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  • Dtown Dtown
    Dtown Dtown 52 minutes ago

    10:09 he covers his neck and genitals like on instinct, maybe because of the beatings he took as a child. That's deep.

  • Charlotte ‘
    Charlotte ‘ 52 minutes ago

    Tbis comment section literally feels like it’s full of 14 year olds. Good god

  • -The dog- Brian Griffin
    -The dog- Brian Griffin 55 minutes ago

    Do more stuff like this funny af

  • IRoaruk
    IRoaruk 56 minutes ago

    This interviews great thanks..i love hip hop, Wu tang clan and love Kung it’s only right that I watch this Lol

  • Peter Hruska
    Peter Hruska 56 minutes ago

    let Roman Reigns be Roman Reigns and he gets over

  • Meghan Madden
    Meghan Madden 57 minutes ago


  • Anxnymous x
    Anxnymous x Hour ago

    all the billie fans waiting for the 2019 one lmao

  • Ami Kamara
    Ami Kamara Hour ago

    He seems so humble

  • Effective Reading Instruction

    Pretty shallow analysis of Natalie Portman’s early career

  • Private Michael J. Caboose

    The tsunami and climate change guy were really interesting to listen to

  • Alice Lily
    Alice Lily Hour ago

    i came here for cast away and tom hanks then i saw michael scott

  • A G
    A G Hour ago

    Amazing how when he spotted the gold tooth, it completely changed the elf's character and fit perfectly.

  • Gladyz Delgado
    Gladyz Delgado Hour ago

    Finn Wolfhard 7w7 i love you ❤

  • Aldo
    Aldo Hour ago

    ...not everyone knows everything about the Kardashians...

  • Victor Streisand

    Miss Cher, Barbra Streisand, Whitney Houston, Judy Garland, Lady Gaga, Shirley Bassey and others...

  • Obscure Entertainment

    Jeff has a natural echo to his voice. No matter where he is, he always sounds like he's in a cave.

  • Adyasha Tudu
    Adyasha Tudu Hour ago

    (Sees a cute dog) Me in my mind: 6:11

  • Alice Lily
    Alice Lily Hour ago

    i never knew bear grylls but he looks scarily familiar

  • DeShawn Michaelson

    Will vanity fair (or any magazines) exist ??

  • Dorovado 123
    Dorovado 123 Hour ago

    they put the names in the wrong order

  • Jhin Kluft
    Jhin Kluft Hour ago

    Barely slang the german part

  • VampireQueenBrittany

    She is such an amazing, talented, gorgeous woman. I love her and really need to go back and watch all of her older movies. 💖

  • B. Fly
    B. Fly Hour ago

    I love seeing things like this because the director can explain things that you may have had questions about or go in detail about things you would have never thought about. For example, the clown shoes when he was running after the kids- the thought of those being hard to run in would’ve never crossed my mind. So interesting to watch him break everything down

  • K-Fabe 87
    K-Fabe 87 Hour ago

    Key takeaway: Pepper spray is more effective at neutralizing a threat than a taser or a stun gun since it has a wider latitude for error.

  • Danny
    Danny Hour ago

    *How is he doing Will* *HE'S DEAD* DYING OF LAUGHTER

  • latham taylor
    latham taylor Hour ago

    I really don't get it.... What is the deal with idolizing teenagers? What kind of parents put their kid out there like that?

  • mel leto
    mel leto Hour ago

    I think i just fell in love....what an incredibly intelligent and down to earth woman !!!! Glad she has had the chance to show off her skills as an actress....she had us all fooled with that other actress.... bella who ??? Never really rated her....boy am i eating my words now....she is insanely amazing !!!! (Im saying that i do think she did way more justice to twilight than anyone else could of) because of her acting skill )

  • ryan griffin
    ryan griffin Hour ago


  • Kushal Hamal
    Kushal Hamal Hour ago

    I love him he is very kind,logistic and emotional

  • Maria Danowa
    Maria Danowa Hour ago

    I very much appreciate Phoenix' acting, but let's be honest, the movie as a whole is really boring

  • linh hoang
    linh hoang Hour ago

    it’s 2am what am i doing

  • Bgiles 20
    Bgiles 20 Hour ago

    I can hear coach Steve and moseying all of these

  • RemiGoat
    RemiGoat Hour ago

    Im in a play and i have rehearsals for the scene i need a scottish accent for in 1 and a half hours

  • maiarG 24
    maiarG 24 Hour ago

    Henry beautiful but boring and unconversant lol

  • jcm. lin
    jcm. lin Hour ago

    it’s so weird how they actually kind of resemble each other xD

  • unknown jack
    unknown jack Hour ago

    When I was 10 or 11 I read it and you know what ?i finished it in 3 months but understood nothing so then at the age of 13 I read the book again and I was like I NEED MOOORE.

  • Daniel Ogunleye
    Daniel Ogunleye Hour ago

    Sei italiano? Hai trovato solo commenti in inglese? Sei disgustato dalla pronuncia e dagli errori nella scrittura? So come ti senti.. Non sentirti solo.. QUESTO COMMENTO È PER TE!

  • alana o
    alana o Hour ago

    Isn’t that last one a hamster?🤣

  • Samuel Omari
    Samuel Omari Hour ago

    This is definitely Toronto slang

  • Russell GRAF
    Russell GRAF Hour ago

    Terrible movie.

  • Lexi Chris
    Lexi Chris Hour ago


  • Retro Gamer 64
    Retro Gamer 64 2 hours ago

    I wanna see him break dancing.

  • you
    you 2 hours ago

    this was the most cringe 10 mins of my life

  • you
    you 2 hours ago

    why does Nick kroll deadass look just like the characters of big mouth. If you look closely you can see it. Does anyone else see it? Or is that just me? lmfao

    SHAMMYMAN Sammy 2 hours ago

    I’m now going to heckle at his next show lol

  • James Modlin
    James Modlin 2 hours ago

    A fine example of a woman that has become more captivating with age. In Hollywood women often hit a wall. Jessica successfully hurdled that wall. Actresses that bank on their youth and beauty have a shelf life. Woman like Jessica begin to smolder. It's a sexiness that is more sophisticated, conscious, and self possessed. Her looks got her through the door. Her acting chops kept her in the room. The consistent quality of what she brings to a project has them holding the door open for her and saving her a seat.

  • Jaye B
    Jaye B 2 hours ago

    This movie makes dumb people feel smart.

  • Caroline Smith
    Caroline Smith 2 hours ago

    first character was just seth rogan’s laugh

  • Emilyn Channel
    Emilyn Channel 2 hours ago

    I want 2019 version

  • S M
    S M 2 hours ago

    My god wake up you look like crap ❗️

  • the hydronator
    the hydronator 2 hours ago

    since when is Cheshire fictional?

  • sito504
    sito504 2 hours ago

    “you uhh.. i think a lady?” lmao

    • sito504
      sito504 2 hours ago

      he started to sound like batman 😂

  • Alejandra Sotillo
    Alejandra Sotillo 2 hours ago

    Day 927: Still obsessed with Bill. What can I do to marry him? *Not joking*

  • GuyNamedSean
    GuyNamedSean 2 hours ago

    I love that Nick goes through the exact same thoughts I do for these characters.

  • Jaysen8
    Jaysen8 2 hours ago

    ....absolutely lazy filmmaking.

  • Gacha Chloe
    Gacha Chloe 2 hours ago

    every time i sees his face while doing spongebob‘s impression, he reminds me of ice king

  • Ma. Virginia Arinas
    Ma. Virginia Arinas 2 hours ago

    You are soooo handsome Aidan! <3 My crush ever since. XD

  • SoccerIsLife 1021
    SoccerIsLife 1021 2 hours ago


  • Darth Dani
    Darth Dani 2 hours ago

    The music trick is what Ridley Scott did in Bladerunner to get everyone in the mood

  • Prakash Rout
    Prakash Rout 2 hours ago

    For me the water coming out of the flower depicted the flower crying.. as in innocence cried that day.. sort of

  • ubuchaka
    ubuchaka 2 hours ago

    Thats clearly a beaver

  • Andrea Trajkova
    Andrea Trajkova 2 hours ago

    I hope she does it for 18/10/2019 or 10/18/2019

  • Darth Dani
    Darth Dani 2 hours ago

    How do you think Kevin Feige feels after this?

  • Caro Honest
    Caro Honest 2 hours ago

    Flula may need to take some classes in English slang and idioms first lol

  • M Sonny Chaudhry
    M Sonny Chaudhry 2 hours ago

    I hope the Blu-ray release has a director's commentary track.

  • Julia Ochendal
    Julia Ochendal 2 hours ago

    When i first saw the price of the movie i was like no way this costed that much but now i get it

  • Ελένη Κονιτοπούλου

    Who's waiting for 2019 version???? ⬇

  • fkw123
    fkw123 2 hours ago

    lol i just watched nacho libre and singing to it the other day , and this pop up suddenly... wow

  • ThaInfamousONE
    ThaInfamousONE 2 hours ago

    Jennifer lawrence is just so naturally charismatic and lovable Even when she's trying to be serious and calm .

  • Dim MK
    Dim MK 2 hours ago

    i feel so bad for arthur man

  • John Ivory
    John Ivory 2 hours ago

    never noticed his ears were that big lol

  • argedismun2
    argedismun2 2 hours ago


  • greg soad
    greg soad 2 hours ago

    they based it so much off taxi driver

  • anzlc13 kavčič
    anzlc13 kavčič 2 hours ago

    2019:40M followers

  • Darla V
    Darla V 3 hours ago

    You did a great job man 👍

  • GWE Jens
    GWE Jens 3 hours ago

    Do it again pleeeease

  • lvebesi
    lvebesi 3 hours ago


  • Jmpmaster83
    Jmpmaster83 3 hours ago

    Soooo not a cat, I’m going more rodent...maybe hamster?

  • Grand Old Soul
    Grand Old Soul 3 hours ago

    i ALWAYS said they should play the music as they act. it would bring ME AT LEAST if i was acting more into the mood. instead of doing it silent.

  • Giannis antetokounmpo


  • Grand Old Soul
    Grand Old Soul 3 hours ago

    i love when he is forcing the smile then removes his hands and his look is full of sorrow, depression, so good.

  • Nico_Kermit69
    Nico_Kermit69 3 hours ago

    The hole time I was hearing coach steve

  • Jordan Styer
    Jordan Styer 3 hours ago

    You can here the coach Steve when he starts doing the old lady😂😂

  • MatrixBoi P.P
    MatrixBoi P.P 3 hours ago

    The only difference now is she pretends to be depressed to be edgy😂

  • Aurellia Isaura
    Aurellia Isaura 3 hours ago

    5:40 baby face mode on

    KING SHWNN 3 hours ago

    Hey Guys!! I like to share a theory to Jessie Do you Boo in monsters inc? Did you see Jessie in her bedroom my theory is Boo is the Original Owner of Jessie.

  • Elias Abou jaoude
    Elias Abou jaoude 3 hours ago

    Wtf they didn't talk about Big Fish. I was waiting for that moment.

  • FlyBoyBigBlue
    FlyBoyBigBlue 3 hours ago

    My faves of his will always be Puddy, Kronk, and Brock Samson. Each character is a perfect definition of how I live my life 😂😂😂

  • Firestone Tire
    Firestone Tire 3 hours ago

    you got a like and sub for the kneecap line

  • nymsaj😘
    nymsaj😘 3 hours ago

    Please do Kathy Bates & Danny Devito!

  • Zack Bee
    Zack Bee 3 hours ago

    This is GOLDEN! #8 👍

  • Lia Lalkaka
    Lia Lalkaka 3 hours ago


  • Logan Du Vallon
    Logan Du Vallon 3 hours ago

    What's the song at 3:20?

  • Devin Thompson
    Devin Thompson 3 hours ago

    It's funny because he has a big mouth

  • Justine Janisse
    Justine Janisse 3 hours ago

    Lmao this was amazing. All of the voices were spot on, exactly what I expected

  • f x
    f x 3 hours ago


  • Tsha4life
    Tsha4life 3 hours ago

    Love them

  • fur y
    fur y 3 hours ago

    Boiii it's how to train your dragon

  • leniane machadodosreis


  • Spitfire is My Captain

    "Here I am..addicted to cocaine.."