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Hype Fatigue Is Real
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Netflix's Dracula - Review
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    ΛLDNOΛHSHΛDOW 4 hours ago

    I hope that TPCI don't come after these after them like they did with other things similar to it cause this looks fun

  • Derek James Raven
    Derek James Raven 4 hours ago


  • Sidragrosm
    Sidragrosm 4 hours ago

    Damn... I guess he really was an unstable stable-boy! (Hey..! at least it wasn't a Harry Potter reference!)

  • Pickle Otter
    Pickle Otter 4 hours ago

    This is very well executed. Well done 👍 🙏

  • Santander Vergara
    Santander Vergara 4 hours ago

    ENEMY Harry Potter Jokes INCOMIIIING!!!

  • Jesse McClanahan
    Jesse McClanahan 4 hours ago

    Any news if Hamburglar will make an appearance? *fingers crossed*

  • Dredious
    Dredious 4 hours ago

    To The Blob but with light

  • Jesse McClanahan
    Jesse McClanahan 4 hours ago

    I seriously don't understand why they removed the Hamburglar from this version!

  • Gummy Animations
    Gummy Animations 4 hours ago


  • Amelia Ashkin
    Amelia Ashkin 4 hours ago

    Digimon with Pokémon mashed into one. Although it reminds me of Mino Minster and other related phone apps

  • Jacob Kuttas
    Jacob Kuttas 4 hours ago

    Can this be a tv series rendering?

  • devrindare
    devrindare 4 hours ago

    This certainly feels like an anime

  • gungyeon
    gungyeon 4 hours ago

    Monster capture game genre expanding I see. Hell yeah can't wait!

  • Daniel Manzor
    Daniel Manzor 4 hours ago

    *is this Pokémon?*

  • No Hypocrisy
    No Hypocrisy 4 hours ago

    the only monster game that can take Pokemon's place is Digimon or Yugioh

  • Shaheim Brown
    Shaheim Brown 4 hours ago

    This review lost all credibility for me when they started out the video criticizing monster hunter

  • Razak Idris
    Razak Idris 4 hours ago

    2:13 is like *Suicide Squad* title . 😲

  • Brian Montesino
    Brian Montesino 4 hours ago

    All smash characters available December 2021 not 22

  • Bradigans D
    Bradigans D 4 hours ago

    Pokemon....Tem and tem?

    HADES 4 hours ago

    when will the download for Android come out?

    BL1NDGH0ST 5 hours ago

    I see a doom 2016 poster in the background

  • Fir3XHer0 _
    Fir3XHer0 _ 5 hours ago

    The Earth: planned to have androids destroy multiple towns and cities, and maybe the world. Goku and Piccolo: DEJA VU I HAVEN'T BEEN IN THIS PLACE BRFORE

  • Jace Johnson
    Jace Johnson 5 hours ago

    I'm not even hyped anymore for Superhero movies.

  • Darth Prime
    Darth Prime 5 hours ago

    The Couch scene and the tutoring the girl was the best scene😭😂🐹🐹🐹🔥👌🏻👌🏻🔥🔥🔥

  • Vam The Anomaly
    Vam The Anomaly 5 hours ago

    Im waitin for the Shogun of Harlem to come in and start askin' questions.

  • Sarah S
    Sarah S 5 hours ago

    This looks more promising than Pokemon sword and shield was

  • Azza Bazza
    Azza Bazza 5 hours ago

    First Handheld consoles... No internet... What was his electronics shop selling?

  • Colin Hawks
    Colin Hawks 5 hours ago

    Everyone commenting about the “voice acting”...but didn’t Zelda: BOTW sound like this 🧐

  • Huang Ryan
    Huang Ryan 5 hours ago

    Pokemon sword and shield or temtem? Comment for sword and shield Like for temtem.

  • Tomas Alexandre
    Tomas Alexandre 5 hours ago

    Simply go play Pokemon Revolution Online, is way better

  • Ragnar Redbeard
    Ragnar Redbeard 5 hours ago

    I usually don't care about obscure industry history stuff like this, but this guy's story is fascinating.

  • Dogboi76
    Dogboi76 5 hours ago

    Happy maskman: How long do you think it will take for you to receive my precious mask back?? EnNopp112: No

  • Hasaan
    Hasaan 5 hours ago

    Where the hell is my boy spidy

  • Apocalyptic Moose
    Apocalyptic Moose 5 hours ago

    Story: 7/10, same storyline as every star wars story since they stopped making games about the old republic (seriously, instead of the story of a galactic civil war it starts to feel as friends with lightsabers) Gameplay: 3/10, the combat system is so flawed that it'll punish you for even trying to party. Overall a compelling star wars story with a knockoff dark souls gameplay. My score 6/10. Edit: Even 16 later, there hasn't been any star wars game with lightsaber combat such as Jedi academy, the only game where you don't feel like you're hitting someone with an electrified pole

  • russ pc
    russ pc 5 hours ago

    bet voldermort would think twice about hunting harry if harry could put a 45 through his head before voldermort can say "MYEAAHHH"

  • Bentely Press
    Bentely Press 5 hours ago

    The art style alone is enough to keep me away.

  • Enter The Soundscape

    NOW I want this game, hated all the drama for the longest time but now I’m sold.

  • hothamandfauri
    hothamandfauri 5 hours ago

    So you can get different colored lightsabers. But can i get different kinds of light sabers? Like maybe Dooku's curved handle saber? Or Darth Mauls duel saber?

  • Grimmm 258
    Grimmm 258 5 hours ago

    Looks better than Sword and Shield

  • A Cat
    A Cat 5 hours ago


  • Riley S
    Riley S 5 hours ago

    I love it when he started cursing on the theater boss it’s like he does this everyday and somthing got messed up in the routine

  • Gogeta46power
    Gogeta46power 5 hours ago

    Temtem and Pokemon fans: Fight R34 artists: It's free real estate

  • Eyecanic
    Eyecanic 5 hours ago

    As they say: If you want to find bugs in the development of a game, give it to a speed runner.

  • _ KarlTheThing _
    _ KarlTheThing _ 5 hours ago

    “Courage to face those who could steal our fates” basically this entire fan base when Nintendo and Gamefreak try to get this taken off of steam for being better than Sword and Shield.

    • _ KarlTheThing _
      _ KarlTheThing _ 4 hours ago

      Ok boomer

    • Neevkl _7
      Neevkl _7 5 hours ago

      _ KarlTheThing _ it won’t be better than Swsh it’s an mmo with eh servers and no offline mode the first few years this game is gonna be laggy as hell until they get the servers to support it

  • Ren
    Ren 5 hours ago

    Looks like fun! Would love to play it when it comes out :0!

  • Ghost Blade
    Ghost Blade 5 hours ago

    The Matrix Path of Neo was the best movie game of 2005 next to Percy Jackson's king kong.

  • A1WAN
    A1WAN 5 hours ago

    0:13 when it's finally weekend

  • fdaad aiue
    fdaad aiue 5 hours ago


  • Bosco L
    Bosco L 5 hours ago

    I’m learning biology in mortal kombat

  • El Maverick
    El Maverick 5 hours ago

    Pokemon: MMOs are overrated and we will now release an expansion for 30$ even after selling Pokemon Sword and Shield with reused animations, incomplete pokedex and shitty graphics for 60$ Temtem Team: So you have chosen... Death.

  • Pholothe1
    Pholothe1 5 hours ago

    **Sends this run to Markiplier**

  • agofficial1
    agofficial1 5 hours ago

    I thought this was going to be updated with spectre. Thanks ign

  • jon berger
    jon berger 5 hours ago

    Anyone else think Blizzard took that cape idea from the movie... The Cell?

  • target index
    target index 5 hours ago

    I hope these graphic settings are on low in the video because they look very low quality, just bad.... even with the cartoon art style I hope whoever is playing just has bad PC specs. Wow even Fortnite has higher quality textures/shadows and it's 2 years old. The encoding could be done a bit better I'm sure too... Looks like an interesting game though other than that.

  • Chinpallate A
    Chinpallate A 5 hours ago

    I would not have minded if it was called, ITS YA BOY 2.

  • Heiro
    Heiro 5 hours ago

    again everything is in the trailer.....

  • Noah Birthisel
    Noah Birthisel 5 hours ago

    Jeez it sounds like the dev was the one speedrunning.

  • Frank Salaz
    Frank Salaz 5 hours ago

    Easy for temtem no Ash ketchum and a real protagonist that gets older and better 100% success

  • 内田ガネシュ
    内田ガネシュ 5 hours ago

    I thought it was a girl.

  • ssrojo
    ssrojo 5 hours ago

    Anime when?

  • Kide Howard
    Kide Howard 5 hours ago

    So in game dev all next gen games are made with PC in mind/formatted for it's just the publisher to decide. I mean go on PC PlayStation sells will go down

  • Grant Mangin
    Grant Mangin 5 hours ago

    1:16 five year olds in fortnite be like.

  • Aleksandar Nikolic
    Aleksandar Nikolic 5 hours ago

    Big + for song, i will try the game just because of it! In Flames we trust!

  • Google Chromulent
    Google Chromulent 5 hours ago

    Pokemon needs competition. Monopolies stagnate innovation and worsen the products they release because they don't need to better themselves if they're the only option.

  • Colin Hawks
    Colin Hawks 5 hours ago

    Holy crap the quality!!! Seriously, check those incredible animations!!! Well done mates 👍

  • Nacho Friend
    Nacho Friend 5 hours ago

    The music is so uncatchy and the name "Temtem" is just dumb. The game looks solid though.

  • Tyler Bailey
    Tyler Bailey 5 hours ago

    Aww I’m so sorry that somehow final fantasy got pushed back 3 months from now, but for some reason the avengers game gets pushed back 8 MONTHS FROM NOW. I mean take your time and all that to please the fans but I’d rather know about the game when it officially releases instead of being baited till it comes out. Out of all things, it’s Avengers. Wow.

  • Spectrum silver
    Spectrum silver 5 hours ago

    Digimon pokemon mixbreeds

  • EazyHelper
    EazyHelper 5 hours ago

    Minecraft anyone?

  • Lily Cruz
    Lily Cruz 5 hours ago

    That platypus (fake pokemon leak starter) was from here !!! OMG

    • Neevkl _7
      Neevkl _7 5 hours ago

      Lily Cruz no he’s not from here temtem bought him

  • Boy Pak
    Boy Pak 5 hours ago

    Platipus is very cute..it is fake pokenon starter before

  • areudeadyet
    areudeadyet 5 hours ago

    I made my mind, PS4 Slim ... Also, take a look at some videos how loud are both consoles, Slim also win! If you want better graphics, wait for new PS5 / Xbox SX consoles ..

  • Alex Lee
    Alex Lee 5 hours ago

    i love pokemon but ngl this is some pretty hyphy stuff right here. Cant wait to see it play out!

  • Dan Chavez
    Dan Chavez 5 hours ago

    Avatar is overrated. Why do we need 4 more?

  • DopeManOn MVP
    DopeManOn MVP 5 hours ago

    I can finally use six fingers now on controller this is gaming change for cheap people like me.

  • Jose Paulo Dino
    Jose Paulo Dino 5 hours ago

    New Harry Potter movie looks dope

  • Riley S
    Riley S 5 hours ago

    Is he hacking it ??

  • Nakashi555
    Nakashi555 5 hours ago

    Internet: An animal collecting game? Nintendo: Hold my Switches.

  • lemonkiller69
    lemonkiller69 5 hours ago


  • DaiMos Billy
    DaiMos Billy 5 hours ago

    What if I played all those games before but not addicted to any of those 😅

  • Osiris3657
    Osiris3657 5 hours ago

    That Metric song was a perfect song for the trailer

  • Arkey
    Arkey 5 hours ago

    my only gripes is them calling it temtems

  • Neevkl _7
    Neevkl _7 5 hours ago

    My main issue with temtem is the creatures themselves the art styles are so inconsistent that it’s really distracting

  • I Have Spoken
    I Have Spoken 5 hours ago

    Harry Potter and the 2nd Amendment

  • Ramon Rodriguez
    Ramon Rodriguez 5 hours ago

    Wtf is this garbage.....

  • shallowkittyartist
    shallowkittyartist 5 hours ago

    I thought i saw that platypus creature before, i just googled Platypus fakemon and found it. Did they steal the design?

  • 5774474864
    5774474864 5 hours ago

    It's so beautiful 🥺

  • Furniture Dorito / Future Borito

    I just come back for the song. That’s all. Move on to the next comment.

  • Mr Hippo
    Mr Hippo 5 hours ago

    Dude could’ve just ignited their lightsabers and just go “oh their sith their a enemy of the Jedi” and leave

  • moonking192020
    moonking192020 5 hours ago

    Man I just dropped a poop after drinking a lukewarm ice coffee... Wow!

  • Roy epic350
    Roy epic350 5 hours ago


  • Christopher Lyle
    Christopher Lyle 5 hours ago

    Fun fact :This game costed 250 MILLION dollars to develop

    ICECONE 5 hours ago

    Overwatch anybody? that made such a impact on gaming and esports

  • Dennis L.
    Dennis L. 5 hours ago

    Yesss! Its about time they did a remake

  • Joshua Edward
    Joshua Edward 5 hours ago

    Kid: mum i want temtem Mom: we have temtem at home Temtem at home: pokemon sw/sh Saw this comment from somewhere

  • Kaizze C
    Kaizze C 5 hours ago

    RE2: Clare gets a rocket launcher RE3: Nemesis gets a rocket launcher

  • Niskara
    Niskara 5 hours ago

    Doom Hunter: Ah, a Doom Slayer. Finally, a worthy opponent. Our battle will be legendary! Doom Slayer: This will be a minor inconvenience

  • Youngster Joey
    Youngster Joey 5 hours ago

    Hope there's a Youngster Joey in this game...

  • Carol Liu
    Carol Liu 5 hours ago

    Nintendo servers wont hold over million + people lol

  • SwatyChopsuey
    SwatyChopsuey 5 hours ago

    So now we know where the meme picture came up 2 years ago