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  • Ariel Ojeda
    Ariel Ojeda 3 hours ago

    Hideo creates a new genre what a genius

  • Voyager
    Voyager 3 hours ago

    Love the transitions

  • Raging Gamer
    Raging Gamer 3 hours ago

    After 22 years he finally won. But seriously though how the frick did he get younger

  • Muhammad Hassan
    Muhammad Hassan 3 hours ago

    Who is ready for call of duty modern warfare beta 😎

  • purextreme
    purextreme 3 hours ago

    Should of been hack’n slash imo.

  • meriç ekşioğlu
    meriç ekşioğlu 3 hours ago

    I played fifa from 98 but first time i am buying pes instead of this scripted game..

  • E4STFKnSYDE Tawhi
    E4STFKnSYDE Tawhi 3 hours ago

    The most menacing Pokemon in the alola region is the tapu thanos 😂😂😂

  • Jason Kirk
    Jason Kirk 3 hours ago

    Please be aware of the risks of this game and it's predatory microtransactions "surprise mechanics". Tell every parent that wants to buy this game for their kids - awareness is key. Don't let EA ruin the lives of more families out there.

  • Blandimentum
    Blandimentum 3 hours ago

    The f**k is wrong w IGN?

  • InfiniteCaliber
    InfiniteCaliber 3 hours ago

    Never been into fifa playing 2k20 atm but just came to check, it’s a shame all AAA sports games suffer from the micro transaction and Rng pack systems so badly 😪

  • Benny Ong
    Benny Ong 3 hours ago

    Nice idea. But it would create an unnecessary subplot, from Woody trying to save Forky, and distracting.

  • James Parker
    James Parker 3 hours ago

    Im hungry

  • Ferdi25
    Ferdi25 3 hours ago

    Rated M for Mature

  • Dan96
    Dan96 3 hours ago

    Can't wait to get this!!!......on Black Friday

  • Afris Pratama
    Afris Pratama 3 hours ago

    24-31 oct maksudnya apa yaa?

  • Prathamesh Chittawadgi

    Damm, After this review I started appreaciating FIFA 08 even more 🤣❣️❣️

  • CamSkywalker
    CamSkywalker 3 hours ago

    Looks trash lmao

  • Saul Goodman
    Saul Goodman 3 hours ago

    I'm happy playing the demo, rather invest my £50/$60 on a real game like The Last of us 2

  • Pancake
    Pancake 3 hours ago

    Ana de Armas ..close your f.... mouth for one movie at least!

  • Olamide Shonola
    Olamide Shonola 3 hours ago

    Is Xs ever gonna come back

  • Doggieworld3
    Doggieworld3 3 hours ago

    Oh crap Shiva's back!

  • FPS JO
    FPS JO 3 hours ago

    Lol go watch your PG superhero movies IGN

  • Olej
    Olej 3 hours ago


  • Debonaire Nerd
    Debonaire Nerd 3 hours ago

    Just don't tell the detective that a female has taken his role at his previous job...

  • Olamide Shonola
    Olamide Shonola 3 hours ago

    I love this movie

  • Jean Onet
    Jean Onet 3 hours ago

    je veux !! :O

  • Δευτερος Dickinson

    Anyone else excited for FIFA 17 DLC? -_-

  • HulkVahkiin
    HulkVahkiin 3 hours ago

    Jezuz, the power of the switch.

  • Kdubb815
    Kdubb815 3 hours ago

    I really want to like this game because I’m intrigued by some of what I’ve seen but this just doesn’t look very fun to me. Maybe it is and it’ll be something that sets this game apart in a special way but right now I just don’t see it. I want it to be amazing and hear from you brave souls that are buying it Day 1. I’ll keep waiting on The Last of Us Part 2 for now

  • Niels Boelhouwer
    Niels Boelhouwer 3 hours ago

    I can’t decide...fifa20 or botw for my 60 bucks? 🤔

  • jepardejuif
    jepardejuif 3 hours ago

    On al menowi

  • Doggieworld3
    Doggieworld3 3 hours ago

    BK/SoR gets an shady visual upgrade.We got a kitty cat?! Ahhh gawgs, Yuzo and KawaMoto are back!

  • redfox2500
    redfox2500 3 hours ago

    a big innovation of the game having photorealistic graphics like the rest of games next generation ps5 looks almost real life and Fifa still behind with 3-4 years

  • Lazr
    Lazr 3 hours ago

    Is it just me or is anyone else having a problem where they can't run the game on high/epic graphics smoothly after the update? I can only run on low. I was running so smoothly on high before the first update was brought out today. It could be that my graphic card software needs an update but I don't think it is. Any solutions?

  • Extra Cheese
    Extra Cheese 3 hours ago

    Chris Evans should be the next James Bond, although he's American. It'll be interesting to see him play the role.

  • Charlie Thorp
    Charlie Thorp 3 hours ago

    You spent pretty much the entire video criticising it and then you give it a 7.8. Like wœt de fœq IGN...

  • Neo Faris
    Neo Faris 3 hours ago

    I already gave up on this game cuz when i play online it's ALWAYS ERROR

  • JamieLan2011
    JamieLan2011 3 hours ago

    The graphics are impressive for a PS4. Hoping this will every come to PC.

  • Trap Killer
    Trap Killer 3 hours ago

    Wow ign you did it again what a great review for a action packed Rambo movie!!!😱

  • Rassenomatjutut
    Rassenomatjutut 3 hours ago

    Power Rangers DOOM: Revenge of Dark Specter is total win.

  • Ichsuka
    Ichsuka 3 hours ago

    Exactly the same as Fifa 19, 10/10 - IGN

  • walsh451
    walsh451 3 hours ago

    Never liked fifa Street and have no interest in volta I play fifa for career mode, and again for the 6th year in a row I'm disappointed

  • Nekoshi NailZ
    Nekoshi NailZ 4 hours ago

    so...Marvel vs DC in fortnite?

  • zerocrutch
    zerocrutch 4 hours ago

    Sorry but when the detective started talking, all I can hear is Michael Scott saying, “There’s been a murder...”

  • JP
    JP 4 hours ago

    This looks horrible...

  • The About Average Gamer

    Ha! the set piece system is straight from fifa 2004

  • purextreme
    purextreme 4 hours ago

    So the walking dead goes animated in Mexico

  • Dionte Grant
    Dionte Grant 4 hours ago


  • Kurt Rozentaun
    Kurt Rozentaun 4 hours ago

    James Bond vs Captain America :D

  • Othman
    Othman 4 hours ago

    Volta basically is FIFA 20 with a smaller pitch!

  • Josh McDaniel
    Josh McDaniel 4 hours ago

    Aw I wanted another sniper ghost warrior game!...said nobody ever lol

  • William Dublin
    William Dublin 4 hours ago

    Hope there's an in story reason why all the infected dudes seemed to look alike

  • MikeTheDane327
    MikeTheDane327 4 hours ago

    A violence that isn´t fun ??? since when is violence supposed to be fun.. and people wonder why there´s so many mass shootings, because its fun, apparently. Wonder when IGN hires people that can do the job right.

  • Navneet Verma
    Navneet Verma 4 hours ago

    Now In gamepass 😰

  • Alberto Villalobos
    Alberto Villalobos 4 hours ago

    Guys, last time I had a PES was on 2012 and after that I always went with Fifa until this year. Give it a try, rent it or play a few matches on the demo, the gameplay isn't perfect but it is VERY superior to Fifa and I love the physics of the ball and how every match feels different and you don't use the same 2 or 3 formulas for every goal. If you really like football go with PES for 2020 and thank me later ;)

  • becoming sub10
    becoming sub10 4 hours ago

    Gamepass will save this game.

  • Sonim
    Sonim 4 hours ago

    Mexican waifu incoming

  • Sam porter
    Sam porter 4 hours ago

    Imagine U woke up and found that Stadia’s server crashed and when they r back online , U went to play the games u purchased for 5 years are now gone 😕😕😱😱😱

  • Ragemine
    Ragemine 4 hours ago

    I am excited....

  • ObadiahBumbley
    ObadiahBumbley 4 hours ago

    49:00 that sort of thing just gets me

  • TrapsterJ
    TrapsterJ 4 hours ago

    Really makes you *feel* like a kid again with all those exploitative lootbox mechanics.

  • Renoqi
    Renoqi 4 hours ago

    I wish they had Kyle as a main protagonist in the new movies... So much wasted potential on their end.

  • Kilani Playstation
    Kilani Playstation 4 hours ago

    I dont care about Fortnite, but dont EVER say nanananana Fortnite. Its nanananana Batman and it will stay like that.

  • SmoothLegend
    SmoothLegend 4 hours ago

    When "wasnt for me" tries to make an invalid critique.

  • Sam porter
    Sam porter 4 hours ago

    *How many of u believe that IGN nowadays lacks true reviewing??* Like please to show support 👇

  • Slade 29
    Slade 29 4 hours ago

    “New ball physics interrupts the flow of the game” “feels completely two paced” “Matches on these smaller pitches often descend into chaos and very little football actually taking place” “One thing that hasn’t changed are the microtransactions” 7.8-ign Wtf

  • DOOM92
    DOOM92 4 hours ago

    I’m not tryna be a hater but this looks mad decent.

  • Johnny Omegatron
    Johnny Omegatron 4 hours ago

    She is NOT funny and needs to stop trying to be. She tried being funny as well as smart at E3 and totally BOMBED!! Clearly she is there just for looks so maybe keep it that way!

  • Joaquin Romero victorica

    Some enemies looks kinda of flat

  • Aldi Aquila
    Aldi Aquila 4 hours ago

    EA hire me as ‘Manager Mode Consultant’

  • Kdubb815
    Kdubb815 4 hours ago

    FIFA really makes you FEEL like kicking yourself for supporting EA

  • Adel Elalem
    Adel Elalem 4 hours ago

    Where's Pes 2020 Review

  • Jeremiah Plays All
    Jeremiah Plays All 4 hours ago

    Goose simulator

  • MetroKarma3 Crewz
    MetroKarma3 Crewz 4 hours ago


  • Craig Stewart
    Craig Stewart 4 hours ago

    So this is where cap went after returning the stones

  • Subhasis Sarkar
    Subhasis Sarkar 4 hours ago

    should be 6.6 or something ... pes is better

  • Livinesh Game Lego
    Livinesh Game Lego 4 hours ago

    Can you play FIFA Volta in offline multiplayer

  • Hari Enun
    Hari Enun 4 hours ago

    Why no PES review?

  • }{ellKnight
    }{ellKnight 4 hours ago

    This game completely dropped off my radar after the EGS exclusive announcement.

  • Bin Laden
    Bin Laden 4 hours ago

    Smackdown vs Raw 2007 remaster

  • Brian Elias
    Brian Elias 4 hours ago

    fifa 20 ... 😄

  • cyberpunkice 99
    cyberpunkice 99 4 hours ago

    Rian Johnson...

  • easy pie
    easy pie 4 hours ago

    Finished Aladdin snes, watched credits, didn't see "shining mikami's" name? Lol

  • Alvian Mardhi
    Alvian Mardhi 4 hours ago


  • Aldi Aquila
    Aldi Aquila 4 hours ago

    Joao Felix face still fake?! Pogba’s hair still like that?! Lazy EA

  • Δημήτρης Ραβάνης

    Boycott FIFA 20 boycott EA

  • BenzNickN7
    BenzNickN7 4 hours ago

    7.8 rly? For the same game? Jeeez ign.....

  • دحام العنزي

    4.5 from IGN!!! Sign me up.....

  • Arthur Ash
    Arthur Ash 4 hours ago

    Why is there a Fifa 20 review but no Pes 20 review eventhough its been days since Pes release?!!

  • hardup29
    hardup29 4 hours ago

    What’s next curry man

  • Radhi 8
    Radhi 8 4 hours ago

    who still playing this game again in 2019? high five

  • دحام العنزي

    That's it IGN is unreliable. Almost everything they don't like is great.

  • Tj Thomas
    Tj Thomas 4 hours ago

    I dont like silent protagonist

  • Hardcore Panda
    Hardcore Panda 4 hours ago

    LOL! After calling it walking simulator they finally edited the walking part out and showing just the action part. No game ever needed just the "Every Action MOment" video.

    HUBBA AGE 4 hours ago

    Bruce lee from united states HAHAH

  • Dane Sponberg
    Dane Sponberg 4 hours ago

    Red maybe katarinas brother when he finds out keen turned him into police he confided in Kats father where red asked if he forgave kat but also asked if he forgave red wen he responded he forgave his child

  • Kisai Yuki
    Kisai Yuki 4 hours ago

    I sincerely doubt it will have staying power once people realize how utter crappy north american internet is. It might do well in major cities, nowhere else though.

  • Dark Rage
    Dark Rage 4 hours ago

    Is this a real deleted scene if so why did they not keep it in!!

  • John Blake
    John Blake 4 hours ago

    Every year we get the same game with minor changes and people will still buy it.