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  • DJ 2NOA
    DJ 2NOA 4 hours ago

    Missed these guys lol

  • joblagz
    joblagz 4 hours ago

    i hope bob lazar on his death bed admit that he's a fraud and put an end to all his lies.

  • do nothing club
    do nothing club 4 hours ago

    Y’all should check out joe rogan podcast with bob lazar it’s way better than the documentary also there’s way more details and parts of his story they left out

  • Ben Jinkins
    Ben Jinkins 4 hours ago

    "Runs on goo" lol

  • wildwolf
    wildwolf 4 hours ago

    Wait ununpentium (element 115) exists?

  • SGC_Angels
    SGC_Angels 4 hours ago

    Only real goats know what element 115 really does

  • Pikachu Love
    Pikachu Love 4 hours ago

    “Everybody murders people in the Sims” XD

  • Chaim7 Games
    Chaim7 Games 4 hours ago

    Element 115 and aliens 🤔

  • Zalo Vibe
    Zalo Vibe 4 hours ago

    These guys are virgins

  • Pikachu Love
    Pikachu Love 4 hours ago


  • Exploring And Such
    Exploring And Such 4 hours ago

    Goo tank clan

  • vishal singh
    vishal singh 4 hours ago

    I love you Australian persona

  • Band&Marvel Geek
    Band&Marvel Geek 4 hours ago

    Fun fact: they flew the U-2 planes over the Soviet Union. One of them got shot down over Russia in 1960. The pilot, Francis Gary Powers, survived the crash and was captured, but he wasn’t returned to the USA until 1962. Dulles tried to resign (because it was supposed to be a spy plane, but the Soviet Union was able to track it and shoot it down), but President Eisenhower took full responsibility for the incident and cancelled all flights over the Soviet Union.

  • linda byrne
    linda byrne 4 hours ago

    The Russians, Germans and Swedes worked on making Element 115 here on earth. The US were unlikely to share their "alien" discovery with them. That whistle-blowing Scientist is full of it!

  • Desirae Scott
    Desirae Scott 4 hours ago

    Roast mortem: 15:49 I feel bad for Sara 🤢

  • Sara Saeed
    Sara Saeed 4 hours ago

    How come nobody suspected the girl? She could've been the murderer too.

  • Emmanuel Konig
    Emmanuel Konig 4 hours ago

    This is the only thing from BuzzFeed I'll watch

  • coolguy1127
    coolguy1127 4 hours ago

    Yes let’s believe Bob Lazar who can’t prove he ever worked at Area 51 but even more he can’t prove he has a college degree? Maybe he’s just delusional.

  • Jackson Harris
    Jackson Harris 4 hours ago

    That’s not the whole story

  • sky lara
    sky lara 4 hours ago

    what if it's like Manticore from the show Dark Angel? Area 51 could just be the military creating highly advanced weapons in the forms of humans and clones lol

  • breakerofnames 123
    breakerofnames 123 4 hours ago

    Naruto ran for all of us even for a couple fancy pants 👖👊🏻👊🏻

  • KungFuJesus 1
    KungFuJesus 1 4 hours ago

    Recently in Australia, a new element was discovered in a meteorite

  • Gadazha RBX
    Gadazha RBX 4 hours ago

    love you guys

  • Hannah Cerasoli
    Hannah Cerasoli 4 hours ago

    The mannequin behind Shane got moved behind windows and I’m quaking

  • Tubikins Gaming
    Tubikins Gaming 4 hours ago

    Y’all are bsck

  • Jorg the Mercenary Spearman

    So, based on nothing else but this video, I assume Lazar is just lying for attention, or crazy. Because if he wasn’t, and he was spilling he beans like this, the government would have silenced him years ago no problem. The CIA has murdered world leaders for less, are we really going to believe they’d hesitate to eliminate one mid tier scientist who’s threatening to expose the alien conspiracy?

  • PTQ Vo
    PTQ Vo 4 hours ago

    Wait a minute, where is the figure in the tux behind Shane?

  • BM Tade
    BM Tade 5 hours ago

    About damn time u investigate it

  • Caitlyn Maiette
    Caitlyn Maiette 5 hours ago

    the only reason they were gone for so long was bc they needed time for their backs to heal from carring buzfeed ever since the try guys left

  • Baby K
    Baby K 5 hours ago

    “Lots of twists, so” sounded like a radio announcer 🤷‍♀️

  • CymbalKnight
    CymbalKnight 5 hours ago

    2:48 i cannot express how much I hated that

  • Mighty Mouse
    Mighty Mouse 5 hours ago

    Does the Holy water act as a barrier to only keep her in? Because if I knew I was stuck in a house that contained a demonic raggedy ann with powers that transcend it's prison and could spiritually send me to my death, I would undoubtedly be questioning the supplier.

  • adrian hernandez
    adrian hernandez 5 hours ago

    I like to raid my fridge on the weekends.

  • Raymond Martinez
    Raymond Martinez 5 hours ago

    Someone give Ryan a fade please lmao.

  • ZTOX
    ZTOX 5 hours ago

    Fake news

  • Drew Richardson
    Drew Richardson 5 hours ago

    You guys are awesome, love your content but I feel like you glossed over Bob Lazars statements and misrepresented him somewhat. The mans life has literally been ruined by all of this and he hasn’t gained anything from revealing what he says happened to him. I’m on the fence about a lot of people who claim they’ve seen aliens or worked in secret projects for the government, but I think Bob is a credible person. He said there was an element 115 and that turned out to be factual, just because we haven’t been able to synthesize it or make it stable doesn’t mean he’s lying.

  • cherricitrus
    cherricitrus 5 hours ago

    the boys are back the boys are back the boys are back gonna do it again gonna wake up the neighborhood and scare all demons from this earth thanks shane

  • Kya Lazz
    Kya Lazz 5 hours ago

    I’m watching the true crime one before I sleep because it doesn’t scare me as much 😂

  • Bryxnt
    Bryxnt 5 hours ago

    Oh shut up buzzfeed . Get off my feed

  • jordan kay
    jordan kay 5 hours ago

    Can u guys stop with the jokes that aint funny just get to the point

  • Lyrical
    Lyrical 5 hours ago

    element 115 like call of duty zombies 😳😳

  • Cardinal
    Cardinal 5 hours ago

    The lie that Is Bob Lazar, he said he stole Element 115 but yet it doesn’t even last long enough for you to touch it, plus it’s highly radioactive. Just because Element 115 was eventually discovered doesn’t mean the names share any similarity. He said he obtained college degrees that he never actually obtained. Also there’s never been anyone who’s corroborated Bobs story. Also Edward Teller never did confirm that he knew Bob Lazar.

  • Melanie Lopez
    Melanie Lopez 5 hours ago

    Ryan as Indiana Jones 😍😍 I have some treasure you can come looking for 😏😏

  • c00chie catch3r
    c00chie catch3r 5 hours ago

    “dennis” is Bob Lazar

    SHADOW MAKER 5 hours ago

    What if you need to find the treasure at night to see the clues , just saying .

  • Destanie R
    Destanie R 5 hours ago

    when shane is doing his bono impression he sounds like the white witch's dwarf sidekick in narnia when he's driving the sleigh

  • naerial
    naerial 5 hours ago

    All objects that have mass produce their own gravity already...

  • Menty
    Menty 5 hours ago

    These mfs were playing nazi zombies in the 80s

  • Nana Green
    Nana Green 5 hours ago

    my uncle works at area 51 and whenever he gets asked he act dang suspicious. i’m not saying anything but...

  • Leviathan800
    Leviathan800 5 hours ago

    Element 115 also caused the zombie virus in Call of duty zombies, so that’s something to think about

  • kiki -kiki
    kiki -kiki 5 hours ago

    im so happy they are back 🤧

  • boss G.
    boss G. 5 hours ago

    4:14 the guy is kicking the wall 😂😂😂 .

  • Jemima Gregory
    Jemima Gregory 5 hours ago

    when will we see buzzfeedSOLVED????

  • Mewantsnax __
    Mewantsnax __ 5 hours ago

    I did some research on the "physicist." He actually was never a physicist, he was film processor and a owner of United Nuclear Scientific, which was based in Michigan. He also never worked at Area 51. Furthermore, he claimed to have earned degrees from MIT and Caltec, which were proven false. You can read more about him here:

  • Cagy games
    Cagy games 5 hours ago


  • Mattie Bee
    Mattie Bee 5 hours ago


  • Tee McWeirdy Person
    Tee McWeirdy Person 5 hours ago


  • Mory Traore
    Mory Traore 5 hours ago

    Wait. Are villagers real?

  • Mikko
    Mikko 5 hours ago

    Aight but we ain’t gonna we ain’t gonna y’all about the Saints cheating In 2009?

  • Keith Callaway
    Keith Callaway 5 hours ago

    Paul the green dude Area 51

  • John citizen
    John citizen 5 hours ago

    "they can't stop us all" ACTUALLY THEY CAN.....

  • Laforce Dave
    Laforce Dave 5 hours ago

    its the same , if your haunted your possessed cusz its attached to you. if you make it mad you loose control

  • Persus Porama
    Persus Porama 5 hours ago


  • Amin Drawz stuff
    Amin Drawz stuff 5 hours ago

    Did you now that Tom delonge got so much proof of aliens that nasa couldn’t prove him wrong. If you don’t believe me then search it up and you’ll find it on the news

  • Manong Ban
    Manong Ban 5 hours ago

    Oh sh*t they're back. lemme get some popcorn.

  • Jacob Martinez
    Jacob Martinez 5 hours ago

    Using element 115 Black ops zombies player 👀👀😳

  • Greg Jans
    Greg Jans 5 hours ago

    All elements produce their own gravity....that's how gravity works #shaniac 4 life

  • Kendrick Jude Mausisa

    Damn do you see Ryan's biceps tho!

  • Laforce Dave
    Laforce Dave 5 hours ago

    the more you dont egnore they are there the better you cane communicate , like they feed on energy , they get very strong like locking my windows or doors breaking lamps when am depressed . Short sounds are my moste common.They appear whit me mostley black and they aint good. I moved a few times i dont even buy stuff anymore and sleep in the living room,my way of keeping peace is bedroom is yours and living room is mine,,i tried medication and many other things but am fine healthy person. If you believe me or not dont bother me, it is what it is

  • Naomi Nwosu
    Naomi Nwosu 5 hours ago

    Did Shane’s “ yeah yeah yeah...” make anyone else uncomfortable? 😂

  • Theyaf
    Theyaf 5 hours ago

    Obviously aliens exist my cousins wife is from Canada

  • Velvet P
    Velvet P 5 hours ago

    Gosh I miss you guys so much my nights have been so long and so boring without y’all

  • emilie
    emilie 5 hours ago

    they need their own channel

  • Reese Klinedinst
    Reese Klinedinst 5 hours ago

    This is fake

  • Mattias Andersson
    Mattias Andersson 5 hours ago

    This video is practically obsolete because of the leaked footage and the government was just like "well ya got us"

  • cyn
    cyn 5 hours ago

    what if, there IS a linked in for criminals on the dark web and its the most protected website on the dark web and the most infamous criminal duos/ groups met each other there but sinces its so protected the police have never been able to uncover this website let alone know of its existence, just a hypothetical to think about

  • thirdworldassassin
    thirdworldassassin 5 hours ago

    bob lazar is a fraud

  • It'z_GachaHailey
    It'z_GachaHailey 5 hours ago

    They are poets and they didnt even know it

  • Mel Hope
    Mel Hope 5 hours ago

    Here's the thing about making elements, with each new element made, it comes down to the number of protons the element has that gives it it's number. So element 115 was made by them momentarily combining and stabilizing 115 protons (and adding the necessary neutrons and electrons.) Although the higher the number of protons is, the less stable they become. Basically meaning these elements exist in theory but it all comes down to someone being able to stabilize it and physically create the element, even if it self destructs moments after it's made (and we get to learn about their properties too).

    RICOLIVES116 PS4 5 hours ago

    0:50 Shane my middle school science teacher was arrested. He brought tequila because he wanted to take shots with the Aliens.

  • Grace Torgeson
    Grace Torgeson 5 hours ago

    AQUATONE makes me think of Aqua Net

  • XBox Nation
    XBox Nation 5 hours ago

    It is not named “Area 51” because it was at area number 51 in Nevada. The site actually borders area 15 which is where it got the name from.

  • Xuxa Gonzales
    Xuxa Gonzales 5 hours ago

    Do a episode on Helltown. Would like to know more about it’s suspicious history

  • Josie Joyner
    Josie Joyner 5 hours ago

    i mean the government basically confirmed ufo sightings so😳😳

  • Megan Honrud
    Megan Honrud 5 hours ago

    6:40 has the same vibe as the Guardians of the Galaxy... Rocket: Why do you want to save the galaxy? What has it ever done for you? Peter Quill: Because I'm one of the idiots who lives in it!

  • alex
    alex 5 hours ago

    You guys should do a video of The Hidden secrets of S4 👽

  • Robert Whitley
    Robert Whitley 5 hours ago

    Why is it so hard for people to accept the fact that we are alone in the universe?It's been PROVEN there is no life out there.We have images of distant galaxies,there are no signs of life,no ships,no artificially created signals,just natural resources waiting for us to take them.The fact that we are absolutely alone in the universe should excite people,it means everything out there is ours!No competition,just an endless amount of resources to use,planets to colonize,not a single alien in our way,nothing to stop us!

  • Lindy Root
    Lindy Root 5 hours ago

    Someone found it (T-T)

  • Tammie Heazlit
    Tammie Heazlit 5 hours ago

    Love you guys.

  • ಠ_ಠ wassup_bRo
    ಠ_ಠ wassup_bRo 5 hours ago

    Luv U-2

  • It'z_GachaHailey
    It'z_GachaHailey 5 hours ago

    Think about it if energy is never created or destroyed then where does that energy go?

  • Allyson B.
    Allyson B. 5 hours ago

    Finally a video, I love you so much please make more daily

  • Nicoteen696
    Nicoteen696 5 hours ago

    Suppose to only aliens in area 51 are illegal Mexicans

  • Nicoteen696
    Nicoteen696 5 hours ago

    Suppose to only aliens in area 51 are illegal Mexicans

  • Hazel Alejandro
    Hazel Alejandro 5 hours ago


  • Jodie Kirwan
    Jodie Kirwan 5 hours ago

    11:35 - Cosmic False Flag?

  • caveman13126
    caveman13126 5 hours ago

    wow my home town of oswego was actually on a popular video nice

  • The Gaming Blader
    The Gaming Blader 6 hours ago

    Element 115? From zombies??

  • Maya Relling
    Maya Relling 6 hours ago

    You guys should come to the Belvoir Winery and Inn. It is in Liberty, Missouri, a town just outside of Kansas City. It used to be an insane asylum, old folks home, and orphanage.

  • Marissol Rodriguez
    Marissol Rodriguez 6 hours ago

    What if Peggy did it and she was just blaming it on Youell