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Praggnanandhaa vs Ganguly | Tata Steel Chess India Blitz 2018
Praggnanandhaa had been having quite a tough second day at the Tata Steel India Chess Blitz 2018. Prior to this game he had lost six games in a row. Would he be able to fight back? Would Ganguly inflict Pragg with seventh defeat in a row? Check out the video to find out.
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Day 6/21: Improve your chess with IM Sagar Shah
Views 2.8KDay ago
It's 21 day lock down in India due to the Corona virus. Well, it would be a good time, to work on getting better at chess. On day 6 of this training camp, IM Sagar Shah works with you on your tactics to get warmed up and then checks the games that have been sent by the students via email. Video: Sagar Shah #Chess #ChessBaseIndia #Sagarcamp Subscribe to the ChessBase India Channel on TheXvid for...
Day 5/21: Improve your chess with IM Sagar Shah
Views 4.1K2 days ago
It's 21 day lock down in India due to the Corona virus. Well, it would be a good time, to work on getting better at chess. On day 5 of this training camp, IM Sagar Shah works with you on your tactics to get warmed up and then continues to work on the minor piece imbalance. Day 3 and 4 was all about bishops, day five is about the knights! Video: Sagar Shah #Chess #ChessBaseIndia #Sagarcamp Subsc...
The final video from Part I of Candidates 2020 by GM Vishnu Prasanna
Views 1.6K2 days ago
The Candidates came to an abrupt end on 26th of March 2020. Only half of the event was completed and the tournament has been postponed indefinitely. ChessBase India covered the tournament in great detail and one of the persons who provided you with daily dose of instruction was GM Vishnu Prasanna. We bring you his final video with the analysis of the game MVL vs Nepo from round 7. Video: Vishnu...
Day 4/21: Improve your chess with IM Sagar Shah
Views 4.3K3 days ago
It's 21 day lock down in India due to the Corona virus. Well, it would be a good time, to work on getting better at chess. On day 4 of this training camp, IM Sagar Shah works with you on your tactics to get warmed up and then continues to work on the minor piece imbalance. Day 3 was all about bishops, day four is about the knights! Video: Sagar Shah #Chess #ChessBaseIndia #Sagarcamp Subscribe t...
Day 3/21: Improve your chess with IM Sagar Shah
Views 5K4 days ago
It's 21 day lock down in India due to the Corona virus. Well, it would be a good time, to work on getting better at chess. On day 3 of this training camp, IM Sagar Shah works with you on your tactics to get warmed up and then begins with the first imbalance - superior minor piece. Video: Sagar Shah #Chess #ChessBaseIndia #Sagarcamp Subscribe to the ChessBase India Channel on TheXvid for more in...
Day 2/21: Improve your chess with IM Sagar Shah
Views 6K5 days ago
It's 21 day lock down in India due to the Corona virus. Well, it would be a good time, to work on getting better at chess. On day 2 of this training camp, IM Sagar Shah works with you on your tactics to get warmed up and then welcomes you to the beautiful world of imbalances. Video: Sagar Shah #Chess #ChessBaseIndia #Sagarcamp Subscribe to the ChessBase India Channel on TheXvid for more informa...
It's not a good idea to play the French against French no.1 | MVL vs Nepo
Views 3.4K5 days ago
When Nepo played the French against Alekseenko, everyone thought it was just a one game thing. But Nepo surprised everyone by playing the French once again, this time against MVL. As it turns out, playing the French against French no.1 was not at all a good idea, as MVL played a beautiful game to completely outplay his opponent and bring home the full point. With this win the leaders MVL and Ne...
Grandmaster analysis of a complex B+N vs B+N endgame | GM Vishnu Prasanna
Views 1.1K5 days ago
You often wonder, how are grandmasters so good at endgames! Well, it has very little to do with talent, but a lot with their work ethic and discipline when it comes to analyzing these complex endgames. In this video GM Vishnu Prasanna, who is strong chess player but at the same time a very well qualified trainer, looks at the endgame between Wang Hao and MVL. The analysis is quite difficult to ...
Grischuk's time trouble, Caruana's thorough opening prep | GM Vidit Gujrathi analyzes
Views 1.3K5 days ago
GM Vidit Gujrathi analyzes the critical round 6 encounter between Fabiano Caruana and Alexander Grischuk in the Arkhangelsk variation of the Ruy Lopez. The Arkhangelsk is consider to be one of the most complex openings in theory. Vidit's meticulous approach at breaking down things helps you to not just understand this opening, but also give you new middlegame patterns and also some subtle endga...
Day 1/21: Improve your chess with IM Sagar Shah
Views 7K6 days ago
It's 21 day lock down in India due to the Corona virus. Well, it would be a good time, to work on getting better at chess. On day 1 of this training camp, IM Sagar Shah works with you on your tactics to get warmed up and then together works with you on an online blitz live game. You learn how to analyze your own games. Video: Sagar Shah #Chess #ChessBaseIndia #Sagarcamp Subscribe to the ChessBa...
Giri's first ever win at the Candidates | Analysis by GM Vidit Gujrathi
Views 2.2K6 days ago
They say winners never quit and quitters never win! Anish Giri may have taken 20 games to get his first ever win at the Candidates, but to his credit, he never for once missed a post-game conference, nor got upset at his opponent or an interviewer. He kept his calm through the high pressure environment of the Candidates 2016, and first five rounds of the Candidates 2020, and has been rewarded w...
Nepo's no mercy for Chinese players | Beats Ding Liren | Leads the Candidates 2020 with 4.5/6!
Views 6K7 days ago
We begin this video with a position where we want you to spend good amount of time trying to find a defense for Ding Liren. Well, if you are able to, we are in awe of your chess skills! Because Ding Liren wasn't able to and Ian Nepomniachtchi chalked up his third win of the Candidates 2020 and now leads the event with 4.5/6. Do you think he will win the tournament? Still 8 rounds to go, so we a...
19 games in the Candidates and still no win for Anish Giri - GM Vidit Gujrathi on Giri vs Caruana
Views 2.4K7 days ago
Anish Giri played the Candidates in 2016 and played 14 draws out of 14 rounds. In 2020 he lost the first round, but since then has sored four draws. His biggest chance to score his first win at the Candidates came in the 5th round against Fabiano Caruana when Giri got a completely winning position. How did he miss the win? GM Vidit Gujrathi explains in this video. Also discussed in the video is...
Nepo's f4 is like the Covid19 that is chasing us
Views 1.2K8 days ago
GM Vishnu Prasanna continues his insightful coverage of the Candidates 2020. Check out this instructive video where he compares the position on the board with the real life situation of Covid19 that is surrounding us. Sometimes we do not take the threats seriously on the board and lose the game, the same shouldn't happen with Coronavirus. We should be on our toes! Video: Vishnu Prasanna #Chess ...
"Until you analyze it, you won't realize it!" - Vidit on Nepo vs Wang Hao
Views 2.2K8 days ago
A game which you may understand at a basic level, changes completely when you discuss it with a 2700 GM. Vidit is an expert at the Petroff. In fact the line which Wang Hao used in the 5th round of the Candidates 2020, was the same one that Vidit had used against Anand in Wijk Aan Zee 2019. It seemed like the game was bordering on equality for major part of the battle, and then all of a sudden N...
Symmetry is not equality | Nepo is sole leader with 3.5/5 at Candidates 2020
Views 4K8 days ago
People are terribly bored to see the openings like Petroff, Exchange Slav, Exchange French etc. Mainly because the pawn structure is symmetrical and you don't really have the pawn breaks to create play. But once you understand symmetrical positions better, you get to know that activity and initiative become even more important than usual. This is what happened in the game between Ian Nepomniach...
Tarrasch would have been proud of Grishuk | Vishnu on Candidates Round 4
Views 1.6K8 days ago
The Berlin Defence fight between MVL and Grischuk was the talk of round 4 of the Candidates 2020. GM Vishnu Prasanna finds some of the most instructive moments from the game and treats you to deep insights of not just the queenless middlegame, but also the endgame. Find out where MVL missed the win and also find out why Tarrasch would have been proud of Alexander Grischuk! Video: Vishnu Prasann...
Understanding h-pawn advances at top level chess | Candidates Round 4
Views 2.8K8 days ago
These days top players push their h-pawns out of the blue. These push it and sometimes it almost feels as if there is no purpose behind the move that is made. In this video IM Sagar discusses two such games with GM Vidit Gujrathi - Caruana vs Nepo and Ding Liren vs Giri from round four of the Candidates 2020 where the h-pawn was pushed without any provocation. Both the games served a different ...
A 46- minute chess coaching session with India no.2 GM Vidit Gujrathi (2726) on MVL vs Grischuk
Views 3.4K9 days ago
The Berlin might seem like a dull opening. But when you have a good trainer, the most boring or dullest of things start looking interesting. This is exactly what happened in the round up video of he 4th round of the Candidates 2020 by IM Sagar Shah and GM Vidit Gujrathi. Vidit, who is an expert at the Berlin Defense, decided to test Sagar with questions on just about every move. In fact at ever...
Understanding Nepo's French Winawer
Views 3.1K9 days ago
GM Vidit Gujrathi speaks about the very interesting battle in the third round of the Candidates 2020 between Kirill Alekseenko and Ian Nepomniachtchi. When Alekseenko opened with 1.e4 Nepo played the French! And it led to an exciting game. GM Vidit Gujrathi analyzes it in this video. Video: Vidit Gujrathi #Chess #ChessBaseIndia #Candidates2020 Subscribe to the ChessBase India Channel on TheXvid...
2700+ super GM tests a 2400+ rated mediocre IM!
Views 10K9 days ago
We have seen several videos of GM Vidit Gujrathi being tested by IM Sagar Shah in his famous blindfold videos. Well, for a day the roles were reversed. In the round-up show of third round of the Candidates, Vidit prepared a couple of questions based on the games of Giri vs MVL and Grischuk vs Wang Hao and posed them to IM Sagar Shah. Check out the video to see how a mediocre IM fares when a sup...
MVL vs Carlsen | A peek into the World Championship 2020?
Views 57K10 days ago
MVL is playing amazingly well at the Candidates 2020. After first three rounds, he is on 2.0/3, going into the rest day. Will he be able to win the Candidates and challenge Magnus Carlsen? If he does win the event, how would a match-up between the two look like? We bring you the blitz game between MVL and Carlsen from the World Blitz 2019. Have a look at this intense duel and feel the tension w...
Caruana made the Slav look like the Grunfeld! GM Vishnu Prasanna on Ding vs Caruana
Views 2.9K11 days ago
Although Caruana lost his game against Ding Liren, our expert annotator for the Candidates GM Vishnu Prasanna felt it was a great game by Caruana. He came up with a bold idea that made the Slav look like Grunfeld! What more can you ask for, says Vishnu. In this video he analyzes the exact moment where Caruana lost the thread of the game and let his compensation wither away. Learn from Vishnu's ...
2700+ GM Vidit Gujrathi on Caruana's novelty and Ding Liren's fighting spirit
Views 6K11 days ago
The chess world was shaken when Fabiano Caruana played the shocking novelty 9...e5 against Ding Liren in round three of the Candidates 2020. Caruana had a huge time lead, but Ding Liren managed to hang in there and eventually beat his opponent with strong and logical moves. What does another world class player think about this opening novelty and subsequent tenacious play of Ding Liren? Is this...
Ding Liren beats Fabiano Caruana | Candidates 2020 Round 3
Views 11K11 days ago
Imagine this situation - you play a normal opening and all of a sudden your opponent springs a deadly surprise on you. It's a pawn sacrifice, and so novel that it has never been seen before nor discussed. How do you approach this situation? Do you go for the most uncompromising approach or do you try to find a way in which you avoid sharp lines as your opponent is clearly prepared. Many normal ...
Sagar's Saga: An overview of the Candidates 2020 Round 2
Views 1.2K11 days ago
How did Caruana simply blow his opponent off the board? How did MVL manage to beat Ding Liren with ease? How did Grischuk create winning chances with black in the Berlin? And why did Anish Giri think for 47 minutes on just move no.12! All this and much more in Sagar's Saga - An overview of round two of the Candidates 2020. Video: Sagar Shah #Chess #ChessBaseIndia #Candidates2020 Subscribe to th...
The tactical and concrete style of Don Fabi | Caruana vs Alekseenko, Candidates Round 2
Views 2.9K11 days ago
At the Candidates 2020 we see games and try to learn from them. But we at ChessBase India are trying to get the games explained by some of the best players and trainers of India. GM Vishnu Prasanna is well known for analyzing the styles of different players and is one of the most prominent trainers in the country. He is also the coach of talents like Gukesh, Leon Mendonca, Rathanvel, Varshini e...
Vidit Gujrathi on the Round 2 of the Candidates 2020
Views 3.4K12 days ago
GM Vidit Gujrathi discusses all the four games of round 2 of the Candidates 2020 with IM Sagar Shah. Be it Caruana-Alekseenko, MVl-Ding Liren, Nepo-Grischuk or Wang Hao-Giri, Vidit goes in great detail and points out the small nuances which are often invisible even to the strong GMs. It's for a reason why Vidit has an Elo of 2700 ! Take out an hour from your schedule and enjoy Vidit's analysis....
Teach chess online | Playchess for online chess training
Views 6K12 days ago
With the spread of Coronavirus, one question that is on the mind of every chess coach is, how to make the best possible online training sessions. Which softwares should I use to make it the most interactive for my students. Using the Playchess software can give you excellent results. There are a few tricks which you need to know and are explained by IM Sagar Shah in this video. If you like the ...
Anish Giri's new idea in the opening against Nepomniachtchi explained | Candidates 2020 Round 1
Views 1.5K12 days ago
GM Vishnu Prasanna drills down the most exciting opening of round 1 of the Candidates 2020 played by Anish Giri against Ian Nepomanichtchi. Vishnu explains the ideas behind the moves and also how Ian Nepomniachtchi played very accurately to ensure Giri's home preparation doesn't give him an edge. Video: Vishnu Prasanna #Chess #ChessBaseIndia #Candidates2020 Subscribe to the ChessBase India Chan...
Sagar's Saga: An overview of Candidates 2020 Round 1
Views 2.2K12 days ago
With two decisive results - Nepomniactchi winning with the black pieces against Anish Giri and Wang Hao beating Ding Liren, round one of the Candidates 2020 was filled with very exciting chess. In this 10 minute summary, IM Sagar Shah takes you through the most important moments of all the four games. It gives you an idea of all that happened in round 1. Video: Sagar Shah #Chess #ChessBaseIndia...
The complex endgame of Giri vs Nepomniachtchi at the Candidates decoded by GM Vishnu Prasanna
Views 3.2K13 days ago
A very complex rook versus queen endgame arose in the game between Anish Giri vs Ian Nepomniactchi in round 1 of the Candidates 2020. To fight the absolute truth of the position would require several days, . However, there are a few very important rules that you can learn by analyzing this endgame. GM Vishnu Prasanna who is not just a grandmaster but also a world class trainer tries to decode t...
Nihal Sarin vs Pablo Zarnicki | A Positional Masterpiece
Views 13K14 days ago
The position is round about equal, but then the 15-year-old begins to weave his magic! And his magic is so potent that his opponent Pablo Zarnicki had no way to get away from it! Look how Nihal Sarin covers his opponent through a web of masterful moves and brings the full point home! Video: ChessBase India #Chess #ChessBaseIndia #WRB2019 Subscribe to the ChessBase India Channel on TheXvid for m...
B. Adhiban vs Baadur Jobava | It's not over until it's over!
Views 3.7K15 days ago
When the beast - B. Adhiban clashed against Baadur Jobava it was a game to watch out for at the Aeroflot Blitz 2020. The game is filled with high quality opening, middlegame drama and a brilliant end. It is definitely something that you shouldn't be missing out on. And remember - It's never over until it's over! Video: Shantharam KV #Chess #ChessBaseIndia #Aeroflot2020 Subscribe to the ChessBas...
The way Firouzja handles time pressure is amazing! | Firouzja vs Duda
Views 42K15 days ago
It started with a Benoni and Duda soon got a dominating position. He had space, and better pieces. But Alireza hung in there. When the time began to run low, Duda lost control over the position, while Alireza kept his calm. It's a big learning experience to see how Firouzja always manages to keep his cool even with just a few seconds left on his clock. Video: ChessBase India #Chess #ChessBaseIn...
"It's not a good idea for a second to work all night!" - GM Jorden van Foreest
Views 4.2K20 days ago
GM Jorden van Foreest recently read the book "The Anand Files" and really enjoyed it. It is the fastest I have ever read a book says Jorden who finished it in under 3 days! What did he learn from the book? FM Michiel Ablen, the author of the book interviews Jorden about it. For all those who live outside India and the areas catered by ChessBase India, can get the book from here: www.newinchess....
Who do you think will win the Candidates 2020?
Views 3.9K16 days ago
Few of the top Indian titled players pick their favorites to win FIDE Candidates 2020. Note: The interview was done few weeks before Candidates so the question has few weeks instead of days. Video: Shahid Ahmed #Chess #ChessBaseIndia #Candidates2020 Subscribe to the ChessBase India Channel on TheXvid for more informative and exciting videos! Subscribe to ChessBase India on TheXvid:
How did Carlsen react when his opponent offered a draw on move 15 | Carlsen vs Dominguez
Views 85K16 days ago
You won't find a more solid GM in the world of chess than Leinier Dominguez. Magnus Carlsen was facing him in the 14th round of the World Rapid Championships 2019. Both the players blitzed out their opening moves. And on move 15th, Dominguez offered Carlsen a draw. Carlsen already had a lead of one and a half point. He could have easily accepted the draw. But he did not! Check out the fighting ...
The Royal Dance of the Queen and the King!
Views 16K19 days ago
17-year old Raahul V S (2172) faced a challenging Queen ending against former National Blitz Champion GM Laxman R R (2353) in Round 9 of 4th Shaastra Rapid Rating Open 2020. How did he fare? Find out in the video. Video: Shahid Ahmed #Chess #ChessBaseIndia #IITMadras Subscribe to the ChessBase India Channel on TheXvid for more informative and exciting videos! Subscribe to ChessBase India on The...
Frederic Friedel on meeting Tal, Spassky and Fischer!
Views 1.9K17 days ago
If you have missed part I: We continue the series of Frederic Friedel on the greats of chess that he has met in the past. Frederic, the co-founder of ChessBase is one of the few individuals in the world of chess who has spent hours with the World Champions and greatest chess players, not just of the present era, but also of the past. In this video he spe...
Making the World Champion sweat! | Rakhmanov vs Carlsen
Views 80K18 days ago
Aleksandr Rakhmanov is a strong 2600 GM from Russia. But facing the World Champion Magnus Carlsen is an altogether different ball game. In this game you see how a well-prepared, confident opponent can even make the World Champion sweat. Check out the game to see if Magnus could out of it alive or not! Video: ChessBase India #Chess #ChessBaseIndia #WRB2019 Subscribe to the ChessBase India Channe...
"How is your time running?" - a gentleman's gesture by the GM!
Views 11K19 days ago
Both GM Priyadharshan Kannappan (2482) and GM Vishnu Prasanna (2512) were in the joint lead at 7.5/8 heading into the penultimate round of 4th Shaastra Rapid Rating Open 2020. Vishnu got a favorable Rook and Opposite Color Bishop endgame which he converted with no difficulty. At 3:12, Vishnu accidentally presses the clock while trying to put the captured bishop down. Instead of taking undue adv...
Even Grandmasters blunder under time pressure
Views 11K19 days ago
GM Shyam Sundar M (2504) had an advantage against IM P D S Girinath (2275) in Round 9 of 4th Shaastra Rapid Rating Open 2020. However due to time pressure, he misplayed and blundered into an unstoppable checkmate. Video: Shahid Ahmed #Chess #ChessBaseIndia #IITMadras Subscribe to the ChessBase India Channel on TheXvid for more informative and exciting videos! Subscribe to ChessBase India on The...
Nothing is mightier than the Queen!
Views 52K19 days ago
Gowrichander U (1452) carefully broke his opponent Anirudh's (1198) fortress of Rook, Knight and Pawn, then he won a Queen vs Rook endgame using one of the correct technique in Round 9 of 4th Shaastra Rapid Rating Open 2020. Video: Shahid Ahmed #Chess #ChessBaseIndia #IITMadras Subscribe to the ChessBase India Channel on TheXvid for more informative and exciting videos! Subscribe to ChessBase I...
When a winning position turns into a losing one | Matlakov vs Vidit
Views 16K20 days ago
Usually you expect a strong 2700 player to win his game when he gets a winning position! Well, things are not so obvious in blitz. In this game between Matlakov and Vidit, one of the players gets a winning position. Just when everything is going his way, he makes one mistake after another and within a few seconds that game is completely turned 180 degrees! Check out this exciting battle between...
ChessBase Premium Account - A powerful chess improvement tool for less than Rs.5 per day
Views 3.4K19 days ago
If you are looking for a tool that helps you to become a stronger chess player in all the phases of the game, then ChessBase Premium Account is just what you are looking for. You can play online, solve tactics, watch live games, get access to thousands of master videos, get access to live database, train your openings, cloud access, player database, chess studies database and much more! So that...
The game that made Magnus Carlsen the World Rapid Champion 2019
Views 247K20 days ago
Usually when it is the championship game, you often see players slightly tensed or nervous. But you can see how Magnus Carlsen plays each and every move in this game with great confidence against Hikaru Nakamura. He has a full point lead over the field and instead of him offering a draw, it was Nakamura who had to ask for the half point. After becoming the World Rapid Champion we show you the a...
A draw offer declined, then again, a final draw offer, smiles and a handshake | Vidit vs Artemiev
Views 13K21 day ago
Has it ever happened to you, that you felt the position was drawn and offered a draw and it is simply rejected. If you have faced this, how do you react? In this video you see one of the players, starts playing very quickly and aggressively and puts pressure on his opponent. The dynamics after a draw offer that is declined are quite well shown in this video. It also shows two of the most talent...
A 20-second revision of an endgame that you all know!
Views 7K23 days ago
Rathneesh R (1866) held Ashwath R (2289) to a draw after liquidating to a drawn King-Pawn ending in Round 8 of 4th Shaastra Rapid Rating Open 2020. Note that the rook pawns in king and pawn endgame have a high drawing tendency. Video: Shahid Ahmed #Chess #ChessBaseIndia #IITMadras Subscribe to the ChessBase India Channel on TheXvid for more informative and exciting videos! Subscribe to ChessBas...
India's super women! Four masterpieces on International women's day!
Views 2.4K21 day ago
Read the full article: Check out these four gems by four top women players of Indian chess! Video: Sagar Shah #Chess #ChessBaseIndia #WomensDay Subscribe to the ChessBase India Channel on TheXvid for more informative and exciting videos! Subscribe to ChessBase India on TheXvid: Check out chessb...
Checkmate outta nowhere ends the game
Views 11K23 days ago
11-year old Prajit Ravishankar (1141) was up against 60-year old veteran trainer K Ganesan (1682) in Round 8 of 4th Shaastra Rapid Rating Open 2020 at Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Prajit was already in a lost position in the Rook ending, however the veteran instead of going for the more theoretical approach to score a victory, he went for the practical one where he delivered a checkmate outta nowhere. ...
How did Korobov react when Anish Giri offered him a draw!
Views 19K24 days ago
A tense, complex and an exciting game came to an abrupt end when Anish Giri offered a draw! Can you find when Giri offered a draw? Check out this cool video which deals with the poisoned pawn variation in the Najdorf. It was played between Anish Giri an Anton Korobov at the World Rapid 2019 Video: ChessBase India #Chess #ChessBaseIndia #WorldRapid Subscribe to the ChessBase India Channel on The...
Confirmed - Nakamura is a blitz monster! Perunovic vs Naka
Views 41K26 days ago
Perunovic is a strong Serbian GM. He got quite a dominating position with the white pieces against Hikaru Nakamura in the second round of World blitz 2019. Just when it was needed for him to be extremely concentrated and play carefully, Perunovic lost his focus and the rest was just demolition. Naka played one powerful move after another to beat his opponent and win the game in style Video: Che...
Nakamura vs Carlsen | Clash of world no.1 and 2 in blitz!
Views 65K24 days ago
During the World Blitz 2019, Hikaru Nakamura was the world no.1 and Magnus Carlsen was the world no.2. Naturally a game between them evokes quite a bit of excitement among the viewers! Nakamura opened the game with 1.e4 and Magnus replied with 1...e5. It was the Ruy Lopez! Check out the video to know who came out on top! Video: ChessBase India #Chess #ChessBaseIndia #WRB2019 Subscribe to the Ch...
Why you should learn the Bishop + Knight checkmate
Views 31K25 days ago
Haresh Nandan C (1242) had a unique situation in his game. He was left with only a lone a king and his opponent Sivan S Roshan (1505) had a bishop and knight in Round 7 of 4th Shaastra Rapid Rating Open 2020. However Sivan did not know how to checkmate with bishop and knight. What happened next? Find out in the video. Video: Shahid Ahmed #Chess #ChessBaseIndia #IITMadras Subscribe to the ChessB...
Is this rook endgame winning or drawn? GM Vishnu's only draw at the Shaastra Rapid 2020
Views 6K26 days ago
We all know Siegbert Tarrasch said, "All Rook endings are drawn". However, more than often the defender has to play very accurately to salvage a draw. IM D K Sharma (2422) was in such a predicament against GM Vishnu Prasanna (2512) in Round 7 of 4th Shaastra Rapid Rating Open when both of them were leading the tournament with a score of 6.0/6. How did the former National Blitz Champion D K Shar...
Magnus Carlsen takes 1 minute 17 seconds for one move against Duda in 3 minute blitz
Views 249K25 days ago
Jan Krzysztof Duda is young, ambitious and a well prepared player. It is natural that when he plays with the white pieces, he tries to put maximum pressure on his opponents. However, when you face the World Champion things are much different. Magnus Carlsen comes up with his favourite Sveshnikov Defence. On his 22nd moves Carlsen thinks for 1 minute 17 seconds out of his stipulated 3 minutes! W...
Harika beats World Champion Ju Wenjun | Lausanne Women's GP 2020
Views 7K26 days ago
If you would like to learn four knights opening from White:!/Rocket-Repertoire-The-Four-Knights-by-Simon-Williams/p/86731652 We rarely see a World Champion losing her game and when she does you do not expect her to get outplayed from an equal position. But that's exactly what happened to Ju Wenjun in round 3 of the Lausanne FIDE Women's GP. She was up against India no....
The art of not losing against Magnus Carlsen! | Mamedov vs Carlsen
Views 64K26 days ago
Beating Magnus Carlsen is very difficult, but also holding him to a draw is not at all easy. Rauf Mamedov is a well know blitz and rapid specialist. In this game he shows what it takes to not lose to Magnus Carlsen! He plays simple logical chess, doesn't make any blunders and liquidates at the right moment! In this way he is able to make a comfortable draw against the World Champion! Check out ...
GM Srinath shows how to win in Rook and Opposite Color Bishop endgame
Views 4.3K27 days ago
Top seed of the tournament GM Srinath Narayanan (2530) showcased proper technique to win a favorable Rook and Opposite Color Bishop ending against FM Rohith Krishna S (1883) in Round 6 of 4th Shaastra Rapid Rating Open 2020. Video: Shahid Ahmed #Chess #ChessBaseIndia #IITMadras Subscribe to the ChessBase India Channel on TheXvid for more informative and exciting videos! Subscribe to ChessBase I...
And that's how a star is welcomed | WGM Pratyusha Bodda in Tuni
Views 1.6K27 days ago
Pratyusha Bodda achieved her final WGM norm at the Gibraltar Masters 2020. It was quite a tough journey for the youngster as she missed her WGM norm on nearly 15 occasions. When she returned back home, she was invited to her alma mater Sri Prakash school in Tuni in order to felicitate her! The scenes that you will see in this video are sure to make you feel proud of being a chess and a sports p...
Sergey Karjakin vs Vladimir Kramnik | Battle of two Russian greats
Views 19K28 days ago
Karjakin opens the game with 1.b3 and Kramnik plays as aggressively as he can. It was clear that the two Russian greats wanted to play for the crowd at the World Blitz 2019. Although the clock cannot be seen clearly, it is obvious that Karjakin was under grave time pressure. In the end it was Kramnik's extra time versus Karjakin's extra material. Who came out on top? Check out the thriller! Vid...
Try and try till you succeed! An impossible win made possible by Sharma's grit and patience
Views 26K27 days ago
Former National Blitz Champion IM Dinesh Kumar Sharma showed true grit against veteran IM P D S Girinath in a Rook and Opposite Color Bishop endgame which seemed to be equal. However Sharma kept grinding and eventually his opponent lost his concentration and blundered, allowing Sharma to score a full point for his efforts. After almost 90 minutes of fight DK Sharma won his sixth round game at 4...
The secrets of Rook + Knight vs Rook endgames
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Rook Knight vs Rook - yes it is a theoretically drawn endgame, but it is never trivial. Although majority of the games end in a draw, in this video you get to learn the common drawing techniques, the winning attempts for the stronger side, the tricks and traps and much more. In the video: 1. Shimanov vs Karjakin - video analysis 2. Polgar vs Kasprov - analysis 3. Abhishek Kelkar vs Sagar Shah -...
Nakamura cleverly traps Bosiocic's knight on e8!
Views 27K28 days ago
Marin Bosiocic is a strong blitz player. However, in this video you get to see how Nakamura when in full flow is simply unstoppable. Even when the material was reduced on the chess board, Hikaru managed to outplay his opponent, have nearly an extra minute on the clock and trapped the poor knight on e8! A great game indeed! Video: ChessBase India #Chess #ChessBaseIndia #WorldBlitz Subscribe to t...
FM Srihari holds GM Srinath Narayanan to an exciting draw
Views 6K29 days ago
Top seed of the tournament GM Srinath Narayanan (2530) was better for the majority of the game, however he mentions that he missed a key counterplay that his opponent had which gave FM Srihari L R (1910) some chances which he missed. Hear Srinath's thoughts about the game: #Chess #ChessBaseIndia #IITMadras Subscribe to the ChessBase India Channel on TheX...
14-year-old Nikhil Magizhnan shocks GM Deepan Chakkravarthy
Views 14K29 days ago
Reigning Tamil Nadu State Under-13 champion, Western Asian Youth and Junior Silver and Bronze medalist CM Nikhil Magizhnan (1893) got a fantastic position against his state-mate GM Deepan Chakkravarthy (2470) in Round 4 of 4th Shaastra Rapid Rating Open 2020. 14-year-old Nikhil was also in time trouble, what happened next, watch till the end to find out. Also don't miss checking Deepan's eagern...
Four queens on the board after move 10! Test your chess with the Civil Engineer Nubairshah Shaikh!
Views 9K29 days ago
Full article with PGN of the game: It opened with the Slav Defense. Soon we witnessed the Geller Gambit. But by move 10 things had gone so much out of control that the board had four queens! Check out this amazing game of Nubairshah Shaikh (black) against GM Ivaljo Enchev at the Cappelle La Grande 2020. The tournament will be remembered b...
When someone figures out how to checkmate with a queen over the board
Views 16KMonth ago
Many of us have gone through phases where doing checkmate with a lone queen seemed like a tall order. Dontaraboina Mounika faced a similar grave situation when she faced seven-year-old Rohith P in the third round of 4th Shaastra Rapid Rating Open 2020. Don't forget to check out the little girl's reaction next to the kid. Video: Shahid Ahmed #Chess #ChessBaseIndia #Checkmate Subscribe to the Che...
GM Priyadharshan Kannappan shows how to win an equal QN vs QB endgame
Views 5KMonth ago
14-year-old Sivan S Roshan (1505) faced GM Priyadharshan Kannappan (2482) in Round 3 of 4th Shaastra Rapid Rating Open 2020. In a seemingly equal Queen-Bishop vs Queen-Knight endgame, Kannappan showed how to create chances, forced his opponent to make mistake eventually and score the full point. Learn from FT GM Priyadharshan Kannappan on how to win from an equal Queen and minor piece endgame. ...
Never give up! | Volodar Murzin vs Vidit Gujrathi
Views 14KMonth ago
Very often when you lose some material against a higher rated opponent, you lose your will to fight! My opponent is stronger than me and also I am materially down. What are my chances of survival, is the thought in your head. But hold that thought back! Dig deep into your resources, don't give up and fight hard! That's when you can even test the greats! Check out this video to learn the art of ...
How to hold a GM to a draw in a Rook-Pawn ending
Views 4.9KMonth ago
GM Shyam Sundar M (2504) was held to a draw by 17-year-old Jayachandra Srinivas Vellanki (1518) in a Rook-Pawn ending in Round 3 of 4th Shaastra Rapid Rating Open 2020. Video: Shahid Ahmed #Chess #ChessBaseIndia #IITMadras Subscribe to the ChessBase India Channel on TheXvid for more informative and exciting videos! Subscribe to ChessBase India on TheXvid: ...
Even board #202 provides a fight at Chess Capital of India
Views 6KMonth ago
Nine-year-old Sruthi R was ahead in material, but she blundered against Arunkumar N (1020) in Round 2 of 4th Shaastra Rapid Rating Open 2020. It was also the last game of the round and it took place on board #202. It shows that if you are playing in Chess Capital of India - Chennai, Tamil Nadu, a patzer may also put up a good fight. Video: Shahid Ahmed #Chess #ChessBaseIndia #IITMadras Subscrib...
The mother of all comebacks! Indian masters speak about Koneru Humpy
Views 1.4KMonth ago
GMs Deepan Chakkravarthy, Vishnu Prasanna, Srinath Narayanan, Priyadharshan Kannappan, WGM Nandhidhaa P V, WIM Rakshitta Ravi and IM Ravi T S share their thoughts on Humpy winning Skolkovo GP, Women's World Rapid 2019 and Cairns Cup. Video: Shahid Ahmed #Chess #ChessBaseIndia #IITMadras Subscribe to the ChessBase India Channel on TheXvid for more informative and exciting videos! Subscribe to Ch...
Endgame tactics decides the game
Views 6KMonth ago
Jai Sankar Subramaniam (1187) made a tactical error in the Rook-Knight vs Rook-Bishop endgame where both sides had five pawns each in Round 2 of 4th Shaastra Rapid Rating Open 2020. Can you spot the tactical error? Video: Shahid Ahmed #Chess #ChessBaseIndia #IITMadras Subscribe to the ChessBase India Channel on TheXvid for more informative and exciting videos! Subscribe to ChessBase India on Th...
A final twist in the plot in this nail-biting thriller!
Views 30KMonth ago
Vinoth Kumar C (1473) got a completely winning position with his two rooks against Surya R's (1165) Queen after the latter misplayed it. Black however made a grave mistake where he could not even salvage a draw and had to resign. Watch out till the end to know what mistake not to repeat. Video: Shahid Ahmed #Chess #ChessBaseIndia #IITMadras Subscribe to the ChessBase India Channel on TheXvid fo...
The Future vs The Present | Nihal Sarin vs Vidit Gujrathi
Views 25KMonth ago
Vidit Gujrathi is currently India no.2 and judging from his performance at the Prague Masters 2020, it might well be possible that he would breach the top 10 rankings in the world in the near future. On the other hand Nihal Sarin is one of the most talented youngsters of Indian chess. He is extremely solid and very difficult to beat. It was natural that when Vidit and Nihal clashed against each...
14-year-old Aydin Suleymanli's move that would have made Dvoretsky proud!
Views 7KMonth ago
While India boasts of several talents who are teenagers right now, there are other countries in the world who have gems of their own! Most notable is Azerbaijan, who has the current World under-14 champion Aydin Suleymanli. The 14-year-old youngster is perhaps one of the biggest talents in the world of chess and his moves will convince you that he really has it in him to become the best in the ...
A game of blunders - interference in RN vs RB endgame
Views 10KMonth ago
Playing endgame correctly in time pressure is no doubt difficult, however when both sides make a series of botches, it comes down to the point who makes the last grave mistake. Two young players made quite a few mistakes in a Rook and Knight v Rook and Bishop endgame in Round 1 of 4th Shaastra Rapid Rating Open 2020. Video: Shahid Ahmed #Chess #ChessBaseIndia #IITMadras Subscribe to the ChessBa...
Nakamura offers a draw when his opponent's time is running | Nakamura vs Giri
Views 34KMonth ago
At the World Blitz 2019, Hikaru Nakamura made his move, pressed his clock and when Anish Giri began to think, Nakamura offered a draw. According to the FIDE Arbiter's Manual rule - "A player wishing to offer a draw shall do so after having made a move on the chessboard and before pressing his clock." It means that Nakamura should have offered the draw before pressing the clock. However,...
Learning from your blitz games | Rook vs pawns
Views 2KMonth ago
Playing blitz games is definitely fun, but there can be a lot of things that you can learn from it. In this video IM Sagar Shah shares with you his experience of playing a blitz game against Jakob19 and analyzes the rook endgame from which he learnt a lot. If you too would like to save your blitz games, then use the ChessBase 15 for this purpose.!/ChessBase-15/p/121043...
"I keep telling her how to handle team pressure" - IM Ravi T S
Views 1.4KMonth ago
IM Ravi T S and his daughter WIM Rakshitta Ravi belong to a unique family where both parents Ravi T S and Sai Meera are titled players. Ravi shares with us what it means to them. They also talk about Rakshitta making her debut for PSPB earlier this month and winning her National Team Women's title. We ask them that how many tournaments they played together and how many times they faced each oth...
Exchange down? No problem, let's fight till the end
Views 17KMonth ago
White was ahead in exchange but he was unable to capitalize on it. Black fought till the end, used his passed pawn and well placed bishop and knight along with king to win the game eventually, capitalizing on the fact that white was low on time. The game was played in Round 1 of 4th Shaastra Rapid Rating Open on 22nd February 2020. Video: Shahid Ahmed #Chess #ChessBaseIndia #IITMadras Subscribe...
Nandhidhaa analyzes her win against Valentina Gunina and more
Views 1.6KMonth ago
One of the latest WGMs of India, Nandhidhaa Venkatachalam beat former World Blitz Champion Valentina Gunina in Round 7 of Gibraltar Masters 2020. How did she beat her? Nandhidhaa analyzes the game herself and explains the game. She became a WGM last year in Abu Dhabi Masters and at Gibraltar International Chess Festival, she secured her fourth IM-norm. She just needs to touch 2400 in the live r...
Alireza Firouzja vs Yu Yangyi | Petroff Defence
Views 28KMonth ago
The Petroff is considered to be quite a dull and boring opening. But when your opponent is the young and aggressive Alireza Firouzja, it might well be the best option! Check out this game between Firouzja and Yu Yangyi and how Petroff Defence (1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nf6) against the right opponent, at the right time is a very potent opening. Video: ChessBase India #Chess #ChessBaseIndia #WRB2019 Subscri...
The 8 point challenge to beat the top seed of Aeroflot Open Vladislav Artemiev (2728)
Views 3.6KMonth ago
Vladislav Artemiev is one of the top Russian youngsters and dubbed as the next big thing from Russian chess. He already has a rating of 2728 and is the top seed at the Aeroflot Open 2020. In round 6, India's Vaibhav Suri (Elo 2591) was up against him and had the white pieces. We invite you to take Vaibhav's place and answer Sagar's 8-point challenge. If you are able to answer all 8 of them righ...
Nihal's second GM Srinath almost beat MVL at Pro Chess League 2020
Views 3.3KMonth ago
GM Srinath Narayanan had a wonderful opportunity to beat Maxime Vachier-Lagrave in PRO Chess League last month which he missed and went on to draw the game. He also talks about his performance in 4th Shaastra Rapid Rating 2020, which game decided the fate of his contention for the championship, what happened in his game against Srihari, what it was like to witness Humpy winning the Women's Worl...
The author of The Modernized Berlin Wall Defense - GM Priyadharshan Kannappan
Views 1.3KMonth ago
GM Priyadharshan Kannappan talks about the inception behind the book he authored, The Modernized Berlin Wall Defense, what he thinks is the best aspect of the book, what it means to have his mentor Susan Polgar write the Preface of this book, studying in Webster University. He also mentions that he is ready to help with all details for the strong IM and GMs who are interested in joining a unive...
The laugh at the end says it all | Kramnik vs Nakamura | World Blitz 2019
Views 57KMonth ago
In the 16th round of the World Blitz 2019 Vladimir Kramnik took on Hikaru Nakamura. Before this game Kramnik had already scored five consecutive wins over Kobalia, Iturrizaga, Petrosyan, Socko and Nepomniachtchi. He was in great form. Would Nakamura be able to stop the former World Champion? Let's find out. Video: ChessBase India #Chess #ChessBaseIndia #WRB2019 Subscribe to the ChessBase India ...
"If you have a strong mind, not just in chess, even in life it will help you" - GM Deepan
Views 2.1KMonth ago
GM Deepan Chakkravarthy talks about his performance in 4th Shaastra Rapid Rating 2020. How he bounced back after suffering a loss and won all his remaining six games, what he has been working on lately. He also mentions about witnessing Humpy's chess career trajectory since his childhood as they belong to the same age group. Deepan also mentions that, chess is much more than analyzing a game us...
GM Vishnu Prasanna dominates 4th Shaastra Rapid Rating by scoring 9.5/10
Views 1.8KMonth ago
GM Vishnu Prasanna talks about his expectations, having a rough start, his toughest opponents in the tournament, how it was witnessing Humpy becoming a Women's World Champion, his thoughts on Anand's autobiography Mind Master, working with Surya Sekhar Ganguly and more. Video: Shahid Ahmed #Chess #ChessBaseIndia #IITMadras Subscribe to the ChessBase India Channel on TheXvid for more informative...
(Hindi) Making a living out of chess| Solapur's 1st rated player Sumukh Gaikwad
Views 1.6KMonth ago
During the 80s Solapur (in Maharashtra) did not have a single rated chess player. Sumukh Gaikwad learnt chess from his father, but never really knew that there was an entire world out there of competitive chess. When he learnt about it, he started playing in tournaments and began to rapidly improve. He became the first rated player of Solapur! While this in itself was inspiring, Sumukh didn't s...
Bharath Subramaniyam stuns Zhou Jianchao (2622) | Aeroflot Open 2020
Views 4.2KMonth ago
12-year-old Bharath Subramaniyam played an excellent game of chess to beat Chinese GM Zhou Jianchao (2622). With this win Bharath now has a rating performance of 2955 in the tournament and is one of the two leaders with 3.5/4 (the other one is Rauf Mamedov). Starting as the second last seed and scoring three wins against GMs like Antipov, Sargissian and Jianchao is truly a fantastic achievement...
How to win Rook and Opposite Color Bishop endgame by IM Ravi Teja S
Views 7KMonth ago
IM Ravi Teja S (2377) showed how to play Rook and Opposite Color Bishop correctly and win against Pranav V (2063) in Round 5 of 4th Shaastra Rapid Rating 2020. Video: Shahid Ahmed #Chess #ChessBaseIndia #IITMadras Subscribe to the ChessBase India Channel on TheXvid for more informative and exciting videos! Subscribe to ChessBase India on TheXvid: Check out...
How to win a closed BB vs BN endgame by GM Priyadharshan Kannappan
Views 2.8KMonth ago
GM Priyadharshan Kannappan (2482) showcased the correct technique and punished the mistakes of his opponent Raahul V S (2172) to win the Round 5 game and be one of the seven leaders with 5.0/5 in 4th Shaastra Rapid Rating 2020. Video: Shahid Ahmed #Chess #ChessBaseIndia #IITMadras Subscribe to the ChessBase India Channel on TheXvid for more informative and exciting videos! Subscribe to ChessBas...
Award winning coach Ramesh talks about budding talents, upcoming Candidates and more
Views 2.4KMonth ago
Award winning Indian super coach GM R B Ramesh talks about the success of Shaastra Rapid Rating, he also mentions how Pranesh, Bharat and Vatsal are doing lately. Ramesh reveals how he started sharing various important tips through facebook and twitter to help various players, their parents and coaches. We also ask him for his opinion about the difficulties Wang Hao and Ding Liren are facing du...
12-year-old Bharath and 13-year-old Pranesh set Aeroflot Open on fire!
Views 3KMonth ago
Both are from Chennai, both study at the Chess Gurukul, and both are unbeaten at the Aeroflot Open 2020 after three rounds. Meet 12-year-old Bharath Subramaniyam and 13-year-old M. Pranesh. Being unbeaten for just three rounds doesn't seem a big deal, but Aeroflot Open is no ordinary event. Here you constantly face GMs above an Elo of 2550 and it's a passage through fire for any young and buddi...
Alireza Firouzja beats Vidit 2-0 in blitz playoffs and wins the first super tournament of his career
Views 11KMonth ago
After Vidit and Alireza both finished on 5.0/9, they played blitz playoffs which were two games of 5 minutes 3 seconds increment. Alireza managed to win both the games and won the first super tournament of his career. But how were the games? In this video IM Sagar Shah has a closer look at both the blitz encounters. Video: Sagar Shah #Chess #ChessBaseIndia #PragueMasters2020 Subscribe to the Ch...
IITians speak about how chess helped them in their academics
Views 4.9KMonth ago
IITians are considered to be some of the smartest minds of our country. We reached out to the students of different IITs all across India and asked them one question - how has chess helped them in their academics. Check out this video in which you get to know how important chess is in the lives of these IITians. Video: Sagar Shah #Chess #ChessBaseIndia IIT-M Subscribe to the ChessBase India Cha...
Vidit's heartbreak against Navara and what we can learn from it
Views 9KMonth ago
Each one of us has lost a completely winning game in the past. Each one of us has gone through the pain of losing a wonderful position in chess! It's not just about that game, you lose your standing in the tournament, the prize money that you are going to earn is affected and worst of all your confidence is shattered. Vidit Gujrathi, India no.2, suffered a heartbreaking loss in round 8 of the P...
That's why Baadur Jobava is a genius!
Views 7KMonth ago
The ability to create something from nothing in a chess position is not something that is possessed by many chess players. To create a blistering attack from a sterile position is a sign of a genius! One such player of the modern era who comes to mind instantly when we talk about creative chess is Baadur Jobava. The Georgian GM was playing with the black pieces against Harshit Raja in round one...


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  • Sazid Mahammad
    Sazid Mahammad 21 hour ago

    Will you teach popular opening and defense in these 21 days session

  • abyisheik Reddy
    abyisheik Reddy 21 hour ago

    Anish Kumar Giri is a Russian-born Dutch chess player....So for all those Indians who thought he was Indian....PLEASE DONT

  • Subash Grg
    Subash Grg 21 hour ago

    Due to Corona they will stop handshake

  • Durgesh Mahant
    Durgesh Mahant 22 hours ago

    Put that guy in jail before He hurts someone, disgrace to sportsman spirit

  • Danny Labadlabad
    Danny Labadlabad 22 hours ago

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  • Raghavendra vilasakavi

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  • Shivam Pandey
    Shivam Pandey 23 hours ago

    How elephant came over the wajir??? 0:22

  • Orlando O
    Orlando O Day ago

    At this age i was still using diapers.

  • Chess TV
    Chess TV Day ago

    I defeated Magnus Carlsen 2 times

  • Cruìze
    Cruìze Day ago

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  • Chess TV
    Chess TV Day ago

    I defeated Magnus Carlsen 5 times

  • Sajjad Husain
    Sajjad Husain Day ago

    Indians can be so embarrassingly idiotic in social occasions. For example, what was that collective laughter following Anand saying ‘courtesy of the retired Mr. Kramnik’? Absolutely clownish. 🙄

  • arya dewangga
    arya dewangga Day ago

    7:16 is that move actually legal? 🤔 cause i dont know it before


    This guy making mistakes 😂😂

  • Rolfaz 04
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