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  • the fuzzy donut
    the fuzzy donut 4 minutes ago

    I want to play this game

  • AverageNoobYT
    AverageNoobYT 43 minutes ago

    I only played at alpha, beta seemed boring

  • dandycliff2
    dandycliff2 48 minutes ago

    I don't like hippos. I think they're smug.

  • Michael Keane
    Michael Keane Hour ago

    Mustelids are my favourite mammals!!! No pine marten? D’oh!

  • Angoose
    Angoose 2 hours ago

    14:07 area 51 type beat

  • Open Mic Superstar
    Open Mic Superstar 2 hours ago


  • Nick Calvin
    Nick Calvin 2 hours ago

    I’m scared of this vid today

  • Pickle Juice
    Pickle Juice 2 hours ago

    All of these bears wouldn’t hold a candle to Paddington Bear.

  • BOI
    BOI 2 hours ago

    Where do komodo dragons stand on the tier list of Outside? Keep me posted!

  • Jamiontae hudson
    Jamiontae hudson 3 hours ago

    Moles and prairie dogs use dig a earth type move

  • Alibek Zholaman
    Alibek Zholaman 3 hours ago

    Is this a game or life?

  • Eri Hitsuki
    Eri Hitsuki 3 hours ago

    Can the bed bug players be banned already? They contribute nothing to the meta!

  • Lindsay Iverson
    Lindsay Iverson 3 hours ago

    I just saw a video that shows you (through TheXvid comments) verbally murdered some guy that said foxes are lupine

  • DrTheKay
    DrTheKay 3 hours ago

    Nah, Mothers have a severely low intelligence stat. This is demonstrated through how they CHASE OFF the fathers after they give birth, thus depriving the children of the fathers protection.

  • Giovanni Vargas
    Giovanni Vargas 3 hours ago

    I recently watched The Last Airbender for the first time, once of the best anime I've ever watched :)

  • Aiman Imran
    Aiman Imran 3 hours ago

    Wait. where is B!?

  • Justin Taylor
    Justin Taylor 4 hours ago

    lol that modern warfare 1 music in the background, i love it

  • Paschalis Theotokis
    Paschalis Theotokis 4 hours ago

    funny and educative at the same time, props!

  • Ash Dark
    Ash Dark 4 hours ago

    2:20 im not infected, not because i hate cats, which i dont, its just their intimidation debuff is stronger on me, there for would i have felinphobia if thats a thing.... i think of small cats as just mini versions of their stronger, buffer relatives, that are a little less aggressive, just so they can get free food.

  • Paul Master Gaming
    Paul Master Gaming 4 hours ago

    Beavers deserve to be at least a B

  • DrTheKay
    DrTheKay 5 hours ago

    Chocobos in C tier

  • DrTheKay
    DrTheKay 5 hours ago

    what about the fucking flyosauras or wtv the pink ranger one was?

  • Gucci Coochie
    Gucci Coochie 5 hours ago

    Hilarious ad segway

  • DrTheKay
    DrTheKay 5 hours ago

    Ive never known ANYONE to ever ‘overlook’ hippos like you claim. Their OPness is well known, kid

  • Miguel Bruno
    Miguel Bruno 6 hours ago

    Ant use bite on the ground , result = get's yeeted into the air.

  • sadas
    sadas 6 hours ago

    Panda basically broke the game using cosmetics.

  • RoseyDoesRobloxTM
    RoseyDoesRobloxTM 6 hours ago

    Tiger: Guys let's gank him!! Hippopotamus: *YOU, WEAK PATHETIC FOOL!!* Tiger: Wait what? *Gets biten by the hippopotamus* *FATALITY* Hippopotamus Win's *Flawless victory!*

  • LucaThat
    LucaThat 6 hours ago

    im gonna use this info for dnd :P

  • NGTV
    NGTV 6 hours ago

    No one: Biggest animal to ever live: Imma go on a plankton diet

  • Lisa Garza
    Lisa Garza 7 hours ago

    Where would you classify dingos?

  • Gottfrid Nordström
    Gottfrid Nordström 7 hours ago


  • Gottfrid Nordström
    Gottfrid Nordström 7 hours ago

    I can only think of one thing at 3:13 **SUPRISE MOTHE#%#|€**

    • Gottfrid Nordström
      Gottfrid Nordström 7 hours ago


  • Jay Gonzalez
    Jay Gonzalez 7 hours ago

    what game is this?

  • Wynn Berman
    Wynn Berman 7 hours ago

    6:35 am I crazy or is that Manny's watching his family getting murdered in Ice Age

  • imaq8
    imaq8 8 hours ago

    Mamba class?

  • Steven Le
    Steven Le 8 hours ago

    whats the song at the end ?

  • —TheLegend27 —
    —TheLegend27 — 8 hours ago

    Imagine being in a closed quarter with one

  • willis williams
    willis williams 8 hours ago

    Buying gf 🏃🏻‍♂️

  • Joshua Patrick
    Joshua Patrick 8 hours ago

    Humpbacks being brain dead and lazy....? Have you seen them hunt? It’s anything but either of those two things.

  • Alexander Carter
    Alexander Carter 8 hours ago

    Might play a cat next. It seems like which server you play on is a major consideration for that build. I heard they got severely targeted on the Europe server once and their absence let plague players teaming with rats take down a third of the humans on the server. That's absolutely ridiculous for a build that didn't even spec into being multicellular.

  • Alex Schneider
    Alex Schneider 9 hours ago

    Really cool video, really cool layout. Good stuff

  • Trivical
    Trivical 9 hours ago

    Ocean “Quahog” clam it all makes sense now, family guy has been found out

  • Alexander Carter
    Alexander Carter 9 hours ago

    Oh sure, the dolphin build is loads of fun until you get taken to the North America server in the human players' playhouse. It's just nothing but minigames then. Like honestly, I could be playing a Rabbids game and get the same experience, minus the graphics.

  • Vijay Prime
    Vijay Prime 9 hours ago

    Diego the tortoise in s tier tho

  • Francesco Battistoni

    5:47 league of legends player

  • Alexander Carter
    Alexander Carter 9 hours ago

    0:39 So the canon name for the game is "Outside"?

  • Raptorzilla Productions

    I switched from a sea to an alligator snapping because of the fact that mods decided to put in some useless, inedible food

  • Christian Serrato
    Christian Serrato 9 hours ago

    Hey how about a parasites tier list?

  • StudentStuffs2
    StudentStuffs2 10 hours ago

    Devs are about to put out a new update called Hell Age, it is similar to the Ice Age, ohhh yeahhh

  • FuzzyWuzzy98
    FuzzyWuzzy98 10 hours ago

    Wix. So easy to use a dolphin could use it!

  • Daniel Koning
    Daniel Koning 10 hours ago


    MINNYZ Cz 10 hours ago

    Wait wait wait are you a gamer too I thought that you always study about biosphere . That's literally insane if a gamer can know such crazy awesome things

  • Rickin Patel
    Rickin Patel 10 hours ago

    This is awesome

  • luan spesani
    luan spesani 10 hours ago

    I realy disagree about the capivara. Here in Brazil they spawn in all biomes, from the cold southern states to the jungle of amazon forest. They live even in large urban areas such as Rio de Janeiro or Curitiba, where the temperature drop to 0 c or below in the winter. Their population surpaces their predators, such as jaguars (onça-pintada) and aligators (jacarés) by far, mainly because those predators are big targets for criminal hunters, while the capivara doesn't. Its meat is not very good and its skin has no comercial value.

  • Royge The Chicken
    Royge The Chicken 10 hours ago

    Snapping Turtles are literally just mimicks.

  • Alexander Rodriguez y Gibson

    You forgot Cthulu. Also I’m going to actually play as that once I’m done with my current human run.

  • Jake K
    Jake K 10 hours ago

    Y'all sleeping on the micro-biotic tier list lmao.

  • Anime Mob
    Anime Mob 10 hours ago

    First video from your channel and I'm staying here for couple of days to catch up too all your vids now

  • Artymess _
    Artymess _ 11 hours ago

    Its a good thing real hippos arent like this....

  • Dylan B
    Dylan B 11 hours ago

    “I fucking hate this game” *rage quits *respawns I always thought that this was why newborns cry

  • The Damm Ninja
    The Damm Ninja 11 hours ago

    Nerf hippos

  • Grape Soda
    Grape Soda 11 hours ago


  • Cstick
    Cstick 11 hours ago

    With the release of the “untitled goose guide” I feel we’ll see a lot more of goose mains soon

  • TOC Mr Matt
    TOC Mr Matt 11 hours ago

    What about my boy the golden orb spider

  • Winston the Dog
    Winston the Dog 12 hours ago

    I wish this were a game. It would be incredibly fun.

  • Grape Soda
    Grape Soda 12 hours ago

    0:52 what is the animal being killed

  • C M
    C M 12 hours ago

    Coyotes and jackals are not the same animal.

  • Mr. Magpie
    Mr. Magpie 12 hours ago

    I want a Bird their list W/ Magpie for $0

  • FSlockslide
    FSlockslide 12 hours ago

    Milder winters ? Not this decade, not on this planet, bub.

  • Tommy Wolmart
    Tommy Wolmart 12 hours ago

    This channel is so damn entertaining 😂

  • Totally Not Guy Fieri
    Totally Not Guy Fieri 12 hours ago

    The RuneScape sound effects got me

  • Antikys
    Antikys 12 hours ago

    Hippos are like upgraded version of an APC. Good swimming, average running speed, strong and powerful.

  • MR. Troll
    MR. Troll 12 hours ago

    so great whites are spawn campers

  • Adder Jack
    Adder Jack 12 hours ago

    >cats aren't a support class for humans Tell that to all the rodents and insects that cats kill in human territory, each year. Spoilers: you can't. Those guys are dead. Cats are probably more important to human survival than dogs are, by protecting our food stores, and controlling populations disease-carrying pests.

  • el mas loco
    el mas loco 13 hours ago

    Lol this vids r funny and enjoyable

  • Simba is 2 epic 4 u
    Simba is 2 epic 4 u 13 hours ago

    Everyone help me rage for a tier list of Africa!! I want to know!!! Like if u think so!

  • Reef
    Reef 13 hours ago

    Can y’all send me the game link Pls

  • Organic Chicken
    Organic Chicken 13 hours ago

    Can someone tell me the name of the first BG music? I've heard it on multiple channels before but i don't know the name -_-

  • Frankzhuo Vlog
    Frankzhuo Vlog 13 hours ago

    I love how he said cave bear but showed videos of the short faced bear

  • Carlosargyle2 Gómezvannile

    Carlos:I have the two lol :v I am overpowered but its HARD to make them cooperate together 😂😂😂 also the toxoplasma has me a little bit :'D

  • Javan Mei
    Javan Mei 13 hours ago

    What game?

  • Tiger Zilla Gamer
    Tiger Zilla Gamer 13 hours ago

    Could you do a crocodilian teir list?

  • AverageNoobYT
    AverageNoobYT 14 hours ago

    I accidentally chose human but my actual main is a sloth

    DSIBRE CLAN 14 hours ago

    Nature needs to nerf these.

  • Ian Rudderow
    Ian Rudderow 14 hours ago

    Can you please do a video on Monotremes?

  • That boi with a scythe

    You forgot about the the insect class. Social insect builds like ants are so small that they can sometimes go through small gaps in the Turtle's armor and kill them from the inside. Ants are OP.

  • L Gaines
    L Gaines 14 hours ago

    In light of the info given here, geese and swans are C-tier and high B-tier or low A-tier respectively

  • Arc Fury
    Arc Fury 14 hours ago

    Bruh that black ops 2 background music wtf😂😂😂😂

  • Alex Tiller
    Alex Tiller 14 hours ago

    Meh, with our crafting skill, humans have unlocked a better techtree. *Powered flight* In fact, for my current build, I'm trying to become a member of the pilot profession for the Navy Guild of the United States of America clan.

  • Stephen Coyle
    Stephen Coyle 14 hours ago

    Honey badger builds spec into high intelligence also, even human players can't contain them.

  • abautista 29
    abautista 29 15 hours ago

    Do animal hybrids next

  • ItzBirb
    ItzBirb 15 hours ago

    As a bird main, I can tell you that the bird's bite ability is VERY effective against humans. A bird with a big beak like the Hyacinth Macaw could deal massive damage to a human.

  • Dylan Martinez
    Dylan Martinez 16 hours ago

    Bruh I've seen a 12 lb. Patterdale fuck up about 20 rats in a matter of minutes I dont think 200 is gonna do shit to a bear

  • Eelke Westra
    Eelke Westra 16 hours ago

    This is fuckin cringe

  • Blue Vaquita
    Blue Vaquita 16 hours ago

    *unbanning the guest while banning the bacon hair*

  • Blue Vaquita
    Blue Vaquita 16 hours ago

    *and that kids, is why you should never add game passes to your online game of evolution*

  • DarkRonnie
    DarkRonnie 16 hours ago

    before seeing this, i would have chosen the rats and the human, thinking that the human could snipe the worst for the big beasties, while following the same logic as given here for rats, but after watching, yeah the eagles would be pretty damn hard to deal with for everyone on this list, Top Marks Sir TierZoo X)

  • ScopeDog
    ScopeDog 16 hours ago

    3:54 - proof that geese are natural-born trolls, while owls are natural-born spec ops

  • Blue Vaquita
    Blue Vaquita 16 hours ago

    *everybody gangsta until a hairless, anxiety-driven ape, buys the OP gamepass*

  • Ahmed AAK
    Ahmed AAK 17 hours ago

    overpowered? *C L I M A T E C H A N G E J O I N S T H E B A T T L E*