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  • Margaret Flynn
    Margaret Flynn 2 hours ago

    Oh dear this really shows her class zero poor Harry he gave up everything for that.

  • Goran Farkas
    Goran Farkas 2 hours ago

    Is it me or this looks like diversion so that world forgets about Prince Andrew’s pedophilia ?

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith 2 hours ago

    The easys and fastest way to clean the ash off the streets is use a road grader! if the city needs a road grader driver I will donate my time for free

  • John Carter
    John Carter 3 hours ago

    i see him becoming civilian like sarah duchess of york 😉

  • Mondaydavid Davidmonday

    Is it just me or do when I try to hear Laurel I can then I can just switch between Laurel and Yanny?

  • Trixbur the Wolf
    Trixbur the Wolf 3 hours ago

    Never wanna see that man walk free. I hope the other inmates give him what he deserves in prison. He’s a pervert and a sicko.

  • ally enright
    ally enright 3 hours ago

    Trumps, like, main psych tactic is staring down the world.

  • Giulia Ruiu
    Giulia Ruiu 3 hours ago

    How cruel can you be to hit animals that cant defend themselves The true animals here are the man in this video Disgusting

  • zzodr
    zzodr 3 hours ago

    News Corp and the Govt currently planning on how to blame this on arson and the Greens.

  • Count Hiram
    Count Hiram 3 hours ago

    “You were like a brother Anakin”🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

  • Robert Mcgary
    Robert Mcgary 3 hours ago

    Trying to watch this hearing and she can't even Speak Americans, USA language dame what wrong with the Democrats. For real they should be able to say USA

  • Jamie Priestley
    Jamie Priestley 3 hours ago

    Cryptic or what?

    KERRIEF BEBOE 3 hours ago

    Thank you your Majesty the Queen

      KERRIEF BEBOE 3 hours ago

      for letting Harry and Megan keep their TITLES. THANKS!

  • Jamie Priestley
    Jamie Priestley 3 hours ago

    Meghan inspired him to leave his horrible and evil pedovor family, brave dude.

  • window creek
    window creek 3 hours ago


  • Juvencio Estrada
    Juvencio Estrada 3 hours ago

    He is the worst 😡

  • Jamie Priestley
    Jamie Priestley 3 hours ago

    He listened to his mum more than his dad clearly. Also, I'd want to get out of my pedovor family too if i were him!

  • xr28y ge3fl1
    xr28y ge3fl1 3 hours ago

    Why is everyone wearinh green?

  • Lauren Henley
    Lauren Henley 3 hours ago


  • Mestysa1
    Mestysa1 3 hours ago

    Parece um cenário de fim de mundo. Foi lindo ver as pessoas levando seus animais de estimação, inclusive tinha um homem com um lindo coelho nos braços 💓 Muito triste o que está acontecendo na Austrália 😔

  • Phil Ad
    Phil Ad 3 hours ago

    It is great Prince Harry choose his black wife and kid over the white media and royal family. White men generally pick white first. He must really like Lady Meghan and Lord Archie.

  • Naomi Olivares casillas


  • Hompanera Rocks
    Hompanera Rocks 3 hours ago


  • Albert Moore
    Albert Moore 3 hours ago

    Just call 'im Harry Spencer Hewitt.

  • Albert Moore
    Albert Moore 3 hours ago

    Just call 'im Harry Spencer Hewitt.

  • Krystal Hoffman
    Krystal Hoffman 4 hours ago


  • Jay Jr
    Jay Jr 4 hours ago

    Probably a sign to stop the mass murdering of camels

  • Annapurna Swain
    Annapurna Swain 4 hours ago

    Ooo noo so heart breaking

  • addipoom
    addipoom 4 hours ago

    so carlos is innocent? yeah, right

  • Gothic metal Werewolf

    He’s still is president

  • Lanny Yeomans
    Lanny Yeomans 4 hours ago

    Ok look at jerks hate each other phony MF THey stole what they ate. you dont see mr o back stab backup joey buddy buddy best friends ya right make me sick.

  • Calvin Fatman
    Calvin Fatman 4 hours ago

    Bye bye. You won't be missed.

  • Arcane Digital
    Arcane Digital 4 hours ago

    A President undermining the Federal Govt for his own benefit...” OBAMA LITERALLY DID THAT BY WEAPONIZING THE IRS AGAINST CONSERVATIVE GROUPS.

  • Inquiring
    Inquiring 4 hours ago

    Hey, where's Jeremy Corbyn in this line-up ?... What's been going on since I've been away...?

  • bodoy euir
    bodoy euir 4 hours ago

    Not so fun fact: the guy who made this vid got arrested.

  • bilishu aliss
    bilishu aliss 4 hours ago

    Reminds me of a scene from the film "The Mummy".

  • sharat bowers
    sharat bowers 4 hours ago

    See we aren't Animals

  • Adam Cheklat
    Adam Cheklat 4 hours ago

    Tell that to all of the MEN that have died in WW2 defending YOUR right to protest.

  • t omm
    t omm 4 hours ago

    neext up.. the divorce. the marraige will not last.

  • D Man 20_06
    D Man 20_06 4 hours ago

    When the kid that the special ed kid hates for seemingly no reason walks in

  • Hurgin
    Hurgin 4 hours ago

    President TRUMP doesn't drink any alcohol- Nancy Pelocy is under alcohol always !!!!!!

  • officer knowledgeable

    Do they realize how stupid you have to be to sit in a road like you not doing anything but putting yourself in danger

  • Steven True
    Steven True 4 hours ago


  • MasMusicaChannelCorridos

    Why Australia having alot of storm?

  • J Cárdenas
    J Cárdenas 4 hours ago

    Can you now notice the global warming?

  • Ongo Gablogian
    Ongo Gablogian 4 hours ago

    Soy is a hell of a drug, kids.

  • WeirdPlanet108
    WeirdPlanet108 4 hours ago

    Meghan Markle. Now up there with Myra Hindley & Theresa May as one of the most hated women in Britain.

  • Brave Sky
    Brave Sky 4 hours ago

    chills. literal chills.

  • E W
    E W 4 hours ago

    Jess Phillips who laughs at male depression and suicide, nice.

  • Short Urdu Stories by Seema

    Like mother, like son. So much respect for this man.

  • Cornish Girl
    Cornish Girl 4 hours ago

    They had to not use the HRH cause Canada said they would not had Royals live there

  • claudelle Scott
    claudelle Scott 4 hours ago

    Go Mr Grant!

  • James Ruscheinski
    James Ruscheinski 4 hours ago

    Substantive human rights needed in federal government

  • Aldi 10
    Aldi 10 4 hours ago

    Beyoncé did better when her fans grab her hand.

  • Kenan Ayaz
    Kenan Ayaz 4 hours ago


  • MN_psychonaut
    MN_psychonaut 4 hours ago

    Trump is awesome and hilarious

  • Metyculaz
    Metyculaz 5 hours ago

    They never accepted your half black wife harry. Bloody people

    DIFFERENT TV 5 hours ago

    He dead after he turn in his uniform 😂😂

  • Anonyme User
    Anonyme User 5 hours ago


  • 6EQJ5 WOW 1977
    6EQJ5 WOW 1977 5 hours ago

    Queen "so upsetting I had to have a glass of Andrews"

  • Grace Eva Youmbi Tchamo


  • acidsunrise
    acidsunrise 5 hours ago

    New Labour caused Momentum-like they caused Nigel Farage and Brexit.The idea that they were economically competent is complete garbage.They rode a pile of cash that wasnt needed for the Cold War-when the cash ran out they got found out.

  • Группа 《Альфа》

    Kim Jung Un=Сука блять

  • 1sexyleg
    1sexyleg 5 hours ago

    What policies?

  • Anthonia Van Gee
    Anthonia Van Gee 5 hours ago

    It is nt easy to be a prince...

  • Mathew Gonzales
    Mathew Gonzales 5 hours ago

    The new rescue helicopter from LEGO city

  • Chris Michalkow
    Chris Michalkow 5 hours ago

    HUMANITY are waking up everywhere?

  • Chris Michalkow
    Chris Michalkow 5 hours ago

    It's all about frequency. Your EARS attune to different frequencies in different environments.

  • Let Atarouwa
    Let Atarouwa 5 hours ago

    I love Harry and meghan 😍😘

  • Philipp Berghofer
    Philipp Berghofer 5 hours ago

    Unholy hypocrite.

  • Neymar Junior
    Neymar Junior 5 hours ago

    World is coming to an end

  • McMurray How're ya now

    Dad of the year

  • Akram T
    Akram T 5 hours ago

    The female incel all here

  • kamilkamilkamil
    kamilkamilkamil 5 hours ago

    She is so beautiful 😍 and together they look incredible

  • john smith
    john smith 5 hours ago

    Oh dear....40 years of Tory majorities.

  • Bruce15485
    Bruce15485 5 hours ago

    Looks like the dust storm in the movie "The Mummy" awesome !

  • Brayten Sprinkle
    Brayten Sprinkle 5 hours ago

    If you watch the whole thing you see the truth...

  • John Kurtz
    John Kurtz 5 hours ago

    Bigly wet

  • Joey Benoit
    Joey Benoit 5 hours ago

    Congratulations FBI and CIA punks? You guys are so f***** up! Like little monsters trolls lollipop kids! Disgusting the justice department the NSA the CIA the FBI! CIA killed Kennedy! FBI killed Martin Luther King! CIA killed Bobby Kennedy! What more do you f****** have to understand?

  • Joey Benoit
    Joey Benoit 5 hours ago

    Did you hear that she said and impartial trial so much for that!

  • Jacky Mafia USA
    Jacky Mafia USA 5 hours ago

    I notice everyone of employees touches their heads after they found out it was a joke.

  • Dennis Lee
    Dennis Lee 5 hours ago

    The tabloids in Britain write the horrible lies and the horrible nicknames...but it is People who take it all in and spew the hatred out the nasty comments right here on TheXvid written by some of the people of Britain...does Anyone wonder why they had to get away from that place? Would anyone expect anyone to live like that for the next 50 years??

  • Carl Klinkenborg
    Carl Klinkenborg 5 hours ago

    Six years? What a bargain for Pedo Pell. Let's hope he doesn't make it out alive...

  • good guy
    good guy 5 hours ago

    She's the biggest liyer that has walked the planet and she sed the word

  • rogue wade
    rogue wade 5 hours ago

    It begins...

  • a nonny mouse
    a nonny mouse 5 hours ago

    Meghan's a leo, they must be in charge.

  • Noore Henna
    Noore Henna 5 hours ago

    Weather is changing, save the world

  • shailendra kumar
    shailendra kumar 5 hours ago

    Love is live we love u always m8

  • Zte Axon 7
    Zte Axon 7 5 hours ago

    Ik spuug op iedere hond die dit stuk stont ooit een stem heeft gegeven. Absoluut verachtelijke klotehond.

  • Samuel Aseri
    Samuel Aseri 5 hours ago

    I honestly thought it was just a meme

  • Bill Hamm
    Bill Hamm 5 hours ago

    Pete twerking in a wine cave for donations

  • Dennis Lee
    Dennis Lee 5 hours ago

    He has the support and well wishes of millions of people all over the world....he was brought up to help others less fortunate as himself and continues to do so....and will Always do so. He will be even more free to do more now.

  • Sayori Doki
    Sayori Doki 5 hours ago

    It also became a meme.....i mean, at least here at southamerica.

  • Aussie Chicken nuggets!

    Rip to the people in the truck😭🥺♥️

  • Robert Wozniak
    Robert Wozniak 5 hours ago

    Who else is waiting for Boris Johnson to play his trumpet

  • Rukhshana Ayoubi
    Rukhshana Ayoubi 5 hours ago

    Go have a beautiful life free of everything

  • Kevin Kock
    Kevin Kock 5 hours ago

    Just wait and watch the left slowly eat its self..... it's gonna be so hilarious

  • W. Herschell Jamison II

    These folks could use a little help! They're always so concerned with tropical weather but not so much up north.