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  • Jaime Jackson
    Jaime Jackson 2 years ago

    Kievn is cute but really funny on ride along😂😂😂 and I am a huge huge fan

  • Michael Thomsen
    Michael Thomsen 2 years ago

    I'll see you at the top one day Kevin! I'm gonna be bigger then you!

  • Stephen Edmond Jr
    Stephen Edmond Jr 2 years ago

    Your channel is great. Keep it up! Have you seen my channel yet to watch some of my videos? I love R&B/Jazz/Soul music and I'm working to bring back the sound we're missing today. Let me know what you think!

  • SharonBernath
    SharonBernath 2 years ago

    Happy Birthday Kevin! I hope you have a wonderful day & a wonderful year? 😊👍😃🎂

  • Chrissy Collins
    Chrissy Collins 2 years ago

    Happy Birthday Kevin Hart

  • Sally Bosque
    Sally Bosque 2 years ago

    Hi Kevin, I am such a huge fan and am feeling very sad right now and just thought of you and watched some of the many comedy acts (again and again) to hopefully make me smile. I know you are super busy but I would really appreciate it if you would Please read my story about my beloved boxer Zen.. at the link: Thank you Kevin! Also anyone else who would like to hear about Zen, please read and share the link as well. Thanks y'all

  • TKR2015
    TKR2015 2 years ago

    Wow, You are very good. We Loved this, Excellent work.

  • João Charles
    João Charles 2 years ago

    I may be the first subscriber from Mozambique (Yes its a country name and now You know)... Huge fan...

    • zac
      zac 2 years ago

      You're not Kevin Hart, and if you were him what's your height then??

    • João Charles
      João Charles 2 years ago

      Your're the best...

  • YouGotIssues
    YouGotIssues 2 years ago

    We're new to your page and are huge fans! Subscribe to our page because "it's about to go down!"

  • TheSwiftyWinds
    TheSwiftyWinds 3 years ago

    Yo Kevin, When you gonna stop thru NC man?! I know NC can sell out a show!

  • Kay Tone
    Kay Tone 3 years ago

    Be who you were born to be. Rise against.

  • Mpumezo Nongalo
    Mpumezo Nongalo 3 years ago

    Kevin Hart I just heard you coming to South Africa next year in March on your tour. How true is that and how soon can we get tickets?

  • P2L Tucold
    P2L Tucold 3 years ago

    wow this amazing

  • Christopher Rogers
    Christopher Rogers 3 years ago

    I love this channel

  • Christopher Rogers
    Christopher Rogers 3 years ago

    Your awesome#number1fan

  • Jr Motion
    Jr Motion 3 years ago

    Just Subscribed !! Check out my channel and SUB for Indie ATL rap music videos, thanks for the support!

  • whatzit tooya
    whatzit tooya 3 years ago


  • Toni Lynette Cristy
    Toni Lynette Cristy 3 years ago

    You're channel is set up so nice. i wish you would write a book on how to dominate social media

  • Lauris Beinerts
    Lauris Beinerts 3 years ago

    Thanks for the (mutual) subscribe, keep on hustling! #HartHustle

  • Clifford Owusu
    Clifford Owusu 3 years ago

    You inspire me with your talent and work ethics. May God continue to bless you with more success.

    MYIESHA CHARLES 4 years ago

    this nigga is fuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    JO INDIEN 4 years ago

    tu viens quand en france kevin tu es trop fort mort de rire

  • Michael Cornell
    Michael Cornell 4 years ago

    Dude you need to put the plastic boyz on more. You guys are a great team. Make more behind the scenes stuff.

  • TheNewVocal
    TheNewVocal 4 years ago

    Sending my Greetings from SG! Have a great day!

  • Shirley Dash
    Shirley Dash 4 years ago

    Hi Kevin my son was watching Chocolate Droppa and my grand son Mahki (5yrs) has this message for Chocolate ...we love you Kevin...continue to be bless...represent Philly to the up most!

  • martha garcia
    martha garcia 4 years ago

    kevin hart is the funniest man alive!!!!

  • Mellisa May
    Mellisa May 4 years ago

    Just heard your interview on SiriusXM and I adore you as a comedian and businessman. Saw you live in Carolina and cried laughing. I'm gonna have to get a fire machine. :)

  • Dylan Shipsey
    Dylan Shipsey 4 years ago

    Mr Hart, Been stalking and following your videos/stand up for some time now. Honestly, the best comedian ever, i think i have watched all your videos 6 times over! Unfortunately never been able to seen your head in real life (lol) because im living down under in Australia, Sydney. Please Tour to Sydney on the asap! IM out Dylan AKA Dlad AKA D-supreme AKA D-stroy AKA D-Fresh

  • CuriousTroll
    CuriousTroll 4 years ago

    I was walking home one day and i met a local comedian.I told him that i could give him some material for his next show and he agreed.So i said, "I don't talk like the usual Indans,this is because I'm not just indian,I'm Third generation ". The dude burst out in laughter and said that he's definitely going to use that! I replied ' I didn't tell the joke yet ." talk about awkward -_-

  • Rodvillechannell
    Rodvillechannell 4 years ago

    My bac on the camera angle, it's all love for your work. Keep up the great work.

  • slimchelle
    slimchelle 4 years ago

    new subbie here

  • The Shantel Heart Spreaker Podcast Radio Live

    your amazing just amazing do a special reel on this shoutouts

  • Natalie Brown
    Natalie Brown 5 years ago

    Hey Kevin....Where has Chocolate Droppa been, we miss him!!! Real Rap Raw!!!!!

  • Kisso96
    Kisso96 5 years ago

    Dante Jr. suited you perfectly. Hilarious movie man, loving the stand up and community work too, keep up the good work!!!

  • Poncho Hoosier
    Poncho Hoosier 5 years ago

    Just subscribed, but loved your stand up since the first one I saw. Keep doing it man. Much Love from Fort Wayne, Indiana.

  • Warren Whyte
    Warren Whyte 5 years ago

    Dude...Ride Along had my stomach hurting. Funnier than expected and I had high hopes. Keep up the good work. You and Cube should roll with this make it a new Rush Hour or something.

  • leesha lehr
    leesha lehr 5 years ago

    you need to put up some more videos CHOCOLATE DROPPA!! ♥♥ youre too funny

    • Alezey574
      Alezey574 4 years ago

      Agreed, and not only Droppa videos, but anything from Heartbeat. Camooon Kev!

  • Pedro Pereira
    Pedro Pereira 5 years ago

    anybody knows the name of the starting song in real husbands season 2 episode 1? tried everything and can't find it. thanks

  • youngzay95
    youngzay95 5 years ago

    Say with your Chest EP 2??? where it at man???

  • Roderick MasterDrummer Owens

    Mr. Hart, I think you should do a progressive commercial with Flo. Most of the commercials are hilarious, I think you would add another level of funny to the commercial. Just a thought... Stay blessed and humble, brother..

  • Chris Finizio
    Chris Finizio 5 years ago

    kevin make some beats u alrdy got stees enough just need to get that money on the court with a above average beat maker and Wablamo hoodstunnahs banger triphop beats

  • Chris Finizio
    Chris Finizio 5 years ago

    man i thought this was kevin hart produce some sick rap beats, but this shit is some wussy bitchmade bullshit

  • deray2g
    deray2g 5 years ago

    Bench Press Chest Work CHICKEN NUGGETS T Pain VS Chocolate drop youtube

  • deray2g
    deray2g 5 years ago


  • Gin Chavez
    Gin Chavez 5 years ago

    Kevin, your unique,and real love that bout you thanks for all the laughs just one of your many fans

  • VJ The Pilot in Command

    Big fan Kevin! Im an Black Corporate Pilot out of Van Nuys if you ever need charter services or a your own pilot services. VJaviation

  • mr boaw tv
    mr boaw tv 5 years ago

    Hot Channel

  • AmazingK00
    AmazingK00 5 years ago


  • AmazingK00
    AmazingK00 5 years ago

    yo Kev how bout u come to b

  • cloo1977
    cloo1977 5 years ago

    I seen your show yesterday, (let me explain) im a big fan of your work but that last production you made, i was really disappointed. watching the show and browsing through youtube under kevin hart would be the same thing. Alot of repeated materials and stuff we heard before.

  • William Scott
    William Scott 5 years ago

    Kevin hart: It's a deerbra!

  • Jake Harris
    Jake Harris 5 years ago

    Sub back?

  • Jake Harris
    Jake Harris 5 years ago

    Yo what up kev yo let me explain was funny as hell

  • DannyAwkwardBear
    DannyAwkwardBear 5 years ago

    need some awkward comedy? well I catch people in public in awkward situations and catch their reactions on camera! Everything is Candid! take a laugh and embrace the awkwardness! O_o DANNYAWKWARDBEAR

  • radillion
    radillion 5 years ago

    Kev you my role model, you're the funniest dude on the planet.

  • Chance
    Chance 5 years ago


  • Paris Haynes
    Paris Haynes 5 years ago

    SUB BACK? :)

  • Emmanuel Mensah
    Emmanuel Mensah 5 years ago

    when is there gonna be a pcb boys vs neyo basketball game or football

  • Mister_0ptimistic
    Mister_0ptimistic 5 years ago

    I think I speak for all the Black men in America. We love you man and support you but DON'T EVER, EVER AGAIN PUT ON A DRESS. That's NOT what's up. You can be funny without the damn dress, it wasn't needed.

  • Ronald Barnes
    Ronald Barnes 5 years ago

    incredibly funny!! comedic gold i applaud you hands up!! wrist down!!

  • Deon Polk
    Deon Polk 5 years ago

    And you are a mitch #mitch

  • Deon Polk
    Deon Polk 5 years ago

    kevin hart you are hilarious turn up i love all your comedy show turn up you are crazy as hell turn up and you were funny at the bet awards turn up p.s. does calvin still beat you up???. #TURNUPPPPPPPPP

  • Jarrett Hayes
    Jarrett Hayes 5 years ago

    Kevin. "Let Me Explain," was EXACTLY what I needed. Thank you SO MUCH for the years of healing laughter at the expense of your life. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! May God continue to bless you richly!

  • Regina Pippins
    Regina Pippins 5 years ago

    OMG! Let Me Explain is the best off all times in comedy. I'm in love with you and didn't know it... Congrats Kevin... I'm a new fan... Houston, TX.

  • jcastr1818
    jcastr1818 5 years ago

    Just saw Let Me Explain and everybody has got to go see this!!!!!! So funny, I can't even explain it, u got to go see it! We were crying in the movies from laughing so hard. Love what you do. Can't wait to see what's in store next! <3!

  • mike boogie
    mike boogie 5 years ago

    happy birthday lil nigga

  • EvraTheReal
    EvraTheReal 5 years ago

    D-2 : Let me explain !

  • Joe Henderson
    Joe Henderson 5 years ago

    As a fellow small statured comic, I have great appreciation for you and the confidence to both make height funny and irrelevant. You are definitely one of the funniest comics alive today. I am curious Kevin, if you were to pick your top 4 comedians you'd like to sit and eat dinner with, who do you go with? Who makes you laugh?

    HYENA FILMZ. 5 years ago

    sycko mn/50 TYSON DISS check me out lmao...###NeW wOrLd###

  • Adam Khoury
    Adam Khoury 5 years ago

    You should be much more popular here... too bad people are fucking gay on TheXvid. Rock on!

  • GDV Daily
    GDV Daily 5 years ago

    Hey, Keep Up The Good Work On Those Videos. You're On Our Way.

  • RDGRoyalty
    RDGRoyalty 5 years ago

    I agree, we need another Chocolate Drop vid! C'mon Kevin!!!

  • Ralph P.-L.
    Ralph P.-L. 5 years ago

    Need a new Chocolate Drop freestyle

  • MacMotion
    MacMotion 5 years ago

    Peace From Your Hip Hop Brothers In Queens NYC!!!! Turn Up!!!!

  • kathy ulloa
    kathy ulloa 5 years ago

    Kevin!! I need more videos to watch. You seriously make my day lol :) post more!!

  • S1MG- dev
    S1MG- dev 5 years ago

    check out my music

  • GDV Daily
    GDV Daily 5 years ago

    Nice channel. Great content. Keep up the good work

  • Milwaukee6host
    Milwaukee6host 5 years ago


  • John Kelley
    John Kelley 5 years ago

    wassup on a Chocolate Drop freestyle

  • Rickey Terrell
    Rickey Terrell 5 years ago

    DROPPA!!!!! BARS!!!! 17 off the cuff!!! Mixtape coming soon!!! hahaha I Love this guy dude.

  • withyou78
    withyou78 5 years ago

    yes sir

  • Kamisha Mills
    Kamisha Mills 5 years ago


  • FatmanDD1
    FatmanDD1 5 years ago

    sorry but why the fuck dose Kevin Hart have or need a Youtbue someone tell me why

  • Armando Vega
    Armando Vega 6 years ago

    Yo, we need more Chocolate Drop!!!! ASAP!!!

  • PhilJacksonResume
    PhilJacksonResume 6 years ago

    SLS Cray Cray

  • Dex
    Dex 6 years ago

    ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGGHT watched the new upload before it was private

  • Tyra Lewis
    Tyra Lewis 6 years ago

    Aww I hope you post more funny videos through your busy schedule :D

  • Jasiah Keyz
    Jasiah Keyz 6 years ago


  • Jasiah Keyz
    Jasiah Keyz 6 years ago how about that Block Party something huh? fuck it check me out!

  • Jasiah Keyz
    Jasiah Keyz 6 years ago

    wait wait wait im not stalking you i promise nvm i cant even explain i prolly sound gay and weird im not!

  • Jasiah Keyz
    Jasiah Keyz 6 years ago

    CHECK ME OUT ILL BE HERE EVERYDAY UNTILL YOU WATCH MY VIDEO #DETERMINED <=== Do you put that if im kinda stalking you?

  • Jasiah Keyz
    Jasiah Keyz 6 years ago


  • Jasiah Keyz
    Jasiah Keyz 6 years ago


  • Jasiah Keyz
    Jasiah Keyz 6 years ago


  • Jasiah Keyz
    Jasiah Keyz 6 years ago


  • Jasiah Keyz
    Jasiah Keyz 6 years ago


  • Tristen henry
    Tristen henry 6 years ago

    you gon' learn 2day

  • White Wolf
    White Wolf 6 years ago

    "Tomorrow's Talent -- Today!" ( Follow Us On Twitter @WhiteWolfLIVE )

  • bobwayne100
    bobwayne100 6 years ago

    Kevin we cant watch ur shit on USA what the hellllllllllll man.

  • shaxin80
    shaxin80 6 years ago

    WTF, TheXvid blocking shyt again.

  • dbp1991
    dbp1991 6 years ago

    they blocked you black party video homie :/

  • Khalief Williams
    Khalief Williams 6 years ago


  • TechNubian1
    TechNubian1 6 years ago

    Space Negroes II, Coming Soon

  • TechNubian1
    TechNubian1 6 years ago

    Space Negroes II, Coming Soon.

  • zach dickins
    zach dickins 6 years ago

    this is bad :l

  • Louie V.D
    Louie V.D 6 years ago

    Just got games new album Jesus peace love the album and love how you preach on one of the songs. KEV keep killin em ... Softly

  • Khori Lewis
    Khori Lewis 6 years ago

    I freakin love you!!!!!!

  • Latisha Pinto
    Latisha Pinto 6 years ago


  • lemar24
    lemar24 6 years ago

    I saw your PCB basketball play the snap back tattoo boys and you are hilarious! If you guys want a real challenge you should come play my crew. I can only put $100 on the table because i have a checking and a savings and all the money is in my savings.

  • Ivar Nuijts
    Ivar Nuijts 6 years ago

    chocolate droppa

  • kim Jackson
    kim Jackson 6 years ago

    Hello Kevin.. Cool channel.. your awesome

  • silvestre gomez
    silvestre gomez 6 years ago

    hey kevien love what you do you should hit me up your awsome you always make me laugh b cuz of you makes me want to do better as in math major or maybe comedy

  • Unapologetic Lynda
    Unapologetic Lynda 6 years ago

    Can't wait till you come to Minneapolis!!!! Turn It all the way up :) Love ya

  • sherwincaballes tangina

    why you dont have new upload videos ?

  • The Deliberate Musician

    great videos, you are so funny!!!

  • BigDigga0
    BigDigga0 6 years ago

    had to sub your crazy check me out when you got a sec

  • Ellie Tho
    Ellie Tho 6 years ago

    I love KevinBeatProductions's I don't know what he is doing now...we need more videos! Harry cracks me up

  • W.A.R P Reblaze
    W.A.R P Reblaze 6 years ago

    what up what up... come check out our flow...

  • MiniWheatsnb
    MiniWheatsnb 6 years ago

    Waiting on a Chocolate Droppa "Representin" remix. Just saying, you gotta make that happen.

  • itsyurb0ylayy4
    itsyurb0ylayy4 6 years ago

    Check me out Kevin I love yur videos

  • DTG Tai lamar
    DTG Tai lamar 6 years ago

    Bigg ups kev i been a fam since u were just a lil nigga on comdey central standup, look where ur at now,god bless u

  • Utilidades PC
    Utilidades PC 6 years ago

    hello you BentPixels partner! me too! = D

  • Tyreef Bennett
    Tyreef Bennett 6 years ago

    Need more Video Fam

  • MrLegalHustler
    MrLegalHustler 6 years ago

    When that nigga started to sing 4real at the end. I almost fell out.!!!! Ctfu

  • dequon corbitt
    dequon corbitt 6 years ago

    How can i get on da hart team? Im funny but need a little more help with stand up comedy.

  • Pinane Hill
    Pinane Hill 6 years ago

    where is the video with pacers?

  • edorado8909
    edorado8909 6 years ago

    grreat channel stop by my channel too and let me know what you think

  • isaiah woodard
    isaiah woodard 6 years ago

    Yo put some more videos up man becasue yo Videos be funny as fuck.

  • Fruztr8t1
    Fruztr8t1 6 years ago

    What up Kevin. I have some hip hop funk. Check out my new rap video called Rapp Stylz. Type in Fruztr8t and you will watch two videos. Your support will help.Keep crackin us up

  • Aretha Fortes
    Aretha Fortes 6 years ago

    Love you Kevin Hart you are awsome <3

  • Sinjin Price
    Sinjin Price 6 years ago

    make more viideos dammit

  • Jude Jurlano
    Jude Jurlano 6 years ago


  • Marlon French
    Marlon French 6 years ago

    Love Kevin and the Plastic Cup Boyz!! Buy or Rent Think Like a Man!! Great movie from start, middle and end!

  • Buddha Black
    Buddha Black 6 years ago

    kevin ur just a jeaneus yea i had t ospell it like that keep dion wat u doin

  • Collin Cypher
    Collin Cypher 6 years ago


  • joel kayes
    joel kayes 6 years ago


  • IntertheCudi
    IntertheCudi 6 years ago

    dude blog more vedios -.-

  • Vankai
    Vankai 6 years ago

    Hi! wondering if you could help me. What is your intro song for the All star Game (Shaq's)... been looking all over for it!! also the song played at 2:25 (Kevin Hart Presents - Weekend Pass(Tampa Edition) ) any help would be really appreciated.. Huge fan. Keep up the great work!!!!

  • Mike Jerry
    Mike Jerry 6 years ago

    This channel is funny.

  • Jamari Butler
    Jamari Butler 6 years ago

    @HustleDOTcom follow me hit me up man please i live in orlando florida

  • Jamari Butler
    Jamari Butler 6 years ago

    But kevin man ill kill to work with you ill be your personal underwear cleaner lmao

  • Jamari Butler
    Jamari Butler 6 years ago

    First off Fuck the guy below me your doing great lmao

  • Sharka M Sannoh
    Sharka M Sannoh 6 years ago

    K. Hart start putting in more vids, I know your a busy man, but your fans have been waiting for quite sometime

  • sergio jimenez
    sergio jimenez 6 years ago

    where is ur new videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GDV Daily
    GDV Daily 6 years ago

    HartBeatProductions You Have A Great Video. Thanks for keep us entertained

  • kalleb
    kalleb 6 years ago

    hey whats up i was jus coming by to tell you that i just added a new video on my page n was wondering if u could check it out plz

  • BrainBodyBooty
    BrainBodyBooty 6 years ago

    I am ready for a new video :) ...a day in the life of K Hart

  • Richard Riccardi
    Richard Riccardi 6 years ago

    definately need more chocolate drop videos. those videos have me in tears every time i watch them

  • Shaina Lioness
    Shaina Lioness 6 years ago

    Stay Blessed with Yo Black Ass! Much Love....

  • CJ
    CJ 6 years ago

    Much Love and Major respect Kev!! Stay Blessed and Don't Stop!!! It will be a major blessing to work with you one day!! :-)

  • drock9314
    drock9314 6 years ago

    i want to be a comedian and i feel like im are my idol dis is why im askin you for some advice how do i get started? i already worked on some jokes and wrote them down now how to i start my stand up?

  • J Wal
    J Wal 6 years ago

    i loved think like a man my favorite movie in yrs

  • Dottie Roberts
    Dottie Roberts 6 years ago

    I think Kev is so cool..

  • Zac Wojcik
    Zac Wojcik 6 years ago

    Kevin, I just went and saw Think Like a Man, and I got to say. You delivered. They werent charging an entrance fee so I left a $20 on the ground and pointed up so maybe you would know where to find. Anyway, its in a theatre in Columbia, SC if you crash it you may find it. Thanks for the laughs. Ill be waiting for the DVD. I promise that, if it doesnt I will pop the trunk on someones ass.

  • SoulXAcche8514
    SoulXAcche8514 6 years ago

    do a rap battle with super hot fire

  • AVbyte
    AVbyte 6 years ago

    HartBeatProductions! Stumbled by your channel just now! Hope you have a wonderful rest of the day!

  • rghmslf
    rghmslf 6 years ago

    I need a new video!

  • ELOH
    ELOH 6 years ago

    yo kev. AKA Chocolate Drop you should battle the infamous DeshawnRaw AKA SupaHotFire. He already battle chris rock AKA TremendousRepeat and won.

  • Keia Bo Bia
    Keia Bo Bia 6 years ago

    Lol Can't wait to see Think like a man "Ms.Loretta, Im ready for the rest of the tooour!!!!!" Hilarious

  • guanaco mofo
    guanaco mofo 6 years ago

    Oh man i just saw the translate this clips LOL im going to go see that movie !!

  • Uso Moni
    Uso Moni 6 years ago


  • Whylia Thornton
    Whylia Thornton 6 years ago

    chocolate drop i just gotta say i love this guy and if i ever meet hiim watch out.. we the same height

  • Bruh Bruhh
    Bruh Bruhh 6 years ago

    shout out to kev!!!!

  • Bruh Bruhh
    Bruh Bruhh 6 years ago

    ur the FUNNIEST GUY EVER!!!!!!

  • BrainBodyBooty
    BrainBodyBooty 6 years ago

    I just want to meet him one day and laugh!!! !When are you coming to Nashville K Hart?

  • Jay-Chay Bonner
    Jay-Chay Bonner 6 years ago

    "Nigga fuck yo crew"...bwahahaha! "Say somethin else , Imma count to three...1,2,3" ..this made my morning!

  • Takisha Yough
    Takisha Yough 6 years ago


  • CheckOutMyMelodies
    CheckOutMyMelodies 6 years ago

    WHAT THE F......CK!!!1 LOL

    BEEUTEE3 6 years ago

    I knew Chocolate droppa was gon get em! LMMFAO

  • Everlasting Passions

    i wanna hang wit yall, id be the one one the floor rolllin......lmmfas yall silly

  • Thomanique Welch
    Thomanique Welch 6 years ago

    lmfao chocolate drop went sick

  • Jermisdopee
    Jermisdopee 6 years ago

    you and deshawn raw should do a rap battle supa hot vs chocolate droppa ultimate battle

  • Ritchy Alexis
    Ritchy Alexis 6 years ago

    hey wudup, if you dont mind, i'd like you to subscribe to my page..

  • Supasizeke
    Supasizeke 6 years ago

    you gone learn today!!!!

  • attydc
    attydc 6 years ago

    post a new video...its been a while

  • Sharka M Sannoh
    Sharka M Sannoh 6 years ago

    Ur my favorite comedian

  • claudia Nonya
    claudia Nonya 6 years ago

    why havent u been on kevin? i miss u makin me laugh til my face hurt. lol!

  • Angelika Franklin
    Angelika Franklin 6 years ago

    you are the funnest man alive i give you your props you the man you the man

  • cidipidi
    cidipidi 6 years ago

    I love your sense of humor, love your shows, great job! please support this movement STOP KONY, make him famous

  • jbcaparaz
    jbcaparaz 6 years ago

    Hey Kevin would you mind help spread the word about KONY 2012. You can look him up on youtube

  • Samer Al
    Samer Al 6 years ago

    YO MAN PLEASE MAKE KONY 2012 happen! I will, do the same! Just watch /watch?v=Y4MnpzG5Sqc

  • robbbyyy25
    robbbyyy25 6 years ago

    hey kevin, i have recently tickets to 4 stand up comics, and when i looked for urs, YOU WERE NOT IN MY AREA!!! how do u not do a show in NEW YORK CITYY!!?? madison square??radio city??anywhere in new york cirty.... now im going to miss your new show, eventho i went to ur last two shows, idk what to do, *SIGH*

  • Tu y Yo
    Tu y Yo 6 years ago

    You are sooo hiliarious! :) You always make me laugh.

  • MrGramz09
    MrGramz09 6 years ago

    chocolate dropper not a show stopper he a politician set a match a blaze and toss it at ya feet for thinkin you had a chance in hell's kitchen.... #nice no fabo

  • Leo Gabonia
    Leo Gabonia 6 years ago

    I would love to work with you. I am a Filipino brotha from another mutha who have great potential to be one of the greatest film producers, writer's, director's, and may be even acting. Let me tell you of some concept, just hit me up with your email if you're interested. Thanks God Bless. Leo G.

  • Authentic4LifeMusic
    Authentic4LifeMusic 6 years ago

    Hey HartBeatProductions , New music from authentic4lifemusic this week so stay tuned Thanks authentic4lifemusic

  • BrandonDBlack
    BrandonDBlack 7 years ago

    uma HUGE kevin hart fan i was on AMERICAN IDOL & i made the SHIT KEVIN HART SAY parody video its HILARIOUS if you a TRUE Kevin Hart fan you will LOVE the video its on my page SOMEONE PLEASE SHOW KEVIN HART THE VIDEO "THIS IS SOME SERIOUS SHIT"-KEVIN HART VOICE :)

  • BGoodTheArtist
    BGoodTheArtist 7 years ago

    yo kev if you haven't seen this peep it out. Pineapples Remix by Chaun Lee Featuring Kevin Hart & The ReddyBoyz

  • Jabari Holcomb
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    Kevin Hart. I need you to make a parody of Super Saiyans are Real. Now. Please....

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    im embarrassed i spelled professional wrong...smh

  • Dub Zero
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    Ayee Mr.Kevin Hart, HIt up my channel --> Rico2237, I got some funny videos, I just wanted some feedback from a profesional...hmu

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