Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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  • Romero R
    Romero R Hour ago


  • Crappie Sniper
    Crappie Sniper Hour ago

    I honestly don't get what's Michael Rapaport's purpose on the show AT ALL? Does ANYBODY get why he's on the show? He's a great actor in movies but on this show... RANT RANT RANT... Not funny, no substance, no point ...

  • Im Evil Morty
    Im Evil Morty Hour ago

    Kawhi beat the depleted warriors and you call him the best player in the NBA? If he beats the injury free warriors then you have a case but he didn't. Raptors are doing great without Kawhi and that shows how great team they are

  • Unspoken Voices Inside Media

    No Skip, Baker has low self-esteem. This is why Baker points his finger at everyone but himself. For a person go out his way to create motivation in this manner lacks trust in himself.

  • Ace Boogie
    Ace Boogie Hour ago

    get rid of james dolan

  • Fullbloom Lily
    Fullbloom Lily Hour ago

    Shea-shea😂🤣... I'm dead

  • Slurrpy Slurppe
    Slurrpy Slurppe Hour ago

    Shannon Sharpe becomes Sports Analyst that adds to Lebrons Bandwagon.

  • zviad bakradze
    zviad bakradze Hour ago

    Shannon please slap this clown.

  • Louis Henton
    Louis Henton Hour ago

    We will ignore that Alabama's quarterback only had one good leg

  • Jiggyllama
    Jiggyllama Hour ago

    Incredibly weak argument from Skip. How about we look at a game where both QB's versed the same defence away from home? Russell Wilson at Pittsburgh : 82.9% comp, 300 yards, 3 touchdowns, 0 interceptions 6 rushes, 22 yards rushing Lamar Jackson at Pittsburgh: 67.9% comp, 161 yards, 1 touchdown, 3 interceptions 14 rushes, 70 yards rushing And if your argument is "divisional games are harder", check the stats for the Arizona matchup, which was an away game for the Seahawks, and a home game for Ravens.

  • Brian Hunt
    Brian Hunt Hour ago

    Shannon get out of your feelings he said he agree with you

  • Owen Varga
    Owen Varga Hour ago

    he put the team on his back thoooo

  • Hilton Cole
    Hilton Cole 2 hours ago

    Damn what Russ do to Skip

  • Josh G.
    Josh G. 2 hours ago

    I don’t care whose logo is on the side of your helmet, if you can’t win your own DIVISION, much less your conference, you don’t deserve to be in the playoff discussion period.

  • Scott Richards
    Scott Richards 2 hours ago

    I don't agree with Jennings on most of what he says. Most of the reasons he gave for Lamar for the MVP , Wilson has done the same in the past and at the same time had no offense in front of him but wasn't even talked about when it comes to the MVP race. Wilson has been the offense ever scents he's been in the NFL for Seattle.

  • Scott Richards
    Scott Richards 2 hours ago

    Skip you talk about when Jackson played the hawks and how the hawks lost to Jackson. You need to look at the way the hawks D has been playing. The hawks D has been playing horribly other than the 49er game. So with Jackson doing good or out doing Wilson in that game there's no way to compare the two with only that game. Wilson was playing a D that was playing much better than the hawks D did in that game. Wilson is a much better player than Jackson is by far. If it wasn't for Wilson the hawks wouldn't be where they are. That makes an MVP. If Wilson was out for any games the hawks would have a lossing record.

  • Tim Lee
    Tim Lee 2 hours ago

    Clippers dominated defensively by poking out the eyes of OG Anunoby ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Danul
    Danul 2 hours ago

    Jenny didn't interrupt once... Molly would've cut everyone off at least 50 times in this segment alone lol I can't stand Molly Querim or however you spell her name lol

  • TJ Michael
    TJ Michael 2 hours ago

    I like Kawhi more but i do agree with shannon... one thing Shannon should bring up. Lebron is more healthier and has been in more games than Kawhi. Kawhi is a great player winning most games whenever he plays, but Lebron is a greater athlete than most players now, because he is rarely sick. You have two of the greatest coworkers working with you. Who would like to work with more. The guy who comes in time to work...or that guy who calls in sick most times.

    NCTUFF TV 2 hours ago

    White people hate when a black man is king

  • Chris Chatman
    Chris Chatman 2 hours ago

    No. No quarterback is better than TB. The man just won the Super Bowl and y'all still doubt whether he can play or not!!?! How many super bowls he gotta win before y'all be quiet and just watch him play??? Y'all crazy 🤣🤣🤣😂

  • Kyza Yorke
    Kyza Yorke 2 hours ago

    Maybe alot of people in china☠☠☠☠🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I'm weak

  • Ryx
    Ryx 2 hours ago

    Skip has been disrespecting the Dallas Mavericks championship team every time he uses that excuse as LBJ greatest black mark. FYI Dallas beat Kobe Bryant's Lakers, KD and Westbrook and still they are considered like a average team, yet they beat such great teams stop making it look like Mavs where weak.

  • MarkReX1991
    MarkReX1991 2 hours ago

    Hey, Rapaport... we beat Phoenix.. now what?

  • Tibor Pataki
    Tibor Pataki 2 hours ago

    If yall wont book me in I just show up lol

  • blackcrow
    blackcrow 2 hours ago

    Please invite Michael Rapport more often!!! :)))

  • Donald Pace
    Donald Pace 2 hours ago

    If Jimmy G. protects the ball the niners win...

  • Soby Aros
    Soby Aros 2 hours ago

    "You're gonna lose to Phoenix".....nope we beat em. Clippers didn't......

  • Tim McGrath
    Tim McGrath 2 hours ago

    Skip is a joke at this point

  • Derrick Hamilton
    Derrick Hamilton 2 hours ago

    Skip BLATANTLY ignored Shannon ask about the last 2 minute report

  • vincent james
    vincent james 2 hours ago

    This was a great game to be a Falcon's fan..up until the 4th quarter.. .but then psycho tom appeared and it was on...

  • Subzero V2
    Subzero V2 2 hours ago

    Think about if Kawhi couldn’t get PG to come to the clippers. Do you really think he would have still went to the clippers? NO

  • Nathan Flowers
    Nathan Flowers 2 hours ago

    "No socks, Wiv ma Laka jerseyyyy.." haha Shanon is joke

  • Wrissy Corleone
    Wrissy Corleone 2 hours ago

    Was this before or after mondays game?

  • landmark22
    landmark22 3 hours ago

    Why is he on here

  • Kenyata Jones
    Kenyata Jones 3 hours ago

    Toronto is playing great this season but never gets love

  • jho oñate
    jho oñate 3 hours ago

    Shannon stop this is over LeBron is great but not this time accept it omg LeBron is over thats why he wanted kawhi his wing man for free ring he can't do it any more... Shannon pls stru!

  • Arman Agaronyan
    Arman Agaronyan 3 hours ago

    “You’re gonna lose to Phoenix” ... aged well 🤣🤣

  • bilias hour
    bilias hour 3 hours ago

    sometimes I don't think these "analysts" watch the games. they just get a stat sheet and make assumptions of what they think happened

  • Fotara Bryone
    Fotara Bryone 3 hours ago

    This dude is a LEGEND

  • shamrah07
    shamrah07 3 hours ago

    #LAKERS 2020-2022 3peat NBA champions (It’s been written) 🏆🏆🏆

  • shamrah07
    shamrah07 3 hours ago

    #The Knicks won’t win a championship until they bring Mark Jackson back home (NYC) as Head Coach..

  • Dinz999
    Dinz999 3 hours ago

    Lol he said those Lebron's look questionable WOW lol

  • white shadow
    white shadow 3 hours ago

    Dak is pretty good, but he's no Lamar Jackson

  • Massimo Lombardo
    Massimo Lombardo 3 hours ago

    Maybe a lot of people in China!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Surg Rubin
    Surg Rubin 3 hours ago

    Every one is ignoring the GREAT BLOCKING BY WYATT TELLER against BUFFALO !!!!!!

  • RedFox
    RedFox 3 hours ago

    Shannon: Orthopedic Shoes! Jenny: stopit.... Jenny sounding more and more like Shay's mom

    MR CAT MAN 3 hours ago

    I know this video is old but you can't just say someone sucks if they ain't a good scorer and if people even this think they grade someone for scoring then I guess Dennis Rodman sucked. Oh yea BTW lonzo ain't a bad shooter anymore 37% from 3 42% from the field. So far he is averaging 11 points, 4 rebounds, 6.7 assists and 1.6 steals a game.

    DeMORGORGON 3 hours ago

    Man i love shannon but didnt expect he was this dumb about how important 4th quarter offense is... Now i understand why he worships lebron. lmao

  • Exile 213
    Exile 213 3 hours ago

    Haha. Golden State looks like a 6 chip dynasty that didn't happen. Leonard looks good and so as the young league from West to East

  • Mister Clutch
    Mister Clutch 3 hours ago

    Age is catching up with LeBron & Kawhi. Both are outstanding players. I always wanted to see LeBron get viciously in the paint POWER FORWARD style and gives his opponents the business. I came up on Gary Payton and Scottie Pippen so, if l had to choose between LeBron and the Claw... I would have to go with Kawhi the Assassin.

  • Hans Friedemann
    Hans Friedemann 3 hours ago

    I love Rapaport on this show :D hes fkn hilarious

  • Cardo Dalisay
    Cardo Dalisay 3 hours ago

    He’s a Senator and a part time boxer 😂 this guy is a legend

  • Bellmane 45
    Bellmane 45 4 hours ago

    Damn Jenny, I see you...

  • Rudy Esco channel
    Rudy Esco channel 4 hours ago

    Well they won in Phoenix

  • Peter
    Peter 4 hours ago

    Why are those two guys ignoring that lady?

  • Paul Grant
    Paul Grant 4 hours ago

    Jordan's and LeBrons are actually some ugly shoes. Never had Jordans but did have 1 pair of LeBrons I like. The one pair of basketball shoes that look good are those AI Questions. Those were the best looking pair of bball shoes I ever owned. Let's be honest. Most ballers I know by those shoes cause of who they represent, not because they look good cause many of those shoes are hella ugly!

  • Darin Brown
    Darin Brown 4 hours ago

    Desean sounds like he campaigning for a job. Skip even had to try n check his level of capitulation. Jeez Desean "Company Man" Jackson

  • FatMan Odell
    FatMan Odell 4 hours ago

    They are forget about Minnesota... they are still unbeaten

    • James DeBruyne
      James DeBruyne 4 hours ago

      Wont be able to sleep on them for long if they take big 10 championship drom ohio state

  • you got hacked MADAFAKA!

    If anything jimmy G struggled did you see how nervous he’s been playing in that game almost throwing like 4 INT that game😂

  • Don Dann
    Don Dann 4 hours ago

    Say what you want Kobe and shaq wasn’t as stacked this fakers bandwagon group of guys

  • you got hacked MADAFAKA!

    Can you explain how is dak batter? Russ has the worst o-line his team is full of new young rookies always getting injured also no TE no corners at all Russ still wins and makes magic happens he wins games himself Dak never had to go through what Russ has to go through

  • Don Dann
    Don Dann 4 hours ago

    When was lebron the guy Shannon? When spurs swept the cavs in 07.. all the other years he was ring chasing. Kobe the goat

  • you got hacked MADAFAKA!

    Buddy your QB dak plays with a full o-line one of the best in the league also Russ has nothing but rookies and new young guys around his whole team Russ dose it all himself

  • Imad Akel
    Imad Akel 4 hours ago

    When has Lebron lost a playoff series with balanced teams? Only once ever; that was the finals against the Mavs. Literally all the other losses were due to imbalance. Assuming lakers are healthy moving into the playoffs, I’m betting on lebron and AD to get it done.

  • andreal wilson
    andreal wilson 4 hours ago

    Lmao Shannon always says “no he’s not” lol when skip says “Dak is a top ten quarterback “ Shannon was quick to say “no he’s not stop saying that “😂😂

  • Chris Simpleton
    Chris Simpleton 4 hours ago

    "Maybe a lotta people in China".. That was a little controversial..

  • dylan yates
    dylan yates 4 hours ago

    Shannon was out of line and very unprofessional Here. Fire him

  • malusi ntsele
    malusi ntsele 4 hours ago

    When Jordan went for that break! Pippen was playing some of the most amazing basketball of his career. The dude was contending for MVP honors facts! At the end there is no discussion here. Jordan had only Pippen as formidable help. No disrespect to other role players, they were replaceable.

  • Anel Bratan
    Anel Bratan 4 hours ago

    Prison Break?

  • Hayden Struthers
    Hayden Struthers 4 hours ago

    It’s always a good time when rapaport is on

  • dylan yates
    dylan yates 4 hours ago

    Idc what Michael says, he’s right. Especially over anything he says against Shannon.

  • khalidntokozo
    khalidntokozo 4 hours ago

    Clippers lost to Suns with Kahwi Lakers beat Suns with Lebron

  • Alkaline Prism
    Alkaline Prism 4 hours ago

    Russels struggles (still a w) against the number 1 rated team in the NFL makes Lamar jump forward for running all over the number 32 team? Huh?????

  • Ray Mantanona
    Ray Mantanona 4 hours ago

    Man , undisputed set my man shanon up by adding another lebron hater on the show lmao..all they missing is rob parker as the 3 piece ..its cool..rapaport was hella funny tho 👀

  • Ides of Marc
    Ides of Marc 4 hours ago

    "Where I'm from, we don't do games, we count chips, how many chips in the bag?" Oh, wonderful Shannon, you're learning, well, Mike has 6 in 6 finals, and Bron has 3 in 9 finals, so I'm glad you had a moment of clarity where you recognized rings matter. and if you're gonna reply RobeRt HoRrY, congrats on being a bronsexual.

  • dylan yates
    dylan yates 4 hours ago

    Shannon is unbearable. He’s so bad. Please replace him with Bush

  • Donn Lupepe
    Donn Lupepe 5 hours ago

    "You're gonna lose to Phoenix" loooool that didnt age well

  • curious pug
    curious pug 5 hours ago

    10:47 Damn! Michael is fast Lmao 🤣😂🤣😂

  • James Watson
    James Watson 5 hours ago

    Every week I see that offense run an inside zone with 7+ in the box instead of audible to something different. That’s on Dak, skip.

  • James Watson
    James Watson 5 hours ago

    Did skip have an aneurysm

  • Quenton ONeal
    Quenton ONeal 5 hours ago

    Skip Won this one. #flawlessvictory

  • jordon haan
    jordon haan 5 hours ago

    Should've been Chase Youngs award until he got suspended...

  • N0.C1TY.D0N559
    N0.C1TY.D0N559 5 hours ago

    Yall here that flawless prediction by my man Skip @ 06:55 ? That boy legit saw 2 years into the future with that Amari Cooper trade to replace Dez 🤣💯

  • metal pharaoh
    metal pharaoh 5 hours ago

    Did he just say dirk can shoot like kd? Lol dirk got a mean shot but kd onna different planet

  • John g.
    John g. 5 hours ago

    What kills a pass rush. Running the football well ..does just that.

  • McFrosty1
    McFrosty1 5 hours ago

    Yo skip went in on shannon

  • Jayy Forrest
    Jayy Forrest 5 hours ago

    Lakers won by the way!

  • Ramone DeCurta
    Ramone DeCurta 5 hours ago

    Sh*t Lamar Jackson is doing ain’t new, especially when it comes to Russell Wilson! Russell Wilson pulled that sh*t on the Patriots when he was a rookie, and he shook three defenders when doing it. Jermaine Kearse shook about 5 players with two spin moves on the same play - a catch and TD run - vs Denver in Super Bowl 48! Kearse did it with contact!

  • hasan taki
    hasan taki 5 hours ago

    are we counting QBR rings hahahahh

  • Curtis Lowry
    Curtis Lowry 5 hours ago

    Skip was trolling 😂

  • Richi
    Richi 5 hours ago

    Skip is the most pathetic person in sports media. It really hurts hearing his "arguments".

  • New Walk
    New Walk 5 hours ago

    Skip BIG mad 😂😂

  • P. WILD TV
    P. WILD TV 5 hours ago

    Well they beat Phoenix lol

  • Mr Tony 19
    Mr Tony 19 5 hours ago

    LMFAO here laughing mid way through the 2019 season

  • Ouroboros Nagyok
    Ouroboros Nagyok 6 hours ago

    david andrews hahahahaha

  • Ramone DeCurta
    Ramone DeCurta 6 hours ago

    I love Lamar Jackson’s game as much as anyone, but people who would put Lamar Jackson above Russell Wilson for MVP are not paying attention to *the meaning of MVP!* It’s *NOT* (1) the most exciting player (2) the most physically-talented player (3) the player with the greatest stats (4) the most improved player (5) the most versatile player (6) the player with the most epic wins It’s the player who most contributes to his team’s success. That is RUSSELL WILSON. He wins the battle in at least half of those categories anyways. And for the record, RUSSELL WILSON PULLED AS A ROOKIE A LOT OF THE MOVES JACKSON HAS PULLED. Jackson’s spin move? Check out TRUE ROOKIE RUSSELL WILSON schooling the Patriots in this video: I get so sick of people acting like these new guys are doing things Russell Wilson hasn’t done! It makes me want to 🤮 because it’s a lie...all of it! Russ is that big brother who got straight-A’s in high school and college, went to Harvard Law School, made law review, etc., only to watch his little brother come along, get a few A’s in some newly-designed courses, and watch his parents gush like they’ve never seen it before.

  • Kwahlii Johnson
    Kwahlii Johnson 6 hours ago

    I love Jenny 😍😍

  • Catherine Williams
    Catherine Williams 6 hours ago

    The next NBA champions will not be from LA. I don't know who will win, but they won't be from L.A.

  • Sensei Hustle
    Sensei Hustle 6 hours ago

    Skip brainless has been against Lebron for 14 years 🤣😂 kawhi is Frail it’s time to dead the Jordan comparisons