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  • Jodie Howard
    Jodie Howard 7 hours ago

    What spawn of hell just came in to the world

  • Goku Blue
    Goku Blue 8 hours ago

    What a foul beast it needs to be send back to hell where it came from.

  • T Prime
    T Prime 8 hours ago

    Why is it all the red heads that aren't Irish? C'mon God. Stahp it!

  • fluidjazz
    fluidjazz 17 hours ago

    Free speech has been under attack for the last few years. Demonizing opinion and the very thing they decry minorities don't have, they deny people with different opinions of, and become the very thing that they supposedly oppose. The left will truly eat themselves.

  • white rabbit
    white rabbit Day ago

    What a disgusting animal.

  • xyzct
    xyzct Day ago

    Popp! Now there is a _real_ man.

  • ZergforLoser
    ZergforLoser Day ago

    Symbolic figure of modern feminism.

  • NoobyGamez
    NoobyGamez Day ago

    This is why I’ve stopped watching the news. So many lies and deception. Making feminists look good and making the west world look like the good guys everytime... ridiculous

  • What am I doing with my life studios Mapping

    Get shut off of industrial jobs Don’t they care about climate change!?

  • The Mr. Man
    The Mr. Man 2 days ago

    *_It was later promoted to lord of the feminists._*

  • Michael P
    Michael P 2 days ago

    She is a ridiculous joke of a human.

  • IvyMike Bushmann
    IvyMike Bushmann 3 days ago

    07:30 hashtags #killallmen, #Ibatheinmaletears,... popular with girls, #women... ?

  • John Hounslow-Robinson

    Feminism is a mental illness.

  • Lee J
    Lee J 3 days ago

    "Secret is worth keeping and doesn't do anybody any harm". Hmm - how about. 1. The child, who may never get to meet or know here biological father, for no other reason than the mother deems it so. 2. The biological father who may never get to meet or know his child. 3. The family of the biological father who may never get to meet their sibling, grandchild, niece/nephew. 4. The man who has been mislead into believing he is the father and thus has been defrauded out of thousands or even millions of pounds in child support. 5. The man who has been mislead into believing he is the father may be denied the possibility of reproducing, because he has been mislead into believing he already has. 6. The family of the man who has been mislead into believing he is the father who may be denied a genetic legacy. Dozens of people may be harmed by such a deception, especially if it's uncovered by accident or after a very long time.


    the nu rooling clarse are even referred to in the Bible... "they promise freedom while they themselves are slaves to depravity" "they forbid people to marry and abstain from certain foods that God created to be eaten with thanksgiving"

  • gone in a blink of an eye

    The WALL hits every female. This one looks like she is just about to. Lol. MGTOW is the way.

  • Mike C
    Mike C 4 days ago

    She looks lovely... In an Irma Grese kind of way!

  • Yul Hubbart
    Yul Hubbart 4 days ago

    Why are all militant feminists so repulsive to look at? And I wonder how Mz Penny (like all feminists) would have felt about equal rights had she been on the Titanic.

  • Jimmy Mac
    Jimmy Mac 4 days ago

    Speakers corner. But there’s obnoxious drums and xylophones drowning them out.

  • Brett Halvorson
    Brett Halvorson 5 days ago

    What a great interview.My Police brother never liked partnering with a female police officer because when it got rough the female police officer cowar in the corner leaving the men to fight it out

  • Brid Wade
    Brid Wade 5 days ago

    FYI Trump's wall is to protect the American people from the ravages of unchecked immigration which are destroying Europe. Chew on that for a while.

  • Ronin Ronin
    Ronin Ronin 5 days ago

    Men need to smarten up and stay single !

  • Ronin Ronin
    Ronin Ronin 5 days ago

    Amazing . Just amazing !

  • misfit
    misfit 5 days ago

    Studies have shown since the 30’s a child is better off with both a male and female parent as this reduces instability. Divorced children progress less quickly in school etc. This latest study was from the Fragile families and child wellbeing study. The research is consistent in this area. Please note this is based on averages so a few people saying I had no issues and was raised solely by my mother does not change the evidence.

  • jonathan carter-meggs

    When she was asked a question Andrew should have stopped her replying to give her a taste of her own medicine!

  • KanchoKomancho
    KanchoKomancho 6 days ago

    In any relationship it’s a battle of frames (she wants to be appreciated as significant and to domesticate you, and you want to be respected and to get sex for as little of a commitment as possible) Not bad, not good. Not fair, not unfair. Just is. The problem is that when we look at the society as a whole, data and statistics clearly show that female frame (supported by the academia, media, government,...) is becoming increasingly stronger than the male one; ie. western men gradually become mentally weaker and western women stronger. #ResistTaming

  • Cromwells Ghost
    Cromwells Ghost 6 days ago

    My uni shoots down any Tory/Trump supporting people. Don’t even mention leave the EU, stick up for Gina Miller, John Bercow. University is a “safe space” but not a free speech zone. You have the right to free speech, you do not have the right to be offended.

    AEIOU 6 days ago


  • Templetonq
    Templetonq 7 days ago

    Yes. I'm noticing a theme: anything you don't like - real or imaginary - is "part of Patriarchy".

  • Deeench 91
    Deeench 91 7 days ago

    Look at it she dressed as a chimney sweep to try win people because she spews pure hate.

  • Ordinary Sessel
    Ordinary Sessel 7 days ago

    Sounds like we can get rid of those pesky wrist bands they put on the babies and mother. It does not seem to matter if the baby they leave with is related to the father, so I guess it does not matter if the child is genetically related to the mother.

  • Allah SpreadsHate
    Allah SpreadsHate 7 days ago

    "1 in 3 schoolgirls experiences sexual harassment on an almost daily basis"??? The fact she includes "almost" proves she's invented/misused this statistic. I sick of these liars.

  • John Hounslow-Robinson

    Feminism is a mental illness.

  • John Hounslow-Robinson

    Feminism is a mental illness.

  • Maul Porphy
    Maul Porphy 7 days ago

    Kate Smurthwaite is an obnoxious moron.

  • N L
    N L 7 days ago

    18:15 You should never say no to a client? Well, what if the client asks you to help him or her commit suicide? What if the client asks you if it's a good idea to commit homicide? The people running these mental wards belong in the very mental wards they run.

  • Gazza1818
    Gazza1818 7 days ago

    This woman is insane ,an intellectual loony ,A brain dead lefty.

  • Dave Capozzi
    Dave Capozzi 8 days ago

    Why do feminists intentionally make themselves as ugly on the outside as they are on the inside?

  • MsHburnett
    MsHburnett 8 days ago

    DNA testing only for athletes to participate in gender specific sport. Not synthetic hormone levels

  • MsHburnett
    MsHburnett 8 days ago

    I dont believe banning speakers is curtailing free speech. The only variety of speech I want to hear has to agree with my opinion

  • Anna Kcmb
    Anna Kcmb 8 days ago

    Way a go Anna!

  • Anna Kcmb
    Anna Kcmb 8 days ago

    Way a go Jamie. God blessed you.

  • Jeff Ambrosia
    Jeff Ambrosia 8 days ago

    Purple hair....it's a dead giveaway

  • James C
    James C 8 days ago

    The lefties liberals distain for the traditional nuclear family is mostly to blame for the breakdown in society

  • Nicholas Formosa
    Nicholas Formosa 8 days ago

    You can't get clearer than that

  • Mi Feke
    Mi Feke 8 days ago

    Domestic work is tough, throwing clothes in a hole and pressing a button, standing holding a vacuum going back and forth, wiping grime off a toilet, it's far more complicated than maintenance work involved in a household that men do.

  • Mark Corfield
    Mark Corfield 8 days ago

    Not fit to be an MP, i hope Labour are never elected again that Jess Philips, typical socialist scum

  • kenneth connors
    kenneth connors 9 days ago

    Love the Popp man

  • BRIT .303
    BRIT .303 9 days ago

    Why do feminists always look like bitterness, bad haircuts and poor decisions

  • Lerequin De-mort
    Lerequin De-mort 9 days ago

    Christ she is effortlessly infuriating

  • darwin morden
    darwin morden 10 days ago

    Money is not what powers successful families. It can keep children alive but not make them successful. Combined, men make the engone and transmission driving success. They need each other..

  • MightyOcelot
    MightyOcelot 10 days ago

    She looks like someone from a pokemon trainer card

  • Reharl
    Reharl 10 days ago

    I can't open my soda. PATRIARCHY.

  • don ulp
    don ulp 10 days ago

    Thank you Ava, I enjoy hearing you always. One thing I heard early in this vid is that when Ava first met her partner she said that because of his crazy ex he had nothing because she had taken it. The operative phrase being"he had nothing'. She chose to be with him because of who he was and not what he had. I sincerely hope he plans on holding on to her and cherishing her for the rest of his days. Anyway,Ava is right we, men and women who are sick to death of this gynocentric insanity need to collectively work together to turn back the increasing sickness it will continue to bring to our way of life. And the first thing we men can do is to stop being so Godawful stupid about women. That means stop the groveling and stumbling over each other to garner little pieces of their attention and approval. Stop lauding and worshiping them because feminist narrative tells us that is their birthright. It is not their birthright, No one deserves to be worshiped, especially some self entitled, narcissistic princess bitch.

  • David Smith
    David Smith 10 days ago

    If these feminists hate men so much why do want to look and act like men, my opinion is these feminists are self loathing.

    • captain Cracker
      captain Cracker 10 days ago

      David Smith yup, and the left side seems to centre around self loathing.

  • Axel Wengler
    Axel Wengler 10 days ago

    K boomer

  • Chris Mac
    Chris Mac 10 days ago

    Laurie has never been fucked hard by a real man of alpha stock. Maybe one day, when hopefully she does, she will ultimately drop this childish nonsense.

    • captain Cracker
      captain Cracker 10 days ago

      Chris Mac get in there Chris haha destroy that purple pussy

  • Jinn Bottle
    Jinn Bottle 10 days ago

    The hell is making that racket?

  • Niall Hogan
    Niall Hogan 10 days ago

    I am so sick of women and their needs to the point I don’t want anything to do with them.

    • EJF
      EJF 4 days ago

      Niall Hogan are you the same Niall i know I wonder... you sound like him!!!

  • Live Free
    Live Free 10 days ago

    I had a father like that , so is my husband and my son . I was moved deeply by that reading , try giving that talk to a bunch of feminists who I am proud not to be one , or my 30 year old daughter who will have non of it ........get the progressives out of Ireland , get Leo Varadker out of office and turn this left wing evil ideology over , ......love John Waters

  • Resvrgam
    Resvrgam 10 days ago

    Why do the crazies shave their heads like that? If feminists are all about women, why do they only seem to want women to become counterfeit men?

  • Kenneth Moulder
    Kenneth Moulder 11 days ago

    If feminists hate men why do they try to look like men and compete with men. Is just that they wish they were men and then hate them because men have something that they don't. It must be hard to be Les and not be able to give your girlfriend what every man can.

  • Brutally Honest criticism

    She’s such a backward unhinged emotional fruitcake..... I don’t know who she is, I’m just going off the hair

  • Generic InternetUser

    The meme...the legend....this woman did more to set back the feminist movement than any MRA

  • Antti Korpela
    Antti Korpela 11 days ago

    They want to brake the family unit and family unit is the base of society. This is the way how socialist want to poison and brake the western society.

  • Antti Korpela
    Antti Korpela 11 days ago

    It's absolutely pointles to talk that fucking disgusting neo marxist socialist bitch.

  • Z1GMA12
    Z1GMA12 11 days ago

    This person in red hair is a disgrace to the human race. She obviously has psychological issues. You don't act like this infront of other people.

  • Kelvin Luk
    Kelvin Luk 11 days ago

    Feminists do not want you.... shut the fuck up?? 👈 Okay will do! 😂

  • Bookoo Movement
    Bookoo Movement 11 days ago

    She’s a spineless little rat

  • Rick Astley
    Rick Astley 12 days ago

    Absolutely animals have wars - endless wars spanning their entire tribal lifetimes. Ants are from the Kingdom Animalia, and ant colonies are eternally at war with each other.

  • Bob Thebuilder
    Bob Thebuilder 12 days ago

    Perfect opportunity to tell her what you believe without her being able to hide behind a sympathetic commentator to cut you off.

  • Lee Ayers
    Lee Ayers 12 days ago

    My friends who went to university are the same. Want all refugees here but don't want to house any in there parents 5 bedroom cottage in the countryside. I'm up for helping people but we are a tiny country . Hypocrites

  • Bill Cox
    Bill Cox 12 days ago

    Feminism has destroyed the family.

  • Tracy Samuel
    Tracy Samuel 12 days ago

    Yes, feminism is telling woman what to do, encouraging them down a path that causes unhappiness. A woman and a man should support each other and bring up children together.

  • The Thirdteen Year Old Nonce

    the fuck is patriarchy

  • flynn0012
    flynn0012 13 days ago

    Why is some fucking idiot banging a drum at speakers corner!

  • Windsor & Epstein Babysitting Services

    Feminism is a sign of bad parenting.

  • Windsor & Epstein Babysitting Services

    Female is yet to learn how to be a women. Lol just look at her, silly clown. Gives women a bad name.

  • Templar Warrior
    Templar Warrior 13 days ago

    Feminists just sucks in general.

  • pacboe
    pacboe 13 days ago

    musique to the ears and to the heart... best wishes for the year 2020 from the pacific...

  • מיכאל Lamont
    מיכאל Lamont 13 days ago

    Narcissistic sociopath. Adam & Eve Eve was made as a helper Feminists LOVE LILITH!

  • Phantom Alpha
    Phantom Alpha 13 days ago


  • atotheg1991
    atotheg1991 13 days ago

    Hi, I'm 14 and a boy. All my friends make fun of me and say I'm toxic for playing football and bodybuilding. How can I be more accepted? Should I color my fingernails? Please help!

  • midguardz
    midguardz 13 days ago

    Glad there were no hero or cuck alphas to interrupt to try and rescue this bitch.

  • Pommie bears
    Pommie bears 13 days ago

    As a woman, I am an advocate for men. I refuse and repel the hate narrative that people like HER have circulated. What would she know about marriage and motherhood and life sharing? She’s never married, and will never be a wife and mother. I guarantee it.

  • Pommie bears
    Pommie bears 13 days ago

    This odious little overly privileged elf has absolutely nothing of any relevance to add to society. She has no societal value whatsoever.

  • Barry E
    Barry E 13 days ago

    The real revolutionaries smoke cigars - and they are never lefties lol!!! Happy New Year watching you gives me hope ...best wishes from an aging MGTOW monk!

  • Pat Kelly
    Pat Kelly 14 days ago

    What a horrible little turd of a woman

  • Pat Kelly
    Pat Kelly 14 days ago

    Typical feminist entitled scrote

  • Billy Hill
    Billy Hill 14 days ago

    Laurie Penny: a living, breathing, walking, talking dinosaur who just doesn't know it... yet.

  • Rob Baker
    Rob Baker 14 days ago

    Spoilt rich kid - Check Shaved head with purple bristles - Check Man hating Lesbian - Check Feminist - Check She is the epitome of what looks like the decline of western society

  • Rooneysithmaster
    Rooneysithmaster 14 days ago

    Only way to resolve this erm things feminism pitch, is to send it to a Syrian refugee camp. She will then understand.

  • Jamieson Scott
    Jamieson Scott 14 days ago

    Is that a chick wearing the cap...?

  • TheFluffyDuck
    TheFluffyDuck 14 days ago

    Modern women have become awful in the last few years. Dating is a minefield!

  • Øvëŕťüŕè øf Řävëńś

    Provide and Protect

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 14 days ago


  • Ayatollah Of Rock'n'roller

    Feminists and sjws are so used to preferential treatment equal treatment seems like discrimination

  • Fruschiante’s Plectrum

    That was actually a really good speech he made. Someone pop some dramatic music behind it and it would be quite touching.

  • KimJongUnoNo.1
    KimJongUnoNo.1 14 days ago

    Feminism makes women highly unattractive

  • Chris
    Chris 14 days ago

    Was literally just speaking to a psychotherapist earlier today who was telling me they have to deal a lot with professional women in their late thirties who are now dealing with anxiety and depression as they have been so career-focussed that it is now doubtful they will find a partner and have children. Very sad.

    • Chuck Bareika
      Chuck Bareika 11 days ago

      Not sad at all for every woman who dont have kids at least one mans life was spared