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Ronald ShoubRonald Shoub
Ronald Shoub
8 years ago
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Thin Watermelon
8 years ago
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Good PalsGood Pals
Good Pals
10 years ago
The Magic TrickThe Magic Trick
The Magic Trick
11 years ago
even the besteven the best
even the best
11 years ago
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Demo Reel
12 years ago
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Job Hunt
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Once a Year
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Comments • 82

  • dokuzkusurluhareket

    can anyone tell what's the orchestral music playing on S04E04 ???

  • Aamos
    Aamos Year ago

    Come back, please.

  • Duncan Byrnes
    Duncan Byrnes Year ago

    does anyone know where i can find the vid of nathan continuously pulling things out of his jacket?

  • By Jov! Productions

    Make more videos, Nathan!

  • FO AD 6
    FO AD 6 2 years ago

    hi nathan i love you a lot

  • Stephanie
    Stephanie 3 years ago

    where da bermuda shorts??????? TRL request

  • Trevor Denehey
    Trevor Denehey 3 years ago

    this is a message in a bottle of the internet. hopefully these words reach your eyes. if not - then the bottle got lost

  • polygon1
    polygon1 3 years ago

    hey cmon bro where ya been bro bro cmon bro im waiting bro ur funny lol cmon bro where ya been im getn tire of waitn bro lol

  • jethroastle
    jethroastle 4 years ago

    Can you make a music video for me? We look similar

  • Chris Purington
    Chris Purington 4 years ago

    you should upload more youtube videos!! also great job on the show.

  • Majic Freeman
    Majic Freeman 4 years ago

    I think your tv show is awesome and I followed you to this channel and watched every single one and I got really good grades in high school too and I have some ideas for you.

    • William Song
      William Song 2 years ago

      you got good grades in high school from watching his videos? that's interesting

  • StarLorine
    StarLorine 5 years ago

    I've watched all your videos...Please post more. I really like the one where you dance, that's my favorite:)

  • Adam Harrington Voice Actor

    Great Job!

  • Monroe Z.
    Monroe Z. 5 years ago

    Can i marry you? Would that be okay... <3

  • Bodellia
    Bodellia 5 years ago

    We misssss ya!! Join with ''THIS IS THAT'' and you'll be fine!! Please... <3

  • Some Random Fellow
    Some Random Fellow 5 years ago

    Hey what happened to your new video? I was going to show it to my friend and now it's gone? :(

  • Cameron Tough
    Cameron Tough 6 years ago

    Have you lost all your standup videos or something? I can't find them anywhere. I really want to show my friend one that I saw a few years ago (I think it was on comedy central). Your jokes were so clever that the audience had to think for a few seconds before they laughed. I thought it was great!

  • Matthew Worona
    Matthew Worona 7 years ago

    you should post stuff more often. you're awesome.

  • the Flipside
    the Flipside 7 years ago

    You rock! I subbed... come by anytime! I always comment and sub back. MUCH LOVE!!! ~Flipside XL

  • Adam Pallett
    Adam Pallett 7 years ago

    Do a video with Kyle from Good Neighbour. The 2nd most hilarious being on earth!

  • Guitarfreakandy
    Guitarfreakandy 7 years ago

    please collaborate on a video with Kyle (from good neighbour)!

  • LambHoot
    LambHoot 7 years ago

    ooooooooooooooooooooooon your side

  • Wolfgang Ruttkowski
    Wolfgang Ruttkowski 7 years ago

    You belong into a first-rate acting-school. Wolf

  • bmradux
    bmradux 7 years ago

    Oh Wow! No LOLs , but Amazing! Amazing is better. Greetings from your new fan in Romania.

  • inxy
    inxy 7 years ago

    LOL he has so much potential. The reason is he doesn't upload regularly.

  • Theodore Warner
    Theodore Warner 7 years ago

    I never understood why your channel isn't of the biggest on TheXvid. You're better than fucking Smosh.

  • Fishbowl Improv
    Fishbowl Improv 7 years ago

    Your channel oozes sweetness

    SWEETROSE SINGS 7 years ago

    Greetings from Rose for you!

  • SongOnLyrics
    SongOnLyrics 7 years ago

    hey.nice channel

  • Addison Rennick
    Addison Rennick 7 years ago

    I want more of your huge throbbing videos in my tight little video hole. Create more. So I can shove them in. *stares blankly*

  • BennySoup
    BennySoup 7 years ago

    The best thing about your videos is originality.

  • Tara Nak
    Tara Nak 8 years ago

    You fans miss you, any plans for a CBC comeback soon? :) Anna*

  • faisal19887
    faisal19887 8 years ago

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  • SwineMedia
    SwineMedia 8 years ago

    Love the videos.

    SWEETROSE SINGS 8 years ago

    Smiles and blessings for our Nathan from Rose!

  • denactor
    denactor 8 years ago

    Love your shorts Nathan, keep up the good work!

  • P C
    P C 8 years ago

    :( i wish u were on 22 minutes more. ur really funny and a great actor man!

  • eab26
    eab26 8 years ago

    Love your stuff. I wish the awkward conversations from 22 minutes weren't blocked.

  • Laurena Segura
    Laurena Segura 8 years ago

    Love your videos! ( and you were hilarious on 22minutes and Important things )

  • CBKillas
    CBKillas 8 years ago

    Nathan, I gotta tell you, the video of the pilot outside the cockpit? HILARIOUS. I am subscribing just cause of it. Great channel.

  • Yukonalien
    Yukonalien 8 years ago

    I've been watching you stuff for a while, your amazing I don't think I have laughed that hard in my life !

  • Mickie McC
    Mickie McC 8 years ago

    oh man i wish i could make this the king. im so glad someone else saw that when they looked at electrical outlets.

  • Tim Mombourquette
    Tim Mombourquette 8 years ago

    hey nathan. i met you on the set of 22 minutes once. my dad saw you in pete's fruitique and got you to call me an then you gave me the free tickets to see the show. thanks again. your hilarious. keep up the good work.

  • Bloodthirsty Melon
    Bloodthirsty Melon 8 years ago

    Nathan Fielder, you are hilarious. I am now subscribed. If you want to see some cartoons, watch my cartoons. Or somebody else's cartoons. That will probably do the trick as well.

  • Cameron Tough
    Cameron Tough 8 years ago

    What happened to the stand-up routine that you had posted on youtube a long time ago. I just remembered it recently and wanted to see it again, it was brilliant and hilarious.

  • John Read
    John Read 9 years ago

    Do you know where you can get Keith's Beer here in California?

  • MaghoxFr
    MaghoxFr 9 years ago

    I miss your videos man, I know you must have important things to do but I really like your videos, it's the best part of youtube! I need a laugh

  • plasticvideo
    plasticvideo 9 years ago

    Nathan we miss your humor. Please make a few more videos.

  • Tony Marinelli
    Tony Marinelli 9 years ago


  • BigJek
    BigJek 9 years ago

    air my name on 22 minutes

  • plasticvideo
    plasticvideo 9 years ago

    lol, Poo was tops!

  • LowRider220
    LowRider220 9 years ago

    Awesome videos man, you are truly hilarious. I've been a fan ever since i first saw Nathan on your side on 22 minutes.

  • NoGufff
    NoGufff 9 years ago

    Good shit. The BAW blow out had me going. I thought that passenger was a bit too much of a dick. You might enjoy The Chasers War on Everything, from Australia, they're on here.

  • aceridgey
    aceridgey 9 years ago

    your a dick making that edit of the baw cockpit blow out lol

  • MaghoxFr
    MaghoxFr 9 years ago

    do i like them? are you joking, i fucking love them!

  • 792218005
    792218005 9 years ago

    You're a champion, man. A fucking champion.

  • MaghoxFr
    MaghoxFr 9 years ago

    question for nathan or anyone who can answer it: when is your movie going to be released, or if it already has, where can i check it out? thanks for your comedy

  • MaghoxFr
    MaghoxFr 9 years ago

    love your comedy man!!! discover your videos just days ago but im addicted. greetings from uruguay

  • kerou16
    kerou16 9 years ago

    Yes. I like them, Nathan.

  • Albert Calzaretto
    Albert Calzaretto 10 years ago

    ur the best part of 22 minutes

  • nomless
    nomless 10 years ago

    I like them.

  • daydreamnation54
    daydreamnation54 10 years ago

    This Hour Has 22 have the most absurd and riveting sense of humour I have ever seen.

  • howdo
    howdo 10 years ago

    One of the greatest!

  • Brody Knockwood
    Brody Knockwood 10 years ago

    you fuckin hilarious dude

  • ezzerdamoose
    ezzerdamoose 10 years ago

    love you on the 22 minutes.

  • BattleSoup
    BattleSoup 10 years ago

    nathan fielder is really cool and stuff ;)

  • solo712
    solo712 10 years ago

    You are the funniest person I have never met.

  • ubergossen
    ubergossen 10 years ago

    Dude you're a comedic genius, we should hang out some time.

  • Mark M
    Mark M 10 years ago

    awesome vids! come see mine:)

  • limpicatto
    limpicatto 10 years ago

    Hi, I'm a fan from México, and I have seen all your short vids already. You got an original sense of humor. It remembers me the humor of "The Cowboy and the Frenchman" of Lynch.

  • MattAndRob HumorShow
    MattAndRob HumorShow 10 years ago

    Fucking sweet! Theres a Nathan Fielder youtube channel! YOU are hilarious! You are the only reason i watch this hour has 22 minutes! Now im going to watch all your videos!

  • DebbCa
    DebbCa 10 years ago

    You aaaaaaaaaaaaaaare hilarious! Only looking at your very serious face in the gigs makes me laugh already, even before you say anything.... thanks for all!!

  • voyace21
    voyace21 11 years ago

    you kind of look like arg barker this comeidian guy funny as hell

  • Joel Meyer
    Joel Meyer 11 years ago

    hi , how are you doin ? :D

  • bora
    bora 11 years ago

    click here

  • Aaiza Ishtiaq
    Aaiza Ishtiaq 11 years ago

    Dude! Good stuff :) You're the first person on youtube im subscribing too! plus, i love the way you manage to keep your face so straight . i would just burst out laughing. and everyone else .. like your friends have done an excellent job. :) keep it up!

  • Josh Saltzman
    Josh Saltzman 11 years ago

    I LUB YOU NATHAN!!!!!!

  • Mad
    Mad 11 years ago

    Funny videos! :D Subscribed

  • Randy George
    Randy George 11 years ago

    man, you made me laugh today. Thanks!

  • SquareLife
    SquareLife 11 years ago

    you should put the May-December video from 22 Minutes on here

  • Jonah Silverman
    Jonah Silverman 11 years ago

    hi nathan i dont think you know me but im your cousin i think im related to you becuz of my da ted i think your comin over to my house tomorow night yea you r well see ya then

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