I'm not Norm
I'm not Norm
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Norm Macdonald as Pigeon
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  • Ed Reynolds
    Ed Reynolds 2 hours ago

    Snl was so good back then. I guess that's why they call it snl and not Saturday night funny.

  • Fash out
    Fash out 2 hours ago

    Yang's cool but Vance's endorsement is cringe.

  • Robert Betts
    Robert Betts 3 hours ago

    1:36 "You remind me of someone who's good at fuckin'"

  • Bruce McGillis
    Bruce McGillis 3 hours ago

    When they got Trump in their sights I took a hike. I won't be back.

  • Miles Brewer
    Miles Brewer 3 hours ago

    I’m offended at the “A-word” I’m not from Africa nor have I ever been

  • Randy Rudland
    Randy Rudland 3 hours ago

    What the eyebrows is going on in that Stern interview?

  • Daniel Sherwood
    Daniel Sherwood 3 hours ago

    I could watch Norm's Weekend Updates all day long. He was the best by far on it and that's saying a lot.

  • TXRager
    TXRager 4 hours ago

    The animals don’t have pants on. Priceless

  • nowledge
    nowledge 4 hours ago

    good editing considering the constraints. thank you.

  • Clive Bixby
    Clive Bixby 4 hours ago

    Bill said on JRE that cumming on a girls face is “rapey.” This guy is so out of touch is crazy lol. What a crazy ol bastard.

  • kirk cavenaugh
    kirk cavenaugh 4 hours ago

    This cunt-ry can't collapse fast enough... then we won't have to fund our own replacement and fight Israel's wars and the baby boomers can all starve

  • ericj305
    ericj305 4 hours ago

    Bill Maher devotes virtually zero seconds of his thought and energy on Norm Macdonald. Norm, on the other hand, appears resentful, petty, and insecure. Bill wins.

  • Taken Serious
    Taken Serious 4 hours ago

    I think Norm considered a joke a failure unless it was booed.

  • sliverradio
    sliverradio 4 hours ago

    Do you suppose that's the same ... Wolfgang Bauer?

  • Din Bach
    Din Bach 4 hours ago

    "Are you a catholic?" What does that even mean, you muppet. Hahaha

  • Samuel Thomson
    Samuel Thomson 5 hours ago

    Norm's a savage lol cant believe he landed the Yang gig.... it's like trolling but way better lol

  • Oliver Kalamata
    Oliver Kalamata 5 hours ago

    *Affhanistan!* 😲

  • Michael Gatten
    Michael Gatten 5 hours ago

    I think that picture is Ralph not Howard

  • Vasilijan Nikolovski

    I love ho the 2016 election showed so many people's true colours. Bill Maher used to talk about how the Democratic party needs their own kind of 'TEA party' that'll push the party to the left. And yet, he shits on progressives and Justice Democrats constantly. I love how he and a lot of other people think he's a 'LEFTIST' just because he smokes pot and is socially liberal lmao what a joke, he's a center-right rich prick that watches politics like other people watch sport.

  • Venm 77
    Venm 77 6 hours ago

    🇺🇸Trump 2020🇺🇸

  • badstation
    badstation 6 hours ago

    I knew Andy was going to catch flack but goddamn, still nearly had a hernia, Norm.

  • A
    A 6 hours ago

    Warren is insufferable.

  • Vic
    Vic 6 hours ago

    I click really fast when i see this ol'chunk of coal.

  • J D
    J D 6 hours ago

    Fuck NBC

  • PBR Steve
    PBR Steve 6 hours ago

    Norm doing Rod Serling: Imagine "if you will"....

  • Domexpo
    Domexpo 6 hours ago

    He looks likes Tom Sellecks younger brother

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 6 hours ago

    He actually seems proud to have slept with Kathy Griffin. Thats really sad and gross

  • Mint Berry Crunch
    Mint Berry Crunch 7 hours ago

    Is that Burt Reynolds? That guys a real jerk. .. Naah, he's a good man

  • Johnmichael Martinez

    NotNorms so desperate doin what it takes to land those motion picture roles. Even if it means his heart seizing up.

  • Avard MacGregor
    Avard MacGregor 7 hours ago

    I got the joke. I always get the joke!

  • MustangRed1967
    MustangRed1967 7 hours ago

    Jay never knew how to handle Norm. Dave and Conan were the best.

  • swirlingabyss
    swirlingabyss 7 hours ago

    I know why you did it, but this video being flipped bothers the fuck out of me.

  • Gunndle Wittlebaum
    Gunndle Wittlebaum 7 hours ago

    Thank you for finding this clip! It's new to me, and any new Norm clip is a welcome Norm clip :)

  • glumOr
    glumOr 7 hours ago

    Dirty Sanchez.

  • jrich$
    jrich$ 7 hours ago

    Looks like turd Ferguson

  • @ffec+
    @ffec+ 7 hours ago

    During the break, Norm promptly offered Leno a moustache ride.

  • geezusispan
    geezusispan 7 hours ago

    "We" owe China so much money for the slave labor, the children making tennis shoes. How do we owe them? Isn't it Nike and Apple who have these arrangements? Private companies? Everything in Walmart and Home Depot is made in China, but "we" pay for it one screw, or shoe at a time.

  • Vinchenzo C
    Vinchenzo C 7 hours ago

    Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson's love child.

  • Daniel Johnston
    Daniel Johnston 7 hours ago

    I guess her big plan to blow up the Whitehouse isn't going to well for her eh? Last I knew, it's still standing. And Norms mention of former Surgeon General, Joycelyn Elders? Yeah, didn't she say that she likes Eric Clappner? "Yeah, I like Eric Clappner!"

  • Ketchup Overdose
    Ketchup Overdose 7 hours ago


  • David Letterboy
    David Letterboy 8 hours ago

    And then I reminded him, if it wasn’t for my dad . . . Burt Reynolds . . .

  • Leonard Stilwell
    Leonard Stilwell 8 hours ago

    INN needs to do a Norm on Leno collection

  • i pencil
    i pencil 8 hours ago

    wheres sally fields? we have a race to win.

  • Little Viking coach
    Little Viking coach 8 hours ago

    Why is Jay calling Burt Reynolds Norm?

  • chrilope
    chrilope 8 hours ago

    A ticking turban is always my biggest concern at airports.

  • Sean Freeman
    Sean Freeman 8 hours ago

    I fucking hate Jay leno. Talentless fuck.

  • michael scott
    michael scott 8 hours ago

    You know I'm not Norm is running out of ideas when he tries to pass Turd Ferguson off as Norm

  • Tiger Biker
    Tiger Biker 8 hours ago

    Anyone else think he looks like Tom selleck with that mustache

  • tim andrews
    tim andrews 8 hours ago

    They don't accept credit cards under the Queensboro bridge, either.

  • Josh Portnoy
    Josh Portnoy 8 hours ago

    His transition in the big pictures from a guy with a mustache to a fat guy was seamless, a real talent!

  • Thomas Grant
    Thomas Grant 8 hours ago

    He talks like Norm and tells jokes like Norm but What the Deuce!?

  • Star Trek Theory
    Star Trek Theory 8 hours ago

    Looks like Norm Seleck.

  • chadgrov
    chadgrov 8 hours ago

    Den of filth is my new favourite saying

  • iron monkey
    iron monkey 8 hours ago

    Motion picture was porn.

  • Association of Free People

    It is funny how much of a big deal “coming out” was made to be when everyone already knew.

  • Adi FH
    Adi FH 8 hours ago

    This ol' chunk of coal has never heard-tell of a little thing called Dollar Shave Club??

    • chadgrov
      chadgrov 8 hours ago

      he looks like more of a fella that likes to use a man-grate.

  • Mr MacGuffin
    Mr MacGuffin 8 hours ago

    I thought this was Turd Ferguson for a moment

  • Leonard Jackson
    Leonard Jackson 8 hours ago

    Norm rocking the Pornstache... Magnum NM

  • Floopy Doopey
    Floopy Doopey 8 hours ago

    This guy with the mustache is a hot piece of ass!

  • David Karpinski
    David Karpinski 8 hours ago

    That beautiful Tom Selleck looking bastard.

  • David Letterboy
    David Letterboy 8 hours ago

    Ok now I’m convinced you’re not norm. This channel has gone on longer than any of Norms projects !

  • OJ Pistorius
    OJ Pistorius 8 hours ago

    Just imagine how many ladies lined up to ride that mustache

  • Todd Pidgeon
    Todd Pidgeon 8 hours ago

    Ten minute podcast - 604 - a buffalo Bill Christmas

  • dino guy1996
    dino guy1996 8 hours ago

    Lmao he looks like Monica's boyfriend

  • tugquarles
    tugquarles 8 hours ago

    “The View” cast saying that you cant make accusations without proof is hilarious.

  • Brian Landry
    Brian Landry 8 hours ago

    I've been growing my stache for a movie role on account of they always need a guy with a mustache.turns out they really don't...cause I've grown it since 1978!

    • chadgrov
      chadgrov 8 hours ago

      You’ve had a Stache since 1978? By god man...🤢

  • The Supreme Meme
    The Supreme Meme 8 hours ago

    I wonder if Norm gave free rides back then

  • C
    C 8 hours ago

    good Lord! that's what you chose for the last joke? do you know what I'm gonna do tomorrow? I'm gonna watch the AllenPalin's Bill Burr Channel... that's where I'm getting my humour from

    • i pencil
      i pencil 7 hours ago

      i never get my $15 worth from allen.

  • Paul WT
    Paul WT 8 hours ago

    Mustaches are cool as hell as if you can grow them in properly. Very masculine looking and it's a shame so many sheep type men have let the degenerates steal them and sully them. They did so in the first place bc they were considered hyper masculine. It's kind of the way the soy types have now done with the beard. Don't let people ruin your cool facial hair styles for you. I had never done a stache till the past year but I had one for a month or so, it was just like the one Tim Olyphant had in Deadwood season 1. It was cool as hell. Coolest I've ever looked or felt. Try it. You may be surprised. But grow a full beard first and carve out of the beard, would be my advice. To just grow it as a mustache would be quite strange. Quite strange.

  • bigfoolit93
    bigfoolit93 8 hours ago

    Who writes these jokes? You guessed it...Frank Stallone

  • therealCamoron
    therealCamoron 8 hours ago

    Alongside Sir Anthony Hopkins and Dame Judy Dench

  • 1 2
    1 2 8 hours ago


  • fuferito
    fuferito 9 hours ago

    Turns out Norm found out the movember moustache was to raise money to find a cure for prostate cancer, not having a Dutch dude milk it in Amsterdam 'cause they say they love you.

  • TrooperJoe73
    TrooperJoe73 9 hours ago

    The molest-stache never hurt nobody.

  • HenGaoLaowai
    HenGaoLaowai 9 hours ago

    Fuck Jay Leno

  • irishbear76
    irishbear76 9 hours ago

    Stalin’s mustache killed more people than Hitler’s little Charlie Chaplin mustache.... or so the Germans would have us believe!

  • Xavier Paquin
    Xavier Paquin 9 hours ago

    Read 'em and weep! Udays full of Qusays!

  • Alex L
    Alex L 9 hours ago

    I LOVE Steve merchant, and norm was in rare form on this episode!

  • Travis Frost
    Travis Frost 9 hours ago

    Burt Reynolds much?

  • mike d
    mike d 9 hours ago

    What the devil is on his face!

  • Trevor Sechrist
    Trevor Sechrist 9 hours ago

    Looks really gay

  • Substar Bruce
    Substar Bruce 9 hours ago

    " drug-addicted whore people " somehow my life just got better. thanks

  • Hayden Studer
    Hayden Studer 9 hours ago

    For a fella called I'm not norm you sure have a lot of videos of norm macdonald... or so the germans would have us believe.

  • Andy Dorannuu
    Andy Dorannuu 9 hours ago

    He looks like he's good at suckin and fuckin

  • Jynkkytatti
    Jynkkytatti 9 hours ago

    I never forget that firefighter who saved me from that burning building and sadly perished in the process. I don't remember his name, but I think he had a _mustache_ .

  • Jerome Shalom
    Jerome Shalom 9 hours ago

    I just shaved my mustache last night. Once again, INN comes through with the relevant topic. ... Hold the fort..

  • Burt Macklin
    Burt Macklin 9 hours ago

    That moustache joke seems a lot like his big fat guy joke

  • Kyle Barton
    Kyle Barton 9 hours ago

    Jay is just intolerable. Also, Norm is Canadian. thexvid.com/video/8Cmd-nhZAmw/video.html

  • raDiOactive
    raDiOactive 9 hours ago

    An odd looking duck there's something about his mustache...hypnotic

  • sam .t
    sam .t 9 hours ago

    Porn Macdonald

  • Lochness Monsta
    Lochness Monsta 9 hours ago

    That last Harrison Ford clip **chef kiss**

  • Jody Smith
    Jody Smith 9 hours ago


  • Q U A T T R O
    Q U A T T R O 9 hours ago

    He looks like Tom Hanks

  • -Swedude-
    -Swedude- 9 hours ago

    Magnum Pi

  • Random Task
    Random Task 9 hours ago

    Total porn star stache! But not a gay porn star stache, a regular stache...

    • Random Task
      Random Task 9 hours ago

      Because I have seen all the gay porn, and not one of em had a stache like Norm’s there, not a one!

  • Ultra Smash
    Ultra Smash 9 hours ago

    Norm growing his mustache like body fat. I hope the View hasn’t ruined his career.

  • Andy Fanny
    Andy Fanny 9 hours ago

    Take a shave!

  • S McDonough
    S McDonough 9 hours ago

    Kind of looks like a skinny Don Frye

  • ted kaczynski
    ted kaczynski 9 hours ago

    Didn't Vince Champ have a mustache like that?

    • Curt
      Curt 9 hours ago

      Possibly the worst mustache a comic ever had

  • Jake Hoffman
    Jake Hoffman 9 hours ago

    "Tell the people at home what is a SET" 😉