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  • Ile Adura
    Ile Adura 4 hours ago

    If White men need to apologize for wearing fancy costumes and bronze makeup to their parties at night I hope black women are made to apologize for wearing European style wigs to work in the morning Equal rights

  • Mike Foster
    Mike Foster 4 hours ago

    This destroyed Trudeau’s political career and his legacy. He’s done.

  • I agree
    I agree 4 hours ago

    Lol his tone of voice: ehhh, what can I do? It happened in the past, ehh what do you want me to do? I already said I'm sorry ehhh whats the big deal? ehhh Forget about it ehh

  • Ro Ensch
    Ro Ensch 4 hours ago

    He is a coward. Rather than admitting he was blackening his face for a costume party.

  • kingrome9
    kingrome9 4 hours ago

    Racist POS

  • Peregrine Slim
    Peregrine Slim 4 hours ago

    Trudeau is the only civilised political leader north of the Rio Grande.

  • Vern Shein
    Vern Shein 4 hours ago

    Trudeau, he's just not ready.

  • Uncle Reggie
    Uncle Reggie 4 hours ago

    He's been dressing up like Ghandi and geisha girls his whole life. The only thing he hasn't done is dress up in Hopi Indian ceremonial garb and do a rain dance at the U.N.

  • Modi is my daddy
    Modi is my daddy 4 hours ago

    *total awkward silence when he was speaking*

  • Peregrine Slim
    Peregrine Slim 4 hours ago

    Trudeau was not wearing black face. He was dressed up as an Arab.

  • Peregrine Slim
    Peregrine Slim 4 hours ago

    This came to light because the reactionaries want to take back Canada for white supremacism.

  • Horacio Blue Bottle
    Horacio Blue Bottle 4 hours ago

    Most leaders are clever enough to not s hit on their own doorstep, I think Roberto liked his cake far to much....

  • Maryam Ali
    Maryam Ali 4 hours ago

    hes only mad because it came to light, also he was twenty freaking nine, he cant write this off as "youthful stupidity, he became prime minister just four years later, was leader of the liberal party just 2 years after AND became a MP three years BEFORE. He has no excuse and not a leg to stand on, as liberal myself - the silence of the liberals just goes to show why hypocritical, tribal liars they all are as they give "one of their own" a free pass every time.

    • Ro Ensch
      Ro Ensch 4 hours ago

      He is a coward. Rather than admitting he was blackening his face for a costume party.

    • David Rogers
      David Rogers 4 hours ago

      Uhm, it happened in 2001, and yet you state he became Prime Minister "four years later". So by your facts, he has been PM since 2005 - for the last 14 years. I think you need to do a little more research. I think your facts might be just a little off......

  • Omar A
    Omar A 4 hours ago

    Nadler and his democraps buddies are a bunch of turds

  • Dre Woke
    Dre Woke 4 hours ago

    Well that’s the man got what he deserved to be riding in the wild with no protection knowing it’s cougars and bears there .

  • David Rogers
    David Rogers 4 hours ago

    Jeez, is this for real? If this is the worst thing he's ever done, he's a pretty decent chap. He dressed up as Alladin and people are asking if he will resign. This is why the left gets such a bad rap (I'm a person of the left myself but I hate this level of political correctness).

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 4 hours ago

    WTF, I seriously thought this was a spoof, a comedic skit. I guess I ain't woke enough. I wonder how many individuals careers will be destroyed, this coming Halloween.

  • Constantin Jenson
    Constantin Jenson 4 hours ago

    The little talent clown forgot to include in her speech this important quote : we must reduce population, I repeated... We must reduce child birth. If the little girls memory isn't that sharp, go back to school.... Or... If u blindly read Washington's manuscript, there is no future for u as an ambassador or any high-ranking diplomat u know why? Because u will continue reading hundreds of speeches which u have no control over.

    HQCOMMS65 4 hours ago

    who cares lmao

  • Zooka Jesus
    Zooka Jesus 4 hours ago

    Politician Party Fouls: Canadian Edition

  • Jacob Tanner
    Jacob Tanner 4 hours ago

    Before Greta took stand about climate change, what Jas the U.S. been doing past and present Congress members. Oh that's right nothing, sad we had a great young child coming from another country tell you guys about climate change. And Greta you're AWESOME for this, but I'm afraid the Congress won't do anything because they'll lose lots of money. But I hope the U.S. itself as a whole, push and fight the fight with you.

  • Edward Wilson
    Edward Wilson 4 hours ago

    more fuckboy from the gay bar just loves brown nosing

  • Alec G
    Alec G 4 hours ago


    • David Bodle
      David Bodle 4 hours ago

      All politicians are the same. Vote for a politician. 🤔

  • Stephenhill Hill
    Stephenhill Hill 4 hours ago

    Dirty little progressive.

  • Olkeriil Remengesau
    Olkeriil Remengesau 4 hours ago

    What is the busines of us congress asking the Russian agent about us constitution then expect to get right answers. Yang and Tulsi for America 2020. UBI'$ checks every months for adult Americans.

  • Roms Jr
    Roms Jr 4 hours ago

    Resign?? Wtf? Racism? Come to Brazil and you will see what really is racism and intolerance.

  • Two5 Arts
    Two5 Arts 4 hours ago

    who was that Monster

  • SCP the 66Shibe
    SCP the 66Shibe 4 hours ago

    Dog love Russia, But in Russia, Russia love Dog

  • CBS67
    CBS67 5 hours ago

    Greta is watching. Greta is waiting. Do not anger Greta. Greta will condemn your soul. You have been warned.

  • Jane Lotsoale
    Jane Lotsoale 5 hours ago

    Guyz stop xenophobia all we are African😂😂😂please

  • John Barleycorn
    John Barleycorn 5 hours ago

    Kangaroo court. Total farce. Democrats are a complete disgrace.

  • Ross Stone
    Ross Stone 5 hours ago

    u better be sorry, soyboy

  • Peter Chan
    Peter Chan 5 hours ago

    rumour says that they 69 after that

  • Valencia Spain
    Valencia Spain 5 hours ago

    Next it's going to become 'racism' just for doing different accents.

  • Diapontios
    Diapontios 5 hours ago


  • Waikiki HoundDawg
    Waikiki HoundDawg 5 hours ago

    If we learned anything from the left whether its canada or U.s. is that it's okay for leftist politicians to wear blackface(brownface). Just a simple mistake (slap on the wrist)

  • Wanker527
    Wanker527 5 hours ago


  • Doh Joe Gringo
    Doh Joe Gringo 5 hours ago

    I hope she addresses all the beans I eat...because I blow some massive gas. *ban beans & ban farts*

  • Fortnite Bruh
    Fortnite Bruh 5 hours ago


  • Valencia Spain
    Valencia Spain 5 hours ago

    Give him a break. He did not do it in jest, he just wanted to look authentic like Aladdin. Not everything is racism in this world. How many people are bleaching their skin to become whiter... that's way more serious?

    • Todd Foret
      Todd Foret 4 hours ago

      Shouldn't Aladdin olive not black as the ace of spades?

    • Sean Moran
      Sean Moran 5 hours ago

      Valencia Spain Agee, but people like him have weaponised this.

  • 4bigmonk
    4bigmonk 5 hours ago

    Well done boris!

  • Julian Assange
    Julian Assange 5 hours ago

    How many people folows your new year resolutions😄

  • Blood Beryl
    Blood Beryl 5 hours ago

    I believe him and accept his apology

  • Samuel Clark
    Samuel Clark 5 hours ago

    I want to apologize for dressing up like a native American, a Cowboy, a combat soldier, a mummy(won a haloweenie contest with that one), Santa Clause, and a gladiator. Now, Trumpsky, Barr, Ross, and Moscow Mitch and the majority of the Senate should apologize for dressing like men and pretending to be Republicans.

  • Georgia Fitzgerald
    Georgia Fitzgerald 5 hours ago

    mmmmm lets see what happens tomorrow 👀

  • 4bigmonk
    4bigmonk 5 hours ago

    Well done boris!

  • Sean Moran
    Sean Moran 5 hours ago

    Hahahaha Sadly this shouldn’t be news at all ! It is because children like this have been left in charge by us the electorate the so called adults. How pathetic and ignorant of history we have become.

  • Chris of STARS
    Chris of STARS 5 hours ago

    Wish I could act like these childish Republicans if I ever have to testify in court. Just play dumb and not answer questions. I'm so sure that would go over really well for us common folk.

  • austin teutsch
    austin teutsch 5 hours ago

    Daaaammmmmitt! Can I at least get credit for the year I've spent in jail? That means I only have to do 174 more years!

  • stan Ivan
    stan Ivan 5 hours ago

    whats the big deal?

  • 100% Dork
    100% Dork 5 hours ago

    Apologizing to an army of outraged white people...joke.

  • 711honved
    711honved 5 hours ago

    Welcome to the NHS 2019 Mr. Salem! The country is bankrupt following years of disastrous Labour spending, uncontrolled immigration, NHS health tourism costing c.£300m pa & a spiralling social services costs to name but a few!

    • My Blue Extremes
      My Blue Extremes 4 hours ago

      The Conservatives have been in power for 9 years. Couldn't they have got a handle on immigration in that time? They chose not to. The so called austerity measures were created due to the global financial crash of 2008 (You can blame the US for that one). It has nothing to do with Labour spending. Again the government has been in power for 9 years. What have they done about heath tourism. Precisely zero. Stop blaming everybody else. The Government is supposed to deal with these problems. They haven't.

  • Jake
    Jake 5 hours ago

    Liberals really seem to love their blackface

  • None None
    None None 5 hours ago

    Dude is a homosexual it is plain to see

    • David Rogers
      David Rogers 4 hours ago

      It takes one to spot one, perfume boy.



  • vickimon
    vickimon 5 hours ago

    I would've stood my ground and passed it costume themed event. Which it was. This is an example of a person who is called belief to liberal and politically correct agenda

  • mr420
    mr420 5 hours ago

    impeach him

  • Todd Foret
    Todd Foret 5 hours ago

    Sorry, that ain't brown, that's straight up *black face*

  • Toy UMP
    Toy UMP 5 hours ago

    I’m sorry but like who even cares? He did something not even horribly racist years ago dressing up as Aladdin for a party can’t the media and political opponents just leave the man alone

    • Todd Foret
      Todd Foret 4 hours ago

      Ten years ago this was probably considered more racist than today

    • Billy
      Billy 5 hours ago

      He cares apparently that's why he would apologize....right? He's not a liar now is he? If anyone else did this they would be ousted within a week and completely eviscerated in the media

  • SAKE WRLD Believer 39/27

    but he looked so badass

  • Finger banging Your mom

    Another Racist liberal

  • Billy
    Billy 5 hours ago

    Brown face? Bye bye blackface Justine. ☻👌

  • Peregrine Slim
    Peregrine Slim 5 hours ago

    I can't wait for an American President to apologise for the genocide that they have inflicted on the Arab parts of the world, but the right worries about trivialities instead.

    • Peregrine Slim
      Peregrine Slim 4 hours ago

      @Billy Yes, we are doing orange face tomorrow

    • Billy
      Billy 5 hours ago

      Have fun at school tomorrow

  • Mista Keez
    Mista Keez 5 hours ago

    They blocked the comments section in the other video. Let’s see when they block the comments here. Although the comments in the other video were mostly just laughing

  • Nain Martinez
    Nain Martinez 5 hours ago

    Hold up so what you are saying is: that you are ashamed of looking like an Indian or Arab person. Bruh is that what he just said? Thats cold man. I can't belive you would say something like that. Why would you be ashamed of looking like a person of color?

  • OlJeffy
    OlJeffy 5 hours ago

    Those were the olden days before civil rights and all that. It was a different time. People didn't know any better. Everyone was doing it. I don't think there were any real black people or brown people around back then.

    • Todd Foret
      Todd Foret 5 hours ago

      Now that is A-1 sarcasm, you almost had me

  • Aiden Bland
    Aiden Bland 5 hours ago

    I don’t know if I’m from a different world to all you people but I find it absurd that we now find dressing up as a racist incident. It seriously is pathetic.

  • Trish Lee
    Trish Lee 5 hours ago

    Waiting for the racist Trump to weigh in

    • Billy
      Billy 5 hours ago

      This video has nothing to do with your 24/7 Orange Obsession, little one

  • RC Dre
    RC Dre 5 hours ago

    why ont we use greta for something useful like plugging the ozone layer lol

  • Red Reddy
    Red Reddy 5 hours ago

    How the hell else do you want him to portray aladdin if not by painting his face? Bloody butthurters..

    • Todd Foret
      Todd Foret 5 hours ago

      Aladdin wasn't black, he was olive

    • Billy
      Billy 5 hours ago

      Maybe by, just stay with me here, not painting his face at all? Like literally every single child or adult with 2 brain cells to rub together has done when dressing up

  • Adam Kerwin
    Adam Kerwin 5 hours ago

    He didn’t do anything’s a costume!!!!!!

    • Todd Foret
      Todd Foret 5 hours ago

      @OlJeffy now that there is straight up funny

    • OlJeffy
      OlJeffy 5 hours ago

      I know, right? He should just squint his eyes and say," me sooo solly! me sooooooo solly!" and move on.

  • Cthulhu Christ
    Cthulhu Christ 5 hours ago

    Call it brownface so when people search "Trudeau blackface" they get fewer results...

    • Mista Keez
      Mista Keez 5 hours ago

      Manipulation to its fullest

  • Redneck Rosey
    Redneck Rosey 5 hours ago

    If we had a democratic vote in the U.S. we would stick to it, best thing for the U.K. go for a No Deal, free yourself from this restrictive E.U and what deals you ever make with the E.U in the future are favourable for the U.K and if not just walk from the table.

  • James Freeman
    James Freeman 5 hours ago


  • Mongolian Kids Cartoons

    Embarrassing to Canada and so is the blackface

  • deutz 514 612 d
    deutz 514 612 d 5 hours ago


  • fart poops
    fart poops 5 hours ago

    If this was Trump he would be impeached in 3 seconds.

    ORIGINALTHINKA 5 hours ago


  • Emely Rosado
    Emely Rosado 5 hours ago

    As a women on color, we have to admire the transparency that hes giving us. BEFORE YALL ROAST ME, WHAT HE DID WAS STILL DEEPLY WRONG. On the other hand, most who try and apologize always come up with a million and one excuses and a poorly executed pity party as to why they did what they did. At least he took accountability for his actions and just didn’t sweep it under the rug like the rest.

    • Adam Kerwin
      Adam Kerwin 5 hours ago

      He didn’t do anything wrong. It’s a costume!!!!

    • Bizarre Elixir Studio
      Bizarre Elixir Studio 5 hours ago

      But it was swept under the rug we only found out now. Why didnt he say anything earlier,he only sorry for being caught.

  • Neal Syrkel
    Neal Syrkel 5 hours ago

    What's the big deal

  • Travis C
    Travis C 5 hours ago

    He seems like a very typical rich kid and politician.

  • SJ
    SJ 5 hours ago

    Y'all need to calm down! He's done more for brown people than actual brown people!

    • Billy
      Billy 5 hours ago

      Please explain

  • Cedar Reuben
    Cedar Reuben 5 hours ago

    That woman he's groping, is she a student? Because if so, that's far worse than him being a racist wearing blackface. Has anyone looked into how many affairs he had with his students while he was teaching there?

    • Todd Foret
      Todd Foret 5 hours ago

      @D Lane I know right, only if you're a Republican. GTFO

    • D Lane
      D Lane 5 hours ago

      Coloring your face doesn't make you racist!!!!!! Grow up

  • Mr. Drobot
    Mr. Drobot 5 hours ago

    All that make up burned off his naturally beautiful eyebrows.😔

  • Jermiah Russell
    Jermiah Russell 5 hours ago

    Trudeau does blackface 10 years ago, aww its ok he was a child. 80 yr old Congress woman does blackface 50 years ago; she gotta go.

  • Amazing Food
    Amazing Food 5 hours ago


  • Tyler May
    Tyler May 5 hours ago

    Just resign in shame like the soyboy cuckling you are Justin Castro.

  • Dan OConnor
    Dan OConnor 5 hours ago

    This is a mortal sin for liberals. He will henceforth be banished to the outer ring of hell.

  • Michael Anderson
    Michael Anderson 5 hours ago


  • Taylor Custer
    Taylor Custer 5 hours ago


  • Reformed Stoic
    Reformed Stoic 5 hours ago

    Can we all just get over trying to ruin people's lives for things they did 10 years ago? Anyone? Can we grow up? Are we ready yet? Are we ready to be adults and stop tattling to the teacher about 10 year old photos and tweets?

    • OlJeffy
      OlJeffy 5 hours ago

      Exactly, we were all racist in our past and we should be able to move on when it suits us. Just say sorry and it's okay by me.

    • Billy
      Billy 5 hours ago


    • Mista Keez
      Mista Keez 5 hours ago

      They literally ruin people’s lives for less.

    • Mutual Altruism
      Mutual Altruism 5 hours ago

      @Chris Eppler Trudeau isn't the left, he's a corporate neoliberal.

    • David
      David 5 hours ago

      The thing is that dude is not a forgiving person.. If you believe there's only male and female he would label you as a homophobe. I get what your saying and I agree we should forgive people but HE is not one to forgive... Its just a fought situation, i wish him well but i think people who cant fogive should not be in public office (hope he doesnt get reelected)

  • Arbiter Lite
    Arbiter Lite 5 hours ago

    Anyone notice the guardian downgrading this to brownface? Its clearly blackface, the blackest of black at that. The moors were black.

    • Garry G
      Garry G 4 hours ago

      I'll take black black over pale and sickly any day! Yuck!

    • IAmaPersion
      IAmaPersion 4 hours ago

      He was not dressed up as a Moor. He clearly stated in the video he dressed up like Aladdin. Whom from most movies has always been tan/brown. If you think dressing up as Aladdin is racist, you have ALOT of people to go after that were all dressing up as Aladdin for Halloween when they were younger.

  • Jermiah Russell
    Jermiah Russell 5 hours ago

    Why is he on a plane?

  • fntime
    fntime 5 hours ago

    When you are involved with a farce, never answer seriously. It ruins the mood and might make people think it is something other than a farce. The House Judiciary sounds even stupider than they are which is quite an accomplishment. "Fat guy with bad dye job says "What"? (lol)

  • J S
    J S 5 hours ago

    Haha that's the end of him. Now the drip, drip, drip. Live by the virtuous sword die by the virtuous sword.

  • Mikey Acuba
    Mikey Acuba 5 hours ago


  • Peregrine Slim
    Peregrine Slim 5 hours ago

    Remember Trump's huffing and puffing about NAFTA? He just changed the acronym and then pretended he got rid of NAFTA. And the gullible believed him.

    • Billy
      Billy 5 hours ago

      Wow you really are pathetically obsessed with this guy. This story has nothing to do with him yet every comment on every video you leave is about him. He lives rent free in your tiny mind, just like he wants to, keep up the great work

  • James
    James 5 hours ago

    It should state "Boris Johnson has been confronted by an angry activist"

  • Peregrine Slim
    Peregrine Slim 5 hours ago

    Trump does orange face every day of the week. And Tamarins are outraged by his racist mockery.

  • Angelo 23
    Angelo 23 5 hours ago

    Waiting for Ralph Northam to weigh in.