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I Have a COD SECRET...
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PS5 Price Leaked..
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Black Ops 5...
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  • SAZZe Crew
    SAZZe Crew 4 hours ago

    I thought this was zombies perks

  • ILevanLexamillBEATS
    ILevanLexamillBEATS 4 hours ago

    All time favorite PS Game: Tekken 3!!! Twitter:lexamill

  • Ingram The Apache
    Ingram The Apache 4 hours ago

    Metal Gear Solid by far. All of them up to 4 are amazing. Solid story, solid characters, just a solid game

  • Darlene Smith
    Darlene Smith 4 hours ago

    Because it is a gold

  • Dyea_B_Tis
    Dyea_B_Tis 4 hours ago

    Sly Cooper is also a good franchise.

  • The Master Of Pokemon

    Hey Chaos, my birthday is coming soon and I would really like to win the PS4, my favorite PlayStation game is God of War and my Twitter name is @Wealldead927Rad

  • Horror Wagen
    Horror Wagen 4 hours ago

    top gun in call of duty history 725

  • Niki - PUBG MOBILE
    Niki - PUBG MOBILE 4 hours ago

    My channel is abbout pubg mobile

  • Gabe Ibarra
    Gabe Ibarra 4 hours ago

    Lol BO2 is so much better than the firsy

  • Strayfu
    Strayfu 4 hours ago

    black ops 4 ripped off bo1 bo2 and bo3

  • Strayfu
    Strayfu 4 hours ago

    7:24 the game was sponsored by sony xperia

    KOWAI 5 hours ago

    subswap anyone?

  • Cyanic Tv
    Cyanic Tv 5 hours ago

    Jak and daxter collection is on ps4 FYI!

  • UndoAbleGaming
    UndoAbleGaming 5 hours ago

    S U B T O M E A N D L I K E this coment ill do same

  • UndoAbleGaming
    UndoAbleGaming 5 hours ago

    S U B T O M E A N D L I K E this coment ill do same

  • UndoAbleGaming
    UndoAbleGaming 5 hours ago

    S U B T O M E A N D L I K E this coment ill do same

  • Humberto Martinez
    Humberto Martinez 5 hours ago

    My favorite Playstyle game is The Last of Us My Twitter is @Edgar4051335

  • Jerry Ramos
    Jerry Ramos 5 hours ago

    Y no lo e fro Metal Slug?

  • Ben LeFevers
    Ben LeFevers 5 hours ago

    Sly cooper is still pretty amazing

  • bradt_15
    bradt_15 5 hours ago

    Skateboarding on spyro for hours to keep my score higher than my sister, and crash racing was amazing back in the day

  • ImagineCin3ma
    ImagineCin3ma 5 hours ago

    I am subcribing to everyone who subcribe and like this comment

  • bradt_15
    bradt_15 5 hours ago

    Jak and daxter are my all time go to favorite games I have the trilogy on ps4

  • Suhey García
    Suhey García 5 hours ago

    That smg minigun weapon is SO GOOD in zombies from my experience

  • SummertimeRS
    SummertimeRS 5 hours ago

    So we are just gonna forget about Sly Cooper?

    NOKÍTO 5 hours ago

    Honestly I loved the mw2 harrier. I’d love to win the ps4 @JoshVods

  • el8901
    el8901 6 hours ago

    what about sly the thif fox was a good game in ps2 ps1

  • Khalil Hart
    Khalil Hart 6 hours ago

    The infamous series was and are still my favorite PlayStation games. God of War is my second though. Shadow of the Colossus my number three. @PA_Boi_In_CA

  • Aqua gamer
    Aqua gamer 6 hours ago

    My favorite playstation game from all time has to be uncharted since it's graphics are amazing. Twitter:LupeMar37321719

  • jbzhummerh2gamer
    jbzhummerh2gamer 6 hours ago

    Next-Xbox, then Gamecube, then PC.

  • Jacob Goodman
    Jacob Goodman 6 hours ago

    Prop god of war the original one

  • Toshi's Vlogs
    Toshi's Vlogs 6 hours ago

    Any small channel wanna grow together?❤️ Let's do this guys 🤪🤪

  • TripZone_ Avatar
    TripZone_ Avatar 6 hours ago

    Who's looking for S4S?💯👽🎬

  • Storm1389
    Storm1389 6 hours ago

    Jax & Daxter are my favorite game(s) I remember playing this as a child

    • Storm1389
      Storm1389 6 hours ago

      They have it on the ps3 as a deluxe package

  • All That
    All That 6 hours ago

    Thank you!

  • ParakeetLover
    ParakeetLover 6 hours ago

    I just want subs to get a support a creator code.. for private matches

  • Fred Behrend
    Fred Behrend 6 hours ago

    Ghosts was post apocalyptic so how are they gonna have an abundance of drones flying around?

  • Melone
    Melone 6 hours ago

    I would say lbp

  • Alexander Larsen
    Alexander Larsen 6 hours ago

    Uuuuuhm Final Fantasy 7?

  • Ieva's Crochet Chanel

    Hey guys let’s grow together 💪🏼

  • Indriani Zu
    Indriani Zu 6 hours ago

    Let's be friends and grow together :)

    MASTER DREW 6 hours ago

    Sub I will return

  • eric Sandersfield
    eric Sandersfield 6 hours ago

    I want all killstreaks broken as hell

  • Arlise Guzman
    Arlise Guzman 6 hours ago

    1sub = 3subs ☺️🦋.

  • ColdRay
    ColdRay 6 hours ago

    ColdRay I do storytimes

  • Goppy ❤
    Goppy ❤ 6 hours ago

    Oh wow, look, there is a ninja skin now

  • TripZone_ Avatar
    TripZone_ Avatar 7 hours ago

    I looking for S4S!!💯👽🎬 Comment Done and I got you

  • TexanTube
    TexanTube 7 hours ago

    The Executioner on BO2 is modeled directly after the Taurus Raging Judge, a revolver that shoots shotgun ammo, beit scatter, buckshot, or slugs.

  • Freddex
    Freddex 7 hours ago

    What about Sly copper? One of the best games ever!

    • Jacob Goodman
      Jacob Goodman 6 hours ago

      Man I totally forgot about that game I loved it

  • the kraken lord
    the kraken lord 7 hours ago

    Destroy all humans was my favorite game

  • Julian Hoban
    Julian Hoban 7 hours ago

    Frequency and Amplitude. Especially Amplitude. I still play that game when I can. Great graphics, addictive gameplay, and an eclectic setlist. Still my favorite music game and top 10 game in any genre.

  • crackhead
    crackhead 7 hours ago

    Paladins is the best rip off game, if u know what I mean

  • the man with no videos with 10,000 subscribers

    My favorite games: Portal 2 Portal 2 Portal 2 Portal2.

  • Mech jocky94
    Mech jocky94 7 hours ago

    Jak 3 was always my favorite! I beat that game so many time, however all of them were awesome

  • Philly Special
    Philly Special 7 hours ago

    I don’t know if I’m right but wasn’t the saw in ghosts!?

  • DoDa Friends
    DoDa Friends 7 hours ago

    hello, let;s grow together!!

  • Truttyfruity76 Boio
    Truttyfruity76 Boio 7 hours ago

    I don’t really think the m8s were that good

  • Razgriz Crow
    Razgriz Crow 7 hours ago

    @LostHexe, I wanna give the ps4 to my brother so he can play games with family again. Favorite ps game was, Ace Combat 5 the unsung war and Ace Combat 0 the Belkan war

  • JakIsCritical
    JakIsCritical 7 hours ago

    Horizon zero dawn???

  • Tru YT
    Tru YT 7 hours ago

    RIP WW2

  • mlgMarcuscc playZZZ
    mlgMarcuscc playZZZ 7 hours ago

    Sub swap anyone

  • Tim Riley
    Tim Riley 7 hours ago

    Favorite PlayStation game ever has to be crash bandicoot.. Twitter: @dgk_triley

  • Cj Wartenbee
    Cj Wartenbee 7 hours ago

    number 1fav was Jake 3 for some reason haven't played in years but it was definitely the cause of alot of sleepless nights

  • Gayfish 31
    Gayfish 31 7 hours ago

    I'd love to win the PS4! My Twitter is @gayfish31

  • timetogotosleep
    timetogotosleep 7 hours ago

    I loved Gran turismo one of my favs

  • barbed wire gaming
    barbed wire gaming 7 hours ago

    Swarm from call of duty black ops 2 i'd love to win the PlayStation 4 my twitter is @barbed wire gaming

  • CLXTCH-X -
    CLXTCH-X - 7 hours ago

    Love from india

  • CLXTCH-X -
    CLXTCH-X - 7 hours ago

    Yo man like plzplz

  • Gamegod's Son
    Gamegod's Son 7 hours ago

    Ratchet & Clank, Metal Gear Solid, God of War, Uncharted, and Infamous

  • yee boyy
    yee boyy 7 hours ago

    Crash bandicoot 2 was my childhood

  • ThunderMotorsports34

    I own all the Ratchet and Clank games and the spinoff Clank games.

  • ThunderMotorsports34

    Insomiac games just makes good games.

  • Wolf Kill 52
    Wolf Kill 52 8 hours ago

    I LOVE the Ratchet and Clank series! It's definitely one of my top 3 for the sound game series'.

  • Johnny Tong
    Johnny Tong 8 hours ago

    @thestranger2009 I really want to play online with my brother and friend!!!! My favorite game is Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams!!!

  • oofmehard
    oofmehard 8 hours ago

    Sonic Riders is still my favorite game for the ps2

  • Chaos
    Chaos 8 hours ago

    Never forget..

  • Collect Gems OSRS
    Collect Gems OSRS 8 hours ago

    I have every ratchet and clank game i love them

  • Migs 12
    Migs 12 8 hours ago

    What about InFamous? A Playstation classic man

  • Devilliers Human
    Devilliers Human 8 hours ago

    My favorite Playstation games series is the God of War series, especially God of War being my second favorite game of all time after The witcher 3 Twitter handle: @DevilliersHuman

  • Mythril Poison
    Mythril Poison 8 hours ago

    Twitter: @L1veRY_918 favourite play station game...done really have one so newd for speed will have to do

  • Playbeast
    Playbeast 8 hours ago

    Killzone franchise @bronsonrichard4

  • Christian Heijthuijzen

    I like ant supt and maby its a littel brutal but i want the ps4 dat i kan play with my frends when they ar playing

  • gamer vill lucero
    gamer vill lucero 8 hours ago

    One that I thought was good was resistance fall of man

    • LoneWolf245 -
      LoneWolf245 - 7 hours ago

      gamer vill lucero and the rest 2 and the prince of perisa trilogy

  • granolaa
    granolaa 8 hours ago


  • Edward Portwood
    Edward Portwood 8 hours ago

    Ratchet clank is the best I remember that

  • LetOut Antidote
    LetOut Antidote 8 hours ago

    Tekken 3, Final Fantasy VII, GTA: San Andreas, or even Time Crisis should've been on this list

    • Pan Dzban
      Pan Dzban 8 hours ago

      I totally agree with you but, what was that Final Fantasy game? I can't remeber

  • jc Ambriz
    jc Ambriz 8 hours ago

    There are HD releases for jak and daxter for ps3/4

  • qwintin martinez
    qwintin martinez 8 hours ago

    Who loves chaos PS:road to 100

  • Baconhert
    Baconhert 8 hours ago

    So we're just not gonna talk about the final fantasy games? That's cool...

  • WoofWoofGam3r
    WoofWoofGam3r 8 hours ago

    Ape escape 3 is my fave

  • Kurqhs
    Kurqhs 8 hours ago

    Who else is a fan 🥰🥰 👇🏽(my next 21🥳 new subs with the 🔔 on get 10$ giftcards)

    LORDOFPIGZ 8 hours ago

    Hey this is a great video keep up the good work

  • Emre Koycu
    Emre Koycu 8 hours ago


  • NobleMobile
    NobleMobile 8 hours ago

    Oh hi there,i dont think ill forget cursed halo

  • Kevin Hartz
    Kevin Hartz 8 hours ago

    Scavenger regardless Twitter: KevinHartz9

  • Fred Crew
    Fred Crew 8 hours ago

    I wanna see these for the MW Operators

  • AnimeWord
    AnimeWord 8 hours ago

    If you subcribe to me i will back its how it goes

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 8 hours ago

    Intervention is better

  • Meemzydong
    Meemzydong 8 hours ago

    wait there's people that went back to bo4 instead of playing MW?

  • Nobody
    Nobody 8 hours ago

    You forgot MOBILE version. Best perk .