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A Day As A Rich School Girl
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going on a date with myself
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finally getting a real job.
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Venus Angelic's Personas
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How YouTube Changed Me
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What I hate about Japan
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How To Get Pale Skin
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My Real Voice & Accent
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  • Satan Ist
    Satan Ist Minute ago

    Mädchen was hast du für eine Behinderung?

  • Jonathan Lewis
    Jonathan Lewis 14 minutes ago

    who’s her mom?

  • Jonathan Lewis
    Jonathan Lewis 15 minutes ago


  • Cookie Kitten
    Cookie Kitten Hour ago

    You look so cute!!

  • naili istiqomah
    naili istiqomah Hour ago

    Kiraiiin betulan awal2 buka gadis arab mcam berby...ngk taunya si imutt venus Angelica ..1LIKE 👍👍👍👍

  • kpop ccp
    kpop ccp Hour ago

    You look like japanes girl

  • this is my name lmao

    koreaboo that actually looks korean :o

  • gabrielle colon
    gabrielle colon 3 hours ago

    She looks like a anime girl

  • Diet Cherry Soda
    Diet Cherry Soda 4 hours ago

    So happy for venus x

  • Diet Cherry Soda
    Diet Cherry Soda 4 hours ago

    OMG I havent watched Venus' videos since I was a young teenager. She looks much more grown up and her voice seems more sophisticated. I missed her, decided to look her up and I'm subbing again

  • Henry_7u7
    Henry_7u7 4 hours ago


  • Chloe Pua
    Chloe Pua 4 hours ago

    Venus Angelic: not only is it Japanese, its also Weird!!! Me:... K Venus Angelic: YAAAYYY!!!!!

  • Fachrizal Akbar
    Fachrizal Akbar 5 hours ago

    She looks like cecil fujisaki

  • Union Sovietica
    Union Sovietica 6 hours ago

    Alv no sabía que era tan difícil :0

  • Magnus Sheck
    Magnus Sheck 7 hours ago

    *Me laughing at her in spanish.* Pds: Yandere cuando se entera que alguien le esta hablando a senpai. also Yandere: Ando buscando a un cabrón para partirle su madre.jpg

  • Sooyoung Kim
    Sooyoung Kim 8 hours ago

    Rip to all the people who are wearing earphones 😔

  • pinauka a
    pinauka a 8 hours ago

    I don’t think I’m going to win but, I will try

  • s.
    s. 10 hours ago

    You look so crazy

  • Yoshikage Kira
    Yoshikage Kira 11 hours ago

    0:01 Is that Muda muda or Ora ora in background ?

  • Alexis Arroyo
    Alexis Arroyo 11 hours ago

    Does anyone remember the pink McDonald's?

  • Iris white
    Iris white 11 hours ago

    Soft and evil? Yes, softly evil 😂😂

  • Sakura Luna Kim
    Sakura Luna Kim 12 hours ago

    Creo que me dedicare a ser voces de anime en serio yo misma me tengo miedo huhu hAhaha nya ....

  • Naomi Lee
    Naomi Lee 13 hours ago


  • lilac higuera
    lilac higuera 14 hours ago

    thus pisses me off

  • Aisulu Uwuwuwuwu
    Aisulu Uwuwuwuwu 14 hours ago

    Уйгуры молодцы постарались👍👍👍

  • Ezy 5
    Ezy 5 15 hours ago


    BTS X ARMY 4 EVER 16 hours ago

    yes you're pretty cute but this makeup looks more Japanesenot Korean

    BTS X ARMY 4 EVER 16 hours ago

    this video: 50% Cringey 50% Koreaboo content

  • Акино Мори
    Акино Мори 16 hours ago

    Что я тут блин делаю

  • Grace Amasing's Roblox account

    I looks like you got plastic surgery?!?!

  • Evelina Fleming
    Evelina Fleming 17 hours ago


  • Higher Supreme
    Higher Supreme 17 hours ago

    Everyone:watch the whole video Me: ONORE DIKEIDO!!!

  • sofia dominguez rodriguez

    Ya se me antojo...

  • DEAD_EYE 278
    DEAD_EYE 278 18 hours ago

    Sarah viloid versi Jepang

  • Malik Alfi
    Malik Alfi 18 hours ago


  • Roysul Saputra
    Roysul Saputra 19 hours ago

    kawai sugiru taro!

  • camille manson
    camille manson 20 hours ago

    I'm so fuckin proud of you.

  • xX_angelo whoa
    xX_angelo whoa 21 hour ago

    girl be careful u might break ur bone. plasti- nvm :>

  • Melodias ROJAS

    Wow..... She suke...

  • Martin McCfly
    Martin McCfly Day ago

    Wos falso campeón

  • tatay mi box
    tatay mi box Day ago

    She is so cute

  • Serzen Broker
    Serzen Broker Day ago

    Isn't that tsukasa decade

  • I love u my bunny suho

    Kawaii desu venus chan><

  • Vitória Sousa

    is this guy miyuki kazuya seyuu? am I wrong??

  • jerbo
    jerbo Day ago

    Do you like the sun?

  • J R
    J R Day ago

    How does one laugh in english? O.o

  • Ashley Landry
    Ashley Landry Day ago

    *cant figure out how to use the candy and gets fusterated* her: well this candy is broken or something..

  • chrismobiliophotography

    man Cathy is gorgeous! and extremely beautiful

  • inseguricat sss

    He 🧖😍

  • sml disneyprincess

    Please don’t ever do voice acting clearly you don’t know how to act. I’m actually sorry but it’s true

  • youssef ElBouzidi

    I also love jazz with rain sound. I don’t think I’m the right person to give you some advice because the only person who can save yourself is yourself and well... maybe I have to save myself first. But there is one thing I feel like I need to say: don’t ever forget you value! Life is just like a rollercoaster, we think everything is fine and than it drags you down to only realize after how stupid we were and that there is sill hope beatifulness and something that is worth living for. Maybe this message won’t change your life, after all is only up to you to change it, but please realize that life is black and white and ours behavior of trying to make it all white, refusing our feelings and behaviors, is the source of most mental problems. So love your feelings even the negatives because whatever will happen you will always be yourself who is the result of that negative and positive and this is the real thing that HAS VALUE. YOU VALUE!

  • I am a smol demon child

    Jesus fucking christ what is that?

  • Svengali Yu
    Svengali Yu Day ago

    You just culturally appropriated Korean cuteness! Squeeeeee!

  • Kara Wult
    Kara Wult Day ago


  • Bubble bass
    Bubble bass Day ago

    this is very painful to watch

  • Cookie Cat
    Cookie Cat Day ago

    The makeup was cute to be fair, but that is more Japanese than Korean in my opinion... Korean makeup is more natural, especially around the eyes, the basic common look has just warm colors like orange and yellow for example

  • Namjesus Is pure

    Her Dutch is good but you can clearly hear her German accent and she has difficulties with pronouncing some words, but I can understand her and that’s what matters

  • LaLaTangerine
    LaLaTangerine Day ago


  • ItsHannahOkay
    ItsHannahOkay Day ago

    You look like a realistic anime character

  • 祈景为愿
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    Portal Gelap Day ago

    Just decrease the speed dude

  • sansigamer 1038


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    *Koreans have left the chat*

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    Vc é muito fofa

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    TheXvid: Watch a girl t r y i n g to laugh..

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    Это уже истерический смех😂

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    damn, her voice similar to kurumi

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    Tiểu Phàm Day ago


  • Haxxi
    Haxxi Day ago

    Is that kamen rider decade?

  • Edge Lord
    Edge Lord 2 days ago

    he looks at her in disappointment, I can see it

  • wofie cookies
    wofie cookies 2 days ago

    if that was me then it is gonna be easy cus i normaly laugh like a phyco XD

  • Judi Ying
    Judi Ying 2 days ago

    So much sodium and msg!

  • Smile Foxy ARMY
    Smile Foxy ARMY 2 days ago

    La energía wee

  • Naomi Lee
    Naomi Lee 2 days ago

    Mikan and Kenna are clearly jealous

  • Megan Fedoriw
    Megan Fedoriw 2 days ago

    This girl is so cute!😊😊😊😊😊😊

  • St Anthonio
    St Anthonio 2 days ago

    It's funny how you lighten the mood. I could not help, but to laugh. Tell the ramen shop guy thank you for the wisdom on creating great ramen.

  • reed Johnson
    reed Johnson 2 days ago


  • William
    William 2 days ago

    MaKe SuRe YoUr HaNdS aRe SpArKlY aNd ClEaN!!!! *shoves hands into glitter*

  • Aishath Binth
    Aishath Binth 2 days ago

    She doesn't even need foundation her skin is the definition of perfect...

  • Inspiringer
    Inspiringer 2 days ago


  • big toe
    big toe 2 days ago

    I have fries I have chocolate Venus:"MOANS" CHOCOLATE FRIES

  • Gabster
    Gabster 2 days ago

    my man is clearly fed up lmao he prolly thinking “why tf they making me deal w some foreign amateur”

  • Pøtãtô Hëãd
    Pøtãtô Hëãd 2 days ago

    Me looking for my 5years ago comment

  • Saito Nyan
    Saito Nyan 2 days ago


  • Sakura playz
    Sakura playz 2 days ago

    I skipped a few parts in the video and how did u get HUGE eyes???

  • Meilynx Xx
    Meilynx Xx 2 days ago

    I wonder how squeaky her voice was when she was younger 💀

  • Love Me If You Dare p.O.r.N xx KUTE

    Roses are red flowers are blue one like and i will for give you .:) :p

  • Nani Star
    Nani Star 2 days ago


  • 천개
    천개 2 days ago

    I'm sorry but i think you need to go to a psychologist. It's been 8 years and you are still acting like a cute japanese girl. You are not a cute Japanese girl, don't you get it? I can understand that you are living in Japan and literally every Japan girl is cuter than you but YOU SHOULD REALLY NEED TO STOP. Speak with your own voice, you are not an anime girl. You are not speaking with your own voice to look like a cute Japanese doll but you are not even a doll. I know that you are trying to act like a cute Japanese girl but you can't because you are not even a Japanese. Please stop. It looks like that you can do everything to look cute. When your ex-husband did a makeup to you face you were always asking that "Am i cute?" That means that you really want to look like cute, am i right? And no, you are not cute because you are not yourself. You are just an simple Europian girl who wants to be a Japanese doll. I'm writing this comment for your mental health and i will not care what your fans commenting to my comment. Just. Be. Yourself. (By the way, sorry for my bad English.)

    • 천개
      천개 5 minutes ago

      @ashley the vengeboy And on the internet, everybody hates or dislikes her because everyone knows she is not acting like herself.

    • 천개
      천개 6 minutes ago

      @ashley the vengeboy And she is doing it since 2010-2011. 8 YEARS. She really need to go psychologist. She thinks that she is not a weaboo but she is.

    • ashley the vengeboy
      ashley the vengeboy 11 hours ago

      thank you for sharing your own insecurities in someone else's you will see she's gonna be like she want to and she's always been herself and nobody should go to psychologist because of you dislike someones personality

  • Insidiosity
    Insidiosity 2 days ago

    Lmao this video was awesome. btw Venus you still have a discord server, just letting you know

  • Deden Haedar
    Deden Haedar 2 days ago

    Now laugh in Indonesian: *wkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkkokwokwokwk*

  • Arcadia Wizzard
    Arcadia Wizzard 2 days ago

    No se porque me reí....

  • Kurihara Yuki
    Kurihara Yuki 2 days ago

    She is putting on a brave face She is trying not to cry A brave girl at such young age Hope you can move on and not trample over the past Reach that dream you wish to chase

  • Flying Maknea
    Flying Maknea 2 days ago

    ok (ik ben nederlands) maar ik klikte gwn op je video en toen herkende ik cringy koreaboo (no hate) i kan je trouwens verstaan. was het leuk in Den Haag?

  • Jayjay Plays
    Jayjay Plays 2 days ago

    This bunny on the pacturing is actually really creepy 😂

  • Unicorn Awesome
    Unicorn Awesome 2 days ago

    This is cringey to watch :( stop forcing you’re voice venus

  • Syahmin Asyraff
    Syahmin Asyraff 2 days ago

    Hmmmmm wht i look is decade want destroyed something is he tsukasa?

  • Midnight Raven
    Midnight Raven 2 days ago

    Oh no, now that she's got involved with decade, no more way to run