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Should You Watch Porn?
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Do All Men Think the Same?
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Do All Teens Think the Same?
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  • Liza Saakadze
    Liza Saakadze 4 hours ago

    Self proclamed sex symbol . That was on point

  • Loserishone
    Loserishone 4 hours ago

    Red man really be interrupting man his teacher must have scolded him so many times

  • Shazyx
    Shazyx 4 hours ago

    Elon musk : why you guys not invite me?

  • Fanne Aeris
    Fanne Aeris 4 hours ago

    I'm a christian, and i apologize on behalf of these flat earthers

  • Nathan Santo Domingo

    What are flat earthers gonna think when Elon takes a selfie on the moon?

  • Joshua Thurecht-Luckham

    I think it's really hard to get out of predgidous as a society. Our society has been like this for years and kids are taught not on purpose about these things and they copy them. If this is going to change it needs to be a huge change to the entirety of society.

  • psycho
    psycho 4 hours ago

    When they started laughing about the other side thinking they’re uneducated I LOST IT HAHAHA

  • JoseMR2k11
    JoseMR2k11 4 hours ago

    We have absolute factual evidence backed TRUTH............. @29:55 I'm a Theoretical physicist 😂😂😂😂

  • Jermiah Russell
    Jermiah Russell 4 hours ago

    Shelly: I want to share empirical data that the earth is flat Also Shelly: I see too far

  • Xavier Hawkins
    Xavier Hawkins 4 hours ago

    One cannot recognize an issue then deal with the aforementioned issue by denying its existence. In any case, great points were made on both sides and I thoroughly enjoyed this debate. Thank you.

  • Just a broke kpop stan

    Partake in a healthy intellectual discussion? These guys: 𝒊𝑴𝒎𝑨 𝒏𝑶𝒕

  • zHumbleSashaz
    zHumbleSashaz 4 hours ago

    Can i have reasons why to like trump cause honestly he is pretty rasict and the whole immigration thing :/ also that video of him and his daughter on the interview 🤢

  • sahba S
    sahba S 4 hours ago

    I adore how brave and strong they were for sharing the feelings and experiences

  • psycho
    psycho 4 hours ago

    As a religious person I would never use religion as an argument. It would be useless if the other side doesn’t share my belief. So I believe science is the way to go and these “flat earthers” were basing their answers off religion. And another thing, we shouldn’t take out holy books to seriously...it was written a long time ago...

  • Maricka Oglesby
    Maricka Oglesby 4 hours ago

    HOW did they film this without a black woman in the conversation?

  • Tychus
    Tychus 4 hours ago

    18 claims 30 to 70 ... damn I’m 28 not even close to 10 ....

  • Baby Conch
    Baby Conch 4 hours ago

    Mikey's voice was literally like melted butter 😩♥️

  • Akash Sharma
    Akash Sharma 4 hours ago

    Is it just me or does anyone else thinks Flat Earth started as a big joke and some people believed it and now we've Flat Earth Society

  • Jermiah Russell
    Jermiah Russell 4 hours ago

    Bruh what does the government get out of saying the earth isn't flat. Like seriously

  • Gerald Mbuthia
    Gerald Mbuthia 4 hours ago

    That 1 dude dealt his cards right😂😂😂

  • TheKiller Duece
    TheKiller Duece 4 hours ago

    My question is why does the United States have to help everyone out? All these war torn countries that either torn themselves up or fight squabble

  • Iza Bella
    Iza Bella 4 hours ago

    When I’ll have kids, imma teach them to NOT be like the guy in the suit

  • rainysunshine
    rainysunshine 4 hours ago

    What is pro or anti identity?

  • Raiana Duenas
    Raiana Duenas 4 hours ago

    that white girl ruined the whole video

  • Tom Huynh
    Tom Huynh 4 hours ago

    That is too easy to prove, if the earth was flat, GPS would not work at all. All innovations like satellites, weather prediction, GPS, ... would not work with flat earth as simple as that. if these flat earth people use google map or uber or locator apps then they must believe in the round earth. It is surprise none of the scientists mentioned those in the discussion, such missing opportunities.

  • Loserishone
    Loserishone 4 hours ago


  • Elitsa I.
    Elitsa I. 4 hours ago

    They are so cuteee...

  • Moises Ayala
    Moises Ayala 4 hours ago

    Where my flat earthers at!🙋🏼‍♀️

  • Jocelyn Voegele
    Jocelyn Voegele 4 hours ago

    but like who even cares about the shape of the earth?

  • Ana Garcia
    Ana Garcia 4 hours ago

    brandon and jean were definitely my favorite 😩😩😩

  • Jermiah Russell
    Jermiah Russell 4 hours ago

    Scientist: Blah blah science, facts, evidence Flat Earthers: Yes we do recognize that as scientist jargon

  • Charles Ford Jr
    Charles Ford Jr 4 hours ago

    I wish Ali was my teacher.

  • Bria 19
    Bria 19 4 hours ago

    This was really nice to watch

  • Aug
    Aug 4 hours ago

    The problem with their "when a ship goes over the horizon, zoom in with a camera and it reappears" argument is that they don't actually know if it has crossed the horizon yet. If they were to actually measure the horizon from where they were standing, they'd find that no matter how much you zoom in, that ship isn't coming back.

  • Zachary Walinder
    Zachary Walinder 4 hours ago

    The stupidity of all this! When Darwin came up with the theory of evolution he didn’t go there t find support evolution he found evidence and built one but then became the theory of evolution . Flat earthers are like anti-vaxers they find evidence to support what they believe despite what the population says and can prove.

    • Zachary Walinder
      Zachary Walinder 4 hours ago

      They lack the basic understanding of the scientific process.

  • Riowest
    Riowest 4 hours ago

    These flat earthers are pissing me off!

  • Lauren Pope
    Lauren Pope 4 hours ago

    It scares me how misinformed these "flat-earth" people are... my brain hurts

  • Tyler Siedell
    Tyler Siedell 4 hours ago

    Never trust dudes named Wendell

  • TaviOnlyZone
    TaviOnlyZone 4 hours ago

    15 mins wtf.

  • d channel
    d channel 4 hours ago

    Their mind is flat

  • Idaacada 24
    Idaacada 24 4 hours ago

    Zack is high and I put my house on that 😎

  • Sylvia Moragne
    Sylvia Moragne 4 hours ago

    This is my favorite episode from Jubilee.

  • S. Askim
    S. Askim 4 hours ago

    The sex workers are so insecure, they really just ashamed of what they doing. The pastors are really well spoken and understanding. Next time get mature people! Oops 😂

  • Abbey Rose
    Abbey Rose 4 hours ago

    The straight A kids are going to get a slap in the face when they reach the real world and find that they are no longer the best

  • Archnid 001
    Archnid 001 4 hours ago

    Sean can't remove all introvert some serial killer or hit man that love to call there self a "lone wolf" are introvert Alpha called "Sigma".

  • TheGoldenDunsparce
    TheGoldenDunsparce 4 hours ago

    I didn't find anyone attractive, but no one's really a 5 or 4

  • Walk Manuel
    Walk Manuel 4 hours ago

    You can't be a feminist and support trump ..... Like what

  • Anita Norton
    Anita Norton 4 hours ago

    When the guy said "Well that's the problem" I felt that ngl

  • AakeTraak
    AakeTraak 4 hours ago

    One of the things that actually are settled in science.

  • Confused Asian
    Confused Asian 4 hours ago

    Flat Earth? That's not vegan

  • Notice Me Senpai
    Notice Me Senpai 4 hours ago

    I'm A cRiTicAl ThInKeR aNd I JuMp oUt oF pLaNEs

  • Benedicta Kwarteng
    Benedicta Kwarteng 4 hours ago

    I consider myself a feminist and I’m not trying to invalidate anyone’s opinion but if you say that A woman is not oppressed the same way you are and so Feminism should be an across the board thing then you are eliminating history and the whole start of the movement. Women as a minority group has been MARGINALIZED for a long time and it still goes on. I’m not saying some men don’t struggle because I have a father and he as struggled just by being a black immigrant but when it comes to inequality between the sexes...Women are viewed less of a person as men. Also if you say that the feminist movement is all over the place and that it should be a “One Topic Thing” then I will agree to disagree because women are not just experiencing one set of inequality for being women. I also disagree that more women are choosing to be in the teaching field because they want to. It’s like saying developing countries are choosing to be poor NO because they were not presented the same opportunities in society. If more women were not just viewed as “kitchen experts” and allowed to be scholars like men were and if those who were allowed to even get an education were treated in the same level men were, this conversation wouldn’t be happening.

  • Nancy Ko
    Nancy Ko 5 hours ago

    They're so sweet & supportive.. I've never seen such a loving & sincere man and the woman is looking so true & wholeheartedly towards the man, they're eyes are shining, looking deep towards one another, how pure & beautiful is their love.. touched by their deep sincere love towards one another.. at such relatively young age, their love is so beautiful & enduring 🌈

  • Mr. Drobot
    Mr. Drobot 5 hours ago

    WOW, Earth is stationary!!!!

  • Zack Stines
    Zack Stines 5 hours ago

    this entire video bothers me. the pure ignorance of these grown adults is just embarrassing. the earth has been proven round sense ancient times. and you can never prove a god 100%. a bible is just a really old book. inrespect everyone's religions and beliefs, but you could never prove am entity.

  • Kitsune spirit
    Kitsune spirit 5 hours ago

    I remember one time I tried to commit suicide due to loneliness and having head lice everyone stay away from me and laugh, they even call me dirty girl, and the cut are still on my arm...

  • sandi kk
    sandi kk 5 hours ago

    answer: yes

  • Bry x
    Bry x 5 hours ago

    flat earther: the earth is flat scientist: no it’s not flat earther: i have evidence scientist: literally what evidence???? flat earther: well youtube-

  • Gunnar
    Gunnar 5 hours ago

    Logical and biblically based.. these things don't go together...

  • Sebastian Olivier
    Sebastian Olivier 5 hours ago

    Im sorry but when they said “and I have jumped from planes” and “I’m the water man” I just knew how this was going to go

    • Kei W.
      Kei W. 4 hours ago

      Sebastian Olivier what’s the issue? Those are obviously top tier credentials 😂

  • Walk Manuel
    Walk Manuel 5 hours ago

    Black lives matter helped alot of people . The media and white people only focused on the riots and hype and not the actual organization and people in it .

  • E. Mamotti
    E. Mamotti 5 hours ago

    Amazing and universal discussion. From an external point of view, it looks like these questions matter even more for the American people, which is completely understandable considering its history. However, I think that it is the price to pay when you live in a multicultural society : more questions about the boundaries of your identity. I do hope human beings will someday find a way to live together without paying to attention to race, gender or other identifying factors.

  • Lucas
    Lucas 5 hours ago

    imagine lining up for single mom garbage cringe bro

  • MehranaB
    MehranaB 5 hours ago

    "Scientific consensus is possible." waaaaaait what, I don't know, what, I don't understand the question, wait, possible?, hmm

  • Eden Colie
    Eden Colie 5 hours ago

    "For a group that claims to champion tolerance, what I have seen overwhelmingly is a lack of willingness to accept what other people think" I think this is very true as the lgbt community can say anything against or about anyone, but as soon as someone says that they don't agree with the lgbt movement you are suddenly a homophobe, a biggot etc.

  • Adja T
    Adja T 5 hours ago

    Science is wrong bcs I say so and god says something different. Didn‘t ever talk to him, only red a book but he is correct bcs there is a old book that says so. *facepalm* sorry but not sorry but no... just no...

  • Lina
    Lina 5 hours ago

    just send these 3 people to space, if they still believe they're inside some generator, put them in a suit, let them out for a bit, when they're traumatized enough, let them back inside and it's done.

  • shan_rocks
    shan_rocks 5 hours ago

    I want the Flat Earth Society to release a few stats. 1). How many flat earthers have a post secondary education (at least a Bachelor's degree or higher.) 2). How many flat earthers are Christians? 3). Which countries hold the most flat earthers (in percentages)? 4. How many flat earthers hold degrees in any hard sciences? 5. Finally, what is the age demographic of flat earthers?

  • Miod89raG Jay
    Miod89raG Jay 5 hours ago

    This woman as a kid wanted to be an astronaut and first woman on the moon. Now as a grownup woman she is a flat earther ..how sad is this

  • Ra Wiii
    Ra Wiii 5 hours ago


  • Haley Neal
    Haley Neal 5 hours ago

    Please do 6 Ariana grande fans and I secret hater I would love to be in it bc I’m a super fan but even if I’m not I would love to watch! :)

  • Isamara M.A
    Isamara M.A 5 hours ago

    Can I have Xaviers number? 😍

  • Charmando
    Charmando 5 hours ago

    How about trade schools ?

  • Martin Cooper
    Martin Cooper 5 hours ago

    Hands down the best group you've ever had on this show. Re-invite them to do another segment, they are the solutions to America's society.

  • Arfhat Rana
    Arfhat Rana 5 hours ago

    What we learned from this: Brandon tries to be vegan but he’s really vegetarian because he doesn’t check ingredients as much. Jalyn is a great game strategist Erin is the living embodiment of negative vegan stereotypes. Seriously why is she so judgmental?

  • Ava Miller
    Ava Miller 5 hours ago

    perhaps my biggest issue with the flat-earth belief is the mob mentality that must exist for such a theory to be possible. Spencer briefly touched on this, but humans are always at a nature to disagree. trying to get all scientists, workers, assistants, even the janitorial staff at NASA to keep quiet about such a large secret would be insanely difficult. regardless, the video was interesting though, I'm still confused as to why the opposite side didn't counter the globe believers with anything other than the claim that it's simply a lie.

  • Zadimus Black
    Zadimus Black 5 hours ago

    She said atmospheric disturbance and I LOST IT XD!!!

  • hedy motschenbacher Martin

    Everyone blaming people making personal choices to affect climate change; recycling, plastics, gas, water use, etc.. Where is the personal responsibility of over-populating if that is the case

  • Alleyy eyy
    Alleyy eyy 5 hours ago

    When she said billie eilish i knew SHES THE ONE

  • It's Dark
    It's Dark 5 hours ago

    Ahhh yes. A comedy.

  • Sweet like Honey
    Sweet like Honey 5 hours ago

    Is it just me or does Daryl looks like Adam Sandler in little Nicky

  • a ark
    a ark 5 hours ago

    illuminati vs non- illuminati believers.

  • Anand Kashyap
    Anand Kashyap 5 hours ago

    Interesting, that Ali brings up the names of all the gods and says they dont exist, but never mentions the word Allah? Hmmmm, wonder why...

    • Aug
      Aug 4 hours ago

      That's because Allah is the same being as the Christian God. It is redundant to say Allah and God in the same sentence.

  • vic brienen
    vic brienen 5 hours ago

    Flat earther: all religions believe in flat Earth Islam: am I a joke to you?

  • Stevie SaysMeow
    Stevie SaysMeow 5 hours ago

    So better way put.. You people keep your weird-ass lifestyle with yourselves. I don't want any part of this drama you all like to live by.

  • MADD99
    MADD99 5 hours ago

    5:55 “Well that’s the problem” lol

  • Robert Lienthang
    Robert Lienthang 5 hours ago

    5:22 I'm a *Logical, "Bliblicly based"* Oh Logical and Bible that's where ya should've stopped😆

  • sourav rahman
    sourav rahman 5 hours ago

    According to Quran He Who has made for you the earth like a carpet spread out; has enabled you to go about therein by roads (and channels)...." The Holy Quran, Chapter 20, Verse 53 The Quran mentions the actual shape of the earth in the following verse: "AND WE HAVE MADE THE EARTH EGG SHAPED". The Holy Quran, Chapter 79, Verse 30


    Please do one about one direction 💓

  • Edwin Martinez
    Edwin Martinez 5 hours ago

    The black girl is annoying

  • Kylo mation
    Kylo mation 5 hours ago

    If the earth is flat, then what's on the other side? How did it become flat? What's at the edge? And what's that dome?🕵🤔

  • Veralsy
    Veralsy 5 hours ago

    There is a point of Earth being flat. The point is that we believe in science like it’s certain truth. But actually it’s a list of points that make a theory. That could not be the truth. We should not take science as an ultimate unquestionable point of view.

  • Nhi Mai
    Nhi Mai 5 hours ago

    lol I would not be able to answer any of those questions or move anywhere due to overthinking.

  • zHumbleSashaz
    zHumbleSashaz 5 hours ago


  • Sam Willett
    Sam Willett 5 hours ago


  • Logan Davis
    Logan Davis 5 hours ago

    Gotta come back to this video whenever i need a good belly laugh. Flat earthers literally made 0 logical/relevant/prove-able points. Fuckin hell some people i tell ya.

  • Christina Connery
    Christina Connery 5 hours ago

    I'm a taylor swift fan but I'm not a super fan like these people.


    These people should be banished from our society

  • Anand Kashyap
    Anand Kashyap 5 hours ago

    Firstly: why are all the governments all over the world conspiring to prove earth is round? Like russia and north korea and china decided to tow Nasa’s line? Why do you provide idiots such platform?

  • Alberto Navarro Lafuente

    Ok so basically Im from Costa Rica (latino AND ALSO WHITE) and I am very lucky to have a good economical status. Due to this Ive been able to travel to several places in Earth and have also gotten a lot of racism coming from U.S. Citizens whenever Im there visiting or buying clothes or whatever. I have had people tell me Im too white to be from Costa Rica ( most people here are white and also wtf), I have other minor incidents and one time a guy treated me really awful cuz he didnt believe I was just visiting. However I perceive that as regular racism not "reverse racism". Racism is just RACISM at the end of the day.