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  • Tahir Shah
    Tahir Shah 4 hours ago

    Use variation(s) or difference(s) word instead of variance. The variance and standard deviation are statistical measurements which shows average deviation from central point of data.

  • Paul Macgowan
    Paul Macgowan 4 hours ago

    Wow, how cool

  • Emre Murat
    Emre Murat 4 hours ago

    Dear Leila, I have two importing questions: 1- Shall we use the "Choose" function instead of or include Vlookup function to find reverse data value (from right to left)? 2- If we use the dublicate values like "Agent A" (1. row) and "Agent A" (19. row), what will we find price value ? (which price?) because excel calcules just one value which matches the first value (1. row). How can we solve this problem? Thanks,

  • sai naveen gurram
    sai naveen gurram 5 hours ago

    Hi, is there any way to change the excel keyboard keys with out using macros by default options

  • Abdul Jabbar Khan
    Abdul Jabbar Khan 5 hours ago

    Hi, I enjoyed your video as usual. Here is a problem that I am struggling to solve. Say, I have a master file that contains 100 questions for an exam. I want to generate three new sets of questions from the master file. In each of the sets the question numbers shall have to be different from the original sequence. How can I do this using worksheet functions or VBA? Thanks in anticipation.

  • Ko Lay
    Ko Lay 6 hours ago

    cool trick

  • Zuzana Schmidtova
    Zuzana Schmidtova 7 hours ago

    Question re icon and label overlap when values small: Firstly, thank you for this excellent tip; I tried it and it looks great. My question is, how can one factor in a change in the position of the labels and icons for when the values fall small, so that they don't overlap? For example at 10% the label and icon sit on top of each other. Can a , say, conditional formatting with IF() be used to change the label position to avoid this? Many thanks for all your tutorials, Z Addendum: On my sheet when the percentage for one of the chart data series falls below 26% the icon and series label start to overlap. So I changed the Icon's Y position formula on the spreadsheet to: =IF(B4<=26%,B4+0.05,B4-0.05) Where 'B4' holds my data series value/%. This solution moves the icon to the right, out of the data series shape and against the 'Total' shape faint background, when the data value is equal or smaller than 26% This means, however, that the colour of the icon has to be of such value/intensity, so that it contrasts well against the data value shape as well as the faint background. Can I apply conditional formatting to the icon to change colour depending on background? I suspect not :) ...any ideas? Many thanks.

  • Tee Tilla
    Tee Tilla 8 hours ago

    Absolute genius-level creativity. And looks fab to boot.

  • Jack William
    Jack William 10 hours ago

    How to change theme colors for certain sheet without changing the other one.?

  • Kunal Potdar
    Kunal Potdar 11 hours ago

    This is so awesome

  • Andrew J
    Andrew J 11 hours ago

    Hello Mam, How are you ? I Have an one doubt How to set horizontal dynamic range in VBA, like vertical dynamic range using by set rng =sheet1.range("A1:A" & sheet1.range("A" & rows.count).end(xlup).row) Thanks in advance Mam. .

  • Ahmed Raza
    Ahmed Raza 11 hours ago

    Is dynamic array available now or on beta version?

  • Vijay Karthick
    Vijay Karthick 12 hours ago

    Can u give me a solution for the more limit for vlookup,ex.if I want to extract from more than one lakh cells it showing the maximum limit is reached.kindly give me a solution regarding issue. Tq

    • SRNJ. JP Rail Inc.
      SRNJ. JP Rail Inc. 5 hours ago

      Tq, as in "thank q" lol!! That's adorably hilarious and sad all mixed into 1 language barrier. I luv it

  • almadesaudade
    almadesaudade 12 hours ago

    Wow! cant wait to use it! Thanks Leila!

  • Arnold Dela Cruz
    Arnold Dela Cruz 15 hours ago

    thanks as well with the data. this will really help

  • Arnold Dela Cruz
    Arnold Dela Cruz 15 hours ago

    Thanks for this Leila...well explained

    • Leila Gharani
      Leila Gharani 13 hours ago

      My pleasure Arnold. Hope it will come in handy.

  • rtry pali
    rtry pali 17 hours ago


  • D. R.
    D. R. 19 hours ago


  • wackolas
    wackolas 20 hours ago

    What happens if there are more headers as time goes by? For example, if you add an extra month of data each month? Will the query extend the unpivoting if the table expands to the right?

  • optimiste optimiste
    optimiste optimiste 21 hour ago

    Hi, your are beautful

    SUMIT OJHA 21 hour ago

    We can use formula text and then paste special and do the same thing....

  • Mukhalad Alshimary
    Mukhalad Alshimary 21 hour ago

    you are great

  • Bao Pham
    Bao Pham 22 hours ago

    This is awesome. I've been trying to write a formula using CSE, but this is way much more efficient! Thanks for the tips! =)

    • Leila Gharani
      Leila Gharani 13 hours ago

      You're very welcome. Glad the tutorial is helpful.

  • Bob Fish
    Bob Fish 23 hours ago

    Still missing one feature which would be invaluable. A 'Default' Value where no match is made, rather than defaulting #NA

  • SRNJ. JP Rail Inc.
    SRNJ. JP Rail Inc. 23 hours ago

    Is XLookup live now or still in limited beta? Edit: Nvm, I just fired up Excel.. 😥

  • SRNJ. JP Rail Inc.

    47 people were like: "I hate options! Dislike"

  • Joe
    Joe Day ago

    Is it possible to create a symbol on the workbook, which active this form editor?

  • He Joey
    He Joey Day ago

    what if Control T doesnt work? what could be the problem?

  • Saturnino Giron

    Wow 👋👋👋💯

  • Shan Basha Pullalacheruvu

    Hi, I need to prepare a daily consumption report for a montj. 1. Need to change date by creating a sheet. 2. Closing data of today has to be in opening data of nxt sheet.

  • Prabhu Chouhan

    good video but i didn't tell about un hide rows and columns

  • Srinivasan B
    Srinivasan B Day ago

    Your video on Excel VBA is rocking. Keep it up!

  • John Von Daniken


  • darren godkin
    darren godkin Day ago

    I love Power Query, fantastic tool and very useful for loads of automation tasks.

  • Juliuz Moremoa

    Thanks, it helpfull to make good slide.

  • Gitesh Patil
    Gitesh Patil Day ago

    Can we add OR function inside the SEARCH function.. You have applied OR(SEARCH). Can we use SEARCH(OR)?

  • KHALID ALI SubhanAllah

    bundle of thanks mam

  • ar ss
    ar ss Day ago

    Thanks a lot..... Wonderful vedio

  • Dipak Pachpande

    Your videos are really helpful. Please do make a video on Forecast function.

  • wofdigy
    wofdigy Day ago

    Awesome effect and so simple.. thank you again Leila

    • Leila Gharani
      Leila Gharani Day ago

      My pleasure. I'm glad you like my little hacks.

  • Hendra Ardi Kurniawan

    How to hide the items which is already used in drop down list?

  • Hendra Ardi Kurniawan

    How to hide the items which is already used in drop down list?

  • Hendra Ardi Kurniawan

    How to hide the items which is already used in drop down list?

  • Dã Quỳ TX
    Dã Quỳ TX Day ago

    Very helpful. Thank you very much.

  • Programador Excel VBA

    Mas um ótimo conteúdo Leila Att, Gledson Programador Excel VBA

    • Leila Gharani
      Leila Gharani Day ago

      Custom formatting is an often overlooked feature. Glad you like the content.

  • Mohammad Taghi Abbasi

    Dear Leila. Thanks for your useful videos. I newly start work with excel and I need you help . Think about number auto fill but I need auto fill like AA,AB,AC...till ZZ. So how can I do this. Thanks for everything. Mt.Abbasi

  • mike hamweene
    mike hamweene Day ago

    You are the best Thanks

  • mike hamweene
    mike hamweene Day ago

    You are the best Thanks

  • Farzaneh Mohammadi

    Thank you Leila; great as always. please have more videos on power query like this that ease the work when analyzing the data. I have registered for your VBA course and felt it was so hard for me, power query can come in rescue instead. while I have power query course I didn’t find it as useful as how you taught here.

    • Leila Gharani
      Leila Gharani Day ago

      There will definitely be more videos on PQ. Stay tuned :)

  • Mohamed Hussein

    Excellent equation but what if we have more than a date the sort will be based on each one ?

  • Michael Fish
    Michael Fish Day ago

    This is awesome! What do you do if you don’t want all the columns to be filled with forms? A + B = C I only want the form to fill out column A & B.

  • Abdullah Al Asbali

    Thank you Leila, can you please tell us how we can publish the interactive dashboard into the web ??

  • Jayant Gupta
    Jayant Gupta Day ago

    One suggestion always put the files attachment in the comments as I love to read them. Plus your website address.

    • Leila Gharani
      Leila Gharani Day ago

      Thanks for the feedback. I update the file so with the link in the description you always get the latest version on my website.

  • Christine Shahin


  • Gabriella Prievara

    I use formulas to get this result, but now I can do my task much more faster. Thank you Leila!

  • Neil Brandon
    Neil Brandon Day ago

    Any recommendations for relaxing hotels to study appreciated....

    • Leila Gharani
      Leila Gharani Day ago

      Pretty much anywhere as long as you stay clear of the Playa de Palma :)

  • samuel kodjoe
    samuel kodjoe 2 days ago

    powerful wisdom shared!!! love it!!

  • Saurabh Kumar
    Saurabh Kumar 2 days ago

    Thanks a ton. You saved a lot of time :p

  • Anand Gujarani
    Anand Gujarani 2 days ago

    VBA course fees n syllabus?

    • Leila Gharani
      Leila Gharani Day ago

      Check out my course page: courses.xelplus.com/p/excel-vba-excel-macros

  • Anand Gujarani
    Anand Gujarani 2 days ago

    Power Video 😜

  • Vinay Ramachandran
    Vinay Ramachandran 2 days ago

    Amazing!!! This is out of the world...All hail King Pete!!!👏

    RAVI KUMAR 2 days ago

    Plz share auto filter and sorting data in search box

  • Alexandre Ferraro
    Alexandre Ferraro 2 days ago

    The concept is very similiar to Index and match function. I enjoy it.

  • criticalbil1
    criticalbil1 2 days ago

    "If you're excited about this, hit that thumbs up!" *ROBOT VOICE* "Yes, I am excited"

  • Joseph Njenga
    Joseph Njenga 2 days ago

    Are these new formulas available yet?? Can't seem to find them....

  • BEST 4 YOU
    BEST 4 YOU 2 days ago

    thanks for sharing

  • BEST 4 YOU
    BEST 4 YOU 2 days ago

    woow nice

  • Master Swordz
    Master Swordz 2 days ago

    filter formula is not available

    • Master Swordz
      Master Swordz 15 hours ago

      Leila Gharani so this is not useful in a workplace that does not use office365?

    • Leila Gharani
      Leila Gharani Day ago

      Still only in Office 365 Insider Edition.

  • Hernan Perez
    Hernan Perez 2 days ago

    Hands down best video on this topic in all the Web. Brilliant.. Thank you.

    • Leila Gharani
      Leila Gharani Day ago

      Thanks for the kind feedback Hernan! Glad you like the video.

  • Emre Murat
    Emre Murat 2 days ago

    Dear Leila, You don't need to turn dates into numeric shape to get activities appear on chart. You can erase chart activity column name on excel, then aplly again sources on chart. You will see dates will not appear on chart and just item names. This is good way to convert it stacked chart

  • Greenghost3k
    Greenghost3k 2 days ago

    Great video 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

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    BEST 4 YOU 2 days ago

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    Khan World 2 days ago

    Great work 👍 God bless you Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰

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    shaikh maruf 2 days ago

    Really nice.

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    BEST 4 YOU 2 days ago

    thank you so much, great video

  • Hernan Perez
    Hernan Perez 2 days ago

    I just made my day.. Thanks

  • Flippin' Trinity
    Flippin' Trinity 2 days ago

    Formula works great! I do need to know how to sort the dates that are returned from the formula.

  • Anna Thuong
    Anna Thuong 2 days ago

    Thank you Leila for all the videos. I found your videos are very deep in knowledge and easy to understand and most important to follow. Thanks again.

    • Leila Gharani
      Leila Gharani Day ago

      Thank you for the kind feedback Anna! I'm happy the tutorials are useful.

  • Jay Rathod
    Jay Rathod 2 days ago

    I'll be damned

  • truong hung
    truong hung 2 days ago

    I can finding sort, unique and filter function i excel 365.

    • Leila Gharani
      Leila Gharani Day ago

      It's still only in the Office Insider Edition.

  • lephteris peimanidis

    Thank you.Very usefull.

  • Manoj Kahar
    Manoj Kahar 2 days ago

    Thanks Laila for new series I.e. Power Query. Waiting for power BI

  • Jonathan Wang
    Jonathan Wang 2 days ago


  • Sir Arsalan - PcTips


  • Jose Manuel Ruiz
    Jose Manuel Ruiz 2 days ago

    this is great!!!...I knew a few... I use "Ctrl+E+S+V.. eat some vitamins" every single day

  • Daniel Mathivathan
    Daniel Mathivathan 2 days ago

    Excellent!! Very well explained

  • Vida
    Vida 2 days ago

    Power Query is really powerful. The last step could've been replacing 0 back to null as it was in original data set

  • Feras Kraim
    Feras Kraim 2 days ago

    Great ...

  • Logi Tech
    Logi Tech 2 days ago

    thumbs up for the F4 trick!

  • Umesh Mishra
    Umesh Mishra 3 days ago

    amazing madam.

  • Darlene Poisson
    Darlene Poisson 3 days ago

    I want the data I enter into the form to show up on separate sheets

  • Somrit Basu
    Somrit Basu 3 days ago

    How do we edit a range from cell input in a formula?

  • vijay sarathi
    vijay sarathi 3 days ago

    Its amazing very useful for everyone phoneminal women you teaching is so good and understand easly thank u for video

    • Leila Gharani
      Leila Gharani 2 days ago

      I'm glad the tutorial is useful for you.

  • Udai Shankar
    Udai Shankar 3 days ago

    hey Liela great tutorials...what if the App column contains duplicates or more of same values? How do we extract unique only to drop down list?

  • Ziyad Tariq
    Ziyad Tariq 3 days ago

    Great! Learnt a new thing.

  • Aamir Ali
    Aamir Ali 3 days ago

    this is really helpful for me during my work. Please help me as my start and end date are not updating automatically from table in drop down list

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    Faiz Rasool 3 days ago

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