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The Nerd³ Awards 2019
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Nerd³ Plays... Noita
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Aggelos - Nerd³ Switched
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Mugsters - Nerd³ Switched
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  • RobotWizard9
    RobotWizard9 4 minutes ago

    23:40 Markiplier style?

  • good smallboy
    good smallboy 15 minutes ago

    You will regret not getting riketi or however you spell rhe pokemons name

  • MonsieurMotoVince

    Ahh the end of 2019. Still the best content on youtube.

  • Chase Smith
    Chase Smith Hour ago

    So far none of these games have been special to this decade in my opinion. Like really watch dogs and sonic? My list would be dark souls, minecraft, red dead, gta, rocket league, mass effect 2, fallout new Vegas, skyrim. Or i guess that's too mainstream and im not a true gamer. Or dan is just tripping.

  • Guitar Nerd
    Guitar Nerd Hour ago

    This is surprising. I remember a stream where you said you were not having fun.

  • Gio Mtz
    Gio Mtz 2 hours ago


  • Ethan Hebert
    Ethan Hebert 3 hours ago

    Guess what Read more

  • 1973 Porsche RSR 2.7 RWB

    Yes this is definitely yes

  • ranoutofnames
    ranoutofnames 3 hours ago

    hmmm... serious sam vr

  • LifeGeek
    LifeGeek 3 hours ago

    “NerdCubed flies VFR in a thunderstorm”

  • Max A
    Max A 3 hours ago

    this is actualy shit

  • keco185
    keco185 4 hours ago

    Best game to play on the Tesla. And a Tesla is the best game console

  • Jamal Tyrone
    Jamal Tyrone 5 hours ago

    never heard of this one...

  • Bug Batts
    Bug Batts 5 hours ago

    It appears to be Cuphead from the picture

  • Zachariah Shaver
    Zachariah Shaver 5 hours ago


  • mc bad robot voice
    mc bad robot voice 5 hours ago


  • a.rabb0t
    a.rabb0t 5 hours ago

    0:18 "do you like lava levels?" "no" THIS IS ONLY LAVA LEVEL.

  • M. Wells
    M. Wells 5 hours ago

    Cuphead was pretty meh. It was a niche art style that they then made even more niche by making it a boss rush, likely because they ran out of time to keep running out of time. The visuals are great, the music is great, but the game play is mediocre. The feedback is nothing but the screen flashing, the enemies don't even react. Why? Because it's all hand drawn and thus prescripted to move like it does. The bosses, of which the game consists mostly, just loop animations and fling out things to avoid until you kill it and trigger a death animation. It's a bullet hell mixed with platforming. Take away the visuals and nobody would have cared at all.

    • PurpleAlzir
      PurpleAlzir 4 hours ago

      A game is a culmination of many things, if the art style is what drew people in that is totally fine. Also not many games in the run and gun style have been made recently so people wanting one of those were probably very happy with it.

  • Nyu Kohta
    Nyu Kohta 5 hours ago

    This video came out TWO years ago?? Oh dear

  • JustBecause Gaming
    JustBecause Gaming 5 hours ago

    my childhood 0.0

    • JustBecause Gaming
      JustBecause Gaming 5 hours ago

      I played this on the wii, the amount of hours I put into it at my house and my cousins too cause they owned it lol, i was probably around 9/10/11 when I played it, i would've been 7 when it released

  • Jamal Tyrone
    Jamal Tyrone 7 hours ago

    Lit is short for literature in English Lit. GCSE

  • bradley morgan
    bradley morgan 7 hours ago

    Stuart's Darth Squidward really made me chuckle

  • strife79
    strife79 7 hours ago

    If not mistaken this game is made by a Dutch developer :)

  • jamie price
    jamie price 7 hours ago


  • Sharp Chess
    Sharp Chess 7 hours ago

    Here from 2019

  • RJS 30
    RJS 30 8 hours ago

    i thought this was games of the decade

  • WackoMcGoose
    WackoMcGoose 8 hours ago

    Lowkey expected the "10min video" death to be Dan falling off the platform and Mario Galaxy-ing himself into the black hole...

  • Joshua Heape
    Joshua Heape 8 hours ago

    My friends and I play Jackbox over Discord at least twice a week.

  • Zack Spiegel
    Zack Spiegel 8 hours ago

    God these blurred thumbnails get me every time, good one unnamed thumbnail maker, you've duped me

  • Aidan Brem
    Aidan Brem 9 hours ago

    Dark souls better be in this list... considering it spawned a genre called “souls like”. It’s influence is everywhere, even in games that don’t focus on difficulty.

  • Shindinder
    Shindinder 9 hours ago

    7:43 "Aww shit we better start pillaging some stuff"

  • Dog on it
    Dog on it 9 hours ago

    wow I wonder what game this could possibly be

  • killercaos123
    killercaos123 10 hours ago

    I mean, the design is more 20s than 50s. Small mistake

  • Peter Brennan
    Peter Brennan 10 hours ago


  • baby bot 9000
    baby bot 9000 10 hours ago

    Ah yes, I missed this channel

  • Wobble_Butt
    Wobble_Butt 10 hours ago

    Holy shit you’re trending again?????

  • Empyrean Equinox
    Empyrean Equinox 10 hours ago

    "Decade defining" ..."There's nothing else like it"

  • Adam Porter
    Adam Porter 10 hours ago

    Cuphead is one of the most true examples of video games being art. The game itself is fantastic, but I think people would have cared a lot less if it wasn't so beautiful.

  • BJMShaw
    BJMShaw 11 hours ago

    When the ad is larger than the vid

  • Kevin Vo
    Kevin Vo 11 hours ago

    They also added way more work then they needed. They animated at 60fps. Meaning 60 unique drawings for each second. They didn't need to do that. Many many many 2d hand drawn games have their characters drawn at around 24-30fps. But even then most of the drawings are drawn on 2s. Meaning they draw every second frame

  • Tallen Smith
    Tallen Smith 12 hours ago

    Welcome Back to Tallen Disagrees: Cuphead is great, but no one really talks about it anymore.

  • SirCamsta
    SirCamsta 12 hours ago

    Watch dogs 2 being here and The Last of Us not completely discredits anything you have to say for the rest of the advent list.

  • Andrew Gardner
    Andrew Gardner 12 hours ago

    “They drive wrong, they drive on the left” we drive like every other countries other than the U.K. and a few other countries

  • Adam Bell
    Adam Bell 13 hours ago

    Just waiting for Spec Ops - The Line

  • migwar
    migwar 13 hours ago

    16. Cuphead 17. The Jackbox Party Pack 18. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 19. Sonic Mania 20. Beat Saber 21. Undertale 22. Cities: Skylines 23. No Man's Sky 24. Watchdogs 2 25. Pokémon Go

  • Bartholomew Dan
    Bartholomew Dan 13 hours ago

    Day 72 of asking Dan to play Uno with Matt and Jon

  • Riley Rule
    Riley Rule 14 hours ago

    I got this game because of its reputation. I fell in love. Also played and still am playing bloodborne. I like it better.

  • Melkor Media
    Melkor Media 14 hours ago

    Skyrim and Civ 5 better be on this list

  • Phantomneko Cameron
    Phantomneko Cameron 14 hours ago

    Oh my I wonder what the game in the thumbnail could be!?

  • DrLord 16
    DrLord 16 14 hours ago

    Finally got a thumbnail correct lol

  • LasseKroner
    LasseKroner 14 hours ago

    Cant agree with this one, its art style might be interesting for games but a bullet hell boss rush? Unoriginal and almost totally forgotten now.

  • ShadoSnake
    ShadoSnake 14 hours ago

    Nerd^3: hates Christmas, everything about it, and its namesake Nerd^3: bothers to make an advent calendar of ""decade defining"" games but its all games from the last two years he found somewhat enjoyable Me: doesn't like the list and gets tired of the ranting three days in and doesn't recognize any of the games as decade defining Nerd^3: (angry creator noises indistinguishable from an anti-christmas rant)

    • Venyx
      Venyx 13 hours ago

      I mean He did say he didn't like undertale and it's on there And that was a decade definer in my opinion

  • can_you_sherk_it ?
    can_you_sherk_it ? 14 hours ago

    Ovs cup head pls make it more difficult to guess what it is

  • sorio99
    sorio99 14 hours ago

    The moral of todays story: old classic cartoons are cigarettes for children.

    • Hanako Ikezawa
      Hanako Ikezawa 10 hours ago

      Except for in the 1930s when kids also smoked cigarettes

  • Pink Redbull
    Pink Redbull 14 hours ago

    Evryone waiting for GTA

  • Sillius Soddus
    Sillius Soddus 14 hours ago

    I already do the Christmas Dinner tips. Score!

  • lil weetabix
    lil weetabix 14 hours ago

    i find myself coming back here alot

  • J Schmalzel
    J Schmalzel 14 hours ago

    You come into MY HOUSE and disrespect MY GROOKEY

  • Caughtinjail
    Caughtinjail 15 hours ago

    20 seconds in and the Christians are gone...

  • Eclyptical
    Eclyptical 15 hours ago

    Not gonna lie i'm disagreeing with pretty much this whole list. Cuphead was a good game but I feel like for it to "define the decade" it has to have some effect on other games in the decade and Cuphead just didn't do that.

  • Xeneron
    Xeneron 15 hours ago

    "It doesn't play like anything else." Contra. It plays like Contra. Or Broforce. Or Metal Slug. Cuphead is a fantastic game and one of my favorite games of 2017. But it is not decade defining in absolutely any way. It didn't make an impact in the industry. It hasn't had some crazy lasting influence. It was a very pretty, very well-made game that most people played once and then forgot about. Like, are you trying to find games that Defined the Decade at all?

    • PurpleAlzir
      PurpleAlzir 4 hours ago

      The art style being done in a game by hand probably would be a defining thing for some people. Also I am waiting for the last 10 for what will probably be the strong picks of defining the decade.

  • Mundane Pixels
    Mundane Pixels 15 hours ago

    You just unleashed the shitty jesus calendar from my memory

  • Karmy777 Opp
    Karmy777 Opp 15 hours ago

    He really was like a younger dan and it was nice that dan kept tabs with him rather then just meeting him because he was a make a wish kid and then forgetting about him they genuinely seemed like friends

  • Hello There
    Hello There 16 hours ago

    If Minecraft isn't in the top 5, I'll be disappointed

  • Axl_66
    Axl_66 16 hours ago

    Page 133

  • Nici V
    Nici V 16 hours ago

    This game is brilliant, and the rubber hose artstyle is just phenomenal

  • MainBlag Banner
    MainBlag Banner 16 hours ago


  • CyPha SaRin
    CyPha SaRin 16 hours ago

    a great pick, if not for what the game is, what it has become, at least for the dev team who have stood by a game and made it better and at least up to the expected standard, i'm honestly not even a little mad that it took another 2-3 years because i've seen so many dev teams abandon games for less, dog their playerbase for less, or just flat out ignore them. none of which those guys over at NMS offices, have ever done. well done to them, well earned spot.

  • Alex Curran
    Alex Curran 16 hours ago

    Anyone else notice that each thumbnail hints towards which game he picked?

  • Ranger 4878
    Ranger 4878 16 hours ago

    Darksouls has to be here right

  • Delta Sight
    Delta Sight 16 hours ago

    0:20 sorry but the reflection on that red bauble breaks the entire illusion.

  • Butters the DoppelDragon

    that thumbnail doesn't give anything away what are you talking about

  • CosiestCord2
    CosiestCord2 16 hours ago

    Dan it wasn't the 50s it was the 30s when this was the art style

  • The Anonymous Commenter

    A recap: 25: Pokémon GO 24: Watchdogs 2 23: No Man's Sky 22: Cities: Skylines 21: Undertale 20: Beat Saber 19: Sonic Mania 18: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 17: The Jackbox Party Pack 16: Cuphead

    • Bug Batts
      Bug Batts 5 hours ago

      @Metroix 69 Yeah. It IS the cover art but put through a filter. Apart from Watch Dogs 2 which was just a dog

    • Something at any rate, probably
    • Metroix 69
      Metroix 69 8 hours ago

      If you look at the thumbnails it resembles the game cover art in some way.

    • Joe
      Joe 12 hours ago

      @The Anonymous Commenter oh shitttt thanks man I thought I was going insane

    • The Anonymous Commenter
      The Anonymous Commenter 12 hours ago

      @Joe In episode 1 (or 25) he mentioned a lot of really good games that didn't make the top 25. Rocket League was one of them.

  • Unprofessional Gamers
    Unprofessional Gamers 17 hours ago


  • Pearlescent Metal
    Pearlescent Metal 17 hours ago

    Only now 10 days in did I realize the game is in the thumbnail

  • Sarcastic Brit
    Sarcastic Brit 17 hours ago

    I knew Delete deserved a place on this list!

  • Jimmothy Johnson
    Jimmothy Johnson 17 hours ago


  • Doomster E.G
    Doomster E.G 17 hours ago

    Wait, you're telling me I could have ducked under those ducks this whole time!

  • Tankspeed12
    Tankspeed12 17 hours ago

    I only just now realised the thumbnails are crystallised pictures of the games

  • It's Blaze
    It's Blaze 17 hours ago

    Gee I wonder what game it is!

  • SwedishHouseFifa
    SwedishHouseFifa 17 hours ago

    I barely know any of these games lol

  • Billy Pollit
    Billy Pollit 17 hours ago

    If Skyrim is not on this this mf list, is swear to god daniel, i swear to jesus himself i will *D E L E T E*

    • CanadianBluePants
      CanadianBluePants 7 hours ago

      @neetskiparis i mean you can play it on anything, the game that has been at the most E3s

    • neetskiparis
      neetskiparis 15 hours ago

      I mean it’s not particularly good, whether it actually changed the industry I dunno.

  • Althalus2010
    Althalus2010 18 hours ago

    Just gotta stop and ask why "Delete" is in the title here?

    • Tustin2121
      Tustin2121 15 hours ago

      It’s not anymore at least.

  • WhiteWolf496
    WhiteWolf496 18 hours ago

    Cuphead is brilliant. the soundtrack is exceptional. I have the vinyl soundtrack for it, and I don't even own a record player lol... thanks Studio MDHR Can't wait for the DLC (wow, don't say that very often)

  • William Newing
    William Newing 18 hours ago

    Today's video made me realise the pictures are pixelated images of the games of the day cannot believe I didn't notice that before

  • Billy Pollit
    Billy Pollit 18 hours ago

    Skyrim???? 2011 release maybe

  • DuSTy
    DuSTy 18 hours ago

    Haven't watched the video yet but pretty obviously cuphead ahaha

  • zero Dragon
    zero Dragon 18 hours ago

    A brilliant game

    MC SCOPTA 18 hours ago

    Finally had his bigger on the inside moment. We're all waiting for ours..

  • Dion Marcus
    Dion Marcus 18 hours ago

    Yea no idea what that thumbnail is suppost to be dan...

  • Homestarfan13
    Homestarfan13 18 hours ago

    I hope Shovel Knight appears on this list. If it wasn't for that game I don't think we would have indie games like this.

  • Ze Rubenator
    Ze Rubenator 18 hours ago

    "Doesn't look like anything else, doesn't sound like anything else." -> Is based entirely on, and closely resembles, 30's Disney shorts.

    • CanadianBluePants
      CanadianBluePants 7 hours ago

      @Xeneron the art style alone deserves it to be decade defining

    • Xeneron
      Xeneron 12 hours ago

      @M644theawesome He also said "It's not like anything else" when it's gameplay is completely based on any old sidescrolling shooter like Contra or Metal Slug. I love Cuphead, but good lord does it not check any boxes at all for being "decade defining."

    • Grant Zolldan
      Grant Zolldan 17 hours ago

      @AnonEyeMouse Influence on other games does not equal defining the decade, necessarily. From the start we should have had a clearer definition of what it means. Cuphead's development is worthy of being decade defining to me because of the dedication involved and overall unique concept, and this decade has a treasure trove of incredibly unique indie games.

    • AnonEyeMouse
      AnonEyeMouse 18 hours ago

      Also... Games that define the decade - nothing else like this. So, the exact opposite of the criteria of the series.

  • Consider The following

    I love always trying to guess the game chosen from the mosaic picture, and I always get it wrong, still is fun.

  • SquaredSpekz - Connor Ellis


  • piccamix
    piccamix 18 hours ago

    Cuphead definetly could’ve not come out at all and my life would not have been any different at all, but as a game I respect it, it just is what it is, and it is brilliant.

  • HarpoonLobotomy
    HarpoonLobotomy 18 hours ago

    Chippin' away, chippin' away, now. Chippin' away, chippin' away now.