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  • Emma Ames
    Emma Ames 7 hours ago

    I saw this in another video and apparently polar bears have really bad A.D.D so take of an article of clothing or an extra item and they'll fully inspect it before chasing again so between freezing to death and being mauled to death are your options

  • bayno
    bayno 2 days ago

    Actually, there is a chance you can escape polar bears. They have ADHD, so if you’re running from one, drop multiple things along the way, such as a hat or a glove. It will stop to sniff it.

  • Rollover Doggo Gamer DOGS

    Mine happened yesterday they were two We were kids,i Dont know how to swim well before i did. But since i wasnt introduced to depths enough my skills died,we are in the -philippines- they asked me if i knew how to swim,yeah i said no like a man would,and they said they will teach me. I went along wasnt as bad as it was i need to learn to float and propulse And work on my Launch,but i learnt to keep my Face under water for long times (Just dont Swallow even you didnt drink the pool/salt water) and to let go of your oxygen open your mouth and take gibbirish or something i prefer it over Unhandling my nostrils,because my Idiot part of instincts tell me "BREATHE YOU DUMBASS BITCH* and i would surface Never met again tho it was yesterday we never met again even on the way home. Still hope to met them both

  • Jae
    Jae 4 days ago

    All of my girlfriends had green eyes... Too bad the darker eye color I have means my kids will probably have dark brown asain eyes...

  • Robocatssj3
    Robocatssj3 6 days ago

    Lifesaving fact: If you're in a hurry and need to call 911, just run your finger all over the phone, it will call 911 anyways because you may be in a rush and can't just punch in the numbers.

  • Cough Cough
    Cough Cough 10 days ago

    Every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes

  • DankChickenFeet 1
    DankChickenFeet 1 12 days ago

    4:17 wait a minute i'm rare?

  • LeBron James
    LeBron James 16 days ago

    Well I learned that if you ever meet a polar bear you are fucked

  • Lucc
    Lucc 17 days ago

    If you get shot and feel that you're going to faint, lay down where the wound is, so blood will stop coming out when you faint.

  • Da Funky Zookeeper
    Da Funky Zookeeper 18 days ago

    This guy got the most boring voice ever

  • Charleston, The Garbage Mobile Player.

    If you are in the first stage of being kidnapped (struggling outside) and you have a phone as big or bigger then a Iphone 7, Sacrifice it by taking it out. And stabbing your kidnapper in any sensitive parts. Face, Throat, Or private’s. If it breaks to become more spiky, GOOD. Keep stabbing. Your life is way more valuable then your perfect sims life or your world record on some casual game. Might as well immobilize him. I don’t recommend killing though. Can’t speak for myself cause I haven’t been in a situation. If you really don’t wanna use your phone. Yell Fire and start getting physical. Twist around and you have more of a chance to get free.

  • Dharesh Diamond
    Dharesh Diamond 21 day ago

    7:20 song?

  • Raine Cloud
    Raine Cloud 21 day ago


  • Pappi Romero
    Pappi Romero 22 days ago

    If chased by a polar bear, drop pieces of clothing. Polar bears have insane adhd and will stop to sniff the clothing.

  • Franziska Von Karma
    Franziska Von Karma 22 days ago

    Getting caught watching porn -Weird cousin

  • 田Bluetitan001
    田Bluetitan001 23 days ago

    I hate my local indoor heated pool lifeguards or just one, I was on the verge of drowning; there was a vent and I kept slipping on it and barely could breath and wouldn't help

  • Jason Agagon
    Jason Agagon 24 days ago

    Fall in love with the woman but don’t tell her about immortality. Reveal it to her later

  • Lunar Noodles
    Lunar Noodles 24 days ago

    If this is the right reddit video THANK YOU! I woke up this morning hearing the sound of something squealing (I'm a very light sleeper) and I could see smoke and smelled fish I remembered the tip one reddit video got me, I immediately unplugged my charger because that was the source so thank you,maybe I'm not paranoid enough I'll charging my devices in the morning now after this event, but again thank you for making the video you saved me and my familys life.

  • Awab Jarabi
    Awab Jarabi 28 days ago

    5:54 But there is no respawn button.

  • Awab Jarabi
    Awab Jarabi 28 days ago

    4:34 hair standing up? lighting? Hmmm...... where have I seen that one?

  • Original_NoLifeGamer

    I was hoping school shootings would be in here but guess not.

  • xImpatient Tomato
    xImpatient Tomato 28 days ago

    I’ve seen this one in a lot of these videos; If you’re being chased by a polar bear, start shedding pieces of clothing. Not anything that’s would keep you from freezing to death, but like a hat or a glove. Polar bears have severe ADHD and will investigate, giving you time to escape.

  • Seaboarder Productions//Rainfanning the South

    For a Polar Bear, .50 cal Humvees and Sherman tanks work great. Civil War Cannons are a bit overkill.

  • Lameeeyou 69
    Lameeeyou 69 Month ago

    Bruh, I’ll probably die before I do any of this

  • pixiljuice itme
    pixiljuice itme Month ago

    In history only 5 people have survived rabies. No chance to live with it. Get vaccines.

  • OJBeats
    OJBeats Month ago

    Mass shootings

  • Jan Sitkowski
    Jan Sitkowski Month ago

    Listen. You don't have OCD if you didn't deliberatly go to corkboards and rearranged the pins so that the color matches on every placard and announcement for like 15 minutes, and you done it on whole corridor on the floor, because you were annoyed by the fact that same placard has four different color pinns. Seriously who the fuck is doing that, can I kill that person?

  • Jan Sitkowski
    Jan Sitkowski Month ago

    Life Greatest Dissapointment : You're Autistic but You're not a Genius You're good looking but You have no life partner You're white but You don't have white priviledge You're a douche but You're not handsome Girl acts like she doesn't like you but She's not a tsundere, she genuinly doesn't You're fat but You're not smart You have glasses but You're not a hacker or even programmer, and not even an intelectual You have glasses but You're dumb You write very fast on your keyboard without making grammar mistakes but You're not good in programming or hacking You're very smart but You don't have succes in life You are university graduate but You don't have a good job etc.

  • Jan Sitkowski
    Jan Sitkowski Month ago

    Bleach and Amonia make poison gas : Me : Hmmmm... Hmmmm... No I have no use for this information.

  • Jan Sitkowski
    Jan Sitkowski Month ago

    Tip if you're trying to fight Polar Bears : If you have a weapon, and it's stabby stabby weapon, like a spear or at least sword you might win, eskimo people sometimes hunt Polar Bears, by bracing their spears to the ground, and using the tip of their spear to stab the bear. If you have a knife, and have time to make it into a spear, do it. It's better than just having knife. Polar bear has more range than you. Also you can try to lure them into situation where they have to swim before they can reach you, but you will be on land. Always try to have the high ground advantage. If you don't have a weapon, then you're basicaly dead, propably even if you're a kung-fu master or boxing champ. If you beat a Polar Bear with bare hands, well you're a fucking monster, congratulations, you done something that make you special, and no one will ever try to mess with you. But I bet you're not that kind of person if you're reading this comment. And if you are, well get a sharpened stick or something if you plan to hunt Polar Bears. Or better, a rifle. Remember, if you take just a pistol, it might not kill it, aspecialy if it's small caliber gun, and if you make it angry it's not gonna help. Angry bear is as bad as a bear that's just wanting to eat you, and pistol might only give you false sense of security.

  • the7dedlysins
    the7dedlysins Month ago

    Tip: hit a guy in the knuts to escape if you're getting kidnapped. a solid knee will do the trick.

  • the7dedlysins
    the7dedlysins Month ago

    nine double one nine hundred and eleven BRUH

  • Victor Nuñez
    Victor Nuñez Month ago

    6:34 advice only works in the USA. If you try to do that in a place like Mexico you're most likely going to die there. If this happens to you you're most likely dead, either they kill you right there and take your body and ask for rescue or they take you somewhere else kill you and ask for money.

  • Lefuturtle
    Lefuturtle Month ago

    At the beginning I thought it was going to rap at the beginning

  • Azaan Asad
    Azaan Asad Month ago

    4:43 Fucking scared me

  • Paweł Banacki
    Paweł Banacki Month ago

    videos with ur voice are much better

  • Melodi
    Melodi Month ago

    4:39 my hair always stands up because I'm black

  • Leo Daras
    Leo Daras Month ago

    your chances of being attacked by a shark is higher than that of being struck by lightning

  • T.M.P Official
    T.M.P Official Month ago

    getting shot hurts more than not getting shot.

  • Torrada Quantica
    Torrada Quantica Month ago

    The eye contact one is real and worked for me in 2016, 2 guys broked into my house using a guy that lived with us as a hostage and started pointing the gun in my face, i stared him and said that i was no threat and that i would cooperate, i quickly looked at the gun to see if it was real and loaded and it was, so i thought that my chances were better if i REALLY pay attention, for some reason i didnt freaked out and at some point they lowered their guns, i even talked to one asking(i kinda demanded it, seriously dont do that i was stupid) to put a t-shirt (it was cold and i was in bed before that happened), he looked at with a face like "really n*gga?" And i looked at him seriously with a psycho eyes and he let me, i didnt know about the tip but i noticed that eye contact really helped me

  • Emilee A
    Emilee A Month ago

    9:00 excuse me BUT Ocd is way more common than person thinks. I have been diagnosed with OCD, Tourette’s, anxiety, and ADD. So therefore. No. Just. No. Uggh. Dint say shit your not sure about

  • Dred Hounds
    Dred Hounds Month ago

    These are so wholesome. And hearing emotion compared to the text-to-speech of every other channel is actually pretty nice.

  • Issac Whalen
    Issac Whalen Month ago

    I have green eyes

  • Uncle Ham
    Uncle Ham Month ago

    Most rewinded video in TheXvid

  • ayeelmaoo
    ayeelmaoo Month ago

    *9 DoUBLE 1*

  • John S
    John S Month ago

    11:45 this actually happened to my brother. roughly 4 - 5 years ago (hard to remember) my neighbors house 2 houses down got set on fire by a methhead and my older brother and our other neighbor ran inside to save the guys dog. and they both came out alive with the dog living with 3rd degree burns all along its left side. sad but happy at the same time.

  • Dick Head
    Dick Head Month ago

    If you’re stuck in the wilderness in Africa, you have a 100% chance of dying

  • Dick Head
    Dick Head Month ago

    “Just stare like a sexual act psycho”

  • EmmaDrawsStuff
    EmmaDrawsStuff Month ago

    *unless ur being a male genitalia*

  • creme devil
    creme devil Month ago

    Unsure if this was added, Polar bears have ADD shed your skin and run and you have a higher chance of living

  • Mistikey tries his best

    4:49 now I’m just thinking of me on a hike just grabbing a stick and smacking trees while telling

  • Makenzie Dewitt
    Makenzie Dewitt Month ago

    *N I N E D O U B L E O N E*

  • Maggie Castle
    Maggie Castle Month ago

    0:46 Ok I do the exact same thing but I'm fucking single so it's just weird in my case

  • Maggie Castle
    Maggie Castle Month ago

    Just stare like a s e x u a l a c t psycho

  • jay
    jay Month ago

    love this happy music 😄

  • no content
    no content Month ago

    Well I have one! Sweaty palms. I have a condition where my hands get super cold and sweaty all the time. A kid in my class was saying that they have the same thing. But they have nothing close to it they just get sweaty hands when they hold someone's hand. I used to get warts bc of it.

  • oli Grinham
    oli Grinham Month ago

    Charged creeper

  • TheRealGOAT 3871
    TheRealGOAT 3871 Month ago

    6:00 about the polar bear I’m dead

  • Crush Panel
    Crush Panel Month ago

    Some pieces of music send a tingling feeling down my head/neck/back.

  • tdmcnally
    tdmcnally Month ago

    At least read them yourself

  • Dark Kermit
    Dark Kermit Month ago

    Wtf is that 666 dislikes

  • ileana.
    ileana. Month ago

    just stare like a *sexual act* psycho

  • Elim Fitsumberhan


  • Reid Kenney
    Reid Kenney Month ago

    With the bleach and ammonia thing my mom had an experience with that she was trying to clean a drain where she worked so she poured vinegar down it unbeknownst to her, her boss poured a beach substance down the drain not long before and it made toxic chlorine gas she had to go to the ER luckily she was perfectly fine

  • Cerumek Studios
    Cerumek Studios Month ago

    I can blur my eyes out on command

  • Geraldus Flabian
    Geraldus Flabian Month ago

    When being chased by a polar bear, drop pieces of clothings intermittently. Polar bears aren’t used to chasing prey that shed a lot while running so they might stop to smell the pieces of clothing you drop. Got this from another reddit video.

  • Benszy
    Benszy Month ago

    how to be safe against bears step 1: be an Olympic runner

  • Idonthaveagoodnameidea Idontknowwhatoputhere

    When someone pushed me up to a wall i looked into their eyes. They were mega high so i knew they couldnt think stright but they didnt look away. I just did that till they seemed bored and kicked them in the balls. They screamed and i shoved them away and ran. If this is happening to u ether make noise or attacl them in some way.

  • SCP Time
    SCP Time Month ago


  • The legendary Channel

    2:47, I got a metal rod stuck in my foot. Is it okay that my mom pulled it out?

  • i want yum
    i want yum Month ago

    Killing all children in sight

  • Stuff Central
    Stuff Central Month ago

    3:29 but the opposite advice is recommended for carbon monoxide poisoning.

  • DoodleTv
    DoodleTv Month ago

    Dont Mine At Night

  • Brody X
    Brody X Month ago

    Vaccination does not = atisum

  • MnM [weirdo on fleek]

    8:13 My grandfather (who was in the Navy and has saved people from drowning before) taught me this. He told me that if you go to save someone from drowning grab them from behind. They're trying to save themselves so they'll probably try to shove you down and that's no good. When you do grab them my grandfather told me to wrap your arms around their neck. I don't know which way of grabbing is better though.

  • Redwolf 34
    Redwolf 34 Month ago

    Actually a polar bear cannot run down hill because of their knees so if there is a hill of snow near by get to that shit asap

  • TheStrangePineapple

    Nine hundred and eleven phone

  • Akkaliere
    Akkaliere Month ago

    Suffocating in ur sleep from wearing a necklace

  • Akkaliere
    Akkaliere Month ago

    Don’t put your keys between your fingers like wolverine claws it’s better to hold them like a small knife and slash

  • o
    o Month ago

    The person who said big penises were rare......bud no they aren’t. There’s a reason why like 5 inches is the AVERAGE but not everyone fits into that

  • Immume to
    Immume to Month ago

    11:44 what about a torch on your phone?

  • SCP Time
    SCP Time Month ago

    Your such a *sexual act* psycho!

  • The Truth hurts
    The Truth hurts Month ago

    Don’t trust white people

  • Dreary Solitude
    Dreary Solitude Month ago

    Nine double one

  • Kaitlin G
    Kaitlin G Month ago

    sleep with your door closed. if a fire ever breaks out in your house, smoke and fire is gonna have a tough time getting in, because there's something blocking it. source: my dad is a firefighter. also, never plug something in on an uneven or soft surface(bed, sofa, pillow.) it can cause your device to overheat and catch fire.

  • SugaTea
    SugaTea Month ago

    this video made me very paranoid

  • David Morrissey
    David Morrissey Month ago

    nine, double one.

  • Sam
    Sam Month ago

    The one about polar bears is wrong. Inuits are known to smack them in their nose, as it's the most sensitive part of their body. If you are face to face with a polar bear, smack that motherfucker in the nose and it'll run off.

  • Stonks
    Stonks Month ago

    ah yes, *enslaved hospital*

  • Shwaznut_
    Shwaznut_ Month ago

    Nine double one

  • Firebolt1089
    Firebolt1089 Month ago

    *COMBAT TIP* If you are being attacked and cannot run away, but you can fight back, aim for either their knees or their nuts, especially if you possess a blunt weapon of some kind. Even if it is not that strong of a strike it can cause massive pain and damage to your attacker and give you time to run. The knees are a pretty sensitive part of the body, and in between the legs is pretty obvious. Source: 6 years of Taekwondo training

  • Semlan
    Semlan Month ago


  • Tucher97
    Tucher97 Month ago

    A disaster occuring during a plane ride is lower than finding hte holy grail, but travel by car then you might encounter problems more often or more serious problems depending on where you are going or traveling between

  • Nick De Vreugd
    Nick De Vreugd Month ago

    Green eyes gang

  • Pheonixmann111
    Pheonixmann111 Month ago

    If it's white you are fucked

    CRINGE NATION Month ago

    6:10 i used to always get this and 1 time i even dreamt about a kid who was killed and i had no clue who it was but like 1 year later sure enough although sadly i dont get it anymore but my friends say im crazy when i explain it

  • Tofu
    Tofu Month ago

    What are rabies?

  • Bea West
    Bea West Month ago

    Bear is white, goodnight.

  • Martin Q2000
    Martin Q2000 Month ago

    *"Nine double one what's your emergency ?"*

  • connoriguess
    connoriguess Month ago

    I do the ear flex thing