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  • Yasmiin Cardoso
    Yasmiin Cardoso 4 hours ago

    3:15 ops dançarina branquela atrás da jesi 3:14 ops white dancer behind jesi 🤪🤪

  • Román Sam
    Román Sam 11 hours ago

    So no one is dropping the naked guy name

  • Matthew the Sylveon
    Matthew the Sylveon 17 hours ago

    Kelly Rolland’s “Jade had her doubts” was hilarious characters considering Jade’s audition.

  • candyqloss
    candyqloss 18 hours ago


  • Maroua ElBatane
    Maroua ElBatane 21 hour ago

    How do they do so much dancing and still sound absolutely amazing??? Most artists doing this intense of a choreography would just lip sync but not little mix

  • Ann Marnie
    Ann Marnie 21 hour ago

    i really like little mix songs ☺️☺️

  • Luckystar Lennie

    Ha ha 😂

  • Chloe Price
    Chloe Price Day ago

    que música massa! aqui no Brasil as músicas são uma merd* deve ser por isso que mostram tanto a bunda. Little Mix não precisa mostrar a bunda pra fazer sucesso

  • Cup of Matcha
    Cup of Matcha Day ago

    OMG they sing soo good and this is my favorite song from them!! 😍 Also I love their outfits so much in this!!! Not trying to be rude or slut shame them, I really prefer them dressing like this on stage where they're more covered and don't show much skin. I hope they dress like this more rather than wearing swimsuit looking outfits, this is just my opinion okay... hardcore mixers better not attack me LOL

  • jennifer romero

    America PLEASE STOP SLEEPING ON THESE QUEENS!!!! 2020 will be the year to come

  • cries in mochi meow

    I just wanna give Leigh-Anne a HUGE hug! 😢😢😢

  • Sharon Dickinson

    I love u Lisa mix Sharon dickison x x x xx x x xx boo boo boo

  • jadespower
    jadespower Day ago

    They are SO CUTE Those animals aren’t bad either

  • agnes kibocha
    agnes kibocha Day ago

    Jesy is always a mood💕

  • yanJuan Lin
    yanJuan Lin Day ago


  • Thamy C.
    Thamy C. Day ago


  • Anna Asjeduva
    Anna Asjeduva Day ago


  • Cristina Correia


  • João Ricardo
    João Ricardo Day ago


  • Muskaan Dave
    Muskaan Dave Day ago

    I love the way she sings "I can tell your shy and I think it's so sweet" it's different from their original song and I'd prefer the performance better.


    Yasss ms banks

  • Bree Wild 247
    Bree Wild 247 Day ago

    idk why but the fact that louis was there just made it even better 😭

  • Z Silver
    Z Silver Day ago

    Thank god I'm not from USA or else I wouldnt hear songs from LM

    • Jesus Rameno
      Jesus Rameno Day ago

      Im from the U.S., and I still listen to Little Mix songs

  • Kezia Gabriella Irene

    I'm obsessed with every single moves Jade had in this video. Perfect combo of being lazily sexy.

  • Kevin Albert
    Kevin Albert Day ago

    Ms banks slayed it ❤❤❤

  • Live Concerts VEVO

    12:28 Boy 31:41 Nothing feels like you

  • Jade Is My Queen & Angel

    I love jade always by My Heart

  • Jade Is My Queen & Angel

    Jade Is My Angel

  • johan sabahot
    johan sabahot Day ago

    I love TheXvid i love you too much

  • Jade Is My Queen & Angel


  • Isabelle P
    Isabelle P Day ago

    Jesy’s hair looks gorgeous on her

  • ayush chauhan
    ayush chauhan 2 days ago


  • nadim r
    nadim r 2 days ago

    #Apple MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2.6 GHz 6-core 9th-generation Intel Core i7 Processor, 256GB) - Silver by Apple

  • CarnageCandyy
    CarnageCandyy 2 days ago

    Jade really likes to say Penis And that poor pottery guy

  • Magic wolf 707 Teoh

    Watching in 2019 like a queen

  • alana terrel
    alana terrel 2 days ago

    Why did jesy get lip fillers her lips was good how it was

  • Jhenyfer Dos santos

    Wow queens bealtifuls😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Oi tudo bem suas lidas ueu

  • Rebecca Mottershead


  • Natasha Alice
    Natasha Alice 2 days ago

    I'm i the only one who sees jade resembles amanda seyfried very much

  • Janiris Troche
    Janiris Troche 2 days ago

    I've watched this video so many times. But I have never noticed that the mixer men took off their coats😱

  • KirstyPabo
    KirstyPabo 2 days ago

    What was she laughing at? I couldn't hear because she's was laughing so much😂

  • Koolyn Berina
    Koolyn Berina 3 days ago

    Hey where's the continuation??

  • hannuh zzz
    hannuh zzz 3 days ago

    0:26 “yOure GOiNg dOwntOweEn . EeeT ShiEeTt” 😂

  • LadyBaBaK
    LadyBaBaK 3 days ago

    I wanted to write that Little Mix has the best intros, but this performance is the best thing I have ever seen in my whole life. I lost my damn mind. Unbelievable. Keep going ❤️

  • Esmeralda Hernandez


  • Lexie’s Life
    Lexie’s Life 3 days ago

    I love little mix! Honestly I do

  • gigi nura
    gigi nura 3 days ago


  • alex ebalida
    alex ebalida 3 days ago

    Still waiting for part 3

  • Nhim Soc
    Nhim Soc 3 days ago

    3:25 That moment when Leigh opened the bathroom door with Jade in it 😂😂😂

  • KirstyPabo
    KirstyPabo 4 days ago

    Why did I just find about this video now??? 😭

  • Lama28
    Lama28 4 days ago

    Hatchi has my heart he is so cute I can’t 😭💕

  • Asghar Dehghani
    Asghar Dehghani 4 days ago

    چرا اسم گرو همون به فارسی نیست

  • Kamallast _
    Kamallast _ 5 days ago

    We stand for Jade💙💙💙💙

  • trinity Lunsford
    trinity Lunsford 5 days ago

    I live in corben

  • •BananaLifesMatter •

    Jesy is so pretty omg I’m so jealous

  • MiMi
    MiMi 5 days ago

    Excuse me, do they know how to write jesy? 0:31

  • Maria Rinta-Rahko
    Maria Rinta-Rahko 5 days ago

    Coachella needs Little Mix and Victoria Secret.

  • Maria Rinta-Rahko
    Maria Rinta-Rahko 5 days ago

    Leigh-Anne and Jade slay queens. The dance coreography is so cool. This song is so good, chatchy and cool. Love there hairstyle, haircolor and outfit. They all slayed the live vocals and dancing.

  • little mix
    little mix 5 days ago

    best girl band in the world

  • little mix
    little mix 5 days ago

    leigh anne hair is so beautiful

  • Amy Marshall
    Amy Marshall 5 days ago

    It’s 2019 I’m watching it i i’m watching it and last night was LM5 tour and I gonna cry because my dream is seeing you guys and I don’t know why I should live in Iran I want your merch witch I can’t proud of all of you

  • Sabs Music
    Sabs Music 6 days ago

    Perrie is just laughing when Jade tries to get the dogs attention. I’m dead 😂😂

  • Cole Phillips
    Cole Phillips 6 days ago

    Waiting for a Perrie solo album. That girl is everything

    • Ray TV
      Ray TV 5 days ago

      Are u serious ? who the fuck on the earth said she'll have a solo album so that u wait for it ? And who said she's everything? All of them are everything 👍! Either stan the 4 of them or don't even bother to be a fan

  • •BananaLifesMatter •

    And the Oscar for best movie in history goes to little mix

  • Wit Beyond Measure
    Wit Beyond Measure 6 days ago

    If they are judges on drag race uk I’m revolting

  • Micxsz Swift
    Micxsz Swift 6 days ago


  • Cara Calandra
    Cara Calandra 6 days ago

    The best girl band this generation has got in my opinion

  • Pandu Miharja
    Pandu Miharja 6 days ago


  • Lousoft
    Lousoft 6 days ago

    Ok but Bianca and Little Mix together,,,, I won in life

  • Whylldra Dandy
    Whylldra Dandy 7 days ago


  • Wanda Caser
    Wanda Caser 7 days ago

    They are TOTAL PERFORMERS, they are actually busting some REAL moves here while singing their heart out. Talent!!! Real talent!!!

  • Christine Joy Campaña

    BBMA, AMA, VMA, SUPER BOWL, GRAMMYS... Nothing else I can say!! The performance tells it all... EVERY LITTLE MIX performance is a must watch... Slay Queens, Slay!!!

    • Ray TV
      Ray TV 5 days ago

      Can't agree more

  • Wheein Queen
    Wheein Queen 7 days ago

    Queens , I love them

  • Hillary Lee
    Hillary Lee 7 days ago

    And i still wonder why Black Pink goes worldwide not them..

  • natacha pem
    natacha pem 7 days ago

    Long hair

  • natacha pem
    natacha pem 7 days ago

    Loved the dancing

  • Clara
    Clara 7 days ago