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Need for Speed Heat Review
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Pistol Whip Review
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  • Scott Summers
    Scott Summers 3 hours ago

    I miss crazy Jim Carrey 😂

  • Bro Latias
    Bro Latias 3 hours ago

    When are we gonna get a reveal for starter evolutions.

  • Tobias O'Brien
    Tobias O'Brien 3 hours ago

    Redesign is a lot better! As I never saw the 1st trailer until now I have to say the 2nd trailer blew my socks! They've made Sonic look fcking awesome compared to the game. Be weird if someone makes a game of this though...Bet someone will 😏

  • Abiyyu Putra Hassyah

    Sonic and Cyclops vs the Riddler, I dig it

  • SeaKnight TV
    SeaKnight TV 3 hours ago

    A little better than before but still too flurry

  • Stephen Davies
    Stephen Davies 3 hours ago

    Wait I cut up that hammer guy, why didnt I get the hammer weapon? D=

  • Lobos222
    Lobos222 3 hours ago

    This game would probably work better if it had controls similar to Gabriel Knight 3. As in it was a point and clicker game in a 3D world, but you only controlled a free roaming camera and clicked where you wanted your character to go and such. The character would then walk over, but teleport to "just outside your view" when you clicked and therefor not needing you to wait for a long time for some slow walking investigator to get there. Retaining the core feelings and themes of a point and clicker.

  • Cjak
    Cjak 3 hours ago

    no one: Sonic: Uh meow

  • Arsenal Fury
    Arsenal Fury 3 hours ago

    Unpopular opinion: Harley Quinn is really annoying and not at all funny. Do not like the character.

  • nepali choro
    nepali choro 3 hours ago

    There doesn’t need to be a fking Sci fi action with massive gun fights with effects in every games Jesus f IGN. Simple walking or running game with deep rich story lines can also be truely masterpiece. This game proves it . Also FYI, u can take another route and at this point of time can access bikes . Idk what’s ur point u r trying to prove here

  • FireDemon 119
    FireDemon 119 3 hours ago

    The redesign looks much better


    bigger eyes makes him look like Sonic should be..

  • Cyber Quest
    Cyber Quest 3 hours ago

    But wait where is the missile and the time is going to slow down and he will act like his drumming I miss that scene

  • Cristhians OC
    Cristhians OC 3 hours ago


  • Pablo Remacho
    Pablo Remacho 3 hours ago

    Disney doesn't know what Star Wars Universe means.

  • BAYDROID ! Games
    BAYDROID ! Games 3 hours ago

    What song ?

  • Asif Miles
    Asif Miles 3 hours ago

    Far far better now

  • KERD
    KERD 3 hours ago

    This could be a great way to explain death to younger audiences

  • the blank001
    the blank001 3 hours ago


  • KoalaOnRockets
    KoalaOnRockets 3 hours ago


  • Conor Makwana
    Conor Makwana 3 hours ago

    Why not make rated r movie

  • AgentZStudio of Animations

    Joker it looks like uncle jack from we happy few game

  • Rising Step
    Rising Step 3 hours ago


  • Wolf Snyth / SynthGaming

    This is like that one anime where as soon as it starts the happy go lucky girl gets hit by a truck and dies.

  • Chase Chambers
    Chase Chambers 3 hours ago

    How r u playing this when it is not even out yet?

  • Dylan Osmanovski
    Dylan Osmanovski 3 hours ago


  • Marcel Joron
    Marcel Joron 3 hours ago

    This is way better than fatalities of Mortal Kombat 11

  • laicor 122_p
    laicor 122_p 3 hours ago

    0:52 wtf with this blood.

  • michael morales
    michael morales 3 hours ago

    this baby could run cool math with 10,000 fps

  • Sky Knight
    Sky Knight 3 hours ago

    Advice, don't play it on ps4/slim if you have a 4k TV

  • Plus Panem P.
    Plus Panem P. 3 hours ago

    I love you penny voice!!!

  • Perfect Disco
    Perfect Disco 3 hours ago

    Sonic is my spirit animal

  • Natan Silva
    Natan Silva 3 hours ago

    fifa is better than DS and Silent Hill

  • Midnight Rockstar
    Midnight Rockstar 3 hours ago

    Finally, they fixed the poor guy, I just could NOT work with the old design!

  • topknot01
    topknot01 3 hours ago

    If that means Moonknight crossing over with the movie universe (unlikely) then I expect a completely watered down version for his show.

  • Sai Abhinav
    Sai Abhinav 3 hours ago

    Koi milgaya Hollywood

  • Cpt. Knight
    Cpt. Knight 3 hours ago

    This game is very impressive. All those unique orcs to kill

  • Ryan Hau
    Ryan Hau 3 hours ago

    If it's going to be like the Harley Comics, then each episode must have at least one drug induce hallucination

  • Rorscharch's Journal

    Im guessing IGN doesn't drug test.

  • Ranic Khaan
    Ranic Khaan 3 hours ago

    Much better.

  • clarkxxkent1
    clarkxxkent1 3 hours ago

    it always amazes me how ridiculous reedus always looks...like a fucken grunge teenager GROW UP

  • Tugau 666
    Tugau 666 3 hours ago

    Harley Quinn Overrated character 🤮

  • Damien Edwards
    Damien Edwards 3 hours ago

    Jim Jefferies?!

  • hunkyvampire
    hunkyvampire 3 hours ago

    Cant have enough of Girl Power!

  • Alien Bacon
    Alien Bacon 3 hours ago

    SO. MUCH. BLOOD. I love it!!!

  • Sean Thompson
    Sean Thompson 3 hours ago

    8/10 Music bad Too short, at least 10 min too short. Hopefully just the pilot was that short. If they are all going to be this short why bother. I'll just watch them all at once. C'mon Disney, you have the money to make full length episodes. A little simple and fast like a cartoon but once again it's just the pilot and hopefully it will change otherwise it's just Clone Wars/Rebels all over again.

  • elsa arendelle
    elsa arendelle 3 hours ago

    "Ugh, is the bad guy my dad? -_-" daphne is such a mood💜

  • this hat
    this hat 3 hours ago

    TheXvid is getting to comfortable with these 8-14-20 second ads that you cant skip

  • villen
    villen 3 hours ago

    Honestly the game just isn't that fun to play. This is one of the most poorly designed shooters I have ever played. The maps are extremely bad, and because of the way they designed the game with the extremely fast TTK it encourages a style of play that isn't fun to play or play against. The only semi tolerable game mode is ground war and even then it's 20+ players out of the 64 total that are sitting in buildings, on top of buildings or on the far edge of the maps not doing anything. And don't get me started on the tanks in that game mode.. they don't belong in this game.

  • HankTheCartoonist
    HankTheCartoonist 3 hours ago

    Who would want to compare the original!?!?

  • Lt. Fireguy
    Lt. Fireguy 3 hours ago


  • Never Serious
    Never Serious 3 hours ago

    If this guy had tried this on my Xbox One the loading screens alone would have been more than 12 minutes

  • Chiara Dal Col
    Chiara Dal Col 3 hours ago

    I appreciate the amount of time they put into recreating the design and animation throughout the movie. Honestly they could have just ignored the whole situation...

  • ThisIsIt
    ThisIsIt 3 hours ago

    If i dont watch this now ill feel bad

  • yeetus
    yeetus 3 hours ago

    Too bad her talent and performance was overshadowed by EAs unending greed. She is hot af as well, congrats

  • Jason Guzman
    Jason Guzman 3 hours ago

    this score is so inaccurate!

  • Aron Travis
    Aron Travis 3 hours ago

    So do you do the same thing over and over again in the game or is there actually different and fun things to do

  • Voracious T
    Voracious T 3 hours ago

    i'm going to see this because even its allright of a movie the studio listened and got to work to fix it so i'm showing my support to the team of animators

  • Killer kl-rt
    Killer kl-rt 3 hours ago

    Remember that game for the psone? Danger girls? I think. This looks like that

  • IzFan Art Animeme
    IzFan Art Animeme 3 hours ago


  • lance valentine
    lance valentine 3 hours ago

    Bring back the other dude, at least he acted hype. This chick sounds boring and bland

  • Psychotic Ninja
    Psychotic Ninja 3 hours ago

    Look at us! We're being edgy and cool! See! Please love us...

  • Income Tax
    Income Tax 3 hours ago

    shaggy's voice seems... off

  • Mixey
    Mixey 3 hours ago

    IGN vs Kojima....

  • Jesse Rya
    Jesse Rya 3 hours ago

    Why can't Thor and the hammer both possess the power? It's really not that complicated

  • EwanEGaming
    EwanEGaming 3 hours ago

    Does anyone else like the music at 0:22??

  • Captain Captain
    Captain Captain 3 hours ago

    Since I hit the second region, I've walked to deliveries a handful of times. There are roads everywhere, hell, I myself spent more than 10 hours and 2 days building most of the roads myself. I've never built anything, never had too. No structures of any kind because other do it for me, so I have hella materials for the roads. It's insanely easy now. I'm kinda disappointed. It's Uber easy. The whole strand system is like a cheat code that's always on, and I don't like it. The game is too easy now. I don't struggle at all. The roads bypass bts and mules, and the vehicles move so damn fast time fall isn't even a factor anymore. You never wear out equipment, or get shot, or nothin. You just load down your truck with a ridiculous amount of cargo, and take a stroll from one city to the next, back and forth, racking up the likes. It's insane.

  • Santiago Castañeda
    Santiago Castañeda 3 hours ago

    Is it April's fools day???

  • DavidJG
    DavidJG 4 hours ago

    Americans are dumb. They like fast food games.

  • J B
    J B 4 hours ago

    Not available on Vizio TV. But you don't know that until you've already given your credit card number. Now I'll get charged for the first month. That I never watched. Scam?

  • Yaozine
    Yaozine 4 hours ago

    Well this is a success

  • Headbangerr 1983
    Headbangerr 1983 4 hours ago

    OK, you got me since very first seconds. I was in love. ...and then you've lost me at 15:20.

  • Nightcøring Yøungster

    Finally hope for a video game movie

  • J&N Gaming and More!

    Not gonna lie I’m interested exclusively for Jim Carey.

  • Molitov Michelle
    Molitov Michelle 4 hours ago

    What does Stadia do that my PC, Ps4, Xbox and Switch does already? Oh that is right, eats bandwidth. Datacaps is still a thing for the majority of the world.

    DON'T LOOK BACK!! 4 hours ago

    #andamovie would be streets ahead

  • QuarterNutzTV
    QuarterNutzTV 4 hours ago

    ign=in game name

  • H20 Delirious
    H20 Delirious 4 hours ago

    Every Sonic fans: aight imma head back.

  • Teo Test
    Teo Test 4 hours ago

    Legit review. Agree.

  • The Big Zaddy Show
    The Big Zaddy Show 4 hours ago

    I know this is gonna BOMB on rotten tomatoes 🍅 but at least they fixed Sonic.

  • Ghefira RJ
    Ghefira RJ 4 hours ago

    please answer me!! where is the movie from?

  • Niccolo Machiaveli
    Niccolo Machiaveli 4 hours ago


  • minh hiển trần
    minh hiển trần 4 hours ago

    *plot twist* The old sonic is used to advertise the new ones

  • nobodie 999
    nobodie 999 4 hours ago

    Liking just bc of Jez. Lobe ya Jex, you're effing awesome!

  • Aria V. Jayarajasa
    Aria V. Jayarajasa 4 hours ago

    Not better or on par with Forza Horizon 4? Nevermind then.

  • Shkelethor [ Z A W A R U D O ]

    nice nice Sonic chan

  • Redgrin Grumboldt
    Redgrin Grumboldt 4 hours ago

    Konami: **pachinko noises stop**

  • Allan Thomson
    Allan Thomson 4 hours ago

    No han shot first. End of.

  • DjVanHeb
    DjVanHeb 4 hours ago

    EA releasing 2 games without microtransactions in the same month. WTF is going on?

  • Andrew Flook
    Andrew Flook 4 hours ago

    You forgot the part where Vagrant Story takes place in Ivalice, and is connected to Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII.

  • RONY
    RONY 4 hours ago

    0:05 Me and the boys going to get some Vodka

  • Krypto
    Krypto 4 hours ago

    Kaley Cuoco was a bad! Choice for Harley ...There's zero personality there

  • Robert Aponte Godén

    Omg this is beautiful 😍

  • LukeE94
    LukeE94 4 hours ago

    *_Space Souls_*

  • The last Lin Kuei
    The last Lin Kuei 4 hours ago


  • KalMyre
    KalMyre 4 hours ago

    Tododile best starter

  • Melty_wave
    Melty_wave 4 hours ago

    Dude wtf even walking through the alleys still feel like it has that cinematic view to it this is amazing

  • gavin rutten
    gavin rutten 4 hours ago

    What about F.E.A.R 2

  • Berkann Orakci
    Berkann Orakci 4 hours ago

    Looks like the first 1 just a little more new scenes and new sonic that's it :/