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  • Valen G. Salvatore
    Valen G. Salvatore Minute ago

    waffle maker

  • marcel balepogii
    marcel balepogii 2 minutes ago

    This music is horrible

  • NothingButJen .-.
    NothingButJen .-. 2 minutes ago


  • Delia Bertrand
    Delia Bertrand 4 minutes ago

    Dude I nearly fell over laughing when her sous chef walked out with another easy bake 😂😂😂😂

  • morgan cronin
    morgan cronin 4 minutes ago

    use a dishwasher!

  • Alex Wilson
    Alex Wilson 5 minutes ago

    I now need a sandwich 🥪

  • Helena Smityukhe
    Helena Smityukhe 5 minutes ago

    Dunno about anyone else, but these look good so I’d make them earlier in the evening and have something delicious to eat as a late night snack

  • clownerybitxh
    clownerybitxh 6 minutes ago

    that one skinny girl that's vegan and zero waste yelling at buzzfeed for a zero waste channel.

  • The Anonymus Catdog
    The Anonymus Catdog 7 minutes ago

    Anybody else start screaming at the beanie guy to shut up

  • Daniel Wang
    Daniel Wang 11 minutes ago

    100% positive affirmative 10/10 *ship*

  • HarryIII
    HarryIII 12 minutes ago

    Cauliflower is not traditional!

  • hugo brutus
    hugo brutus 12 minutes ago

    I always lick the plate, so....

  • Gianna Marc
    Gianna Marc 13 minutes ago

    Idk why but i love this

  • U Hiro kitchen
    U Hiro kitchen 13 minutes ago


  • Michael Martinez
    Michael Martinez 14 minutes ago

    Everytime they said "fancy" I started singing "Fancy!....YOUUUU~"

  • Allison heart
    Allison heart 14 minutes ago

    blow torch

  • Victoria Chism
    Victoria Chism 15 minutes ago

    Well, um, yeah. I'd eat it. "Shame. Shame. Shame."

  • 0netyr
    0netyr 16 minutes ago

    S/O to my boy Alvin he a real one..😆

  • Danica_music33
    Danica_music33 16 minutes ago

    Does Katie sound like Anna Kendrick to anyone else?

  • Yet us that feeetus Dustin

    Where tf did all those noodles come from, I don’t remember there being so much dough

  • Allan Reyes
    Allan Reyes 17 minutes ago

    To serve my friends? Nah bruh I'm gonna serve it to myself! 😂

  • April Ashley Lopez
    April Ashley Lopez 18 minutes ago

    the pink in the 30 minute burger....noooo

  • 0netyr
    0netyr 19 minutes ago

    Big ass French toast

  • Krispz
    Krispz 19 minutes ago

    Made the teriyaki chicken and Mac and cheese today, the chicken tasted amazing, and so did the mac and cheese ( which we will put 3 cups of shredded cheese next time)

  • rasta1979
    rasta1979 20 minutes ago

    I hate this kind of video it's to fast to enjoy and learn. pls slow down

  • swishfish :o
    swishfish :o 21 minute ago

    can we just talk about the VEINS sticking out on Alvins hands I mean- 🤤

  • Sister_ Ava
    Sister_ Ava 22 minutes ago

    You should use a waffle maker for the next one Who agrees??

  • 0netyr
    0netyr 22 minutes ago

    Big ass French toast

  • Dorian Mcnab
    Dorian Mcnab 22 minutes ago

    that beef is poorly seasoned my famly and people i know we blend onions some garlic sweetpeper litle bit of scotch bonet boom marinate seasone well cook

    ZACHARY P HAMILTON 23 minutes ago

    You all ready made this video whf????

    ARMENIAN_ ARMY_ 24 minutes ago

    Can this chef make a 3 course meal From the ingredients in my refrigerator aka only fast food

  • destiny dailey gaming
    destiny dailey gaming 24 minutes ago

    Yes of course you could make this while hungover

  • Hector Gavidia
    Hector Gavidia 24 minutes ago

    Mcdonalds vs alexis vs gordon Ramsey

  • Talhah Wilson
    Talhah Wilson 25 minutes ago

    The gay boi who mentioned moes and chipotle doesn’t know anything about how shit should taste. Just cause you don’t think it looks like your trendy chipotle nachos doesn’t mean there not good. God I really just want to beat the fuck out of you holy shot.

  • Dolphinsfan1 4
    Dolphinsfan1 4 26 minutes ago

    Can you do a 3-course meal in a dehydrator

  • Jayla Johnson
    Jayla Johnson 27 minutes ago

    Tasty: Easy snacks!!! Also Tasty: *Store for 3 months*

    PSPSMITH202 27 minutes ago

    Cooking a three course meal using only a wifi router...

  • Swagking Gameing
    Swagking Gameing 27 minutes ago

    How else checked if this was how to basic XD

  • dark4o90
    dark4o90 28 minutes ago

    Video how not to make gnocchi

  • Regan M
    Regan M 30 minutes ago

    best tasty video gracias maya

  • Kuday93
    Kuday93 31 minute ago

    They removed the timer, i think it was a good choice. More time implys better results and less stress for Rie ;)

  • Chukwudozie Diddy
    Chukwudozie Diddy 32 minutes ago

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  • Jessiie Bell
    Jessiie Bell 32 minutes ago

    The last one with the tempura is the BEST! A sushi restaurant called RuSan’s sells it!!

  • deVii
    deVii 32 minutes ago

    Sweet Potato Pie is the best, and that’s PERIODT

  • L
    L 33 minutes ago

    She know damn well that’s not you should say conchas . BTW if you’re born and raised in the USA you’re not Mexican, you’re American

  • Panda loves Bamboo
    Panda loves Bamboo 33 minutes ago

    I tried the “2 min” recipe and my cookie turned into a pancake 😂

  • Major Tom
    Major Tom 34 minutes ago

    oh muricans

  • Jae Croe
    Jae Croe 36 minutes ago

    I made it and it turned out awesome!!!!

  • Krxst
    Krxst 39 minutes ago


  • Adi Diy
    Adi Diy 40 minutes ago

    Yonas was the CUTEST THING EVER!!! "It's goood!!!" 😆👍🏾

  • Daniela Osorio
    Daniela Osorio 42 minutes ago

    Why is Alix soooo louuud!?? 😭

  • angel angel
    angel angel 43 minutes ago


  • Jiz Hiz
    Jiz Hiz 43 minutes ago

    Who would want to make a 3hr burger?

  • Unicorn_ Panda
    Unicorn_ Panda 43 minutes ago

    Next video:Can this chef make cereal fancy Rie:From the pantry I got cereal I bought...... Alcohol.

  • Shika-U
    Shika-U 44 minutes ago

    The real good mashed potatoes aren't completely creamy. They still have small little chunks of potato

  • Justis Mendez
    Justis Mendez 45 minutes ago

    What’s in the batter

  • ItzDidi Brown
    ItzDidi Brown 46 minutes ago

    Waffle maker plz that would definitely be a challenge

  • Jagnoor Singh
    Jagnoor Singh 46 minutes ago

    Bold of you to assume I have friends

  • Clayton young
    Clayton young 46 minutes ago

    America servings compared to the rest of the world

  • Ray X
    Ray X 46 minutes ago

    Have you ever felt like the comment section is it’s own individual, like you have the triggered people, the meme people and comments like this one that have nothing to do with the video. It’s kinda strange. And you, yes YOU view everyone in the comments as the same person I find that fascinating Anyways sub to RayX inc.

  • ILham home fans
    ILham home fans 47 minutes ago

    thexvid.com/video/vULFrycwPy0/video.html chofo jadid

  • Alicia
    Alicia 48 minutes ago

    that is honestly the messiest pb and j I’ve ever seen

  • Yuki sainin
    Yuki sainin 48 minutes ago

    Love noodles 🤤

  • Penguinssss
    Penguinssss 48 minutes ago

    How about using only an ebelskiver pan? 😏

  • Luis Mosqueda
    Luis Mosqueda 48 minutes ago

    Why you say I can't taste the mix? Is that bad? Lol

  • lil chim chim
    lil chim chim 48 minutes ago

    Make it spicy A stand mixer but we must have heat ooohhh a single blow torch that should do the trick

  • Catalina Arias
    Catalina Arias 48 minutes ago

    do a meal on the hood of a car !!!

  • Broboombox2006
    Broboombox2006 48 minutes ago

    "How does it look compared to your drawing?" "It LOoKs PrETty MuCh the SAmE!"

  • Antoni Gates
    Antoni Gates 49 minutes ago

    Three course meal, without obvious scripting and fake emotion. “I need a lifeline... Oh it’s my best friend!!!” “This taste taster... lets bring him out... Oh I’m so surprised!” I loved this segment, but this... this just felt like a sell-out shill video.

  • SoapOpera
    SoapOpera 50 minutes ago

    I made this. Waaaayyyy too spicy. Maybe I just used to much of the butter concoction, but it would have been too spicy with half the butter/Dijon. This is a really sloppy eat; were it tastier that might have been okay. But I got through the third piece and was just not enjoying it. The top part of the loaf was moist enough, but the bottom baked brick hard. I finally faced up to the reality that the rest of this thing was going in the trash. Total waste of good food. Video looked good though.

  • Kate Adams
    Kate Adams 51 minute ago

    Where's the bog sauce? Why is there peas? There is so much wrong with this lasagne

  • Gage Rosicky
    Gage Rosicky 51 minute ago

    How you going to not include a ruben?

  • just some memes
    just some memes 52 minutes ago

    do a hand mixer she keeps needing that so give her it

  • Broboombox2006
    Broboombox2006 54 minutes ago

    There is no way that a 9 year old thinks that unicorns are real and also LEprICHaun TeARS

  • Sama P
    Sama P 55 minutes ago

    I know the waffle maker is next so just make falafel in it ok?

  • Oh shit here we go again
    Oh shit here we go again 56 minutes ago

    Do a coffee pot

  • Amber Jackson
    Amber Jackson 56 minutes ago

    She should try a waffle iron!

  • Biohazard
    Biohazard 57 minutes ago

    I’m not dabbing I’m looking at the floor for *CHEESE*

  • Antares117
    Antares117 59 minutes ago

    Next episode: "Can this chef make a 3 course meal with a Samsung Galaxy note 7?"

  • belizeguy
    belizeguy 59 minutes ago

    OK, more to torture me with! Thanks

  • Nelshamae Manuel

    Thank you for this recipe,it makes me hungry 😋

  • Antoni Gates
    Antoni Gates Hour ago

    This is starting to feel horribly scripted.

  • Shelby C
    Shelby C Hour ago

    I’m starving

  • Erin Lee
    Erin Lee Hour ago

    I don't think tasty knows how broke we really are...

  • Robert Greenhouse

    Some may have noticed an abundance of blood and water in with the chicken when you open it and I WASH IT to remove that blood.

  • Tiger Gaines
    Tiger Gaines Hour ago

    Don't care about the recipes, the music is straight jammin

  • Emberly Halstead

    Three course meal using a straightening iron

  • Totally_Not_Skyler

    Lol all we have is a toaster oven and a hot plate. Got to love the poor life.

  • hoppy Blox
    hoppy Blox Hour ago

    It's the same videos in a compilation...

  • Jogathan XYZ
    Jogathan XYZ Hour ago

    Anyone else thought it said Best Chocolate Cookie Cheesecake Stuffed Brownies?

  • Kailani D.
    Kailani D. Hour ago

    Idk if u made this alreadyy but can you do “can you make lunchsbles fancy”

  • Ysrael Truth
    Ysrael Truth Hour ago

    4 days from the 51 raid

  • Lode Dizeine
    Lode Dizeine Hour ago

    Yes, I'm lefty

  • Zander Burt
    Zander Burt Hour ago

    I feel like she couldve duct taped the switch down to cook and just made it cook lol

  • Gabby Gabby
    Gabby Gabby Hour ago

    8:39 sksksk

  • Liam Horn
    Liam Horn Hour ago

    Feck off the rock makes the best cookies

  • Badgal27
    Badgal27 Hour ago


  • MG 73
    MG 73 Hour ago

    Who else got here after Hell's Kitchen? S9E1 Just had to see what the big deal is with Risotto....

  • Anya horne
    Anya horne Hour ago

    So happy to see more veg recipes! 💚🙏 keep them coming!

  • Oh yeah Yeah
    Oh yeah Yeah Hour ago

    I thought snoop dog was gonna add weed