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Here's To The Well Worn
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Here's To The Well Worn
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Here's To The Well Worn
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  • Larry Campbell

    Too bad this store is just very unaffordable

  • Paula Fernandes
    Paula Fernandes 12 days ago

    God Bless you Mr, Jagger Gordon, You are an angle. How can we spread the word to people we see you on the net but how about the ones that do not have the net. There has to be a better way for people to see what we are doing out there. People have to start to come out and help more I really do not think the no how they have to step out to help someone in need and when they do they give it so fast and walk away like if someone will kill them. The heartfelt is not there with most people it is so sad that when you give someone in need just take the time to maybe Hug someone people have to think because of some time in the near future we will all need help some way or another. I just want to say all of the people around you need Hugs and to be talking to you are not above anyone we are all God's People. some were we have lost the sent's of Community and love and compassion and trust no one is saying if you give and talk with someone that you feel you have to bring them home we are saying please give to those in need get involved get to know the people in your community, not everyone one live's in a beg home when you reach out you find out that you are no different from that person in need. You will find a doctor, lawman, yes they are out there my dear friend they have fallen to bad time's So please look at Mr, Jagger Gordon this man and other's like him are seeing what is going on around his Community so Thank you, Mr. Jagger Gordon, you are a good man God Bless you.

  • 6030skippy82
    6030skippy82 19 days ago

    No more work ware ?

  • Julien Lamarche
    Julien Lamarche 26 days ago

    This is still your best ad. Many times when I think about walking outside in the cold winter, I think about this ad.

  • David Bennett
    David Bennett Month ago

    Why the move away from having cornered a niche market to being just another store in the casual clothing stream? I worked at 23 and 25 in the early 2000s and I'm sure that Mark has rolled over in his grave a few times seeing what you did to his store.

    • MarksClothing
      MarksClothing Month ago

      Hi David - in order to continue to grow and compete in an ever-changing retail landscape, we are always trying new things, something Mark Blumes was very passionate about. If you'd like to chat further, feel free to send us a direct message.

  • Rico Calimbas
    Rico Calimbas Month ago


  • Dolla Billz
    Dolla Billz 2 months ago

    Yoooo that was sweet!

  • Juan Salazar
    Juan Salazar 2 months ago

    I know your clothes are very good, now the name of the music in this video?

  • ANGELA HUBBARD rocknroll photographer

    beautiful video and story!

  • Michele Maher designs
    Michele Maher designs 3 months ago

    amazing Jagger!

  • Sensketsu
    Sensketsu 4 months ago

    why are they all white?

  • D Avid
    D Avid 5 months ago


  • Juan Salazar
    Juan Salazar 7 months ago

    The name of the music?

  • Jayden Oram
    Jayden Oram 7 months ago

    Is this a third party song? Or is it an actual release song?

  • redngolden
    redngolden 7 months ago

    I have never heard anyone say women can't fish, and no one is helping me become a nurse.

  • Maddox Anderson
    Maddox Anderson 7 months ago

    I have never heard anyone say women can’t fish

  • Priscella Qua
    Priscella Qua 7 months ago

    I usually skip ads or mute them if there is no option to skip them. But, this ad captivate me from one second in. I too have dreamt but am too coward to leave downtown Toronto to live out in the woods of BC... by myself. (Dreamt of being a Forest Ranger.) Props to you. All the best. Woodworking is a compliment to nature. Great video and music. Marks: more videos please and thank you. = )

  • Alexander Matveev
    Alexander Matveev 7 months ago


  • Versus 22
    Versus 22 7 months ago

    Who say women can't fish name one people

  • Phil. L.
    Phil. L. 8 months ago

    Now that's paying it forward. Well done to all of those who work towards good things.

  • AngryDuckSoup
    AngryDuckSoup 8 months ago

    sell what the customer asks for!

  • Daniel Gonzalez
    Daniel Gonzalez 8 months ago

    It's true, women can't fish, I bet she is a drag/dead weight on everyone else on the boat.

  • Markis Spokenword
    Markis Spokenword 8 months ago

    I watched this video 3 times that's how dedicated I am!

  • choponcorps
    choponcorps 8 months ago

    Yeah Jana!!!!!

  • SyntaxL0ve
    SyntaxL0ve 8 months ago

    This was a wonderful interview about a wonderful woman. The BCR misses you, but we're happy that you're happy. xo

  • Markis Spokenword
    Markis Spokenword 8 months ago

    You give me a gift card !

  • Markis Spokenword
    Markis Spokenword 8 months ago

    Are they free!

  • teddy boii
    teddy boii 8 months ago

    Are they for men?

  • MootoosWorld
    MootoosWorld 8 months ago

    The music is amazing!! I wanna move into that cabin! Ha ha ha!

  • Contour Ful
    Contour Ful 11 months ago

    So is this British Columbia?

  • English Financier

    best shoes for working inside a restaurant

  • Hawaiiguy Kailua

    Thanks for the review, I had no idea HH made work wear and I decided on this jacket over Carhartt, Deluth etc. I should receive it by next Friday and hope it's all that after months of deciding on a brand.

  • conmanumber1
    conmanumber1 Year ago

    beavers are cool!.

  • B
    B Year ago

    I love all marks commercials!!

  • makoonai
    makoonai Year ago

    Rarely stop to give props on ads, but this is awesome. Great job.

  • The Invisible Hand

    Love this ad. It's so rare to see a positive & masculine portrayal of fathers these days...

  • Swimming Pools
    Swimming Pools Year ago

    748 feminists disliked this

  • Sean Huslin
    Sean Huslin Year ago

    I love this commercial. A break from the pseudo-feminist propaganda that plagues our society today. Thank you Mark's for portraying the importance of a masculine role model.

  • Al B.
    Al B. Year ago

    My father was the best, hardworking, honourable and brilliant. who put thumbs down for this, probably losers. Enjoy welfare state. Ps: it’s irony for the less educated left:

  • Lifescape
    Lifescape Year ago

    Awesome dynamic range captured in this camera

  • Peter MacNeill
    Peter MacNeill Year ago

    Awesome 641 dislikes all most definitely the most retarded people of all the third generation feminists and beta male cucks who are the creepy male feminists who's ideology is cancerous to all of humanity because it's all commie goobly googa

  • wilderness to outrageous

    My dad is dead

  • ctrlshiftqq
    ctrlshiftqq Year ago

    Stop disliking you feminist libercucks

  • The Church of Lucio

    sexist af

    • The Church of Lucio
      The Church of Lucio Year ago

      ItzJosh Danoob it was a joke dw I’m not a libtard

    • Ice 12
      Ice 12 Year ago

      The Church of Lucio what is sexist?

  • Jacob Draper
    Jacob Draper Year ago

    I liked this video just to improve the ratio, unbelievable how some people can’t take one day to appreciate fathers without being offended

    • ctrlshiftqq
      ctrlshiftqq Year ago

      Jacob Draper i hate the penguins but... i guess i gotta like

  • Joseph Steinhauer

    I once thought oh yea this would be awesome time to buy dad clothes Once I had money

  • Box Addict
    Box Addict Year ago

    Marks is not doing the sjw you have my money

  • Tess F
    Tess F Year ago

    Keep doing what you're doing, Mark's, this is amazing

  • Owen Bardy
    Owen Bardy Year ago

    U suck

  • Xiellion
    Xiellion Year ago

    Awesome commercial! Wasn't really a marks shopper before, but because of this add I decided to go make a purchase at one of your locations, thanks for sticking up for dads

  • Ivan Novotny
    Ivan Novotny Year ago

    Nicely and tastefully done MC....thanks for posting/sharing.

  • Parsa Khani
    Parsa Khani Year ago

    Who the fuck is disliking this? What's wrong with good male role models?

  • MonkeyFists ye
    MonkeyFists ye Year ago

    Fuck you marks my dad's been dead for years

  • Preston Garvey
    Preston Garvey Year ago

    What's with all the dislikes ??

  • Fatty McPoopytits

    Beta male cucks just got triggered 😂

  • I snuck a retard into a sperm bank

    If you're a feminist and this offends you, please die

  • Billy Silly
    Billy Silly Year ago

    And I once felt dad putting sperm in my mom

  • Summit Wertwyn
    Summit Wertwyn Year ago

    Why did people dislike this?

  • Sammy Singh
    Sammy Singh Year ago

    Ya know, mothers can be heroes, but I get your point, I see both my parents as heroes, and since father’s day is coming up, it’s time to respect their roles in our lives

    • John H
      John H Year ago

      Sammy Singh Ya know, just because an ad calls father's heroes doesn't mean mother's aren't either.

  • ClutchEveryTime
    ClutchEveryTime Year ago

    Half the people watching this accidently clicked on it

  • T N
    T N Year ago

    you're lucky you even have one

  • Furious Fewer
    Furious Fewer Year ago

    Men have ruined this country. Shameful video

  • James
    James Year ago

    The dislikes are probably feminists

  • Dayu Guan
    Dayu Guan Year ago

    Lmao daddys, the most oppressed people 2018

  • sh9683
    sh9683 Year ago

    Apart from Home Depot this is the only ad for dad I have seen made. It’s alway Mother’s this mother’s that mother whatever. But never dads glad marks is doing this

  • Nathan
    Nathan Year ago

    This makes me feel so uncomfortable

    • Nathan
      Nathan Year ago

      Now now Johhny. Don't get your butt hurt over an unimportant comment over youtube.

    • Nathan
      Nathan Year ago

      Do your kids talk like 40-year olds about you in real life? Unless you teach them to be dramatic, soul demon..

    • LK Dark to Light
      LK Dark to Light Year ago

      Nathan why? Cant handle strong good men?

  • OldBruce
    OldBruce Year ago

    shoutout to the fatherless black people who disliked the video

    • Jesse Bruce
      Jesse Bruce Year ago

      I feel like I sometimes look exactly like your profile pic.

    • mounir gad
      mounir gad Year ago

      OldBruce سبحمجدو

  • thepineaushow
    thepineaushow Year ago

    Nice to see fathers not being ridiculed for once in the media!

  • Tav Nic
    Tav Nic Year ago

    Great ad

  • john doeg
    john doeg Year ago

    This video is so out of touch... its 2018 ppl - men aren't allowed to be heroes anymore! Men are nothing but shit nowadays lmao

    • Lisa Wang
      Lisa Wang Year ago

      Almost didn't catch that 😂

    • LK Dark to Light
      LK Dark to Light Year ago

      Freddie Brumovsky hes making fun of the sjws

    • john doeg
      john doeg Year ago

      Freddie Brumovsky they say there's a bit of truth behind every joke...

    • Fred Brumovsky
      Fred Brumovsky Year ago

      john doe is this sarcasm

  • Arron P.
    Arron P. Year ago

    I can't wait for my 'dad' to leave this world. alcoholic abuser

    • Arron P.
      Arron P. Year ago

      when im older? im 35, i think were past the talking it over time, I dont even know his age.. see he didnt stop the cycle, his father beat his mother and his brother just like he continued to drink and beat my mother and I. but i broke it. ive been married almost 10 years 2 kids 6 and a half yr old son 2 and a half yr old daughter she has cancer in her brain as well as diabetes insipidus which she will need the hormone for the rest of her life. she was diagnosed with cancer in feb with a biopsy. it was found in nov 2017. I would never lay a hand on either of my kids or my wife and I dont drink I'm 35 be 36 this year. I have a lot of mental scarring from that man. I cannot forgive him for what he has done to me. so I will never sit down and hear his story. nobody bothers with him he's a disgrace, ...a fact, children exposed to violence is the same as soldiers exposed to combat... so thats what its like to live with his everlasting scars that are stuck with me to this heart wants to forget but my mind won't let me... i didnt expect to say all this so if it needs to be deleted go ahead

    • Box Addict
      Box Addict Year ago

      Maybe sit with him when your older and listen to his story we can't go back in time but we can learn and still show love

    • John H
      John H Year ago

      Arron P. Oh

  • whatishannahdoing

    thank you for this, Marks! 🙌🏽✨ happy Fathers Day (in advance) to all the fathers out there!

  • Odella Orca
    Odella Orca Year ago

    Only selfish insecure people who are scared of being forgotten bring children into this fucked world.

    • kequilla
      kequilla Year ago

      Thats not the question. Are you the tree that falls in the woods with no one to hear it fall?

    • Odella Orca
      Odella Orca Year ago

      kequilla Lol no I took too much magic shrooms I do not fear death

    • kequilla
      kequilla Year ago

      Are you insecure about being forgotten?

  • Austin Parnell
    Austin Parnell Year ago

    Here before the feminist and cucks

    • Nicholas mercadante
      Nicholas mercadante Year ago

      Pokemario Fan Literally look at the like to dislike ratio, you'll find them there.

    • LK Dark to Light
      LK Dark to Light Year ago

      like i said, are you lving under a rock? go look around for abit

    • Ryan C
      Ryan C Year ago

      Pokemario Fan feminism or cancer? I'd choose cancer if I were you

    • Pokemario Fan
      Pokemario Fan Year ago

      No. If this is such the rampant problem, please show me proof.

    • LK Dark to Light
      LK Dark to Light Year ago

      Pokemario Fan r u living under a rock?

  • Mike smith
    Mike smith Year ago

    Keep up the good work dads

  • Thomas Rivard
    Thomas Rivard Year ago

    there goes my dad

  • Wolfcat Wildcat
    Wolfcat Wildcat Year ago

    Mark's Please keep making Pro Dad video's,

  • novemberjam
    novemberjam Year ago

    Why does a video, appreciative of fatherhood have a like/ dislike ratio of 2:1 ?

    • Al B.
      Al B. Year ago

      People whom have nothing, and earn nothing.

    • NeonXeno2
      NeonXeno2 Year ago

      3:2 now

    • Box Addict
      Box Addict Year ago

      Sjws attack anything male related

    • novemberjam
      novemberjam Year ago

      Soul Demon wow 500 dislikes now

    • LK Dark to Light
      LK Dark to Light Year ago

      Abdullah they hate themselves and are to selfish to let others enjoy life

  • Andrew Robert
    Andrew Robert Year ago

    Great video guys! Fathers need to be appreciated too.

  • wolvie45
    wolvie45 Year ago

    first video that isnt sjw propaganda.

  • Tanner Reid
    Tanner Reid Year ago

    Yea my fuckin dad died when I was 12 lmao

  • Gavin Glittergutz

    Inb4 feminists attack

  • Meow Meow One
    Meow Meow One Year ago

    Meow appreciates these kinds of humans, the planet needs mOOOAAARRR of them!!!

  • that piece of sh*t taco

    I hope no feminists attack this video Like if you agree

    • that piece of sh*t taco
      that piece of sh*t taco Year ago

      Orlando Festrox I agree with you. I love my dad . And Canada is becoming too gay for me

    • Orlando Festrox
      Orlando Festrox Year ago

      that piece of sh*t taco Just because THEY don't love their Dads that doesn't give them the right to attack those of us who love ours. My parents are now in their 90s and I still honour and love BOTH of them. Maybe TheXvid pushed this ad to me because of this. It's just horrible what Canada is becoming, so I'm going to show appreciation for Mark's caring enough to create this ad. It captures the spirit of how I see my own Dad. If Dad is victimized by attackers, then I shall defend Dad!

    • Whistleblower
      Whistleblower Year ago

      86 feminists already saw this