D.O. socute
D.O. socute
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  • Grace Ramos
    Grace Ramos Hour ago

    Soulful voice Angelic voice

  • Mirajoh Abo
    Mirajoh Abo 2 days ago

    Omg exo is really really good voice.. Exo exo

  • Luz Yumiko Woo
    Luz Yumiko Woo 3 days ago

    0:43 en que premiación están???

  • imloyal exokon
    imloyal exokon 6 days ago

    8:00 lay and baekhyun is funny HAHAHA

  • Arnee Attan
    Arnee Attan 6 days ago

    I stan the right group ...exo forever...❤

  • Muliawatty Watty
    Muliawatty Watty 8 days ago


  • Raz Olayvar
    Raz Olayvar 11 days ago


  • İrem loqker Sarıdağ

    Kaisoo or chanyoeolsoo which one

  • Soukaina Na
    Soukaina Na 14 days ago

    His prononciation is really good

  • yeoliswhatido
    yeoliswhatido 14 days ago

    What's the background interviewww

  • Ivy Nacional
    Ivy Nacional 14 days ago

    I really want exo to release an album that has english songs in it

  • Katylyun Dk
    Katylyun Dk 16 days ago

    Missing So Hard... Now all I can do is Waiting again the time to cure us again .. My Idols,Fd,...My Otp is always hurting me... But I found My true happiness from those Fucking pains... Sorry for my bad English..

  • EXO I love you
    EXO I love you 16 days ago


  • Joop
    Joop 16 days ago

    at 0:23 was Baekhyun about to fill in Kyungsoo's lines while he was recovering from that voice crack? 🥺🥺 Even if they intentionally sang flat they still sounded good 🥰

  • Citra
    Citra 16 days ago

    Kalian bayi bayiku keren bgt pengen nangis 😭

  • Regina Delos Reyes
    Regina Delos Reyes 17 days ago

    Shocks can they have some English songs in their comeback album. But DO’s still enlisted, maybe after his enlistment. Miss this guy!!

  • Meroz Reyes
    Meroz Reyes 17 days ago

    D.O short guy with the biggest talent ever😍 he sings very well i love his voice i love his look i love him😁😍

  • EXO I love you
    EXO I love you 18 days ago


  • EXO I love you
    EXO I love you 18 days ago


  • Angelie
    Angelie 20 days ago

    I can't help but notice Kris as well. He's amazing!

  • Latonia West
    Latonia West 20 days ago

    0:50 sehun in the back ground with his rainbow hair

  • May Zune Latt
    May Zune Latt 21 day ago

    What's the song name?

  • K Soo
    K Soo 23 days ago

    Just come back here again because i miss kyungsoo so much😭

  • amor
    amor 23 days ago

    Listnin @2019 stilll the best vocals i ever heard. The versatility and quality.. Exo-l 4yrs and counting.

  • ybon oh
    ybon oh 27 days ago

    i miss u so much kyungja 🥺💖

  • liesl williams
    liesl williams 28 days ago

    DO's vocals in English are awesome

  • Angie Cabrera
    Angie Cabrera 28 days ago

    Y’all his English is so freaking good 😫😍

  • Best_lider_Suho
    Best_lider_Suho 29 days ago

    Aquí, escuchando viejos cover de mi Kyungsoo porque lo extraño demasiado. 😢💕

  • Khadeejah AlFatih
    Khadeejah AlFatih 29 days ago

    i stan with EXo because Acting DO, voice DO, skill cooking DO, because Visual DO, because skill dance DO, because everything about DO. He is multitalend

  • Gloma PizaCamps
    Gloma PizaCamps 29 days ago


  • yolanda dhea
    yolanda dhea Month ago

    18:16 song ?

  • Noel Regin Alvarez

    ChanSoo compliments each other.

  • Naomi channel
    Naomi channel Month ago

    I like do do is my. Life hehe

  • andrea oh
    andrea oh Month ago

    i miss his voice

  • Ba Julz
    Ba Julz Month ago

    EXO has the great vocalists in Kpop 👏👏👏

  • Lea uwu
    Lea uwu Month ago


  • eragonsaphira inheritence

    My love, my baby boy... My happy place..

  • eragonsaphira inheritence

    My ULTIMATE BIAS in this whole universe....

  • Mors Voluntaria
    Mors Voluntaria Month ago

    I love them so much how they took good care each other...Proud exols

  • dixie Park
    dixie Park Month ago

    Kyungsoo your voice 😭😭😭😍😍♥️❣🔥🥰😘❤

  • Joeshop Rattan Furniture

    I'm new army of some kpop group.. And exo is the first group I've ever love.. And it's because of kyungsoo my life.. I hardly identified korean faces cause they all have same faces.. But seeing kyungsoo makes me feel easy to identified korean faces now.. He has a unique version of his face that i guess no one could ever have.. Love you kyungsoo i like your everything 😍😍😍😘😚

  • Cherry Hope Gonzaga

    Missing you ♥ ♥

  • Patricia Namoro
    Patricia Namoro Month ago

    I am currently watching him this 2019 because of the movie 100 days my prince because I seen him before and yeah it was EXO and I never knew that he is this talented.😍

  • Ankita Banerjee
    Ankita Banerjee Month ago

    @17.54 is Sehun crying?? Anyone

  • Bam Bam
    Bam Bam Month ago

    I miss him so fucking much

  • Juvilyn Centino
    Juvilyn Centino Month ago

    Baekhyun and Lay so funny 😂😂😂

  • Cherry Hope Gonzaga

    no accent when he sings english songs.

  • Cherry Hope Gonzaga

    he's better in english songs than korean.

  • Marguerite Aurellano

    I think sehun is really enjoying the song 17:38😂😂

  • Denam Jamoh
    Denam Jamoh Month ago

    D.o cutest boy frm exo

  • Sweet Maureen
    Sweet Maureen Month ago

    I am fangirling. D.O Now that kyung soo is in military. I am missing him so much. By the time He is out 2021. I'm already married to my fiancee. My heart is so sad. Oppa D.O please be safe and come back soon.

  • Sweet Maureen
    Sweet Maureen Month ago

    I don't like kpop idols at all. Until D.O sings and his accent so good. My heart just fell for this group. 😍🤗

  • Ct Do
    Ct Do Month ago

    Before this i dont really follow this ship, i just think it's just a ship, like other ship..but after jan 19, i start to feel they are something, i start to dig their history from debut until now, after i'm doing some research bout them, all i can say is i believe they r real..u can say otherwise, they r just ship, they r just bro, well it's up to u..i'm proudly saying i'm their supporter..

  • Linh Nguyễn
    Linh Nguyễn Month ago

    what is song ?

  • Efi Murdi
    Efi Murdi Month ago

    liat tahun 2019 jadi sad 😢

  • Naya Park
    Naya Park Month ago

    I miss u soo bad🐧❤😭😭

  • Nigst Getahun
    Nigst Getahun Month ago

    I really want to appreciate ur work the song was great,the video was fantastic I think it's the best👍💯😃

  • Nigst Getahun
    Nigst Getahun Month ago

    I don't know about u guys but I need kyungsoo mini or solo album I don't care I just need to hear this person voice after his military enlistment ends. What about u guys ?????

  • Suho's credit card

    Anyone notice he said " *boy* I'm trying" in nothing on you instead of girl.

  • Clara Wolff
    Clara Wolff 2 months ago

    why is sehun crying in the end ?

  • Yasyifaa Kalyca R
    Yasyifaa Kalyca R 2 months ago

    0:36 full please?

  • Jessa Mondero
    Jessa Mondero 2 months ago

    Kyungsoo marathon. College is so stressful, whenever I watch vids of him I'm uplifted with enthusiasm and his cuteness is so hahahaha😍😊

  • Xie Kyut
    Xie Kyut 2 months ago

    I'm selling 00:00 00:00 00:00 00:00 00:00 00:00 00:00 00:00 00:00 00:00 00:00 00:00 00:00 00:00 00:00 00:00 00:00 00:00 00:00 00:00 00:00 00:00 00:00 00:00 00:00 00:00 00:00 00:00 00:00 00:00 00:00 00:00

    • Xie Kyut
      Xie Kyut 2 months ago

      It's 2019 but I'm still listening to this.

  • Dolly justasthat
    Dolly justasthat 2 months ago

    The voice..my gosh. Why are these guys so perfect

  • fiyya musthopa jenata
    fiyya musthopa jenata 2 months ago

    14:09 ya ampuuuuuun meleleh aku tuuuuuuu

  • Sicily Nungate
    Sicily Nungate 2 months ago

    His voice...😍😍😍 I guess DO voice suit every language 😍😍😍

  • Cielo Briceño
    Cielo Briceño 2 months ago

    9:51 hasta ese pequeño no sé, ni está cantando, pero ESO sonó mejor que toda la carrera de otros disque cantantes

  • park jooyoung
    park jooyoung 2 months ago

    보고 싶다 경수야... 건강하게 돌아와...기다릴게...

  • Alma bella Quiambao
    Alma bella Quiambao 2 months ago

    D.O has beautiful voice. A voice that can matched other western singer.

  • Archie Gravides
    Archie Gravides 2 months ago

    I miss this man!! Be safe, take care and I will wait until you return, Private Soldier Doh Kyungsoo!!! 😭❤️❤️❤️

  • ً
    ً 2 months ago


  • Hems
    Hems 2 months ago

    Beautiful choice of song...

  • Invisible Person
    Invisible Person 2 months ago

    1:26 anyone know the name of this song

  • Jocelyn Joy Pangilinan

    I miss you so much my squishysoo 😭😭

  • Miyazaki 宮崎
    Miyazaki 宮崎 2 months ago


  • Atika Nur Mufidah
    Atika Nur Mufidah 2 months ago

    Suara ketiganya mirip anjer

  • wx wi
    wx wi 2 months ago

    I really miss you too chansoo

  • EXO _L Forever
    EXO _L Forever 2 months ago

    Thinking of this Days Make me Just Cry 😢👏😢👏

  • Hems
    Hems 2 months ago

    Kyungsoo cares more about Kai than him... He just learned how to do hide it over the years... As he understood it will only bring difficult times for both of them

  • Azra Karabul
    Azra Karabul 2 months ago

    13:42 aish, why? Why are you so.... WTF!

  • Salemae Talaugon
    Salemae Talaugon 2 months ago

    I suddenly missed kyungsoo while watching this video😭

  • Kheit Mascariña
    Kheit Mascariña 2 months ago

    D.O is so cute

  • ReYJazZveR
    ReYJazZveR 2 months ago

    your so good in English songs kyung soo I'm so proud of you my love😘😘

  • Jayson Tadeo
    Jayson Tadeo 2 months ago

    Kyungsoo: But I never solve Chanyeol's pathcode. Chanyeol: It's not you can't solve it. You never solve 😭 My heart! 😔😔😔

  • Jayson Tadeo
    Jayson Tadeo 2 months ago

    I wasn't really a fan of kpop. I only knew them because of my friends. However, it was the "Love shot" which made me fell in love to EXO. Very recently right 😂😅 Love shot was all over twitter that time, and it was because of Kai's sexy dancing it. Yet when I watched the MV, it was DO who really caught my attention. His voice was like effortless but full of emotions 😍💕😌 I miss you Penguin. Hope you're doing well!

  • Yasyifaa Kalyca R
    Yasyifaa Kalyca R 2 months ago

    Omggg I'm crying so sad

  • Cucu Rohmah
    Cucu Rohmah 2 months ago

    DO's voice is so perfect! Miss you ma boy

  • Howru X
    Howru X 3 months ago

    20:01 His smile killed my heart

  • cal woon
    cal woon 3 months ago

    2019 i always go here if i miss my soldiers do kyungsoo. Stay health and happy oppa!!

  • *ZAHRAA* D.O
    *ZAHRAA* D.O 3 months ago

    he's voice is so warm

  • Mis Ema
    Mis Ema 3 months ago

    love you d.o

  • LUNA
    LUNA 3 months ago

    13:10 is such a lie

  • Jeselle E.
    Jeselle E. 3 months ago

    I miss you kyungsooyah😞

  • you are awesome
    you are awesome 3 months ago

    I dont know exo mmbers eventhough i met them when they first debut in mubank😂but i know when there is this voice.it must be exo's😂😂

  • Riza Marie Raymundo
    Riza Marie Raymundo 3 months ago

    Miss you Kyungsoo yaaaah!! Happy Graduation on your military!!!

  • mark tuan
    mark tuan 3 months ago

    smilin next to oprah and the kWeEnzaH ;)

  • 살기좋은세상
    살기좋은세상 3 months ago

    경수 찬열 우정 영원히 변치말길~~~♡♡♡ 항상 응원합니다 !!!^^

  • anya space
    anya space 3 months ago

    Chansoo.. Best friendship ever.. To chanyeolie tq for your love towards d.o. I guess u know him better than us.. Go chansoo..be best friends for ever.. ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Batool Morshed
    Batool Morshed 3 months ago

    Song please?😊

  • 김성희
    김성희 3 months ago

    경수의 결단력보소 미끄러운데 무리해서 다치기라도하면 어쩔?? 판단 잘했옹 근데 더 근사하네 멋져