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  • john burrows
    john burrows 22 seconds ago

    Mind blown 🤯....this is probably the most over engineered project I’ve ever seen...but it’s amazing. Real talent, you two are brilliant!

  • felixrising
    felixrising 23 seconds ago

    If it's not Monza Red, then it isn't fast enough.

  • jay hiz
    jay hiz Minute ago

    Luv your content really great stuff

    JOEY RABBIT 14 minutes ago

    As a new viewer you guys are down to earth. If it takes you six years the car from back to front. Then so be it. At least you are doing it write plus if you sell you will make one hell of a profit. So fxxk all those who want it done like a Honda Accord or well just a Honda.

  • 8comet
    8comet 15 minutes ago

    Why do you both have the same "TV speak" voice? Don't you have personalities? Why do y.......

  • Glenn Man
    Glenn Man 35 minutes ago

    The engineering on this car is amazing. And as you say proper “custom” work. It’s at a level I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. Keep up the good work. Thank you, I love gt4’s.

  • Thoub 309
    Thoub 309 Hour ago

    I love your videos, guys, keep up the great work, it is wonderful, as is your sense of humor. Greetings from France

  • jj-snax
    jj-snax Hour ago

    @Bad Obsession Motorsport I hope you guys have included a cup of tea holder and a 12volt kettle in your final design of Blinky’s interior! Driving Blinky all over the country will be thirsty work!

  • ProjectGKR
    ProjectGKR 2 hours ago

    The car is nearly finished and I'm still hoping that they'll redo the steering. Sheet metal welded onto a shock absorber just doesn't seem as strong as the cast iron or forged steel steering knuckles found on other cars.

  • Phil Rudd
    Phil Rudd 2 hours ago

    This is an education in the difficult art of fabrication and welding. ( properly) Great job guys.

  • zKahen
    zKahen 2 hours ago

    oooohhh nooo you can't do that with the colour reveal.. you bastards.... still love you both and your work!

  • Jack Newmeyer
    Jack Newmeyer 2 hours ago

    Hey! Guys. When are we going see Blinky on the road.

  • mr know fkall
    mr know fkall 2 hours ago

    lmao u bastards... WAT COLOUR IS IT GOING TO BE HAHAHA :)

  • olsmokey
    olsmokey 2 hours ago

    The colour MUST be BRG. Nothing else is appropriate for a REAL Mini.

  • Hi There
    Hi There 3 hours ago

    i just binge watched all 26 episode in the Mini..., forgot we had a dog

  • Gavin Jackson
    Gavin Jackson 4 hours ago

    Excellent series, love to watch these, but the one thing that prompted a comment '...he can count to 23!' (LoL + sigh)

  • momoma92 sss
    momoma92 sss 4 hours ago

    ''Am I going to live long enough to see it finished?'' >>> 5 stars question!

  • Jones Norgay
    Jones Norgay 4 hours ago

    nick and richard buys their own crackhouse

  • Barry Britcher
    Barry Britcher 4 hours ago

    As someone said below Binky is the successor to a car is born

  • Barry Britcher
    Barry Britcher 4 hours ago

    Metallic grey. Gunmetal.

  • Steve Lennard
    Steve Lennard 4 hours ago

    i think you should paint it white then martini racing livery

  • Jan-Pieter Gerritsen


  • Life's Wicked
    Life's Wicked 5 hours ago

    Do it once do it right boys nothing but respect for your build

  • Raysboostin
    Raysboostin 5 hours ago

    If you're taking binky outside of the UK, bring it to Australia. There's a honda powered mini that needs chopping.

  • Xavier Alran
    Xavier Alran 5 hours ago

    hi guys, amazing project, how about the homologation for road trip?

  • StepCorn Grumbleteats

    "Because this is real life,and not some bullshit..." Greatest most accurate quote EVAR !

  • Finlay Macpherson
    Finlay Macpherson 6 hours ago

    class lads !!!!

  • Darren Dominix
    Darren Dominix 6 hours ago

    Sorry, I don't mean missed by those on this forum, just others that ask silly questions.

  • Darren Dominix
    Darren Dominix 6 hours ago

    Outstanding! Good for you in your responses to questions to those who have neither the experience nor fortitude to take on something like this. Understanding what is involved seems to be missed by most. Kudos!!!!

  • Victor Riceroni
    Victor Riceroni 6 hours ago

    Dead serious fab skills and hysterical humor all at the same time. Best show ever produced.

  • TheOldaz1
    TheOldaz1 6 hours ago

    This is "custom" in the true sense, thanks blokes, keep going :-)

  • DragoserakerIT
    DragoserakerIT 6 hours ago

    lost my shit at the barra bedford reference

  • Darrin Douglas
    Darrin Douglas 6 hours ago

    Anyone with half a brain would be able to see that function takes place over form on this build. If form has a place as well then it will get it. My 4wd took 6 years of modification to get it to where it was finished, sadly I got the shits with it and sold it. When will Binky be for sale?? Love a good bracket, keep it going....... Oh, for the colour, GT celica white would be sleeper as!!!! For that matter, any colour would be. BR Green FTW........

  • carchaeology
    carchaeology 7 hours ago

    Wait, someone said paint? Wait, someone said outside UK?

  • VMX42AUS
    VMX42AUS 7 hours ago

    But where did the name 'Binky' come from!!! Enquiring minds need to know...😎😎😎

  • Cathy Stuart
    Cathy Stuart 7 hours ago

    Hi Guys, I have a question about your front steering, to achieve your bump steer you had to mount the steering arms high up on your front struts to weld your steering arm to the side of the strut. I was worried about the strength of the strut wall and is this going to be legal to do so. Thank you love the show

  • Sammy See
    Sammy See 7 hours ago

    How can it be possible that these guys only have 270k subscribers and channels that replace damaged parts on crashed cars have millions of subscribers. It is baffling.

  • Scott Ryman
    Scott Ryman 7 hours ago

    Best ending possible. Also, as someone who tries to work on his own stuff using parts off the shelf and living with anxiety (which leads to even the simplest jobs screaming "What if you fuck this up?" in my face through pretty much everything), I can understand how basically building a car out of nuts and bolts is... time consuming, to say the least. This series has been very therapeutic in helping me work through some of those issues, though. You see someone engineer an entire heating system or wire an entire car from scratch, and suddenly, the crippling self doubt that you can't take your door cards out to add a little sound deadening is pretty much gone.

  • Chase Postell
    Chase Postell 7 hours ago

    I vote to paint it baby sh@t, military green! 🤐 Jk! Love you guys and love the show. 🔩🔧

  • Tom Byrne
    Tom Byrne 8 hours ago

    Just plain brilliant manifold making stuff.

  • DannyBeans
    DannyBeans 8 hours ago

    My money's still on white with blue (and possibly black) trim. If you're naming it after Death's horse, why not make it look the part?

  • Phil Moore
    Phil Moore 8 hours ago

    "Make the noise"

  • William Baker
    William Baker 8 hours ago

    It took me several episodes to figure out what a SEA-LEAK-CA was.(until I seen the car). We across the pond, pronounce it, SELL-A-CA . oh and about the head room..........

  • Captain MufDyven
    Captain MufDyven 8 hours ago

    Obviously Binky should be white and then also wearing MARTINI livery, it only makes sense you have to admit.

  • Andy Wong
    Andy Wong 9 hours ago

    My vote is for proper British racing green. However, it's a bit of a British/Japanese mashup so some red strips would do it. Red in Japanese tradition denotes strength, passion, self sacrifice and blood! LOL!

  • Karim Huerta
    Karim Huerta 9 hours ago

    I love when people pronounce “Alluminium” correctly 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  • bustedrav
    bustedrav 9 hours ago

    This has become almost as much of an automotive entertainment staple to me as reruns of car talk with click and clack.

  • billiondollardan
    billiondollardan 9 hours ago

    I've only been here a short while so I just learned that you guys did your own locking mechanism, rain sensing wipers, and automatic front opening. HOLY CRAP that's amazing

  • VulpineFury
    VulpineFury 10 hours ago

    I love that you've chosen the Henry Ford quote about the Model T: "It can be any colour you like, as long as it's black."

  • Michael Jolley
    Michael Jolley 10 hours ago

    What do you guys plan to do with this car afterwards? Joint custody? Take it with you when you speak at random conferences (which no one outside that random industry ever knew existed, much less needed conferences)?

  • Mini AF
    Mini AF 10 hours ago

    That was just a can of clear coat. Lets b honest

  • Chris Carr
    Chris Carr 10 hours ago

    I think I've seen each and every episode, by have only been watching a year or so. I think it's fantastic and I really wonder how many folks catch the funny bits in jest. I don't have a reference on the name calling of your mother in regards to the manifold downwind, but I will take a stab... YOUR MOTHER MUST'VE BEEN AN ENGINEER or CREATIVE! Certainly she raised a SMART PERSON! Or at least a diligent one. How'd I do? Keep up the awesome!

  • Bri
    Bri 10 hours ago

    Keep up the great work and keep the humor coming or lack of humor should I say?

  • adrian jeffery
    adrian jeffery 11 hours ago

    yes,that colour should suit it......this is by miles the best build i have a lover of the brick,i cant wait till it is on the well done boys...well almost done

    DETROIT RED WING 11 hours ago

    Can't wait 🙌 💪much love from the states THANX GUYS

  • ken winston
    ken winston 11 hours ago

    You'll have one fine ride when you're done. Wouldn't be surprised if a major marque has been watching 😃

  • Ian Maday
    Ian Maday 11 hours ago

    Anyone have a running count of how many cups of tea and biscuits went into this build ? I'm sure its close to the bracket count.

  • frumpyb
    frumpyb 11 hours ago

    British racing green.

  • Cliff Bateman
    Cliff Bateman 11 hours ago

    I wondered how long it was going to be before the grinder made an appearance 22 minutes in but wait shock horror it was not Nik I think I need to sit down and have a cupper

  • Nicholas Erwin
    Nicholas Erwin 11 hours ago

    I’ve been watching for so long now, I’m probably going to be a little sad when it’s finished.

  • Gustavo Bronner
    Gustavo Bronner 11 hours ago

    It's pink, isn't it? You're going to paint the car pink! If it is not, I'd like to start a petition to make it pink, so it makes all their effort go to waste when they end up not driving the car due to embarrassment.

    MARK WEINHANDL 11 hours ago

    @badobsessionmotorsport How many cups of tea do you think you have drunk during this build and approx at completion what do you think the total cost of the car will be, ( incl man hours)??? Cheers

  • Muusie
    Muusie 11 hours ago

    It would be cool to see it painted like this:

  • charles. stewart
    charles. stewart 12 hours ago

    Wow they asked that Question , l think you have done a Fab job well better than Fab keep them Vid's coming can't wait for the Final Leg emm l mean Legs lol .

  • Brent Davis
    Brent Davis 12 hours ago

    Your MoMMA is a Roots Blower ! ... keep it up guys !

  • IzChrisheath
    IzChrisheath 12 hours ago

    Gonna stick my money on old English white 👌

  • swingAE86
    swingAE86 13 hours ago

    Why not paint it its original two tone cream and black?

  • wantsavtx
    wantsavtx 13 hours ago

    Thanks for the answer about grommets. I was worried to be honest.

  • mgb961
    mgb961 13 hours ago

    Personally I hope you guys can drag another 6 years out of the every second...and I now realise it is my main reason for existing....joke...but seriously take your time...I love it!

  • Matt Farah's Million Mile Lexus

    Just so long as it's not BRG with a giant Union Jack on the roof.

  • Rob D Rich
    Rob D Rich 13 hours ago

    I hope its British racing green

  • Shaun Viinikka
    Shaun Viinikka 13 hours ago

    Been watching this since episode 1, as excited as I am to see this car finished, I hope that the other projects are just as in-depth as binky has been with adding options that weren't there before and just doing things for the sake of "because you can". This is truly a legendary build as you guys are adding so much to an already small package. Each new feature is mind-blowing how it all fits into the car

  • tinkshusband 2000
    tinkshusband 2000 13 hours ago

    Mr bean replica colours confirmed.

  • Dale Yurk
    Dale Yurk 13 hours ago

    Go boys go! Screw the naysaysers!!!

  • Gareth Neal
    Gareth Neal 13 hours ago

    Love your effort and precision. Most of the time though, the tools are running way to fast on all but the finish cuts. I know belts are an arse to change but it would keep your tools sharper, longer. Also, some roughing end mills would save you a lot of passes. But I can’t argue with the end parts. Top attention to detail and care.

  • Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson 13 hours ago

    It's all been complicated, but I must admit, this particular episode really made my head spin.

  • shauns auto repairs
    shauns auto repairs 13 hours ago

    Itll be a sad day when theres no more project binky to watch

  • Randy Thorne
    Randy Thorne 13 hours ago

    As I suspected, brown and lime green! you vagitarians!

  • Matt Cerbone
    Matt Cerbone 14 hours ago

    A-Team theme music.......priceless!!!

  • Pau Ayelo
    Pau Ayelo 14 hours ago

    Love the manifold design , I would love to se someone some day make a water cooled exhaust manifold , so that the engine can get up to operating temperature in Les time ...

  • blueaj
    blueaj 14 hours ago

    I am well impressed from a fellow retired mechanical Engineer. Built a few special Mini's myself when I was boy. Looking forward to seeing the next episode.

  • SteveD
    SteveD 14 hours ago

    Summer hahaha

  • ThePigvincent
    ThePigvincent 14 hours ago

    Have same problem with 2-Weeler beasties!!!

  • Can Do
    Can Do 14 hours ago

    BLIMEY! 17:23 you allude that Project Binky is a "spare time" project. F-k OFF! Seriously? This HAS to be a fulltime gig otherwise your great grandchildren will be finishing up (and actually driving it). On the recommendation of a close bro I was directed to your channel. I watched a few episodes and didn't like them. This was a few weeks ago and yesterday and today I felt a bit under the weather and didn't feel like doing much of anything other than binge-watch Project Binky from ep 01. I liked some of it but didn't like much of it. But oh good I thought! Now I can go back and watch again so that I can click the LIKE button this time! Well done lads! I was impressed from my first viewing but now that I realise that you're not independently wealthy and can just do this to stave off boredom I am doubly impressed!

  • Mike Farnham
    Mike Farnham 14 hours ago

    Thanks for the update. I have watched every episode and appreciate the amount of engineering and attention to detail. Keep up the great work.

  • snoose baum
    snoose baum 14 hours ago

    silver and black

  • David Burke
    David Burke 14 hours ago

    Need to add a parking warden repeller device.

  • Cha0s_Kamikaze
    Cha0s_Kamikaze 14 hours ago

    A tin of beige Dulux paint?

  • David Burke
    David Burke 15 hours ago

    Cell-eek-a or cel-it-ka? I was having the discussion after episode 10 when I finally figured out what the Toyota product you were using. Is that a regional accent version?

  • sofo
    sofo 15 hours ago

    Custom bullshit tv???? Loll that was f* spot on!

  • Fuzzy Electronics
    Fuzzy Electronics 15 hours ago

    Most of the complaints aren't worth answering anyway. Just glad this is not pimp my ride and instead we get 5 years and more of doing the job properly. As a bonus you get the best of a Celica GT-Four and a mini all in one. As for the colour. Just make sure it is a colour of some sort. :-)

  • NoiseBomb
    NoiseBomb 15 hours ago

    It's british racing green isn't it?

  • ke17h
    ke17h 15 hours ago

    starting the binge watch again

  • synkkarepe
    synkkarepe 15 hours ago

    So in the end this is gonna be just another bolt on project...

  • pikastach
    pikastach 15 hours ago

    Good stuff, cheers lads

  • redback8
    redback8 15 hours ago

    Who actually owns the car and is going to drive it the most? - please do not argue about this and split up like a band. :)

  • Troy Congdon
    Troy Congdon 15 hours ago

    British Racing Green

  • James Rushworth
    James Rushworth 15 hours ago

    I can't believe you're going to paint it THAT colour!

  • W Mac
    W Mac 16 hours ago

    I really like the way you are doing things - please don't change anything! You have taught your viewers so much & entertained us all at the same time.

  • Alex Gibson
    Alex Gibson 16 hours ago

    That manifold is a thing of beauty.