Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay
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  • Russian Person
    Russian Person Hour ago

    92% of the comments: how hot Gordon is😂

  • Troll 411
    Troll 411 Hour ago

    7:18 "a tablespoon" Takes the entire bottle

  • Revell
    Revell Hour ago

    Yeah sorry but the owner looks like a pedo

    SAGAR MOON Hour ago

    bhai jai shree ram ..aaramsay❤️😚

  • The dilettante Gamer

    I cook at pilots social in the morning and need a cheap good recipe I can use to satisfy a hundred hungry pilots and passengers. anyone got any suggestions? I'm getting really tired of pancakes.

  • Kelly Lunar
    Kelly Lunar Hour ago

    Now thats what you call lobster sauce

  • JABS991
    JABS991 Hour ago

    I wouldn't eat ANY part of a wild boar raw, Chef.

  • Marco Cazares
    Marco Cazares Hour ago

    Y'all got nothing on chef mike!!!

  • sa dsafd
    sa dsafd Hour ago

    Banned carrots baby corn or anything in Pad kapraw. Pad krapraw has only meat , krapraw(Holy basil), garlic , chilli.

  • No Name
    No Name Hour ago

    "cheap" "feta and avocado"

  • I am a Tarot Card

    Ramsey will 100% die from heart attack. That's just a sad fact....

  • Ennie Name Willdo

    not sure why I watched that...other than sheer boredom

  • Shark _SkimZZ
    Shark _SkimZZ Hour ago

    Is that last place closes down yet???

  • Blue Doggoo
    Blue Doggoo Hour ago


  • Charles van Dijk

    Don't swear in an Asian Kampung. I am actually worried about it going by his reputation ;)

  • Dillon_Rodriguez

    9:44 I’m crying🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • andacondasqueeze

    Pitbull can't run a kitchen, quitit

  • chu bei jie
    chu bei jie 2 hours ago

    The main ingredient is gordon’s sweat😂

  • Alex John
    Alex John 2 hours ago

    Boasts about how quick and simple it is to make gnocchi. Proceeds to go about the most complicated thing I've ever seen him do.

  • Esoteric Services
    Esoteric Services 2 hours ago

    What a good angel Gordon is, indeed.

  • Aaron LFC
    Aaron LFC 2 hours ago

    This should be $50 or $80 hotel

  • Robert O'Brien
    Robert O'Brien 2 hours ago

    A lot of people that work in the food industry have been locked up lol

  • RoKo Ku
    RoKo Ku 2 hours ago

    King crab: invasive but expensive. Lobster when invasive: fed to prisoner.. Me: should I be a prisoner to get food like that?

  • bitch idk
    bitch idk 2 hours ago

    am i the only one who feels bad for him

  • Wonderful Peace
    Wonderful Peace 2 hours ago

    Before I leave earth, I must have a beef wellington... Please Jesus make my taste buds enjoy such beauty

  • PipeGuy64Bit
    PipeGuy64Bit 2 hours ago

    The owner looks like the witch from Brave.

  • Iforgetmygoogle Account

    That other chefs dish looks waaaaay better than Gordon's presentation aswell

  • Kaiser
    Kaiser 2 hours ago

    What is it measuring? Bacteria per square millimeter?

  • mtgamerguy
    mtgamerguy 2 hours ago


  • John Bush
    John Bush 2 hours ago


  • Death Unicorns
    Death Unicorns 2 hours ago

    When the girl at the end said “This is ridiculous” It sounded like that one girl from Miraculous ladybug

  • Saber Cayenne
    Saber Cayenne 2 hours ago

    Just ruined a simple home made old style recipe. That's why I dislike his style of cooking.

  • Blackpilled Saint
    Blackpilled Saint 2 hours ago

    Ramsey is the real life Shinomiya sensei from Food Wars

  • ssccrreeaamm
    ssccrreeaamm 2 hours ago

    Top 3 things about Christmas: 3: No school 2: Being with family 1: Gordon Ramsay Christmas dishes

  • Lokman Hakim
    Lokman Hakim 2 hours ago

    When black people call you my cousin..so im black now

  • Ruz
    Ruz 2 hours ago

    Gordon in Master Chef Kids: Hi babies! Adults: Sup motherf*ckers!

  • bmacfar2
    bmacfar2 2 hours ago

    Me: That food looks pretty good Gordon: Disgusting! Me: I've seen this comment before

  • MelbGurl3162
    MelbGurl3162 2 hours ago

    I know about herbs and spices, but I was unaware of the salt and olive oil trick for pasta. Danish Feta, I find is a little less salty than greek feta but certainly makes Cannelloni taste better too. I have 54 versions of Cannelloni of my own creation, most contain a blend of both Ricotta and feta cheeses. Feta and stuffed peppers ( vegetarian style ) Feta and Rice stuffed Peppers ( With meat-Bacon/Ham )

  • bubrub23
    bubrub23 2 hours ago

    These ones at least didn't use saffron😂

  • ní heo
    ní heo 3 hours ago

    love <3

  • AKAMugnuts !
    AKAMugnuts ! 3 hours ago

    So, where does the camera crew sleep and do they sit there filming Gordon as he sleeps? Seems off.

  • Tommy 111
    Tommy 111 3 hours ago

    what episode??

  • Vipah Don’t Worry
    Vipah Don’t Worry 3 hours ago

    Looks gross

  • Red Blue40
    Red Blue40 3 hours ago

    Mostly fat...very little meat there.....oh well, bring on the lamb sauce

  • bicknell67
    bicknell67 3 hours ago

    Wtf why would that guy pour the liquid in a trash can? If not down the sink then in the grass.

  • darknut
    darknut 3 hours ago

    What if this whole time gordon was reading the numbers on tbe device wrong or it was malfunctioning.

  • RaizeN
    RaizeN 3 hours ago

    Jack : Can we have this everyday ? Gordon : No Jack Jack: That’s not nice

  • PasCorrect
    PasCorrect 3 hours ago

    I feel like that "pan on the stove" thing from the tomato soup recipe wouldn't work on electric burners... Has anyone tried it?

  • Vipah Don’t Worry
    Vipah Don’t Worry 3 hours ago

    Ramsey on a budget. That’s a good one

  • BJM Graphics
    BJM Graphics 3 hours ago

    Luby's is better

  • Gazza Al farisyi
    Gazza Al farisyi 3 hours ago

    Chocolate and bacon pizza:*exist* The italian mafia : *this is not ookie dookie*

  • Xtatic
    Xtatic 3 hours ago

    He actually made something I can afford the pasta all by itself. At least I feel like I'm part of the fan club now.👍

  • About gamerx
    About gamerx 3 hours ago

    *LOVE TO 🍴EAT*

  • ann dillon
    ann dillon 3 hours ago

    The very same things can exist in any restaurant

  • Supergirl
    Supergirl 3 hours ago

    I would have slapped the guy who was saying he planted the mouse.

  • Basic mat
    Basic mat 3 hours ago

    Ramsey have right to insult cause he's one of the best Thats why his restraunt was da best He's caring,responsible,discipline

  • Connor RK505
    Connor RK505 3 hours ago


  • MyGoldenFro
    MyGoldenFro 3 hours ago

    Yo a trigger warning would’ve been nice before showing me chef Mike jumping out a window.

  • Happy Shiba
    Happy Shiba 3 hours ago

    Gordon is becoming a mukbanger

  • Mill Eudic
    Mill Eudic 3 hours ago

    Punch Gordon, you punch me! bud@

  • Xtatic
    Xtatic 3 hours ago

    Gordon in the kitchen: does calf raises , flexes neck muscles, bounces around and throws things around, body shakes for no reason acts like he's at a rock concert.... Everything short of a moon walk. Me: so broke I can't afford to waste valuable energy like that.

  • Mill Eudic
    Mill Eudic 3 hours ago

    prawn is a prawn, not shore net gathered shrimp.

  • Mill Eudic
    Mill Eudic 3 hours ago

    UK == AUS in cooking.

  • Lily Anne
    Lily Anne 3 hours ago

    that poor man who ate the lobster god bless him 🥺😭😭

  • Mill Eudic
    Mill Eudic 3 hours ago

    Want 8 cylinder mustang only car turbo. Ford.

  • Buronan Mertua
    Buronan Mertua 3 hours ago

    smell like christmas

  • Jun123
    Jun123 3 hours ago

    Homemade Ñocchi I see what you did there.

  • Mill Eudic
    Mill Eudic 3 hours ago

    God Bless, to Gordon Ramsay, a great cooking teacher.

  • Adam Kapraun
    Adam Kapraun 3 hours ago

    Glad your family is still close. Mine stopped being close after my childhood.

  • Adam Kapraun
    Adam Kapraun 3 hours ago

    Glad your family is still close. Mine stopped being close after my childhood.

  • Mill Eudic
    Mill Eudic 3 hours ago

    Gordon I so FIRE YOU bud@! thexvid.com/video/YnJJi9Qv444/video.html Me Knight, not Chef like you Ramsey. bud@

  • Shakti Prateek Sharma

    Awsome !

  • Nichole
    Nichole 3 hours ago

    He’s hot

  • 겨울이온다
    겨울이온다 3 hours ago

    It is not easy to understand british english accent.

  • Mill Eudic
    Mill Eudic 3 hours ago

    No way, I can boss around Gordon Ramsay? Yes I can! (I am introverted bully) bud@

  • César Pedraza
    César Pedraza 3 hours ago

    Orange juice looks good, I'll tell you that 👍

  • Lily Anne
    Lily Anne 3 hours ago

    layla stay with me girl 😂☠️ i’m in dying

  • Mill Eudic
    Mill Eudic 3 hours ago

    Noice, but can't fight Chef -> thexvid.com/video/L0bJvGmAIZE/video.html

  • ลิซ่า ปาจิงโก๊ะ


  • Khabib Narmagumegomedov

    Gordon should visit Arunachal Pradesh.

  • orsetto81utube
    orsetto81utube 4 hours ago

    I wish that americans could see this side of him. I wish he were my dad!

  • David Pereira
    David Pereira 4 hours ago

    Ahhh yes. The double D’s of that challenge: disgusting and delusional

  • César Pedraza
    César Pedraza 4 hours ago

    What the fuck did I just watch?! Any mexican granny

  • Kai Thongsavanh
    Kai Thongsavanh 4 hours ago

    The things that suck are...back on the day you used to be able to buy cheap cuts of meat...cheap fish... but these chefs made it highbrow so now you can’t get oxtail on the bargain or cheap meats or trash fish as they used to say. All those bargain proteins are now prime cuts that cost you a pretty penny.

  • Andrew Mathewson
    Andrew Mathewson 4 hours ago

    Everyone who disliked this has a heart colder than the North Pole (or some cook's dishes)

  • Paul Mauer
    Paul Mauer 4 hours ago


  • Annalee Harvey
    Annalee Harvey 4 hours ago

    2:20 Adorable little lick 😋😂

  • Claudio Astorga
    Claudio Astorga 4 hours ago

    I don’t know how this guy be so “great chef” if his rice looks like dough and he puts olive oil to cook pasta 🤯 so there’s no way to pasta incorporates some salsa

  • Franko 6
    Franko 6 4 hours ago

    that girl looks like a vegan

  • Amanda Kelley
    Amanda Kelley 4 hours ago

    It was just recently that I realized the Brits were saying Mulled Wine. I thought I heard them say Mold Wine and I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to drink moldy wine! Lol

  • EngPMgt
    EngPMgt 4 hours ago

    Honestly, I thought Ramsey would choose momo over azou as momo dish looks modern, sophisticated & luxurious similar to Ramsey’s style! I personally prefer azou as i like anything traditional but won’t mind modern 😂

  • Darth Thaichi
    Darth Thaichi 4 hours ago

    And now, McDang 's father pass away. RIP

  • Joelly Vater
    Joelly Vater 4 hours ago

    Hi Gordon, just wanted to know what your favourite ingredient you like to use for your meals like is it garlic, lemon, lime, or just other. It would be nice to know

  • Online Game
    Online Game 4 hours ago

    Gordon:The puffin bit my nose Jack:nice

  • Eduorm
    Eduorm 4 hours ago

    It's f*cking rawwww

  • Migthulhu
    Migthulhu 4 hours ago

    being from New Mexico that salsa verde not having any roasted green chile in it is messing with me

  • Aaron George
    Aaron George 4 hours ago

    does gordon kiss everyone he meets? because i saw him kiss like almost everyone he meets

  • slayingdemon
    slayingdemon 4 hours ago

    damn madelaine is sexy as hell ;P Gordon knows that if he didn't cheat she woulda wiped the floor with him :P (no disrespect Gordon your still the best male chef I've seen)

  • Selim Yıldız
    Selim Yıldız 4 hours ago

    Just 1 piece of chicken whaaat

  • moroc333
    moroc333 4 hours ago

    How random this must have been for the people living there, you are preparing a wedding, then a random white man crashes into the trees, drinks some wine, eats some honey and begins cooking for everybody.