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It's a (404) Thing
Views 1.1M3 months ago
It's a (212) Thing
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  • Danton Melow
    Danton Melow 43 minutes ago

    This is Kevin's neck 🤒🤒🤒🤕🤕😥😥😥😥😥☠️

  • Clara ok boomer
    Clara ok boomer 50 minutes ago

    You should make Kevin figure skate with kaya scodelario

  • Fortunate Mean
    Fortunate Mean Hour ago

    Ninja legit said Kevin's instagram name without knowing it 8:32 (@kevinhart4real)

  • MELA realy
    MELA realy Hour ago

    Deam 😎

  • Dominican Girl!
    Dominican Girl! Hour ago

    *The incest twins!*

  • Joey
    Joey Hour ago

    11:36 Look it's ripped Terroriser

  • BJ Young
    BJ Young Hour ago


  • BJ Young
    BJ Young Hour ago


  • BJ Young
    BJ Young Hour ago


  • Alex M.
    Alex M. Hour ago

    The Bella Twins are so damn hot!

  • Black Wall Street 2.0

    2020 still one of the best segments 😂😂😂

  • F-TEEZY DBOYrecords

    They Badd!!!!

  • BJ Young
    BJ Young Hour ago


  • trustgaming
    trustgaming Hour ago

    woah thats fruity

  • unique benjamin
    unique benjamin Hour ago

    This was funny

  • Kody Eldridge
    Kody Eldridge Hour ago

    DeMar and Lowry deserve a statue in Jurassic Park outside the Stadium

  • Vatan Rangani
    Vatan Rangani Hour ago

    Cringe video but comments seem interesting

  • Kelly Austin
    Kelly Austin Hour ago

    Hadar sweating like he stole something.

  • Robert Hall
    Robert Hall Hour ago

    Trey Songs out here wit regular bitches, crazy

  • Samyuktha18
    Samyuktha18 Hour ago

    The fact that they have to introduce themselves tho! Like if they arrived in my village I’d be the first one screaming their names 😂😂

  • Manlio Rodríguez
    Manlio Rodríguez 2 hours ago

    Haha ken looks like a crazy old woman with that costume 😆😆😆

  • Chris Tuione
    Chris Tuione 2 hours ago

    She got no pipes

  • SkunK Bud
    SkunK Bud 2 hours ago

    Lowkey they bad but the one in the blue clothes is badderrrr

  • Radhia Deedou
    Radhia Deedou 2 hours ago

    Her smile is mesmerizing

  • Devstar 123
    Devstar 123 2 hours ago


  • Reveion
    Reveion 2 hours ago

    Ninja makes me cringe so much

  • Eric Salisbury
    Eric Salisbury 2 hours ago

    Why do they act like they really ain't know who Kevin Hart was. Where have they been at!? lol

  • dipesh yadav
    dipesh yadav 2 hours ago

    Indians here be like " I am watching you "

  • smart boy
    smart boy 2 hours ago

    Like its blacked featuring bella sisters 🤣🤣🤣

  • El Fuego Gaming
    El Fuego Gaming 2 hours ago

    * John cena triggered *

  • Erica Ammons
    Erica Ammons 2 hours ago

    How do I complain about long ads? Like seriously!!! Some are long without a skip button smh anywho.....

  • Southern Gentleman
    Southern Gentleman 2 hours ago

    Hope he fully recovered from his car accident.

  • Th3 60D
    Th3 60D 2 hours ago

    John Cena is also there you just can’t see him

  • Tee Trammell
    Tee Trammell 2 hours ago

    I’m 2 years late but better late than never

  • blackheartsbirth death metal


  • Demarcus Payne
    Demarcus Payne 2 hours ago

    Kevin you should be use to the tub by now man

  • DeJae McBride
    DeJae McBride 2 hours ago

    When black hand said no ... Kevin broke character

  • DeJae McBride
    DeJae McBride 3 hours ago

    They are .... um ... hot

  • Jamal
    Jamal 3 hours ago

    Kevin would've definitely shared with Nikki if this wasn't being recorded

  • Taelor Watson
    Taelor Watson 3 hours ago

    This Terry guy could use a workout. Is the other black man a gymnast, he certainly is small enough.

  • wallacesteelersws
    wallacesteelersws 3 hours ago

    Get you some!

  • Ana Adorno
    Ana Adorno 3 hours ago

    Omg, I love this Series... I laughed all morning! Luv it KEvin

  • Cera Ridley
    Cera Ridley 3 hours ago

    I am crying laughing omg... Kevin said he ain't want no problems bruh 😂😂😂

  • Jeniffer Lopez
    Jeniffer Lopez 3 hours ago

    Jennifer is the biggest angel from the hollywood business

  • Crazy laughter
    Crazy laughter 3 hours ago

    This was a black animation until the incorporation of homosexuality. Shame on you... Fire for you!!!

  • G Q
    G Q 3 hours ago

    No one: Brie: I’m a mom

  • Adrien Gadson
    Adrien Gadson 3 hours ago

    This was real fun and they were getting down and dirty working. Jennifer A class and a favorite.

  • Cupcake Icecream
    Cupcake Icecream 3 hours ago


  • DumDumDev
    DumDumDev 3 hours ago

    I hate when white people when talking to black people feel the need to take on there accent and slang. It is so cringe-worthy.

  • alabay whitehorse
    alabay whitehorse 4 hours ago

    заголовок на русском, но ни перевода, ни субтитров, даже ни одного коментария на русском. какого хуя?

  • phlarrdboi
    phlarrdboi 4 hours ago

    i really like him!

  • Johnny Pickett
    Johnny Pickett 4 hours ago

    I like it I like it show

  • Carlos Borboa
    Carlos Borboa 4 hours ago

    Brie and nikki are so damn fine

  • Supreme Being
    Supreme Being 4 hours ago

    I just came for the comments

  • Wigbe.
    Wigbe. 4 hours ago

    This needs millions of views

  • James B. Knight
    James B. Knight 4 hours ago

    14:26 aren’t the Bellas Mexican & Italian?

  • Daniel NAM
    Daniel NAM 4 hours ago

    where’s the yellow hand?

  • kieron norman
    kieron norman 4 hours ago

    What actually happened to Nikki Bella and John Cena

  • Mangu King
    Mangu King 4 hours ago

    The witcher would be proud

  • Anthony K
    Anthony K 4 hours ago

    "My dream! Not only to be in this cold tub with you.." 👀🤔 Kevin pulls Women but is only 5'1

  • Evan Watson
    Evan Watson 4 hours ago

    Blake Griffin to OKC!!!!!!!!

  • Vodka ?
    Vodka ? 4 hours ago

    Everyone who uses OLD SPICE like this comment

  • Miguel Marshall
    Miguel Marshall 4 hours ago

    He def drop them after the interview 😂😂

  • Ryan Arnold
    Ryan Arnold 4 hours ago

    You cook right? 😆😂🤣

  • Giant Namekian Dende

    I cant believe theres no interracial shower scene at the end

  • Issac Gutierrez
    Issac Gutierrez 4 hours ago

    Hi black hand 🤣🤣

  • Edwin Borrero
    Edwin Borrero 5 hours ago

    He is little as hell

  • Hailyang Hage
    Hailyang Hage 5 hours ago

    Dunkin in pink shorts don't make you tough 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • PrincessLadyMsTia
    PrincessLadyMsTia 5 hours ago

    Conan tooooooo funny. Yes beer pancakes pie yes man all a mistake

  • SydMint
    SydMint 5 hours ago

    Its nice that Ron took his kid out to the park :) 😂😂😂

  • Gennie Deckssar
    Gennie Deckssar 5 hours ago

    Who else is here after Bella twins cold bath tub conversation ?

  • Tiffany Hill
    Tiffany Hill 5 hours ago


  • Daniel12

    I’m sorry Kev but those headphones look as big as the ones people wear on Helicopters cuz you’re so small.

  • Bushido Cobra
    Bushido Cobra 5 hours ago

    They out here trying to get Kev caught up 😂

  • Tru Finesse
    Tru Finesse 5 hours ago

    Skinny as hell

  • Alistar Mangwanya
    Alistar Mangwanya 5 hours ago

    Get the gun🤣🤣

  • bigguwop 21
    bigguwop 21 6 hours ago

    Bam-Bam is the 🐐

  • jerry jjs
    jerry jjs 6 hours ago

    I wont allow hollywood to sexualise kevin he will always be my shorty comedian......

  • Kaotik_ Boom
    Kaotik_ Boom 6 hours ago

    First time ive ever seen an african american in the water. Last time i saw one was of him drowning in his mates backyard pool

  • Annette Perez
    Annette Perez 6 hours ago

    Why they made this video is stupid all of they😞😞

  • Alistar Mangwanya
    Alistar Mangwanya 6 hours ago

    This was so funny🤣🤣

  • Sam707BFBC
    Sam707BFBC 6 hours ago

    Moral of the story. Be nice to your driver. You never know who they may Really be. Lol

  • Maganda Jim
    Maganda Jim 6 hours ago

    Song title at the start of the vid?

  • Sam707BFBC
    Sam707BFBC 6 hours ago

    Of course he said Teddy P. Another philly legend lol

  • Rose
    Rose 6 hours ago

    I'm genuinely wheezing over the fact that I would be the 690th dislike if I didn't like this golden comedy lmao

  • RS RS
    RS RS 6 hours ago

    Get stone cold on here Kev

  • Kaotik_ Boom
    Kaotik_ Boom 6 hours ago

    Someone email the official kevin and james or however it works and tell them to do one with jimmy fallon and dwayne the rock johnson next time

  • Thando xo
    Thando xo 6 hours ago

    i wish i had a dad

  • Vlasnik Čevapdžinice iz Klagenfurt

    Maybe that aint real ice

  • Mc Gamer Plays
    Mc Gamer Plays 7 hours ago

    He was funny

  • thatonedude
    thatonedude 7 hours ago

    This man Denis Rodman witb the slang '' dri king like a fish, she was about your height 5 foot nothing

  • Hooper Boss
    Hooper Boss 7 hours ago

    I got hard.

  • William Sinisterra
    William Sinisterra 7 hours ago

    Oh no Becky oh no

  • Denzel Igiehon
    Denzel Igiehon 7 hours ago

    Get Dwayne Johnson

  • Apple Bros.
    Apple Bros. 7 hours ago

    1 second of pp hard noice 10:08

  • السمراء الفاتنه

    Nikki I love you a lot when you go back to wrestling a beautiful challenge

  • Bratavius
    Bratavius 7 hours ago

    By far the best one next to Lamar Odom and Floyd Mayweather

  • Daevon Byrdie
    Daevon Byrdie 8 hours ago


  • Choppaaah
    Choppaaah 8 hours ago

    I only watched this for 2 reasons... well, 4 technically... Lol jk sorry