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  • Ilito o
    Ilito o 3 hours ago

    Just here for the comments

  • kunal nagwanshi
    kunal nagwanshi 3 hours ago

    15:30 cameraman sucks

  • Adrián Guevara
    Adrián Guevara 3 hours ago

    ¿Por qué nos sale este video sin ver cosas de ajedrez o importarnos? Pero más bizarro aún, ¿por qué entramos a verlo? ¿Coincidencia? No lo creo ¿Pacto con el diablo? Probablemente.

  • Kasinath Mukkavalli
    Kasinath Mukkavalli 3 hours ago

    Wishing you a very happy birthday Vishy and hoping you would give us many more lovely games in the years to come.

    MONOJ BRAHMACHARI 4 hours ago

    @ChessBaseIndia You told this begging attitude of IM Arghyadip Das as presence of mind and you are highligting this in the headlines, how funny you are,already people commented that they will also try this in tournament. means before playing games they are lost or dont have confidense to win. you have highligted, timid things, cowardly act, unethical approaches to the people and really some of the comments shows that they will also try. pls follow the comments and see how you set bad examples to chess lovers. one should respect the game and opponent. some of the real chess enthusiast, chess dreamers are very much dissapointed by your work. your video is ok but headlines are poor. yes we all agree that game is draw but who is the real winner in this show ? pls change the headlines otherwise chess will no more shall be considered as gentleman"s Game.

  • Deeson Jame
    Deeson Jame 4 hours ago

    I would've played on until he shit his pants and admit defeat. buahaha

  • mbrazio1
    mbrazio1 4 hours ago

    Muito suspeito este algoritmo do TheXvid sugerindo isso.

  • Khaled Dousari
    Khaled Dousari 4 hours ago

    7:17 i dont know much chess but how did magnus's pawn kill his?

    DEAD RAIDER 4 hours ago

    Who clicked this cuz it was 1 min long?

  • Deeson Jame
    Deeson Jame 4 hours ago

    So who won?

  • SƠN DUNG TRÀ Thái Nguyên Official

    The King Carlsen!

  • Daniel Godwin
    Daniel Godwin 4 hours ago

    Why the hell is this blowing up

  • Matthew Paugh
    Matthew Paugh 4 hours ago

    And the crowd goes wild!!!!

  • Antwan thizzlewiggle

    they are smoking weed in the background i can hear em

  • Sanjeev S.S
    Sanjeev S.S 4 hours ago

    Hope his level doesn't detoriate

  • Sanjeev S.S
    Sanjeev S.S 4 hours ago

    Happy birthday Anand!!

  • Robert Glenn
    Robert Glenn 4 hours ago

    The most confused person was that Indian kid's dad as he got up out of his seat at the end like "WTF JUST HAPPENED!?"

  • Heartless ‘
    Heartless ‘ 4 hours ago

    these people having whole conversations by *C O U G H I N G*

  • brylle cabrera
    brylle cabrera 4 hours ago

    im a noob chess player i dont get it why did he resign?

  • Yogesh Chhonker
    Yogesh Chhonker 4 hours ago

    Happy birthday vishy😁😁

  • asd qwe
    asd qwe 4 hours ago

    Someone called him so he had to abandon the match.

  • Juan Pavac
    Juan Pavac 4 hours ago

    It's a tie, mutual draw

  • Shaddiq Vahora
    Shaddiq Vahora 4 hours ago

    My First video ever where i didn't skip the adverts. 😅

  • T Dunph
    T Dunph 5 hours ago

    After watching a short clip about a train derailment, plane crash and a boat capsizing, I was given this video as a recommendation. I see the resemblance.

  • SUVR Visual Studio
    SUVR Visual Studio 5 hours ago

    TheXvid keeps recommending me weird videos...

  • peaddoool IG
    peaddoool IG 5 hours ago

    Why did I click this? I don’t even know how to play chest

  • Phillip Hübner
    Phillip Hübner 5 hours ago

    How the Indian player just raised the eyebrows. When. This dude went off like "am I playing against kindergarten kids?" Actually not that good looking on camera..

  • gamaliel setiaji
    gamaliel setiaji 5 hours ago

    Where safety is number one priority

  • ss ss
    ss ss 5 hours ago

    Hey im not a psycologist but I think we all see why he left. It was to foregin for Magnus to be at just that table. We the humans get uncomftorble around other races when there's more of them. Also the indian dude in the crowd sat in closer on Magnus. But hey its just what i think. Magnus maybe had to go on toilet, with a gulp in his throat :) I aint racist. I just watched the video lol

  • Pavol Ridrich
    Pavol Ridrich 5 hours ago

    for chess is practically impossible to become "mainstream" for two reasons 1. Most people doesnt know how to play it 2. Even those who know (like me), are not good enough to calculate everything in real time with pros.

  • Bob Usualis
    Bob Usualis 5 hours ago

    Chess is dead

  • Q8 FluffyGalaxy
    Q8 FluffyGalaxy 5 hours ago

    Indians dude!

  • joshua khan
    joshua khan 5 hours ago

    I don't know anything about chess but I'm still here for some reason

  • hunting&fishing nz
    hunting&fishing nz 5 hours ago

    Why they dont go out and cough,huge distraction for the players.

  • Alex B
    Alex B 5 hours ago

    Magnus? Commonnnn!!! This guy doesn't know how to play chess at all! Did he use his King to kill his pawn at 1:20? :) It's India SEO marketing trick :D

  • The Meek
    The Meek 6 hours ago

    Oh yeah, let me go seat in the stand and watch two people play chess. Funnnnnn

  • hunting&fishing nz
    hunting&fishing nz 6 hours ago

    Here we go again,the coughing game🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • J P
    J P 6 hours ago


  • sd samuel
    sd samuel 6 hours ago

    2:34 Carlsen sensed disturbance within the force.

  • akil fawwaz
    akil fawwaz 6 hours ago

    I thought Thor playing the chess game

  • Inner Worlds
    Inner Worlds 6 hours ago

    I am not Indian, but I fully understand that you want to take some time to show your respect for Vishy Anand, one of the greatest chessplayers of all time. After all, this channel is called ChessbaseINDIA, if his birthday is not celebrated here, then where else?? I sometimes really wonder why some people are so negative on social media, even taking shots and making hateful comments about youngsters like Praggnanandhaa. It is very sad really, and a poor reflection on us humans..... Keep up the good work. I think I speak for many when I say that it is highly appreciated around the world....

  • Skott Coucill
    Skott Coucill 6 hours ago


  • DJ Stoplicht Official

    TheXvid at 3:30 AM: hey wanna watch chess? Me: yeh

  • geott
    geott 6 hours ago

    Very coughy audience.

  • James Derbaum
    James Derbaum 7 hours ago

    Why was this even video?

  • Arcana Imperii
    Arcana Imperii 7 hours ago

    There was no draw offer

  • Haha ok
    Haha ok 7 hours ago

    Wtf? Who? What? Don't care, bye.

  • Mypieateyou 12
    Mypieateyou 12 7 hours ago

    What a bunch of losers

  • wickedgam 1234rt
    wickedgam 1234rt 7 hours ago

    What's happened at 7:18? How did Magnus "ate" the pawn, when it was not diagonally?

  • ChillaxTraxx
    ChillaxTraxx 7 hours ago

    That's not a Amish girl ........It's a man ! ! !

  • shanu gaur
    shanu gaur 7 hours ago

    Why are they celebrating his birthday like he has retired from chess

  • Peregrine Falcon
    Peregrine Falcon 7 hours ago

    What an amazing game!

  • astrocomics
    astrocomics 7 hours ago

    my TheXvid algorithum is all kinds of its been out all night pounding Red Bull and Vodka and snorting lines off hookers and thinks this would be a good suggestion for me...not only did I watch I also bought a ChessBase India shirt....fml

  • SealAngel
    SealAngel 7 hours ago

    He took his queen out with a knight lol

  • Ollie Nash
    Ollie Nash 7 hours ago

    How the fuck did I end up here

  • Vedant Dixit
    Vedant Dixit 7 hours ago

    against the minister of defence Sergey karjakin himself🙂

  • Hannah Laboriante
    Hannah Laboriante 7 hours ago

    i love chess

  • Harry Bajwa
    Harry Bajwa 7 hours ago

    Wait who one

  • Intrinsically Foreign

    Why kings in the middle of the board after resigning?

  • kelvin moses
    kelvin moses 7 hours ago

    Magnus popped diahrea

  • Helmi Muhamad Ridwan


  • Herococo Coco
    Herococo Coco 8 hours ago

    The reason for losing the Indian guy is the waving Indian flag in the audience. Why Eastern cultures loading so much motion people's shoulders. Even I can feel Indian guy's stress, the same thing happen Asian too. Be relax bro, don't act these people a kind of superhero. The other guys don't care his country, his anthem, his nationality proud. He just play chess. Don't do this the people !!! I'm really sorry for the Indian guy, it's so humiliating.

  • Jcup Leemas
    Jcup Leemas 8 hours ago

    See you all in 10 years when this gets recommended for some reason

  • you know
    you know 8 hours ago

    basically put the king where the queen is it take three turns and it just is something no one really expects it throw them off

  • you know
    you know 8 hours ago

    honestly if you in the beginning switch the king and queen it seems weird but it is an interesting strategy I don`t know what to call that they got so many openings

  • Panda30Caleb Gaming
    Panda30Caleb Gaming 8 hours ago

    I dont even watch chess i don’t even know who won, I DONT KNOW HOW TO PLAY and what just happened, this was just in my recommendation

  • Cristian Cruz
    Cristian Cruz 8 hours ago

    Who won??😂and who’s magnus

  • you know
    you know 8 hours ago

    I have gotten balanced games with Alekhine there have been times I almost beat him I got him with this funny strategy basically switch the king and queen in the very beginning it trips them out

  • TheRamblingBoy
    TheRamblingBoy 8 hours ago

    Why was this video offered to me as relevant? I don't play chess. I never watched chess. Has nothing to do with any other videos I watched.

  • you know
    you know 8 hours ago

    Fischer was better than this guy on the chess master software Alekhine I try and beat for years still cannot but I will one day at least one time beat him

  • TL;Gaming
    TL;Gaming 8 hours ago

    Chess is underrated

  • Clinton Huynh
    Clinton Huynh 8 hours ago

    59:54 What kind of a handshake was that?

  • Ok Bot
    Ok Bot 8 hours ago

    He used chicken leg bis

  • Marco Guariglia
    Marco Guariglia 8 hours ago

    no mystery of chess technique. just stomach ache

  • Venkatesan Anand
    Venkatesan Anand 8 hours ago

    There are many comments against IM... its totally wrong way. Many chess players will face this situation in blitz or rapid games. Its absolutely OK to offer a draw after you noticed your clock is flagged down, unless until arbiter interferes. On the other hand, even after accepting the draw, you can still claim win if you notice the opponent's clock is down. Here, You can feel for this player, but no rights to blame IM.

      MONOJ BRAHMACHARI 3 hours ago

      shut up. Dont try to promote unethical activities. khel me hara nahin saka toh bheek mangne laga. phele shatranj ka kanoon sheekh phir baat karna. darpok kahin ka. you als lack confidense.

  • Frankie xXx
    Frankie xXx 8 hours ago

    But WHY??

  • Roberto Tenreiro
    Roberto Tenreiro 8 hours ago

    i am an ignorant... i know... but is it just me or it wasn't check-mate?

  • Sailesh Raut
    Sailesh Raut 8 hours ago

    Happy Birthday Vishy Sir

  • OrangeNASA
    OrangeNASA 8 hours ago

    I bet these guys have a lot of sex with their wives

  • Masood Alam
    Masood Alam 8 hours ago

    why im here

  • Poldus Eri
    Poldus Eri 8 hours ago

    I don’t like this game and don’t understand why I am watching it.

  • Jeníček
    Jeníček 9 hours ago

    It's a coughing competition, isn't it? 😂😂😂

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy 9 hours ago


  • sara snap
    sara snap 9 hours ago

    This isn't even asmr :(

  • Gaylord Schröder
    Gaylord Schröder 9 hours ago

    Chess ... remove this s and replace it with t and a hot looking female and Ill watch it. What the fuck man

  • Turbo 86
    Turbo 86 9 hours ago

    Imagine if TheXvid's algorithm for recommending videos was used to match people on dating sites!

  • Destry Talledo
    Destry Talledo 9 hours ago

    Am i the only one that sauce the checkmate that magnus had?

  • M M
    M M 9 hours ago

    I would need a smokin' hot hostess bringing me drinks every 7 minutes to sit through this.

  • NWO Glanzkopf
    NWO Glanzkopf 9 hours ago

    Arrogance is disgusting

  • M M
    M M 9 hours ago

    WTF just happened. I scrolled way down the comments and no one knows who won. So who won?

  • Aditya Deshpande
    Aditya Deshpande 9 hours ago

    The boys starstruck

  • sharkATX
    sharkATX 9 hours ago

    7:16 is that even allowed?

    • sharkATX
      sharkATX 9 hours ago nevermind

  • Cs Bow
    Cs Bow 9 hours ago

    7.18 wtf ?!!!

  • PUBG Kills
    PUBG Kills 9 hours ago

    Comments 12K Likes 31K

  • zs Xie
    zs Xie 9 hours ago

    what happened. Who won ?

    • M M
      M M 9 hours ago

      fuk if I know haha

  • Me and my ideas
    Me and my ideas 9 hours ago

    Will you try to speed up your English after Anand turns 50 ? Or am I the one who still feeling bad with your English ? But wanna watch the videos anyway.

  • Nicholas Muela
    Nicholas Muela 9 hours ago

    Game lasted longer than i do in bed...

    • M M
      M M 9 hours ago

      with more moves too haha!

  • Emily the loli Nightray

    I'm always confused by my suggestions, but at least this is a recent video.

  • SheStillRuns
    SheStillRuns 9 hours ago


  • Game Addictgonewild
    Game Addictgonewild 9 hours ago

    I love how that magnus guy sits there looking more confused as i do watching this vid