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  • Luis Ortiz
    Luis Ortiz 6 minutes ago

    Lebroncito 💍 💍 💍 💍

  • Mustafa Sapmaz
    Mustafa Sapmaz 8 minutes ago

    Where are the guys who call James Harden the unstoppable player of this league, the MVP? See who owns this league.

  • Concealed _
    Concealed _ 8 minutes ago

    Man said antetoKONpo hahaha it's antetokounmpo kooonpo, get this guy a manual

  • Glorgos
    Glorgos 14 minutes ago

    Suns 4 life baby let's go!!

  • Ultimatetube HD khlil streams

    Big time win for Lakers Less go

  • MAX AJ
    MAX AJ 27 minutes ago

    Clippers is only threat to the lakers.. I can’t see anybody beating them in 7 games including the bucks

  • Cifi Mayaka
    Cifi Mayaka 27 minutes ago

    Harden and westbrook Will never win a championship without together

  • mradhayuda1
    mradhayuda1 31 minute ago

    Woow. Gsw win. That rare

  • Bruno Mota
    Bruno Mota 33 minutes ago

    yeah westbrick, rock that baby again in that loss, you jerk

  • Songül Okumuş
    Songül Okumuş 36 minutes ago

    Böyle koşmaya devam Furkiş.

  • Field Marshall of Swag - Conrad von Hotzendorf

    Too much sauce #FearTheDeer

  • Field Marshall of Swag - Conrad von Hotzendorf

    Giannis what? What was that pronounciation?

  • B M
    B M 55 minutes ago


  • badiane sanou
    badiane sanou Hour ago

    Tel who is u’r Dad ? ....... Lebron 🤪🤪

  • [ TeKatarina ]
    [ TeKatarina ] Hour ago


  • Patrick Abu
    Patrick Abu Hour ago

    This has to be the worst commentary ever

    GL CUSTOMS Hour ago

    LaVine 🔥🔥🔥

  • 82panther
    82panther Hour ago

    Until 2016 Kevin Garnett was doing what Javale did and never got a tech. They gave a tech for this? That proves how sissified the modern NBA is.

  • Tolga Taşçı
    Tolga Taşçı Hour ago

    King JAMES 👑

  • Martin Brankov
    Martin Brankov Hour ago

    Great road win for the Lakers! Too bad there is no undisputed tonight :-(

  • Martin Brankov
    Martin Brankov Hour ago

    Damn Knicks I really hope they get lucky in 2020 draft!

  • Mik Hail
    Mik Hail Hour ago


  • Martin Brankov
    Martin Brankov Hour ago

    Go go Bucks!

  • Martin Brankov
    Martin Brankov Hour ago

    Portland can’t catch a break...

  • Giuseppe Parisi
    Giuseppe Parisi Hour ago

    Fultz is back

  • Abg Akmal Azani Izzat Abg Marzuki

    the commentary need to get fired asap,

  • Logan 14
    Logan 14 Hour ago

    Whit this intensity Portland can not arrives neither to the 8 Place for play the playoff. Portland shows us your real quality, come on guys!!

  • Jose Pedro Da Silva Pereira Pereira

    Esse Boston Celtic está um nojo 😤

  • matt matthew
    matt matthew Hour ago

    Damn no highlights for the bench of the Jazz?

  • A. Rakotobe
    A. Rakotobe Hour ago


  • cj dee
    cj dee 2 hours ago

    Thunder up!!!!

  • Rishi
    Rishi 2 hours ago

    Let’s go lakers

    FORKZ 2 hours ago

    Йа первый

  • leonard london
    leonard london 2 hours ago

    Go on Raptors.

  • Gutih
    Gutih 2 hours ago

    I feel bad for Zion Williamson. Almost all the top drafted rookies been balling and he would have balled too but the bloody knee wouldn't let him be great

    • Amazing A The Dreamer
      Amazing A The Dreamer Hour ago

      I’m pretty sure he’ll get his chance we he finally starts playing.

    • enss ss
      enss ss Hour ago

      he should has ate less

  • Sleon
    Sleon 2 hours ago


  • المخلص فقط JESUS


  • José López
    José López 2 hours ago

    Otra victoria!! Vamos Suns!!! Qué gran tirador es Booker.

  • AviaNxt ROBLOX
    AviaNxt ROBLOX 2 hours ago

    First comment!!!

  • Cblindvking45
    Cblindvking45 2 hours ago

    LETS GOOOOO 🔥 ☀️ 🔥

  • Jimmy McWatters
    Jimmy McWatters 2 hours ago


  • brutyó spirális
    brutyó spirális 2 hours ago


  • Epic Experiment
    Epic Experiment 3 hours ago

    No one can even stop GIANNIS

  • noah connolly
    noah connolly 3 hours ago


  • berrys setyawan
    berrys setyawan 4 hours ago

    D Rose for All Star

  • Ben Fata To'o
    Ben Fata To'o 4 hours ago


  • Jairus Gaming
    Jairus Gaming 4 hours ago


  • Isaac Lgd
    Isaac Lgd 4 hours ago


  • Tamir Gofman
    Tamir Gofman 4 hours ago


  • Van Thieu Nguyen
    Van Thieu Nguyen 5 hours ago

    Listenning to this guys turns me into Zion mood. Look forward to Chris Smoove =))

  • Christian Ray Wenceslao

    Zion finally awake

  • Callum D
    Callum D 6 hours ago

    How the hell does the pelicans choke this I wanted them to win so the Lac lose so there behind nuggets more

  • 사탄의 -기립박수


  • 사탄의 -기립박수

    the best monster Gatkb

  • VJ Phillips
    VJ Phillips 6 hours ago

    Giannis AntetokONpo 0:10

  • 0401412740
    0401412740 7 hours ago

    Kyrie sabotaging on purpose

  • Jessie Lopez
    Jessie Lopez 7 hours ago

    This guys voice is cancer 😪Give us back our normal nba commentator sheesh

  • Andrew Yang Hebat
    Andrew Yang Hebat 7 hours ago

    Dis wurld aint ready for shooting giannis

  • Prayash Koirala
    Prayash Koirala 7 hours ago

    sTuff that KYRIEE!!!!Should've stayed in cozy cleveland!!!!tbh

    • Avash Rawal
      Avash Rawal 5 hours ago

      Shut the fuck up , you prolly don’t know anything bout bb I guess.

  • Daris José Pache
    Daris José Pache 9 hours ago

    Karlt the best

  • Nihad Cəfərzadə
    Nihad Cəfərzadə 12 hours ago


  • fitofito1001
    fitofito1001 13 hours ago

    You got C. Anthony in your team and he scored over 20, what do you expect except losing the game?

  • Yogie Lazuardi Akbar
    Yogie Lazuardi Akbar 13 hours ago

    Eat that 3points gsw haha

  • Jayk
    Jayk 14 hours ago

    marc gasooooooollllllllllllll

    AHMET ÖZAK 15 hours ago

    Amazing doncic

  • Samer Abed
    Samer Abed 16 hours ago


  • Darrell_beats_eViL
    Darrell_beats_eViL 17 hours ago


  • David Mejia
    David Mejia 17 hours ago

    No hay una gente aquí que hablé español

  • hoppa leyley
    hoppa leyley 18 hours ago

    At the end it should written Furkan's name. He has highest score in the team.

  • Adnan Can Koç
    Adnan Can Koç 18 hours ago

    best player to wear #30 in the league :d

  • S M
    S M 19 hours ago

    Raptors were just playing with the Wizards

  • Matsya Roshan
    Matsya Roshan 19 hours ago

    Would love to see Luka and Ja Morant playing together at the All Star game! Would be the most spectacular backcourt in recent NBA history, I guess..

  • Bar Vardi
    Bar Vardi 20 hours ago

    The heir of Allen Iverson Ja Morant

  • Matsya Roshan
    Matsya Roshan 20 hours ago

    Ja Morant is such an incredible player.. basically a (much) better version of DeAaron Fox..

  • AreLL Lio
    AreLL Lio 20 hours ago

    lee is a huge flop... when the boys are back leave that nigga lee on the bench or trade his ass

  • AreLL Lio
    AreLL Lio 20 hours ago

    new aged nba all they do is shoot 3's zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz lessssgoooo. pelicons... team is gonna cause some upsets this playoff

  • Bullshit spectator
    Bullshit spectator 20 hours ago

    hasta luego Luka

  • AreLL Lio
    AreLL Lio 20 hours ago

    nice block! like how Giannis doest cry like LeBum when noone near him but misses the layup so he flops SMH

  • AreLL Lio
    AreLL Lio 20 hours ago

    so you mean to tell me that this boy is 20years of age.!!! yeah he better basketball player than LeBuildups

  • ivanrdiaz
    ivanrdiaz 21 hour ago


  • Blue Atlas
    Blue Atlas 21 hour ago

    Im proud of hawks you finally got a win HAHAHA since1997 omg i cant stop laughing

  • Amazing A The Dreamer
    Amazing A The Dreamer 22 hours ago

    Only 5 men can play on a team... so says Space Jam. Shaq’s gonna be all over this, I am sure. Hehehehe

  • GBtha G
    GBtha G 22 hours ago

    I don't expect the spurs in the playoffs. greg popp should book a vacation hotel.

  • GBtha G
    GBtha G 22 hours ago

    melo's really fucked up.

  • Mixnitz Mixnitz
    Mixnitz Mixnitz 22 hours ago

    I hope Morant stays healthy not like Rose. This dude is so fun to watch.

  • Marieta Ponteras
    Marieta Ponteras 22 hours ago

    Kier should make his plates run uphill everyday for 30 minutes..they might get. Chance to stay on the game even without his star players.. the evidence is - just check every first quarter of their games..

  • alfafaka
    alfafaka 22 hours ago

    Daaaaaaaaamn 1997, congrats ATL for the win

  • adrian gerrard
    adrian gerrard 22 hours ago

    Furkan Korkmaz Turkey the 2016 slam dunk champion. Is he going to the dunk contest 2020 ?

  • Kostya Kartes
    Kostya Kartes 23 hours ago

    Ja Ja Ja Ja🔥

  • CityBET
    CityBET 23 hours ago

    Holiday GENIUS

  • michael reyes
    michael reyes 23 hours ago

    simmons wit no shooting will not win any rings

    • Anita Mullaly
      Anita Mullaly 14 hours ago

      Yeah, he will.. He shoots just fine

    • Chip yard
      Chip yard 17 hours ago

      U r smrt. U talk about Simmons not shooting. U did gud.

    • The Cleg
      The Cleg 20 hours ago

      You with no h will not grab any likes

  • HATIM Youness
    HATIM Youness 23 hours ago

    NBA: Finally Atlanta Breaks the Curse!!!

  • Edmond Kan
    Edmond Kan 23 hours ago

    The only reason I watch Grizzlies: Ja Morant.

  • jose miguel faura salas

    Grizzlies looks good

  • hassan gulaid
    hassan gulaid 23 hours ago

    Since 1997 🤯🤯🤯

  • Emirhan Alkaya

    Korkmaz can dunk 💪

    AHMED SALEM Day ago

    WTF 😑

  • Noodle 84
    Noodle 84 Day ago

    Luka is ridiculous for a 20 year old.

  • Ju Ro
    Ju Ro Day ago

    Ja is beyond talented!!!