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  • Harneet Kaur
    Harneet Kaur 7 hours ago

    U r gr8 billie you deserve the world queeenn

  • Gabe Gray
    Gabe Gray 7 hours ago

    He is the McDonalds voice over

  • 「iiSynx」
    「iiSynx」 7 hours ago

    6:44 Elmo is *dying.*

  • Hungry Like The Vultures

    *Sheldon Cooper is quaking*

  • Oli Toia
    Oli Toia 7 hours ago

    I’ve never heard Billie giggle and laugh so genuinely. This makes me so happy ❤️

  • Zeynep Kıymet
    Zeynep Kıymet 7 hours ago

    For Americans: English + Scottish + Welsh = British British - (Scottish + Welsh) = English English ≠ British

  • Kristian Ackar
    Kristian Ackar 8 hours ago

    5:08 more like Emma Stone

  • Brittany Marshall
    Brittany Marshall 8 hours ago

    Chicago asks the high school question too!

  • Charlyz Gozo
    Charlyz Gozo 8 hours ago

    I like how her smile gets wider overtime

  • Ethém Shallabdullem


  • Chris Anderson
    Chris Anderson 8 hours ago

    She's pretty hot

  • Lubanzi Nhlabati
    Lubanzi Nhlabati 8 hours ago


  • Mikasai
    Mikasai 8 hours ago

    The first time they interviewed Billie did they think/know she was going to get this big?

  • Ethém Shallabdullem

    Dude he's the fusion between Brad Pitt and Eric Winter it's crazy

  • rea laufeyson
    rea laufeyson 8 hours ago

    im watching this to sleep.

  • Peridot 5XG
    Peridot 5XG 8 hours ago

    What do you call a demogorgon with lipstick? Answer: DEMOGORGEOUS!

  • Hanna Davis
    Hanna Davis 8 hours ago

    She is beautiful❤

  • Vamsi Abhishek
    Vamsi Abhishek 8 hours ago

    5:54 It's like "the faq is touching me????"

  • Azizur Rahman Azim
    Azizur Rahman Azim 8 hours ago


  • Pinkpanda73
    Pinkpanda73 8 hours ago

    Man, I love listening to Kristen talk, she explains and expresses the process so well! I wish these two, the directors could have a podcast

  • anirudh mayaa
    anirudh mayaa 8 hours ago

    Kumail got his hair done

  • Elliot Molkentin
    Elliot Molkentin 8 hours ago

    they forgot under the sea, octopuses garden

  • Gary McIntire
    Gary McIntire 8 hours ago

    Looks like Somebody didn't get enough hugs growing up. Begging for attention because of a lack of talent, experience, and education. Creepy sales!

  • Fan Yang
    Fan Yang 8 hours ago

    how to get rid of acne

  • Salaattimieskannu
    Salaattimieskannu 8 hours ago

    Philosophy gone so down with him that its a big shame to know for who he's working for. Shame on him.

  • Rani S
    Rani S 8 hours ago

    Aguas sounds like *awas* in Bahasa Indonesia and it literally has the same meaning 🤣

  • Cuthbert Allgood
    Cuthbert Allgood 8 hours ago

    I like how they gave him a magic marker

  • HXL
    HXL 8 hours ago

    If she is jolyne, where tf is my man enricho pucci.

  • Narry Stylinson
    Narry Stylinson 8 hours ago

    omg what about beatles

  • Comicing Girl
    Comicing Girl 8 hours ago

    Man said ‘🧔🏾’ to ‘👱🏼‍♂️’ Sorry I’ll leave.

  • Kbun Hh
    Kbun Hh 8 hours ago

    Not a fan but just a listener. But glad you look much better than the last yrs. And hope you have more happiness cause even non-fan me do care u girl

  • Claudia Angelica De Leon Laris

    I'm a college student right now, but to become an actress is something I feel I'm meant to do, although I still have a lot to learn, it's something that makes me happier than anything but my parents said that after I finish college I can follow my dream, and I agreed to it.

  • Amalya Ismayilova
    Amalya Ismayilova 8 hours ago

    She really needs to smile, so nice😍

  • KalbreezyBaby
    KalbreezyBaby 8 hours ago

    Aw this is gold

  • Prunella the Poltergeist


  • Lady0fhearts07♥
    Lady0fhearts07♥ 8 hours ago

    I've been seeing this and reading this comment section for so long, but nobody has really ever answered: WHO IS THAT MAN?

  • Dante King
    Dante King 8 hours ago

    So big bird just gon forget about his bear radar? Smh

  • Tamara Saldaña
    Tamara Saldaña 9 hours ago

    Aguas,el golpe avisa.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Aisha Hepburn
    Aisha Hepburn 9 hours ago

    This was boring and political

  • Aisha Hepburn
    Aisha Hepburn 9 hours ago

    John legend is trash compare to the actual legend big bear

  • Kara Joneise
    Kara Joneise 9 hours ago

    love how seriously Taron took his role

  • pugs
    pugs 9 hours ago

    Will there be a 6'th season

  • Arogya 123
    Arogya 123 9 hours ago

    1:56 the position of his hand/fingers kinda change. 2:32 - 2:37 again, the position of the hands. 4:36 when he holds the file, it should be upside down.

  • SquallyCoin 5664
    SquallyCoin 5664 9 hours ago

    Big Bird: You're my friend too, Berry? Berry: Oh yes, we could be friends. My Phone: *Dies* Me: 😟

  • Just-N-Case-87
    Just-N-Case-87 9 hours ago

    So...what jacket is he wearing

  • Lewis Stanson
    Lewis Stanson 9 hours ago

    Legit thought the Queen was gonna do a Sharon Stone a la Basic Instinct at one point in this video #awks

  • Egal Egal
    Egal Egal 9 hours ago

    Like he was sooo good in MISS BALA COLE ON MANNNN

  • Egal Egal
    Egal Egal 9 hours ago

    Couple goals can't he got MORE MOVIES

  • Ida Hö
    Ida Hö 9 hours ago

    so the goon thing is real what

  • Mel Ilian
    Mel Ilian 9 hours ago

    Favourite colour? 2017: bright green 2018: (dark) black 2019: both. anything. I think that says something...

  • Playboichris
    Playboichris 9 hours ago

    Tell Joel I want the gift 2 with Jason Bateman now

  • Jay-Mark Adriano
    Jay-Mark Adriano 9 hours ago

    Jay Ryan is kindoff Benedict cumberbatch imo

  • AmazingAlejandro_91
    AmazingAlejandro_91 9 hours ago

    Good actor. And he's so handsome

  • Sarah Mooney
    Sarah Mooney 9 hours ago

    Rob Lowe has clearly always been rich and attractive

  • Rudi Laing
    Rudi Laing 9 hours ago

    This guy's a total fraud. But I think everyone knows this by now.

  • Darcy Jones
    Darcy Jones 9 hours ago

    Simon Pegg literally makes even our daughters sick anymore. Always same useless male character. Our eldest and her school friends now take to shouting in theatre ‘someone please shoot the buffoon’ and now the boys laughing ‘whose side is he on, seriously Tom put one between his eyes ‘. I think that goes for Star Wars too. The worst actor worst role model Cavil I’m told is the opposite? We would not have signed the 2 million petition give up James Bond forever If he’d been given JB. We also will never watch Daniel Craig again in anything. Bronson never promoted Craig but Craig chose to tear down Ian Fleming dream, So S U Craig. Never again. You males have ZERO worth ZERO value compared to us women

  • Narcotic Earth
    Narcotic Earth 9 hours ago

    I have seen this.beautifully created

  • heydisme
    heydisme 9 hours ago

    thank u necks

  • SantomPh
    SantomPh 9 hours ago

    can anyone solve the ones she didnt get?

  • Black knight 14
    Black knight 14 10 hours ago

    How did you do this you are amazing

  • XYZ Production
    XYZ Production 10 hours ago

    when you realized you're older than her xD

  • Ish
    Ish 10 hours ago

    The white girl looks like Sophie T smh

  • Nikhil Chandra
    Nikhil Chandra 10 hours ago

    This video deserves to be inducted in the Hip hop Archive Library

  • zuali lawmsang
    zuali lawmsang 10 hours ago

    I cried watching this. Its therapeutic

  • Wolfie_ loves_tacos
    Wolfie_ loves_tacos 10 hours ago

    Just wait till year 2020 and 2021

  • Super Abound
    Super Abound 10 hours ago

    Watching her eyes get deader and deader every year

  • J. C.
    J. C. 10 hours ago

    This video is so wholesome 😂

  • Jeff Brownlee
    Jeff Brownlee 10 hours ago

    What did I just WATCHHHHH

  • Steven Gonzalez
    Steven Gonzalez 10 hours ago

    Gee this guy is a hoot. I can tell he knows a lot about comedy because of how funny he is.

  • Lizzy Grant
    Lizzy Grant 10 hours ago

    Mark is egotistical af and thinks he's still 23

  • username316
    username316 10 hours ago

    it's so weird to see other teenagers go through different mental health stages as you. like when i was 16-17 i was also at the lowest point in my life so far and then i started getting better and i just turned 18. seeing that you're not the only one going through this weird kinda sadness is reassuring. I'm so happy to see her get better too. i hope I'll see you even happier next year.

  • Jake Smith
    Jake Smith 10 hours ago

    I'm Scottish but I can speak English some times

  • Roblox with Jade and Angie

    Why is Cole always leaning on everybody

  • 『 JoJofan728 』
    『 JoJofan728 』 10 hours ago


  • raybound18
    raybound18 10 hours ago

    She looks a lot older than her age. I love her music

  • Sophia
    Sophia 10 hours ago

    will Billie be my friend if i told her that im friends Oscar Grants daughter Tatiana Grant ?? (Her favorite movie Fruitvale station was based off Oscar Grant my friends dad)

  • Ian Lack
    Ian Lack 10 hours ago

    Kind of a creepy ending to the video...

  • VictoryNYC
    VictoryNYC 10 hours ago

    No talk about ANNIHILATION (2018).

  • Rick Wright
    Rick Wright 10 hours ago

    Well, you got most of it right. But not all.

  • DavidTheBurrito
    DavidTheBurrito 10 hours ago

    Now this guy is a speed run category. Joe%

  • RK 800
    RK 800 10 hours ago

    Everyone is complaining about people complaining about this guy drawing on the posters but I can’t find a single comment that’s complaining about it

  • cliffbunsam
    cliffbunsam 10 hours ago

    Rocket rocks! I've seen it multiple times. Good luck with the Golden Globe nominations.

  • TrillYanni
    TrillYanni 10 hours ago

    You can literally tell how much she grew physically and mentally. I’m proud ♥️

  • J_Mustang20
    J_Mustang20 10 hours ago

    This is the last person I'd ask for survival expertise...

  • Kakashi 19 Aka Thee Bread God

    This comment section is epic

  • Hannah Austin
    Hannah Austin 10 hours ago

    Its almost 2020.. anyone on 2019?

  • tom dick
    tom dick 10 hours ago

    Literally ever single thing the girl one says is emotion based

  • fla la
    fla la 10 hours ago

    I love his *personality & style* I always found *his performance* in his first movie *SHORT TERM 12* so incredible and *memorable* Watch *Short Term 12* - i highly recommended it (it also stars John Gallagher Jr + Brie Larson)

  • Jami LaPrice
    Jami LaPrice 10 hours ago


  • Leopold Lodewijk Filips Maria Victor

    Ay ween fim'pim mcginnit?

  • Blu Scout
    Blu Scout 10 hours ago

    This is the most innocent video ever

  • Danielito Torres
    Danielito Torres 10 hours ago


  • Harley Flinspach
    Harley Flinspach 10 hours ago

    I kinda wish Bill Hader would do one of these and have a question about true crime shows oml

  • Sophia
    Sophia 10 hours ago

    At 0:34 15 year old Billie looks so excited and proud 🥺🥺

  • unknownmezzybaby
    unknownmezzybaby 10 hours ago

    Y'all saw that he dodged the cookie and bird seed question, right?

  • Casey Rogers
    Casey Rogers 10 hours ago

    She's so much happier this year!! I love the growth between this year and last!! Stay happy Billie!!

  • Christina Hamilton
    Christina Hamilton 10 hours ago

    Big Bird: I have to go to the bathroom. Abby: I went. Abby is literally me at times.

    TRINITY TRINIDAD 10 hours ago

    She's GORGEOUS 😍

  • Kenyah
    Kenyah 10 hours ago

    Literally big bird is so adorable what-

  • Gregorio Msssa
    Gregorio Msssa 10 hours ago

    I wish she have a black widow movie before she died .