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  • Jovial Nonce
    Jovial Nonce 4 minutes ago

    The Indian kid did not see that move coming from the world chess champ, thats why he resigned and asked magnus to adopt him.

  • Jovial Nonce
    Jovial Nonce 12 minutes ago

    Knight g5 was just too powerful, vidit had to resign immediately.

  • eds_ scio
    eds_ scio 19 minutes ago

    2:48 ...cuando te dice que tiene nauseas y no regla desde hace 2 meses

  • Gene Berrocal
    Gene Berrocal 22 minutes ago

    Is there a way to filter out all the comments about coughing?

  • Go Orioles
    Go Orioles 27 minutes ago

    16:05 huge blunder

  • music 360
    music 360 40 minutes ago

    Thoda kooda mudiyadhu pola Carlson ah

  • Arunachal's Secret Superstar

    I was Also a great chess player is at this child age...

  • Dan Smith
    Dan Smith Hour ago

    Everyone saying the Alireza is a sore loser and whining need to realize that this is a CHILD. This kid is only 16 years old, and I’m sure ALL of you had your moments when you were that age. The difference is he’s competing against the greatest chess player in the world, and you were just upset that your mom didn’t buy you an Xbox for Christmas.

  • lenhador aposentado

    they are playing with time stopped lol

  • InVaDeR
    InVaDeR Hour ago

    All i see is that the kid lost

  • ronitovi
    ronitovi Hour ago

    So close ?? Where, when ? It was always a better position for black, especially after the opening. He was never close to win?

  • Ângela Mancuso
    Ângela Mancuso Hour ago

    BRAVÍSSIMO ELISEY MYSIN! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏❤❤❤😇😇😇🎶🎶🎶🎹🎹🎹

  • Mattias Loow
    Mattias Loow Hour ago

    Have a look at his contoversey with Magnus Carlsen, this kid is a litte piece of shit. I hope this guy never gets good enough to become a real rolemodel for kids! A TERRIBLE face for chess!

  • Ifk 1899
    Ifk 1899 Hour ago

    Magnus Carlsen = GOAT


    Is this the same kid in this video At 3:00min mark

  • InVaDeR
    InVaDeR 2 hours ago

    Cough 10 times and win a fridge

  • Gavin Dowds
    Gavin Dowds 2 hours ago

    ...and "secrets"...

  • امپراطوری ایران


  • Ray Gordon Teaches Chess

    Man he's out of control!!

  • Ray Gordon Teaches Chess

    once at the ATE my team did the "copy trick" where we waited for the two white boards to move, then copied their moves, etc.,

  • Masahiro
    Masahiro 2 hours ago

    en india todos tienen tuberculosis?

  • Ray Gordon Teaches Chess

    Good technique, making a GM play against himself by copying his openings.

  • Ray Gordon Teaches Chess

    Today I beat a FIDE 2440 in 18 moves with White. Four years ago I was 1500 in the same rating pool.

  • Ray Gordon Teaches Chess

    Nakamura has gained what FIFTY Elo points in the past TWENTY years? I've gained 500 in the past four.

  • Ray Gordon Teaches Chess

    So fantastic he's 800 points weaker than Stockfish....

  • Mr. Knives Millions
    Mr. Knives Millions 2 hours ago

    So much coughing! Christ

  • Keyon Hussain
    Keyon Hussain 2 hours ago

    Made it too end of video. Dont know how to plass chess lol.

  • max factor
    max factor 3 hours ago

    Anish Kumar Giri a Russian born Dutch chess player with Nepali first name, Indian mid name and Czech last name

  • Muinuddin khan
    Muinuddin khan 3 hours ago

    Salute to those legends who visit cmnt section to know who won 😂😂😂😂

  • Nicolas Riba
    Nicolas Riba 3 hours ago

    What is the illegal move?

    AWESOME NATION 3 hours ago

    Idk why I'm hear 😂

  • Neon Hills Music
    Neon Hills Music 3 hours ago

    poor Naka

  • Clover
    Clover 4 hours ago


  • C Tripps
    C Tripps 5 hours ago

    Question for anyone who's good with chess rules if someone accidentally drops their king during a professional tournament does that count as a forfeit even if it's an accident?

  • Huntiq
    Huntiq 5 hours ago

    Sry I am new at Chess but I would have played Queen G3. I know thats Carlsen and I am probably missing something but I dont see it? @ 11:35

  • diztiinct
    diztiinct 5 hours ago

    9:50 how is this position not a draw? The dark squares are blockaded he can just sit still with the bishop

  • Shapour Ebra
    Shapour Ebra 5 hours ago

    New champion in the world

  • Dima Zaherman
    Dima Zaherman 5 hours ago


  • Ricardo Aquino
    Ricardo Aquino 5 hours ago

    Cough blitz

  • Rick Nelson
    Rick Nelson 5 hours ago

    Another one bites the dust !

  • Jaroslaw Piwar
    Jaroslaw Piwar 5 hours ago

    Anand mated Liren's pawn on h6 :-)

  • Darshan Modi
    Darshan Modi 5 hours ago

    Kuch pata chala kon jita 😭😭😭muje nahi dekhna chess iske baad 🥺🥺

  • 박지훈
    박지훈 5 hours ago

    Oh my god it's every introduction of every porn ever oh shittt

  • mahavir vansh
    mahavir vansh 6 hours ago

    if queen takes rook, night C7 would take queen. if king moves b7...rook captured queen. queen has to be blundered. so he resigned.

  • Harrison Edokpayi
    Harrison Edokpayi 6 hours ago

    Did someone say draw? I thought that should be a clear win for Carson since he takes the pawn intended to Queen and then the took takes took then king takes rook and boom Carson has upper hand since he can easily promote his pawns which his opponents clearly don't have. Its sad that there is no 2D representation on the screen. All viewers do is imagine the moves. Not good at all! Its like watching football without seeing where the ball is headed!

    GOD GAMING 6 hours ago

    He is no more... He passed away last night 😭😭😭😭😭... I played the last tournament too under his arbitraring 😭😭😭😭😭... Rest in peace one of my favourite arbiters of all time...

  • Ryu Drago
    Ryu Drago 6 hours ago

    Nakamura is not that good

  • Aiman Nawfal
    Aiman Nawfal 6 hours ago

    How did Magnus take out the pawn at 7:15 like bruh

  • Çağrı Güneş
    Çağrı Güneş 6 hours ago

    Ding looking like ghost i mean never seen or like that social platform but he will exist a tournament and he will wind to everyone ... Anyway that was good game

  • said momeni
    said momeni 7 hours ago

    Both of them are iranian , but here win Alireza

    ITWASME 7 hours ago

    That little.shit keeps looking ove for hints

  • Dr. Gaurav Pancholi
    Dr. Gaurav Pancholi 7 hours ago

    Eventually it was draw

  • Minal Gharge
    Minal Gharge 7 hours ago

    Hallo sir I played 2 fide rating tournament in this month .in first tournament I play with all rated players 3.5 out of 10. And in 2nd tournament I played with all rated players score is 4.5 out of last round muze bye Mila tha. Kya muze rating ayegi aur kitni

  • Adwik Mishra
    Adwik Mishra 7 hours ago

    I also want to get defeated by Anand.

  • Mariah ramzkie
    Mariah ramzkie 8 hours ago

    Child Abuse

  • Mohammad Saleh
    Mohammad Saleh 8 hours ago

    First and only

  • Turtality
    Turtality 8 hours ago

    I never noticed how much people cough until this video

  • AzulynoT03
    AzulynoT03 8 hours ago

    wouuuu! amazing

  • Big Fella
    Big Fella 8 hours ago

    Nakamura win?

  • Avirup Chakraborty
    Avirup Chakraborty 8 hours ago

    Sagar my personal congratulations to you as well. We know your spirit is very high!

  • Avirup Chakraborty
    Avirup Chakraborty 8 hours ago

    We need more of such camps in India.

  • udaydakre
    udaydakre 9 hours ago

    Blindfold.... Excellent... I dont have words to describe it

  • Goutam Das
    Goutam Das 9 hours ago

    Thank you so much sir.. for training young talents from india amidst all other great things you do. Wish you lots of success and happiness in your retired life.

  • DEADLY noob gaming
    DEADLY noob gaming 9 hours ago

    I can see only few boxers

  • DEADLY noob gaming
    DEADLY noob gaming 9 hours ago

    Useless boxing capabilities

  • Rotem Yaari
    Rotem Yaari 9 hours ago

    Why does it take Magnus so long to make his first move? Was he that surprised by d4?

  • BMO
    BMO 9 hours ago

    Put the moved on description or create a upview so I can see what is goin on

  • sajen pokharel
    sajen pokharel 9 hours ago

    His handwriting is like his face.Pissed off.

  • kouzou8
    kouzou8 10 hours ago

    Fucking ebola room..

  • orcodituapse
    orcodituapse 10 hours ago

    Why a Russian is training Indian talents and not Russian ones is a mystery to me...

    • Vivungisport
      Vivungisport 54 minutes ago

      He will probably educate many nationalities in the coming years. You have start somewhere...besides, the chess climate in India are hyped right

    • Cristian Micu
      Cristian Micu 7 hours ago

      boris gelfand is also in the teaching team with kramnik, and hes israeli

    • Aras Vard
      Aras Vard 8 hours ago


  • Choy Flores
    Choy Flores 10 hours ago

    Sino ang nanalo?

  • abcentRUnet
    abcentRUnet 10 hours ago

    жИГАЛКО конченый, бог его наказал

  • Harikrashna Parikh
    Harikrashna Parikh 10 hours ago

    I like his way of teaching...! I watched all video of him and each video is amazing. I thanks to Sagar Shah and Hemal Thanki. I request to Sagar that I recommend Hemal Thanki For Other topic Video Lectures.

  • Аитор Хара
    Аитор Хара 10 hours ago

    I also have this kind of memory and it's normal for me although not very useful

  • Rujuta Yande
    Rujuta Yande 10 hours ago

    Who won

  • Rodel Tadeo
    Rodel Tadeo 10 hours ago

    ,should accept bro that you dont have enough time😅😅😅i kept watching carlsen mouth until last second he didnt say anything

  • Dekadenz
    Dekadenz 10 hours ago

    to strong

  • Dekadenz
    Dekadenz 11 hours ago

    people need to stfu with their lung infection

  • Crazyfoxxy
    Crazyfoxxy 11 hours ago

    Kept adding a second to Salem at the end: 3 ticked up to 4 twice!

  • ELS FT
    ELS FT 11 hours ago

    hahaha has two knights. so why should he be nervous. its not like he is rated 2k or below

  • Tommy4g4ming
    Tommy4g4ming 11 hours ago

    7:18 I saw something a wrong move.

  • Bobby M
    Bobby M 11 hours ago

    Must be the cold and flu season

  • Yusuf Çağlar
    Yusuf Çağlar 11 hours ago

    He didn't even shake his hand.

  • Deutsche with Rahul
    Deutsche with Rahul 11 hours ago Watch this

  • Manu Prakash
    Manu Prakash 11 hours ago

    Y he resigned

  • Omer Ben Gera
    Omer Ben Gera 11 hours ago

    Dear Boris, love from Israel 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱

  • Sukma Purwoko
    Sukma Purwoko 11 hours ago

    You are so sweet and good attitude, Nihal! 😍

  • Evan Hawkins
    Evan Hawkins 12 hours ago

    Everyone just do yourselves a favor and watch on mute. Somebody throw that crowd some f***ing cough drops!

  • Liner 01
    Liner 01 12 hours ago

    Is this hospital or what?

  • Josin Thomas
    Josin Thomas 12 hours ago

    Really educational. Sneeky moves. Especially that run at the end of lock and key.

  • Macross21
    Macross21 13 hours ago

    no entendi quien se rindio!??

  • MosaicGiraffe
    MosaicGiraffe 13 hours ago

    11:00 Eric Hansen Spotted

  • Bishnu Limbu
    Bishnu Limbu 14 hours ago

    1:05 little prank by cameraman

  • Ahmed D
    Ahmed D 14 hours ago

    The name of that indian child is scary. The child himself looks like an alien or something like that. He is creepy

  • o YANG
    o YANG 14 hours ago

    We don't angry on alireza. He is from Iran

  • Swagatam Ghosh Dastidar

    A lovely man and a great player. Thank you Boris.

  • Kyle Young
    Kyle Young 14 hours ago

    This kid is the real deal...carries himself well, like a champion.

  • Swagatam Ghosh Dastidar

    What a privilege for the kids and for India as a country to host a legendary sportsman. A thorough gentleman, a genius and one of the greatest ever. Thank you Vladimir.

  • Mehran november
    Mehran november 14 hours ago


  • Scott Warren
    Scott Warren 14 hours ago

    Why didn't any1 ask if the result was a win for white? If the game had continued, was it really so possible that white wouldn't have won?