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  • 양순남
    양순남 Month ago

    세훈이 경수형아 참좋아하네요^^♡♡♡

  • SweetmeatsFan
    SweetmeatsFan 2 months ago

    My ship is KaiSoo, and I just think that Sehun uses his maknae position to hang out with his cute hyung, and Kyungsoo adores him and pampers him a lot <3 00:58 is that legendary KaiSoo moment when Kyungsoo and Jongin are holding hands, then Sehun takes (surprised) Kyungsoo away, Jongin gets pissed & Taemin laughs at them

  • Sehun Min
    Sehun Min 2 months ago

    people who cant see it are blind asf 😂

  • Riswanah Anha
    Riswanah Anha 2 months ago

    My ucok ku

  • Que-Ann Joy Baclig
    Que-Ann Joy Baclig 2 months ago

    D.O ?? Shipper to everyone seriously 🤗😍😍 He's everything ✔️ I'm jealous

  • Thiên Vương
    Thiên Vương 3 months ago

    Waiting SeChan Unit 😘

  • Erika F L
    Erika F L 3 months ago

    D.o ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • enjie lyka Obispo
    enjie lyka Obispo 3 months ago

    00:21 I think chanyeol is like jealous too

  • Asar Ebrahim
    Asar Ebrahim 3 months ago

    I feel that l hate sheun 😒😒😒

  • Niaaloey EXO
    Niaaloey EXO 3 months ago


  • Xiuminn My Love
    Xiuminn My Love 3 months ago

    3:09 WTF?!

  • Esraa Hassan
    Esraa Hassan 3 months ago

    In fact I always see that Kyungsu is forming a beautiful binary with anyone..💜 00:58 why TEMIN seems to know !😂💜 And why did I restart this section a lot?!💜

  • Esmeralda Donoso
    Esmeralda Donoso 3 months ago

    Muy bueno, en ése entonces la parejita Sehun y Do kyungsoo no estaba nadita de mal.

  • Cute DYO
    Cute DYO 4 months ago


  • Shams Wessam
    Shams Wessam 4 months ago

    Very cute and lovely 😊 😍💚🌸

  • sodabella
    sodabella 5 months ago

    It's so funny watching all members of EXO trying to get DO's attention.

  • Tina Meirawati
    Tina Meirawati 5 months ago

    ChanHun 😘

  • Lin Lin
    Lin Lin 5 months ago

    Please make more

  • Heooudone Yotsavath
    Heooudone Yotsavath 6 months ago


  • Marsini 15
    Marsini 15 6 months ago

    EXO 👍

  • Orik Jijos
    Orik Jijos 6 months ago

    D.o I love

  • Subandriyo Bandi
    Subandriyo Bandi 6 months ago

    Khamsa midha d.o you are cute and cool

  • 이번생은너야
    이번생은너야 6 months ago

    저 미모 실화임?

  • Aby Kyungsoo
    Aby Kyungsoo 7 months ago

    Hhaaha look at chanyeol and.kai hhaaha look like jelly😂😂

  • Megawati •
    Megawati • 7 months ago

    Kyungsoo u r so cute🖤

  • pear porn
    pear porn 8 months ago


  • Kyungsoo Love
    Kyungsoo Love 8 months ago

    Chanyeon jealous Kyungsoo Chansoo :v

  • doris blogs
    doris blogs 8 months ago

    4:12 Soy hunnie xd

  • yukiko nozomi
    yukiko nozomi 8 months ago

    My weakness When two boys look cute together It doesn't matter if they're dating or not I will ship them. My fujoshi heart can't stop. Once again they stole my heart.

  • nihad nahoda عاشقة كوريا

    تحية لاحلى exo احبكم i love you😍😘😘

  • just viewer
    just viewer 8 months ago

    Sehun + D O = fake

  • aam princes
    aam princes 8 months ago

    I love CHANYEOL SEHUN ❤❤❤😘

  • Lc Exo / Wanna One 4ever

    super cute Sehun/ u bothe

  • Louis Vírtudazo
    Louis Vírtudazo 9 months ago

    I miss tao

  • Katie Duong
    Katie Duong 9 months ago

    Sehun is so sweet and cute!!🥰🥰😍😍He is a couple with everyone!!

  • rameshwor elangbam rameshwor elangbam

    Exo member love maknae sehun

  • #guddy Guddy
    #guddy Guddy 9 months ago

    sehun is so friendly 2 everybody.💙❤💛 their hyungs. he is d best person in the world.

  • Syera Gaming
    Syera Gaming 9 months ago

    ohh kai its so funny😂😂😂😂

  • 정해정
    정해정 9 months ago

    예쁜경수얼굴이 자꾸 아른거리넹 어쩜 영상이 사랑스러운지ㅠ 표정좀봥ㅎ

  • Israt Jahan
    Israt Jahan 9 months ago

    This video is exo kai against.😡😂😁

  • Hxkem venders
    Hxkem venders 10 months ago

    Everyone love surround kyungsoo

  • Sehun Park
    Sehun Park 10 months ago

    #ChanHunForever ♥

  • satansoo biased
    satansoo biased 10 months ago

    Yo confieso que yo antes los shippea pero ahora shippeo mas al kaisoo y chasoo aguanque d.o ni bola le de al yoda digo chaeyeol

  • Siti Zehroh
    Siti Zehroh 10 months ago


  • udenedef5 *
    udenedef5 * 10 months ago

    Kyungsoo is just so lovable. Everyone loves him

  • 배경옥
    배경옥 10 months ago

    DO LOVE 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • ivaliant queen12
    ivaliant queen12 10 months ago

    whats the title of the song?

  • CutieChanyeolieExO
    CutieChanyeolieExO 11 months ago

    I ship Chanyeol everyone

  • 이은혜
    이은혜 11 months ago

    디오 오빠 너무 귀여워요.사랑해 💗💞💗

  • liezl sabalboro
    liezl sabalboro 11 months ago

    D.O y ur so pretty 😂

  • Sohy Exol
    Sohy Exol 11 months ago

    Chanhun my world

  • Ligaya Tapoc
    Ligaya Tapoc Year ago

    My first idol in EXO is Baekhyun coz of scarlet heart and DO in annoying brother.Now I'm a fan of all EXO member,💝💝💝💝💝💝

  • Ananta Kyungsoo
    Ananta Kyungsoo Year ago

    Waww😱 got kyungsoo and sehun handsome😋

  • Anu Chouhan
    Anu Chouhan Year ago

    They are like real brothers

  • Trunrada Nuntaphan


  • Sarah Karimi
    Sarah Karimi Year ago

    their friend ship is the one I want

  • ディノ
    ディノ Year ago

    cutest mom and son ever~

  • Bacon Banzer
    Bacon Banzer Year ago

    Hay kayy🤣😂😂

  • Cheska Santos
    Cheska Santos Year ago

    Baekhyun for Sehun 👎🏻

  • Yudistira Eka Saputra

    Lucu lucu

  • Simran Singh
    Simran Singh Year ago

    My one of the favourite ships ❣️

    KING KSA Year ago

    سيهون انا ولله احبك وقطعت يدي عشان اقول لي. صدقتي عشان يصدقو انا احبك😭💋💋💋💋😘

  • iara tu kpoper fv

    Esto es mas hermoso que chaebeak 😍😂

  • Simran Singh
    Simran Singh Year ago

    They have the purest bond. Actually all of them have the purest bond with each other 👀💜

  • Mitha Eka
    Mitha Eka Year ago

    Judul lagunya apa ya?

  • Mitha Eka
    Mitha Eka Year ago

    Judul lagunya apa ya?

  • Olivia Olivia
    Olivia Olivia Year ago

    He's so cute😊😀😁

  • Olivia Olivia
    Olivia Olivia Year ago


  • Simran Singh
    Simran Singh Year ago

    Everyone basically loves Sehun ❤️ and exo shares a very strong bond among themselves. My babies I love them ❣️

  • nou thao
    nou thao Year ago


  • exoland
    exoland Year ago


  • •Yohana Espinoza•

    3:11 Pass me the link Pleaseeee!!

  • Kesean wolf
    Kesean wolf Year ago

    lol chanyeol

  • vp98215
    vp98215 Year ago

    sehun seems to be close to everyone. there are tons of videos of him with almost all members. i personally like suho and sehun. suho seems to take care of him like a little kid.

  • ChanBaek KaiSoo
    ChanBaek KaiSoo Year ago

    D.O is so cute and lovable😍. This made me touchy, but looking at Kai made me laugh😂.

  • Thouhida Yesmin
    Thouhida Yesmin Year ago

    They are so cuteee together 😘😘😘

  • ιουηα εχοι 94

    I'm here from the future 2018 any one ? my sehun is the cutes person ever i can see him loving and having fun with all the members i love EXO so much

  • J D
    J D Year ago

    Thank you!

  • Abdullah Murtafik

    Lol oh Sehun

    SHOWKYUN Year ago

    oh shit CHANHUN what a hel

  • Jack Neps
    Jack Neps Year ago

    Kai thought se hun was cheating on him😂😂😂😂😂jealousy is of kai cuz he thought sekai is real

  • Dika Rama
    Dika Rama Year ago

    Sehun i love u so much😭

  • Ida Hilmida
    Ida Hilmida Year ago

    Two king of Rapper and King of Visual Chanhun forever perfect😍😍😍

    EXO_L EXO_L Year ago

    2:04 wht game it is

    EXO_L EXO_L Year ago

    0:20 chanyeol:what are doing sehun?😒

  • ; victoria
    ; victoria Year ago


  • -im gonna bite taehyung in future-

    Sehun just gonna drag kyungsoo by his neck because kyungsoo is smaller than him. lmao whatta kinky shit but it's cute

  • Sara Drmaku
    Sara Drmaku Year ago

    OMMG SEHUNN LOVE YOU AND i ship sehun with every member sehun is so handsome my boy💙💓💓💓💗💓💗💓💓💗💓💗💓💗💓💓💗💗💓💓💓💗💓💗💓💗💓💓💗

  • Umul Banin
    Umul Banin Year ago

    Besttttt both are my favs!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Naz
    Naz Year ago

    Are there really couples I mean these videos will pair any1 with every1 now I'm confused

  • claire trhytche
    claire trhytche Year ago

    Excuse me but, chanyeol got jealous too so-

  • Myname Bug
    Myname Bug Year ago

    name of song o:

    ALMA ZURITA Year ago


  • Shipani Devi
    Shipani Devi Year ago

    I love his red hairs

  • abby sc
    abby sc Year ago

    What vídeo 4:13?

  • Silapat Dd
    Silapat Dd Year ago


  • kamariah yah
    kamariah yah Year ago

    hehehehee sehunnn

  • Bella Oktaviani
    Bella Oktaviani Year ago

    honestly i love chanhun more than chanbaek haha don't bother me

  • blingblinghun
    blingblinghun Year ago

    chanyeol also get jealous

  • PranU OreO
    PranU OreO Year ago

    D.O is all members targate 😂