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Everything GREAT About Split!
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  • David MacDonald
    David MacDonald 7 minutes ago

    Everything great about Forrest Gump

  • Disappointed Prion
    Disappointed Prion 7 minutes ago

    "Thor, son of Odin." "Odin, son of... a bitch!" How is this not a win?

  • TarfuGaming
    TarfuGaming 16 minutes ago

    That fight scene at 15:10 is not a good fight scene, there is literally guards just spinning waiting there turn, it's a laugh if anything.

  • Shahrevar
    Shahrevar 28 minutes ago

    It is so sad that all the people who can't speak german will never know how funny harry potter und ein stein (Harry Potter and one stone) really could be. If you want to watch Coldmirror made Harry Potter better than the original

  • Ben Blackburne
    Ben Blackburne 58 minutes ago

    0:27 ‘Thanos has no one single equal’, Scarlett Witch - ‘Hold my Vision’

  • Berend Brokkenpap

    It completely baffles me that anyone who likes Star Wars disliked the Vader hallway scene. It gave me the hugest nerdboner.

  • Brent Walker
    Brent Walker Hour ago

    This is the Best Star Wars Movie... Most epic, The best droid, Finally understanding why it was so easy to kill the death star, the best spaceship fight, creating a new definition to a new hope and the best Darth Vader scene...

  • Hannah Harvey
    Hannah Harvey 2 hours ago

    I really appreciate the mention of Foley and sound design. Not enough people realise how important those roles are to movies, especially horror ones! XD

  • Jay Viney
    Jay Viney 2 hours ago

    its been so long since i watched this movie and im straight up crying again just the "i wanna go home" is such a line aand im,,,,

  • speed demon
    speed demon 2 hours ago

    If you paid attention to the announcer when King Candy threw his coin into the cup, the said his name but it sounded forced and when he said venelopie's name he sounded ecstatic. It's like the announcer knew she wasn't a glitch all this time but he had to follow his programming since he is, after all, just a voice.

  • Mohagnito 94
    Mohagnito 94 2 hours ago


    C-MONEY 3 hours ago

    Na...prefer cinema sins

  • everything vlogXD
    everything vlogXD 3 hours ago

    we need a sequels i watch it like 80 times

  • Cyclonado Thunderclaw

    Hey also a thing you might not have picked up: when Shuri is showing T'Challa the different types of necklaces, he first goes to a golden one but then dismissing it as being too flashy. We later see that Killmonger is wearing this exact same necklace, which really says something about his personality when we are getting to know him as a villainous character.

  • Eric Kukuk
    Eric Kukuk 3 hours ago

    I wish more movies were made around the soundtrack.

  • jcb fencer
    jcb fencer 3 hours ago

    *reads title of video* "Wow this should be short" *Looks at length of the video* "Oh no"

  • Viserian
    Viserian 3 hours ago!! I can never get over that part. "drunk" baymax is... just perfect

  • Diviy Idnani
    Diviy Idnani 3 hours ago

    15:30 looks like everyone in the damn universe forgot,his hand is shaking because of the car accident in doctor strange,it's just a friendly reminder that his hands never cured, amazing detail in continuity,but no one talks about it

  • Lucas Johnson
    Lucas Johnson 3 hours ago

    I thought the photo ID matched because they mocked up a fake. Which is also why it showed up as fake in SHIELD's database.

  • William Corson
    William Corson 4 hours ago

    I remember renting this from a redbox for $1 to watch with my kid brothers and parents one weekend waaaay back when it first came out. No idea what it was; just looked like a cute and silly family movie. To this day one of the most surprising and endlessly rewatchable movies we still love

  • David Costayasa
    David Costayasa 4 hours ago

    Can you please make one for Kungfu Panda 3?

  • thomas wilson
    thomas wilson 4 hours ago

    I think I could listen to your voice forever man... keep up the great work

  • Nelson Suchiang
    Nelson Suchiang 4 hours ago

    This is what happens when you get a good cast. Like even you have a large budget, you could have terrible writing that can ruin it. But if you have good writing and a low budget it can still work. But all in all you have to cast a good actor, especially the protagonist.

  • SunriseViewer
    SunriseViewer 4 hours ago

    9:11 - "Not to mention the amazingly beautiful lighting in this shot." And the amazingly beautiful men. <3<3<3

  • Andrew Marajh
    Andrew Marajh 4 hours ago

    Endgame was Terrible and Boring.....

  • Tesha Griffey
    Tesha Griffey 4 hours ago

    I'm also a Ravenclaw. Yay!

    MYLLCK 5 hours ago

    Everything great about Star Wars spoilers!

  • Karma But Ace
    Karma But Ace 5 hours ago

    Everything's great when pikachu is here.

  • KnightRaymund
    KnightRaymund 5 hours ago

    Great movie. A lot of great songs. Don't like the crab part though.

  • C.T. Warren
    C.T. Warren 5 hours ago

    YOU GOT YOUR WISH! in 2018's "Ralph Breaks The Internet", Alan Tudyk is the voice of the over-ambitious search engine, "Knowsmore"!

  • Sherri Mullens
    Sherri Mullens 5 hours ago

    Could you do pirates of the Caribbean curse of the black pearl? Please.

  • Scarleto
    Scarleto 5 hours ago

    A big clue for me that Judy wasn't so progressive was her agreeing with Bellwether and saying they should stick together "like glue". As she clutches Bellwether's HOOVES. Which are a thing humans use to make GLUE. Which not only speaks to some awful sheephistory in Zootopia's world building but like. Damn Judy. That's not PC even a LITTLE. Great juxtoposition between that and her telling off Clawhauser for calling her cute cus a non-bunny calling a bunny cute isn't PC.

  • Tongaz _
    Tongaz _ 5 hours ago

    now wheres frozen 2 hmmmmm

  • AbnormalSpartan
    AbnormalSpartan 5 hours ago

    3:57 captain singh from flash???

  • Tongaz _
    Tongaz _ 5 hours ago

    the worst part of this is that there isn't going to be another HTTYD

  • SleepyGamer1223
    SleepyGamer1223 5 hours ago

    Yoda vs Dracula/Saruman/Scaramanga in a lightsaber duel.

  • Tongaz _
    Tongaz _ 5 hours ago

    when I first saw hiccup following liry into the storm I kept waiting for some lightning strike or something to hit toothless' new tail wing and for it to break

  • Ultra Phoenix Gamer
    Ultra Phoenix Gamer 5 hours ago

    Obi Wan was technickly winning against Anakin because he's the best lightsaber duelist on the Jedi council. There is seven lightsaber fighting styles and Obi Wan uses the third form which is defensive.

  • T.J
    T.J 6 hours ago

    you forgot to add a point for venom being buff as heck

  • Flaming Guardian
    Flaming Guardian 6 hours ago

    I love that the effects of this movie is as real as real life. The grass, the sand, the water, the lighting. It looks more real than real life. The only thing that reminds you this is at all animated, is the people (who still look more real than any other animated film!)

  • Demo
    Demo 6 hours ago

    At 4:39 The reason why the destroyer is flying over the city is because of the advance repulser technology and that the engines on the destroy are slow pushing the ship giving it enough thrust

  • Pubg 4 life
    Pubg 4 life 6 hours ago

    Things that I liked in The Last Jedi - Yoda - Rey and Kylo works together fighting Red Guardian - All Snoke scene - Porgs (kinda) - Opening (maybe) - The trailer Things that I hated in The Last Jedi - Rose - That animal when Luke drinking the animal milk 🤢 - Finn sacrifice scene (because Rose) The Last Jedi 5.4/10

  • Mezzian Animation Studios

    Do the sandlot!

  • UnPrankAble 666
    UnPrankAble 666 6 hours ago

    At the end of the series, would you rather bring back Fred, or bring back Dobby?

  • Fluffy mc
    Fluffy mc 7 hours ago

    Anakin Skywalker was weak, I destroyed him. Then I will avenge his death. Revenge is not the Jedi way. *I am no Jedi.*

  • Filthy_Weeaboo
    Filthy_Weeaboo 7 hours ago

    stop being wholesome

  • D A
    D A 7 hours ago

    Loved the movie. Stunning visuals, and an overall fun film. All the actors were phenomenal. kinda wish ares wasn't the reason for war. I think it would have been cool if Diana was just reading too far in and was being stubborn. It makes sense for her character to think it's the god of war agaist her mothers intuition but I feel like it reduced the whole humanity naturally has war thing her love interest was trying to drive home. Yeah ares just fanned flames and humans realy did push for war but having humannity realy take the full blame without any ares or divine intervention could have been a more pungent way to express the darker side of humannity to Diana and realy drive home her naivety character flaw in the film. Then we could have had a more supernatural baddie for the second film. Still excited for wonder woman 1984. That trailer was sick

  • biblical
    biblical 7 hours ago

    The best Star Wars along with Empire

  • r0ysauce
    r0ysauce 7 hours ago

    Omg the 3000 win thing caught me so off guard GENIUS

  • The Sharkfin
    The Sharkfin 7 hours ago

    Yeah Cinema Wins... that was the webshooter Peter was talking about, don't worry about it.

  • AJ Vela
    AJ Vela 7 hours ago

    I couple weeks ago I had my eyes opened, “Hyperspace ain’t like dustying crops”-Han solo in the first ever Star Wars

    • AJ Vela
      AJ Vela 7 hours ago

      Just to follow up all space things Lowkey work in tlj

  • Akmalm Shaari
    Akmalm Shaari 7 hours ago

    Iron man lose dude

  • Dee Cipher
    Dee Cipher 7 hours ago

    During that end credits scene when Thanos' ship appears, Thor has no clue. He's just like, "Wtf is this now?" Meanwhile Loki is like, "Oh shit, my evil boss is about to murder me."

  • ethan mendoza
    ethan mendoza 7 hours ago

    okay there are probably like 200 of the same comments but a STAFF IS NOT A GOD DAMN SWORD LIKE OBJECT!!! just cause she's good with a staff doesn't mean she's gonna be good with a light saber the require two completely different fighting styles. also you have to you know use both hands to fight with a staff and she cant even touch 80% of her weapon

  • Caleb Lones
    Caleb Lones 7 hours ago

    please do a goofy movie or an extremely goofy movie!

  • The_ToxicBadger 2
    The_ToxicBadger 2 8 hours ago

    If the person that runs this isn’t the same people from cinema sins imma be pissed.

  • Nickel 4657
    Nickel 4657 8 hours ago

    The amount of dislikes is actually pitiful

  • Ricardo Ferrari
    Ricardo Ferrari 8 hours ago

    Do an everything great about the movie Noah (2014) please

  • Philip
    Philip 8 hours ago

    I kinda wish you had commented on the inspiration behind the end-credits songs. Other than that, loved all six. FANTASTIC! Arguably better than CinemaSins. Arguably. :)

  • tracephage
    tracephage 8 hours ago

    holy shit... scot adkins played weapon XI?

  • Christian_the_Guardian

    Watching this in anticipation for the new movie. TFA really reignited my love for Star Wars and it’s tied for my favorite movie because of this. I have faith that JJ can end as strong as he started

  • Ace Yellow
    Ace Yellow 8 hours ago

    6:10 looks like the city from the lil nas x panini video

  • Nervanian News Network [Triple N]

    I figured out the math on the GOTG percentage, and it’s good I’ll take that heart now 😊

  • Philip
    Philip 9 hours ago

    I loved this video, don't get me wrong, but I really wish you had won the "And Rohan will answer" moment and blood-stirring musical cue. One of my favorite moments of the movie. Other than that, loved it. You've somehow made this movie even better. Good on you, even though I'm not an Aussie. :)

  • Estrella
    Estrella 9 hours ago

    Look at the juice boxes at the end, the kids is grape while everyone else is apple lol

  • Lucifer PitchBlack
    Lucifer PitchBlack 9 hours ago

    It was an magnificent movie to me as for the Haters " Fuck'em " !

  • Grace Thurman
    Grace Thurman 9 hours ago

    Katniss: WhAt tHe HeLl WaS tHaT?! Effie: Manners-

  • kittenmaster
    kittenmaster 9 hours ago

    8:44 look at top left corner

  • Beren OfNumenor
    Beren OfNumenor 9 hours ago

    You're from Montana

  • Charles B
    Charles B 9 hours ago

    12:57 I don’t like when people say this because obi-wan was one of the if not the greatest of his type of combat, a defensive style that he used to wear his opponent out, waiting for an opening, perfectly countering anakins aggressive style

  • Gravestone999
    Gravestone999 9 hours ago

    People complain about how when the Germans arrived at their beach, the Amazon's were not ready. So I'm going to debunk that claim. 1: only a few Amazons die, and in self sacrifice. They actually hold their own. And 2: they have never heard of guns or planes or anything outside their island.

  • YourSandwichIsMine ._.

    Where’s jw3?

  • PhantomShadow224
    PhantomShadow224 9 hours ago

    Remember Batman never killed anybody... Except for the few minor occasions Batman 1989. (Joker off a bell tower) Batman returns. (Straight up murder via exploding goon) Many Comic books. Arkham city (according to Harley Quinn spreading rumors post game) Arkham origins. (Another case of he blames himself for not being there in time to stop them from dying) Running over henchmen in Arkham knight. Batman begins. (Ra’s al guel) Dark Knight (sorta) he “saved” Harvey dent, but didn’t at the same time. Also Rachel.

  • [ANX] AnxietyTexasGaming

    Do yall think they are going to make a other one or is this it ?!?

  • craven carcas3
    craven carcas3 10 hours ago

    Do i love this movie, no, but do i hate it, also no, i just feel like they could have done more even tho that this movie has some great scenes mainly the one with kylo and luke but over all my opinion is that this is an alright movie

  • PhantomShadow224
    PhantomShadow224 10 hours ago


  • DRSReaper275
    DRSReaper275 10 hours ago

    Cinemasins: Are you challenging me?

  • Johnny Flashdance
    Johnny Flashdance 10 hours ago

    Everything 19:58

  • 2chaskell
    2chaskell 11 hours ago

    Hope you will be doing mulan soon 🤞

  • Jack Christopher
    Jack Christopher 11 hours ago

    TheXvid: so how many ads you want This channel: yes

  • Jeshua Sistrunk
    Jeshua Sistrunk 11 hours ago

    Gahh, I just realized they missed the most epic of opportunities that could have made the Captain America is worthy scene even cooler. in the beginning of End Game, Tony gave Steve his nano suit arc reacter. Combine all three heroes into one epic hero.

    SR.MUÑOZ 11 hours ago


  • joe schmoe
    joe schmoe 11 hours ago

    13:48 *40-ft drop

  • Debeary Tea
    Debeary Tea 11 hours ago


  • Smithius
    Smithius 11 hours ago

    Just felt the need to say the only reason Obi-Wan could beat General Grievous is because of his fighting style within the lore (don't know if it is non-canon now tho) is a particular Defence Style. Obi-Wan was actually very weak in the force, but he became a master at that style beyond any other Duellists before, and through that became a Master Jedi. And General Grievous' lightsabers are the ones from other Jedi he have killed, as he was a very strong offensive fighter. I believe that is why they sent Obi-Wan to capture/kill him. Darth Vader's style of fighting is the same offensive style if memory serves me right, that is also why the fight between Obi-Wan and Darth Vader lasted so long. And that is also why Obi-Wan is on constant defence and backing off in the fight, as Darth Vader has both power in the force and a very offensive fighting style. TL;DR: Nothing to see here, keep moving on.

  • Rawden
    Rawden 12 hours ago

    I enjoy Rogue One. However as someone who is not a fan of Vader, I couldn't care less about the hallway scene.I liked these characters and this story a lot, but I doubt anyone will ever be able to convince me that Vader is a great villain. Or even a good one.

  • Beardrunneraj Davis
    Beardrunneraj Davis 12 hours ago

    Do Tombstone

  • Butter Golem
    Butter Golem 12 hours ago

    The thor beer is a reference to a legend that the comments incorporated, he drinks a cup of beef that keeps refilling and it turns out he was drinking whole oceans

  • PhantomShadow224
    PhantomShadow224 12 hours ago

    5:05 Kratos disagrees with this.

  • The Bamboozler
    The Bamboozler 12 hours ago

    the prequels werent perfect, but they werent bad.

  • Aaron Tottman
    Aaron Tottman 12 hours ago

    0:38 chocked me up. Hard to believe when you're so alone 😢😧 18:33 and again 😭

  • PhantomShadow224
    PhantomShadow224 12 hours ago

    People complain about not being able to see the last fight. Me: one is wearing purple lights, the other is wearing orange lights. What was so difficult to understand about that?

  • Jate Litherius
    Jate Litherius 13 hours ago

    atatatat is a dumb name. It's aytee aytee & if you disagree you're annoying

    • Jate Litherius
      Jate Litherius 12 hours ago

      "I love all this stuff about star wars but ohhhhh boba fett he's eh" The guy playing him was channeling Clint Eastwood, he's the space ugly to harrison ford's space good, he's the most cowboy character in star wars. Plus, without the idea to give him a spin off movie we wouldn't have 'The Mandalorian' which would be a real shame

  • PhantomShadow224
    PhantomShadow224 13 hours ago

    Mar-vel “Excuse me, but it’s pronounced Shazam” 😂👍

  • Bailey Emal
    Bailey Emal 13 hours ago

    I just realized that Mysterio is like Syndrome from The Incredibles in which he uses tech to make people believe he's a hero.

  • jijonbreaker
    jijonbreaker 13 hours ago

    "Mustafar's lava and volcanoes seem to have calmed down a bit" 0.0 Uh... Huh. I wonder if they really tied that in from Vader Immortal that far in advance

  • Lee Wolffe
    Lee Wolffe 13 hours ago

    Well, Anakin did exactly what he was meant to do: bring balance to the force. Two sith, two jedi (at least in the movie), no more, no less.

  • Theories16
    Theories16 13 hours ago

    This movie was still propper poop. IM so scared for The Rise of Skywalker.. Afraid it will ruin my entire image of Star wars, just like GoT season 8 .. The last jedi did enough damage as it is for my personally.. Props for looking for the good, eventhough sometimes flawed. :)

  • Bryan Trippler
    Bryan Trippler 13 hours ago

    Axel got his start in Twisted Metal 2.

  • TotalHufflepuff
    TotalHufflepuff 13 hours ago

    19:40 what are you talking about? Be Prepared is NOT at the bottom of the list. It it the second best villain song of all time. The only one that beats it is Hellfire, and almost no other villain song could compare.