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easy star nail art★
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  • Calvionne Fox
    Calvionne Fox Hour ago

    I’m going to homecoming next month so I’m in the process of not biting my nails do that I can get them done and you’re giving me ideas 😍❤️💙💕

  • Katie Horner
    Katie Horner 6 hours ago

    Yup totally easy... if you have that tape, those brushes, a matte coat etc. I'm a skilled nail painter I paint people's nails for free but some people give me tips and are insistent because of my amazing work with no cheats like those brushes or that thin thin tape the only thing I use is sellotape on the nails to stop it going onto the skin but most times I don't need it only when I use a sponge like 😑

  • Roses Smell good
    Roses Smell good 7 hours ago

    For some reason I’ve been into moon and star things, I’m definitely going to do the moon and star ones! Thanks for giving me ideas for my nails!

  • İsmayıl Niyazov
    İsmayıl Niyazov 9 hours ago

    Superr muhteşəm😚😚🔊🔊

  • yibelula med
    yibelula med 9 hours ago

    I never like nails tutorials, the design are always so complicated, but no your, and they look so cute. 🥰🥰

  • Erika Gerald
    Erika Gerald 13 hours ago

    Hey Gabby this is Erika again. Love your designs my nail inspiration came from you today!! Much love to ya (hard to type though 😅😅)

  • Kelsey Hoyle
    Kelsey Hoyle 18 hours ago

    You are veree3ee

  • Tia C. Smith
    Tia C. Smith 20 hours ago

    I don't consider this to be an alternative because it does not last like regular acrylic nails that is done at the salon. Even when i make sure to stay away from the cuticles, it still does not last like regular acrylic nail. So the dip powder I have purchased was not worth it!!! I have worn regular acrylic nail about one month before getting a fill in and they did not lift at all during that period.....

  • Jimp Kosom
    Jimp Kosom 20 hours ago


  • Shubham Khurana
    Shubham Khurana 21 hour ago

    How shining nail paint turns mate ??😅

  • Mystiqueivy
    Mystiqueivy Day ago


  • Erin Shoemate
    Erin Shoemate Day ago

    Wow, that maroon one is GORGEOUS.

  • 19ROSA63
    19ROSA63 Day ago

    The nails are beautifull,the music is horrible.Thank you by the tutorial

  • Just Nails
    Just Nails Day ago

    Love it 🥰

  • Tracey Downing

    Do black with just diamonds

  • Zabine Hossamdee
    Zabine Hossamdee 2 days ago

    Thxx so much

  • Simple Nail Designs

    Love them all 🥰🖤

  • Brittany Douglas
    Brittany Douglas 2 days ago

    Love them!!! I will be trying out a few of these! Thanks for sharing!!!

  • Leila G721
    Leila G721 2 days ago

    What color of nail polish is 0:02?

  • Christina Hernandez


  • istina istina
    istina istina 3 days ago


  • Ali Koray
    Ali Koray 3 days ago

    But how do you fill and or remove at home? 😶

  • Kathy Chinn
    Kathy Chinn 3 days ago

    I love them, 😊

  • Manicentric
    Manicentric 3 days ago

    All of these are positively gorgeous designs but hands down my fave is the dotticure that gives you that feeling of falling leaves♡♡♡ Also, adore the way you make abstract look like so much fun!!!

    • Gabby Morris
      Gabby Morris 2 days ago

      Manicentric thank you so much 😭💗 also I didn’t even think of falling leaves with the dotticure lol but I definitely see it now!

  • TheMetallicaMonster

    Mine always turns glittery after I apply my top coat. What am I doing wrong?

  • Beautiful Nails by Rose Pearl

    Very nice designs

    • Gabby Morris
      Gabby Morris 2 days ago

      Beautiful Nails by Rose Pearl thank you!

  • Cristiane Dias
    Cristiane Dias 3 days ago

    Que trabalho lindo!♥️

  • Jewel Jasmine
    Jewel Jasmine 3 days ago

    Glitter Pocka Dot is my favorite!!!

  • Ambrose Jerome
    Ambrose Jerome 3 days ago

    What clear topcoat is your favorite?

  • Tracey Williams
    Tracey Williams 3 days ago

    Very cute

  • Carolina Aguilar
    Carolina Aguilar 3 days ago

    Like if these are the cutest designs everrrrr!🤗

  • femketjeNL
    femketjeNL 3 days ago

    The one with the gold leaf 😍😍😍

  • The Polish Queen
    The Polish Queen 3 days ago

    yay I love your videos!! what is the neutral polish at 1:41? is that the orosa moon? 💜💜

    • The Polish Queen
      The Polish Queen 2 days ago

      @Gabby Morris ah ok, thank you! awww no probs 💜💜

    • Gabby Morris
      Gabby Morris 3 days ago

      The Polish Queen and thank you!😘

    • Gabby Morris
      Gabby Morris 3 days ago

      The Polish Queen yes that’s moon💗

  • Danielle MacDuff
    Danielle MacDuff 3 days ago

    Love the ideas, going to try them on my dip nails


    Beautiful Autumn mani 🧡

  • Mama Tea
    Mama Tea 3 days ago

    Annnnnnd I love the music please link! Only recognized the second one my fave"You got issues" Spring Gang💃🏾

    • Gabby Morris
      Gabby Morris 3 days ago

      Mama Tea it’s purple clouds by Sarah the instrumentalist!

  • Sakshee ji
    Sakshee ji 3 days ago

    That's amazing ❤️🍁

  • Mama Tea
    Mama Tea 3 days ago

    BEAUTIFUL designs AND production💙I swear you are so freaking talented👑

  • Anna Hercules
    Anna Hercules 3 days ago

    This is so satisfying I swear

  • Sandeep gill Sandeep gill

    very nice

  • honeybbunny
    honeybbunny 4 days ago

    what kind of acetone do you use?

  • Natural Beauty
    Natural Beauty 4 days ago

    Omg I needed this

  • Tesja Erickson
    Tesja Erickson 4 days ago

    Thank you for this video. I’ve been wondering how to do nail art with gel😀

  • _sweetcaroline_ 23
    _sweetcaroline_ 23 4 days ago


  • Cassandra Martinez
    Cassandra Martinez 4 days ago

    Me encantaron 😍💅

  • Carla Shultz
    Carla Shultz 4 days ago

    My Wonderful Mother taught me to soak my nails after polish in cold water (preferably ice water) in the sink. This dries you nails quicker. Also after painting your nails typing is a good way to let your nails dry as well as driving, both let your nails dry without the miss up on trying to touch things. My nails are like Gabby's and I'm 58 - practice makes perfect!

  • Gisel Anthony
    Gisel Anthony 4 days ago

    Thanks alot for teaching you're a time saver. I've always done the don't style and it doesn't ever come out nice. This really helped thanks just got it done now and I'm most satisfied. Goal.

  • ulhas sonar
    ulhas sonar 4 days ago

    Comment me

  • ulhas sonar
    ulhas sonar 4 days ago

    How you doing nails very dry please tell

  • Yesha Kessandra Nibungco

    Love the colors..... Hope that i have that too... I want to learn new design.... Loveit😍😍😍😍

  • Sakinder Singh
    Sakinder Singh 5 days ago


  • karina benitez
    karina benitez 5 days ago

    Buenas noches,consulta.. Intento realizar éstos diseños de cintas con esmaltado semipermanente pero al despegar las tiras se me filtra producto? En q estoy fallando? Se despegan antes o despues de curar el producto?

  • Theodora Charalambidis

    Thanx for the video 😊 i got these gels and was searching for a video of someone using them. They are def cute as! And the colours are just amazing! Love love love!

  • Sweet Shenanigans
    Sweet Shenanigans 5 days ago

    Is it just me or in one of the songs is there a clicking that doesn't fit in? Clicks aside, beautiful nail art!

  • Hailey Nicole
    Hailey Nicole 5 days ago

    I really want my nails done by you.

  • keep calm
    keep calm 5 days ago

    We must use lamp for this? Ty.

  • Noor Khan
    Noor Khan 6 days ago

    Nice job 😘😘😘😘😘💟💟❣

    MISSMAYDAY 6 days ago

    ugh i need more fingers on my hands! <3

    MISSMAYDAY 6 days ago

    I love your style! every design is so grafic and sharp <3

  • Alexa Live Blog
    Alexa Live Blog 6 days ago


  • Yannii TV
    Yannii TV 6 days ago

    Just ordered the gel kit !! ❗️❗️can’t wait ❗️❗️❤️

  • mommytomario
    mommytomario 6 days ago

    What a helpful tutorial thank you.. I also was wondering when you did the grey and pink combo, what brand and colour is the pink? Thank you hugs Deb

  • Anime weeb OvO
    Anime weeb OvO 6 days ago

    If my parents didnt judge me likeing makeup as a boy then all ten of these would be on all ten of my fingers

  • dream dream
    dream dream 6 days ago

    omg I live in Massachusetts there is only one good nail shop and it's in Hyde park called Exotic Nails .. But every where else they do not do any style just Gel or polish🤦‍♀️

  • Beth Maack
    Beth Maack 6 days ago

    Yes please more gel polish nail art !,

  • Xfun_ dollsX
    Xfun_ dollsX 6 days ago

    This has helped me

  • Betty Grain
    Betty Grain 6 days ago

    Hay que hermosas Dios los bendiga

  • Christina Morningstar

    Can you please do a yellow orange and pink ombre tutorial

  • Cazzy 011105
    Cazzy 011105 6 days ago

    Cute, my fave was #10

  • Magic and space With a snowy

    Who else could do this other than me?

  • cindy costanzo
    cindy costanzo 7 days ago

    Great video but I think you talk a little to fast for beginners :)

  • Joanna Matthews
    Joanna Matthews 7 days ago

    I've added that set to my wishlist. Such pretty colours and designs.

  • Tunzale Ibrahimova
    Tunzale Ibrahimova 7 days ago

    Love you❤

  • عبدالله البدري


  • عبدالله البدري


  • PiedraDeErin
    PiedraDeErin 7 days ago

    Beautiful nail shape. Mine is not nice 😭

  • Laila Marciano
    Laila Marciano 7 days ago

    Please more gel nail art! I work better with gel polish and your designs are so pretty

  • Nicole Walker
    Nicole Walker 7 days ago

    I have this kit! Excited to try some of the designs you created. I would love to see more gel designs. I’ve been searching for gel design videos since I got the kit. Your videos have been so helpful since I have started doing my own nails.

  • Anjali Chauhan
    Anjali Chauhan 7 days ago

    I am your new subscriber 😘😘 love from India ❤

  • Jamie Elizabeth
    Jamie Elizabeth 7 days ago

    It’s all fun and games until it’s time to do your left hand (or non dominant hand)

  • KaJ uN
    KaJ uN 7 days ago

    How fun is this!!? Trying new products and designs, where do I sign up ? Lol I think you'll love gel the more you experiment. I can never go back to "regular" polish now. I can hear the smile on your face 😁 Lyl lady

  • SRC Reptiles
    SRC Reptiles 7 days ago

    Very helpful!

  • Diosa LaLuna
    Diosa LaLuna 7 days ago

    Very well explained, Thank you so much! ❤️💯

  • arkayla rogers
    arkayla rogers 7 days ago

    Hi I have a question for you what type green is that you use in the video Also I just watched your do's and don'ts video loved it thank you gabby

  • Yasmin
    Yasmin 7 days ago

    You do nail art so well! Definitely got a new subscriber ^_^

  • Johanna Pacheco
    Johanna Pacheco 7 days ago

    Yesssss to more gel polish designs please!

  • The Pottle
    The Pottle 7 days ago

    Hey Gabby hope you Review the Pottle soon. Check it out

  • Yannii TV
    Yannii TV 7 days ago

    I was just looking for a gel nail polish set to buy !! ❗️❗️❤️❤️😩🙏🏾❤️❤️

  • Conne delvalle
    Conne delvalle 7 days ago

    Very very wonderful I love modelones but I must use lamp uvled and acetone and I can't use it kisses

  • Glo Gorg
    Glo Gorg 7 days ago

    super helpful super beautiful 🦋

  • Monique
    Monique 7 days ago

    Yes definitely!! More gel nail videos!

  • Karla Garcia
    Karla Garcia 7 days ago

    Play better music

  • Bunny C
    Bunny C 7 days ago

    New subie here. Just ordered the kit. The colors are so pretty and the price is reasonable too. Tfs

  • Denise Moses
    Denise Moses 7 days ago

    Am I the only person on the planet that can’t find these at Walmart? I even tried their website. Is there any other place that sells Sinful colors?

  • Jacksoniana Forever

    3:10 parecen diamantes

  • Cazzy 011105
    Cazzy 011105 7 days ago

    That blue is gorgeous, My fave is #1 x

  • The Polish Queen
    The Polish Queen 7 days ago

    5:30 😍💜💜

  • femketjeNL
    femketjeNL 7 days ago

    They all look cute! Really love the marble one ✨💕

  • Manicentric
    Manicentric 7 days ago

    Hi hi! Thank you so much for this video and for the 10% of coupon! I finished the video then grabbed the set because I KNOW it's gonna sell out soon just because you showed such awesome designs (my fave was the Berry shade and the gray with the French tip guides). I'm still new to gels but when I start, it's nice to know that I can do some of the same tricks I do with regular lacquers❤❤❤😆😆😆

    • Gabby Morris
      Gabby Morris 7 days ago

      Manicentric hi! Glad you liked it💗 I’m new to nail art using gels too but I’m actually surprised at how many things you can do with them!

  • Lisa Lancaster
    Lisa Lancaster 7 days ago

    Thank you so much for this video! I have been trying to do this, and could not figure it out!