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LGR Channel Trailer
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LGR - After Dark Games
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  • sgpigfkr
    sgpigfkr 28 minutes ago

    OHMIGAWD!!!! my mom got me on Mary Kay or Leather Tanner for chix...never saw this so glad i didn't & oh um gee is your skin ok did that flash give you a rosacea flare up -- because it would've on me!

  • Oleanna The Fox
    Oleanna The Fox 41 minute ago

    Turtorial guy looks like John Arbuckle

  • Evanski
    Evanski 50 minutes ago

    But does it play Half-Life 2?

  • MrOoof
    MrOoof Hour ago

    4:59 how bout the Tesla cybertrek?

  • Jerome
    Jerome Hour ago

    Time to play Tyrian

  • Lizzybeth BH
    Lizzybeth BH Hour ago

    i recommend downloading extreme violence mod if you have seasons pack (its for the holiday ''Neighbourhood Brawl'' so yeah

  • Super Fight Man
    Super Fight Man Hour ago

    Ever noticed how we don't even use the word "spyware" anymore? At some point it just stopped being useful as it kinda just started to refer to all software. In a way, I guess it was simply replaced by the word "app".

  • Scallysnix
    Scallysnix 2 hours ago

    None of this matters if you play on xbone. the controls are anemically fucking abhorrent.

  • Dude Man
    Dude Man 2 hours ago

    I remember back in the Amiga days a friend had vcr backup system. It was a device that allowed you to use a normal vcr machine to store data on.

  • no1Liikeglenn
    no1Liikeglenn 2 hours ago

    starting over the game when dying? that sounds like NOITA released for pc this year (the game where every pixel is simulated)

  • YouTube Videos
    YouTube Videos 2 hours ago

    Uses an old computer that makes sounds like an airplane taking off and is happy about a quite floppy disk drive :-)

  • ShibaPupperVR
    ShibaPupperVR 2 hours ago


  • Quartz The Parody-er

    its not bob, its b🤓b

  • Hiendar Inenkoray
    Hiendar Inenkoray 3 hours ago

    i looOOooved it as a kid. spent hours on the creature stage. i liked to be a hermit living in the mountains, roam the world and make frineds with other...animals? i guees. never got to play online, that sucks :D

  • winko567
    winko567 3 hours ago

    i dont know why this game freaked me out back when i was a kid. i think i still have the disc of it somewhere.

  • slightlyevolved
    slightlyevolved 4 hours ago

    I remember Sonic CD being the first one of these I heard of. I was like, "They released it on whaaaaaa?" It's mentioned about the CD soundtrack, but I wonder how the past levels sound. On the Sega/MegaCD version, the present and future tracks are indeed redbook audio on the CD, however the past tracks are actually using the FM Synth chips. Which, is one reason why the past levels don't have a track that matches the present and future versions of the same act. Sega USA was able to easily redo the audio and just replace the tracks on the CD, however the past levels would require recording the actual game, so they left it as is. On the JP version, the past, present and future versions of each song all build up on top of each other. This is a known thing, yet, for some reason, I rarely hear it mentioned.

  • Adam Ross
    Adam Ross 4 hours ago

    Do you think this game will run better on my 8 core CPU? Where can I download?

  • C
    C 5 hours ago

    hey thanks the video was pretty cool and nostalgic

  • Gary Grandy
    Gary Grandy 5 hours ago

    Those keys and locks on computers made me feel like James Bond. But I doubt that Bond would've played Doom demo in his free time.

  • RockManLP
    RockManLP 5 hours ago

    XD Beatingbeatingbeatingbeatingbeating! Could not stop laughing! Reminds me of the boxing game Bart and Homer play.

  • RockManLP
    RockManLP 6 hours ago

    Hardcore Union of Radical Litterbugs

  • Morgan The Rat
    Morgan The Rat 7 hours ago

    Boy do I remember this, every so often someone would ask about it on the Sims BBS and be told in no uncertain terms that they'd spend eternity in one of the deeper circles of hell if they got it, then usually someone would given them a bunch of the fansite links.

  • Cypress Grella
    Cypress Grella 7 hours ago

    I feel like that squeaking from the speakers comes from having the AC adapter plugged in while running Doom.

  • Vova Syhin
    Vova Syhin 7 hours ago

    9:56 I keep asking my self that question everyday, when i drive through Sydney CBD!

  • Richard Adams
    Richard Adams 8 hours ago

    Warning! Do NOT watch while eating or drinking. Choking and spit-takes WILL ensue! Seriously, Clint, you made me choke on my burrito when you realized that the bartender is your soulmate....

  • lol no
    lol no 8 hours ago

    I never got the xen complaints. Nor first person platforming complaints in general. Just vizualise.

  • Noah Ryckman
    Noah Ryckman 8 hours ago

    I now understand what you're doing with the intro after this video. It's as if you're looking into the screen of a classic IBM loading up the video through the command. Mind blown.

  • C0smicC4nc3r
    C0smicC4nc3r 9 hours ago

    I love you LGr

  • Tomy Rody
    Tomy Rody 9 hours ago

    Orca 167 is not happy

  • Tomy Rody
    Tomy Rody 9 hours ago


  • RatedASMR
    RatedASMR 9 hours ago

    I actually love the song. Sleep deprivation could be playing a role though

  • mcrazza
    mcrazza 10 hours ago

    Why does it remind me of medical equipment? It's the shape, size, design and even the shade of white or beige. For some reason it wouldn't look out of place in an operating theatre. I don't know why! lol

  • Neonz27
    Neonz27 10 hours ago

    LGR: "Now that's what I call a point and shoot camera!" Me: *spam clicks subscribe button*

  • FrostMonolith
    FrostMonolith 10 hours ago

    Remember how every computer peripherals are sold as a "different kind" of mouse/keyboard instead of the "the exact same but probably better" ones?

  • CustosKeeper
    CustosKeeper 10 hours ago


  • mustard
    mustard 10 hours ago

    Now play doom on it

  • BooDotBoo
    BooDotBoo 10 hours ago

    I HATED World Adventures. It kind of turned the game from sandbox into a more structured gameplay and the game was never the same after that.

  • fishfuxors
    fishfuxors 11 hours ago

    Gameburnworld.com and their unending cross section of no-cd keys made gaming so much easier for me and my cd drive.

  • Roary Calhoun426
    Roary Calhoun426 11 hours ago

    WHY???? to keep juvenile delinquents from downloading PORN on school desktops!!!! 😑😑😑 too bad my computer teacher didn't know she would leave the keylock on the computer-lab desk when she went to lunch. 40 minutes of UNLIMITED PORN access!!!! ahh..... The '90s...... such a time of exploration and discovery!! 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • GuffBrooking
    GuffBrooking 11 hours ago

    This (or a similar model) was my first computer. I got it for Christmas 1998. Even as a kid, I knew it was cheap. A lot of good memories, though. I got this big book called "Windows 98 Secrets" and I tried out everything from the book on it. It was barely usable after 4 years.

  • Aleksandr Goldyrev
    Aleksandr Goldyrev 11 hours ago

    how is the same games looks on dimond monster 3d from voodoo? :-)

  • Seと七〇ん 2
    Seと七〇ん 2 12 hours ago

    Lazy Game Restorations

  • flynn
    flynn 12 hours ago

    we need a full skyrim review

  • yobby
    yobby 12 hours ago

    I vividly remember the box art of the first version from when I was a kid. I always wondered what this game was like. Now I know. Thanks, I guess.

  • Paul Potter
    Paul Potter 12 hours ago

    That's really cool. I wonder if I can find one here in the UK?

  • Ronnie Rogers
    Ronnie Rogers 12 hours ago

    What **IS** files??

  • Cosbydaf Jones
    Cosbydaf Jones 12 hours ago

    I watched this 2 weeks ago and i'm still laughing at "Planet Framerate"

  • Riverwood_trader
    Riverwood_trader 12 hours ago

    My god how fascinating these computers where. I was completely captured by this world as child, i remember their sound and smell, it was so damn cool, the pc's evolved so much now you have more power in a smartphone.

  • Josiah Rice
    Josiah Rice 12 hours ago

    anyone notice the sequence of pictures where he displays like 30-40 ti calculators? Am I the only one who thinks thats his collection? I have a collection of like 7 graphing calculators (all ti of course)

  • 0SIPR
    0SIPR 13 hours ago

    It's just amazes me that this stuff is 31 years old and still works like a charm..today with all this crappy Chinese stuff you'd be lucky if you found something that works for 5 years without getting broken

  • felipekfcosta
    felipekfcosta 13 hours ago

    5 years later, here's to another 5! 🍻 (Does the classic couch still exist?)

  • NkizzProductions
    NkizzProductions 13 hours ago

    Those prices make me so jealous!! That setup would probably go for triple the price at least now a days

  • Xander Ellem
    Xander Ellem 14 hours ago

    Possibly the best game ever made.

  • Fluffle Puff
    Fluffle Puff 14 hours ago

    no-kia? Only an American can mispronounce everything.

  • Naomi Bmo
    Naomi Bmo 14 hours ago

    oh my god Nostalgia. I LOVED this game as a kid lmfao. I remember literally hurting people with tear gas. I'm mad I didn't find this sooner. This and Dune 3000 were my favorite old games.

  • Carson Lowe
    Carson Lowe 14 hours ago

    Way too much coffee, dude. You are the only person i've ever heard so silly for buying a 1988 outdated pc...

  • Theodore Arndt
    Theodore Arndt 14 hours ago

    Can you do this on more calculators or just the Ti-83?

  • Josh Chamberlin
    Josh Chamberlin 14 hours ago

    Wow never would’ve guessed that those generic petz games came from an old computer program.

  • red yoshi
    red yoshi 14 hours ago

    Anybody know how i can get one of these?

    KAYLEE MARCUS 14 hours ago

    I’m getting this for Christmas!

  • RetroGamingSRB
    RetroGamingSRB 15 hours ago

    This game is pure shit ..

  • JustWasted3HoursHere
    JustWasted3HoursHere 15 hours ago

    If you like playing these old DOS games on Android, then you should totally look into SCUMM-VM for Android. Then you can play LOTS of old point and click games on there like "The Secret of Monkey Island" or "Maniac Mansion" or _MANY_ more! Check it out!

  • Emanating Faucet
    Emanating Faucet 15 hours ago

    Ho-ly crap [You're never gonna need 16MB RAM. That's *way* too powerful for the *World to* handle.

  • Scott O'Neal
    Scott O'Neal 15 hours ago

    I grew up with 3.0 on a 386 sx2

  • Zachary McKeon
    Zachary McKeon 15 hours ago

    When you ask for an iPad for Christmas but get this

  • Juan D'Marco
    Juan D'Marco 16 hours ago

    This looks kinda good in a way

  • KojiTM
    KojiTM 16 hours ago

    jesus i would love to have those cd collection man :'( ur lucky

  • Apple pro
    Apple pro 16 hours ago


  • Medic Olkie
    Medic Olkie 16 hours ago


  • Meisterdieb
    Meisterdieb 16 hours ago

    So, could you clarify a point: In this video at about 3:08 you talk about the linearity of the orginal Thief games (in context Thief 1 and 2) and how linear is bad. In your video about Thief The Dark Project from 9:20 to 9:45 you complain about the "maze-like level design" of the original game, which apparently is bad as well. Otherwise, great video and I enjoyed playing the reboot and didn't get the huge amount of hate some felt for this game

  • OlafttheGreat1998
    OlafttheGreat1998 17 hours ago

    And then Zodiac Tapwave sales went through the roof on eBay

  • Doctor Von Tacos
    Doctor Von Tacos 17 hours ago


  • ShaveCave
    ShaveCave 18 hours ago

    Hey Clint! Metal Jesus Rocks needs your help in setting up a vintage pc gaming setup...he asked for help in his latest video about his new game room setup. I told him your are the man when it comes to vintage pc gaming...cause...YOU ARE!!

  • theacp127
    theacp127 18 hours ago

    My friends were massive Lego fans so I played this game a ton with my friends as kids. We were like 5 at the time so it was a whole world of Lego to explore and that was pretty cool at the time.

  • evandoesstuff73
    evandoesstuff73 18 hours ago

    this is actually an amazing system. it had wireless wifi in 2005, texting, camera, movies, it was just to ahead of its time for the people of 2005.

  • Made in 80s
    Made in 80s 18 hours ago

    коротко о том, как изнасиловать дум 3....

  • Made in 80s
    Made in 80s 18 hours ago

    какой же противный язык....

  • Grandioso AJ
    Grandioso AJ 18 hours ago

    I heard that on the site (archive) you can download pc games with iso file But is it safe to install iso on this site?

  • Adil Amani
    Adil Amani 19 hours ago

    I still don't know how to play this game and I'm 16

  • remy
    remy 19 hours ago

    Were not half life?

  • Kouki Munster
    Kouki Munster 19 hours ago

    wow i get really strong gta 5 vibes with this

  • Matt Cooper
    Matt Cooper 20 hours ago

    Dang... That SimCity soundtrack sold on Discogs for $60 USD in 2016

  • Adventures of Zach and B

    Been searching for a simple answer for hours haha. Thank you!

  • RasmiLand
    RasmiLand 20 hours ago

    pleas what the name of the music of the beginig of your video thanks

  • Judge Tater
    Judge Tater 20 hours ago

    I came because the screensaver on the thumbnail summoned up odd flashbacks and now i want to know why lol

  • Вася Gупкин
    Вася Gупкин 20 hours ago

    Резиночкой почистить оперативку не судьба?

  • Conan Edogawa
    Conan Edogawa 21 hour ago

    OOOO i loved this game. so fun

  • Razzo
    Razzo 21 hour ago

    I am glad I am not the only one who found the inclusion of supernatural-oriented expansions in the Sims to be incredibly awkward. Making Magic was easily my least favorite expansion for Sims 1, I guess I just wasn't a Harry Potter kid because I didn't care. 🤣

  • Pepper
    Pepper 21 hour ago

    Nice review video LGR

  • Ian Thompson
    Ian Thompson 21 hour ago

    EA bought Bullfrog, then eradicated it and EA doesn’t know why people hate them?

  • Pepper
    Pepper 21 hour ago

    Nice review video LGR

  • tech Master!
    tech Master! 21 hour ago

    The mips R4000 gpu. Is graffted into the N64

  • Puppy
    Puppy 21 hour ago

    Anybody else connecting to the Antarctica server just to play SimCity back when it first came out?

  • Terry Pukalo
    Terry Pukalo 22 hours ago

    It looks like your wood grained toothbrush was made from the same wood as your drink coaster. :-)

  • Neonz27
    Neonz27 22 hours ago

    I remember typing 0.1134 on a Casio calculator when I was a child, and flipping it upside down to say hello.

  • ToxicityHazard-Lvl1
    ToxicityHazard-Lvl1 22 hours ago

    This a weird spin-off of Star Fox.

  • Ibraimo Hagy
    Ibraimo Hagy 22 hours ago

    It was my first PC game

  • Judge Tater
    Judge Tater 22 hours ago

    A game where you destroy the forces of hell, slaughter demons and kill monsters. Christians: *do you worship demons?* Yes, because you worship christ by blowing his head off with a shotgun 😂

  • James Wiseman
    James Wiseman 22 hours ago

    @1:49 So the PET's development was just like the Atari ST's?

  • Zycyzyx
    Zycyzyx 22 hours ago

    *imagines an alternate version of T2 where John uses one of these to hack cash machines*