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Bad Bad Beans
Views 754K2 days ago
This Is How We'll Die...
Views 1.3M5 days ago
DIY Geriatric Simulator
Views 1.2M6 days ago
You Breathe You Die
Views 1.3M8 days ago
We Took an IQ Test
Views 1.6M15 days ago
The Sensory Overload Tank
Views 1.5M17 days ago
We Eat Bugs
Views 1.4M21 day ago
We Took The Polar Plunge
Views 1.6M23 days ago
You Blink You Lose
Views 1.6M25 days ago
Taped and Afraid
Views 1.4MMonth ago
The Great Meat Mistake
Views 1.5MMonth ago
There's Still Hope...
Views 1.1MMonth ago
1 Man 100 Accents
Views 1.4MMonth ago
Helium Therapy
Views 1.7MMonth ago
Play-Doh Thanksgiving
Views 1.3MMonth ago
Baby Hands Operation
Views 1.6M2 months ago
The Bad Kind of Cupping 😐
Views 4.9M2 months ago
Hot Dog'd to Death
Views 1.9M2 months ago
Cooking with Sex Toys
Views 2.4M2 months ago
Unus Annus
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  • Death Dreamer 72
    Death Dreamer 72 6 hours ago

    Uncle rob

  • Michelle Weber
    Michelle Weber 6 hours ago

    The entire comments section is basically: Rip Leafy, Filth Frank and eddsworld

  • mark-anthony kroezen

    ethan i have a quastion what happend when you kiss someone who had recently eaten peanuts

  • P Mo
    P Mo 6 hours ago

    anyone remember Yamimash?

  • Brianna Young
    Brianna Young 6 hours ago

    It’s called bold and brash.

  • Denni
    Denni 6 hours ago

    Momento mori: AlfieAesthetics Outdoor skills for wilderness survival, bushcraft, hiking and camping. Great sense of humor and incredible knowledge of mycology and botany (Not dead, just inactive)

  • lilsoftlamb
    lilsoftlamb 6 hours ago

    I'd like to remember the time I made a youtube channel and haven't uploaded in nearly 3 years. Nightcore Virus, you were a cringy channel, but you will always have a place in my heart. Momento Mori.

  • Heaven Alexis
    Heaven Alexis 6 hours ago

    Let me guess, next time it'll be what it's like to be pepper sprayed?

  • jaeking 9
    jaeking 9 6 hours ago

    Tv filthy frank. That mother fucker was funny and spit some bars he's the goat

  • Aria Benjamin
    Aria Benjamin 6 hours ago

    10:14 dat sound tho

  • active killer
    active killer 6 hours ago

    Memento mori: the scatsbury He was dead for 3 years but started uploading again. He would make funny Skyrim and other game related content

  • Bazil the Stoner
    Bazil the Stoner 6 hours ago

    Just for the record, 30 grams is a little bit more than an ounce. (1 ounce = 28 grams). That's a decent bit of bud, but not anything crazy. It would be completely believable for someone who smokes every day, to have a personal stash about that size. To help vizualize it, pre rolled joints you get at dispensaries usually come with 1 gram in them. That would mean he had about 30 joints.

  • hi welcome to chillis

    God watching all the coldus annus videos at the end made me remember just how culty this all is Memento mori Unnus annus

  • The FlatFawn
    The FlatFawn 6 hours ago

    Lui calibre

  • Itz_Shock28
    Itz_Shock28 7 hours ago

    Bashurverse was one of my favourite content creators out there but due to drama with (ClaraBabyLegs) he got put in the spotlight by keemstar forcing him to freak out and delete his channel. I heard he is trying to start that up again but I'm not to sure.

  • Andre Marshall
    Andre Marshall 7 hours ago

    What is the timer counting down to

  • Frictrixiedust :P
    Frictrixiedust :P 7 hours ago

    The second mouse gets the cheese I’m sleeping in

  • Aussie Theorist
    Aussie Theorist 7 hours ago

    moments mori: tobuscus got accused of sexual assault and one day stopped uploading

  • Lance Wolfe
    Lance Wolfe 7 hours ago

    Well. I learned some things. I don't know of any dead channels myself but Unus Annus. Memento Mori.

  • brendon smith
    brendon smith 7 hours ago

    Fuck this kills me as a barista

  • soup soup
    soup soup 7 hours ago

    Mark should of asked ethan if he ever had condomless sex with a male

  • Astrup
    Astrup 7 hours ago

    There is still a channel that are dead *Cyndago*

  • Z Captain Schmoe
    Z Captain Schmoe 7 hours ago

    Memento Mori: DeliciousCinnamon Very first channel I watched consistently. Loved replaying their goofy let’s plays and corruptions over and over again. And they helped me find other let’s players like Seán and Vinesauce, so I consider their channel special to me since I’m still very much a fan of let’s players today. I don’t know what happened to them; I think it may have just been a case of a group going their separate ways after one of the core members decided he wasn’t into gaming anymore. I hope that’s the worst of it, at least.

  • Nutmegsweets
    Nutmegsweets 7 hours ago

    I'm still convinced unnus annus is just Jenna marbles videos reincarnated into a channel of guys

  • Astrid Renny
    Astrid Renny 7 hours ago

    Momento Mori: Daniel Howell/Danisnotonfire He did he live show, he came out and then poof, into the ether. Funny, progressive, spoke out etc. Miss you :,(

  • lara jonas
    lara jonas 7 hours ago

    Relax You breath in deeply YOU BREATH IN DEEPLY *smacks the tub* YoU BReAtH iN DeEplY Now relax

  • Nico-ca-cola
    Nico-ca-cola 7 hours ago

    Memento Mori - Sylvibot

  • Chemical H
    Chemical H 7 hours ago

    Momento mori: sourcefed The staff all were fired and they tried bring back the exact same platform with different people. Such a good and funny channel, always felt like they were a family that was just having fun. I really miss them. Glad they’re still all mostly friends.

  • Fresh Sans
    Fresh Sans 7 hours ago

    When i watch the UnusAnnus i always chant it at the begining and the end.

  • Thats so Spoopy
    Thats so Spoopy 7 hours ago

    12:30 Ethan: Your in the shark's domain . BAY'BY

  • Firock Finion
    Firock Finion 7 hours ago

    Ethan: "This is a funky beat that I can groove to." The machine: >dying demon baby noises

  • Sierra Wu
    Sierra Wu 7 hours ago

    Mark: “I was born with glass bones and paper skin. Every morning I break my legs, and every afternoon I break my arms. At night, I lie awake in agony until my heart attacks put me to sleep.”

  • Lord_Timmmons_
    Lord_Timmmons_ 7 hours ago

    An apple? R u trying to poison me

  • A.G. Spirit
    A.G. Spirit 7 hours ago

    *Summary of the video:* They burn everything!

  • Team Random
    Team Random 7 hours ago

    Momento Mori: tobuscus

  • Brianna Wilkin
    Brianna Wilkin 7 hours ago

    i know how to make coffee and it pains me to watch them fail at this

  • Connor Porras
    Connor Porras 7 hours ago

    I counted 14 pull ups for Mark And 0 for Ethan

  • aban 119
    aban 119 7 hours ago

    As a barista this video destroyed me

  • Charles Suiza
    Charles Suiza 7 hours ago

    *me with experience using an espresso machine* THIS IS SO OFFENSIVE!!!

  • nice
    nice 7 hours ago

    Make a video where you guys make song.

  • here2watch08
    here2watch08 7 hours ago

    "Just go around the pool." "Where?" "Right there, just go around the pool." "Where?" This is every super old person ever.

  • Sofie Scott
    Sofie Scott 7 hours ago

    Hardcore masochist teaches vanilla white boy what being electrocuted feels like

  • Andrew Valencia
    Andrew Valencia 7 hours ago


  • Bouncy Saturn
    Bouncy Saturn 7 hours ago


  • Xanthe Moore
    Xanthe Moore 7 hours ago

    I clicked on this video expecting them to be wearing underwear and just blur out the crotch... But no... they.... They are... actually naked. I'm glad I didn't cast this to the tv

  • alana anderson
    alana anderson 7 hours ago

    1:48, then freeze frame and stare, lol.

  • Sabr Chaos
    Sabr Chaos 7 hours ago

    Anyone know the song at 9:56?

  • RetroGaming
    RetroGaming 7 hours ago

    I got fucking scared when he dived in the pool with weights on

  • Orbay
    Orbay 7 hours ago

    Memento Mori: Eddsworld Eddsworld is an animated series that was created by Edd Gould and featured 4 main characters: Edd, Tom, Matt and Tord (which dropped to 3 when Tord quit due to fan harassment). What started out as a little project quickly turned into a huge running series, adored by many for its characters, jokes, and basically everything. One of the main characters, Edd, had been struggling with cancer for a while, and update videos regarding his status would talk about how Edd was winning the war and that he'd be better soon. That, unfortunately, never happened. On the 25th of March 2012, Edd passed away. This caused great grief and pain to the people working on Eddsworld, the fanbase, and the other 2 main characters, TomSka and Matt. While the grief has somewhat lessened, we all still miss Edd. While the channel continued to upload episodes of Eddsworld for 4 more years, they eventually stopped uploading after its latest 2 part episode, "The End". This has caused great grief and pain to the people working on Eddsworld, the fanbase, and the other 2 main characters, TomSka and Matt. While the grief has somewhat lessened, we all still miss Edd. TomSka, another one of the main characters, continued the series during this period, but when the pre-made videos eventually ended, he stopped Eddsworld entirely. There were rumors that TomSka, would pick it back up, but that never happened either. If something is developing right now, I have no idea, but to my knowledge, the channel is, unfortunately "dead". Though the official series is currently over, this didn't stop loving fans to create their own fan animations, with some of these even spanning out into actual series. It's so heartwarming to see that even to this day, dedicated fans are still making fan content for Eddsworld. The Eddsworld Twitter account is still active, and the rumors are still circulating. So maybe there's hope? Rest in Peace, Edd Gould. You will be missed. 1988-2012

  • Clutchhitnick44
    Clutchhitnick44 7 hours ago

    Memento Mori: Cyndago The loss of one of the founders of that channel was heartbreaking to say the least, therefore I wasn’t surprised by the end of the channel, however, they made amazing skits with Matthias and Markiplier, and so many timeless videos that I can always go back on and watch over and over again.

  • Hinami Mei
    Hinami Mei 7 hours ago


  • Candy Riviera
    Candy Riviera 7 hours ago

    Mark: "Do your thing..." All of us : *Goblin sounds*

  • TwingleFace the Noob

    Memento Mori: Near Human Intelligence Although it’s only been 2 years this year since their last upload, I’d say they’re bot coming back. As silly as their content was, i.e Club Penguin horror films, it was still interesting content with a macabre and unfamiliar aura, with a good storyline.

  • Mochii
    Mochii 7 hours ago

    Thecomputernerd01 Miss his content Thequxxn, died from lung failure. Miss her

  • Rose the Art Dude
    Rose the Art Dude 7 hours ago

    Glendale hey that's the name of a city in my state I don't live there I live in a small town that we like to call tweakerville USA or just Apache Junction Arizona

  • Mortis Angelus
    Mortis Angelus 7 hours ago

    Memento Mori: SSoHPKC. A former member of the now disbanded gaming group The Creatures, stopped uploading three years ago due to health and stress issues. Seamus was the second gaming person I watched on youtube eight to nine years ago, and introduced me to the concept of Let's Plays. This sent me down the path of channels such as Achievement Hunter, old Pewdiepie, Markiplier, and many other channels that helped shape TheXvid's golden years for gaming content creators. Seamus, you helped make the golden era of TheXvid gaming content

  • ThyHighLifeLuv
    ThyHighLifeLuv 7 hours ago

    Your Favorite Martian. Channels now called this project is retired. They made maid parody music and covers.

  • Not DIO
    Not DIO 7 hours ago

    You guys are doing Memento Mori's to other TheXvidrs whrn you guys had forgot Marzia Memento Mori: Marzia

  • Blue
    Blue 7 hours ago

    The whole minecraft community from 2010 to 2013 or 2014

  • Abdelrahman Hashad
    Abdelrahman Hashad 7 hours ago

    Everyone comment “Momentomory” on Pewds’ last vid

  • Wolfly Barbaric woman


  • deedog2000
    deedog2000 7 hours ago

    Now I actually wanna see them do a hide and seek video in the dark, and just have them scare the hell out of eachother

  • flamingskull013
    flamingskull013 7 hours ago

    Memento Mori: SSoHPKC He made very entertaining let's play videos and I would always watch him growing up. Over time his channel just died off, he returned multiple times but never as successful as before he left.

  • Heidi Tarvainen
    Heidi Tarvainen 7 hours ago

    Sam Pepper was also “cancelled”, because of the sexual offence reports and sexting with underage girls.

  • Shelby Woodward
    Shelby Woodward 7 hours ago

    Memento Mori: Cryaotic He's pretty much entirely on Twitch now but his channel is still up and has a lot of good memories. I've been watching him for 7 years.

  • Will A
    Will A 7 hours ago

    RIP Hot Pepper Gaming. Great take on video game reviews.

  • thetntchicken
    thetntchicken 7 hours ago

    *puts dildo on drill* flopflopflopflopflopflop

  • deedog2000
    deedog2000 7 hours ago

    I was really expecting her to be like, "oi... tarantula"

  • Fatal Wit-HVH
    Fatal Wit-HVH 7 hours ago

    i would just like to state that was pure espresso that's why the portions were so small you were supposed to only use 1 to 2 shots of espresso the rest is supposed to be steamed milk lmfao

  • hithere friend
    hithere friend 7 hours ago

    Original title of the vid was " 2 idiots try to make a latte for 13 minutes "

  • Yari C
    Yari C 7 hours ago

    Remember Yamimash

  • Strict
    Strict 7 hours ago

    Quinn: YOU HAVE TO GET OUT! Ethan: Mark I cant read your handwriting.

  • Nicholin V
    Nicholin V 7 hours ago

    tom's scream : 1:15

  • Daniela Raynes
    Daniela Raynes 7 hours ago


  • Keitlyn Lott
    Keitlyn Lott 7 hours ago

    Memento Mori: Smike Who hasnt uploaded since Dec 2018

  • Xenos the Red
    Xenos the Red 7 hours ago

    marble hornets

  • StaRKiLLer CoD
    StaRKiLLer CoD 7 hours ago

    PaperbatVG Minecraft the movie 10. Sad he never even hit 500k

  • Julian Beretta
    Julian Beretta 7 hours ago


  • Shazzbutt Shaggs
    Shazzbutt Shaggs 7 hours ago

    Memento mori: Frankieonpcin1080p His voice didn’t match his body. He played a lot of military games and told us stories about ww1 and ww2, he did a face reveal then soon after went quiet.

  • Kayleigh Haines
    Kayleigh Haines 7 hours ago

    we have the same machine XD also, it sounds like a mandrake with diarrhea lives within the coffee machine.

  • PerriTheWeirdo
    PerriTheWeirdo 7 hours ago

    This is the crackhead energy I neede

  • Luis Alfred Dela Cruz

    bruh i cant even eat hotdogs in 1 months

  • Xanthe Moore
    Xanthe Moore 7 hours ago

    If you're looking for a latte artist! There's an amazing girl on Tiktok! Her name is Morgan! Her handle is @morgandrinkscoffee. Hit her up! She'll be more than happy to help you (yes she's in LA)

  • Bosk44 •
    Bosk44 • 7 hours ago

    Momento Mori:OneyNG I will never forget how much your cartoons made me laugh.... but I'm happy you have found a home in the letsplay community

  • Amy Nicole
    Amy Nicole 7 hours ago


  • Chula Delano
    Chula Delano 7 hours ago

    CoryxKenshin is taking a break I guess. I really miss his content

  • John Thompson
    John Thompson 7 hours ago

    The8bittheatre :(

  • Alpha- Ape4
    Alpha- Ape4 7 hours ago

    now there is a hole in his wall

  • Skitty Kat
    Skitty Kat 7 hours ago

    Memento mori: Eddsworld Edd is missed but not forgotten <3 (Eddsworld was a amazing animation channel. But it stopped shortly after the creator passed away from cancer)

  • Hinachan25
    Hinachan25 7 hours ago

    12:10 - honestly knowing my friends is off having fun without me is actually not that painful for me (i'd rank it as a 3...3 1/2) probably cus it happens so often, my friends and I would plan an excursion somewhere then a couple days later i'd find out they went without me and they'd go 'oh we tried to call you but you didn't pick up' despite the fact my phone has a record of every missed call i ever received and i always keep it literally inches from me with the ring volume set on the loudest possible setting and they never actually did call me and were just lying to me! That happens every! Single!! Time!!! honestly the fact they went to have fun without me never bothered me. what bothered me was the fact they always lied to my face about why they didn't invite me despite us planning the excursion as a group and it got to the point when i did find out they ditched me i'd just pretend i didn't remember our plans or that i didn't even know they went (even though all they'd talk was about all the fun they had without me and that it sucked i couldn't be bothered to go with them) ...honestly thinking about it...i think i might need new friends...

  • TyroneBeanSticc
    TyroneBeanSticc 7 hours ago

    Mark and Amy at a tomato field: oh what a lovely time Some random tomato picker named Abigail: oh hi Mark Amy: *goes to jail for the murder of 2 people*

  • Collette Hannah
    Collette Hannah 7 hours ago

    I think unnus annus should make and play D&D where the characters die in the end. 🎲🎲🎲💀☠💀☠

  • Aneira May
    Aneira May 7 hours ago

    Mark your the best TheXvid's, stuff Infinite, I subscribed to both of your channels

  • CranberryJuice
    CranberryJuice 7 hours ago

    Fred has a channel called Lucas Cruikshank you should react to that lol just watched like 5 seconds later you looked at it

  • Lost One
    Lost One 7 hours ago

    Since these guys acupuncture ate bugs did that big ass pot of coffee bought a coffin got tased maybe they should try an edible each

  • Bittersweet Treats
    Bittersweet Treats 7 hours ago

    Another Momento Mori: SSoHPKC A creator who dropped off due to an illness and never came back even after recovering. There is no actual reason for he has never given one but he is my inspiration to do TheXvid

  • moose
    moose 7 hours ago

    I decided to watch this episode with my mom, but neglected to watch it first. Good news is she thought Ethan saying penis was hilarious

  • Deadpoolinne
    Deadpoolinne 7 hours ago

    There’s a girl on Tik Tok who’s popular for being a barista, I don’t know what her name is but she’s really creative, she made latte art in a bucket and out of a raspberry

  • J.Taylors
    J.Taylors 7 hours ago

    FPS Russia did go to jail for a while.. he talks about it on the podcast, def went to jail for a few months at the least

  • Julie Chau Pham
    Julie Chau Pham 7 hours ago

    they should’ve bought a bunch of stools lol