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    GABI SOUSA 58 minutes ago

    Às 4:33 fiquei decepcionada tiraram a beleza do cabelo cacheado pra formar essa merda

  • Alma TV
    Alma TV Hour ago

  • Согласова Тамара

    Прикольно а сколько стоит😍😎

  • جعفر محمد جعفر محمد


  • It's Visirian_ Playz

    I demand to go to wherever this country is so I can just get a better haircut..... ╥﹏╥

    MARWA ISAAM 4 hours ago

    I would like to know where this salon is located

  • Abbas Rafi
    Abbas Rafi 6 hours ago

    Oohh woowwww😱

  • Corgii Dorgii
    Corgii Dorgii 6 hours ago

    Yesterday morning i had waist length hair Now? I have shoulder length hair

  • Ульяна Казанцева

    Вот бы мне точно такую же фигню с волосами делали...

  • Stephanie Ferent
    Stephanie Ferent 7 hours ago

    At 4:41 it didn't look nice on her

  • Анастасия Дежкина

    Блин я выросту прийду к вам с нетерпением только где этот салон находиться???

  • Claire Harrison
    Claire Harrison 8 hours ago

    Do you have such shops in London?

  • patricia licea
    patricia licea 10 hours ago


  • Bianca Reynaga
    Bianca Reynaga 12 hours ago

    Great Make-up to tutorial's!!!! Should they create a movie?? With all those scary tutorial's???

  • Zaelani Naehanna Alig
    Zaelani Naehanna Alig 14 hours ago


  • Lailah Playz
    Lailah Playz 15 hours ago

    Is it just me or do all these hairstyles look the same color and length wise

  • Maricela Rivera
    Maricela Rivera 15 hours ago

    4:35 is what you were here for

  • Cassie Kesselring
    Cassie Kesselring 15 hours ago

    Some one tell me how these people see?!

  • Nicole Cropolato
    Nicole Cropolato 15 hours ago

    Gente sou a única *BRASILEIRA POR AQUI?*

  • صاكه وكذا
    صاكه وكذا 16 hours ago


  • sweet little sparkling pink cupcake

    they have extentions there,or u bring your own?

  • Elane Barreto
    Elane Barreto 17 hours ago

    I LOVE you

  • Sunshinelynnkitty Plays

    *one year ago* *video made in 2017* *2019*

  • Alexandra Pham
    Alexandra Pham 19 hours ago

    The First Song Is We Are By Kisma

  • Julieta Alves de Moraes Filha


  • Unicorn and Rainbow
    Unicorn and Rainbow 20 hours ago

    Firts girl is so beautiful girl 🤩🤩

  • Alexis Velez
    Alexis Velez 20 hours ago

    did anyone else notice the girl holding a dog at 4:24 lol😂

  • Ana Schattel
    Ana Schattel 21 hour ago

    Remember that you are beautiful with or without makeup 😊

  • Muhammadrasya Budiman
    Muhammadrasya Budiman 22 hours ago

    Emezing fampir

  • Midnight Røseś
    Midnight Røseś 22 hours ago

    (when my hair is greasy watching this) I jUsT wAsHeD iT yEsTeRdAy

  • Eduardo israel Guajardo medina

    wsrryqyt raqzt flddw ydjir8 73 ijijihjijiji ya saven a q .e refiero ijiji zzgrdgi

  • Ester Rios
    Ester Rios 22 hours ago

    I love😚😚😚❤❤❤❤

  • غيث يامن
    غيث يامن 22 hours ago


  • Chandra Middleton
    Chandra Middleton 23 hours ago


  • Vitoria Janatta
    Vitoria Janatta 23 hours ago

    O cabelo da segunda ficou muitooo lindo

  • nayana taware
    nayana taware Day ago

    How much does it cost

  • Candy Penland
    Candy Penland Day ago

    I love you har

  • Yasmin Muhammed

    Çok güzel😍😍😍😲🤤

  • Anarchy Sans
    Anarchy Sans Day ago

    Wrong video.

  • Äm¡ńä Roses

    The first one looks like she does not like her hair

  • Roselyne Polackal

    I think 3:42 looks more cool...

  • Tunita Love
    Tunita Love Day ago

    I don’t want to be in a

  • Charlie kahl
    Charlie kahl Day ago

    Ist das katja

  • Vincent Hejirika

    Madam gesel

  • Vincent Hejirika


  • Кот лета 😼💞👌😸


  •  Day ago


  • Golden Rose
    Golden Rose Day ago

    What the is that her boyfriend 2:47

  • sweat hoon Lee

    This is really holloween

  • Mark Tupas
    Mark Tupas Day ago

    Where they located? What country is that?

  • Riham Mohamed
    Riham Mohamed Day ago

    بلا قرف يلعن الصبغات علي اللي عايز يعملها . دمرت شعري و بقي متقطع كل ناحية طول شكل . طول عمري بعمل شعري بايدي . مش بوظ شعري الا لما روحت صبغته في الكوافير و هنا بألمانيا. حط ليا سحب اللون و صبغ و بعد يومين بالظبط لقيت شعري اتقطع تماما زي ما يكون قصيته من ناحية ومن ناحية لاء . حاليا طبعا من شهرين بعالج شعري بزيت الزيتون و زبدة جوز الهند و علاج لفروة الراس كتبه ليا الدكتور علشان الفراغات اللي سببتها الصبغة و الاستشوار و المكواة . ولا بعمل حتي استشوار دلوقتي و دايما دهان فقط بزيت الزيتون و ممنوع تماما اي كريمات او بلسم او اي مكون كيميائي . و ده طبعا يستمر ع الاقل ٦ شهور

  • Jônathas Salvador

    Aiiiiiiii a segunda t lindaaaa

  • Sue Nami
    Sue Nami Day ago

    6 ads in 6 min? Srsly?

  • Luz elena Sandoval

    ComentariOS. 2.9. K

  • Luz elena Sandoval

    ComentariOS. 467

  • Luz elena Sandoval

    ComentariOS. 2. K

  • Kylie Beller
    Kylie Beller Day ago

    Wow. Inspiring and beaugiful 😊😇😻

  • CHOCOLATE LORD 27 Pickle_Lickle


  • Mina Hatake
    Mina Hatake Day ago

    Can someone tell me how to actually do 3:57

  • Doggy Lover
    Doggy Lover Day ago

    I wish i have diy everyday groom my hair😒

  • Doggy Lover
    Doggy Lover Day ago

    3:12 i guess black suits her good😊👍

  • Queenie of Queens

    Okay the bangs without cutting your hair is pretty awesome

  • Cheyenne Martin

    What is that purple drizzle and foam on her hair called and where can I get it

    • Yoselyn Trejo
      Yoselyn Trejo 23 hours ago

      Cheyenne Martin it’s purple shampoo it cancels out the yellow

  • ExpiredFlame Animations

    Ooo gabbie hanna is in it :3

  • the girlys funny vines

    Half of the time he and she was just playing around with the hair

  • خديجه قنان


  • Your_ LittleAngel

    Why aint u do any black people?

  • Girl of Destiny

    Can anyone tell what is the first haircut's name ?

  • Eloah Elo Lô
    Eloah Elo Lô Day ago

    You Brazilian ?

  • Ravi Prakash Swami

    Kid was adorable cute .....

  • Yasmine Abidi
    Yasmine Abidi Day ago


  • Nia C
    Nia C Day ago

    Who felt so jealous of their beauty 👶😫😍😍

  • Gladis Gonzalez

    no estas sola yo ablo español

  • limelight mwahh

    *cries in thin hair*

  • Ilayda Ipek
    Ilayda Ipek Day ago

    ♥ I love you make up♥

  • Kenya Hunte
    Kenya Hunte Day ago

    So for u too look nice everyone has to be blond huh...oooookay

  • Payton CASH
    Payton CASH 2 days ago

    5:53 omg is that gabbie!?

  • راما سان
    راما سان 2 days ago

    فيه عرب

  • ali ali
    ali ali 2 days ago

    اكتير حلو واو👎👎

  • LuluahStarChannel Aljehani

    That is wonderful!

  • Erika Wright
    Erika Wright 2 days ago

    I love the professional job you all do that you doing with real passion. ❤ only one note; you should protect them from hair spray to inhale. Brilliant guys ❤

  • Sunny M
    Sunny M 2 days ago

    Who else wants to get your hair done by mounir salon but is afraid that it's to expensive.

  • طارق كرار
    طارق كرار 2 days ago

    حسن يجرون الشعر

  • Syds Vlog
    Syds Vlog 2 days ago

    Ok we get it

  • Camryn Chance
    Camryn Chance 2 days ago

    Idc what anybody says that little girl is a pro PERIODTT!🤣❤️

  • Boliver Friginette
    Boliver Friginette 2 days ago


  • kimberly lou
    kimberly lou 2 days ago

    How do I make an appointment?!?!?!?

  • you can call me anything


  • Eijiro Kirishima💜💙💚💛

    2:28 that dance😁

  • O.K.
    O.K. 2 days ago

    DIY Hacks!! :D (Shows a girl that showered and ironed her hair) WOW, AMAZING HACK!!👍🏻

  • Nicole Gonzalez
    Nicole Gonzalez 2 days ago

    Muy bueno me encanta

  • Dennis Tatis
    Dennis Tatis 2 days ago

    Wow ese peluquero es un crack y like si hablas español y eres de colombia

  • CHOCOLATE LORD 27 Pickle_Lickle

    Can we just take a moment to recognise that the first vid isnt even and that I dont trust anyone but my mom with my hair...

  • Nichole Elizabeth
    Nichole Elizabeth 2 days ago

    Heartless? Lottery is using a straighter in thumbnail. And TWO people uses blow dryers.

  • S.V L.V Beauty101
    S.V L.V Beauty101 2 days ago

    Um idk where this salon is tho

  • Mai Hosny
    Mai Hosny 2 days ago

    Amazing mounir

  • Veronika Baranow
    Veronika Baranow 2 days ago

    Also wie ich das verstanden habe, hat sie eine Gesichtsmaske hergenommen die trocken wird und bröselt. Mach ich morgen nach 💪

  • AsrielTheDreamer
    AsrielTheDreamer 2 days ago

    1:52 Mmmmmmm Spaghetti 😋

  • Dina Omar
    Dina Omar 2 days ago

    Hi someone know the location please.

  • elle Jay
    elle Jay 2 days ago

    Hands down the best colourist I’ve seen. Not diverse on the hair types though.