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  • mikieson
    mikieson Hour ago

    although cute to do..i wouldnt think you are serious about ghost hunting when you take little kids with you. SO the drunk lady and the other things you werent happy with were just more things going against a real hunt. I would suggest just the grown ups,especially when spending that kind of money..just my .02

  • TheWolves
    TheWolves Hour ago

    👽They gonna clap some alien cheeks👽

  • Seagull exe
    Seagull exe Hour ago

    me: randomly searches raid area 51 what I see: raid at tomorrow also me: God wants me to raid area 51

  • Spaghetti Sauce
    Spaghetti Sauce Hour ago

    i think they are making weapons to beat the russians and the north koreans

  • TalhaPro 928
    TalhaPro 928 Hour ago

    im dutch

  • Anthony Pawlowski

    Not so sure what to say to you guys other than thank you, so thank you. :)

  • Eimantas Šerlinskis

    I'm gonna drive in with multipla car so guards wont look at me

  • Mgolt Hox
    Mgolt Hox Hour ago

    I think when the fbi raided his house telling to end this event

  • Jessie Nino
    Jessie Nino 2 hours ago

    In Rachel right now..... They closed the Aleinn due to too many people

  • Benjamin Steeper
    Benjamin Steeper 2 hours ago

    Dear Area 51 raiders!! I made a free ridiculous game on the Apple App Store to commemorate this day. It's called "Pew Pew BBQ" . Please enjoy :D

  • paysonfox88
    paysonfox88 2 hours ago

    Oh looks like you guys have to storm the base now. 113000 likes and going

  • freak monster
    freak monster 2 hours ago

    In 2022 we will know everything about area 51 and did you know the legends say if someone there tells the secret to someone then they will die and the ones that heard it will be dead too haha

  • Helena H
    Helena H 2 hours ago

    NiEt HaTeN oP tIeS eN gOoFy

  • Flying_dog365 s
    Flying_dog365 s 2 hours ago

    Tomorrow's guys!!

  • Blue
    Blue 2 hours ago

    What? So mine AK47 is useless now?

  • guigame vlogs
    guigame vlogs 2 hours ago

    Para mim faltava algumas partes para vc ver

  • Michael Lema
    Michael Lema 2 hours ago

    Tomorrow is the raid boisss

  • TheOrangeTree27 cool

    The funeral companies are going to be rich

  • S/V Restless
    S/V Restless 2 hours ago

    Most scary shit about that "paranormal" place is that woman.

  • Roxy Kingsley
    Roxy Kingsley 2 hours ago

    Why can’t someone just fly a drone high then lower it down when they get to the base

  • ace
    ace 2 hours ago


  • Comrade Kobold
    Comrade Kobold 2 hours ago

    Matty looks like a Kyle who is just smoking weed, being lazy, instead of drinking that Monster

  • Justin Bowling
    Justin Bowling 2 hours ago

    ALIENSTOCK in Rachel is still on. You can camp for free on BLM. You can park for free on BLM. You can still hit up the food trucks and listen to music, hangout with 1,000's of people and then hook up with the real raiders of Area 51. You can still get shot or arrested and snake bit as much as you want! You can have your cake and diabetes too, so what's the deal breaker??

  • Justin Bowling
    Justin Bowling 2 hours ago

    Thy got 30 acres.... so Why should they invest 50k $$$ and not offer camping? Are you saying they should go bankrupt while entertaining everyone? Isn't it worth $ for people to camp close to Aleinn so they have access to electricity and water?

  • Blor X
    Blor X 2 hours ago

    Area 51 Thinking that everyone forgot of it because no one talks bout it anymore Us : No we dont think we will

  • Nataya Bernard
    Nataya Bernard 2 hours ago

    Goodness shes hostile!

  • Nicklas Marten
    Nicklas Marten 2 hours ago

    Hey Explore with us Nicklas Marten belive in Aliens i like you heare in Nevada

  • Em L
    Em L 2 hours ago

    He’s been paid by the government 😂

  • Danmark er mit fædreland

    Imagine going down in the basement and suddenly you hear footsteps upstairs, shit I would collapse like a wet cloth and try not to do shit in my pants 😮 Great video you guys are awsome🙏🏻😎 Be safe

  • terry swald
    terry swald 3 hours ago

    They sure are worried about something there , but we will never know that's for sure because we all know how the government is 😂 ! !

  • Siren Oceanica
    Siren Oceanica 3 hours ago

    This is happening on my b-day

  • Luv2fu4ever69
    Luv2fu4ever69 3 hours ago

    LOL... No, no families live on Area 51. And yes, they have families in Vegas, Pahrump, etc. To be a "camo dude", one must be over 21, no felonies and your employer is a private contractor. The base is a top secret military installation. No tours will ever be given. Yes, the food served there is top notch. But take into account morale. These guys are basically locked up themselves, physically and emotionally. They can never speak of anything they've seen. They're seperated from their families more days than they are with them. True, they sign up for that lifestyle and they're paid well, but at the same time they need to "happy campers" while at work. I happen to know someone that's a key figure that works there. That person told me how to go about getting a job as a camo dude and some of the perks. Nothing else was discussed nor did I even bother to ask anything, it'd be pointless to do so. I don't know what goes on there and I don't want to know either. That kind of knowledge could be dangerous. Like you said, some things need to be kept secret... unfortunately. This is potentially dangerous ground you're treading on, the videos, the comments, yes, we have freedom of speech, yes we're taxpayers with the right to know, but who are we really kidding? Just sayin', be careful or they'll send Hillary over to take care of you! ;)

  • Phantm Cssh
    Phantm Cssh 3 hours ago

    Pls go to Area 51 and storm it tomorrow. September 20th- They can’t stop us all...... 👽👽👽👽

  • Jan Garnes
    Jan Garnes 3 hours ago

    Everyone is probably gonna puss out

  • kermit the banned
    kermit the banned 3 hours ago

    These mid rolls god damn

  • KirrbyhatesKpop
    KirrbyhatesKpop 3 hours ago

    Raid tomorrow!!!!

  • Red Smurf
    Red Smurf 3 hours ago

    Less than 24 hours left

  • DaMoudir
    DaMoudir 3 hours ago

    1day left btw

  • Dollar game
    Dollar game 3 hours ago

    They say that he get in the jail and he wil say more if he is in the netherlands. ❤️plzzzz

  • Dollar game
    Dollar game 3 hours ago

    Lol im dutch

  • LemmyJackAndCoke
    LemmyJackAndCoke 3 hours ago

    If you are going to storm Area 51 please blast out Iron Maiden trooper.

  • Aesthetical Twat
    Aesthetical Twat 3 hours ago

    It’s okay. I’ve got an Oppressor MK 2, we can get through these alien-torturing bastards!

  • LemmyJackAndCoke
    LemmyJackAndCoke 3 hours ago

    The guards are probably going to be prepared.

  • GixxerFoo
    GixxerFoo 3 hours ago

    The grandmas probably had the camo dudes apologizing.

  • Jason Tedder
    Jason Tedder 3 hours ago

    The constitution technically should allow us to see area 51 because a government that keeps secrets from it's citizens is tyrannical by nature and the fact our tax dollars pay for these programs technically mean we all own it right. I shouldn't have to pay for something that I can even see or observe.

  • Jingo McHarrison
    Jingo McHarrison 3 hours ago


  • Alice inWonderland.
    Alice inWonderland. 3 hours ago

    The Dutch guys are saying that they can't believe how much the news of their arrest has blown up and that it made a big impact in their lives and in the lives of their loved ones. They are currently free but they have a court date on monday. They;re as prepared as they can be and they have a laywer and they will keep everyone posted about they're where abouts.

  • Felix Titus Besanez
    Felix Titus Besanez 3 hours ago

    How are they going to be arrested? I mean they are 1.2million people But camou dudes doesnt have 1.2 million handcuffs

  • Tommy Jensen
    Tommy Jensen 3 hours ago

    Donkey are Camo dude 😁😁😁😁

  • Lulu Amor
    Lulu Amor 3 hours ago


  • Lulu Amor
    Lulu Amor 3 hours ago


  • Noob Noob
    Noob Noob 3 hours ago

    Y’all gotta chill with the (dun dun dun) sounds🤧

  • Max Salonna
    Max Salonna 3 hours ago


  • 가차Lylítø
    가차Lylítø 3 hours ago

    To day is da day boid n gurls

  • BigOOF
    BigOOF 3 hours ago

    Wait...what if area 51 is in the centre of the bermuda triangle

  • noel hutchins
    noel hutchins 3 hours ago

    A real 'Event Coordinator' or a "Producer" is essential personnel to separate 'interests' from 'fuck-its': Never make a planned event without one or both, because a pair of airheads or a pair of controll freaks will never create anything better than the Fire Festival; be prepared to let everything go, if you are the 'inventor' not the 'factory' or 'ticket buyer' you have absolutely no say as to what is 'interesting' or 'confusing'. Make an idea, hire a preliminary planning staff; follow through, contract contract contract, provide the basics; basic basics. Events are like a blind army, make a system that couples the oblivious sheep with the gentle farm hand at every step.

  • MoneyGod vG
    MoneyGod vG 4 hours ago

    Connie is lying about them surrounding her car she works by area 51 she encounters crazy stuff but while writing this she may not be lying because she might have ptsd or something from all the crazy stuff that happens so she cant think straight or quick in those types of situations

  • MapleTwix
    MapleTwix 4 hours ago

    Hi i’m Dutch.

  • MoneyGod vG
    MoneyGod vG 4 hours ago

    The storming of area 51 was canceled a month ago because it was only a joke and then people still ran with it without him he didnt want any charges against him for it

  • Natsu Fan
    Natsu Fan 4 hours ago

    How could you become a worker there?

  • AcuteStressResponse
    AcuteStressResponse 4 hours ago

    Dumbass and Dumbass. top secret government facility and your essentially loitering right outside and you wonder why your harassed??? if it were the white house and your were loitering for 24 hours it would happen

  • Max Max
    Max Max 4 hours ago

    I saw move something right side 0:58

  • FeverishTube FeverishTubePlayz

    But why they hiding stuff we need to know!!!!

  • Mike
    Mike 4 hours ago

    Tomorrow, wouldn't it be funny if only one 16yr old nerd dressed up in power ranger army gear shows up and does a Naruto run into the base at a full brigade of police and army personnel... his name would become legend.

  • Caslier
    Caslier 4 hours ago


  • Sandra Whipple
    Sandra Whipple 4 hours ago

    That elephant looked so sad 😥

  • Daisy x Snrd
    Daisy x Snrd 4 hours ago

    Imagine if you ask trump about the area 51 raid a day before the raid. *Manic*

  • Felvi
    Felvi 4 hours ago

    1. Meet up in front of the entrance 2. Shoot the snipers of area 51 3. Naruto runners and Karens attack the manager 4. Drones confuse the area 51 guards 5. The rest of us sneak in 6. We see them Aliens 7. I'm actually staying at home and watching the live

  • Большой Брат

    Russian hackers hack area51 Мы поможем бравым бойцам!

  • Jessica Morris
    Jessica Morris 4 hours ago

    Just so you know....I actually watched an unrelated video on slab city and Austin bought Crystal Meth in it. I was shocked to see him in this video! So I DEFINITELY think drugs were involved....Nic might have been suffering from some induced psychosis and died. It explains the items strewn everywhere, Austins behavior before contacting police, the criminal uncle etc....maybe they got the drugs FROM the uncle and Austin is covering for him. Drug induced psychosis is NO JOKE!

  • ben faircloth
    ben faircloth 5 hours ago

    Can y'all confirm the sign was taken down,

  • sweaty balls suckitgood

    i still watch TV

  • Emerald Ore
    Emerald Ore 5 hours ago

    I think over there they are testing chemical effects and execution methods over criminals

    RiSEiNSiDE ASH 5 hours ago

    They are capturing the stormers and zapping them to Mars. Think I’m joking...? H. Man transport.

  • Jeromie Dillon
    Jeromie Dillon 5 hours ago

    So is there people showing up for the whole storm thing yet

  • Antares Andrews
    Antares Andrews 5 hours ago

    13:47 The Russian military will send thousands of drones above the base when Area51 gets raided by the people haha. :D

  • Lamar
    Lamar 5 hours ago

    0:00 - 5:00 hella deja vu

  • Skyrim vr Live
    Skyrim vr Live 6 hours ago

    Shooty shooty bang bang

  • Lady Grim Reaper
    Lady Grim Reaper 6 hours ago

    2:01 is nobody gonna. Notice tge fact that the handle of the door flung up and drooped down when he aims the camera towards it

  • Basically Cloudy
    Basically Cloudy 6 hours ago

    I'm from Latvia and I'm going I'm only twelve 😂😂 Sorry And I'm in the trip rn

  • RyanJG
    RyanJG 6 hours ago

    It’s already starting

  • Droslay YC
    Droslay YC 6 hours ago

    R/whoosh Don’t know why I do that

  • I am not a dog
    I am not a dog 6 hours ago

    should we sacrifice Morgz or Jacob Sartorius?

  • Amauri dude
    Amauri dude 6 hours ago

    3:45 did you see that UFO

  • Razak Idris
    Razak Idris 6 hours ago

    *NARUTO RUN* 🏃

  • wolf boy
    wolf boy 6 hours ago

    Yo love your vids plz give me a shout out i liked the video

  • joost schouren
    joost schouren 6 hours ago

    Send me a message if you want me to translate from netherlands to english

  • X_slays
    X_slays 6 hours ago


  • Justin Bowling
    Justin Bowling 6 hours ago

    It's 9-19-19 , there has to be people showing up already and setting up tents... Right?? Where's the videos of what's happening TODAY?

  • Rayz Dolls
    Rayz Dolls 6 hours ago

    It’s tommorow 😳😬😬😬

  • Tony Dixon
    Tony Dixon 6 hours ago

    Awesome life style you have. Being with your Daughters enjoying life. Not jealous but maybe a little envious. Love you all, be safe family.

  • KillerSG Gamer
    KillerSG Gamer 6 hours ago

    Why are there so many white cars instead of camo cars?!?

  • Bubba's Bass Lessons

    Nobody is going to raid area 51 ... It's all hype ... Ppl will show up just to see how many ppl will try to storm it but nobody is going to try

  • kolaso lion
    kolaso lion 7 hours ago

    Live stream pls!!!!!!! Ow and I subbbeeeeed

  • kolaso lion
    kolaso lion 7 hours ago


  • Andre' Hægeland
    Andre' Hægeland 7 hours ago

    whats her name?

  • Peace Thongjua
    Peace Thongjua 7 hours ago

    Well Las Vegas has a secret plane called *janet* flew there that had “workers” so yeah

  • firelegend 5105
    firelegend 5105 7 hours ago

    Area 51 : 3 guys come to the raid. The 3 guys are from gta. Area 51 : run everybody!!!!!!

  • Tylxr senpai
    Tylxr senpai 7 hours ago

    Bodies gonna drop tomorrow

  • 112fail
    112fail 7 hours ago

    whaaaaat?? you cant outrun a 50cal?? watch me!! sub to me to watch the result