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Playing Overwatch in 2019?
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Season 8 SAVES Fortnite!
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Don't mess this up...
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  • ZaraYT
    ZaraYT 14 minutes ago

    Noooo it’s done now we’ll at least whole grain died

  • sketchy kevinn
    sketchy kevinn 17 minutes ago

    there shouldve been a warning at the begining lmaaao

  • A sponge with a 100mil subs

    Play more overwatch please

  • Matthax101
    Matthax101 22 minutes ago

    Lufu should get tecnoblade on her team so he can kill everyone in hole granes team

  • Leo_Approlce
    Leo_Approlce 47 minutes ago

    Lufu please do another one it was great

  • Cassy Small
    Cassy Small Hour ago

    Who's better Lazar- like Muselk- comment

  • Hazking95
    Hazking95 Hour ago

    Fuck blueberries I’m allergic

  • sora xxforever
    sora xxforever 2 hours ago

    You are a great narrator

  • Krona
    Krona 2 hours ago

    Why's the framerate kinda fucked?

  • RavarG3r
    RavarG3r 3 hours ago

    what a saga

  • Blake Husaini
    Blake Husaini 3 hours ago

    Actually incredible

  • RavarG3r
    RavarG3r 3 hours ago

    mong sounds and awful lot like marcus hmmm... conincidence? I THINK NOT!

  • Mr loot llama king
    Mr loot llama king 3 hours ago

    Vee bucks is crays ilee

  • Caleb Wright
    Caleb Wright 4 hours ago

    Look at fruits leve

    HARSH GUPTA 4 hours ago


  • L Ol
    L Ol 4 hours ago

    Were is arikadooo

  • sora xxforever
    sora xxforever 4 hours ago

    I love these

  • Chy Taula Dougherty
    Chy Taula Dougherty 4 hours ago

    I clocked out of TheXvid because I thought I was on Netflix 😂😂

  • Jordan
    Jordan 4 hours ago

    Loving this intro🤣

  • ixx lee_
    ixx lee_ 5 hours ago

    I love how this video is so unnecessarily dramatic... i love it 😂

  • LMT Marosits
    LMT Marosits 5 hours ago

    Hey remember when u guys were Grandmaster?

  • Carmenrogers62 Rogers

    Loserfruit you are hot and 'm 10

  • Yahir Mijangos
    Yahir Mijangos 5 hours ago

    It's boring until bazz, cray and muselk joins.

  • Cornnugget555
    Cornnugget555 5 hours ago


  • Gentry Lambert
    Gentry Lambert 6 hours ago

    I am american

  • Boda The slayer
    Boda The slayer 6 hours ago

    Nice role play

  • deviljoegaming
    deviljoegaming 6 hours ago

    Ya im fine with the mechs but i mainly play ltms so they really arnt used much and when they are its easy to take down

  • Jowzeph In Finito
    Jowzeph In Finito 6 hours ago

    <3 hi himberee, ever heard of raissa? <3

  • Brandon Hageman
    Brandon Hageman 6 hours ago

    R.i.p stormy 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Joshua Bartsch
    Joshua Bartsch 6 hours ago

    Jeez Wario is *T H I C K*

  • Mari Yahzee
    Mari Yahzee 7 hours ago

    2:16 look at her face expression

  • Willem de Loryn
    Willem de Loryn 7 hours ago

    Like for Minecraft series 2

  • Zander Landis
    Zander Landis 7 hours ago

    Who remembers ilee

  • Arizona
    Arizona 7 hours ago

    90% of kath’s viewers have no idea what happened during this video

  • Gachaphoenix Express

    Please make a new series. The story was awesome and I wish i could have joined

  • G4urd-_-M3
    G4urd-_-M3 8 hours ago

    7:32nis what you’re here for your welcome thank me later no need to like 👌🏽

  • Nathan Norman
    Nathan Norman 8 hours ago

    that. was. greattttt!!!!

  • Alyssa Kosmosky
    Alyssa Kosmosky 9 hours ago

    iLee is in her facecam XD

  • Gaming with brandon
    Gaming with brandon 9 hours ago

    I know it was for the story but she has a diamond pic

  • Samuel Blais
    Samuel Blais 9 hours ago

    Make a second fruitopia but make it on a different map

  • LordWhis
    LordWhis 9 hours ago

    Since it was raining why didn't anyone use tridents ?

  • friends fan 23
    friends fan 23 9 hours ago

    Update playlist please

  • Dylan still plays D
    Dylan still plays D 9 hours ago

    Loser fruit we will fight for you

  • Harry Jeffery
    Harry Jeffery 9 hours ago

    I’ve been playing way too much overwatch don’t feel bad

  • Jim  Wagner
    Jim Wagner 9 hours ago

    Never give up your weapons.

  • Tuxedo Turtle
    Tuxedo Turtle 10 hours ago

    get the elytra reeeeeee look up how to get it lufu

  • Billy !!!
    Billy !!! 10 hours ago


  • VlicV.
    VlicV. 10 hours ago

    Omg her reactions are so cutee😂☺️

  • 2 tipor
    2 tipor 10 hours ago

    just to say there pvp skills my god its so funny watching noobs ha i love it

  • Desphinx
    Desphinx 10 hours ago

    And they said role queue wouldn't save OW, of course it did. It brought Loserfruit back!

  • Welfy Olly
    Welfy Olly 10 hours ago

    I know that this is staged and all but it is better than a Netflix origin series

  • Pickle Media
    Pickle Media 10 hours ago

    Play more overwatch plz

  • Bella Lulei
    Bella Lulei 11 hours ago

    Please do more minecraft Lufu...i love watching you play minecraft!

  • Steven C
    Steven C 11 hours ago

    Toronto Defiant love in Australia?

  • King Tuck
    King Tuck 11 hours ago

    Is this going to be a thing again is should I resub

  • LD Maximus
    LD Maximus 11 hours ago

    She cried when a horse died but not when her cat died

  • Erin Guajardo
    Erin Guajardo 11 hours ago

    i know am like super late but are those clickbait (david dobrik) shorts

  • XD_ shadow
    XD_ shadow 12 hours ago

    Mooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Minecraft

  • PhantomFox456
    PhantomFox456 12 hours ago

    What an incredible series, it has been an honour to watch!

  • CanadianGQrew
    CanadianGQrew 12 hours ago

    This should be a TheXvid red series

  • StreamerBTW879 :
    StreamerBTW879 : 12 hours ago

    Honestly ur role play is so annoying just use real micraft logic it would be so much better

  • DomPalto
    DomPalto 12 hours ago

    Seeing a lot of good overwatch youtubers leave to fortnite is pretty sad to see so this video really cheered me up. Im here for it ❤️

  • Raven Claw
    Raven Claw 12 hours ago

    I am drinking hot chocolate I blew into it really hard and it splashed all over my face please help.

  • Gavin Ostrich
    Gavin Ostrich 13 hours ago

    That was epic

  • Chicken Face
    Chicken Face 13 hours ago


  • it's jack Hamill
    it's jack Hamill 13 hours ago

    Mong tf

  • Mahayee 123
    Mahayee 123 13 hours ago

    It's a shame lazarbeam does not have this game

  • Miguel Higuera
    Miguel Higuera 13 hours ago

    I have only 2 wins

  • PittZRuleZ
    PittZRuleZ 14 hours ago

    Nooooo it can't end like this

  • Blood Brothers
    Blood Brothers 14 hours ago

    Are u Fing kidding me another series? 100% With u all the way Loserfruit!!!!

  • Mason Everett
    Mason Everett 14 hours ago

    And I oop

  • Agustín Lee
    Agustín Lee 14 hours ago

    Cute voice

  • ying-yang-gaming
    ying-yang-gaming 14 hours ago

    to be honest I think cray has a little bit of a crush on Kath. my opinion.

  • OmgItsCake
    OmgItsCake 14 hours ago

    I love how it's kinda RP but you break character so many times xD

  • xela971
    xela971 14 hours ago


  • cOsMiC Dream
    cOsMiC Dream 14 hours ago

    I cried on the inside when the series ended. for a second I thought jake would win and I was like noooo but you won lufu yeeeee!

  • Christopher Tighe
    Christopher Tighe 14 hours ago

    I want more minecraft

  • Andrew McConnell
    Andrew McConnell 15 hours ago

    i want a live action movie

  • Icon ranger
    Icon ranger 15 hours ago

    Scavengers endpain

  • JamesyHerald
    JamesyHerald 15 hours ago

    As a cat has 9 lives, as a phoenix rises from flame... I've heard tell a legend that Lufu might rise again...

  • Gaming Bagel
    Gaming Bagel 15 hours ago

    Lufu sounds like the halo narrator

  • isaiahsays
    isaiahsays 16 hours ago

    I'm sorry 6:15 wait what

  • Lemptin K
    Lemptin K 16 hours ago

    This was epic

  • Lilneeqo
    Lilneeqo 16 hours ago

    You fine as hell 💙

  • kayel605
    kayel605 16 hours ago

    Yessss so excited that the OG Aussie OW crew is making more videos again hahaha it's so fun to see them play around, just missing Tyrodin, Oasis and Muselk now!

  • Naomi McCabe - Reeson
    Naomi McCabe - Reeson 16 hours ago

    I hate that chicken so much and he sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤

  • Andrew McConnell
    Andrew McConnell 17 hours ago


  • madmonkeygaming 1234
    madmonkeygaming 1234 17 hours ago

    Get monggy therapy

  • Snubeee
    Snubeee 17 hours ago

    You can just pick axe out of the prison

  • LuDaBraćA 94
    LuDaBraćA 94 17 hours ago

    Make another server

  • SoS_TooExtra Lockhart
    SoS_TooExtra Lockhart 17 hours ago

    I can’t wait for the next adventure!

  • life Clips
    life Clips 17 hours ago

    should i really be watching this im only 11

  • Estevan Ruvalcaba
    Estevan Ruvalcaba 17 hours ago

    I don't really like this camera angle

  • Kyle Dygert
    Kyle Dygert 17 hours ago

    I always get so sad when people destroy their worlds I’m gonna cry no :(((((

    RJD ZAVATAR 18 hours ago

    More minecraft

  • Cameron Wells
    Cameron Wells 18 hours ago

    Wtf!! That intro is scary

  • Amri
    Amri 18 hours ago

    noooooooooooooooooooo its over

  • denki the boi
    denki the boi 18 hours ago

    What is Mongs skin?!

  • Mohammad Alaboushi
    Mohammad Alaboushi 18 hours ago

    Please don’t stop

  • Xd Alchemistt
    Xd Alchemistt 18 hours ago

    Fruity looks tired you see dem bags get sm sleep