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  • Caolank450
    Caolank450 16 seconds ago

    13:04 is what you’re here for

  • Jamie Mcintosh
    Jamie Mcintosh 33 seconds ago

    “What’s 17 mean” Imagine he said the place man united will finish this season

  • Dortmund
    Dortmund 2 minutes ago

    Saying de gea even though they in europa league cos they stinky

  • Dxd Dxd
    Dxd Dxd 5 minutes ago

    Which pack was it that he got Messi in it ?

  • zach x
    zach x 9 minutes ago

    Castro tryna chat chicks up on discord

  • PES ZW
    PES ZW 11 minutes ago


  • Hello There
    Hello There 11 minutes ago

    Can someone tell me what the difference between In Forms and fut champs cards?

  • Sanic Romard
    Sanic Romard 13 minutes ago

    You are fat

  • A J Don
    A J Don 16 minutes ago

    I did one of these n i got 92 rated KDB 😁

  • Liam Beazley
    Liam Beazley 17 minutes ago

    Did 8 got 2 lewandoski 90 and 91, Nainggolan and zapata, Gerard Moreno , Koscielny and 2 shitters

  • Alex Benito
    Alex Benito 17 minutes ago

    You a chives fan Castro??

  • -ZNK-
    -ZNK- 20 minutes ago

    15:30 i'm dead

  • Caolank450
    Caolank450 21 minute ago

    Castro: it’s not a walkout *sees Gabon flag* Also Castro: AuBaMeYaNg!!!

  • shon vayner
    shon vayner 21 minute ago


  • Bodak Klack
    Bodak Klack 22 minutes ago

    Arriba las chivas pariente!

  • Ori Atia
    Ori Atia 23 minutes ago

    6:13 HELLO🇮🇱❤️

  • yoni neta
    yoni neta 25 minutes ago

    Go Israel❤️

  • Keukenrol
    Keukenrol 29 minutes ago

    Dawood was on gummies again lmao

  • Clanwalk3r
    Clanwalk3r 32 minutes ago

    Castro low-key wanted to smursh ashley

  • אלירן עובדיה
    אלירן עובדיה 33 minutes ago


  • Alfie Darley
    Alfie Darley 34 minutes ago

    8:50 Castro looks so cute 😂😂

  • Elias Axelsson
    Elias Axelsson 35 minutes ago

    Östersund is trash

  • Elias Axelsson
    Elias Axelsson 35 minutes ago

    Inte östersund vafaaaaaaaaaan🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Nicolas Biglieri
    Nicolas Biglieri 36 minutes ago

    I packed mane in my second one

  • Random FortniteStreams
    Random FortniteStreams 36 minutes ago

    Who else can't buy fifa points because of the government (I live in belgium)

  • Modi Ebada
    Modi Ebada 37 minutes ago

    8:11 he got turned on😂😂😂😂

  • RangaEats APie
    RangaEats APie 38 minutes ago

    Castro gets boy: ok where u from and what pack Castro gets girl: DO U WANT TIPS??? HOW OLD ARE U??? HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!! "Has a ten minute chat"

  • Simon Strickx
    Simon Strickx 38 minutes ago

    the playerpick isn't real bc if you have him duplicate he would stand with the duplicates, now it seems you just can add him in the club

  • Eyad mbideen
    Eyad mbideen 38 minutes ago

    There are nothing called Israel

  • ToXiC Walshy
    ToXiC Walshy 40 minutes ago

    Girl.joins discord old are you

  • Lennon Stpier
    Lennon Stpier 40 minutes ago

    The guy supporting arsenal is a legend

  • {LFG sha13v}
    {LFG sha13v} 41 minute ago

    6:23 נודר הוא מישראל איזה גבר חחחחחחח

  • Hsone 420
    Hsone 420 42 minutes ago

    6:12 did he say that he is from nowhere?

  • Vincent
    Vincent 43 minutes ago

    Thank god its demonitized

  • I love my Turbolader
    I love my Turbolader 43 minutes ago


  • Azid Mils
    Azid Mils 45 minutes ago

    Fuck that Israel guy

  • JamesEE
    JamesEE 45 minutes ago

    i woke up and did one of these sbcs and got inform wijinaldum , so annoyed i wanted mane

  • Adam Iqbal
    Adam Iqbal 47 minutes ago


  • Ghyy HYY
    Ghyy HYY 48 minutes ago

    Fuck israel!

  • Max Football
    Max Football 50 minutes ago

    No one: Castro: Ashley, you look good!

  • _SiGmoNdiuS_ BoB
    _SiGmoNdiuS_ BoB 51 minute ago

    pumas are better than chivas

  • KingDutch
    KingDutch 52 minutes ago

    Castro wanna buy me fifa 20 ……………? please ;(

  • arvids youtube
    arvids youtube 53 minutes ago

    I am from Sweden

  • noam
    noam 54 minutes ago

    תעשו לייק זה אני הישראלי 6:04

    • Sagi 123
      Sagi 123 6 minutes ago


    • BinyaminS
      BinyaminS 13 minutes ago

      חחחח חזק שך אתה גינגי?

    • noam
      noam 18 minutes ago

      Ori Atia חח כן הוא העביר אותי והיו עוד 3000 איש בדיס מזל

    • Ori Atia
      Ori Atia 22 minutes ago

      noam חחח רציני?

  • BackToTheLobbyYouGo
    BackToTheLobbyYouGo 57 minutes ago

    A chivas fan 😂 por que casto por que

  • Rigby
    Rigby 59 minutes ago

    This is how much Castro weighs 1 like = 1 pound

  • Fin Marriott
    Fin Marriott Hour ago

    I packed inform wijnaldum in the infirm pack

  • RATEDRsensei
    RATEDRsensei Hour ago

    YOU LOOK GOOD!!!!!!

  • Luka The Pickled Cookie

    12:50 fucking legend

  • Charlie Harper
    Charlie Harper Hour ago

    Lol wtf these totw packs are SHIT!

  • Izzat Hafiz
    Izzat Hafiz Hour ago


  • Codein Boy Sheesh

    Stupid bastard

  • Nick Boys
    Nick Boys Hour ago

    1143 Messi

  • Kibk
    Kibk Hour ago


  • cheesington
    cheesington Hour ago

    Of course Castro is giving girls tips

  • Zack Syndicate
    Zack Syndicate Hour ago

    6:11 It’s called Palestine

  • nathan 19
    nathan 19 Hour ago

    This is how many people think Castro got a bit over excited when talking to Ashleigh 👇👇

  • Olivier van der Putten

    Song 2:28 ?

  • Alex Kazuma
    Alex Kazuma Hour ago

    Why tf you scream all the time pls SPEAK normal yok

  • hyper A
    hyper A Hour ago

    Fuck isreal. The terrorists are isreal. PALESTINE 🇵🇸

  • Luke Daly
    Luke Daly Hour ago

    My 234k team got hacked and discarded well played ea

  • Fuznum 989
    Fuznum 989 Hour ago

    Who was here in the first 100 comments!!!

  • WatermelonGaming T2

    I did one of those and i hot griezman

  • Fear Vybz
    Fear Vybz Hour ago

    13:02 MY GUY!!!

  • R-O-M-U
    R-O-M-U Hour ago

    Man said finland first😍

  • Luke Mcwilliams
    Luke Mcwilliams Hour ago

    Messi at 19:22 your welcome

  • Gulbrand Lindmo
    Gulbrand Lindmo Hour ago


  • KKuBoMbErZ
    KKuBoMbErZ Hour ago

    I done 7 and got Mbappe

  • ghano ben
    ghano ben Hour ago

    fuck u nigga

  • Joshua Ayala
    Joshua Ayala Hour ago

    Chivas fans 🤢🤮

  • TomWalls
    TomWalls Hour ago

    How did he get these packs

  • Szűcs Krisz
    Szűcs Krisz Hour ago

    3:08 na magyarok?

  • Grasvein _
    Grasvein _ Hour ago

    I did see you in the intro Castro, you are too fat

  • sewe221
    sewe221 Hour ago


  • MisterCringe
    MisterCringe Hour ago

    What team does castro support?

  • Ebbe Holch
    Ebbe Holch Hour ago

    Who should i take in the icon swap i Got 24

  • elvin burzic
    elvin burzic Hour ago

    4:42 lol

  • Mattytrev 04
    Mattytrev 04 Hour ago


  • Kriuksius BTW
    Kriuksius BTW Hour ago


  • Can TheKing
    Can TheKing Hour ago

    stream was awesome !!! The discord packs were funny as hell

  • Mong Twin
    Mong Twin Hour ago

    Oh no fuck Shawn 😂😂😂

  • peter evans
    peter evans Hour ago

    See Castro chatting up that bird 😂😂

  • Acapilmn
    Acapilmn Hour ago

    I would love to chop his bun down

  • Sean Kosmowski
    Sean Kosmowski Hour ago

    Castro simps for an e girl

  • iComanDerS Kw
    iComanDerS Kw Hour ago

    16:15 كس ام اسرائيل

  • nikola
    nikola Hour ago

    You came for 0:00-20:11 (GOOD CONTENT)

    • nikola
      nikola 9 minutes ago

      @Codein Boy Sheesh lol

    • Codein Boy Sheesh
      Codein Boy Sheesh Hour ago

      Fat bastard spending money on a trash game is good content

    • CSF1307
      CSF1307 Hour ago

      Hahaha no

    • SilentB00M9
      SilentB00M9 Hour ago

      nikola hahahahahahahaahahhahahahhahahahaaahhaahahahahaaahah. Not funny, didn’t laugh.

  • Jim Lad
    Jim Lad Hour ago

    When I realise that the packs r 1-8 and messi is in 9

  • Josh Leader
    Josh Leader Hour ago

    If that part time fatty says you look good one more time ima kms

  • Polly_YT
    Polly_YT Hour ago

    Castro you schmutz

  • Eoghan Doherty
    Eoghan Doherty Hour ago

    U packed dybala from red picks I packed him from if pack

  • JACKINATOR — Brawl Stars

    YOU LOOK GOOD!!!!!

  • Greek Gamer
    Greek Gamer Hour ago


  • 10 000 Subs For Free Hot Dogs

    no one : Castro : You Look Good

  • Jeppe Post
    Jeppe Post Hour ago

    Lol i packed Kyle Walker if in the totw sbc

  • Brenda Mccann
    Brenda Mccann Hour ago

    6.70 you look good

  • DarkNite
    DarkNite Hour ago

    Best highest rated of the the video 3:48 Road to the final🌐⚽️🌐⚽️ 19:22 Red D***la Thank me with likes

  • Ebrahim Mohamed
    Ebrahim Mohamed Hour ago

    Fuck in Israel

  • fahad alenezi
    fahad alenezi Hour ago

    Fuck Israel

  • Lewis Hislop
    Lewis Hislop Hour ago

    I wanna I wanna I wanna be Chris doidge

  • Unknown Ghee
    Unknown Ghee Hour ago

    11:08 he packs Messi IF again thank me later