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  • Gd2knw
    Gd2knw Hour ago

    Too much tv shows for the black family 🤣🤣

  • Joe berdanke
    Joe berdanke Hour ago

    Dude that desert pizza look fucking atrocious, doesn't look like it will have a good taste at all

  • The Barbell Philosopher

    This has to be one of the tastiest (and most relaxing) cooking vids I've ever seen. Gordon mate, you're killing it, ss always. And as much as i loved watching you spool profanity at inept imbeciles in the past, I must say I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate this refined, more chilled side to you. Keep being awesome mate. I'm so looking forward to try this recipes out myself (especially that rice pudding and the Shepherds Pie). Cheers! 🍻🤙

  • Florence Maria
    Florence Maria Hour ago

    This is a Kerala state dish in southern India... groceryzone.ca/shop/grocery/masala-spices/dh-meat-masala-200-g-double-horse/.. The image is of what they call BEEF ULARTHU... good to taste... I use soy nuggets with this masala to get a bit creative without meat and add coconut paste/milk... very easy to cook.. You can try your way... Not sure if i can recall Mom's (Mangalore) way of making soy nuggets, i have experimented different types of recipe for this myself.. let me see if i can recall her recipe... I did not try because she used lentils and i liked it plain...

  • CardriderDraw - Level2

    Isnt gordon Scottish so of course his accent wont be british u cockwomble

  • kan 07
    kan 07 Hour ago

    Woah.. he has a cat!

  • Umer The Clumsy Tube

    I don't see a disguise

  • Mahfuz Khan
    Mahfuz Khan Hour ago

    Chicken tikka masala

  • Ben Tones
    Ben Tones Hour ago

    2:40 ‘hold that open for daddy’ sorry but I pissed my pants at this 😂😂😂

  • White Wolf Joy
    White Wolf Joy Hour ago

    Switches sandwiches like no one will notice T - T smh

  • bobo fattt
    bobo fattt Hour ago

    This is why I love chef Ramsay. That prisoner has something to look forward to the next day now. Hes a great person with a strong mouth that's all

  • Normal Man
    Normal Man 2 hours ago

    This food is fucking delicous. I can eat this every day with just 10000-15000 vietnam dollars.

  • Roman Minárik
    Roman Minárik 2 hours ago

    What an ungrateful b!tch

  • TheSilver312
    TheSilver312 2 hours ago

    as an Aussie I want to say that meat was the most disgusting thing I have ever actually seen. That owner should be absolutely ashamed.

  • Ale Baquero
    Ale Baquero 2 hours ago

    Vaya otro super chef cagandola con la PAELLA... y porqué CHORIZO? porqué'...DIOS MIO!!!! que está pasando en el mundo.

  • Izy Cananua
    Izy Cananua 2 hours ago

    I been to a lodge in Alaska, they clean fish vacuum seal then flash freeze it, as well as shrimp and crab If it never unthaws it will be pretty fresh and great Not like a salmon can be fresh off a boat in Vermont in January

  • αlinuș
    αlinuș 2 hours ago

    nobody : my dad : 3:31

  • pudi5858
    pudi5858 2 hours ago

    honestly the close up at 12.31 really makes me think the editors are just self aware of how ridiculusly close their close ups are

  • sean54mc
    sean54mc 2 hours ago

    he makes that look hard. lol there is easier way to do this, especially for the home cook

  • Cairn The Aviator
    Cairn The Aviator 2 hours ago

    The haircut sums up everything

  • Bubblegum
    Bubblegum 2 hours ago

    Metallic? I would say earthy. But im not the expert, he is.

  • Talisman daniel Obama

    Eres el mejor

  • DestinyPlayer 938821

    They should try boba milk tea

  • Big Ugly
    Big Ugly 2 hours ago

    cant cook, cant run a hotel, cant pay his employees.. hell cant even brush his teeth. what the actual fuck.

  • Unlicensed Memes
    Unlicensed Memes 2 hours ago

    I'd rather have an 8oz steak with a stuffed baked potato and a salad for less than half of what these tiny meals cost.

  • Méo
    Méo 2 hours ago

    How’s it feel, Pumbaa?

  • Sylas Grayson
    Sylas Grayson 2 hours ago

    Marco's shepherd's pie is better

  • _Esmeralda_
    _Esmeralda_ 2 hours ago

    He said: 🏊🏻‍♂️

  • Bradley Mason
    Bradley Mason 2 hours ago

    when did 20sec ads start that you cant skip?

  • Darrian Gario
    Darrian Gario 2 hours ago

    That Greek dancer was a babe

  • Alldy
    Alldy 2 hours ago

    No bullshit, No begging to subscribe , No nothing Straight to the process.. Love this guy..

  • Jacob Goodyear
    Jacob Goodyear 2 hours ago

    No ones mentioned how funny Jonathan Ross is

  • Rhea Mae Mancha mancha

    Damn i thought naruto op was gonna play in the background.

  • Luxsify.
    Luxsify. 2 hours ago

    I love this chef tbh

  • Brycen King
    Brycen King 2 hours ago

    Gordon ramsay should open his own restraunt! I bet it will do great.

  • Ron Foster
    Ron Foster 2 hours ago


  • BarterTom
    BarterTom 2 hours ago

    Brilliant impersonation of an idiot.

  • Paul Adam
    Paul Adam 3 hours ago

    What episode and season is this ?

  • Double G
    Double G 3 hours ago

    It’s a bloody frozen burger 🍔 It’s bloody frozen then we bloody thaw them out You bloody fired your son Bloody oh my God

  • RuSTeD SKuLL
    RuSTeD SKuLL 3 hours ago

    So much butter 😐

  • The Annoying Rock
    The Annoying Rock 3 hours ago

    Take a shot everytime he says “chives”

  • Elias Axfors
    Elias Axfors 3 hours ago

    How did you clean the Leaks?

  • Noobdestroyer 47
    Noobdestroyer 47 3 hours ago

    For some reason I’m scared of the owner’s face

  • K'qol
    K'qol 3 hours ago

    Council of beetrots

  • Joshua Williams
    Joshua Williams 3 hours ago

    I think Casey’s breakfast pizza could give Gordon Ramsay’s pizza a run for its money!!

  • Bruhmindyourbusiness k

    This guy Jerome is very naive for a criminal or maybe all criminals are that naive I am not sure. Why blame the system?The system is to keep you in jail because you broke the law and are considered a danger to society. The system did not make you break the law you decided that you want to rob a person, scam an old lady. There are money penalties you dont go to jail right away. You could easily choose to beg on the streets swallow your ego and beg for money but not commit a crime...It's never just once. Once you start you can't get out its the same with everything that is not good for you - smoking and drugs and etc. It does not matter if you have been a victim of a crime it does not mean it gives you a free pass to do it yourself. This is why people dont want to hire people who have been to jail. It takes courage and selfishness to do it once so why would you not do it again instead of choosing to live a plain, hard but straight life which honestly it does not matter if you are poor,homeless or working a dirty job as long as you don't break any law nobody can tell you anything because you are living a life in an honest way. It's not hard to not commit crimes you cant blame a person for not wanting to give you a chance you made it that way. Gordon is giving you a chance and employers will give you aswell thanks to his name. Why be stupid and deny it and keep going on the wrong path. If you ask me prison must be comfortable if he aint afraid of comming back there he is spoilled

  • Angel Eyes
    Angel Eyes 3 hours ago

    Crafty buggers..😂😂😂😂 that's very British.

  • Boring Craft
    Boring Craft 3 hours ago

    should have taken one of Jamie Olivier restaurants

  • The Stig
    The Stig 3 hours ago

    Gara-gara video emak2 rebutan rendang, jadi nyangkut kesini

  • Juggernaut 333
    Juggernaut 333 3 hours ago

    If I could turn back time.....

  • Nightatscary Gaming
    Nightatscary Gaming 3 hours ago

    When gordan Ramsey expecting the best dish of the steak that the owner serve,He was expecting something classic but in the end His reaction was shocked 😂

  • ohnoimgoingtodie !!
    ohnoimgoingtodie !! 3 hours ago

    on behalf of all Australians I can guarantee our meat pies are 100% better than that lmao

  • Big country's poundcake

    I want to fuck the cage fighter chef I have a feeling he can go 5 rounds with me if you catch my drift 😍 Teehee

  • vancuong ngo
    vancuong ngo 3 hours ago

    How brave you are! Nice job Gordon! Hope to see you try this again!

  • Zozol
    Zozol 3 hours ago

    What just happened in the last clip

    DANISH HASSAN 3 hours ago

    99.9 % of comments about jack saying nice 0.01 % about jack saying noice

  • dennishamiltonyoh1
    dennishamiltonyoh1 3 hours ago

    Gordon Ramsay has never been this nice to anybody.

  • Das Essen
    Das Essen 3 hours ago

    Japanese chef does better work on salmon. Sorry Gordon.

  • Mila Le
    Mila Le 3 hours ago

    I love his accent

  • Fishfingers232
    Fishfingers232 3 hours ago

    All those heretics ordering fillet of beef well done, fucking just stay at home and eat your shoes instead.

  • Lunar Prism
    Lunar Prism 3 hours ago

    "And they'll be leaving on Cloud 9" *Immediately thinks of a trap cosplayer*

  • Alan Frame
    Alan Frame 3 hours ago

    Never seen anything more ignorant, disrespectful and egoic.

  • legokingiscool
    legokingiscool 3 hours ago

    Hannibal Lecter approves of that thumbnail. Speaking of the devil, Hannibal and Ramsay should do a cook off.

  • Ava Adames
    Ava Adames 3 hours ago

    *it's fooking raw*

  • Imad Oke
    Imad Oke 3 hours ago

    Jiat eat the goddame burger it lookes delicieus

  • Douglas Pittman Jr.
    Douglas Pittman Jr. 3 hours ago

    I want to learn authentic Italian cooking.

  • RedTigars
    RedTigars 4 hours ago

    I would beat this guy up for free

  • Will Moffat
    Will Moffat 4 hours ago

    Starch lmao

  • DarKKnightt07
    DarKKnightt07 4 hours ago

    That evil witch needs to be shot like an animal.

  • Black leg Prince
    Black leg Prince 4 hours ago

    To find how the Indian restaurant service was, Gordon should had sent some Asian Undercover instead of White folks, trust me if they were Asians the service after complaints would had been totally different.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 4 hours ago

    What episode is this??

  • anz sorrn
    anz sorrn 4 hours ago

    That cutting board has far more story to tell than all the encyclopaedias united

  • Vee La Da
    Vee La Da 4 hours ago

    7:00 Kid is so young that he couldn't drink wine. So he put water in a wine glass and drink with them LOL.

  • Hunter Clark
    Hunter Clark 4 hours ago

    Gordon was so mean to that guy

  • MuyBurrito
    MuyBurrito 4 hours ago

    I’ll give the man some money to cuck his wife.

  • Black leg Prince
    Black leg Prince 4 hours ago

    Ohhh wowwww

  • Instagram wannabe_d7000

    what was the temp of the oven ?

  • John Smith
    John Smith 4 hours ago

    What a dirt bag

  • xxsavage_wolf YTxx
    xxsavage_wolf YTxx 4 hours ago

    Employee: "kill me kill me" Owner: "i cant even smile anymore"

  • usmc 0311
    usmc 0311 4 hours ago

    Get some!!!

  • daltoncope3
    daltoncope3 4 hours ago

    6:53 you call that a gordon bag

  • Ron Stoppable
    Ron Stoppable 4 hours ago

    No one should eat reheated freezerburned food, even for free.

  • Konfii69
    Konfii69 4 hours ago

    6:35 ... hahaha

  • Unicorn Goddess
    Unicorn Goddess 4 hours ago

    Gordon: 803!!! Female: Oops 😬 Oh wow 😂😂😂😂

  • CiLa_Herr_•○•
    CiLa_Herr_•○• 5 hours ago

    Sabes que? Yo quiero probar Huevos Rancgeros estilo del Gordon Ramsay. Mexico never gets passed the round of 16, but we can still celebrate anyways with this dish. Se te olvido la cerveza y el pan con cafe.

  • Christina McBride
    Christina McBride 5 hours ago

    Is it just me or is this a whole different tone from Ramsey? The chefs listen and learn not arguing and Gordon is on a different level of calm.. I'm impressed.... only time he is this chill in the USA is Masterchef Junior

    • Christina McBride
      Christina McBride 3 hours ago

      @Michael Cera ofcourse lol

    • Michael Cera
      Michael Cera 4 hours ago

      @Christina McBride Money talks at the end of the day...

    • Christina McBride
      Christina McBride 4 hours ago

      @Michael Cera trust I'm aware ...the US thrives on drama.. just like this version of Gordon.

    • Michael Cera
      Michael Cera 4 hours ago

      b/c their somewhat professionals and doesn't hurt that their British and speak his toungue and have common sense. Also, if you're used to the American Ramsey, its probably b/c drama sells in the US.

  • Real Rap
    Real Rap 5 hours ago

    Welp he just raised his voice at a witch he's going into her brew

  • John Smith
    John Smith 5 hours ago

    When drunk ideas become a reality

  • Real Rap
    Real Rap 5 hours ago

    She looks like she's about to turn into the the wicked witch of the west. BURN HER DOWN

  • Real Rap
    Real Rap 5 hours ago

    Bro they video taped a bed bug that's gross

  • Valentino Murillo
    Valentino Murillo 5 hours ago

    Awesome video “loved it”

  • usmc 0311
    usmc 0311 5 hours ago

    And that is why he's Gordon Ramsay. I'm not even into cooking and I'm just amazed by this guy. A true expert and someone with true passion and work ethic. Rare in this world.

  • Synecdoche
    Synecdoche 5 hours ago

    one of these prisoners actually came up to gordon and asked for a job a few years later he said no

  • Andrea Parsons
    Andrea Parsons 5 hours ago

    Could you imagine Gordon coming in after you have your meal

  • Marvel Ronaldo
    Marvel Ronaldo 5 hours ago

    When i watching this, it is more like brazzers parody than a masterchef home cook 😁

  • Corey G
    Corey G 5 hours ago

    Is this from this year? Looks oldish

    • Michael Cera
      Michael Cera 4 hours ago

      right? its like watching a re run...

  • Food Feast
    Food Feast 5 hours ago

    I can’t believe 24million view , awesome way of cutting onion , superb job , I just open my channel just want some support.cause I am gonna make awesome recipes xxxx

  • Love Pink
    Love Pink 5 hours ago

    You're so generous

  • Annette Melnychuk
    Annette Melnychuk 5 hours ago

    The title was beyond disgusting. I am wondering if Gordon Ramsay noticed the cockroach on the window?

  • Love Pink
    Love Pink 5 hours ago

    I'd be so nervous working next to him