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SOUL Trailer (2020)
Views 86K8 days ago
THE GRUDGE Trailer (2020)
Views 247K18 days ago
ARCTIC DOGS Trailer (2019)
Views 76K19 days ago
ANTLERS Trailer 2 (2020)
Views 527K23 days ago
BLOODSHOT Trailer (2020)
Views 2.6M25 days ago
ONWARD Trailer 2 (2020)
Views 286KMonth ago


  • Avanish Singh
    Avanish Singh 4 hours ago

    "Seven starts with L" Patrick-2019-2020

  • Alex Hamilton
    Alex Hamilton 4 hours ago

    “tHaT iS vErY gRoSs” -sonic 2019

  • Blitz Blaze
    Blitz Blaze 4 hours ago

    What's John Wick doing in a bottom of the ocean?, He ran from assassins to bikini bottom!?.

  • Lisa Bailey oz baby
    Lisa Bailey oz baby 4 hours ago

    2019: AAAAAAAAH 2020: ah!

  • DAVIS Wilcox
    DAVIS Wilcox 4 hours ago

    Its not the same without the og graphics

  • moon owl
    moon owl 4 hours ago

    Omg my name is sage,this Halloween i want as John wick and sent him a pic

  • Evan A
    Evan A 4 hours ago

    Nobody: Man: cHrRoS

  • Paul Anderson
    Paul Anderson 4 hours ago

    I love how good a tribute and call back vibes this has to the original humor etc from Stephen

  • Nobody important
    Nobody important 4 hours ago

    2020 looks very promising for the animated movies so far!

  • allinone
    allinone 5 hours ago

    yaayyyy 😍😍😍 finally the Sonic we know from our childhood returns. 😍😍😍🥰🥰 way better than previous version 😏 .. this gonna be fun 🤗🤗🤗

  • Nostalgia Focus
    Nostalgia Focus 5 hours ago

    These animations are awful. Just animate them to look like they've always done.

  • evelinne
    evelinne 5 hours ago

    sonic went through some live action genie shit

  • Dragon king
    Dragon king 5 hours ago

    Isn't in one of episodes of the show mentioned how Spongebob got Gary?

  • Idham Muhd
    Idham Muhd 5 hours ago

    My mom will love this movie

  • zaaq tony
    zaaq tony 5 hours ago

    maggie Queen

  • Shubin Alam
    Shubin Alam 5 hours ago

    Who plays Young Spongebob?

  • Niclas W.
    Niclas W. 5 hours ago

    Sry Sonic but you can't beat Spongebob

  • tao_0001
    tao_0001 5 hours ago

    The roulette and ironing jokes were pretty good ngl

  • Colb Y
    Colb Y 5 hours ago

    This is just “have you seen this snail?” The movie.

  • ManGaStu Art
    ManGaStu Art 5 hours ago

    Of course everyone is talking about keanu reeves

  • DaPandaBoy 3098
    DaPandaBoy 3098 5 hours ago

    OMG this looks so cute i will love it BUT I CANT WAIT TO SEE THE MOVIE whyyyy why is it in 2020 in May but WHAT DAY

  • iiF4IS4L
    iiF4IS4L 5 hours ago

    2020 is the year of cartoon movies

  • Helen the Little wolfie

    He didn't check the Library

  • NCC2087
    NCC2087 5 hours ago

    Star Wars = Garbage

  • the game addict
    the game addict 5 hours ago

    Not interested huh! This might get your attention 👇 0:59

  • Darius Wtf
    Darius Wtf 5 hours ago

    Me ha salido el anuncio de Bob esponja😮

  • nighjavie _
    nighjavie _ 5 hours ago

    Keanu reeves is in this I'm watching this

  • Brahim
    Brahim 5 hours ago

    Now Joaquin Phoenix have hard opponents for the Oscars😫

  • Jetzxbro
    Jetzxbro 5 hours ago

    I feel like I’m the only one who actually likes the animation, I find it visually aesthetic

  • JQ Inc.
    JQ Inc. 5 hours ago

    Sonic movie 2019: Exit is right there Sonic movie 2020: Enter in right over there

  • green eye
    green eye 5 hours ago

    The wonder kid and the girl are from good boys and they date for a bit #goodboys

  • Korfocat
    Korfocat 5 hours ago

    patty wagon

  • Tomasplayz 21
    Tomasplayz 21 5 hours ago

    Me: Yeah, the movie is alright... *Keanu reeves shows up* Me: Hold up.

  • Veronica Crosthwaite

    This animation though.

  • DesertHeat IVU
    DesertHeat IVU 5 hours ago

    Gary come home

  • Rowan K
    Rowan K 5 hours ago

    0:22 Wait! Thats Illegal

  • Daniel Nikrasov
    Daniel Nikrasov 5 hours ago

    Spongebob: “What do you need?” Keanu as an unknown character: “Patties. Lots of patties”.

  • iLLuSSiOn
    iLLuSSiOn 5 hours ago

    Lmao, Keanu, ahahahhahahahah

  • Plant Dad
    Plant Dad 5 hours ago

    *keanu reeves shows up* ᴏʜ ᴍʏ ɢᴏᴅ ɪᴛ’s ᴊᴇsᴜs

  • An Phuc
    An Phuc 5 hours ago

    snail can said meow !? thats imposible!

  • PixelGaming With LittleZairah

    My friends committed suicide becaue3 of this

  • Cujo
    Cujo 5 hours ago

    Person: Mr Reeves, do u like the idea of tumbleweed with your head in it? Keanu: Yeah, i'm thinking about it. Person: Your hired!

  • ByNature 3
    ByNature 3 5 hours ago

    The thumbnail of this video looks like an awful fan fiction.

  • Super MuffinS
    Super MuffinS 5 hours ago

    Gary: not home SpongeBob: ah shit here we go again

  • WizardX
    WizardX 5 hours ago

    0:24 which song plz telll

    • MAD GUN
      MAD GUN 5 hours ago

      Song name gangster's paradise

  • R0k3t Racoon
    R0k3t Racoon 5 hours ago


  • Florence Tulang
    Florence Tulang 5 hours ago

    Royavl cake SPONGEY BOBBY :D

  • Yellow Flower
    Yellow Flower 5 hours ago

    I love the new one compared to the old Sonic. He looks like the cartoon, and that is a great idea on their part. 😄

  • random zanakluar
    random zanakluar 5 hours ago

    i forgot HOW bad the old one was after watching the new one...

  • Ryan628jpn
    Ryan628jpn 5 hours ago

    Keanu: Call me sage. Me, an intellectual: The entire Internet already calls you sage, or SAINT.

  • D
    D 5 hours ago

    Stephen Hillenburg is rolling in his grave

  • Hent0i_UwU
    Hent0i_UwU 5 hours ago

    They ruined spongbob Except kenu reeves

  • Paula Alzate
    Paula Alzate 5 hours ago

    The Matrix or Sponge Bob ?

  • Chili Plays
    Chili Plays 5 hours ago

    So the last generation got David Hasselhoff and we get Keanu Reeves, seems legit 👍

  • Stellar Belt
    Stellar Belt 5 hours ago

    Flashback to the episode “have you seen this snail?” When Gary goes missing

  • SkankHunt42
    SkankHunt42 5 hours ago

    what the fuck did they do to spongebob...

  • Acid Proxy
    Acid Proxy 5 hours ago

    If they don't sing "Gary come home" again, I'mma be big mad!

  • Dwayne King
    Dwayne King 5 hours ago

    why do I want to see soongebob and i'm 15

    • Goober
      Goober 5 hours ago

      Im 16 and it was my childhood so i want to see it

    • Sun Lizard
      Sun Lizard 5 hours ago

      Because spongebob is an iconic show made for families of all ages

  • cookie lover
    cookie lover 5 hours ago

    spongebob is cute if his a little kid :)))))

  • upon the PILGRIM
    upon the PILGRIM 5 hours ago

    beautiful movie! to be seen. I loved it

  • upon the PILGRIM
    upon the PILGRIM 5 hours ago

    beautiful movie! to be seen. I loved it

  • iwashungrysoi _
    iwashungrysoi _ 5 hours ago

    Nobody’s gonna just mention that spongebob and Patrick are going to a casino to find Gary.

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    I cannot wait to see more of Mr Sage because of the breathtaking Keanu Reeves

  • pizzatime
    pizzatime 5 hours ago

    gary come hoooome 🕺🏽

  • thematthatter 14
    thematthatter 14 5 hours ago

    Guys your not paying attention to this if we get to see younger spongebob will we see his parents

  • Rodin Kiran
    Rodin Kiran 5 hours ago

    So they basically took lil boom song and made it into a movie

  • WhiteLine Fever
    WhiteLine Fever 5 hours ago

    no midgets?

  • That one lonely person

    the expressions is silly, tho when keanu reeves showed up I'm totally gonna watch this.

  • Vincent Vaughan
    Vincent Vaughan 5 hours ago

    isn't Dr. Robotnik aka Dr. Eggman suppose to be bald.

  • Beth Kelly
    Beth Kelly 5 hours ago


  • Atilla Soyirgaz
    Atilla Soyirgaz 5 hours ago

    keenu xd

  • S L A V G H T E R S E A S O N

    Wtf is that Sus thumbnail

  • Mamvacer 2
    Mamvacer 2 5 hours ago

    Please sing the song just sing it

  • Rain smith
    Rain smith 5 hours ago


  • Vincent Vaughan
    Vincent Vaughan 5 hours ago

    Motley Crue on spongebob?!

  • Joey Madrigal 94
    Joey Madrigal 94 5 hours ago

    I hate sponge Bob the Movie so much a lot 😓👎🏼 it’s kind Annoying characters like ever seen

    • { Celestrial Star }
      { Celestrial Star } 4 hours ago

      You're a part of a very small minority but I'm with you as well not a fan of that sponge

    • Niclas W.
      Niclas W. 5 hours ago

      Those Annoying characters are childhood, looks like you didn't had it

    • Sun Lizard
      Sun Lizard 5 hours ago

      Hey! You can’t have an opinion!

    SH TOYS 5 hours ago


  • Agent_Smayllx Vlogs
    Agent_Smayllx Vlogs 5 hours ago

    Two great movies. Sonic and spongebob

  • XDShade
    XDShade 5 hours ago

    Um... Meow?

  • Mr. LEGO Dude
    Mr. LEGO Dude 5 hours ago

    Before Trailer #2: This Is The Work Of The Devil. After Trailer #2: Praise Jesus!!

  • Jedibob
    Jedibob 6 hours ago

    Why 3D animation though, it looks horrible

  • its_shadow the hedgehog XD

    DUDE THIS GAVE ME NIGHTMERE btw checck the new trailer of movie sonic its more cool :D than this

  • Snek gaming And stuff

    Mario live action?

  • Speak The Truth
    Speak The Truth 6 hours ago

    I can't wait for it come out😻😯😯😯

  • ImaginaryTails1
    ImaginaryTails1 6 hours ago

    my 9 year old self is proud

  • MasterGuy 111
    MasterGuy 111 6 hours ago

    Man, this parody looks disgusting

  • Miner 4 Life13
    Miner 4 Life13 6 hours ago

    1:30 wait where have i seen that fish on the left from?

  • BrushedTrout007
    BrushedTrout007 6 hours ago

    This movie is going to be breathtaking!! I’m sorry I couldn’t help it!!😂😂

  • TanKasir NonaYaspi-quille iKnowWhatYouDidLastSummer

    What's on earth...don't touch me..

  • Sadai Corral
    Sadai Corral 6 hours ago


  • Frenchie
    Frenchie 6 hours ago

    This is what I pictured Gary Come Home to be like when they originally announced it all those years ago.. *Edit* Apparently I'm not the only one. lol

  • RoyalToonz
    RoyalToonz 6 hours ago

    I like how they used gangsters paradise

  • tAtzkie boy
    tAtzkie boy 6 hours ago

    Keaunu is being mistaken for Charlie

  • Sarah P.
    Sarah P. 6 hours ago

    An entire movie about how Elsa is actually adopted from a fairy people, probably

  • gavan,s command block

    betcha kirby is next

  • Lauren Mark
    Lauren Mark 6 hours ago

    cant wait

  • Paolo Escobar
    Paolo Escobar 6 hours ago


  • Aaronatorr
    Aaronatorr 6 hours ago

    What the actual hell is that thumbnail

  • rachie lol
    rachie lol 6 hours ago

    Keanu Reeves is a hero.

  • Dora Ercegović
    Dora Ercegović 6 hours ago

    For 2 days is my birthay, i cant wait to watch ittttt,and i love that music, its so sickk