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  • James Daniels
    James Daniels 5 hours ago

    I remember Big Show and Mark Henry broke the ring


    2:07 Go hahahaha!


    ????? 0:52 ??? ??❤

  • Mike H.
    Mike H. 5 hours ago

    It’s the Royal 👑 Rumble!

  • Hasan TV
    Hasan TV 5 hours ago

    It’s fake and dumb

  • Eduardo Hernandez
    Eduardo Hernandez 5 hours ago

    Drew McIntyre is my pick 🙌🏻 Everyone put your picks in the comments 😊

  • Itz Manbir
    Itz Manbir 5 hours ago

    Roman for the win 🙌🏾 or Edge

  • Joann Miller
    Joann Miller 5 hours ago

    R.i.p Natalya's dad

  • Job Ramirez
    Job Ramirez 5 hours ago

    Raw is going down the hill! It's so BORING lately!!! Do something about this!!

  • G.W. Turner
    G.W. Turner 5 hours ago

    *Shows Santino holds the record for the earliest Royal Rumble elimination at :01* WRONG! Sheamus holds the record at :00.68

  • vince ng
    vince ng 5 hours ago

    i wonder whose the other one won as entry 1

  • Snakey
    Snakey 5 hours ago

    Now I remember why I skipped this WMania... the main event...

  • Chenel Dickerson
    Chenel Dickerson 5 hours ago

    Damn Lana is so hot ❤️♥️😍🤤

  • PAIN7 FF
    PAIN7 FF 5 hours ago

    Affs nenhum br no chat :(

  • Jon Sterneker
    Jon Sterneker 5 hours ago

    Interesting to have Roman Reigns as the thumbnail 🤔 I wonder who’s gonna win the Rumble?

  • imronaldo1985
    imronaldo1985 5 hours ago

    That greastest royal rumble should be eliminated from wwe records!!

  • Iñaki Diez Gorriz
    Iñaki Diez Gorriz 5 hours ago

    Como me gustaba Edge

  • CALIREP_707
    CALIREP_707 5 hours ago

    Cm punk

  • Lamar Broussard89
    Lamar Broussard89 5 hours ago

    Nikki looking hella tick tick

  • Hamzah Iftikhar
    Hamzah Iftikhar 5 hours ago

    if roman wins we riot

  • Elias Enriquez
    Elias Enriquez 5 hours ago

    😂 😂 😂 I wonder why they didn't mention that Chris Jericho has the longest cumulative time spent in Royal Rumbles😂😂😂

  • Julius Begley
    Julius Begley 5 hours ago

    Julius Begley

  • Julio Martinez
    Julio Martinez 5 hours ago

    This referee is tired 😂

  • Antoine Lawson
    Antoine Lawson 5 hours ago

    We all know Brock will win so he doesn't have to defend his title. He isn't a tru champion

  • Muhmed Iyas
    Muhmed Iyas 5 hours ago

    That first night though🤭

  • Davony Ol
    Davony Ol 5 hours ago

    The miz and r truth duserve to get arrested

  • Adrian Barajas
    Adrian Barajas 5 hours ago

    Next week, James Ellsworth is the Official mascot of smackdown

  • Jasón Lojano
    Jasón Lojano 5 hours ago

    Who’s watching this before MLK 2020 ?

  • Zacc Incredible Kids

    English please English

  • Oscar Álvarez
    Oscar Álvarez 5 hours ago

    Don’t push WWE. At least now they recognized his win in 2004.

  • Christian Mendoza
    Christian Mendoza 5 hours ago

    Poor llconics

  • Marc Ortega
    Marc Ortega 5 hours ago

    I hope Drew wins the Royal Rumble.👍👍🤘🤘

  • Ben gutierrez
    Ben gutierrez 5 hours ago

    I never liked the mix cuz my parents knew who he was. Mad respect to him he grows on you too

  • Chenel Dickerson
    Chenel Dickerson 5 hours ago

    I love randy orton and king Corbin gets beat up 🤕 by Rusev

  • Quad Gilmore
    Quad Gilmore 5 hours ago

    Is Brock Lesnar championship on the line in Royal rumble like can anybody win the champion or no

  • وديع المعز
    وديع المعز 5 hours ago


  • SmithyTV
    SmithyTV 5 hours ago

    i bet after the rumble brock will stop attending raw until like the final week or two before wrestlemania

  • Krishantha Jayanath Fernando

    Damn lie

  • JustJSD
    JustJSD 5 hours ago

    This years Royal Rumble should be something special. Possibly a CM Punk return and victory. I wouldn't mind seeing Drew win either.

  • Krüde Tube
    Krüde Tube 5 hours ago

    Israel Matia was a great heel jobber

  • Tsb Carlos
    Tsb Carlos 5 hours ago

    Everybody thinks wrestle mania is the best paper view(which it is) but I personally think the royal rumble is way more fun to watch

  • jay craig
    jay craig 5 hours ago

    Her now because she will be on aew Wednesday

  • Burn The Trolls
    Burn The Trolls 5 hours ago

    Oh come on The Greatest Royal Rumble doesn't

  • Steph
    Steph 5 hours ago

    James get out of here you cheated

  • A Bitw
    A Bitw 5 hours ago

    Randy orton to win it!!!!!!!!

  • Christian Mendoza
    Christian Mendoza 5 hours ago

    i Miss Ilconics So Much

  • Marco Diaz
    Marco Diaz 5 hours ago

    Who the second superstar was be winner the royal rumble match enters no 1??

  • Barrett Berg
    Barrett Berg 5 hours ago

    Roman is so cool he will kill king corben 😎😎

  • Cormie2532
    Cormie2532 5 hours ago

    Hey wwe do you know when aj style debut in the rumble everyone at home had to watch Roman face while aj came out

  • Ryan Hannah
    Ryan Hannah 5 hours ago

    Clicked this video for Benoit comments

  • Calvo Calvos!
    Calvo Calvos! 5 hours ago

    Like: Si quieres que Finn balor demon rompa la racha bray^^

  • EllyMorgan
    EllyMorgan 5 hours ago

    These is baki refferences

  • Barrett Berg
    Barrett Berg 5 hours ago

    The big dogg🐕🐶🐕bark*bark*

  • Hassanal Estino
    Hassanal Estino 5 hours ago

    Wow, Shinsuke, Sami and Cesaro, all the talented ones getting buried all the same. Better leave boys, WWE is not treating you right.

  • Igor Spiess
    Igor Spiess 5 hours ago

    It would be interesting if the fiend win this WrestleMania 36, and put the streak at the fiend and not Bray Wyatt

  • Jackson paul
    Jackson paul 5 hours ago


  • Linh Nhi
    Linh Nhi 5 hours ago


  • Fearless Silvio
    Fearless Silvio 5 hours ago

    What a sunsetflip of the corner

  • Ju
    Ju 5 hours ago

    Santino is a shame for our nation ☹️Cena always the best ✌️

  • Anas styles
    Anas styles 5 hours ago

    If Drew loses royal rumble we riot

  • Rodrigo Alarcón
    Rodrigo Alarcón 5 hours ago

    Warge es rata :b

  • Electroelias
    Electroelias 5 hours ago

    Uuuffff awesome fight i love this

  • Barrett Berg
    Barrett Berg 5 hours ago

    Respect rey

  • GeL0
    GeL0 5 hours ago

    pls claymore brock

  • Chandrika Kurnia Sandy

    In wwe. If your face is not giving fear enough, use a mask to help that. 👺 No one can giving terror as good as The Undertaker.

  • Andrew the 2nd
    Andrew the 2nd 5 hours ago

    When is the Royal rumble

  • Tornado Mimi Cyclone

    3:10 HBK and Mr. Demonetization

  • General Grungus
    General Grungus 5 hours ago

    3 brands collide? NXT has finally been confirmed

  • Nonton Gratis
    Nonton Gratis 5 hours ago


  • Gabe Good
    Gabe Good 5 hours ago

    I think shamus is to win

  • Games OF Gamer
    Games OF Gamer 5 hours ago

    Roman sucks

  • Link Hylian
    Link Hylian 5 hours ago


  • Linh Nhi
    Linh Nhi 5 hours ago


  • Eisūto
    Eisūto 5 hours ago

    CM PUNK ❤

  • WantedDead
    WantedDead 5 hours ago


  • Lucelle Sullivan
    Lucelle Sullivan 5 hours ago

    we loves wwe i know i do

  • fidel hernandez
    fidel hernandez 5 hours ago

    All hail the king

    CDROMGAMiiNGHD 5 hours ago


  • BestInTheWorld 24
    BestInTheWorld 24 5 hours ago

    The Royal Rumble lost its hype imo, the last RR I acc enjoyed was '12

  • Beckylynchismyidol
    Beckylynchismyidol 5 hours ago

    Drew Maclntyre better win the men’s royal rumble.

  • Midnight
    Midnight 5 hours ago

    Wow estaba mamadísimo

  • ba ba
    ba ba 5 hours ago

    0:55 that’s one of the loudest reactions I’ve heard

  • Joram Acuña
    Joram Acuña 5 hours ago

    Lacey lane is from philippines🇵🇭🇵🇭♥️♥️

  • Wan Zack
    Wan Zack 5 hours ago

    If brock win the rumble? Does he gonna challenge the fiend for universal Champion then became The WWE champion two belt

  • Mister Sweetness
    Mister Sweetness 5 hours ago

    Why the hell is there a Women's Rumble Match now? So stupid

  • BrandonDetroitfan Michaels

    5:06 Faster Luke Harper! The Undertaker is coming!!!! and you're blocking his path!!!

  • kurdishgal
    kurdishgal 5 hours ago

    *love all the music choices they pick for their promos!*

  • bigbabyzubas
    bigbabyzubas 5 hours ago

    1:05 The Monster Among Men that they Ruined to make Brock Lesnar look cool!

  • Hey, Yo! That Dog's Name Is Bingo!

    2010: When Dolph Ziggler wasn't a Shawn Michaels wannabe.