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  • Daniel 2006
    Daniel 2006 34 seconds ago

    What happened to it

  • soumik ghosh
    soumik ghosh 49 seconds ago

    Thank God it is getting repaired...hey shmee plz make a tour in India man...u got a lot of fan followers in India man

  • budster mcgreen
    budster mcgreen Minute ago

    Probably some of the only pics of up under the skin of the Senna on the internet. Looks bad now but know they will fix it up proper. ✌

  • Poperon
    Poperon 2 minutes ago

    Shmee, Won't you go for a AMG GT R Black Series once it's released?

  • Devansh Gupta
    Devansh Gupta 3 minutes ago

    In my country. Night is going on.

  • Memo
    Memo 3 minutes ago

    When the truck driver hit the senna I bet their heart stopped

  • Azaan PD
    Azaan PD 4 minutes ago

    That thumbnail is heartbreaking to look at💔

  • salman fariz
    salman fariz 4 minutes ago

    Man we are waiting for your senna.

  • James D
    James D 4 minutes ago

    I feel your pain Tim, my grandma decided to reverse down my drive into my Ducati today nocking it over. So it’s now back at the dealership with one side all nice and scratched with a bent clutch leaver and a scuffed exhaust to be the cherry on top. It’s not like I can take money off my grandma so it’s all coming out of my pocket unfortunately. But at least it’s all replaceable.

  • cutty 4688
    cutty 4688 5 minutes ago

    Shmee you should give some parts away to some of us Subs that would be Awesome!

    DEVEL PANDA 5 minutes ago

    Anyone noticed BMW M3 e46 not the GTR

  • Flipcky
    Flipcky 5 minutes ago

    Accident history on a does that impact resale value?

  • C lav
    C lav 7 minutes ago

    That's painfull to see it like that. That's a big repair cost. 50-60 grand I recon 🤔

  • Joe Solo
    Joe Solo 7 minutes ago

    Where is the Jimney?

  • Ryan Cope
    Ryan Cope 9 minutes ago

    I know exactly where your standing Tim, did you go and checkout the F1 GTR LT ?

  • kemicbi
    kemicbi 10 minutes ago

    I'm surprised you can even repair a senna, how does insurance even work, your premiums are going to skyrocket and what if you had one of a kind paint forgot to mention the devaluation

  • James Allen
    James Allen 10 minutes ago

    That damaged blue fender would look great on the vinwiki set

  • Sea King
    Sea King 12 minutes ago

    Who's here after Shmees update video

  • venom5809
    venom5809 12 minutes ago

    When people wonder why guys never drive cars like this on the road and stick them in garages, wonder no more.

  • SAM DR
    SAM DR 13 minutes ago

    I agree so much on how dangerous the speed checks sections are absolutely rediculous

  • Annu a
    Annu a 13 minutes ago

    Really the cars are from Saudi Arabia. I was not sure what you said until you were showing the rear of Lamborghini Veneno, La Ferrari, etc and saw a bit of the number plate and really Saudi Arabia's number plate. Since you might be thinking how did I know how Saudi Arabia's number plate. The truth is that I live in Saudi Arabia. I see your video's and you make videos really nice and impressive. Lots of love from me. Keep it up Shmee.

  • Konrad B.
    Konrad B. 14 minutes ago


  • Danny D
    Danny D 14 minutes ago

    Would be a good opportunity to change the ugly blue carbon to black. Would make the Cerulean look much better. Oooooor do Topaz skin on both cars and change it completely.

  • Geoff Allan
    Geoff Allan 14 minutes ago

    So I'd expect the price of Asda baked beans to go up to cover the insurance claim? (It was an Asda truck that changed lanes into the Senna).

  • Adrien
    Adrien 15 minutes ago

    How much the value got impacted by this accident?

  • Aaron Hill
    Aaron Hill 15 minutes ago

    Tim, I have a quick question at the end of this comment if you have the time. It's great to have an update on the progress! It's heartbreaking to see it in such state but great to see it receiving the love and care it deserves! Question is, during the storage period while it is being worked on I see the trickle charger keeping the electrical system good, but since it won't be driven for several months are McLaren storing it in a dry state with all fluids drained, or do they start the engine from time to time to keep everything well lubricated? I had been wondering about that and thought I would ask when you did an update video on the car. Good to see you in high spirits my friend, cheers!

  • Spikeass101
    Spikeass101 15 minutes ago

    The senna looks like when your building LEGOs and your almost done

  • Wills2009
    Wills2009 15 minutes ago

    @Shmee150 what price is your Insurance Excess on the Senna ?

  • Belivuk Vicentijevic
    Belivuk Vicentijevic 15 minutes ago

    The regera is the most beautiful car in this garage

  • Behzad Clan
    Behzad Clan 16 minutes ago

    Nice car ...... be safe and drive safely brother 😇😇 peace

  • nsanef
    nsanef 16 minutes ago

    You have to let us know what the final bill is that’s a huge figure 😆

    ALI GTR FAN 16 minutes ago

    McLaren Knows How To Rob A Innocent British Man!

  • Keenan Thornley
    Keenan Thornley 17 minutes ago

    Love the shooting brake styling. The Callaway Corvette Aerowagen with the SC757 package is still my all-time favorite dream car, but this Vanquish Zagato is incredible looking and probably #2 of my favorites now. Although, the Aerowagen is actually relatively pretty feasible as a goal for me, I can't even dream of obtaining one of only 99 of these beauties.

  • jacob chekib
    jacob chekib 18 minutes ago

    ferrari ff ferrari f40

    VALAKALAV 18 minutes ago

    Sorry but i've got to be honest, even though the GT8 is the colour it is for a reason, i really don't like that Blue & Orange combo. Just my opinion, keep up the good work & hope to see the Senna again soon 👍👍👍

  • EnjoyTheSilenc3
    EnjoyTheSilenc3 19 minutes ago

    Your Aventador would look horrible.

  • trey blodgett
    trey blodgett 19 minutes ago

    Roses are red Violets are blue The thing you are actually looking for is at 8:22

  • Montevallo Mustang
    Montevallo Mustang 20 minutes ago

    Carbon end plate giveaway? I would buy some merch for a chance to win thay

  • Adir Mundhoss
    Adir Mundhoss 21 minute ago

    Shmee are you thinking of making it a senna gtr

  • Dan Charron
    Dan Charron 22 minutes ago

    I hope you get to keep the old panels as they would be nice wall art for your future garage studio.... hope you get it soon. as this Garage stuff you have at the moment is simply awful....

  • Kimchi
    Kimchi 24 minutes ago

    I’m curios, a damage like that would cost you how much?

  • aryan bhuiyan
    aryan bhuiyan 24 minutes ago

    That truck driver who hit you must have a unworking brain

  • Rasmus Raabjerg
    Rasmus Raabjerg 24 minutes ago

    Hey Tilm. What’s happened too the lorry driver who cross illegal the road? How is the insurance in UK works? I have heard about TheXvidrs who have insured the car for X amount of money to low there Insurance price, and when the damage cost more in the X amount, you have to pay the different (Salamomdrin Senna). The repair cost for the Senna must be Astronomik🤔

  • EnjoyTheSilenc3
    EnjoyTheSilenc3 24 minutes ago

    The crack in the glass on the door is an S, maybe they shouldn't have named it Senna if even you say it's cursed.

  • Christopher Bell
    Christopher Bell 25 minutes ago

    You are British Tim; they are wings, NOT fenders.

  • muppetnumpty65
    muppetnumpty65 26 minutes ago

    Agreed with average speed cameras, very dangerous.

  • Goonermike67
    Goonermike67 27 minutes ago

    If one day you want to sell it won't you be worried people knowing your McLaren has been damaged repaired ? I wouldn't buy it knowing it has on any car

  • Ryan Mcqueen
    Ryan Mcqueen 27 minutes ago

    What’s so hard to understand. The speed camera system generates astronomical revenue figures and low cost installations/maintenance.

  • Russell Jenkins
    Russell Jenkins 28 minutes ago

    Great content Tim, Looking forward to seeing the Senna finished. My new car was involved in a non fault accident after owning it for less than 3 months and it is heartbreaking!

  • agni manna
    agni manna 30 minutes ago

    It takes too long to get yr senna's time be careful

  • Liam Turner
    Liam Turner 30 minutes ago

    I forgot the senna has glass in the door and that's gonna probably make it extreamly expensive to get a replacement as most supercars just have carbon fibre doors

    MIAMIBLUE777 31 minute ago

    Great car is the Aston . Can you call them wings, not fenders, please .?

  • Why2k
    Why2k 31 minute ago

    Glad things are moving along!

  • Szop Bonzo Mati Gupiec
    Szop Bonzo Mati Gupiec 32 minutes ago

    Dream car :(

  • JK7992
    JK7992 32 minutes ago

    Hopefully Maclaren figures out whatever's causing the other Senna's to catch on fire before the repairs are done so that they can make sure that they can prevent any possibility that it might happen to your car

  • Giovanni De fiori
    Giovanni De fiori 32 minutes ago

    You should show us with the panels in the car but without the paint, maybe it will be cool, thank God nothing happened with the car and you

  • The Unknown Gamer
    The Unknown Gamer 32 minutes ago

    At least it didnt get totalled

    APPLE4YOU 32 minutes ago

    Those your car loose a lot value after this change of parts even do I’m sure they are all factory parts ?

  • Kaisersozze
    Kaisersozze 32 minutes ago

    I wonder if the paint of the new parts wouldn't match super exactly due to sun exposure. At least better this happened now than a few years from now.

  • twitty camies
    twitty camies 34 minutes ago

    Those average speed zones are nothing to do with safety Tim, it's all about earning revenue in speeding fines for the athorities. Its shameful that they would do this for essentially a few peanuts.

  • Zeroxisno1
    Zeroxisno1 35 minutes ago

    Lamborghini - Halo Edition

  • Ankur PM
    Ankur PM 36 minutes ago

    If the driver had an SUV he could say i didn't see the Lamborghini .

  • AoToGo
    AoToGo 36 minutes ago

    I can see it now, Shmee vehicle logistics! It would work because folks would know corners wouldn't be cut and your standards would be maintained!

  • killamist420
    killamist420 37 minutes ago

    I didn't watch this entirely, Did he say how much moneys worth of damage it was ?

  • CPLCraft
    CPLCraft 37 minutes ago

    I like the idea of trailering you Senna with your G-wagon.

  • ACEE
    ACEE 37 minutes ago

    That's a lot more people than I thought there was

  • Mark Knight
    Mark Knight 37 minutes ago

    Seemed so depressing to see your pride and joy stripped like that.........will be glad to se her all fixed up and on the road again......very soon. Thanks for sharing :-)

  • Skydive
    Skydive 38 minutes ago

    How should the car be better after repair then before? Hmmmmm

  • Binb Zniz
    Binb Zniz 38 minutes ago

    Videos getting to be tooo long

  • Infamous Thomas Wu
    Infamous Thomas Wu 39 minutes ago

    Gets hit so he can make content

  • Brandon Lindsay
    Brandon Lindsay 39 minutes ago

    Why didn't you send it back to McLaren?

  • Christian Pinholt
    Christian Pinholt 40 minutes ago

    Why did you remove the extented splitter on your gt8? Only because the lack of a lift system? And why are the new panels not carbon blue?

  • Bling
    Bling 41 minute ago

    Glad those people are able to fix and repair the Senna

  • Scott Buchanan
    Scott Buchanan 41 minute ago

    Will you know/release the total cost of the repairs??

  • Thiosemicarbizide Benzoyl Alcohol

    Its interesting but that's T700 carbon weave on the fender and T1000 holding the wing up. Actually its not really all that spectacular looking at the layup. A giant roll of T700 carbon fiber is dirt cheap and less than 1,400 bucks. You could probably make half a car out of it as well. The weave actually looks like it might even predate t700 on the panels and that's unacceptable.

  • Infuri
    Infuri 42 minutes ago

    What engine does the GT8 have. Is it the AMG engine or one of Aston Martins own engines??

  • Ianbest Smith
    Ianbest Smith 42 minutes ago

    After seeing the update on Todays video about Shmees Senna I came to see what actually happened and I literally shed a tear. This is so sad but cars can be repaired. Lost lives cant glad u are okay Shmee

  • AleksPanzone
    AleksPanzone 42 minutes ago

    UK: going 1mile/hr over the speed limit -> speed awareness course, insurence premium goes up and you loose points on your liscence Germany: SCHNELL SCHNELL AUTOBAHN

  • LoneWolfAlmighty
    LoneWolfAlmighty 42 minutes ago

    What did you do wrong? I think most people wouldn’t sit a lorries blind spot for too long regardless of what the traffic and conditions are like

    iPITTSBURGH412 42 minutes ago

    So in 50 years will this “fix” take the value down at auction?

  • Kenneth Doolaege
    Kenneth Doolaege 43 minutes ago

    how amazing would it be to have the trailer in the same colour as the Senna and the G class.

  • Jason Kuy
    Jason Kuy 43 minutes ago

    Oh mate that is the nicest colour I've ever seen

  • Kyle Macqueen
    Kyle Macqueen 44 minutes ago

    Take the old damaged wheel and make it into a cool coffee table

  • A F
    A F 44 minutes ago

    CAT S S for Senna.

  • Demon Slayer
    Demon Slayer 44 minutes ago

    Congrats! P.s. those are some UGLY wheels

  • AoToGo
    AoToGo 45 minutes ago

    Tim your videos really are very well done, I think you are a genuine car enthusiast it's why you are able to do such detailed and informative films, great job, thanks for sharing. cheers.

  • Martin Petrosyan
    Martin Petrosyan 45 minutes ago

    What happend

  • bakerfly305
    bakerfly305 47 minutes ago

    Insurance company: you said Sierra right?

  • Kronos
    Kronos 47 minutes ago

    Well, you gotta stay positive. Yes, it's bad the car got in an accident, but you got out okay and now the car's well underway for repairs. The cup's half full and all that.

  • GazDoran
    GazDoran 49 minutes ago

    You're absolutely bang on with the Average speed check comments. Been saying the same for years. They are absolutely a danger. Huge distraction for motorists unless you have radar guided/adaptive cruise control.

  • Liam Curran
    Liam Curran 50 minutes ago

    I make parts for these... really cool to see certain bits on the car 😍

  • Magna Cars
    Magna Cars 50 minutes ago

    Match your trailer as well 😂

  • GEN2-X
    GEN2-X 50 minutes ago

    Looking forward to your trailer choice.

  • JOI -
    JOI - 51 minute ago

    You ( and every car owner on youtube) really have to add *MY* in every title

  • Ste P
    Ste P 51 minute ago

    Why isn’t mclaren doing the repair???

  • Spooler
    Spooler 52 minutes ago

    I would go insane if I could only go 60mph. That's just crazy.

  • Frank Beliën
    Frank Beliën 52 minutes ago

    That accident plays in the advantage of your channel, firdt the news and now an exclusive on how it looks like underneath the panels, things 99% of the people will probably never get to see

  • M Claudiu
    M Claudiu 54 minutes ago

    We know... you are Shmee.

  • Mfotm810
    Mfotm810 54 minutes ago

    They good at chartwell derby

  • neihomai8
    neihomai8 54 minutes ago

    SHMEE, did you have to pay for any of the repairs?