evo Gaming 2 hours ago


  • Amanze Ihedioha
    Amanze Ihedioha 2 hours ago

    Does the garbage can not count?

  • Evan Codsworth
    Evan Codsworth 2 hours ago

    I think Clown Prince of Crime is a good title for the sequel.

  • betaneptune
    betaneptune 2 hours ago

    Please drop the monotonous drumbeat.

  • mintydog06
    mintydog06 2 hours ago

    Saw 2 is great. The weakest ones are 5 and 7.

  • kattekaren
    kattekaren 2 hours ago

    Doing something just for the money, is never a good thing. But if there's a story to tell and it doesn't ruin the previous one. Then they should go for it

  • Jonathan Katze
    Jonathan Katze 2 hours ago

    <3 yah Jules; you're flippin awesome mate, and you know it! Scott, you're cool too!

  • Nerd Colours
    Nerd Colours 2 hours ago

    Guys when Jim is playing second life the game his dream job is a Philadelphia sports writer and later in the series that’s what he becomes

  • Just Pelé
    Just Pelé 2 hours ago

    If Blade doesn't come out right before Halloween it would be a massive screw up.

  • Dick B. Danglin
    Dick B. Danglin 2 hours ago

    Is that title supposed to be taking the piss. It’s made one freakin billion is why... Leto won’t return. He’s never done a sequel. Integrity over money

  • Thomas Wilkerson
    Thomas Wilkerson 2 hours ago

    Picard forever

  • mintydog06
    mintydog06 2 hours ago

    "The fog is filled with oogide boogides!" haha, best line in the video, and the very convincing picture that came with it.

  • Sean Kilpatrick
    Sean Kilpatrick 2 hours ago

    I hope we get a sequel the movie was brilliant and Joaquin was incredible 🃏 this story needs to be continued 🃏

  • CapHowdy
    CapHowdy 2 hours ago

    The whole Groot one is obvious by the fact that he is a child in both physical form and mentality. If it were just the same Groot then he would not return to childhood mentality. As for "what would happen if you snap a part of him off" ... you mean like when he got his arm chopped off and nothing happened? Or when he removed his own arm to make the handle for Stormbreaker, and nothing happened? If a seed falls from a tree another tree grows, if a branch falls nothing happens... simple logic really and not that hard to grasp.

  • Cobra Commander
    Cobra Commander 2 hours ago

    Todd Phillips has already said the movie was definitely not all in his head and he was not in Arkham the whole time.

  • Shipley002
    Shipley002 2 hours ago

    pretty sure they announced they were not doing one

  • Darth Plagueis
    Darth Plagueis 2 hours ago

    LOL Deadpool is NOT gonna be part of the MCU.

  • K.L. Adams
    K.L. Adams 2 hours ago

    Hard to believe you've seen a movie, when you mispronounce the title and name of the character 🤷‍♂️

  • Gary Hough
    Gary Hough 2 hours ago

    Knew them all and more.. Rita Hayworth and Swawshank Redemption, Ellis Redding was supposed to be a ginger Irish man in the picture

  • Karen Eastman
    Karen Eastman 2 hours ago

    This type of video is great.:-):-D I like The Usual Suspects slightly more than Seven.:-):-O Poor people on The set of The Exorcist.That is too cold.:-(:-O:-( Wow.I think The Chest burster has metal teeth.:-O:-O What?? Did The Blair Witch Project make a fake ear of a male cast member and leave it in the woods for the cast to find and said nothing about it to them??Eww!

  • Father Thomas
    Father Thomas 2 hours ago

    Dark fate was by far my favourite. T2 is second but could be improved. Genisys had good ideas but poorly executed. T1 garbage T3 more garbage. Salvation is poo

  • tehf00n
    tehf00n 2 hours ago

    It's not "From Beyond". It's "The Beyond". From Beyond is a HP Lovecraft movie and also worth watching.

  • jim guiry
    jim guiry 2 hours ago

    The people that gave a thumbs down on this movie have to be insane living in their mothers basement on medication

  • Steve Karmazenuk
    Steve Karmazenuk 2 hours ago

    What about Captain Marvel 2?

  • Ran Wolf
    Ran Wolf 2 hours ago

    one of the later movie showed that Freddie had more than one glove, each with a different type of blade, one had short hooked blades on them

  • Luis Scott
    Luis Scott 2 hours ago

    It's cheating period. This isn't right at all. I work out a lot at the gym to improve my physical health and Hollywood is making a mockery out of it

  • Le MAO XXV
    Le MAO XXV 2 hours ago

    Honestly, I can see a way for a Joker sequel to go. It takes place mostly in the hospital like how the first one ended. But Joker is actually only half the focus of the movie. The other half focuses on Dr. Harleen Quinzel. A young up and coming psychologist hoping to make a name for herself by studying Joker's psyche. Instead, he (and the fallout of his actions of the first film) slowly turn her into Harley Quinn. And she helps Joker escape the mental hospital in an insane climax. And the final scene is Joker and Harley, the latter clutching her "puddin'" lovingly, looking on at Gotham, the city theirs for the taking. Just a thought.

  • Aaron Gallaway
    Aaron Gallaway 2 hours ago

    The flag looked proper Irish to me, not Italian. Perhaps there’s a better shot of it?

  • Paul g
    Paul g 2 hours ago

    Number 2 is one of the stupidest things I've ever heard

  • Filthy McNasty
    Filthy McNasty 2 hours ago

    I though this video is about things I didn't know about these movies. All these information is in the special features thats on the dvd's discs.

  • mutantdog
    mutantdog 2 hours ago

    If they must try and build on it with a new sub-franchise, i think a better approach would be to develop a series of one-offs based around the villains of Gotham. No need to build a complex universe either, just keep it simple with good stories that may or may not be connected to each other.

  • drutubechannel
    drutubechannel 2 hours ago

    Scary? WC is full of pansies. lol Not only have I finished all these, I've watched them multiple times. Shit, I watch the Fly 12 times when I was 10. lol Seen Audition and the Witch a million times. What's even more funny if you HAVE To finish these in order to make a list to know if they are too scary or not to finish. And you don't even have Irreversible or The Divide on this list. Those are more depraved than all 10 of these movies combined. Learn how to make a proper list.

  • akki
    akki 2 hours ago

    Million dollar baby I m waiting and waiting that she became fit in d end and win

  • nintendians
    nintendians 2 hours ago

    9. it was a good movie for a sequel. 7. rambro series was good. 6. 1st one was weird for me. 2. never liked the live action version of this.

  • Chris Shukis
    Chris Shukis 3 hours ago

    Avatar, and fortunately that film was so bland I have forgotten.

  • Filthy McNasty
    Filthy McNasty 3 hours ago

    Thor love and thunder sounds like a porn title.

  • OXOTNHK aka D3ath Patr0l

    Im betting the final spooderman movie with in 2023 as its not an mcu solo outing it makes sense for it to be the 4th movie of the year instead of one of their 3 main yearly releases

  • drutubechannel
    drutubechannel 3 hours ago

    Inside to me is the best NFE film out there. In my top 5 horror films ever. So. Much. Blood.