Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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  • Spencer Nance
    Spencer Nance 3 hours ago

    Skip is a joke. Rudest guy I have ever watched...

  • bio2020
    bio2020 3 hours ago

    Lebron never lost in the first round because he kept missing the playoffs in his first couple years LOLOL. Michael took his lottery team Bulls and dragged them to the playoffs in his very first season, and then lost in the 1st round obviously cause his team sucked. Michael don't know what it is to miss the playoffs LOL. Lebron overrated.

  • Carson Davis
    Carson Davis 3 hours ago

    Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved

  • Spencer Nance
    Spencer Nance 3 hours ago

    This is dumb. Alabama didn't "let" Jalen go. He graduated! He had every right to go somewhere else. Much respect for Jalen. He did incredible for Alabama.

  • Tacitus
    Tacitus 3 hours ago

    Losers in life love to watch people play sports and pretend they are winning when their team wins.

  • gaber baker
    gaber baker 3 hours ago

    Prince faisal bin turki bin Nassar bin Abdul-asis is homosexual prince

  • zakarias aidt
    zakarias aidt 3 hours ago

    Drip Bayless

  • mosnters Mcoc
    mosnters Mcoc 3 hours ago

    Sharp sounds dumb haha

  • Christopher Strebeck

    All the browns fans were told how this team would fall apart..too much star power not enough team play

  • Derek Smidl
    Derek Smidl 3 hours ago

    If Mahomes wins 4 super bowls and his 5th MVP by that time lol then yes he eclipses everybpdy. However he has to win 4 superbowls to get that and it's going to take 8 years before we KNOW he's The best and aren't still predicting him

  • Derek Smidl
    Derek Smidl 3 hours ago

    The first game was in Baltimore I thought?

  • Jose Valenzuela
    Jose Valenzuela 3 hours ago


  • Brian Richardson
    Brian Richardson 3 hours ago

    Man he do da something bring the 1st ring to Brooklyn

  • Matthew Srikranjanapert

    Uncle shay owned Skeiup in this segment

  • Witness Protection
    Witness Protection 3 hours ago

    Never said anything Chargers: am I joke to you

  • ML Fitz
    ML Fitz 3 hours ago

    Anytime a QB holds the ball for a long time and looks "confused". Nothing good is about to happen.

  • Tony Hawkins
    Tony Hawkins 3 hours ago

    Skip saying Ray Allen saving LeBron's career but never mentions the effect Coach Phil Jackson had on Jordan's? Top 10 in pts, assts, & rebs has absolutely nothing to do with Ray Allen.

  • Randall Knight
    Randall Knight 3 hours ago

    Kobe got swept by that same Maverick team 🤣

  • EasySnake
    EasySnake 3 hours ago

    Eli is inaccurately evaluated by everyone. His critics don’t realize that for about 8-10 years Eli was a good quarterback. His haters act like he was always the completely trash quarterback he has been these last 4 years. His fans give him too much credit for his 2 rings. Eli was not average. Average qbs don’t start for 16 seasons and make over 250 million in career earnings. If Eli had retired four years ago there would be much less questions about his Hall of Fame status. These last four years have been an anchor on his career. Can you really lose hof status?

  • Darien Hernandez
    Darien Hernandez 3 hours ago

    Bless his hard lord lol

  • leggo0116
    leggo0116 3 hours ago

    If one team is keeping you from a Superbowl, why wouldn't you gear up with a top 3 CB in the league if possible? I don't agree with Jennings on this one.

    FURRYDUCKIE 3 hours ago

    He is already the best QB in football, he just needs to never deflate footballs.

  • Shel Dog
    Shel Dog 3 hours ago

    Miami had the 2nd and 3rd best players in the league in 2010-11 and they lost so... it has happened Shannon

  • Curt Weil
    Curt Weil 4 hours ago

    He's definitely had an impact. For the worse.

  • Bj Fowler
    Bj Fowler 4 hours ago

    Sharpe b trying hard to get Mike 🤣😭

  • Awn Poynt
    Awn Poynt 4 hours ago

    *ya'll just need something to talk about...smh*

  • Fweak 0ut
    Fweak 0ut 4 hours ago

    Skip didn’t just say that Oklahomas coach is better tan nick saban

  • Brandon Wadley
    Brandon Wadley 4 hours ago


  • Nathan Neo
    Nathan Neo 4 hours ago

    I'll put Klay is 3, but definitely top 8

  • Uncle JJ
    Uncle JJ 4 hours ago


  • Neal Capuchino
    Neal Capuchino 4 hours ago

    when a talk show is chatting up about the know its getting bad coming up with interesting topics of discussion...."hey lets talk about the jags"...old timer..."wtf"???

  • Wayne Cockerham
    Wayne Cockerham 4 hours ago

    Can you remind me of michaels playoff record against the big three .... I thought this was about Lebron lol

  • Raees Khan
    Raees Khan 4 hours ago

    I am a Lebron fan, but come on He ain't a top 5 of all time, that's just disrespectful to Klay, Harden and even Ray Allen ! Media always trying to get juice on bron lol

  • Westin Mcclister
    Westin Mcclister 4 hours ago

    If you think namath deserves to be in the hall of fame then so does eli.

  • Robert Killian
    Robert Killian 4 hours ago

    I think both QBs are better off were they are now. Hurts will learn how to be a better passer in OU's system.

  • al mor
    al mor 4 hours ago

    Wow! Look at Eli stats the pass few years after 2011 SB win, despite win/loss record. Nearly 3000 to 4000+ yards passing, 20-30 tds/ year. Except for 2013 kept his interception to a decent level. Qb rating close to his Last SB, which is his best year passing. Great character and longevity. With all the bad issues with lack blocking resulting in many sacks, lack of running before Barkely, Bad defenses, two coaches since Coughlin, an inconsistent OBJ. He still put up those numbers as a NY QB. He is an not average QB by no means. HOF for sure!!!!

  • Jim Watson
    Jim Watson 4 hours ago

    Cam has officially " Checked Out " as a Football Player. I wish we had traded him last year.

  • Benelius Paige II
    Benelius Paige II 4 hours ago

    Without LeBron skips career on would not be what be what it is ,not gonna day he wouldn’t be successful but not NEARLY to this level

  • Blane Lynch
    Blane Lynch 4 hours ago

    mahomes defense has gave up 30 points in two games while Brady's has gave up 13. like come on.

  • yutoob tee
    yutoob tee 4 hours ago

    Good for him for not getting a woman half his age like a lot of these celebrities. They seem like they have good chemistry, probably in part due to age/experience similarity. And she's still pretty.

  • Blane Lynch
    Blane Lynch 4 hours ago

    skip also acts like mahomes played bad in those games against Brady the only reason it was close of because Brady has a top 10 defense every year and doesn't have go score much, while mahomes has to score constantly

  • Blane Lynch
    Blane Lynch 4 hours ago

    I also wanna add say in those two games mahomes and Brady faced off. say there defenses switched I bet mahomes would've blew them out the water

  • Derek Alvarado
    Derek Alvarado 4 hours ago

    50 td and 5000 yard and no rings hes not a goat shannon he a great player but not a goat

  • Sean Cumming
    Sean Cumming 4 hours ago

    Having followed his career closely as a Giants fan I think it is important to note that a lot of those interceptions came off poor route running and lousy catching. I'd also argue that Eli did not have the best supporting cast around him for most of his career.

  • daveb0424
    daveb0424 4 hours ago

    Give Eli the offense of line that Brady has all these years and maybe 6 Super Bowl rings.

  • Blane Lynch
    Blane Lynch 4 hours ago

    Shannon just ended skips career with that

  • John Shackelford
    John Shackelford 4 hours ago

    so he actually is 4-4 in 06 in playoffs

    THE LEGENDTV 4 hours ago

    If he’s not HOF worth why do all receivers today end up asking him for advice or working with him in the off-season child please well said

  • John Shackelford
    John Shackelford 4 hours ago

    ur forgetting the manning bowl he had 3 Superbowl appearences

  • Cody Fast
    Cody Fast 4 hours ago

    I despise that the acronym GOAT exists.. all people do is throw it around like it’s wic cheese in the ghetto.. Everybody’s goat.. everybody is on their way to be the goat.. like, no. There is ONE person who is the greatest of all time in each sport (when it comes to all around player, not by position) Patrick mahomes has been AMAZING.. won a MVP his second year in the league, and went to the conference championship. Dude has started ONE YEAR AND TWO GAMES THIS YEAR.. I don’t care what he or anyone accomplished in that amount of time.. 20 games, NOBODY is in the GOAT conversation smh 20 games.. lol

  • Samuel Smith
    Samuel Smith 4 hours ago

    Skip is a hater

  • Darious Byrd
    Darious Byrd 4 hours ago

    Raised by an emotional single mother

  • no peaking young blood

    when you got that kind of money, the bank always open... This man Shannon always killing me

  • Nicholas Guerrero
    Nicholas Guerrero 4 hours ago

    Jalen couldn’t throw in Bama’s system, at least not as well as Tua! Jalen can throw in OU’s system cuz it’s built for the QB at the helm, in many ways to make him successful. Bama has ran the same system since Nick has been there! Tua runs the system that Jalen could not!!

  • Nicks Kicks
    Nicks Kicks 4 hours ago

    Steph Klay Ray Allen Reggie Miller Dame

  • Da'Neil Pitts
    Da'Neil Pitts 4 hours ago

    Homeboy already better than Tom Brady

  • Charles Trotman
    Charles Trotman 4 hours ago

    Manning name gets him into the HoF when for others they wouldn't get in

  • DEN-X
    DEN-X 4 hours ago

    Baker is starting to get exposed. Not looking good!👎🏼

  • Mike C
    Mike C 4 hours ago

    Shannon’s argument is just 51,8,8 vs MJs whole career 😂 dude always runs back to empty stats

  • Marty Jones
    Marty Jones 4 hours ago

    Skip is decades off topic.. Anything to hate in bron bron.. Just sad 😥

  • M AA
    M AA 4 hours ago

    Rob Parker is correct!

  • Jason Freeman
    Jason Freeman 5 hours ago

    When are we going to start talking about Alabama not developing QBs?

  • F3dora
    F3dora 5 hours ago

    Skip messed around and married his sister

  • Christian Andersen
    Christian Andersen 5 hours ago

    He says this, then the patriots have a 76-3 points gained vs points allowed in the first 2 games of the season.

  • watta pack
    watta pack 5 hours ago

    I guess The Free throws are not counted since lebron is on it

  • DeChane Cameron
    DeChane Cameron 5 hours ago

    Skip loves Bakers celebrations at the QB position. Anybody remember how he felt about Cams celebrations?

  • George Kontaxis
    George Kontaxis 5 hours ago

    Andy Reid is what happened

  • Ziggy Hull
    Ziggy Hull 5 hours ago

    The fact Reggie bush says hurts has Ceedee Lamb shows he don't watch football. Ceedee is known for dropping balls off his hands constantly.

  • team cap
    team cap 5 hours ago

    Skip is a straight up hater smh.

  • Mike Kiviranta
    Mike Kiviranta 5 hours ago

    They are both right. Lebron defined the decade by his successes and his failures. Btw, Shannon is nauseating to listen to.

  • Anbulurkops
    Anbulurkops 5 hours ago

    Deandre Jordan and Shaq the two greatest shooters of all time then

  • Jeremy Edgar
    Jeremy Edgar 5 hours ago

    I guess DeAndre Jordan is the greatest then

  • Tim Abbott
    Tim Abbott 5 hours ago

    Hahahaah, he said if he had Ruggs and Juedy hahaah

  • Tim Abbott
    Tim Abbott 5 hours ago

    He couldnt run over sec defenses

  • Cash Rules
    Cash Rules 5 hours ago

    He beat them or the team beat them???

  • Cash Rules
    Cash Rules 5 hours ago

    Sharpe is right, the hall of fame ratings drop. They will make a big deal about the 2 brothers winning 2 super bowls both being hall of famers. Their dad Archie Manning awww so touching .. ijs its tv

  • Cash Rules
    Cash Rules 5 hours ago

    They need to trade Barkley for draft picks

  • boomni2
    boomni2 5 hours ago

    Skip is glowing and gushing like a little kid 😂

  • Francesco
    Francesco 5 hours ago

    Pretty obvious skip doesn’t like anyone who competes with Brady

  • J P
    J P 5 hours ago

    Skip once said Tony Romo was a bigger star than Kobe

  • Sawyer Bix
    Sawyer Bix 5 hours ago

    Why is it always let’s bring up Lebrons failures all the time man

  • racuz8
    racuz8 5 hours ago

    I love when Shannon low key admits Kareem is the G.O.A.T.

  • BucaneerBri
    BucaneerBri 5 hours ago

    Lol sharpe “ nope” ur not HOF

  • McLovin Got The Sauce

    One of the best giants but his time is done 💯 thanks Eli For everything🙏🏼

  • XshadoXMUSIC EnT
    XshadoXMUSIC EnT 5 hours ago

    Love this show

  • Sudden Revelations
    Sudden Revelations 5 hours ago

    It's early. Baker had a good rookie year. His NFL career might be winding down. Browns might need to draft another QB. Skip and Shannon are still on his side but Colin is not. Skip is worried about the Odell trap and is concerned that he is a little man. Dickerson reminds everyone that Kitchens must know that Darnold must be accounted for so use Chubb often.

  • Daniel D
    Daniel D 5 hours ago

    Maybe we put to much value in super bowl wins instead of the over all body of work

  • Daniel D
    Daniel D 5 hours ago

    Eli Manning is his generation jim plumkett

  • Gonçalo Vitorino
    Gonçalo Vitorino 5 hours ago

    Three 3rd & 10 conversions... because in the first two downs he didn’t get any yards....

  • chris christopher
    chris christopher 5 hours ago

    Get a real debater with real arguments and points instead of this shock value hater

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith 5 hours ago

    “I’m not supposed to beat Tom Brady I’m supposed to do Blake Bortles things like playing TERRIBLE!”

  • mari turcios-martell

    Regret? Why? He already graduated and moved on. Alabama supports him all the way, hes a total class act and represents the bama process to the fullest. GET IT JALEN!

  • Daniel D
    Daniel D 5 hours ago

    Eli sucks he knew this was coming

  • rob beasley
    rob beasley 5 hours ago

    Lebrun has more game winning shots than steph n KD.. he even has more 3 pt game winners than both.. facts... google them... LBJ= 🐐

  • arnold oliver
    arnold oliver 5 hours ago

    Yeah but Eli Manning won two Superbowls not bad for a available Quarterback and yes he belongs in the hall of fame

  • Zac Bennett
    Zac Bennett 5 hours ago

    This video is proof that Skip is just a character on a TV show everyone.

  • Lebron James
    Lebron James 5 hours ago

    He’s a great player with a lot of heart he lead the way when we needed em love that guy

  • random guy
    random guy 5 hours ago


  • Jared- Bones
    Jared- Bones 5 hours ago

    No way no how even close to Deion!!!!!

  • Marques Smith
    Marques Smith 5 hours ago

    Patrick mahomes is looking like he did at Texas tech and the first QB from that school that’s actually good in the nfl