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  • Madhab Barman
    Madhab Barman 3 hours ago

    The Great Khali is no. 1

  • Leigh Emerson
    Leigh Emerson 3 hours ago

    Triple H, Cena, Randy Owton...😋😋😋

  • micheal clarke
    micheal clarke 3 hours ago

    Charlotte should stop hogging all the spotlight for herself and work for her opportunities

  • Whatchamccaulit - Shaun McCauley

    WWE doesn't need you. You can stay away

  • Juli Ani
    Juli Ani 3 hours ago

    Braun strowman 💔💔

  • Amboy Cullanan
    Amboy Cullanan 3 hours ago

    I Didn't Understand Asuka

  • Mr Tinku
    Mr Tinku 3 hours ago

    Wwe Super Star only Randy orton

  • Edward Newgate
    Edward Newgate 3 hours ago

    Seth mocking triple H's forehead 😂😂😂

  • Ritz Reds
    Ritz Reds 3 hours ago

    Survival series | Chicago | CM PUNK

  • الدحيح 2
    الدحيح 2 3 hours ago

    ممكن سبسكرايب

  • Fuel Jaded
    Fuel Jaded 3 hours ago

    Who’s here after his raw backstage return?

  • Starsky Thomas Jc3.
    Starsky Thomas Jc3. 3 hours ago

    I the greatest legend in wwe history brothers of destruction undertaker and kanye hell yeah

  • Etienne Jong
    Etienne Jong 3 hours ago


  • Ant Venom
    Ant Venom 3 hours ago

    I hate last its so rude for kid 🤬🤬🤬

  • Cody Bowman
    Cody Bowman 3 hours ago

    YOUR MOM'S RAW after she left my house last NIGHT!!!!!

  • The Gent
    The Gent 3 hours ago

    For the love of God, would someone please thank Ronda Rousey. Talk about ungrateful.

  • Guy Bermudez
    Guy Bermudez 3 hours ago

    Could of made Walter look like a monster beast but no........

  • ale desdupat
    ale desdupat 3 hours ago

    Nyampah dia woyy

  • MP3 Nguyễn
    MP3 Nguyễn 3 hours ago

    Monday Night Punk

  • Rk Sharman
    Rk Sharman 3 hours ago

    Seth I am your sight who loves raw.and SmackDown like ⬇️

  • Theocharis2 arkopelos

    bring ronda rousey back..wtf.. she is the best diva that ever signed in wwe

  • Daniel Kelly
    Daniel Kelly 3 hours ago

    i like this

  • Update Wrestling
    Update Wrestling 3 hours ago


  • Amit Yadav
    Amit Yadav 3 hours ago

    WWE is falling in the front of Aew so WWE is doing this type nonsense.

  • SkipWorld
    SkipWorld 3 hours ago

    Why are they so mocking the janitors?((

  • dj cristhian omar dj cristhian


  • The Meme Channel
    The Meme Channel 3 hours ago

    2:35 young Ronda rousey 😂😂😂

  • Джинзó Аркайдия

    2:44 Dude almost slipped with his language. "Now. I- you're pregnant??"

  • Cm Punk
    Cm Punk 3 hours ago

    CM punk is back!!!

  • Football Everyday
    Football Everyday 3 hours ago

    Who is here after he is back

  • arbaaz mushahid
    arbaaz mushahid 3 hours ago

    Who is best John Cena & kurt angle ( like ) Braun strawman & Randy ortan ( Comment )

  • Akashdeep Ramnaney
    Akashdeep Ramnaney 3 hours ago

    And He's Back!!!!!

  • Rk Sharman
    Rk Sharman 3 hours ago

    Hey triple H why did you go NXT

  • Rahul Giri
    Rahul Giri 3 hours ago


  • Drifter
    Drifter 3 hours ago

    This video is back in my recommendation just like Bray is back for Bryan

  • shayan sjm
    shayan sjm 3 hours ago

    Brock vs Bobby wm 36 ffs do it Vince

  • Muhammet Karataş
    Muhammet Karataş 3 hours ago

    CM Punk

  • Rafay Suleman
    Rafay Suleman 3 hours ago

    Whos here after cm punk return on wwe on fox backstage?

  • Mohamad Hafez
    Mohamad Hafez 3 hours ago

    When john cena came and got on the ring he didnt even hit him 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Fejay Zapanta
    Fejay Zapanta 3 hours ago

    Who's here after WWE Backstage?

  • Teeqo Gaming
    Teeqo Gaming 3 hours ago


  • Hingsi Irang
    Hingsi Irang 3 hours ago

    Team smackdown you guys look terribly hopeless

  • Shyree Adderly
    Shyree Adderly 3 hours ago

    Randy Orton definitely need a podcast💯💯💯

  • Firat Tekin
    Firat Tekin 3 hours ago

    Türkler toplann

  • Alex Magic
    Alex Magic 3 hours ago

    As you can see every human being is for sale. Best evidence Lana, Rusev and Lashley. No matter how stupid the story is. They do everything for money.

  • afzar haiqal afzar haiqal

    What happen after that?🤔

  • Alkalurops
    Alkalurops 3 hours ago

    Did she say "young kids that are able to be in the LGBT community and its awesome"??? You are sick and peverted. How about letting kids be kids.

  • Panagiotis Nikiforou

    I am wating for cult of personality to pop and then cm punk to walk out

  • Fred Pimpstone
    Fred Pimpstone 3 hours ago

    32:54 Michael Cole reading off his script

  • O K
    O K 3 hours ago

    Wheres the ref *eh* ?

  • Fahad Arman
    Fahad Arman 3 hours ago

    Walter reminds me of William regal

  • U V
    U V 3 hours ago

    He's back.

  • ElementD4
    ElementD4 3 hours ago

    The agility of kane in this chokeslam pff.

  • izezoy
    izezoy 3 hours ago

    HE’S BACK!!!!!

  • Lydia Clouie
    Lydia Clouie 3 hours ago

    Who’s want The Undertaker 👇🏻 👇🏻 👇🏻 👇🏻 👇🏻

  • Consigliere
    Consigliere 3 hours ago

    This worthless b$tch need a headshot in real life.

  • ذا شيلد
    ذا شيلد 3 hours ago


  • Darir Abdelbassit
    Darir Abdelbassit 3 hours ago

    2019!! no way😂😂😂😂😂😂

    DEAD WHITE 3 hours ago


  • pp bb
    pp bb 3 hours ago


  • Consigliere
    Consigliere 3 hours ago

    4:47 this is sooooo disgusting. Bäh, 🤢🤢🤢

  • Johanna Bailey
    Johanna Bailey 3 hours ago

    U said your legs are strongeth...then keep them closeth. She lost her accent. How u Russian today American tomorrow. Work on your promo sweetie. You pregnant dressed like a low class street Walker.

  • Mukti Regmi
    Mukti Regmi 3 hours ago

    Want rowdy back on wwe!

  • Sasxhaツ
    Sasxhaツ 3 hours ago

    HHH looks so "small" compared to TheRock xD

  • Mithun ghulmi
    Mithun ghulmi 3 hours ago

    Roman supr estar

  • maddy mustang
    maddy mustang 3 hours ago

    Monday night Rawlins. Chris Jericho: Shut up junior. Everyone knows RAW IS JERICHOOO!!!

  • Gilje Serpa
    Gilje Serpa 3 hours ago

    John cena is legend wwe history

  • Tauqeer Khan
    Tauqeer Khan 3 hours ago

    5:52 😂😂😂 he's masturbating the top rope

  • Jayson N
    Jayson N 3 hours ago

    WHO CARES!!! CM PUNK IS BACK🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith 3 hours ago

    3:02 is the best response to any insult

  • Joseph Layco
    Joseph Layco 3 hours ago

    Is she going back in wwe?

  • Just Ask me
    Just Ask me 3 hours ago

    Is wwe think its entertaining?

  • SikandarKhan sikandarkhan

    If you like nxt please my comment like

  • Art Gamer
    Art Gamer 3 hours ago


  • Paul Miller
    Paul Miller 3 hours ago

    Some of the entrances are glorious put in context.... Absolutely love Takers at WM14 being his return against the unbeatable brother in Kane

  • ck_nation
    ck_nation 3 hours ago

    Nia needs to tell Nikki bella the truth that carmella never said anything bad her and that she respect nikki

  • Kyaba Ayanokoji
    Kyaba Ayanokoji 3 hours ago

    Where is the crane

  • Christian Bass
    Christian Bass 3 hours ago

    2:03-2:07 when they don’t put pic of themselves on the dating site 😏

  • R 3
    R 3 3 hours ago

    Hes like the scariest out of all the wyatt family

  • Chris Gerinang
    Chris Gerinang 3 hours ago


  • The Rambling Disquisition

    Welcome back Punk!

  • HEY Johnny
    HEY Johnny 3 hours ago

    why does every praise andrade? he literally needs his women to distract him in order to win...

  • Chris Gerinang
    Chris Gerinang 3 hours ago

    I love Bray Wyatt

    CRAZY VIRAL 3 hours ago


  • The Mask Man Fitness

    Hey come on. Referee took the chair from Shane or he would get disqualified but why the disqualification didn't work when Kevin and Sami attacked Shane? Justice for McMahon 😂😂😂😂