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We're cool!We're cool!
We're cool!
5 years ago
5 years ago
Adore Delano!!Adore Delano!!
Adore Delano!!
5 years ago
Just BelieveJust Believe
Just Believe
7 years ago
Just to be clearJust to be clear
Just to be clear
7 years ago
Catwoman & MaxCatwoman & Max
Catwoman & Max
7 years ago
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KISS ME kitty!KISS ME kitty!
KISS ME kitty!
8 years ago
8 years ago
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Boring Saturday!Boring Saturday!
Boring Saturday!
8 years ago
Dinosaur CallingDinosaur Calling
Dinosaur Calling
8 years ago
True StoryTrue Story
True Story
8 years ago
Whatcha SayWhatcha Say
Whatcha Say
8 years ago
Relax Mom!Relax Mom!
Relax Mom!
8 years ago
Abusive KittyAbusive Kitty
Abusive Kitty
8 years ago
A Plant's LifeA Plant's Life
A Plant's Life
8 years ago
Since When?Since When?
Since When?
8 years ago
8 years ago
No OneNo One
No One
8 years ago
Balloon Boy!Balloon Boy!
Balloon Boy!
8 years ago
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Lost FriendsLost Friends
Lost Friends
8 years ago
A Bug's LifeA Bug's Life
A Bug's Life
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Plans for 2012Plans for 2012
Plans for 2012
9 years ago
9 years ago
Color YourselfColor Yourself
Color Yourself
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Ramianny ichat!Ramianny ichat!
Ramianny ichat!
9 years ago
Bang BangBang Bang
Bang Bang
9 years ago
9 years ago
9 years ago
I'm YoursI'm Yours
I'm Yours
9 years ago
Car WashingCar Washing
Car Washing
9 years ago
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Family feastFamily feast
Family feast
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Swan FlewSwan Flew
Swan Flew
9 years ago

Comments • 200

  • Fiorella Barturen

    comeback PLEASE. I fucking miss you boo

  • Colin Adams
    Colin Adams Year ago

    I miss the old Adore :(

  • Rei A
    Rei A Year ago

    Danny do some chit chat get ready w me vids !!!!! Puhlease

  • Mel Harris
    Mel Harris Year ago

    I love you and your music your such a inspration to everyone i may be a female and 15 but i find you so inspiring. You have inspired me to be confident when i sing and perform. Thank you so much <3

  • Dexter Haven
    Dexter Haven Year ago

    Nice Elvis lip in your avatar, you Jail-House rocker! ;)

  • ThePisangMolen
    ThePisangMolen Year ago

    your voice makes me ha ha ha ha happy (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

  • Jon Hope
    Jon Hope Year ago

    Hey Adore, I don't know if you read these (stupid haters everywhere, I feel ya :p) but I just started doing drag about a month ago. I haven't even done any shows yet, other than for some friends. But honestly what you've done is kind of EXACTLY what I want to do. I've always felt that I just have that...something...star quality, I guess?? I'm going to audition for Drag Race but I want to have more experience obviously. But I sing, dance, write lyrics, act, I like to think I'm fishy and funny. Anyways, this is quite the horn tooting sesh but if in some rare chance you read this, I'd love some advice. I just admire you and this is gonna sound like I'm a stalker (hello, I love you style) lol but I always felt like if we had like gone to the same high school, we'd be like best friends. Maybe in a past life, boo. Anywho, I love what you do. Your aesthetic, your music, your attitude towards life. You, your music, and fellow drag sisters have helped me through a REALLY REALLY hard time in my life with drugs and bad people and shit. So I just wanted to thank you. I'm happily sober and ready to get my voice out there. So who knows? Maybe one day we'll be doing a song together :) Not gonna say love you, cuz betch I dont know chu like that...but I love what you do!!! mwah

  • Ashley Gradel
    Ashley Gradel Year ago

    Please bring back your old covers like Use Somebody and Born to Die. I'm really missing my old Danny :(

  • chickenfarm09
    chickenfarm09 Year ago

    could you bring back angel baby and lil sniper adventures

  • bottomofastairwell

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make "Save Your Breath" your next single. I'm dying to see a video for it. I bought your album last week, and I've been listening to that track non-stop. i legitimately love all your music, but I think Save Your Breath is fucking perfect. Like legit, that shit could end up on mainstream radio. Seriously. I think it's so fucking good that people would ignore the drag part (I love the drag, but you know how some people can just be dumb fucks about shit) I'm saying though, Save Your Breath is fucking lit! P.S. I support #AdoreNeedsAVEVOChannel

  • andy dearth
    andy dearth Year ago

    Sometimes I wish you'd bring Angel Baby back... but Adore Delano is just so bad ass. Your make up is bomb baby and you are an awesome person. Keep being you, you make me happy.

  • Caitlin Mathews
    Caitlin Mathews 2 years ago

    please post!! I fucking love you and your so open and truthful! I loved you on all stars and I had "party" stuck in my head all day! I hope you can still make videos and I get that you are most likely really busy but when you have the time please do another Q&A! Love you. Party!

  • Britney Miles
    Britney Miles 2 years ago

    I think your edginess, and the style you have invented and developed, threatens Michelle a bit. WE LOVE YOU!! I wish you could have stayed (my roommate literally CRIED), but you have something special already. I listen to your music all the time (Love "Adore U" and "Hollywood is My Address"). Unlike some other Drag Queens, it's REAL MUSIC, it is not all a gimmick. I can tell your music is really from the heart and you think about it. KEEP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING!! The fake are going to hate, its the FATE of the GREAT!!

  • MrMidona
    MrMidona 2 years ago

    I'll make it short : I absolutely admire you and all your work and personnality. I'm fond of all single music you've made and this definitely sounds like a overattached psycho. WHY DONT YOU ANSWER MY CALLS, I CALLED LIKE 5 TIMES

  • SharonBernath
    SharonBernath 2 years ago

    Happy Birthday Adore!! I hope you have a wonderful day & a wonderful year? 😊👍😃🎶🎂

  • gareth campbell
    gareth campbell 2 years ago

    Hey Adore, Chris here from sunny Belfast :P I just have to say your an amazing person and my wife and I really enjoy everything you do but I wanted to ask if you could send me a birthday wish for her it's her birthday on the 13th of October and what a treat it would be to hear from you her name is Emska. Keep your chin up and let the good times roll :D

  • Feed The Brain Not The Belly

    You should do only what feels right. Wishing you the best and never hate on yourself .

  • Lumorniel Sycamore
    Lumorniel Sycamore 2 years ago

    Babe, you are amazing and don't ever let anyone tell you any different. Your style is what makes you 'you'. It's what makes you special and we all love you for it. Don't let the haters bring you down because girl you are perfect just the way you are! Lots of love, cuddled and luck!

  • QueenLaMadrina
    QueenLaMadrina 2 years ago

    I hope you still run this channel & you didn't get too hollywood on us & you have someone running it for you lol! If someone runs it, PLEASE give this message to Adore! You are beautiful! You did the right thing by walking off the show! Ru needs new blood on the show anyway (meaning judges)! Michelle does not know how to judge! She can say she's sorry a million times & I know she ain't sorry! I always knew she was a bully, but what she did to you, put the icing on the cake for me! She was NOT judging you, she was dissing you, hard as fuck! That was NOT "constructive criticism" nor was she pushing you to dress better! She was straight up disrespecting you because she's jealous that you are doing more than she ever did & she can't take it!! It's NOT your fault her group was a 1 hit wonder! You weren't the producer she fucked, who didn't let her sing lead, but only share the lead vocals with April! It's not your fault she wanted to be Madonna! You didn't make her stalk Madonna til Madonna got a restraining order on her! That was ALL HER fuckery, nobody else's! She was hanging in the clubs in the 80s, now all she does is drive-bys at 9:00, hosting the shows at the clubs. NYC clubs don't start jumping til 1 - 2:00 & she's already home in bed! A real judge is supposed to be in the clubs & in the streets, watching what these kids are doing, so she can know what time it is when she "judges" them! She dissed Milk for the pregnancy look & for the beard & almost every queen rocked a belly and/or a beard after Milk (even Mathu Andersen). She dissed Sharon for her look & Sharon blew up with a crazy following! She dissed you on your season & you're the fan's favorite with kids who look up to you! After she disses a queens look, a few months later that look becomes a fad, then she acts like she was down with it from the beginning, she's a lame-ass fraud! She has all these kids fooled like she's the truth! Someone needs to expose this troll! She was raised in South Plainfield, New Jersey (full of squares & nerds in the 70s, 80s & 90s, I don't know how it is there now). Who is she to tell anyone that their drag is wrong! Michelle is very jealous of any queen that has a better voice then her! She's mad cause she never made it! She was a Madonna clone who failed in life as an entertainer! She failed as an imitator & you are succeeding as an originator & she's can't handle it! She calls her cruel judging, "pushing the girls"! There's a fine line between judging & bullying, Michelle's bullying NOT judging! She has to realize she's 30 years older than the kids she's "judging"! The old bitch is 50, she should be home worrying about grandchildren & retiring, NOT bullying kids on a subject she no longer knows anything about! I was in the NYC clubs in the late 80s & 90s! Not that Seduction was big or anything, but the girl April was known as the star of their group! Michelle was known as "the crazy girl who thinks she's Madonna"! No one knew her name til Rupaul put her on the show! They had a bunch of names for her, like "Madonna stalker", "Madonna wanna-be" etc., but no one knew her name was Michelle! She thinks the C+C music factory song, that she sang on, is hers! She also thinks that the C+C music factory song was a hit LMAO! She swears the Bodyguard sound track sold because of that song! The album sold because of WHITNEY HOUSTON, NOT a Madonna carbon copy! No one even knows the name of that song! She's very delusional! Her head is stuck up Ru's ass! She's so phoney when she laughs at Ru's jokes! It's pathetic! If Ru don't see she's using him, then he's a dumb-fuck who deserves to get used by her! You need to stay away from her! Once you get bigger & bigger, she's gunna try to ride on your coat tails like she's your friend! She's gunna try to use you, like she uses Ru! DON'T forget what she did to you because it wasn't "judging", she's was hating cause you're better than her! She a fucking troll! Stay away from people like her cause they're only there to use you & bring you down to their level! Michelle's level is the bottom of the barrel! P.S. Don't think I'm a bully cause I'm dissing Michelle! I'm nice to nice people! I only diss bullies (like Michelle) that hurt others! I love sticking up from the underdog! NOT saying you are, but some of the kids she bullies, were bullied & beat up enough, they don't need Michelle to do it again on national TV!! STAY STRONG & KEEP YOUR HEAD UP! Cut the cancer (like Michelle) outta your life! KEEP DOIN WHAT YOU'RE DOIN!!!

    • Dwayne Broach
      Dwayne Broach 2 years ago

      you are absolutely correct ,,,, i seen the show (WTF) was Michelle"S damage anyway ,she came down Adore so hard .seriously not cool ,,,, i wanted to just stop watching it but someones coming back & it my be Adore !!!!!!!!

  • Robert Archer
    Robert Archer 2 years ago

    Just watched All Stars this week. I am sad that you felt you had to go. However, your drag is beautiful. It's you. Not everyone needs to like it or will appreciate it but there are many that will and many that do. You an amazing person, keep rockin' it. I am in love with your latest album btw. Can't wait until the next one. :)

  • Kel Li
    Kel Li 2 years ago

    what the!! this video is soo boss, great job!!!! omg

  • Marcel Lelo
    Marcel Lelo 2 years ago

    Dear Ador My name is Marcel and I come from Poland. At the outset, I want to say that I am your big fan, and every time I watch You, it gives me a lot of strength and pushes me to try me, myself as a drag queen. However, my message is of an entirely different matter. I belong to organizations Stonewall Poznan (facebook.com/grupastonewall/?fref=ts) . We are a young organization, which for Polish reality is doing quite well. However, now a days our new government are making us afraid with new laws and restrictions. Society LGBT + in Poland is expiriences hard times. We do not have any laws regulating partnerships not to mention the overt discrimination and hate speech, which is being promoted by the church and nationalist parties and the government. I'm afraid. It seems to me that many young people are afraid. At present we have no strong support and a gay society often will sit in secret than to fight for their rights. Since childhood I meet with homophobia and my hopes to overcome this hatred have been destroyed along with the elections. More and more often I hear rumors of the Act prohibits "promotion of homosexuality" and believe me I would not be surprised. This year, the Polish television was not even mentioned by 25 thousandths of a crowd of our pride parade that passed through the capital. My organization is organizing in Poznań the pride-march of equality in September. My biggest dream is to see you on it but realize how great distances divided eastern europe from the US. However, I have a huge request. If there would be no problem for you if you could make a very short video inviting people from the Poland and Europe (especially from Berlin, which is very close to my home town) on our march ? hanging card with the inscription „‪#‎tylkorówność‬” what means only equality and next post it on ur fann page ? I know you're probably very busy creating and touring but for me it is a matter consecutive years of living in fear and ignorance of my country. I believe that you have strong Voice to move the hearts of your fans from Europe and they will rusch to help us. I assume that you have plenty of letters with similar requests but I no longer have the strength to wonder if it's worth it to write or not. There are many young people who may have you to know but I do know that when they hear your voice in our case (and your voice as you sing ) they ll answer back with a doublle strenght and love !! Your little rainbow piece of pizza adn big fan Marcel PS.I'm sorry if I wrote with spelling mistakes

    • Robert Archer
      Robert Archer 2 years ago

      Please have strength and don't give up your fight. It takes many to make a difference. There are voices in numbers. I hope everything will work out for you and your country.

  • Crys Jesus
    Crys Jesus 2 years ago

    I'm going to need an uninterrupted version of Purple Rain. Anyone?

  • Cameron Vega
    Cameron Vega 2 years ago

    keep up the great work adore/danny i think ur adorable and i love watchingg your videos your so creative

  • JB
    JB 2 years ago

    I would love to hear Adore/Danny sing David Bowie's "Can you hear me" from the Young Americans album. It is a very emotional song that only great singers can sing. He would do Bowie proud with this song with that amazing voice. x

  • Ryan William
    Ryan William 2 years ago

    I feel like Danny needs to go through and delete ALOT of videos, start making this channel more about Adore.

    • Eem
      Eem 2 years ago

      no he shouldnt hide them. maybe make another channel but keep this one the same

    • Ryan William
      Ryan William 2 years ago

      Just hide them so that only him & the people he share's them with can see them. :) I just would love to see a more "Adore" and Music centered channel for you someday. #AdoreNeedsAVEVOChannel

    • Eem
      Eem 2 years ago

      +Ryan William no.. I love these videos. no

  • TooMuchOfALady
    TooMuchOfALady 2 years ago

    OMG, you did it again Bitch! I freakin' love you soooo much! Congrats baby and I wish you much more success. Stay sweet.

  • lillysaysshutup
    lillysaysshutup 2 years ago

    We need more of your hilarious riled up vlogs! Love your opinions, those made my life soooo much better!

  • Ksanthe C.
    Ksanthe C. 2 years ago

    i love you so much !!!!! you are an angel

  • Carol1012u
    Carol1012u 3 years ago

    missing Angel baby

  • Miss Trix-Mommy
    Miss Trix-Mommy 3 years ago

    i love you ,Bianca and Alaska yous are fucken funny and fierce and beautiful . love entertainment industry and your commitment to the words cunt,whore,slut,fuck and party! lol and your shoes!! i love your fucken shoes!!!

  • Rachel Bonura
    Rachel Bonura 3 years ago

    so how are the kids we havent talked in a while! fb message me!

  • Manny Pineda
    Manny Pineda 3 years ago

    I miss your videos Danny!

  • Micyah Badie
    Micyah Badie 3 years ago

    i love you and this is coming from a eleven year old

  • AimeeMagee2109
    AimeeMagee2109 3 years ago

    dear Danny/Adore I LOVE YOU

  • Dexter Haven
    Dexter Haven 3 years ago

    Best way to keep up with Danny, people, is on his FB, it seems, just like for Chris C., who wants lips like Adore now, I guess... ;) facebook.com/AdoreDelanoOfficial/timeline Hey, when Adore does London, will Simon get a backstage pass?

  • charlie blank
    charlie blank 3 years ago

    please more Angel Baby

  • Jessica Jewelaine
    Jessica Jewelaine 3 years ago

    You are perfect beyond words and I hate you for it (in the best way possible, of course)! I hope I can see you perform one day, that would make my life <3<3<3

  • WednesdayPassed
    WednesdayPassed 3 years ago

    Love the album, when will the nest one be out?

  • Midnight Cthulhu
    Midnight Cthulhu 3 years ago

    Hey Danny, in case you need material for any Ask Danny vids...Have you ever been like harassed or bothered by women who like you and don't seem to realize/respect that you're gay? (btw you're fucking amazing and super cute)

  • Calmante
    Calmante 3 years ago

    <3 for Danny

  • Joshua Orozco
    Joshua Orozco 3 years ago

    gay ass tranny, you'll never be a woman no matter how hard you try.

    • Dexter Haven
      Dexter Haven 3 years ago

      +Jackie Wynoogst That reminds me of a old saying, "After 3 margaritas, every girl is a lesbian."

    • Jackie Wynoogst
      Jackie Wynoogst 3 years ago

      Well that depends, some girls are too scared to act on it. I remember the first girl i was attracted too. I had to have a few drinks first b4 i even built up the courage to kiss her.

    • Dexter Haven
      Dexter Haven 3 years ago

      +Jackie Wynoogst Jackie, I hear it's perfectly normal for girls to be attracted to other girls and act on it. Is that true, in your experience? Just trying to learn...

    • Jackie Wynoogst
      Jackie Wynoogst 3 years ago

      Sorry yes i meant cassidy, was watching a show at the time and they mentioned a david essex so i must of wrote that instead. Ilove the cassidy brothers and loved the partridge family.

    • Dexter Haven
      Dexter Haven 3 years ago

      +Jackie Wynoogst "Essex"? What about David Cassidy?

  • Gus Gonzalez
    Gus Gonzalez 3 years ago


  • RhonDOH
    RhonDOH 3 years ago

    PLEASE do Hedwig - I beg you!

  • joe lyric
    joe lyric 3 years ago

    hi... i just wanted to say that on january 3rd your going to be in dc but i am not able to go so i was wondering if u r coming back any time soon and what is the age range of your shoes

  • Clairvoyant Amnesiac

    Listen ok! I dunt sub to people who dont do shit ok! Its like ok! You do stuff and things and thats good ok!...

  • Shell Magnus
    Shell Magnus 4 years ago

    I love you darling <3 Stay sickening xx

  • Steph Goodman
    Steph Goodman 4 years ago

    "Hello, I Love You" is my favorite video! Just wanted you to know that.

  • JakopGabriel
    JakopGabriel 4 years ago

    ur sexy as angel baby im sorry oh well lol lets do a colab im a comedian

    RIIKStA G 4 years ago

    Love your videos you crazy Bitch muah 💎

  • Alina Clark
    Alina Clark 4 years ago

    Danny your amazing i love you so much. You are such an inspiration and your straight up perfect. Much love boo <3

  • Bluetakkun
    Bluetakkun 4 years ago

    what ever happened to Adore's World? post season 6, its nowhere to be found.

  • Denise Joyce Fernando

    My condolences on your loss hun. You're such a great person and I admire your work :) Much love!!!

  • Dexter Haven
    Dexter Haven 4 years ago

    You did so many cover songs at home and rap stuff before without any clear direction, but you have found your niche now, I think. I just saw DTF. You are live with a bullet, probably more than anyone else from Idol, Season 7 now. It all worked out after all.

  • The Brooklyn Introvert

    Danny, I LOVE YOU! you have inspired me to truly be who I am! Now every time I feel down I always think of how fierce you were during Rupauls Drag Race and it gives me so much strength! I love you!

  • ejwutt
    ejwutt 4 years ago

    hey +DannyNoriega firstly you da catnip and secondly i saw you post 'impossible is nothing'. as a mad fan from the days of you taping nicki's my chick bad verse, i hope you decide to do a video of you + impossible is nothing. it's you

  • Frisby2007
    Frisby2007 4 years ago

    OMG I'm so jealous when my cousin told me that he met you at The Crest a while back! He told me (not that he needed to) how chill & funny you were! Hopefully you'll come back around, because it's obvious you are a fun person t be around lol.

  • Dexter Haven
    Dexter Haven 4 years ago

    I think your new song is going to blow up! Good work! Just when Simon was writing you off too… ;)

  • PsychTheOnlyOne
    PsychTheOnlyOne 4 years ago

    Adore's awesome and all but, I miss Danny. :(

  • Harley-Sparx
    Harley-Sparx 4 years ago

    oh em MUTHA-EFFIN gee I absolutely adore this bitch (no pun intended)! Since the moment I saw her I knew I wanted to party with this chick!

  • honorofsnow
    honorofsnow 4 years ago

    Danny, do you think you'll ever do a makeup tutorial on how you make Adore's make up? I absolutely love the way you do those eyes and so want to know how.

  • Jessica Shifflett
    Jessica Shifflett 4 years ago

    It has been a long time since music has given me chills, but when I listen to you sing I am stunned. Thank you for sharing your beauty with us all!

  • Makoto Kino
    Makoto Kino 4 years ago

    hi Adore! I just want to say I'm a huge fan and I love you so much. I really enjoy your album. keep up the good work.

  • megan hughes
    megan hughes 4 years ago

    :D Oh my gosh, Adore! I started watching you because of RuPaul, I stayed for your talent, and then I found out you like 2NE1?! Hell yes, bitch! You are awesome!! <33

  • Ashley Vega
    Ashley Vega 4 years ago

    hello danny !!! just want to say ive been watching you grow and grow and grow since the beginning! i feel like since the little you was on american idol till now u have shown people around the world how if you believe in your heart that anything is possible. i want know one to ever bring you down or tell how to do anything. i think your character and personality is just amazing. i love how you keep everything real i know this from every video you have made. i inspire just to be like you im only 20 and i just want to follow in your foot steps. you make me smile every time i watch your videos (like your angle baby) thank you for everything you have done and iim very proud of you and what you have become i know for a fact your gonna do very well in this industry just keep on going and be a mermaid from the ocean. love ashley aka javier instagam (ashleyvegaaguilera) you liked one of my pics

  • olivia free
    olivia free 4 years ago

    Have you heard Merman, by Tori Amos? I think you would love, being a Mer-Person. Merson? Adore you!

  • delamau5
    delamau5 4 years ago

    Ah, Hi Danny! Please, you gotta make more videos for us. Even just a small one. And even though I love Bianca to death you should know I was team Adore since episode one <333 please make a freaking video xD

  • Crazypeytonb
    Crazypeytonb 4 years ago

    hey u did great on rupauls drag race u were my fav but how did the other qeen win she made the same dress a lot and you should of win

  • Kevin Gibson
    Kevin Gibson 4 years ago

    Danny, you are one of my favorites on RuPaul's Drag Race! I was rooting for you all season long. I love your new single, so keep up the good work!

  • Bella Cole
    Bella Cole 4 years ago

    I just watched the episode of rupaul's drag race reunited today and I personally believe you should have won queen. I was routing for you. I love love love your voice. 😋💚 can you do season 7 or try? 💃 if you can I hope you will win queen! 😋 keep making the funny videos!

    • BLKK10139
      BLKK10139 4 years ago

      You can only be on one season. (Their are certain exceptions, but he can't be on another season unless its allstars)

  • Ashlea Vaughn
    Ashlea Vaughn 4 years ago

    Please post more make up how to videos!! Love them and love you!!!

  • Barbara Estby
    Barbara Estby 4 years ago

    your so damn amazing, i'v adored you ever since i saw you. i'm team Adore Delano all the damn way. your my inspiration in life. i'm rooting for you in RuPaul's drag race. i love you Adore/Danny <3

  • Kat Rhoades
    Kat Rhoades 4 years ago

    I'm single because all the guys I have a crush on are gay. I act like a dude but I don't like girls. I must be a gay guy in a girls body. Any opinions? p.s-yes, I think your hot in drag or not.

  • sarah.j collver
    sarah.j collver 4 years ago

    I absolutely have adored you since the first moment i saw you. You are my number one choice for the winner and i am rooting for you all the way. I am so happy i found your youtube channel keep being amazing and keep kicking ass on ru paul's drag race.

  • Ivorianna Weasley
    Ivorianna Weasley 4 years ago

    I love you Adore , cant wait till i meet you some day!!

  • addwantedparadise
    addwantedparadise 4 years ago

    hot Danny

  • Dexter Haven
    Dexter Haven 4 years ago

    Happy 6 year anniversary from Idol. This April is also the 6 year anniversary from your old Stickam shows! You did well!

  • Communism is Death
    Communism is Death 4 years ago

    Dear Danny. If you don't do "ask danny vids anymore" please shoot me a message. I've been trying desperately to do the same sort of red shadow you do but with like literally no success. I've tried blush, I've tried cream shadow, I've tried pigment, I've tried lipstick. I can't get my eyes to work like yours do. What the hell do you use and what the hell am I doing wrong. Also. How do I get my wife to fuck me ruthless with a strap on. She does such a half assed job (no pun intended), how do I tell her (politely) to just ram it up there, I'm not made of fucking glass. <33333 Dekota.

    • PsychTheOnlyOne
      PsychTheOnlyOne 4 years ago

      ? I don't understand that last statement, but men have a prostate in their ass which allows them to ejaculate when it is stimulated, ergo anal sex feels good, gay or straight. You can decide it for yourself when you need to get your prostate checked when you're older. If you like it, it doesn't make you gay, it just means you're a man with a prostate. And, I am actually transgender, the T in LGBT. Just look up things about the prostate and you'll understand why it feels good for men.

    • PsychTheOnlyOne
      PsychTheOnlyOne 4 years ago

      So you and your boys sit around and talk about things going up your butt or not? I don't think so. It's a personal thing that people keep in their bedroom.

    • Communism is Death
      Communism is Death 4 years ago

      You realize you're on Danmy Noriega's channel right? Like... right?

    • PsychTheOnlyOne
      PsychTheOnlyOne 4 years ago

      +Zabi D. The person doesn't have to be a lesbian to get fucked in the arse by their wife.

    • PsychTheOnlyOne
      PsychTheOnlyOne 4 years ago

      When she's doing it, just moan, "Oh yes! Harder, Baby! Fuck me harder!". Also, if you're married, you two should be able to speak about love making. I talk about it with my girlfriend of a year and a half all of the time. It's important to communicate that.

  • Selena Castro
    Selena Castro 4 years ago


  • emily elizabeth
    emily elizabeth 4 years ago

    more videos of adore! lol.

  • Delano Stewart
    Delano Stewart 4 years ago

    My name is Delano

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    Hi Danny, you've always been an inspiration of mine and I had a serious question to ask you. I'm 15 and I've always liked girls, but recently I've wanted to start doing drag and I'm beginning to think some guys are attractive. My parents and brother keep asking me if I'm gay but I always say no, because I've never dated anyone nor had my first kiss yet. What should I do?

    • Communism is Death
      Communism is Death 4 years ago

      I want to take a stab at this too. I can't speak for you personally but I can say generally a lot of kids have mixed sexual feelings in their teen years. It doesn't necessarily mean you're gay, it doesn't mean you're not. Who gives a shit, don't think about the future (but wear a condom, think about *that* future, anal warts are not cute) just do whatever feels natural to you right now, sure you might hit 25 and realize it was just experimenting but there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, or you might realize that this is who you are, which is also totally cool. Doing drag is also awesome, if that's how you feel you should go for it, even if you decide later that it's not for you. Just open up to all the possibilities. Get some make up, get some veet, go to a second hand store and pick up a few outfits and do it. Live your life lolol that's really what it comes down to, don't think about what people might think of you, because you're always going to have yourself, you have to live with who you are, would you rather be closed up inside, afraid to shine or would you rather say "fuck the world" and let the real you shine through.

    • Dexter Haven
      Dexter Haven 4 years ago

      In case Danny's busy, I'll take a stab at this one: experience is the best teacher. Date a guy and a girl and see how it goes. Treat it like a science experiment, not hoping for any one result, but curious to find out. You may have to try sex with each one to see which you prefer best. If it's a tie, keeping kissing and having sex with both like it's an overtime hockey shootout, until one wins. Just a suggestion...

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