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  • Sophie ____
    Sophie ____ 43 minutes ago


  • Scarlet Mondragón
    Scarlet Mondragón 45 minutes ago

    Amazing,very nice exelent, video.., 😀👍😘💜☺✌Beautiful.. #DyEveryday

  • Beauty Vibes
    Beauty Vibes Hour ago

    Amazing 💕💕💕💕

  • Sandra Medina
    Sandra Medina 3 hours ago

    Me encanta lo que hacen.💖 This is perfect.😘

  • Sophie Marchant
    Sophie Marchant 4 hours ago

    :O this is the most beautiful thing I’ve EVER seen in my life!!!! Super talented stylists! I love the video 💖

    • Sophie Marchant
      Sophie Marchant 3 hours ago

      DIY Everyday I know right!? I’m starting to get jealous!!! Lol!

    • DIY Everyday
      DIY Everyday 3 hours ago

      loveee 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

  • Illyana Castaneda
    Illyana Castaneda 4 hours ago

    Heyyy oys ur #1 fan again!!!!! I LOVE UR VIDEOS SO SATISFYING AND INCREDIBLE

  • Alessandro Da Silva
    Alessandro Da Silva 4 hours ago


  • srujanika Kolli
    srujanika Kolli 4 hours ago

    When he’s rubbing his hands he’s like lets do some uncurling. 🤣

  • Aika_ _0000
    Aika_ _0000 4 hours ago


  • Bianca Rocha
    Bianca Rocha 4 hours ago

    Wow 😱 🥇

  • SàRåh Lā FŐŪĮŅĚ


  •  4 hours ago

    َ 🙂👀 َ

  • فطومة العسل

    this is very nice

  • Daphne ARMY COOKIE Moshona

    4th comment

  • Pavithraa Krishnan
    Pavithraa Krishnan 4 hours ago

    Second comment 🤩

  • Marion & co
    Marion & co 4 hours ago

    This is so satisfaisant

  • Vanessa Atencio
    Vanessa Atencio 4 hours ago

    Me encanta esto, Like si crees lo mismo.

  • Haya Alanni
    Haya Alanni 4 hours ago

    it looks sooo soft

  • farah irfan
    farah irfan 9 hours ago

    momina mustehsen😍

  • sc höne
    sc höne 15 hours ago

    1:06 what name of that haircolor?

  • Kelsey Reschke
    Kelsey Reschke 16 hours ago

    I hate my hair because it is short, very thin, gets knotted veryyyy easily, and is naturally curly. The only thing that I like about my hair is that it is naturally curly but I just can’t do anything with it. When it was my moms wedding, the hairstylist told me that my hair was impossible to do so they just put it up in a normal ponytail 😒

  • Tori Nelson
    Tori Nelson 18 hours ago

    Once again who does a 4 year have better hair than me...😕😟

  • Puja Barman
    Puja Barman 22 hours ago

    4:30 min fabulous

  • p priya
    p priya Day ago

    2nd gal is looking good in short hair than long

  • p priya
    p priya Day ago

    They should also make a video after one wash at home

  • You're my heart You're my soul

    3.08 результат ужасный, волосы сожжены, корни выделяются. И зачем так навязчиво долго трепать девушкам волосы?

  • Reena Boodhoo
    Reena Boodhoo Day ago

    Perfection wow

  • Estefania Toledo


  • Crafty Alex
    Crafty Alex Day ago

    Omg these hairstyles are SO AWESOME! You are such an inspiration to me. Love your channel! DIY Everyday is so cool!

  • Stacey Vasquez

    Check this out Go viral -

  • Kauanne Gonçalves

    💇💇💇💇💇💇💇💇💇💇💇💇KAUANA25? Kkk?asertfcvn?

  • Kauanne Gonçalves


  • Kauanne Gonçalves

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  • Kauanne Gonçalves


  • Kauanne Gonçalves


  • Ramazan Öztürk


  • סימה בסון
    סימה בסון 2 days ago


  • Saiful Alam
    Saiful Alam 2 days ago

    Why was she crying

  • Goanga Berbecuta
    Goanga Berbecuta 2 days ago

    Waw, amazing

  • Orxan Agamirzeyev
    Orxan Agamirzeyev 2 days ago

    Cokkkk guzelll bayildimmmmm ceske bizdede boyle kuaforler olsaydiiii😍😍😍😍😍😣😣😣😄😄

  • Amanda Freeman
    Amanda Freeman 2 days ago

    I follow you and as a hairdresser I am inspired by the great colors and cuts you all do.It’s a shame you don’t show curling and finishing off techniques, what size tongs you use, what products etc. thanks.

  • Shoibam Padamani
    Shoibam Padamani 2 days ago

    I love the first hair cut 😍

  • Mi Sis
    Mi Sis 2 days ago!!! and cat))

  • Random vidmia
    Random vidmia 2 days ago

    Who else saw the second person doing the woman’s hair and thought of hopper from stranger things

  • Şule Gülsen
    Şule Gülsen 2 days ago

    3:01deki kızın o halı Lorin Yamana çok benziyoor 😘

  • Stripes
    Stripes 2 days ago

    What do they put on the hair to make it all come together in that fluffy (you know what I mean) way so there’s no stringiness or frizz?

  • Veena Krishnamurthy

    This is so nice

  • sandiya singh
    sandiya singh 2 days ago

    I Love that hair dye like the top part of your hair is brown then at the bottom its blonde im loving it where does this men do this hair thing I am loving it sooooo much!

  • Hair Inspiration
    Hair Inspiration 2 days ago

    That's wonderful. I love it!

  • Анжелика Брусникина

    Я восхищаюсь этой красотой!Мастер супер!

  • Estefania Toledo
    Estefania Toledo 2 days ago


  • Estefania Toledo
    Estefania Toledo 2 days ago


  • Estefania Toledo
    Estefania Toledo 2 days ago


  • Estefania Toledo
    Estefania Toledo 2 days ago


  • Rachael Humphrey
    Rachael Humphrey 2 days ago

    These styles are beautiful!! They are a really good inspiration 🙂!! Im so early though 😂. But still, keep it up!!

  • Susanne S.
    Susanne S. 3 days ago

    Happy hair, happy woman. 👌

  • Ariadna Bitria
    Ariadna Bitria 3 days ago

    Qué lástima ..entre el maquillaje, el peinado y el escote tienen pinta de todo menos de sólo es un día en tu vida y te pones vestido blanco no se supone que puedes tener por una vez en tu vida estilo virginal ? me gusta nada , parece fin de año con color de vestido blanco ...

  • Taty Espindola
    Taty Espindola 3 days ago

    Wauuu que hermoso todo lo que asen unos genios👏👏👏👏🍀

  • Beauty Vibes
    Beauty Vibes 3 days ago

    Wow amazing ♥️

    TANIMA NATH 3 days ago

    Wowwwww i want that silky and beautiful hairr😭😭😭 they are really sooo beautiful😍

  • Ferdi Firat
    Ferdi Firat 3 days ago

    Cok gözel

  • Maritza Hair and Makeup

    He’s playing with their hair so every one can see the True Tone and the healthy the hair is even after the chemicals .... love to see these colors in movement


    OMG me encantan los cortés y los colores q hacen me encantaría q me arreglen el pelo ami

  • Maritza Hair and Makeup

    As cosmetologist i admire you like an artist !!!

  • Antonela González
    Antonela González 3 days ago


  • Aryelle vs The World


  • Estefania Toledo
    Estefania Toledo 3 days ago


  • Subathra Ramkumar
    Subathra Ramkumar 3 days ago


  • Paromi Chowdhury
    Paromi Chowdhury 3 days ago

    i love their hairstyle

    CUTE GIRL # 3 days ago

    Omg I Love you , you Videos are everywhere cool and perfect 😄😘 And the hairstyles and colours are very very Nice GOOD JOB 😂🤗😇 LOVE U ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🤗😂😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

    • CUTE GIRL #
      CUTE GIRL # 3 days ago

      DIY Everyday thanks🙂

    • DIY Everyday
      DIY Everyday 3 days ago

      Thank you for the kind words! ❤❤❤ You are amazing!

  • irys
    irys 3 days ago

    wow!! great job

  • Josephine Lerario
    Josephine Lerario 3 days ago


  • Sagda Mezo
    Sagda Mezo 3 days ago

    البت الاولي شبه رودينا احمد الي في التيك توك

  • Lar Liza
    Lar Liza 3 days ago

    البنت الثانية تقول انها شريرة 🤣🤣

  • Sophie Marchant
    Sophie Marchant 3 days ago

    Love these hairstyles!! These videos really give me inspiration to fix up my damaged hair. Amazing video! 💕

    • Sophie Marchant
      Sophie Marchant 3 days ago

      DIY Everyday same! Beautiful hair. I wish I had the confidence to step out of my comfort zone and get a new style! I’m just not the type of person who would like go to a hair stylist and get a completely different Color! But these people did end up with gorgeous hair! Credits to the stylist!

    • DIY Everyday
      DIY Everyday 3 days ago

      I love them after!

  • Leticia Soto
    Leticia Soto 3 days ago

    Vengan pa l zuisa

  • lightning good
    lightning good 3 days ago

    I just love thr results❤

  • Kelly Ferraz monteiro

    Meu sonho passar por essas mãos ❤😻

  • Spe-chul Pee-pul
    Spe-chul Pee-pul 3 days ago

    Don't like any of them. LONG HAIR RULES

  • Mădălina Mihai
    Mădălina Mihai 3 days ago

    Super fain.😗😗😗👍👍👍👌👌💕

  • liezel lauron
    liezel lauron 3 days ago

    Wowww so amazing i love your video..sooo amazing ..greeting from🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  • Shoibam Padamani
    Shoibam Padamani 3 days ago

    Really nice👌😉

  • Cookiedough848
    Cookiedough848 3 days ago

    Plz do more videos

  • Cindy landis
    Cindy landis 3 days ago

    Same haircut same style and most of them kind of boring

  • helen h
    helen h 3 days ago

    I do not like ,when hairdresser cover the girls eyes ,so stupid Show the PRETTY faces but if the girls ugly ? That is DIFFRENT story 🤣

  • JanetCrafts
    JanetCrafts 3 days ago

    De dónde salen mujeres con el pelo tan largo??? Extensiones???

  • Lyia Gary
    Lyia Gary 3 days ago

    ....I can’t even brush my hair.....

  • Sandipa Bejai
    Sandipa Bejai 3 days ago

    Watching this video. Wishing my hair wasn't falling off😢

  • Topolino 826
    Topolino 826 3 days ago

    Dove siete

  • Autumn de Forest
    Autumn de Forest 4 days ago

    ❤❤❤ real artists

  • Beauty Vibes
    Beauty Vibes 4 days ago

    Awesome video DIY Everyday...guys if you like this channel surely you gonna like mine as well...need ur love and support ♥️🤗

  • Mobina Shaikh
    Mobina Shaikh 4 days ago


  • Ŕééäĺ Mőháméd


  • Mrmr Sameh
    Mrmr Sameh 4 days ago

    واااو 😍😍 روعه💝

  • summi khan
    summi khan 4 days ago

    😍😍😍 can u plzzzz style my's really so pretty.... Who wants 2 styl their hairs frm thm hit like

  • Hair Trendy
    Hair Trendy 4 days ago

    love mounir hair transformation

  • riae ro
    riae ro 4 days ago

    Where is it located?

  • Waseem Iqbal
    Waseem Iqbal 4 days ago

    Amazing bro keep it up!!!!!

  • Sara Ferrante
    Sara Ferrante 4 days ago

    Wow...I want their hairs😍😍

  • C C
    C C 4 days ago

    Music: Inukshuk - The Long Road Home 32Stiches - Olympus