Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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  • Slim 803
    Slim 803 3 hours ago

    Nnamdi >> Sherman

  • putang ina mo hayop ka

    No KD gsw is a trash.

  • Awkward Stuff
    Awkward Stuff 3 hours ago

    The broomstick hit Lebron wrist.

  • calbastian
    calbastian 3 hours ago

    I’ll take Sherman’s life over Skip’s ANY day!!!

  • mightylew1
    mightylew1 3 hours ago

    Sharpe spits fire. Truth.

  • Entertainment Fun
    Entertainment Fun 3 hours ago

    Yes I'm going to say this it's time to move on from Aaron Rodgers.

  • John McCullough
    John McCullough 3 hours ago

    Chiefs have same players last 2-3 years but different QB , Alex Smith couldn’t do it but Patrick Mahomes can.

  • Bob Gillis
    Bob Gillis 3 hours ago


  • Robert Johnson Jr
    Robert Johnson Jr 3 hours ago

    “I’m better AT LIFE than you” -Richard Sherman to Skip Bayless No surprise here 😂😂😂😂

  • Samuel Bane
    Samuel Bane 3 hours ago

    Ugh....smh...the best quarterback would do well anywhere...this kid could NOT....KC surrounded him with Wideouts that have hands and speed....without that, he is just another young struggling qb

  • Neel Kumar
    Neel Kumar 3 hours ago

    Great CB reacts to Great CB calling out Great CB

  • Darceil Reed
    Darceil Reed 3 hours ago


  • venombh21
    venombh21 3 hours ago

    No way mahomes is better than Cam Newton!!

  • nymike06
    nymike06 3 hours ago

    It seems Shannon forgot he played with John Elway

  • Darceil Reed
    Darceil Reed 3 hours ago

    Hey Skip if Dak Prescott had half the ability Patrick Lionheart Mahomes does you would Goo your pants💩

  • jameywc2
    jameywc2 3 hours ago

    Best most informative I ever heard

  • Darceil Reed
    Darceil Reed 3 hours ago

    Patrick Lionheart Mahomes is about to become the Goat and the Story Starts Feb 2 Let's go Chiefs 💥👊💥

  • WesmyTheGamer
    WesmyTheGamer 3 hours ago

    Skip was hoping they'd side him, he clearly had an ax to grind, but he didn't get his way🤷‍♂️

  • Robert Jacobson
    Robert Jacobson 3 hours ago

    Just because luka isn't ripped with muscle definition doesn't mean hes out of shape!! Lol Skip, if you're going to make an argument, come with something better than what you usually come up with. A bunch of garbage isn't gonna cut it.

  • Alton Coker
    Alton Coker 3 hours ago

    Someone give Skip a tissue so He can get that baby powder out 👃. On screen study wiping the evidence of his face. Ridiculous

  • Jaime Montiel
    Jaime Montiel 3 hours ago

    skip "long story short continues to go on on on "bayless

  • Brett
    Brett 3 hours ago

    Skip wiping his nose like crazy this whole segment #slatt 🤧🐍

  • Omer Turhan
    Omer Turhan 3 hours ago

    Whenever a system can put literally anyone in the backfield and have them run for 200+ yards, it’s the coaching and the Offensive line. The O-line never gets love :(

  • DLT Guitar
    DLT Guitar 3 hours ago

    Favre will always be Green Bay’s best QB ever

  • Dennis Nash
    Dennis Nash 3 hours ago

    I don’t like skip bayless but he’s making Millions of dollars to talk sports. Sherman is making millions getting his body knocked around and cte is real People.

  • Robert Jacobson
    Robert Jacobson 3 hours ago

    Larry is higher than Magic on my all-time list of greatest olayers. I watched both of them and Larry was clearly the better player. The only argument against it is longevity. Thats it. Prime vs prime, Larry all day every day.

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe 3 hours ago

    Ever since with Richard Sherman cook him he never like him

  • Bryan S
    Bryan S 3 hours ago

    Ah ha ha ha that's how you put the smackdown on a Mahomes non believer. BAMMM verbal assault up side the head. Ah ha ha ha

  • David Oswald
    David Oswald 3 hours ago

    37-20 doesn't really tell the true story of the game, much love to Rodgers and the Packers, but, they flat out got beat & embarrassed.

  • A T
    A T 4 hours ago

    You are a total joke skip

  • neckboneschannel
    neckboneschannel 4 hours ago

    This is dumb. Why would you do something that's not required in your team to win. That's like asking Brady to run the ball or asking Steph Curry to post up in the paint. You play to your strength and team scheme wins championship. This is not 1v1 or track and field.

  • Ryan Friesen
    Ryan Friesen 4 hours ago

    um who is revis, he plays for the garbage jets, just ignore him sherman he doesnt even know how to make the playoffs.

  • Tyrone Marshall
    Tyrone Marshall 4 hours ago


  • Jay Dee
    Jay Dee 4 hours ago

    No one cares who’s the best they are both great and they will be in the HOF. I’ll tell you this if the Chiefs put the blast on the 49ers secondary then argument is over. Lol 😝

  • P H
    P H 4 hours ago

    Cam chancellor hit gronk in the Superbowl and hit him out the Superbowl best and brutal hit

  • David Oh
    David Oh 4 hours ago

    Sherman is going to get lit up or their going to protect him, leaving other receivers open.

  • Christopher Emile
    Christopher Emile 4 hours ago

    Antonio is right though, the defense is asking Sherman to do something and he does it. That's it

  • Mista Idgaf
    Mista Idgaf 4 hours ago

    Way more weapons this game is going to remind you of the Colts and Bears game

  • andrew stansberry
    andrew stansberry 4 hours ago

    I believe if you let the chiefs get up you lost cause they will run the score up on you

  • Mista Idgaf
    Mista Idgaf 4 hours ago

    This was a setup the Superbowl 1 rematch should have been better

  • Nathan Johnson
    Nathan Johnson 4 hours ago

    Aaron Rodgers played the best he could. But that 49ers defense was that much better. And Packers defense was horrible. Rodgers is not to blame for the loss in my opinion.

  • David Oh
    David Oh 4 hours ago

    People who know the game knows that Sherman gets safety help on almost every play. In fact Sherman doesn’t travel or play anything near the slot.

  • Tropical Terrarium
    Tropical Terrarium 4 hours ago


  • Kimbo Nice
    Kimbo Nice 4 hours ago

    Yeah I don't know what Skip was talking about either. It's not like you can pick & choose what you do on a play. When your coach tells you to do something you go out there & do it even if it means not traveling.

  • Malcolm Windmon
    Malcolm Windmon 4 hours ago

    Skip Bayless sounds crazy

  • SuperbaDD C
    SuperbaDD C 4 hours ago

    Teams usually dont throw his direction the whole league knows that. U cant defend a pass that isn't thrown your way

  • ThreePhaseHigh
    ThreePhaseHigh 4 hours ago

    No just look at the Multi billionaires in the 49er luxury box. Has anyone ever seen such a list of big dogs in your life. Football has become all about money. And next year Legalized gambling well make it even worse.

  • Victor Brown
    Victor Brown 4 hours ago

    “Skip this is unbelievable.. SKIPPP” - Shannon Sharp

  • Tyrone Marshall
    Tyrone Marshall 4 hours ago


  • nsde
    nsde 4 hours ago

    Charles Woodson better than both. And Deion better than anyone.

  • Bernardo Escalante
    Bernardo Escalante 4 hours ago

    WOW!.. No surprise here. Skip as always is salty about being taken down by Sherman all those years ago. Skip, you are (as usual) not objective and holding grudges at your age is not healthy. You once and for all have to recognize the TALENT and the greatness of Sherman as you recognize THE BEST CORNER in D.R. (no argument there) but just take advantage to just talk trash about Sherman is petty and sad but so are you.

    • Bernardo Escalante
      Bernardo Escalante 4 hours ago

      Damn, now Watch out Jalen Rose, you ill be trash talked from skip.

  • Brynny211
    Brynny211 4 hours ago

    Shannon has the best insights ever !!!!!!

  • toastwoozi
    toastwoozi 4 hours ago

    Aint no trickeration

  •  4 hours ago

    This dude skipp is soft af bro lmfao

  • Liquid Snowy
    Liquid Snowy 4 hours ago

    Sherman will never get taken over other corners when he only plays one side & all teams put there best receivers on the opposite side hahah

  • 49ers 18
    49ers 18 4 hours ago

    How come nobody is talking about how Jimmy G only had 2 incompletions? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • MusicKnowledge1
    MusicKnowledge1 4 hours ago

    Why Bird because they're both white? lol

  • Don P
    Don P 4 hours ago

    The Packers got exposed in the first game against the Niners. They could have beat them 60-6 in the first game if they had wanted to.

  • Guy in Colorado, Greetings!

    I don't care what Skip has to say, a little too pompous for me. I gonged this video at :21.

  • Come here Coward
    Come here Coward 4 hours ago

    “I’m better at life than you”

  • Joe Young
    Joe Young 4 hours ago

    Skip is the definition of a boomer

  • Thomas Dennis
    Thomas Dennis 4 hours ago

    Who lead the league in rating, ypa, and ypc? Lmfaoo

  • hoison68
    hoison68 4 hours ago

    Skip-coward. If he likes you he’ll defend you regardless of how much he’ll have to lie. If he doesn’t, he’ll look for the clouds not the silver linings. F Skip, the moral coward.

  • Justin
    Justin 4 hours ago

    Didn’t skip say the Titans were good when they beat the patriots and the ravens

  • Casey Saiz
    Casey Saiz 4 hours ago

    2 years ago! They weren't talking over one another! Skip: mmhmm

  • Lightningstriker1
    Lightningstriker1 4 hours ago

    Neither Darrelle nor Sherman could ever cover like the legend - Neon Deion, who never needed any safety help.

  • Kenneth Overton
    Kenneth Overton 4 hours ago

    Skip Bayless your prediction was wrong you called for a upset it didn't happen Chiefs win Chiefs going to the Superbowl I'm not a Chiefs fan but I love it when your add is wrong Skip Bayless

  • D Flatt
    D Flatt 4 hours ago

    Niners defense was the name of the game really.

  • L Bennet
    L Bennet 4 hours ago

    James who? No where near MJ!!!

  • Michael Parker
    Michael Parker 4 hours ago

    Skips is a hater

  • Gabriel 707
    Gabriel 707 4 hours ago

    Clout chasing 101

  • Luis Vanegas
    Luis Vanegas 4 hours ago

    Did they forget we beat them regular season too

  • Arthur Dean Jr
    Arthur Dean Jr 4 hours ago

    Skip and T.O. need to stop Moss was God @ his position 🗣️✅🧐🔥🔥🔥💯💪

  • 500 Pieces
    500 Pieces 4 hours ago

    Packers were overrated and could only beat good teams when key players were injured

  • T. Hane
    T. Hane 4 hours ago

    If Jason Witten gets in before Sterling Sharpe, I give up.

  • spartanclams
    spartanclams 4 hours ago

    no one knows just like the draft eh. he must get a good staff and system to succeed

  • 38kal
    38kal 4 hours ago

    😂😂😂 Skiiiiup Brady #1 Manning #2 thrower of the 🏈..

  • docman2387
    docman2387 4 hours ago

    I remember Randy Moss pass Revis late in his career like it was nothing

  • Zach Eddings
    Zach Eddings 4 hours ago

    Skip is soooo right I was disappointed to an I bleed 2 tone blue smfh oh well next year fellas next year TITAN UP!!

  • Frenchie M
    Frenchie M 4 hours ago

    Why is skip biting his lip ?

    RONALD HAZLEY 4 hours ago

    Skip these are NFL guys. Skip feel dumb

  • WP SN
    WP SN 4 hours ago

    Skip "Slam Your Manhood Down Their Throats" Bayliss is the early leader in 2020's Most Inappropriate Double Entendre.

  • B L
    B L 4 hours ago

    8:08 skips voice got a little shaky Ahahahaha He was about to cry.....he can dish it out but can’t take it .....smh

  • Joshua Coley
    Joshua Coley 4 hours ago

    Lmfao Darrelle Revis, where is your superbowl ring?? Also Nnamdi Asomugha way better than Revis was

  • Vincent Vega
    Vincent Vega 4 hours ago

    I kept watching the misdirection by the niners offense. I actually stopped looking at the normal angles of the camera bc the real action was in the backfield. Seeing the fullback stop, turn, change direction and block for a big gain while the defense was still heading the other direction was INCREDIBLE.

  • Kenneth Overton
    Kenneth Overton 4 hours ago

    This is my thought I'll take Champ Bailey first Revis second then Sherman.Champ all day baby

  • Joshua May
    Joshua May 4 hours ago

    Antonio cromartie a real stand up guy he kept it 💯

  • Bill Weigle
    Bill Weigle 4 hours ago

    Revis is better period!!!!

  • Chase Jackson
    Chase Jackson 4 hours ago

    My reaction was I already picked LSU to win so it didn't surprise me.

  • Timmy Kinley19
    Timmy Kinley19 4 hours ago

    Just imagine if Green Bay had the Dallas cow boys WASTED Talent lmao

  • David Womack
    David Womack 4 hours ago

    With me, humility goes a lot further than arrogance.

  • Burnette Hughes
    Burnette Hughes 4 hours ago


  • hpnc
    hpnc 4 hours ago

    Why is that lady there?

  • Dragonballfan 25
    Dragonballfan 25 4 hours ago

    Unpopular opinion but I gotta ride with Skip and Revis on this one. Yes your scheme is ultimately what is asked of you, but there is no doubt that playing the #1 receiver all game and traveling is miles harder than playing a zone or pressed zone and whoever ends up on that side.

  • Anthony Vincent
    Anthony Vincent 4 hours ago

    Cromartie just buss skip up

  • Anton Clinesmith
    Anton Clinesmith 4 hours ago

    Come on Skip. You can admit he's great. Doesn't mean he's perfect, or above criticism, but he's doing things Brady and Manning never did. Simple. You can not like him, and still give him the credit he deserves.

  • yamamancha
    yamamancha 4 hours ago

    Watching every Seahawks game since 2012, I can say that when Sherman did travel, he still did his job. There's no denying that.

  • james williams
    james williams 4 hours ago

    Michael Jordan

  • Fredrick Ashton
    Fredrick Ashton 4 hours ago

    Shem does what the defensive scheme ask him to do! It's a team sport. However Revis was one of the best before he lost a step.

  • John Bryant
    John Bryant 4 hours ago

    5. Eric Allen