Jorge Masvidal
Jorge Masvidal
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  • Iso God
    Iso God 20 minutes ago

    God bless ya brother.

  • rasheed211287
    rasheed211287 39 minutes ago

    lol...."see food" diet

  • Usher111
    Usher111 47 minutes ago

    So great to see that guy from the hood being successful and get the glory. Wish he keeps this way!!

  • Joseph Shields
    Joseph Shields 47 minutes ago


  • Michael Van Roosbroeck
    Michael Van Roosbroeck 52 minutes ago

    Il est tarés mais je l adore pour ça et j imagine que ceux(lles)qui le suivent e font pour ces raisons là 👊👊👏👏👏Masvidal 🤛👍

  • Breakdown God
    Breakdown God 52 minutes ago

    I’m glad Masvidal stopped being nice. Cuz Nate was slick hating after he lost in every interview and nick was slick hating in his interview from yesterday. It was all respect until Nate lost and he’s s sore loser so he been throwing shade and complaining and then lying saying Jorge was getting tired when he wasn’t. That’s disrespectful as hell to tell a media guy like Masvidal who has never gassed and works hard on his cardio that he was tired and gassing. I’m sure Masvidal ain’t like that but he kept it respectful when responding to it. Then after nick was tslking shit yesterday in that interview I think it was the last straw cuz earlier Jorge posted a poll asking who Fans would like him to baptize next. Smart of Jorge to not let this Moment pass and respond to all the smoke and keep his name out there cuz these fans are fickle as hell. Masvidal is my top 3 favorite fighters of all time. Right under jones at number 1 and Silva at number 2. Two technical goats and one bad ass goat. Not saying Jorge ain’t technical just saying he’s the one who don’t care about record or belts and just wants to whip ass and cash checks.

  • High Orion
    High Orion 59 minutes ago

    I personally don’t like the Rock being there. He was there cause he got paid and Hollywood ordered him to show up. The fucking President of the United States was there so they pulled Rock in probably short notice. Smh.

  • samwell tayrlor
    samwell tayrlor Hour ago

    For Duran to go through the wars that he has and still hold his peas and cues is a god send. A true blessing from the heavens. You know that guy was also taught by Ray Arcel who was around the likes of Benny Leonard. True lineage right there my friend

  • Gee Vee
    Gee Vee Hour ago

    Been watching this bitch ass get his ass beat since the Kimbo days . Fuck Jorge masputa

  • Manuel Lujan
    Manuel Lujan Hour ago


  • Ricky Alvarado
    Ricky Alvarado Hour ago

    😂🤣😂 Perfect ☠💀☠

  • Gee Vee
    Gee Vee Hour ago

    Fuck Jorge masputa !!!

    I STAND ALONE Hour ago

    Jorge " Montana " Masvidal is the Boss Now !!

  • Alek S
    Alek S Hour ago

    Say what you will, and not to get all political but from a purely historic POV this is going into the fucking library of mother fucking congress. That's dope as fuck. They have to put in that the president of the united states went to the baddest mother fucker title fight rofl. Like it's fucking PERMANENT. Not even Khabib is up there.

  • joe shmo
    joe shmo Hour ago

    How many fights y’all got left in the contract? Y’all need to quit the ufc when your contracts are up. Make your own entertainment company and set up your mma fights like boxing. If Nate wasn’t locked up to the ufc and game bred wasn’t locked up they could take 100% of thier ppv etc.

  • The Corn Syrup Bin

    Jorge, just politely give Nick his belt. Save yourself the embarrassment.

  • GV atom
    GV atom Hour ago

    Whatever .. stop trying to hype us up , so you can make more money , fuck you and the Diaz brothers.

  • Jorge Dominguez
    Jorge Dominguez Hour ago

    Jorge Scarface Masvidal

  • Jason Benson
    Jason Benson Hour ago

    Dude. Masvidal put a hurtin on him 3 rounds or 5 rounds. Wouldn’t of changed. Nate was out classed.

  • Dogtown Rentals
    Dogtown Rentals Hour ago

    Wait until you face a real fighter.

  • rainbirdgpimp
    rainbirdgpimp 2 hours ago

    Respect to both fighters. That's what real men do. Get the crap beat out of you...shake hands and smile about it...move on. Thanks for being a great example.

  • Sam Dawg
    Sam Dawg 2 hours ago

    He knock his teeth out

  • Mikey daniel
    Mikey daniel 2 hours ago

    happy birthday jorge have a great day brother much love from wales uk

  • BBB
    BBB 2 hours ago

    Funny Keep rockin street Jesus!

  • Sal Blydenburgh
    Sal Blydenburgh 2 hours ago

    Scarface gets wacked in the end

  • Zed OHH
    Zed OHH 2 hours ago

    WHO IS THIS DUDE..MEN?!!!. You are blessed. Masvidal is effortlessly AWESOME.

  • john dollar
    john dollar 2 hours ago

    I always wonder why kimbo never fought masdival

  • AA Ron anonymous
    AA Ron anonymous 2 hours ago

    The rock got dem gainz! But diaz got worked no joke.

  • Mad Greek Outdoors
    Mad Greek Outdoors 2 hours ago

    Jorge!! I got a great idea for you my cubano! How bout making some Kool ass Tee shirts " gambred on the front and on the back SUPER NECESSARY !! If you make the bro, all I ask in return is to send me one bro! Gratis formy idea and since I am a big fan ! 💪SUPER NECESSARY!!

  • Big Cat
    Big Cat 2 hours ago

    Lmao so jogs met my boy mojahed, finally someone gave the man recognition.

  • djef ardeur
    djef ardeur 2 hours ago

    That was a fucking good video

  • Roberto Moreno
    Roberto Moreno 3 hours ago

    Idc what anyone says, masvidal will take care of nick Diaz as he did his brother. Even if he ddnt have that gash he would’ve got knocked out or diaz by submission. Diaz is a beast at submissions but masvidal is a monster Nd can take hits Nd come back harder. Masvidal is the Diaz brothers worst nightmare 💯💪🏼. #TeamMasvidal on this side.

  • Mayk Last
    Mayk Last 3 hours ago

    here Georgie looks more like herself than in life

  • frank gali
    frank gali 3 hours ago

    Nate would have crushed this half a drag queen if he wasn't robbed of his chance. Can't wait to see horseass miniballs get his face crushed.

  • Ali Hussein
    Ali Hussein 3 hours ago

    Jorge Masvidal you need to baptize the whole Diaz brothers

  • djef ardeur
    djef ardeur 3 hours ago


  • James Warren
    James Warren 3 hours ago

    First of all, Nate didnt lose and second Nick would beat his ass to a pulp.

  • David Ayala
    David Ayala 3 hours ago

    wow its like this mma beef was set to happened since way before those 3 were even born this movie was made in 82 ahaha Jorge being cuban like scarface and the diaz brothers on the movies and in real life lol

  • Just Me
    Just Me 3 hours ago

    Jorge. Eres unos de los mejores. Arriba con lod hermanos Diaz. Por fin llegaste a la meto de ellos. Lo meres amigo. Ahora, a peliar por lo que te deven. CashMoney!!

  • Positive Vibes Only
    Positive Vibes Only 3 hours ago

    Yes you did my man.

  • djef ardeur
    djef ardeur 3 hours ago

    That ending tho🤣😂🤣😂... gimme five aaaahhaaaha... 😂

  • DerRick Marrero
    DerRick Marrero 3 hours ago

    Masvidal is gonna retire them both.

  • pootie tang
    pootie tang 3 hours ago

    Goofy shit.

    TIM ROBERTS 3 hours ago

    Keep your word as a fighter homeboy!! Run it back!!!

  • BadBoyBrilo46
    BadBoyBrilo46 3 hours ago

    Ik I fucking knew this guy from somewhere thats crazy i watched this fight after i couldnt find kimbo fights i didnt see and i was like who tf is this nigga he was eating them shots no damage after fight he a real one then i see u fight a diaz and getting a Dr stoppage win which was BS its nick diaz for gods sake but i was like fam look like the daddy of dude ass and it was yo ass with a beard smh dude big ups 💯 u was in strikeforce wtf

  • B MO
    B MO 3 hours ago

    Bmf posts a cartoon meme??

  • Gabriel Rodriguez
    Gabriel Rodriguez 3 hours ago

    Yo Jorge I hope you know this means war #southside

  • **
    ** 3 hours ago

    Jorge needs to kick his hair stylist's ass

  • Gerardo Rodriguez
    Gerardo Rodriguez 3 hours ago

    love it this is the best fight ever

  • Cory Steinberg
    Cory Steinberg 4 hours ago

    bro nick would fuck you up

  • Ajay Rodriguez
    Ajay Rodriguez 4 hours ago

    Nick diaz will be sosa .

  • Nate Ford
    Nate Ford 4 hours ago


  • bill bell
    bill bell 4 hours ago

    You want to talk about a money fight!!

  • Mark Romero
    Mark Romero 4 hours ago

    So fitting. This is where scarface gets too cocky. Then the Diaz brothers W aiste everyone involved...

  • handsomestSteven
    handsomestSteven 4 hours ago

    🤣🤣🤣 Que se jodan

  • The Conqueror
    The Conqueror 4 hours ago

    This is probably the very best call out come back video I've seen in my life! But let's make it happen with you and Nick. 2 of the very best boxers in the game! I don't think the build up will be so relaxed with Nick as it was with Nate..there was intensity with Nate but Nick is the real Dog, there will be nothing but violence for us paying customers. You v Nate was the fight that has got me the most pumped up for in the UFC so far...the thought of you and Nick Blows that out the water!

  • Joe Flores
    Joe Flores 4 hours ago

    Who ever created this is a mad mother f-er. I can't stop laughing. This is so perfect. Please make this into an animated series.

  • Michael J.F.
    Michael J.F. 4 hours ago

    After rewatching the fight, I'm convinced Jorge could have murdered Nate if he wanted to. All he had to do was pull the trigger if those 4th and 5th rounds played out.

  • OG Henderson
    OG Henderson 4 hours ago

    jorge you awesome whoop there ass #supersaiyanJORGE

  • Benny Baklava
    Benny Baklava 4 hours ago


  • Camilo T
    Camilo T 4 hours ago

    Jajajaja masvidal casi matas a Nate la mamá lo iba a llorar pero bueno no se murió .

  • Otto Bobis
    Otto Bobis 4 hours ago

    rock is suck a PEDer!

  • hey you , hi.
    hey you , hi. 4 hours ago

    Lol. Nick just tags along with Nate when it's convenient for him. Fucking opportunistic traiter .

  • From Library
    From Library 4 hours ago

    Love Respect Motivation

  • Luvliv Own
    Luvliv Own 4 hours ago

    Kids these days... Smh 😪😂

  • Explore NC
    Explore NC 4 hours ago

    Your dad looks like a lost dog just standing there for no reason !!

  • hey you , hi.
    hey you , hi. 4 hours ago

    This os a distraction. Masvidal can't be slowed down by this shit.The biggest money fights or naw. Hopefully nick is the biggest money fight. Lol. What a joke. Make it happen dana

  • Ethereal Entity
    Ethereal Entity 4 hours ago


  • Jalisco 25 Jalisco 25

    Fuck the Díaz brothers

  • Jacob Abraham
    Jacob Abraham 4 hours ago

    Jorge whats the name of the beat in the beginning of the video??????????

  • anne ayala
    anne ayala 4 hours ago

    U got knock out twice hahaha dats wt u get

  • Jacob Abraham
    Jacob Abraham 4 hours ago

    Can someone please tell me the name of the beat from the beginning

  • Sergio juarez
    Sergio juarez 5 hours ago

    I wanna press the like button over and over