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WTF Fortnite...
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Top 10 Jokers of All Time
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Modern Warfare BETA....
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NEW Office Tour!
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Modern Warfare ALPHA is....
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  • Humphrey Githu
    Humphrey Githu 2 hours ago

    Ad love one coz I can't afford one at the moment @El_native

  • Gregory Milone
    Gregory Milone 2 hours ago

    I don’t like music on ur cids

  • lil hope
    lil hope 2 hours ago

    My ps4 is too old man would be appreciated

  • Ricky'sCoffey
    Ricky'sCoffey 2 hours ago

    I hated all the robots

  • Nicolas Rozenszein
    Nicolas Rozenszein 2 hours ago

    I hope I win so I can play all the exclusives and more!! Keep up the great work💪 @Mongoosekid_73

  • J D
    J D 2 hours ago

    I prefer the artic 50, can still one shot and can shoot a lot faster

  • J K
    J K 2 hours ago

    That ain't an Easter egg that's just some hidden message or maybe a clue

  • M Wana
    M Wana 2 hours ago

    Want that PS4 so I can actually play Survival Mode

  • FTS Lonewolf
    FTS Lonewolf 2 hours ago

    They should make stonehaven a ground war map in modern warfare

  • Craneboa_ Doggo
    Craneboa_ Doggo 2 hours ago

    Genesis basically getting a remake in bo4 as arsenal

  • WaitB4uHateMe
    WaitB4uHateMe 2 hours ago

    #0: Vaulted Infantry Rifle. It was without a doubt the best assault rifle in the game. Disagree? Watch mongraal pick it up! Give it a go in creative! Accuracy>Spray

  • Ryan Patterson
    Ryan Patterson 2 hours ago

    1911 bo3???

  • Benny Martinez
    Benny Martinez 2 hours ago

    I sexually identify as a dolphin for mobility

  • Piano Noob
    Piano Noob 2 hours ago

    I want the PS4 becuz my parents won’t buy me one, twitter code:@Hax68740121

  • trad hat
    trad hat 2 hours ago

    What is this comment section

  • RandomOrdinary Girl 6123

    4:00 My favorite "LOOK AT THE VOID"

  • PulzeSzN -_-
    PulzeSzN -_- 2 hours ago

    I would love to win the ps4 because mine broke, and I really want to play the new fortnite my handle is PulzeSzN420 P.S your top tens are the best top tens

  • MisTy_Tv
    MisTy_Tv 2 hours ago

    I would love to win the ps4 my mom said she won’t get me one and I wanna play with my friends please my Twitter is @AkaMorowa

  • trevorgeorge9
    trevorgeorge9 2 hours ago

    1:34 is the best lol

  • Swiger
    Swiger 2 hours ago

    I Am SuBinG back to thOse wHo like and sUb HeRe ! I’m LoyAl !! ❤️❤️

  • Anderson HDPlayzz
    Anderson HDPlayzz 2 hours ago

    I want to win it to give it to my friend

  • Wumbo The wum bum
    Wumbo The wum bum 2 hours ago

    But the next one will

  • LoRdBlOoDsToNe28
    LoRdBlOoDsToNe28 2 hours ago

    I really need a new PS4!! @JeremySTaylor

  • TheJabberwaki slayer

    I dont think the healing items are a problem

  • What's the Best
    What's the Best 2 hours ago

    *zub me and I will Zub you back* 💛💚💙❤ 💞

  • Milsim Airsoft
    Milsim Airsoft 2 hours ago

    Xbox is awful and I need to switch to ps4 so I can enjoy the play station exclusives I never got to experience! Twitter : @hunterobermann

  • Samanta Martinez
    Samanta Martinez 2 hours ago

    I would like to win this PS4 to give it to my friend who wants one and cant afford it. I would love to buy one for him too but neither can I. I really want to surprise them with this. They have done so much for me so I want to give back. Twitter Lilyboo_96

  • Vincent Guzman
    Vincent Guzman 2 hours ago

    Remember when Loot Lake becoming Thanos Lake was a big deal?

  • Blue Blur
    Blue Blur 2 hours ago

    6:20 got the cold buddy

  • Robert Varwig
    Robert Varwig 2 hours ago

    The operator skin is blue

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 2 hours ago


  • Fullupy
    Fullupy 2 hours ago

    @bootyoohs I want the PS4 for my nephew that still has a ps3

  • Scott Nankin
    Scott Nankin 2 hours ago

    I want to win the ps4 because I used to have one, moved, couldn’t keep it with me. My handle is @ultimatumaster Ps. Love your content.

  • ZeRo ClipZ
    ZeRo ClipZ 2 hours ago

    My favorite is destiny 2

  • TJ Gallagher
    TJ Gallagher 2 hours ago

    I need it for a Christmas Present for my brother. @TJGallagher8

  • BrolyGamer 1000
    BrolyGamer 1000 2 hours ago

    I what a pc4 because I never got a pc4 or xbox

  • Dank Toilet
    Dank Toilet 2 hours ago

    Great video chaos. Can I please win that ps4 I really don’t want to play mobile games anymore. I want to play other games besides fortnite with my friends. Plz My Twitter is @TheAssShadow

  • The Norms
    The Norms 3 hours ago

    Can you sub plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Shadowslayer
    Shadowslayer 3 hours ago

    I honestly love messing with the bots it's amazing

  • Domcraft 17
    Domcraft 17 3 hours ago

    I would love to win the ps4 a lot of my friends have been getting it to play survival and I still have a Xbox my Twitter is @iiDomz

  • JAX-197
    JAX-197 3 hours ago

    I would like to see a Advanced Warfare 2

  • A Gaming
    A Gaming 3 hours ago

    The kiaparis was the best smg in bo1

  • Deprece
    Deprece 3 hours ago

    Easy. Release MW2 remastered in 2020

  • T.J. Benton
    T.J. Benton 3 hours ago

    Ive never had my own gaming system! @TJenton55

  • Sifen Gameing
    Sifen Gameing 3 hours ago

    Because I don’t have one

  • Shawn Hyettt
    Shawn Hyettt 3 hours ago

    To give it to my sister and for the family

  • Manafactured
    Manafactured 3 hours ago

    The loot pool is really pissing me off and how everyone is getting purple pumps somehow

  • Mobile Games
    Mobile Games 3 hours ago

    No cosumables

  • The Furry Boi
    The Furry Boi 3 hours ago

    Y EVRYWUN BOT!!!!!!!!!!! also, about the healing... FISH!!!!!

  • Mr. BurgerGames
    Mr. BurgerGames 3 hours ago

    Bro the Kiparis...I ran that thing all the time and never have ever had an issue with it

  • Swiger
    Swiger 3 hours ago

    WHOS BEEN A FAN BEFORE 2019 👇 I’m gifting my next 61 subs🎁

  • Joseph Williams
    Joseph Williams 3 hours ago

    Hey man. I wanna win the PS4 because my friends have moved over to PlayStation and I can’t really afford to purchase one. My twitter is @oYRF_

  • Swiger
    Swiger 3 hours ago

    Hé! Hé you! Yeah you right there! $uß to me and you will get a delicious cookie 🍪❤️

  • Dustin Reece
    Dustin Reece 3 hours ago

    Been wanting to upgrade my old system that's barely ticking lol @DustinReece91 is my twitter on the off chance it happens.

  • Native Star
    Native Star 3 hours ago

    Don’t for the 140GB file size.

    WILLIAM HARPER 3 hours ago


  • Athens Law
    Athens Law 3 hours ago

    I like your Video

  • OmgDoubleD TV
    OmgDoubleD TV 3 hours ago

    Literally subbing to anybody that comments im fast 🐎💨💨💨

  • Swiger
    Swiger 3 hours ago

    I ᗯIᒪᒪ ᔕᑌᗷᔕᑕᖇIᗷE TO EᐯEᖇYOᑎE ᗯᕼO ᒪIKEᔕ TᕼIᔕ ᑕOᗰᗰEᑎT ᗩᑎᗪ ᔕᗩYᔕ ᗪOᑎE ✅💚

  • NorthStar
    NorthStar 3 hours ago

    I want to win the PS4. Twitter: TGForLifeTG

  • jacob hopperdietzel
    jacob hopperdietzel 3 hours ago

    Ive always wanted a ps4 but with being in college cant really aford it. Started on the ps2 and still on ps3. Would be awesome to have a ps4!

  • Jesse Franco
    Jesse Franco 3 hours ago

    My old PlayStation 4 got wet and I really want to play modern warfare and I played since modern warfare 2

  • Noah Sanchez
    Noah Sanchez 3 hours ago

    I would like to win the ps4 so i can play with my cousins. @NoahSan38524523

  • Nate Maniaci
    Nate Maniaci 3 hours ago

    I need that PS4 to go pro Mr. Chaos!!! @NManiaci17

  • Nathaniel Kendrick
    Nathaniel Kendrick 3 hours ago

    I really need this man never had a ps4 or cod all I ever do is watch TheXvid

  • Nick Williamson
    Nick Williamson 3 hours ago

    I'm willing to redownload Twitter for a new ps4. So long as it's the backwards compatible kind. I'd love to get my hands on oblivion and some of my old favorites. My Twitter account is @Diabolicaloddball. I'm good with the bots. I got my first victory royale in a long long time and I've done so with more kills on average than I've ever gotten before. The fact is even with super build mode on, I just can't freakin build beyond basic walls and barriers. I just can't do those on the fly quick builds in the middle of a fight which is a massive disadvantage.

  • Sabb
    Sabb 3 hours ago

    Definitely a lot of missed bo2 maps

  • thee yeeeting chinchilla

    Can i mybe use a different social media like discord facebook f email i really whant to get my grandma and grandpa a ps4 they both love to play video games they have a super Nintendo but we live 2 states away and i would love to play multiplayer with them Ps i have a ps4

  • Bugz BuGgY
    Bugz BuGgY 3 hours ago

    I have a 1tb PS4😁 my PS4 will fight the war

  • Alex’s Wonder land

    For the last time FORTNITE IS SAVE THE WORLD ITS NOT BATTLE ROYALE ITS A “mini game”I state my pound .

  • TJ Gallagher
    TJ Gallagher 3 hours ago

    I want to get a PS4 for my brother for Christmas. @TJGallagher8

  • WaterMelonMan
    WaterMelonMan 3 hours ago

    I wanna win the ps4 so I can bring it with me to college so I have something to do on my off time

  • You are a bad singer

    Shutup chaos you spacka

  • Roger S
    Roger S 3 hours ago

    I love the slower pace of the game not had the frame drop but i am on the X with upcapped FR

  • RapidzxSavage Gaming

    i want to win the ps4 so i can give it to my brother so we can play together! =) @rapidzxsavage thank you chaos!!!!

  • Azzie
    Azzie 3 hours ago

    I want that PS4 because I’ve been meaning to switch consoles for a while but won’t be able to cos I gotta save for the ps5 would be much appreciated Twitter @Rxmi9

  • KlutchOG
    KlutchOG 3 hours ago

    Love this style of video from you (Still king of the Top 10’s) You make a great Cod News channel 👍🏼

  • Vanilla
    Vanilla 3 hours ago

    Gonna be real, the ASP was fun to use.

  • John Taylor
    John Taylor 3 hours ago

    I thought The pump shotgun was the Best gun

  • Kin Grey
    Kin Grey 3 hours ago

    the bloom has been increased

  • Soy Sauce
    Soy Sauce 3 hours ago

    If he thinks fortnite was a mobility game he should play titanfall

  • AR7 Skills
    AR7 Skills 3 hours ago

    I wanna win the ps4 because I have never tried playing in a ps4 and I love your videos and it will be that way for a long time

  • Joe Morthberg
    Joe Morthberg 3 hours ago

    Not everyone is great at the game. Bots and skill based mach making means that we have the opportunity to to get better.

  • Super AMV's
    Super AMV's 3 hours ago

    Id like to win because i haven't had the funds to be updated with new consoles and games. @ACarguy19

  • Wolfu
    Wolfu 3 hours ago

    So I can play fortnight

    RED NINJA 3 hours ago

    I miss the old map😭

  • Unknown Person
    Unknown Person 3 hours ago

    I got bullied in second grade and let’s just say the kid never got to play fortnite

  • Tim Immonen
    Tim Immonen 3 hours ago

    I haven't noticed any frame drops? didn't know this was an issue, is it just to lower end pc's or does medium and higher end pc's also have this issue?

  • Scout E
    Scout E 3 hours ago


  • Shawn Kelly
    Shawn Kelly 3 hours ago

    I want to win the PS4 so I can give it to a friend so we can game together. @Fishorelly

  • Harlan Brockevelt
    Harlan Brockevelt 3 hours ago

    Plz I have a Wii

    XENONPLASMA 3 hours ago

    A PS4 would be sweet as I don't want diabeetus from hoarding and chugging Mountain Dew! @VIPERZD53

  • Brendan Dunbar
    Brendan Dunbar 3 hours ago

    Amouranth is live

  • Katie Hopkins
    Katie Hopkins 3 hours ago

    Xp rate and mobility and spawn rate or epic and legendary weapons.

  • SmartSolid33
    SmartSolid33 3 hours ago

    I want to win because all I have is a broken ds and I really want to be able to play this game other than at my friends house.

  • ZainzHD
    ZainzHD 3 hours ago

    We was gifted with mobility items last season. We need less than before

  • S4int INS4N3
    S4int INS4N3 3 hours ago

    Sup Chaos. I like to win the PS4, as I don't have one, as a means to play with friends and enjoy playing the console again. Twitter @S4intINS4N3.

  • Jacob Long
    Jacob Long 3 hours ago

    Thanks for the info Chaos

  • N.T.F guard
    N.T.F guard 3 hours ago

    The bots in pubg r better because they can teleport around the map and they actually jump in lay down to avoid gunfire

  • ryan cassidy
    ryan cassidy 3 hours ago

    Fishes do heal and the blue one does health and shield but don't know if they heal like a slurp