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Brownies | Basics with Babish
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  • Cody M
    Cody M 53 seconds ago

    Today on "Basics with Babish", Andrew Rea will show you how to make 3 Indian breads, such as naan, roti, and lachha paratha. While special guest, Chef Floyd Cardoz joins Andrew Rea in the kitchen. That's all today, here on "Basics with Babish". And now, here's your host: A man who doesn't know about bread that he's native American, Andrew Rea!

  • That_German_Guy
    That_German_Guy 4 minutes ago

    I would just like to say that I use normal own-brand supermarket salt when I follow your recipes.

  • pwnage122334
    pwnage122334 4 minutes ago

    gonna have to try this because they wouldnt bring the sauce back in canada.. just the US. :(

  • Phoebe Geralis
    Phoebe Geralis 5 minutes ago

    He put fuckn cucumber on the knife, like it’s people. My eyes are watering 😹

  • Kai .Isensee
    Kai .Isensee 6 minutes ago

    I love you so goddamm much for including the creme fraiche

  • Adam Olinger
    Adam Olinger 7 minutes ago

    He should make that ridiculous order the mayor makes in cloudy with a Chance of meetballs. I think the order even includes a pizza stuffed into a turkey

  • Robert
    Robert 11 minutes ago

    this is outrageous mate! Don't call this pizza!!

  • Shado Shahad
    Shado Shahad 23 minutes ago

    I like it.

  • Some Weeb
    Some Weeb 26 minutes ago

    What happens if no vodka?

  • Nx li
    Nx li 28 minutes ago

    Can you recreate the impossible burger?

  • Jessica Jayes
    Jessica Jayes 28 minutes ago

    I have a copy of the actual book and it's basically: green tomatoes, corn meal, salt, pepper, fried in bacon drippings.

  • hi i'm emily
    hi i'm emily 31 minute ago

    3500 comments and about 3400 of them are about Kevin Spacey being just the absolute fuckin' worst. I love you guys.

  • Kendall Walling
    Kendall Walling 35 minutes ago

    the lachha paratha is amazing dipped in sweetened condensed milk!!

  • Jefferson Derrickson
    Jefferson Derrickson 35 minutes ago

    Food. Noun: a tangible way to transfer knowledge of culture from one person to another. "This is real peasant bread" hit can see so much history through a piece of bread.

  • Martimus Prime
    Martimus Prime 39 minutes ago

    Italians are too damn bitchy about food. Calm t f down.

  • HxSKy OP
    HxSKy OP 39 minutes ago

    I just got mind Fucked

  • smeef met meer smeef
    smeef met meer smeef 41 minute ago

    Babish: you guys playing fortnite? Fortnite: *black hole* Me: ah finally inner peace.

  • Kiwi Fruit
    Kiwi Fruit 45 minutes ago

    4:28 anyone else see his Juul? Please bro lemme hit your Juul.. just one hit bro.. bro PLEEEEAAAASE

  • lil kim '
    lil kim ' 46 minutes ago

    Dude you can acually start a restaurant and make big bucks

  • Christine Lynois
    Christine Lynois 49 minutes ago

    Lord knows I won’t make these brownies. I’ll keep rewatching the video anyway😂

  • S K
    S K 50 minutes ago

    Should have had a Charles Mulligan's Steakhouse apron on while doing this.

  • Cyrus Khalvati
    Cyrus Khalvati 50 minutes ago

    “Nice hiss” ... I see the military ration video craze has struck you too Alright, lets get this out on a tray Nice!

  • ริค จอห์น

    Make the taco spaghetti burger

  • Kill Me
    Kill Me 58 minutes ago

    Who else thought there was gonna be a pig involved.

  • Chanel H
    Chanel H Hour ago


  • Josh
    Josh Hour ago

    Is that jelly stuff the same thing you use for growing bacteria?

  • Juliana L
    Juliana L Hour ago

    Make the bon bons from Matilda! They always looked sooooo good

  • Buchanan Winchester

    Fucking christ

  • Ting Zhang
    Ting Zhang Hour ago

    *Babish makes biscuits with frozen biscuits* Southern moms and grandmas: Bless your heart.

  • Jim Gessner
    Jim Gessner Hour ago

    I don’t know what that is, but I do know it’s not deep dish pizza.

  • kiwi lemon
    kiwi lemon Hour ago

    LMAO THE STEVE MRE “let’s get it out on a tray, nice.” REFERENCE

  • The Only Kerbal
    The Only Kerbal Hour ago

    So you have your cake, why not eat it too!

  • Blimmo D. Clown
    Blimmo D. Clown Hour ago

    Make 'Aunt Myrna's Party Cheese Salad' from the internet. Challenge mode: Make it edible.

  • Açaí Açaí
    Açaí Açaí Hour ago

    Its recommended to cook ground beef well done just to be safe

  • Marcell
    Marcell Hour ago

    0:35 But hey, that's just a theory. A FILM THORY!

  • Amey Agrawal
    Amey Agrawal Hour ago

    Naan with yeast is not a naan.

  • derzedazrael
    derzedazrael Hour ago

    for future cheese curd needs, you can go to murray's cheese shop on bleecker in the west village!

  • Sonicman 26
    Sonicman 26 Hour ago

    Glad to see more foods from "Bob's Burgers"

  • Batool Hayat
    Batool Hayat Hour ago


  • [black Saw] johnny Hex

    I hope you do a halloween or horror movie themed episode for halloween

  • PsychoPars
    PsychoPars Hour ago

    God bless you man. I haven’t even tried making these but I know they’re gonna be scrumptious.

  • Lizzzard Breath
    Lizzzard Breath Hour ago

    Detective Conan will always be my favorite. Episode 813 "The Shadow Approaching Amuro"; is about a sandwhich.

  • No Name
    No Name 2 hours ago

    speaking of marzipan, you should make the sblounskched bar from homestar runner

  • robison87
    robison87 2 hours ago

    I love eating dead trichinosis. It gives the meat flavor.

  • Tanmayee Joshi
    Tanmayee Joshi 2 hours ago

    Finally an Indian cooking episode on American YT where then Indian chef was AUTHENTIC!! I'm sick of seeing Americanized indian recipes YES I'M TALKING TO YOU TASTY!!!

  • Thubelihle Sibiya
    Thubelihle Sibiya 2 hours ago

    Wait what are those peppers

  • mine turtle
    mine turtle 2 hours ago

    What we say in Wisconsin is ope

  • Flakey Croissant
    Flakey Croissant 2 hours ago

    I hate deep dish pizza

  • Ben Kusnierz
    Ben Kusnierz 2 hours ago

    Pretty sure the Italians had a heart attack when you added that salt directly onto the pasta. You gotta warn them next time man.

  • Batman Prime
    Batman Prime 2 hours ago

    Wow..... I must admit that it's really hard to make a noodles. But when you finishing it and eat it went it was fresh god I can't tell you how much I love it. Worthy effort if you can do it.

  • Tessa Holzwart
    Tessa Holzwart 2 hours ago

    He could take me into the other room and do terrible things to me any time.

  • Daniel Vasquez
    Daniel Vasquez 2 hours ago

    Please just use metric units like the rest of the world 😭😭😭

  • Joshua Robinson
    Joshua Robinson 2 hours ago

    Why can't he eat those burgers?

  • taylor veldhuis
    taylor veldhuis 2 hours ago

    Harrystyles is on babish

  • Batman Prime
    Batman Prime 2 hours ago


  • SheepDawhg
    SheepDawhg 2 hours ago

    he cut the durian in half.

  • James Fidel
    James Fidel 2 hours ago

    Eggcellent hahahahahahahahahahahahaha bruh that's like a joke it make me doing the default dance on fortnite's blackhole

  • Stefan Sonnier
    Stefan Sonnier 2 hours ago

    “It’s a scooter shop!” - Babish

  • 77 gumby
    77 gumby 2 hours ago

    His friends that he is always sharing this food with are so lucky

  • Lisa Troiani
    Lisa Troiani 2 hours ago

    There is a way to make dry-ice ice cream (or dry-ice cream) that’s carbonated.

  • Adrian Brodsky-Weiszmann

    what song is that while he's cooking

  • Mike Kuro
    Mike Kuro 2 hours ago

    "from... another mother." sends me man 😂😂

  • Hardian Ahmad
    Hardian Ahmad 2 hours ago

    Adding ginger and lemongrass? This is Soto !!!! 😂

  • Mathew
    Mathew 2 hours ago

    The smooth sound from both of them makes this video very calm

  • Jefe Wayne
    Jefe Wayne 2 hours ago

    or you could just come to the real JR Crickets.... boulevard boiiiii

    • Jefe Wayne
      Jefe Wayne 2 hours ago

      good wings dont come from oil that clean either

  • Betsy Singh-Anand
    Betsy Singh-Anand 2 hours ago

    Been making roti for years. The food processor makes quick work of the dough.

  • Dave Post
    Dave Post 2 hours ago

    "Leftover lobster" I understand each of those words individually, but I can't see how they can be used together.

  • EvilGamer123415
    EvilGamer123415 2 hours ago

    He's like JerryRigEverything but for food

  • Andrea L
    Andrea L 3 hours ago

    Was it any good? You never mentioned if it was nice

  • Indicteronomy
    Indicteronomy 3 hours ago

    Wait what? I thought this was a rice dish. Nope, just seasoned pork. Huh.

  • silentjay01
    silentjay01 3 hours ago

    Anyone else slightly bothered by the dough repeatedly touching the cooks' watches?

  • That One Guy
    That One Guy 3 hours ago

    Make som tum.

  • AnalyticalJ
    AnalyticalJ 3 hours ago

    Can you make homemade cola from DR STONE? I'll give you a cola!

  • Neel Barot
    Neel Barot 3 hours ago

    This is howtobasic if he wasn't crazy

  • Boomer Dwayne
    Boomer Dwayne 3 hours ago

    The marina is definitely cooked dunno what Stewart was talking about

  • SuperYouFox
    SuperYouFox 3 hours ago

    A Possible Future?: Fish Fingers and Custard from Doctor Who S5E01 The Eleventh Hour

  • Beau Denis
    Beau Denis 3 hours ago

    Please make cold nachos dip

  • babak bayatani
    babak bayatani 3 hours ago

    this just cheese garbage

  • Crazier Tacos
    Crazier Tacos 3 hours ago

    For the next thing, can you make something from Shokugeki no Soma, and say umami like 20 times?

  • Jun Tipid
    Jun Tipid 3 hours ago

    My man please do the Ramen from Dr. Stone. We need this man

  • Lance Welch
    Lance Welch 3 hours ago

    I'm really enjoying the dynamic of having the teacher, student mix for this, it's like I was there and getting the answers to what I'd be asking along the way.

  • Broon Ters
    Broon Ters 3 hours ago

    Instructions unclear. Big purple man is asking for glowing rocks.

  • Drei
    Drei 3 hours ago

    Imagine them opening a resturant.

  • Tim Fleming
    Tim Fleming 4 hours ago

    You are the New York version of issac toupes

  • Buldozera BG
    Buldozera BG 4 hours ago

    You don't need to melt the cheese

  • SomeCall MeThings
    SomeCall MeThings 4 hours ago

    Me: just ate, stomach is full Also me: watches Binging with Babish, stomach is empty.

  • Josh Smith
    Josh Smith 4 hours ago

    I made a naan at the weekend

  • DaAlexThomas125 IG
    DaAlexThomas125 IG 4 hours ago

    What episode was this

  • Burgerbeast101
    Burgerbeast101 4 hours ago

    That looks amazing

  • goenøtter
    goenøtter 4 hours ago


  • goenøtter
    goenøtter 4 hours ago

    0:51 So he’s beating his meat...

  • Abhishek Pawar
    Abhishek Pawar 4 hours ago

    there are so many more Indian breads like puran poli that weren't covered in this video

  • lincoln jordison
    lincoln jordison 4 hours ago

    I'm from Saskatchewan thank you babish

  • Jonathan Locke
    Jonathan Locke 4 hours ago

    Toad in the hole is a different dish. It's pork sausage in Yorkshire pudding batter. Often served with onion gravy.

  • Lady Kennie Frog
    Lady Kennie Frog 4 hours ago

    With the American accent when I heard glove compartment I heard love compartment.

  • Chris Chik
    Chris Chik 4 hours ago

    Anyone have links to the air compressor? 🤔 Thanks in advance!

  • thegoldenfret123456
    thegoldenfret123456 4 hours ago

    incredibly good

  • R Lynealle
    R Lynealle 4 hours ago

    You know I’m real asian because when i saw that dried up ube things in the bags and that purple sweet potato thingy and i was like Me:biss what ube that’s fake ube that not real ube

  • Annika
    Annika 4 hours ago

    Love how they literally only eat bear stew in red dead