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Is THIS the New BMW M4?
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    BLAZINGJEKENZE 12 minutes ago

    Speeding in the middle of London, yeah, that’s smart.

  • Jim Carrey
    Jim Carrey 23 minutes ago

    That jimny is more disgusting than Queens toe

  • Mothusi Raseroka
    Mothusi Raseroka 25 minutes ago

    Am I the only one that thinks going into 1st gear whilst the car is moving is bad?

  • Denaries
    Denaries 31 minute ago

    11:20 look at that nice blue aventador

  • Steve Daire
    Steve Daire 32 minutes ago

    Nice video mate, welcome home 👍

  • MushroomStewz
    MushroomStewz 36 minutes ago

    Man you really need an f50

  • Scarr
    Scarr 48 minutes ago

    such a great guy admires car models which he has like he could not afford them

  • Nicolò A.
    Nicolò A. 51 minute ago

    think the sports car is a Porsche

  • David Shields
    David Shields Hour ago

    Knee capping is e real show stopper they certainly won’t be driving anyone’s hard earned car anymore. you are really good with the cars. Shmee I like your channel but you need someone like me working with you. I am like the crazy doctor in cannonball run. Dr dr Nicholas van Helsing!!!!!!! Up the Irish

  • Seb. Obie
    Seb. Obie Hour ago

    Saw your Ford GT in London today near The Dorchester!

  • david haygarth
    david haygarth Hour ago

    £1000 per

  • Farhana Sharif
    Farhana Sharif Hour ago

    You should buy a 488 pista

  • Ava Grace Roque
    Ava Grace Roque Hour ago

    I like more the Lamborghini egoista

  • david haygarth
    david haygarth Hour ago

    " Air con off " lol Like thats going to give noticable power

  • Exotic95
    Exotic95 Hour ago

    My favorite Sedan of all time

  • 3eeeDee
    3eeeDee Hour ago

    What type of motor mods have you made?

  • YTisDangerous
    YTisDangerous Hour ago

    Looks like a gaming laptop

  • Tim L
    Tim L Hour ago

    I do love mercedes cars. But just goes to show how useless any supercar is in real world environment. Still Peter mercedes or Ferrari above any other brand.

  • Golf God
    Golf God Hour ago

    Everyone in the comments is concerned with how much he drives these cars . He’s doing very well maintaining their value , in 30 years this collection will be considered near mint

  • mines2680
    mines2680 Hour ago

    The gray paint should have been black or even blue

  • [BRS001]
    [BRS001] Hour ago

    The new font on the GLS600 logo discourage to buy this merc.

  • Joe Yummiestanimal
    Joe Yummiestanimal 2 hours ago

    They better add this to forza horizon 4

  • [BRS001]
    [BRS001] 2 hours ago

    Haj gajs and zamknij kurwa ryj

  • LewisKingsley
    LewisKingsley 2 hours ago

    The ford GT is woefully underpowered for what it is, a GT2RS would spank it on track

  • [FLIP]
    [FLIP] 2 hours ago

    I'm crying about having no friends and not doing anything while Shmee is collecting his new Merc.

  • Derek Scott
    Derek Scott 2 hours ago

    He'll own this for a year tops?

    CAR CHANNEL 2 hours ago

    Your the OG car vlogger but guys like DDE, TJ Hunt, B is for build, Supercar Blondie & Adam LZ all have more subscribers than you?!

  • Marvello Perdana
    Marvello Perdana 2 hours ago

    19:41 Stradman pretty muchhinting his secret super car. 🤔🤨


    Hi guys I am Shmee hello!!!. Ok sorry about that. I think so your next sports car could be the BMW M8 Competition. Give an update on that also please. Cheers!!. Again sorry about that.

  • pat_bad
    pat_bad 2 hours ago

    Shmee: they guy who has I dont know how many cars but still doesn't own a trailer

  • Hippida
    Hippida 3 hours ago

    Man!, That thing is SO wicked

  • Justin Price
    Justin Price 3 hours ago

    What a Goober

  • Ian Cris Ellajah Victoria

    Tim you need to drive some UGR Lambos in the USA, near 2000hp monsters..

    • Nathan Williams
      Nathan Williams 31 minute ago

      I'm saying. I still cant believe someone took a racecar, and put a turbo setup on it. The turbo noises with the sequential wine noise is perfect

  • Thatguywithnopancreas

    Time the world loves you ,you GOTTA get a bit of a wardrobe change,its just a bit repetitive brother,you got this!!💪🏼💪🏼👍👍

  • G K എന്ന ഞാൻ

    Awsm design

  • Kashwayne Hamilton
    Kashwayne Hamilton 3 hours ago

    My second favorite Mercedes vehicle My all time favorite is the G-wagon

  • Forever lit gamin
    Forever lit gamin 3 hours ago

    at 11:56 and 11:57 does he say 'v18' ?????

  • 정여훈
    정여훈 3 hours ago

    I hope this also comes with a hard top convertible like portofino. You gotta show off that spectacular interior to everyone!

  • Vee Macks
    Vee Macks 3 hours ago

    I find it strange that I'm allowed to tow a vehicle by default just because I passed my licence earlier and now you don't get that particular code on your licence anymore unless you take a specific test for it. It's not like I took the test, or it was part of the older test. I've had zero towing instruction and wouldn't make a better job of it than Tim would. Pretty weird.

  • milnella
    milnella 3 hours ago

    The front looks nice but the back, i dont know

  • JYKDUTCH GamingAndFun

    is the nitrous connected to the engine ?

  • Galejro
    Galejro 4 hours ago

    48V 38HP electric motor? This isn't a Hybrid, it's a Hybrid sticker glued on to the primary engine for tax evasion and meeting regulations.

  • ninetenduh
    ninetenduh 4 hours ago

    Oh damn, is it already time for the Griffith?

  • Yanick Lange
    Yanick Lange 4 hours ago

    Khalid? The singer?

    • ur mom
      ur mom 4 hours ago

      No Khalid the terrorist

  • Ak Vlogs
    Ak Vlogs 4 hours ago

    Emirates emirates emirates emirates emirates emirates emirates emirates emirates emirates emirates emirates emirates emirates emirates emirates emirates emirates emirates emirates emirates emirates emirates emirates emirates emirates emirates emirates emirates emirates fly emirates fly better

  • Car Lifestyle
    Car Lifestyle 4 hours ago

    11:19 Gotta love the random blue aventador going by in the background

  • username taken
    username taken 4 hours ago

    Just saying... all the Cadillac Christmas ads are frankly offensive. Save the rampant profiteering for the rest of the year. Can we please have a rest from your advertising at Christmad pleasez?

  • ReccXleS
    ReccXleS 4 hours ago

    Looks like a box on wheels

  • Blossom Myles
    Blossom Myles 4 hours ago

    You know mo vogs

  • Fabian Pluddemann
    Fabian Pluddemann 4 hours ago

    Do you ever look at a showroom of hypercars and not even blink twice coz you're so used to seeing them?

  • Hendrie Kelder
    Hendrie Kelder 4 hours ago

    Love the M5, the color is brilliant also

  • Savy Ean
    Savy Ean 4 hours ago

    When the day comes and I am behind the wheel of a hyper car I will to be hoohoohooing

  • Stephen Lane
    Stephen Lane 4 hours ago

    Tim your collection is crying out for a F812 GTS! Good luck buddy

  • Smiffdogg init
    Smiffdogg init 4 hours ago

    I can only imagine the bad language you said when that Lorry hit you,,,, shmee sake! Shmeeing hell! What the shmee are you doing! What a shmeeing idiot! Shmee my life!!!, 🤣👍🏻

  • John Malone
    John Malone 4 hours ago

    Go and find a helmet...I can see one, he’s wearing a stupid tea towel shirt

  • Mr S
    Mr S 4 hours ago

    Anybody else feeing the pressure when he reeled off everything he has to do before his flight leaves! 😰

  • Bhargawi Jha
    Bhargawi Jha 5 hours ago

    A beautiful car and a beautiful sunset drive ..this is love ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤........ with the best interiors and greatest build quality ... with a king sized huge outperforming engine...

  • jona 998
    jona 998 5 hours ago

    Is your dady rich or where is the money from

    • jona 998
      jona 998 4 hours ago

      @ur mom okay thank u for answer

    • ur mom
      ur mom 4 hours ago

      Yep his dady is rich but he is even richer You should ask your momy tho

  • tyo yusuf8
    tyo yusuf8 5 hours ago

    hey dude go to borneo

  • R Hampi
    R Hampi 5 hours ago

    Dude looks like a telly tubby with his hair like that

  • lan Armstrong
    lan Armstrong 5 hours ago

    What is the point? you don't drive the cars you already own .

  • Boshko Savich TM
    Boshko Savich TM 5 hours ago

    it will be nice that we can hear exhaust sound only (in some part of the video) next time :)

  • Sandy Valentin
    Sandy Valentin 5 hours ago

    Shmee... Sell the Senna and buy that Ferrari 😊

  • A.J .L
    A.J .L 5 hours ago

    It’s the bra bus

  • Dennis B.
    Dennis B. 5 hours ago

    Where is your Jimny?

  • James Morrissey
    James Morrissey 5 hours ago

    220... Then boom! 720 passes 😳

  • adnanmaimani_
    adnanmaimani_ 5 hours ago

    2:47 he is muslim

  • James Morrissey
    James Morrissey 5 hours ago

    This Shmee guy! I don't know mate.. How rich is he? 🤷‍♂️

    • James Morrissey
      James Morrissey 4 hours ago

      ur mom 😂😂.. That's mean "mom"

    • ur mom
      ur mom 4 hours ago

      I don't know mate Maybe a lot richer than you m8

  • Anthony
    Anthony 5 hours ago

    Maybe a caman gt4 🤔

  • Gadgety
    Gadgety 5 hours ago

    Any of the those sounds inside artificially augmented?

  • FlakeyFoxin _Gaming
    FlakeyFoxin _Gaming 5 hours ago

    It's looking like a remote control car

  • enigmaPL
    enigmaPL 5 hours ago

    The 6.2L is a wonderful engine, but I will forever have a soft spot for the supercharged 5.5L in the SLR and how ferocious it sounds.

  • Koala Music
    Koala Music 5 hours ago

    2019 latest hyper car Engine: *W16* 7819 latest hyper car Engine: * W978*

  • Eaton Liu
    Eaton Liu 6 hours ago

    How about Cullinan?

  • Pip Pipster
    Pip Pipster 6 hours ago

    I can hardly hear the engines because of all your talking 🤣🤣

  • a ug
    a ug 6 hours ago

    Been there since the R8 days and it's been an amazing journey... thank you Tim just to take us along your dream and make us part of it... I genuienely don't undestand why I'm always so excited for you to take delivery of a random super/hypercar but I love it. Thank you so much and keep working in this way! P.s if I were the producer of TopGear or something like that I'll sure hire you... you know about cars like nobody else in the youtube/tv world.

    • a ug
      a ug 6 hours ago


  • Manish Jaiswar
    Manish Jaiswar 6 hours ago

    Senna will be back😍😍

  • enigmaPL
    enigmaPL 6 hours ago

    Pssst............. Hey........... pssssssssst. I think I know what the incoming 'sports car' is..... :) But I'll try not to spoil your reveal. :)

  • scheeenfilmiesgucke
    scheeenfilmiesgucke 6 hours ago

    S55 for life

  • Andor Jarabik
    Andor Jarabik 6 hours ago

    While people around the world struggle to afford for adequate health care....:(

    • ur mom
      ur mom 3 hours ago

      We don't fking care mate

  • Negotiator X
    Negotiator X 6 hours ago

    Without xj220+mclarenf1+clk gtr+bugatti eb110.the garage is incomplete

  • Sam Cooper
    Sam Cooper 6 hours ago

    812 GTS in Solarbeam yellow 😳

  • Luke Slater
    Luke Slater 6 hours ago

    I thought u were going to collect your GTR Pro in this video Shmee🤔. I’m disappointed u didn’t and I feel like you Clickbaited me😳🙄.

  • Sunil Nijran
    Sunil Nijran 6 hours ago


  • Ricardo de Leon
    Ricardo de Leon 6 hours ago

    They build this looking like that and it will be the first time I consider a BMW. Owned every other German brand but IMO BMW has been so blah for so many years while Audi continues to be cutting edge.

  • spadgm
    spadgm 6 hours ago

    Tim you never fail to come up with insane content!

  • Tahmid Shanto
    Tahmid Shanto 7 hours ago

    Was that a Veneno behind the SLS?

  • Frederik Heiner Schmidt

    It looks like a Apollo IE and Lamborghini huracan love child👶🏎

  • SurfnSun
    SurfnSun 7 hours ago

    What a F'kin life. Good for you man.

  • Edu00
    Edu00 7 hours ago

    Just drive the gtr pro to topaz ffs

  • Chris Natanzon
    Chris Natanzon 7 hours ago

    Worst most impractical police ever... Some mothafucka in a armored Nissan truck can littraly ram those weak cars and Dubai loses money

  • Jilez Kors
    Jilez Kors 7 hours ago

    Dubai winter hot?!😂

  • Mark Polak
    Mark Polak 7 hours ago

    7:25 is that a Lamborghini Centenario in the back

    • Mark Polak
      Mark Polak 2 hours ago

      @Tri Poloski but it has holes in the bonnet like the Centenario

    • Tri Poloski
      Tri Poloski 3 hours ago

      nose already gave it out its an sv

  • Paul Harvey
    Paul Harvey 7 hours ago

    Love the ford Gt, beautiful. Congrats.

  • nh0ctong
    nh0ctong 7 hours ago

    What 1200hp ??

  • Car Spec
    Car Spec 7 hours ago

    Who noticed the blue Aventador drive past at 11:20

  • Levi Sellick
    Levi Sellick 7 hours ago

    If you like the 812 BUY ONE😆😆😆

  • Courtland Howe
    Courtland Howe 7 hours ago

    Shmee, let me start by saying i like your channel, personality and all around general vibe. so know i say this as an ally not a foe. the first 20 mins of the video was basically the same 2 or 3 statements repeated in 100 different ways (yawn) and also i don't normally see this but this video atlas you were talking very fast... i can keep up but it makes you seem nervous... anyways.. hope this helps and i look forward to the next video... and i too also plan to have a ford GT (2005?) as well as a polestar 1 and i have a deposit down on the new defender, should be here by Halloween 2020!!!!

  • Rowan Peacock
    Rowan Peacock 7 hours ago

    When u were sat in the in the812 a blue aventador Sv drove by behind u

  • Yogesh Parmar
    Yogesh Parmar 7 hours ago

    Pause at 0:16!! Lol!!