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  • isha raza
    isha raza Day ago

    cool very helpful🙂

  • raiba shah
    raiba shah Day ago

    Amazing..🌹 last app sach mai bht acha hai...☺

  • ramandeep kaur

    Nice video.. muje tho last wali app bhot ache lage👌👌

  • Indian Muslim
    Indian Muslim Day ago


  • JAvED status point


  • cutie pie
    cutie pie 3 days ago

    Bilkul bi nhi bhule aapko...bhott misssss kiya welcome back wishes n lots of love ❤️😄

  • Nishant Anand
    Nishant Anand 4 days ago

    Veer beard te kainth hai! Looking killer brother

  • Soha Chudhary
    Soha Chudhary 6 days ago

    Hi I'm your new subscriber☺☺☺ i like ur video

  • Swastika Giri
    Swastika Giri 6 days ago

    Very nice

  • Political Science and International Relations

    I m not able to remember u 🤔🤔

  • Aanchal Verma
    Aanchal Verma 7 days ago

    Plz react on war trailer

  • rajeeb033
    rajeeb033 7 days ago

    Kahan the Bhai jaan??

  • Akshin Prashar
    Akshin Prashar 7 days ago

    Where r ur earlier videos

  • Dr. Apoorva Pakdhane

    Bro plz react on "Teri Mitti" song from Kesari which is based on Battle of Saragarhi fought by 36th Sikh Regiment of Indian Army , Saragarhi now in Pakistan

  • Akif Shamim
    Akif Shamim 7 days ago

    Nicely explained. Good phone, worth buying.

  • sharath kumar
    sharath kumar 7 days ago

    Bhai bahuth dhinoke badh 😊nice to see you bro love from india 🇮🇳.bhai apka reaction videos?

  • raiba shah
    raiba shah 7 days ago

    bht zabardast❤ or pubg chalti sai se to best hi ho ga😁❤

  • Indian Muslim
    Indian Muslim 7 days ago


  • Harshita Saxena
    Harshita Saxena 7 days ago

    Maine double check kiya notification ko bcoz itne tym baad video ki notification aayi ....wlcm back 😊😊

  • ramandeep kaur
    ramandeep kaur 7 days ago

    You looking so handsome❤

  • Nikhat waseem
    Nikhat waseem 9 days ago

    Welcome back wats de reason of ur disapperng m frm banguluru

  • Aanchal Verma
    Aanchal Verma 9 days ago

    Welcome back ......we miss u a lot

  • aman tiwari
    aman tiwari 10 days ago

    Welcome back bro

  • sidds99
    sidds99 10 days ago

    I messaged you so many times on Instagram too but didn't reply

  • Rai Bhaumik
    Rai Bhaumik 10 days ago

    AP KO BOHOT MISS KYA....KYUN BUSY rahe itne din tak...? Bt ap bohot a66e insan ho... swt n simple 💖🤗

  • Find with Omar
    Find with Omar 10 days ago

    Thank you for all your kind words 👍❤️

    DRONZAR GAMEING 10 days ago

    Welcome back vai your all subscribers end u like a family

  • Yasmeen Begum
    Yasmeen Begum 10 days ago

    ham apko nahi bhule.

  • Yasmeen Begum
    Yasmeen Begum 10 days ago

    thank you ap wapas aagaye. ab fie se mat Jana love from India

  • shekar R
    shekar R 11 days ago

    How r u bro

  • Kumar Msd Manas
    Kumar Msd Manas 11 days ago

    Am From India Am A Hindu But I Love U & ur Chanel

  • Himanshu Sinha
    Himanshu Sinha 11 days ago

    Welcome ❤️

  • Rahul Xalxo
    Rahul Xalxo 11 days ago

    Love from India ❤️

  • Rahul Xalxo
    Rahul Xalxo 11 days ago

    I miss you lots

  • Ayman Khan
    Ayman Khan 11 days ago

    We also miss you!!!! Love from Mumbai❤️❤️

  • shivangi Jaiswal
    shivangi Jaiswal 11 days ago

    Welcome back omar namaste adab Sasriyakal kitta intzaar kiya apki vedio ka dil se we miss you🙂

  • life is short so live it fully

    I was checking daily whether posted new video I am excited you came back and excited to watch your further video

  • life is short so live it fully

    Welcome back

  • Subhadip Basu
    Subhadip Basu 11 days ago

    Welcome back. Love from India. Apke acche skin ka raaj also Aap itne handsome kaise ho😍apki koi girlfriend hai 😦 pls reply

  • pradeep kumar
    pradeep kumar 11 days ago

    Kafi wait kra liya bhai ....lots of love from India ❤

  • Aboli Pitre
    Aboli Pitre 11 days ago

    Dude u just disappeared . Welcome back!

  • raiba shah
    raiba shah 11 days ago

    welcome janab happy to see you again..☺❤🤴

  • Haryanvi Superstar
    Haryanvi Superstar 11 days ago

    Please react your first video with song dastaan e Om santi om

  • Mahesh Biswas
    Mahesh Biswas 11 days ago

    Welcome bro

  • shabana
    shabana 11 days ago

    Missed you bro

  • Reena Thakur
    Reena Thakur 11 days ago

    Hi welcome back

  • Happy Patwegar
    Happy Patwegar 11 days ago

    Bhai India ke top 10largest cities By area pe reaction do .aur ha ye real informative video hai link lijiye

  • Sahil S
    Sahil S 11 days ago

    Yooo sir kya baat ha

  • Ashwini Tejeswi
    Ashwini Tejeswi 11 days ago

    Yes missed you☺plz make a team in case if you are busy they can handle

  • ramandeep kaur
    ramandeep kaur 11 days ago

    Omg..kitne din baad..welcome back

  • Rashi Verma
    Rashi Verma 11 days ago

    Ab aap kaise videos banaoge??

  • Swastika Giri
    Swastika Giri 11 days ago

    Miss you lots Bhai .... love from India and welcome back.

  • Dr. Apoorva Pakdhane

    OMG...Where were you ?????

  • Indian Muslim
    Indian Muslim 11 days ago

    Hello bro, kaha the itne din 😘

  • ziyan khan
    ziyan khan 11 days ago

    Chalo finally ap aye tu sahi welcome back bhai Maine ap ko bohat miss kiya

  • ziyan khan
    ziyan khan 11 days ago

    Kaha the ap bhai

  • Sanya Afrin
    Sanya Afrin 11 days ago

    Welcome back ❤️😚

  • its me ranja
    its me ranja 11 days ago

    Are u married

  • jyolsna vs
    jyolsna vs 11 days ago

    Miss you lots of love from India 💕💕

  • Andy Boy
    Andy Boy 11 days ago

    Welcome back !!!

  • its me ranja
    its me ranja 11 days ago

    Hlo cutie

  • monika sharma
    monika sharma 11 days ago

    Hyy how r u...😃

  • pahadeee nonii
    pahadeee nonii 11 days ago

    Bhai aaa gye yhi bde bat hai bs ab jana mt🤣🤣😊😊👍

    STYLO RAJ 11 days ago

    ab regular ho jaao bhai

  • Muskan Waraich
    Muskan Waraich 11 days ago

    welcome bck 👑

  • Nishant Anand
    Nishant Anand 11 days ago

    Janab kaise hain aap? No video nothing. Was finding you from long long time. How are you doing bhai??

    RUTVIK SUTARIYA 11 days ago

    Welcome back