Valeriya ASMR
Valeriya ASMR
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Scratching that ASMR itch
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ASMR Vibe Check
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ASMR Whispering you 😴
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ASMR for simple men
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ASMR No one will stop us
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That ASMR tho
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ASMR Colorful triggers 🌈
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ASMR I'm near, I'm real...
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ASMR Happy mics
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ASMR Stretch your pleasure
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ASMR Some like it hot
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ASMR Lips to lens 📷 💋
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ASMR Handy for Sleep 👌
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Censored ASMR 😱
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ASMR Love you
Views 1.7MYear ago


  • 자몽1234
    자몽1234 7 hours ago

    탭핑 너무 좋아요 목소리도 asmr이랑 너무 잘 어울리고요😊👍👍

  • Shadow cimonard
    Shadow cimonard 7 hours ago


  • 자몽1234
    자몽1234 7 hours ago

    제목이 다 한국어라서 놀래서 왔다

  • Laurent Ditilyeu
    Laurent Ditilyeu 7 hours ago

    The best video I ve ever seen,💞💞💞💞 You're a sweet angel... It's like heaven 💟😇 And of course... You're so beautiful Thanks

  • A James
    A James 8 hours ago


  • A James
    A James 8 hours ago

    Great with triggers, and expressions great also!!

  • Cris BMMZ
    Cris BMMZ 8 hours ago

    And the painted bubis? 😑

  • Timothy Witt
    Timothy Witt 9 hours ago

    Simply overloaded.

  • ???
    ??? 10 hours ago

    U shist

  • watcher john randy maidment


  • bubbasmith83
    bubbasmith83 11 hours ago

    I couldn't keep eye contact. My eye's dried out. Then I had an itch under my eye.

  • Master Diamond
    Master Diamond 12 hours ago

    Italiani unifichiaoci. Chi è con me?

  • Tim
    Tim 13 hours ago


  • Myth-ter Moth
    Myth-ter Moth 13 hours ago

    Very hard to maintain eye contact when i need the subtitles on to properly understand what you are saying.

  • Scullybong
    Scullybong 14 hours ago

    I did it eyes only beautiful

  • Scullybong
    Scullybong 14 hours ago

    Beautiful eyes 😍😍😍😍

  • Scullybong
    Scullybong 14 hours ago

    Super strong for you beautiful love you

  • The Latin Vamp
    The Latin Vamp 14 hours ago

    This is very difficult for me I am scared to look into beautiful woman eyes. I am too shy

  • 安子恒
    安子恒 15 hours ago


  • Shin Sekiya
    Shin Sekiya 15 hours ago

    可愛い😆 えろい😍

  • Simply Sims
    Simply Sims 15 hours ago

    the entire video is her trying to figure out what her thumbnail is gonna be.

    HAKEEM KING 16 hours ago

    Honestly I wish I had a girl that talks like I’d probably actually listen lol all hail the tingle goddess👸🏼

    POLAR 16 hours ago

    Soy el único que ve los videos a full volumen, estoy muerto si hay un fail en el vídeo :v

  • Anime Lover
    Anime Lover 17 hours ago

    Tbh I don't look until the middle end

  • Brodes Talixto Caun
    Brodes Talixto Caun 17 hours ago


  • Victor Peba
    Victor Peba 18 hours ago

    Hermosos ojos 😍

  • JoseAngel Ruiz
    JoseAngel Ruiz 18 hours ago

    SCP-166 Has escaped containment, avoid eye contact AT ALL COSTS!

  • Test231967 Nothanks
    Test231967 Nothanks 18 hours ago

    Valeriya you are the incarnation of sweetness and beauty... I need another life.

  • Sal C
    Sal C 18 hours ago

    Try to make eye contact the whole time

  • MAURI Quijas
    MAURI Quijas 19 hours ago


  • HAZZA 17
    HAZZA 17 19 hours ago

    I'm a simple men

  • AndroidTV
    AndroidTV 19 hours ago

    Easy challenge for me 👍🏻

  • surr ounded
    surr ounded 19 hours ago

    You wanna know the truth? I’m here for your eyes as much as you’re here to put me to sleep

  • AliviaSunner
    AliviaSunner 20 hours ago

    I like your reaction *looks down* Me: what? my cat?

  • Александра Калинина

    чтооооооооооооооооооооо. всмыслееееее? Я смотрю и учу английский с ней. и тут русский языккк ааааа

  • MettaRia Bella
    MettaRia Bella 20 hours ago

    I dont think you can whisper

  • Jorge Luis Meza
    Jorge Luis Meza 20 hours ago

    What? Im love for ty

  • CorpseDisease
    CorpseDisease 20 hours ago

    her: try to maintain eye contact *eyes go out of view* me: ????????

  • sky 120
    sky 120 21 hour ago

    45 percent trying to be sexy 55 percent asmr

  • Jorge34856 Vl
    Jorge34856 Vl 21 hour ago

    Mission passed respect+

  • يوسف Aدرويش


  • brandon slingsby
    brandon slingsby 21 hour ago

    i am watching this at 2 30 in the morning

  • Nocure92
    Nocure92 21 hour ago

    Mushroom... mhm >.>

  • milco antonio aguilera bolarin


  • Caleb Calhoun
    Caleb Calhoun 22 hours ago

    Does it count if I look away to read subtitles

  • Maria Olivia Rocha
    Maria Olivia Rocha 22 hours ago

    Why you bread so loud

  • Sibole Staline
    Sibole Staline 22 hours ago

    I believe that something real happens.

  • Salomão de Medeiros
    Salomão de Medeiros 22 hours ago

    Linda Valeriya.

  • Salomão de Medeiros
    Salomão de Medeiros 22 hours ago

    I Love You Valeriya.

  • dijidnt
    dijidnt 23 hours ago

    0:15 Oh, I see what you’re playing at.

  • Alexey Kozir
    Alexey Kozir Day ago

    Я бы рдин ее оттарабанил?

  • Hevellyn & Nick


  • niko niko
    niko niko Day ago

    今日もいい音だなぁ。 この人って何の仕事をしてるんだろ

  • Faithful Cinnamon Roll

    Okay okay I get it your hot!!! 😭

  • MarkflameZ
    MarkflameZ Day ago

    You have 2 big and beautiful eyes :o

  • راكان المطيري

    اشخطكك شخط معليك

  • 錢三寶
    錢三寶 Day ago



    Her mum must be proud

  • tc.allen.
    tc.allen. Day ago

    love to see you do a sci fi movie asmr. you would be perfect as barbarella. especially during the opening scene!!

  • Mia Ordaz
    Mia Ordaz Day ago

    Rather your first time doing it

  • Scotty Sings
    Scotty Sings Day ago

    i love you Valeriya ;)

  • Amailyk Estrella

    Your not

  • Farlander02
    Farlander02 Day ago

    Whenever she does one of these I always try to maintain eye contact the first time. Then rewatch it with my focus elsewhere

  • Jason Lopez
    Jason Lopez Day ago

    I'm here for ASMR and other trigger's 😎

  • Billie Eilish Fanı

    Lipstick are soo cool👌👌💗💗

  • Oscar's Channel

    I love you ❤

  • Joseph Brumback

    I have a really stupid question??? What flavor pop rocks was that in the golden package?

  • kirby 14 Valdez

    Love You

  • CobaltBlueCompany

    Too much aggro

  • Anna Wapelhorst

    Why no you no this?

  • Anal Devastation

    In Soviet Russia, ASMR watch you )))

  • Renan Silva
    Renan Silva Day ago


  • Сёма Барецкий

    Нежный цветок 🌷

  • 고유진
    고유진 Day ago

    난 왜 여잔데 이걸 보고 있는가. 언니 몸매 최고에요....

  • ねこ ねこ
    ねこ ねこ Day ago


  • pot kantolon
    pot kantolon Day ago


  • Boss Dr_ER0R
    Boss Dr_ER0R Day ago

    At least no nut November is over

  • DankMemeMasterRace

    W I B E

  • ToDoRoKi shoto

    '' вы думаете вы хороший зритель, давайте посмотрим'' '' не не надо ''

  • Ruin Me
    Ruin Me Day ago

    *praise kink activated*

  • Bendy Brofit
    Bendy Brofit Day ago

    Man these frickin nerds always carrying books they thi k they are so cool cause they can read

  • Lukey Loo1Hoo
    Lukey Loo1Hoo Day ago

    you really are great at roleplay you make it seem so real. And you are always so nice. Keep up the good work

  • The Silent Observer

    "Hey! What happened? You can't hear me!" ME: Well that's news to me.

  • Alaina Scarberry

    Ascent on point very relaxing

  • Alaina Scarberry

    You kept going off the screen lol I lost I guess!

  • Christopher Noel

    _"Someone likes big, Someone likes small. Someone likes short. Someone likes long."_ I thought the last part was 'tall'. You are the Dr. Seuss of ASMR.

  • Christopher Noel

    *Valeriya:* If you're trying to distract me, massage my scalp while you whisper in my ear. *^_^*

  • cintia estevez

    Q vrg porque esas caras :v

  • Ide Cardoso
    Ide Cardoso Day ago

    Valeriya vc é muito cat

  • Ide Cardoso
    Ide Cardoso Day ago

    Valeriya vc é muito cat

  • Edson Lima
    Edson Lima Day ago


  • Brayan Hernandez Castro

    Me encantaría entender algo

  • TheRoyalArcher

    Me: *Sees thumbnail* Valeriya: Hey my eyes are up here! Me: *Visible confusion*

  • Charles Lee
    Charles Lee Day ago

    I failed this challenge!!

  • Robert Diaz Rojas

    Saludos desde Europa tienes wasap

  • Abraham Barez izquierdo

    Womens rules!!!!

  • Brayan Hernandez Castro

    Guapo el que lo lea xd

  • Oscar Moguel
    Oscar Moguel Day ago

    Your are so so so beautiful

  • CamTheDestroyer

    Why did I treat this so seriously? Like if I looked I died 😂