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  • aliciabeme
    aliciabeme Day ago

    "The goal is for them to like me for who I am" except that I can't tell them anything about who I actually am. Ah...bless garbage reality TV.

  • gymnast_lilly13
    gymnast_lilly13 2 days ago

    what is the preschool teacher's student's parents were watching this show and see her oop😂😬

    • gymnast_lilly13
      gymnast_lilly13 Day ago

      no i be talkin about them undies haha

    • sailorsister211
      sailorsister211 Day ago

      Well, I would be happy if she was my child teacher because she was 2 of the 11 girls who were actually smart enough to not believe that he was Prince Harry.

  • gofedile Fairdeal
    gofedile Fairdeal 2 days ago

    He's 23 oh gosh😢😢

  • pink Triangles
    pink Triangles 3 days ago

    bahahhahah I can't believe this is actually a thing

  • Zkream
    Zkream 5 days ago

    First girl: “I care more about him as a person but if he is prince harry, ” sure

  • Zoie Cleveland
    Zoie Cleveland 8 days ago

    i genuinely cannot wait for kelley to go the fuck home ☠️☠️ crazy backwoods bitch lmao

  • Zoie Cleveland
    Zoie Cleveland 8 days ago

    yo wtf was kelley’s reaction to him telling her she was going to the crown suite.. WHAT WAS THATTT ☠️☠️☠️

  • Zoie Cleveland
    Zoie Cleveland 8 days ago

    why do they all keep saying “ding dong” ??? that’s so peculiar lmao

  • Zoie Cleveland
    Zoie Cleveland 8 days ago

    yooo i just realized this show was created by Danny Fenton.. AKA Danny Phantom.. i’m fuckin ☠️ i need to go to sleep

  • Marisa Rodrigues
    Marisa Rodrigues 9 days ago

    Why this American girls are so load ?

  • Marisa Rodrigues
    Marisa Rodrigues 9 days ago

    American girls don't have inside voice 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Marisa Rodrigues
    Marisa Rodrigues 9 days ago

    Lol Chelsea is more Prince Harry type. The real Harry. The rest all never lol

  • Hope Jayne
    Hope Jayne 10 days ago

    i feel like karinna didnt get much of a day with him compared to the other girls who got the crown sweet

  • antpaste
    antpaste 10 days ago

    These girls are retarded

  • Chancey Porter
    Chancey Porter 10 days ago

    I've never seen so many thots in my life

  • teiyialachey
    teiyialachey 12 days ago

    Maggie acts like if Amy Schumer was on The Bachelor.

  • hermain nasir
    hermain nasir 12 days ago

    this is so entertaining to watch tbh

  • C S
    C S 14 days ago

    Is Karina Asian/Ugyhur or something?

    • C S
      C S 8 days ago

      @Zoie Cleveland Well the mexican part explains why she's getting more attention than all the other girls 🙄. I highly doubt mainstream would ever point Asians in a "positive" spotlight either. That's why they tag-teamed Maggie and Anna Lisa against Chelsea... Idk, just saying

    • Zoie Cleveland
      Zoie Cleveland 8 days ago

      C S i think in an earlier episode she said she was mexican and irish?? i don’t remember for sure though

  • Melissa Rashid
    Melissa Rashid 16 days ago

    I really hate maggie ughhhh

  • Kat Contreras
    Kat Contreras 16 days ago

    This is my cousin guys

  • Olivia Hurst
    Olivia Hurst 18 days ago

    is it just me or does maggie look 40

  • Olivia Hurst
    Olivia Hurst 19 days ago

    bruh if your job is cleaning up oil spills and you look like this I'll marry you any day

  • Ion Froriep
    Ion Froriep 19 days ago

    Why the hell am i even watching this.... but i cant stop!

  • Jasmine Bowles
    Jasmine Bowles 19 days ago

    Did Prince Harry even agree to this bs?

  • Just Peach E.
    Just Peach E. 20 days ago

    Kelley is being a little too childish and a tad possessive, but Meghan is a bit too “out there”. I agree with Kelley when she was commenting on how “outgoing” Meghan was being, but I also agree with Meghan when she commented on how childlike Kelley is. They’re on two different sides of a spectrum; one too childish and one too sexual. Personally, I don’t think either of them should win, but Matt is definitely interested in Meghan more and I feel like he’s just keeping Kelley around because pity’s her (which is not a good thing to do at all. If he’s not interested, he shouldn’t give her hope they could end up together by keeping her in the game. Que sera, sera). Side note: if it was up to me this episode, I would’ve kicked out Meghan and asked Rose to stay in the suite. Matt seems to love kicking out the people who truly loves him and the most genuine, smart, not-materialistic people. Maggie-no matter what you might think of her-did care and love Harry/Matt. And I think that Rose should get a chance because she seems to really enjoy her time with him. :)

  • rosenblutz z
    rosenblutz z 20 days ago

    I can't stop. Poor Keiley

  • rosenblutz z
    rosenblutz z 20 days ago

    Kelley is sending all the rights signals of a healthy young adult.

  • Ana Selenator Díaz
    Ana Selenator Díaz 20 days ago

    You have to be kidding. I can't💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • rosenblutz z
    rosenblutz z 20 days ago

    This is better than anything on Netflix.

  • rosenblutz z
    rosenblutz z 20 days ago

    That fucken helmet.

  • rosenblutz z
    rosenblutz z 20 days ago

    PenguinZ you made me do this. I am slowly turning into an Englishman.

  • rosenblutz z
    rosenblutz z 20 days ago

    The drama hahaha

  • rosenblutz z
    rosenblutz z 20 days ago

    Damn you penguinz damn you

  • rosenblutz z
    rosenblutz z 20 days ago

    Penguin made me do it.

  • Just Peach E.
    Just Peach E. 20 days ago

    Like prince harry would ever want to date any of these girls.... Except for Maggie. Maggie’s special.

  • Norville Rogers
    Norville Rogers 21 day ago

    This place is more toxic than CS:GO at 10 p.m.

  • Norville Rogers
    Norville Rogers 21 day ago

    Maggie over here cruising under the radar

    • Just Peach E.
      Just Peach E. 20 days ago

      Norville Rogers same 😤

    • Norville Rogers
      Norville Rogers 20 days ago

      @Just Peach E. Yes but then i genuinely enjoyed this and i don't know why

    • Just Peach E.
      Just Peach E. 20 days ago

      Are you also from Cr1tikal?

  • Chris Lohr
    Chris Lohr 21 day ago

    I can't believe I'm watching this shit. God damn Mo1stCrit1cal got me over here watching chick flicks

    • Cookie
      Cookie 20 days ago

      Same brudda

  • Russell Dawe
    Russell Dawe 21 day ago

    Chelsea was the only real one there. rip

  • M Tae
    M Tae 21 day ago

    It makes me physically cringe when Meghan says babe🤢🤮

  • Vika S
    Vika S 21 day ago

    But guys....what if they break up and all this entire season is done for nothing lmaoooo 😂😂😂

  • bluebehr
    bluebehr 21 day ago

    it'd be cool if when someone got sent home, they'd tell them like "oh btw, that's not actually prince harry," I'd love to hear all the "I knew it!"

  • M Tae
    M Tae 21 day ago

    Who is here because of penguin0

  • EdgyMonster
    EdgyMonster 22 days ago

    lol whaat the fuck

  • Branimir Dzhenkov
    Branimir Dzhenkov 22 days ago

    Im a sucer for meghan that woman fine as hell

  • VennyVenn
    VennyVenn 22 days ago

    "I want a genuine relationship" But the whole time pretends to be someone else and is shocked when people get upset when they are lied to *Pikachu face*

  • STAR Na
    STAR Na 22 days ago

    Who eles also just came here for that EPIC dive fail 17:05 OMG LLLOOOL

    • mightykanohii
      mightykanohii 22 days ago

      How to conquer a guy for life: Bust your head failing to do a backflip in hopes it gets some dick and then just pretend you didn't even hit your head like a Champ.

  • Lazer Wolf
    Lazer Wolf 22 days ago


  • Dick Longflop
    Dick Longflop 22 days ago

    Maggie is not fucking 24 that bitch looks 35

  • Dick Longflop
    Dick Longflop 22 days ago

    He fuuuucked uuuuuup Carly was probably the only one they wasn’t in it for the money this fucking dumbass

  • Just sub to me for no Reason

    The only thing this proves is that females are jealous bitches

  • Dick Longflop
    Dick Longflop 22 days ago

    I can’t wait for Charlie he’s too slow I gotta dive in raw no rubber

    • M Tae
      M Tae 21 day ago

      Love your pfp no homo

  • Rockin
    Rockin 22 days ago

    This show is the worst but when it came out I watched the entire thing with my family and it was hilarious

  • BigBoy Jax
    BigBoy Jax 22 days ago

    Wow this show is pretty moist

  • Axcel does gaming
    Axcel does gaming 22 days ago

    Who's here from critical?

  • y6f6r ftyryh
    y6f6r ftyryh 23 days ago

    Here from penguin0

  • TnT FoX
    TnT FoX 23 days ago

    So... at the end of the season we end up with 10 women who realize they shouldn't have stabbed holes in the condoms? All with the same excuse, it's only 99.9% effective!

  • Hektors.Cigārs.Vilkt?

    Cr1tikal sent me here. Don`t know why tho.

  • Snow Cream
    Snow Cream 23 days ago

    penguinz0 sent me here

  • KillerKhye
    KillerKhye 24 days ago

    Legendary joke by Meghan

  • Jake Ω
    Jake Ω 24 days ago

    I watched penguinz0 but watched this to watch them change

  • Biological Failures
    Biological Failures 24 days ago

    oh shit she's a beverage sales rep wtf lol

  • Biological Failures
    Biological Failures 24 days ago

    Liquid Courage, this bitch is a fucking alcoholic.

  • MyDuud TheThird
    MyDuud TheThird 24 days ago

    Who’s here from critikals video?

  • 29374 097
    29374 097 24 days ago

    Girl: your head is launched so far up your ass Same girl: Jackie is not princess material 🧐

  • Biological Failures
    Biological Failures 24 days ago

    Chelsea is the best lol, 'if you don't shut the fuck up...'

  • Gabriel Alberto
    Gabriel Alberto 24 days ago

    This show is just a big old oof

  • Alexus Raya
    Alexus Raya 24 days ago

    they barely had the camera on the black girl.

  • Alikanakela Kilikikopa Karwowski

    Maggie's nose just keeps getting more repulsive the more she drinks

  • Henry Campanis
    Henry Campanis 24 days ago


  • Rip Lemmy
    Rip Lemmy 24 days ago

    Cr1tikal anyone?

  • Alikanakela Kilikikopa Karwowski

    Maggie's nose bothers me in ways I can't describe

  • Zephyr
    Zephyr 24 days ago

    Who is here because of moist and wanted to see the ass ( 19:30 btw). Not much to see unfortunately.

  • Biological Failures
    Biological Failures 24 days ago

    He just isn't prince harry though, you'd be dumb to think it

    KONRAD 24 days ago

    He let go of the best girl

  • alex derpy racc
    alex derpy racc 24 days ago

    True love isn't true love when you only care about someones social status and cry if you find out they aren't rich that's not love that's greed for money and wealth true love is when you would love someone despite being on minimum wage

  • kzinti
    kzinti 24 days ago

    jesus fuck american tv brings out the worse out of people...

  • Pododododo Ehoh
    Pododododo Ehoh 24 days ago

    God this is ruined by how awkward he is, like that’s fine I’m a bit awkward most people are but when your watching a show all about some guy taking the piss out a bunch a slags he needs to have better energy.

  • oh no
    oh no 24 days ago

    the pool party was this fools harem

  • oh no
    oh no 24 days ago

    this is fr entertaining

  • jo baco
    jo baco 24 days ago

    Its really hard to believe how stupid these women are

  • Space Ghost
    Space Ghost 24 days ago

    "Women are not shallow or materialistic"

  • IamALeaf
    IamALeaf 24 days ago

    keanu reeves sent me here

  • ubiquity
    ubiquity 24 days ago

    The contrast between Royalty and SO-NOT royalty is hilarious.

  • Mr. Catz
    Mr. Catz 24 days ago

    I don’t know what was more fake. Rose coming into the room or the girl mocking rose for coming into the room

  • Simple Fly
    Simple Fly 24 days ago

    Ok, first.. what the hell am I doing watching this at 1am. All the girls are.. really? Bringin' out the inner gold digger, ladies.. He also sent home the only girl I would have kept.

  • Norville Rogers
    Norville Rogers 24 days ago

    Handsome, rich. Funny... rich.

  • Ethan Silva
    Ethan Silva 24 days ago

    I came here to see what penguinz0 wouldn't show us

  • Kysen Blair
    Kysen Blair 24 days ago

    Who’s here from penguin0?

  • Cheet0_9
    Cheet0_9 24 days ago

    39:46 wait a minute I know that cab...

  • coolkid1118200 roblox

    18:43 I can see why “hairy“ chose this one among the rest of the girls

  • Wet Mustard
    Wet Mustard 24 days ago

    For those that came to fap after Charlie denied us....19:27

  • Dmv Snkrs
    Dmv Snkrs 24 days ago

    I’m only watching this because penguinz0 did a video on it

  • fisy
    fisy 24 days ago

    “Just a few feet away...” *pans 100 feet*

  • Phoenix zReaper
    Phoenix zReaper 24 days ago

    I came here from penguin0 channel

  • Jactor
    Jactor 24 days ago

    Fuck you Charlie, I can't stop watching this dumb shit.

  • Valorene
    Valorene 24 days ago

    "... just a couple feet away from us." *Security guard is 20 feet away.*

  • Jack McMorrow
    Jack McMorrow 24 days ago

    3:10 yooooo danny phantom made this?

  • RedLaserFox
    RedLaserFox 24 days ago

    m o i s t c r i t 1 c a l

  • ItsMariner
    ItsMariner 24 days ago

    Penguinz0 anyone?