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Great Vines
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  • Shannon Bell
    Shannon Bell 25 seconds ago

    Hi lele pons

  • Precious Baker
    Precious Baker 46 minutes ago

    sipling 💃 off. Lexi 3on 👯 power

  • Jessica Miller
    Jessica Miller Hour ago

    He Loves her 😍

  • Christopher Delacruz


  • Christopher Delacruz

    It's say funny vines 2018 but is upload in 2017

  • Andy James And Luke James


  • Jessica Lepp
    Jessica Lepp 2 hours ago

    Lexi won

  • Doodle Giiirl
    Doodle Giiirl 2 hours ago

    woow ;)

  • Kamori Matadeen
    Kamori Matadeen 3 hours ago

    Hi I love you mommy mommy love you mommy love mommy mommy love you mommy mommy love mommy mommy and mommy

  • Penguingirlxoxo !
    Penguingirlxoxo ! 3 hours ago

    Wow you cracked the mirror 😂

  • Jacqueline Solis
    Jacqueline Solis 4 hours ago

    love your vines

  • jayden milne
    jayden milne 4 hours ago

    Those girls are worse at dancing than you

  • One_hitviberx Johnson

    She said do you love me a tell only barrio me in my bed and my mama I’m sorryDid the baby go to turn it on me and you know me I’m so into the southeast her

  • Addyson Bailey
    Addyson Bailey 5 hours ago

    4:11 what song is this?

  • Ava Coakwell
    Ava Coakwell 5 hours ago

    Last video if literally me

  • Em McCormick
    Em McCormick 6 hours ago

    I love your guyses videos.

  • One_hitviberx Johnson

    Hey Brett do you know that baeMeans poop

  • Naomi Clark
    Naomi Clark 6 hours ago

    For once they actually passes by the target intercom 🤣

  • Zikiyyah Smith
    Zikiyyah Smith 6 hours ago

    U are dancing in public Lele then u see a other boy

  • Brianxwolf Fortnite
    Brianxwolf Fortnite 6 hours ago

    6:02 got me so good

  • Kaitlin Medowlock
    Kaitlin Medowlock 6 hours ago

    Were you come from and you sell Girl Scout cookies it’s not Carmel DeLitez it’s Samoa’s

  • Ellie Ben-Yohanan
    Ellie Ben-Yohanan 7 hours ago

    In the handstand scene I felt so bad for Ben🤭

  • Carterrann4
    Carterrann4 7 hours ago


  • Ellie Ben-Yohanan
    Ellie Ben-Yohanan 7 hours ago

    I love the scene when Brent is “in love” with his jacket😂

  • April McElroy
    April McElroy 7 hours ago

    did anyone notice at 3:12 lexi was in the window?

  • Dakota Schaefer
    Dakota Schaefer 7 hours ago

    ship brava i wish you gis bate plzzzzzzz and ship >.<

  • Paneez Faizy
    Paneez Faizy 7 hours ago

    You are dumb!!!

  • Celia Woolley
    Celia Woolley 7 hours ago

    LOL YOUR MOM 😂 can you do a say yes to leix please please pray that you do that please

  • Richard Malady
    Richard Malady 7 hours ago


  • XxGacha GalXx
    XxGacha GalXx 8 hours ago

    I ship Ben and Lexi.

  • Hailey McKenzie
    Hailey McKenzie 8 hours ago

    When the (Ariana Grande) Vine happened and she laughed it sounded exactly like Ariana lol

  • Emily Zhang
    Emily Zhang 8 hours ago

    When Brent said dork it was funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • cmbuquis
    cmbuquis 8 hours ago

    8:16 this is why we don’t wear our shoes around the house 😭😭😥

  • Justine Padilla
    Justine Padilla 8 hours ago

    Did anyone else see Lexi’s face during the Bad guy remix and Ben was wiping the window

  • Luis Betances
    Luis Betances 9 hours ago

    I should do that "swimming trick" at school

  • Bebe young child Try a day off

    When Ben kissed Lexi and Ben stayed there why’d he stay there and look at the camera

  • christal's world
    christal's world 9 hours ago

    Siblings goals

  • Karen Gamer
    Karen Gamer 9 hours ago

    I am passing out laughing 😂

  • Kim Pasquini
    Kim Pasquini 9 hours ago

    My Mom: Get up! It's 7:00! Time for school! - Alarm clock: 6:30 - Me: NOT TODAY SUNNY *hides under covers*

  • Anya Owen
    Anya Owen 9 hours ago

    The Dobre tower is nothing without Cyrus all of the Dobre brothers should stick together but he’s married now so it makes scence

  • faris mohamed
    faris mohamed 10 hours ago

    Ben and Lexi Shawne and Camil cabelo

  • Fortnite Fan!
    Fortnite Fan! 10 hours ago


  • Metro Tmobile
    Metro Tmobile 10 hours ago


  • Alina Rivera
    Alina Rivera 10 hours ago

    That Lexi part if a boy tricked in me I was just bust the door open and grab a pan and hit him with it

  • barbara haycraft
    barbara haycraft 10 hours ago

    What do you mean anyways OK OK why do you why are you asking that oh I didn’t know that so what but I don’t care in sugar everywhere I’m singing a song but I don’t know how I am Sam song I’m singing a song sing a song I am

  • Sarahlie Blanc
    Sarahlie Blanc 10 hours ago

    C'est ta soeur

  • Bodhi Hamilton
    Bodhi Hamilton 11 hours ago

    I swear Lexi is short or Ben is really tall?

  • Fabiana Dias
    Fabiana Dias 11 hours ago

    4:05 movie??

  • Tyra Kirkpatrick
    Tyra Kirkpatrick 11 hours ago

    I love your videos they are amazing hilarious and funny

  • Layla Helmer
    Layla Helmer 11 hours ago

    2:12 me

  • Rev. OK Touthang
    Rev. OK Touthang 11 hours ago

    i love vines

  • Josh Yilmaz
    Josh Yilmaz 11 hours ago

    What when're that fase

  • Alexis Rubianes
    Alexis Rubianes 11 hours ago

    Lolllll love these!

  • Josh Yilmaz
    Josh Yilmaz 11 hours ago


  • Jusdik Hodge
    Jusdik Hodge 11 hours ago

    How come Lexi is so hot

  • Ivelisse Perrera
    Ivelisse Perrera 12 hours ago

    Brent if you were from Mexico you would speak spanish

  • 两个宝贝
    两个宝贝 12 hours ago

    😆 funny!!!!!

  • 两个宝贝
    两个宝贝 12 hours ago

    Wow!!!! 🥳🤩🥳🤩🥳🤑🤑🤑

  • Melisa rodriguez
    Melisa rodriguez 12 hours ago

    3:42 looked like an elf on a shelf

  • Gina Tepatondele
    Gina Tepatondele 12 hours ago

    0:26 why would she want diapers tho??

  • GamingEugenie Unicorn
    GamingEugenie Unicorn 12 hours ago

    First Vine- Brent Hates Mason Second Vine- Brent Is Best Friends With Mason But Later Hates Him

  • Marilyn Stephen
    Marilyn Stephen 13 hours ago

    🧠 🧠. 🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠. 🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠. 🧠 🧠. 🧠

  • Kim Hoover
    Kim Hoover 13 hours ago


  • Kim Hoover
    Kim Hoover 13 hours ago

    did anyone else see lexi in the beackground

  • Karen Gamer
    Karen Gamer 13 hours ago

    It’s funny 😂

  • Subia Akhtar
    Subia Akhtar 13 hours ago

    Can you do a cash and maverick baker vines

  • Shavonne Estes
    Shavonne Estes 14 hours ago

    That wig

  • melanie bidwell
    melanie bidwell 14 hours ago

    I like bread more better than Ben

  • Kumar Karki
    Kumar Karki 14 hours ago

    Dip. In. 66666

  • Erwin Sarceno
    Erwin Sarceno 14 hours ago

    Shut up Brent because is not you everything

  • Priyanka TP
    Priyanka TP 14 hours ago


  • Abutalib Turabi
    Abutalib Turabi 14 hours ago

    I love your video

  • Guddu Ayhan
    Guddu Ayhan 14 hours ago

    I did not mean that

  • Rebecca Bane
    Rebecca Bane 14 hours ago

    L. Llll

  • Guddu Ayhan
    Guddu Ayhan 14 hours ago


  • Guddu Ayhan
    Guddu Ayhan 14 hours ago


  • Guddu Ayhan
    Guddu Ayhan 14 hours ago


  • Guddu Ayhan
    Guddu Ayhan 14 hours ago


  • Guddu Ayhan
    Guddu Ayhan 14 hours ago


  • Guddu Ayhan
    Guddu Ayhan 15 hours ago


  • dixie gustaftson
    dixie gustaftson 15 hours ago

    i like the git up

  • Dobre army fan
    Dobre army fan 15 hours ago

    How could that one person watch by not like the video

  • Dawn Giangiulio
    Dawn Giangiulio 15 hours ago

    Did anyone else notice Lexi moving her head from side to side when they were recreating bad guy at 4:17? Like this comment if you did notice it before I pointed it out to you.

  • ام راس يابس
    ام راس يابس 15 hours ago

    مسكاهم✌️❤️اكو عرب بطياره 💕😂😂😂✌️

  • Samuel Sanchez
    Samuel Sanchez 15 hours ago


  • 1.Țecu_ Antonia
    1.Țecu_ Antonia 15 hours ago


  • Maggie Zheng
    Maggie Zheng 15 hours ago

    XD (throwing a plate instead of a frisbee *

  • Lisa Webb
    Lisa Webb 15 hours ago

    Btw what did u think of Bens hairdo

  • Lisa Webb
    Lisa Webb 15 hours ago


  • Shemoya Sitcheran
    Shemoya Sitcheran 15 hours ago

    I love you so much ben

  • jls14787
    jls14787 15 hours ago

    OMG am I the first to comment pls like my comment! I love Ben! Like if u agree!

  • Riley Hulswitt
    Riley Hulswitt 15 hours ago

    hi plz respond

  • Evie Webster
    Evie Webster 15 hours ago

    Hi hi you're the best

  • Gachagirl 09
    Gachagirl 09 15 hours ago

    *Cough cough* I don't know what to say so....

  • Lisa Matthews
    Lisa Matthews 15 hours ago

    Lexi won the dance battle and I have a really annoying brother

  • aime silva
    aime silva 16 hours ago

    somos las unicas que ablamos español

  • Chyna Durbin
    Chyna Durbin 16 hours ago

    you are so funny comment below if you agree

  • Kareem plays Tube
    Kareem plays Tube 16 hours ago


  • طريق السلام
    طريق السلام 16 hours ago

    You know what i

  • Park Sneha
    Park Sneha 17 hours ago

    Sometimes I think how tf lele is still not beaten up to death by her mom 😂😂