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  • Noises of Life
    Noises of Life 36 seconds ago

    Who is a fan of Troom Troom vids? :) Me! :)

  • callista
    callista 4 minutes ago

    lmfao this is far from a vsco girl. get ur dollar store plastic water bottle somewhere else boo and sit ur flat self down

  • savage isaiah
    savage isaiah 5 minutes ago

    This $hit would not work

  • It’s Yo girl Avery
    It’s Yo girl Avery 17 minutes ago

    “Today you will become a real e-girl!” Yeah like she will be a fake one 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • audrey morancielaljjw
    audrey morancielaljjw 19 minutes ago

    I got you

  • samuraye sakura
    samuraye sakura 21 minute ago

    I diddint realise its troom troom until i clicked it i-

  • Katherine Delium
    Katherine Delium 30 minutes ago

    you irritate me e-girl is fully wrong e-girls are different then you think they are did you just look at 1 pic of e-girl and think that you know em well?

  • Ganesh C
    Ganesh C 41 minute ago

    I am so mad they when chrismas Need to buy lots and lots of gifts for my sister,brother,f friends

  • Miss Comedian
    Miss Comedian 42 minutes ago

    I'm a teenager OHH WOOW SO COOL😎*sarcastic* Nah u don't say it's TRASH EVEN TEXTING IS BETTER

  • kelsey demeo
    kelsey demeo 52 minutes ago

    i'm not a big troom troom select cus the crafts and stuff never work for me

  • jwaters a
    jwaters a 58 minutes ago

    Vsco vsco vsco

  • ashburtongrove19 Eman

    5:56 “dont eat it even it looks real” Me: whyyy lolipops 6:07 why dont you use a real one then wasting your busy time and doing sonething fun

  • Louise Acar
    Louise Acar Hour ago


  • Yantika Babajee
    Yantika Babajee Hour ago

    How to remove the nail polish from the lipstick

    RUKMANI SAMY Hour ago

    Wow but it should be big in size

  • alinadom rawan
    alinadom rawan Hour ago

    Your poop

  • Fasai J.
    Fasai J. Hour ago

    So troom troom is filmed in Indonesia?

  • Kevin Verhaert
    Kevin Verhaert Hour ago


  • Dash Horton-Szar

    me:i know what id do in a zombie apocalypse friend:what me:die

  • Ranju Devi
    Ranju Devi Hour ago

    I like mini sprkler

  • Bib Biba
    Bib Biba Hour ago


  • CoolGirl FTW
    CoolGirl FTW Hour ago

    I WILL do the makeup but..... You have to follow me on tik tok btw my account is..... alinakhatun9

  • nikkis10310
    nikkis10310 Hour ago


  • saartje staartje

    E-girl love it i wanna be one too

  • Purry Furry
    Purry Furry Hour ago

    Wow cute! 💖🐾

  • Daniel Diikay Kodila

    I sleep like a baboon my roommate can't handle sleeping with me

  • Layan Mohammed
    Layan Mohammed 2 hours ago

    I love your videos my sisy name is Assyrian

  • Hello It me
    Hello It me 2 hours ago

    This when i wasted my time And no Zombies Will breakdown

  • Johnwebson Cua
    Johnwebson Cua 2 hours ago

    Sure sure

  • Elisabel Viira
    Elisabel Viira 2 hours ago


  • Jessica b
    Jessica b 2 hours ago

    Troom troom : it's a mountain of muscles Me: it's a strong jok

  • Its me
    Its me 3 hours ago

    Can you do 15 FIT Christmas cooks

  • Qaireen Batrisya
    Qaireen Batrisya 3 hours ago


  • PapayaPotato
    PapayaPotato 3 hours ago

    *y tho*

  • Pailang Pailang
    Pailang Pailang 3 hours ago

    If you tumps up 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Pailang Pailang
    Pailang Pailang 3 hours ago

    Im sleeping STAR F I S H

  • Kalpana Kalpena
    Kalpana Kalpena 3 hours ago

    Hi Troom Troom. I'm new to this channel. Love all of your Christmas ideas!!!!! They are sooo nice! Thankyou for making this video because I want to decorate my room with miniature things and I was not able to get an idea that what I should make! Thanks 🥰🥰🥰

  • Louise Llewellyn
    Louise Llewellyn 3 hours ago

    Who else watches these but knows that THERE FAKE LOL DOLLS 😂. I If you do. V

  • Jacqueline Parris-Elliott

    In going to try it! It's so cool!

  • Rugile Kupc
    Rugile Kupc 3 hours ago

    I like da sno men

  • Vu Ngo
    Vu Ngo 3 hours ago

    My best friend is named Randy. Randy is a boy

  • Abby Mae P
    Abby Mae P 3 hours ago

    4:13 hahaha he is wearing a peppa pig hat!

  • Oni Chan
    Oni Chan 3 hours ago

    No its a bowling ball not a tennsi

  • Xxmoonlight _luluxX
    Xxmoonlight _luluxX 3 hours ago

    How about you do one with everyone in troom troom to make it even more intestine.

  • Elena-roberta Bozic
    Elena-roberta Bozic 3 hours ago

    im a bad lady, wenn sombody wants to atac me im a rebel but normoly im a lady.😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😁😁😁😁😀😀😀😀😀😀😈😸

  • Mugdho's Guitar Lessons

    I now that all

  • Darshansingh Darshan

    Amazing but I want to make that things in which you will not use hot glue or super glue

  • srijana gurung
    srijana gurung 4 hours ago

    So. Nice

  • Abdul Hadi
    Abdul Hadi 4 hours ago

    I'am your beggest fan ever

  • The Oreo Cabiling Sisters

    I feel like a Vsco girl Pretends to be a Vsco girl But... Im not an oficially a Vsco girl ooff

  • Lena Percic
    Lena Percic 4 hours ago

    Vid pričate srpski? Piše 'supercena' na onim pahuljicma

  • memo unicorn
    memo unicorn 4 hours ago

    How to you do that

  • Kiran Khan
    Kiran Khan 4 hours ago


  • rekha mhatrefď4q
    rekha mhatrefď4q 4 hours ago

    What is the trick for the last one???

  • Blue dragon Toy lover

    The bloody nose one looks dumb if she keeps walking like that

  • fardus Xasan
    fardus Xasan 4 hours ago

    😍😍🥰🥰 wow 😯

  • Parvathi Reddipalli
    Parvathi Reddipalli 4 hours ago

    Do you know about bloody mary?

  • Goran Alavux
    Goran Alavux 5 hours ago

    I have cool ideas for your business but if you want to get any of these lol dolls you want 😋

  • Drawing Nightmares
    Drawing Nightmares 5 hours ago

    Aaaahhh were all going to die!!! Me: well were gonna die anyways 😑😑😑

  • Joody Magdy
    Joody Magdy 5 hours ago


  • Wolfie Plays
    Wolfie Plays 5 hours ago

    Only 12 day till chrismas!!!!!! ☃⛄☃❄❄❄🌲🌲🌲

  • Ashton Pham
    Ashton Pham 5 hours ago


  • cracky crafts
    cracky crafts 5 hours ago

    Plz mk mre moey saving videos and bets winning videos

  • Sahrya Camilla
    Sahrya Camilla 5 hours ago

    Do u live in barbadose

  • Jincy Gigi
    Jincy Gigi 5 hours ago


  • Antonius Toni Toni
    Antonius Toni Toni 5 hours ago

    Troom troom why the girl dont have a hand?

  • Ghs Ranbirpura
    Ghs Ranbirpura 5 hours ago

    I like all the things you have shown in the video🎁🎄🎄

  • Sunny Saady
    Sunny Saady 5 hours ago

    Have these people ever heard of guns?if someone runs away they could get shot

  • Neeraj Kaushik
    Neeraj Kaushik 6 hours ago

    I love the sunflower 🌻one and the clock 🕜one😍🥰😻🥰🤩🤩😥😴😻😻

  • tauland hysa
    tauland hysa 6 hours ago

    Λοιπόν έχουμε και την ποιότητα

  • Nenette victoria Ravelo

    I don't want to eat by a zombie I'm a kid. Maybe my they are scared of me they miss me

  • Danish Damia haaa\pendeknya

    Saya tak faham troom2× cakap

  • lary the gamer
    lary the gamer 6 hours ago

    I'm going to kill my self if their is a zombie Apocalypse

  • lidia suweni
    lidia suweni 6 hours ago


  • Anita Casayuran
    Anita Casayuran 6 hours ago


  • Anita Casayuran
    Anita Casayuran 6 hours ago

    Im a filipino How To Be You Po?!😂

  • Amila Uzunalic
    Amila Uzunalic 6 hours ago


  • Kokila Vasan
    Kokila Vasan 6 hours ago

    When will the 8eposide



  • imogen cook
    imogen cook 6 hours ago

    Tried the egg one and clenched my fingers harder then my palm and managed to crack it

  • Levy Beti
    Levy Beti 6 hours ago


  • sridevi sundar
    sridevi sundar 7 hours ago

    I love it

  • Mathew John
    Mathew John 7 hours ago

    But I like some of them

  • Patrick Sastroredjo
    Patrick Sastroredjo 7 hours ago

    its so quite

  • Patrick Sastroredjo
    Patrick Sastroredjo 7 hours ago

    in my country there are no zombie apocalypse

  • Patrick Sastroredjo
    Patrick Sastroredjo 7 hours ago

    all fake

  • Patrick Sastroredjo
    Patrick Sastroredjo 7 hours ago

    so that means its fake

  • Patrick Sastroredjo
    Patrick Sastroredjo 7 hours ago

    fake gun

  • Patrick Sastroredjo
    Patrick Sastroredjo 7 hours ago

    i dont believe a zombie

  • Patrick Sastroredjo
    Patrick Sastroredjo 7 hours ago

    its so wide and with blood

  • Mathew John
    Mathew John 7 hours ago

    I think that is steeling!

  • Patrick Sastroredjo
    Patrick Sastroredjo 7 hours ago

    you see the mouth when that dumb fake zobie trying to bite that poor girl

  • Patrick Sastroredjo
    Patrick Sastroredjo 7 hours ago

    with a flamthrower,knife and other dangeris items

  • Patrick Sastroredjo
    Patrick Sastroredjo 7 hours ago

    it looks like you hurt those poeple

  • Patrick Sastroredjo
    Patrick Sastroredjo 7 hours ago

    actully they look real but how did you make those zombie cosdume

  • Patrick Sastroredjo
    Patrick Sastroredjo 7 hours ago

    kid: why does the zomnie in the hous looks fake. if it was real the eyes would be red

  • Oanh Luu
    Oanh Luu 7 hours ago

    I’ll try the hanging unicorn play area thing. The one with the pink ribbons

  • Nazlı Fliz
    Nazlı Fliz 7 hours ago

    Çok güzel

  • Somasree Das
    Somasree Das 7 hours ago

    i broke the matchsticks by my self and i am in 5 th standard

  • TJO Onn
    TJO Onn 7 hours ago

    Why do you guys always said:a few.We don't know how many we need to use