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Queen's Speech 2019
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  • Joe
    Joe Minute ago

    American made not British...

  • Frank William
    Frank William Minute ago

    7:29 crazy Christians believing we're made in the image of God

  • Darla G
    Darla G Minute ago

    The Queen is NOT a remainer. I knew it!

  • lin sampson
    lin sampson Minute ago

    a transylvanian in the sunlight!

  • Miguel Melchior
    Miguel Melchior Minute ago

    Brexit is solved. Northern Ireland becomes Irish, EU territory. Done. Next step, Independence of Scotland

  • Orangelinn
    Orangelinn Minute ago

    Boris you absolute beauty

  • Peter Lee
    Peter Lee 3 minutes ago

    EU Don't Care They NO UK Won't Leave. U Think ?

  • sanju b
    sanju b 3 minutes ago

    Boris must go...we want election s....

  • xeno neomorph
    xeno neomorph 3 minutes ago

    boris you are the peoples choice ,get us out of the eu and bring the country as a whole to the future ,you have my vote .

  • MeanEyed Cat
    MeanEyed Cat 4 minutes ago

    Haha! Priceless!

  • Andrew Gerety
    Andrew Gerety 4 minutes ago

    OK so it was pretty funny when they lost control and started tripping over the hose but did anyone else notice the black smoke rising from the motor

  • Mr LG
    Mr LG 4 minutes ago

    Boris and his team are the ones to get this done trust me

  • Tyrone-john Rautahi
    Tyrone-john Rautahi 5 minutes ago

    More dumpster lies . Fake president. Creepy comments

  • Ricardo Arteaga
    Ricardo Arteaga 5 minutes ago

    Wow ..thanks god for sending us your 2nd child he is suffering for us thank you mr president..!!!!

  • Lee Wylde
    Lee Wylde 5 minutes ago

    No deal is the best option for us all we can trade with anyone and they have to honour our votes no matter what and they know this

  • Allan Dickman
    Allan Dickman 5 minutes ago

    He's pathetic has achieved nothing

  • Mr Ćømmêñtęr
    Mr Ćømmêñtęr 5 minutes ago

    And he didn't even need to be thrown out this time.

  • Jeeradio جوانان امروز

    lol Camila was following the Queen like a loyal puppet, and Charles was there just to hold Queens hand ro walk in and out the parliament

  • Steph Watson
    Steph Watson 6 minutes ago

    In UK it legal for mother to kill newborn up to so many months which is appalling . Now, someone please explain to me why it's called American BAR administration when BAR is acronym for British Aristocratic Regency,this perplexes me.

  • Arthur Moore
    Arthur Moore 6 minutes ago

    And I hope he keep that big smile on his face on his way to prison and everybody his Circle thank God that the Democrat caught this white nationalist and the Republicans in their act yes there will be a lot of people going to prison behind Donald J Trump and thank God he stole this election to do that very good deeds that he have been doing and yes he's going to pay very dearly and everybody that bags him NRA Colts brother you know who you are Wall Street all the corporate Banks Kavanaugh yes you all going to pay dearly

  • richard bainbridge
    richard bainbridge 6 minutes ago

    If any one can do it Boris can, brilliant speech today by the queen An this after 🇬🇧

  • Táim ó Bhaile Átha Cliath

    😂 Did she really just say the ‘united’ kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and ‘that can never change’ 😂😂 You deluded woman. It’s changing right before your eyes.

  • Frank William
    Frank William 7 minutes ago

    The belief of God is a false belief

  • BallTistic Screecher
    BallTistic Screecher 8 minutes ago

    And he is 100% correct

  • Harrison Nelson
    Harrison Nelson 8 minutes ago

    And THIS is what that poor lil punk ass cop (who had his ass beat on the daily in HS!) came up with to make his day complete. "Lets pull this dude over and lock him up for the most trivial thing possible" Would LOVE to catch his ass out somewhere without the badge. Give him a reminder of those ass kickings he loved so much in HS.

  • Arthur Moore
    Arthur Moore 8 minutes ago

    One more thing before this Mississippi Boy go as we all know it God don't write books God put it in your spirit he put it within your destiny of your body your body is your temple your body is your house your house is your throne with that said I don't know what to say about white people's anymore especially the ones are so corrupted after this four years of this white nationalists been in office he actually showing the true color of all white men's and women's of this world of this nation and our country so this is going to be very very bad for all white people in United States of America You Know Who You Are

  • Liam Hall
    Liam Hall 9 minutes ago

    Bring on the general election, Boris is going to smash it by a unbelievable distance..roll on brexit

  • Frank William
    Frank William 9 minutes ago

    Religion and government are supposed to be separate

  • Topgun God
    Topgun God 9 minutes ago

    What of actual engineering? British boats, ships, cars, trains or aeroplanes. How about we actually build some?

    • David Hargreaves
      David Hargreaves 3 minutes ago

      agreed...we destroyed our manufacturing base in conjunction with the EU 40 years ago.....national disgrace.......

  • UK Punk Raver
    UK Punk Raver 9 minutes ago

    No chance of anyone forcing him out as Remoan Parliament loves him, as he's one of them!

  • Linda Minton
    Linda Minton 10 minutes ago

    President Trump is the first president since Andrew Jackson that put the interest of America first, God bless him.

  • Harrison C. Smith
    Harrison C. Smith 10 minutes ago

    Without free speech there are only lies. Liberate Hong Kong.

  • alqamarAynaka
    alqamarAynaka 10 minutes ago


  • VIII Elstaroth PaganGrinder VIII

    Our immortal meme lord in chief.

  • Gemma Owen
    Gemma Owen 12 minutes ago

    Best place to start a family is a lie because social are stealing everyone's kids atm!!!

  • Sparrow
    Sparrow 12 minutes ago

    I’m here for all the soy boys and soros shills in the comments.

  • Arthur Moore
    Arthur Moore 12 minutes ago

    This man and these Republican will be judge they would be just to the hardest crew of penalty of it all they must pay

  • Maggie Alexander
    Maggie Alexander 12 minutes ago

    Wonder if Swinson's going to be bojos next notch 🤣🤣🤣

  • Nutmeg Hash
    Nutmeg Hash 12 minutes ago

    she should be in a UK prison, right is right...

  • The Tick
    The Tick 13 minutes ago

    Wow, talk about miss speaking about what Americans believe in and what the constitute represents. Ouch!! Separate church and state please thanks. Religion is not a moral stand point. It's a ideology that is biased towards others.

  • Captain America
    Captain America 14 minutes ago

    Best president........ big win in 2020 for president Trump. Keep up the great work.

  • Maggie Alexander
    Maggie Alexander 14 minutes ago

    He's behind you.

  • Stranger Brothers
    Stranger Brothers 14 minutes ago

    Evangelical Christians being pandered to by the morally bankrupt closest thing to the Antichrist they should be praying that they ever get. May God have mercy on their souls.

  • Johnny Bravo
    Johnny Bravo 14 minutes ago


  • Manuel Romero Arcos
    Manuel Romero Arcos 14 minutes ago

    Uk out of the eu now

  • Tom W50
    Tom W50 15 minutes ago

    The Westminster pantomime is back, nice to see

  • Scan End
    Scan End 15 minutes ago


  • Andrew Barrett
    Andrew Barrett 15 minutes ago

    You are only as good as your last shift. NUFF SAID.

  • davmed580
    davmed580 16 minutes ago

    Wonder why this has 1.4M views 🤔🤔🤔

  • Brian White
    Brian White 16 minutes ago

    Nigel we love you! There’s no better speaker in the world! Always speaks common sense and does it without any notes! You are the hero of Great Britain 🇬🇧 and always will be!!!😃🍺

  • cbr1thou
    cbr1thou 17 minutes ago

    Jesus Christ be with president Trump!!! Vote for Trump!

  • Carlena Gomez
    Carlena Gomez 17 minutes ago

    white is the word....she needs to pay for her crime regardless NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!!! WTF SMH

  • ira lainhart
    ira lainhart 18 minutes ago

    Lock up the crook

  • Johnny Bravo
    Johnny Bravo 18 minutes ago

    People love Boris !! Brexit NOW !! NO DEAL !!

  • beccababy1971
    beccababy1971 19 minutes ago

    Wow she looks dangerous😦 Good thing you caught her, she might have been packing Heat😮 she could of stabbed you with a crochet needle🧶😱. Is that much force really necessary on an old woman😡

  • Amina
    Amina 19 minutes ago


  • Soon Forgot
    Soon Forgot 19 minutes ago

    Republicans like to profit off of people having babies. They send them to their deaths when they are ripe for the picking. Remember that Republican that just got arrested for selling babies 40thousand a pop? Can't profit on aborted babies and every human is a dollar sign to a Republican. trump wouldn't recognize an assault until the bullet goes through his head.

  • Adelino Carrasquillo III
    Adelino Carrasquillo III 19 minutes ago

    Thanks Boris getting us a deal 🙏🏻😎

    • dave smith
      dave smith 13 minutes ago

      Adelino Carrasquillo III loool

  • Colin Royce Morris
    Colin Royce Morris 20 minutes ago

    So, Johnson promises to create an age of opportunity for everyone does he? There'll be an awful lot of squabbling when that ever transpires, because it has always been an age of opportunity for the politicians. 'Opportunity makes a thief' (Francis Bacon) Opportunity for everyone will, in effect, simply reduce their spoils.

  • Alan Watts
    Alan Watts 21 minute ago


  • A1 & HDJ Enterprises Exec

    Have to say if he can somehow deliver against such hostile, hate filled opposition, and lest it be forgotten that they are many wwith power allied to powerful backers then he will I'm wagering prove against the odds to be counted amongst this great nation's best PM

  • Peter Ainsworth
    Peter Ainsworth 23 minutes ago

    Don't make me throw up! Talk of snobs from a merchant banker representing shadowy monied interests due to make a fortune from Brexit.

  • Lovecat Productions
    Lovecat Productions 23 minutes ago

    We are not under assault. You guys do not believe in free speech. You guys do not believe in the right to life.

  • Mick Purcell
    Mick Purcell 23 minutes ago

    Will believe it when I see it bye bye EU

  • For Wakanda
    For Wakanda 23 minutes ago

    Elect a Clown get a Circus

    • Steph Watson
      Steph Watson 2 minutes ago

      The circus n clown show is the Democratic party. Wake up loser!

  • bLink
    bLink 24 minutes ago

    ''greatest place on earth'' lol

  • Peugeot Power
    Peugeot Power 25 minutes ago

    The UK government need to look at SNP Scotland and it's education, there pushing for a paedophilia legalisation.

  • cristina lexy
    cristina lexy 25 minutes ago

    👑Queen speech📃: 👴Boris Johnson is a puppet dictator put it there by Hedge funds(Rupert Murdoch and others betting staggering 💰💲cash in no Brexit making themselves even more richer) Brexit is based on Government lies,so I declare: Fresh Brexit Referendum👍

  • The Radical
    The Radical 26 minutes ago

    F. See me after class.

  • Daniel Tucker
    Daniel Tucker 26 minutes ago


  • cache cache
    cache cache 27 minutes ago

    The queen and all the corruption she has stood behind should be removed. Time to be a real democracy, and get rid of the autocracy which is corrupt to the core. The end is near.

  • db Burns187
    db Burns187 27 minutes ago

    If you want to stop animal abuse, then ban halal queen 👍

  • Surinder Singh
    Surinder Singh 28 minutes ago

    No confidence, thinking of running from the journalists fearing about questions on terrorism.

  • Fox Mulder
    Fox Mulder 28 minutes ago

    20min proof why they call politics a showbiz for fugly people. xD

  • Stephen Roche
    Stephen Roche 28 minutes ago

    The one is a Prime Minister in waiting the other thinks he is the Prime Minister propped up by the D.U.P 😃

  • pete robbo
    pete robbo 29 minutes ago

    The guy in the yellow hat is a disgrace. He's not fit to represent his electorate.

  • Haris Ali
    Haris Ali 30 minutes ago

    Let's get Brexit done ❤❤ Love ❤️ u Boris

  • aloevera74
    aloevera74 30 minutes ago

    ....*. I can see the Shadow Chancellor recoil like a Transylvanian in the Sun light .*... mins 11:57 to 12:10 mins ...

  • Philip Withey
    Philip Withey 30 minutes ago

    Just as we new all along they want to stop freedom of movement what we fought two wars for and begged eu to join in the beginning. Brexeters can't see the wood through the trees we are about to go into a very dark place full of hatred and bullying from the people who are paid billions to protect us

  • Stewart Rodgers
    Stewart Rodgers 30 minutes ago

    Another traitor a long with his Chesterfield buddy toby perkins for not backing Brexit

  • Andrew Thomas Mullins
    Andrew Thomas Mullins 31 minute ago

    Brilliant speech! It has a perfect balance of being serious about getting things done and delivered with just the right amount of British humour which is something the world loves us for. Let's get Brexit done by October 31 and get on with fixing crime, education and the NHS. Go Conservative party.

    • How I'd Improve
      How I'd Improve 22 minutes ago

      "go Conservative party.", lets not forget who cut the polices funding.

  • Naim Hussain
    Naim Hussain 31 minute ago

    LOOL Legend

  • Greg Williams
    Greg Williams 32 minutes ago

    the left should realize...whether dt is prez or not, your socialist ideals are not going to dominate america. we will all die to prevent that. as far as antifags go, im fine with preventitive violence.

    • The Tick
      The Tick 5 minutes ago

      You do realize The Constitution of America is Democratic Socialist document. Which makes your statement not only ignorant. But absolutely wrong. The reality is America is under attack by the ideology of capitalism. Because capitalism doesn't mix with a democracy. The ideology is more in line with Totalitarian. Maybe if we actually gave people a proper education in this country people would realize that.

  • Paul Slevinsky
    Paul Slevinsky 33 minutes ago

    spoken like a true German

  • 334665eric 7788977
    334665eric 7788977 33 minutes ago


  • ASP
    ASP 34 minutes ago

    What a great and at the same time amusing speech, way better than Maybots efforts! 🙄

  • David Wilkinson
    David Wilkinson 34 minutes ago

    I am not impressed by Boris' "bold visions". What is he actually doing ?

  • Bob Snedker
    Bob Snedker 35 minutes ago

    Do they ever do anything constructive, or is all waffle like this , which gains nothing only entertainment for themselves.

  • neil eastell
    neil eastell 37 minutes ago

    I have just phoned BBC to complain about the interview between Andrew Marr and Priti Patel , he accused of her laughing , but she clearly was NOT laughing , all part of the Biased BBC agenda.

    • Black Phoenix 89
      Black Phoenix 89 4 minutes ago

      @neil eastell Well she looked considerably less smirky after Marr pulled her up on it.

    • neil eastell
      neil eastell 10 minutes ago

      dave smith if you watch interviews with her , that is her facial expression , I watched it several times , she was not smirking and definitely not laughing , the BBC has to be called out and investigated for Pro Remain Pro EU bias .

    • dave smith
      dave smith 16 minutes ago

      neil eastell she was smirking. Anyway she should not even be in office.

  • Gam3 0ver
    Gam3 0ver 37 minutes ago

    Religious freedom, I suspect someone had a different agenda.

    • Jim Ladd
      Jim Ladd 11 minutes ago

      Who? The Anti Non-semetics?

  • A O Relu
    A O Relu 37 minutes ago


  • Shackled Citizen
    Shackled Citizen 37 minutes ago

    A fine mover of the address ,he is bound for a promising political career.

  • On SekSiz
    On SekSiz 37 minutes ago

    Ne mutlu Türküm diyene 💖

  • herringfly
    herringfly 38 minutes ago

    Along with Skinner, another notable refusal to enter the House of Lords to hear the Queen's Speech back in 1977 was former Labour leader Neil Kinnock - sorry, _Baron_ Kinnock, of Bedwellty - who donned the ermine in 2005.

  • Lightning,thunder and fire

    Judas parliament

  • Colin Royce Morris
    Colin Royce Morris 38 minutes ago

    Is it cristmas already? This year has flown by... Still in the EU too.

  • alex drew
    alex drew 38 minutes ago

    I get why the boy's face and the mom's face were blurred, but why was the one cop's face blurred and the other ones wasn't?

  • Alaco123
    Alaco123 38 minutes ago

    I live in the UK. It's not the greatest place to be, by far. Can anybody get me a green card so i can move to America.

  • Ctrl Delete
    Ctrl Delete 39 minutes ago

    Is it possible to work in the city and not live in the city you work in? Yes! His attitude stinks but by the look on his face he probably sees this all the time.

  • Forza223 Bowe
    Forza223 Bowe 39 minutes ago

    Let’s just get on with delivering Brexit