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  • geoh7777
    geoh7777 3 hours ago

    Have you considered the possibility that you were already crazy when you went in?

  • Noah Lin
    Noah Lin 3 hours ago

    All that and you didn’t even get to swim in it

  • Maverick Rider
    Maverick Rider 3 hours ago

    (1. Explain the molten liquids from the center of the earth outwards, the earth's crust is now is expected to spin consistently and we know the magnetic north and south flip approx every 250k years are these related? (2. WTF is Baby bottle doing on the space lab? Have I missed updates about our Maxium models in space?

  • svenm sandity
    svenm sandity 3 hours ago

    No matter how you want to try and swing it being the 9th planet your counting Pluto which by definition isnt a planet and isnt even the 8th largest object in our solar system so ultimately you cant call it the 9 th planet no matter how you want to swing it

  • Pranjal Parashar
    Pranjal Parashar 3 hours ago

    some harry potter fans who are bad at spelling!!!

  • astrolover 95
    astrolover 95 4 hours ago

    I usually want one of the salt lamps just because I like the way they look. It would go good with my rock collection.

  • Mike Zurynski
    Mike Zurynski 4 hours ago

    Has to be one of the best youtube channels...

  • TrashDeviant
    TrashDeviant 4 hours ago

    Why does this guy look like he's about to give me bardic inspiration?

  • Mad Space Poet
    Mad Space Poet 4 hours ago

    someone needs to choke him out!

  • Drew B.
    Drew B. 4 hours ago

    Okay what the hell are they doing with an Avent bottle up in space. Just in case the baby needs it? Or is this was space agency’s use for their experiments

  • Mich 123
    Mich 123 4 hours ago

    could it be the reason why we have a planet flipped in our solar system? 😨

  • Breno Bacci
    Breno Bacci 4 hours ago

    It was all very fascinating up to the conclusion, which I'd have the audacity to challenge. Couldn't it be that the Earth is flipping and has flipped many times according with The Effect on the course of its history, but since we're always looking at Earth from the perspective of its maximum moment of inertia, we have a hard time seeing the flips across the space-time? I mean, our basic orientation centered on the Equator is merely a convenient one, and not based on a "fixed" point on the nearby universe. And the supposed "pause" in movement and redirection of the Earth's rotation on the apex of the flip could be explained by our perception of time through Quantum Physics. I know, our planet turns from the left to the right and there's no sign it ever went the other way, but that too could be something explained solely from our perspective on the surface of the lithosphere. Actual signs of flipping are only detectable for us today through our measurements of the Earth's magnetic field and/or gravitational anomalies, not on a conventional spatial way. I don't know, I'm obviously not a theoretical physicist. But I suppose there could be something there along these lines. We're just not looking at the big picture yet, or we're not looking hard enough, or thinking outside of the globe-shaped box. It might be just a question of perception, but we're flipping alright. Anyone has thoughts on my postulation?

  • qdfrffgd fffdg
    qdfrffgd fffdg 4 hours ago

    I think a.i could probably solve something like this pretty easily...

  • Vinny Crooks
    Vinny Crooks 4 hours ago

    Why do they have a baby bottle in space? New theory, they have babies in space

  • Thirsty Apple
    Thirsty Apple 4 hours ago

    만져보고 싶어 🌈🥳😍

  • LiL JunkBear
    LiL JunkBear 4 hours ago

    That makes u think in order to have stable planets u must have the planets in a perceives measurement of coordinates and axis .... so what am trying to say is ... WoW theirs a god who thought of it all.

  • Melvincent Canete
    Melvincent Canete 4 hours ago

    God is truely an artist of everthing.

  • Fred Primo
    Fred Primo 4 hours ago

    Cool!!! Love the video

  • Sebastian espinoza
    Sebastian espinoza 4 hours ago

    I have so many questions!! Is it possible that something external or internal like a big earthquake could change significantly the distribution of the earth mass causing the earth to readjust it’s axis? I heard that the 9.5 degrees earthquake in Valdivia, Chile in 1960, was great enough to change the axis of rotation, although I don’t know if it is true. But if it was, was it because of this phenomenon?? And was it like this in the beginning of the earth?? How would this phenomenon affect life? Aaah this is sooo cool!!

  • Jennifer Maple
    Jennifer Maple 4 hours ago

    but the earth has internal fluid (magma) so why isnt it like the spinning bottle of gel in the vid?

  • Ray Bois
    Ray Bois 4 hours ago

    Not one comment about that spectacular wife/girlfriend of his???

  • Thomas Moser
    Thomas Moser 4 hours ago


    JOHNNY MNEMONIC 4 hours ago

    I hate that I have to correct so many people about this. We can go faster than the speed of light! It has only been obtained once before back in 1985, I do believe the exact day was November 5th. A Doctor by the name of Emmett Brown slipped and bumped his head on the edge of his bathroom sink back in 1955. He had a vision of a device he called the flux capacitor which is what makes going faster than the speed of light possible. It has the ability to form in an instant a warp bubble around an object and speed it up to well over light speed. The object can move so much faster than light speed it hits what's called the McFly boundary at which you can then travel through time itself. For 30 years dr. Brown struggled to develop his flux capacitor but failed due to it's requirement of 1.21 gigawatts of power. In 1985 he was able to mount a small plutonium reactor they gave him the power he required. He also found the warp bubble will not form around the object unless that object is already traveling at 88 miles per hour. Dr. Brown did manage to make a working model of this machine out of a DeLorean that was destroyed after only a few time shifts. All attempts to recreate this technology have failed.

  • I V Y
    I V Y 4 hours ago

    I wanna bite it

  • Captain Cobb
    Captain Cobb 4 hours ago

    I find their conclusion to be inaccurate. Why? Because the Wing Nut in space is already spinning around its greatest axes of inertia, yet it flips at regular rates, always returning to the axes of greatest inertia. So I disagree with their conclusion that the Earth won't flip.

  • RagingCoolCat
    RagingCoolCat 4 hours ago

    3:12 anyone?

  • Davey
    Davey 4 hours ago

    30-40 Wh at the voltage needed for the drivers and motors - its more like a laptop battery not a few cell phones. Big voltage difference.

  • Cade Price
    Cade Price 4 hours ago

    In a video about rotational behavior, skateboarding was not even mentioned. Look up the trick called "the impossible" and why its called that. Curse you Dinkleberg!

  • Paul G
    Paul G 4 hours ago

    Of the earth did flip, wouldn’t the oceans remain in the same place and therefore wash over everything??!

  • FactsNews Kenya
    FactsNews Kenya 4 hours ago

    And you still want to claim we evolved from molecules.

  • wasim emon
    wasim emon 4 hours ago

    pls suggest me a good book from which I can learn more accurately about this cool mechanism

  • Catherine Brower
    Catherine Brower 4 hours ago

    it's because friction

  • Mm Ss
    Mm Ss 4 hours ago

    This is ridiculous. Dont buy this junk. Use the angles measured for comparison throughout the phases of the month. With a little effort, you will begin to pick apart this video. Also, for an additional paradigm nudge, measure and record the temperature of the light from the moon.

  • Srikar Lifetalky
    Srikar Lifetalky 4 hours ago

    By far the best video from veritasium! I've noticed the intermediate axis theorem while flipping my TV remote as a kid, and never thought there was a whole theorem in physics for that. Really cool! ❤️

  • Donna Macwatt
    Donna Macwatt 4 hours ago

    You are a smart man translator

  • Jeremy Schmidt
    Jeremy Schmidt 4 hours ago

    You are a fantastic communicator. It takes a special talent to make a concept this complex be so easy to grasp.

  • Paul Peters
    Paul Peters 4 hours ago

    I thought this was a Daily dose of internet video. like if you also thought it was

  • astrolover 95
    astrolover 95 4 hours ago

    That spray on heat resistant material, I think it was called starlite or something, does anyone think it may have been made of something similar to this stuff and that's why it had such an amazing heat resistance. The effect was really similar to what he did with the torch and his fingers.

  • Ray Bois
    Ray Bois 4 hours ago

    Only one question... at 14:45 the spinning bottle is a bottle of 'Avent', a baby formula (see: ). Why are astronaut gring that to spave???

  • Bradley Maguire
    Bradley Maguire 4 hours ago

    How did the magnetic poles reverse in the past if the earth did not flip when it did that. If you have a vid pls link it. You said they have reversed in the past so how if it was not a flip

  • XenonClaudius
    XenonClaudius 4 hours ago

    What if a geological event causes the moment of inertia to relocate somewhere else? The Pangea broke apart and following the explanations shown here, may have cause a “flipping” of some sort to occur. If a rift along the continental plates causes some part of the earth to go heavy, won’t it cause the planet to shift its rotational axis? Not a scientist, but it seems plausible.

  • BowlOfReeses
    BowlOfReeses 4 hours ago

    Whenever I try to flip my phone a flip. It always twists. And I don’t know why because it’s sooooool hard to flip it straight

  • Kmart layaway
    Kmart layaway 4 hours ago

    So if the wingnut changes directions why do bullets not change direction

  • LokiDaFerret
    LokiDaFerret 5 hours ago

    Your VCR rewind effect is hilarious on a purely digital rendering

  • Alayix
    Alayix 5 hours ago

    It's 12:46am and Monday, i have school tmrw wth am I doing watching this

  • Fazal828
    Fazal828 5 hours ago

    Wait what's your email how would I email you dummy

  • J Iron
    J Iron 5 hours ago

    I've played tennis since I was 7 and flipped my racket like this between every single point I have ever played. I literally never knew this and I am mind blown.

  • trash guy
    trash guy 5 hours ago

    can you eat it

  • Benjamin Carleski
    Benjamin Carleski 5 hours ago

    What happens to the Earth's mass distribution as the continents move?

  • Bameron
    Bameron 5 hours ago

    when he showed the earth just suddenly flip my stomach dropped

  • Kid Grit
    Kid Grit 5 hours ago

    awesome video ty

  • 95rav
    95rav 5 hours ago

    So... Earth is stable until the continents drift farther away?

  • DANimalicious
    DANimalicious 5 hours ago

    Is it the transfer of momentum (or energy) accumulated from chain links & transferred to the weight like a combination of the billiard ball impact + whip effect?

  • wilmer mendez
    wilmer mendez 5 hours ago

    The idea of Earth flipping is pretty horrifying.

  • Eccomi
    Eccomi 5 hours ago

    I store my passwords in my head because I trust no one else with them. A few simple methods like having a theme for them or expanding an existent one works wonders for remembering them

  • Jeremy Kiahsobyk
    Jeremy Kiahsobyk 5 hours ago

    Lurking in the darkness, hiding itself, messing with other orbits and causing controversy in the ranks of astrophysicists... this planet should be named Loki. GG

  • RKT Gaming
    RKT Gaming 5 hours ago

    When you breathe it burns energy and it takes carbohydrates so it’s in the you make food into smaller particles So that it gets out into air also sweat' dead skin cells' and excreted gases will help too am I right? “ IDK it’s just a theory' a game..theory “

  • Boogali Boogala
    Boogali Boogala 5 hours ago

    inb4 earthquakes mess up the moments of Inertia

  • Tim Hofstetter
    Tim Hofstetter 5 hours ago

    If the earth was about to flip, wouldn't it be precessing like crazy?

  • wayne Last
    wayne Last 5 hours ago

    So I don’t understand if there are two different reasons for the flipping. One example showed flipping when it could not change its Kinetic energy, but another example show the energy being dissipated by the fluid in the bottle in the bottle as it was flipping. Is there a difference or is it one reason?

  • Xspot box
    Xspot box 5 hours ago

    This is why it's impossible to predict motion of 3 or more massive bodies, rotating in all possible axes. It's not all just relativity, we should treat gravity as special freedom of movement or figure out how space time twisting affect all 3 dimensions. Even better, forget about dimensionallity as we know it, up down left right forward and back does not describe volume of space in reality.

    NILADRI GHOSHAL 5 hours ago

    Awesome explanation

  • William Patton
    William Patton 5 hours ago

    0:57-1:08 now that's racist

  • wee b
    wee b 5 hours ago

    just keep flipping your phone

  • William Patton
    William Patton 5 hours ago

    0:57-1:03 That's racist

  • wayne Last
    wayne Last 5 hours ago

    But it means that any kind of deviation internally in the earth or perhaps in the crust could cause the earth to flip?

  • 101perspective
    101perspective 5 hours ago

    Isn't the earth technically filled with a liquid though?

  • Alex Lewis
    Alex Lewis 5 hours ago

    I paused it and figured out a roughly analogous explanation. Perhaps Terence Tao takes multiple simultaneous incarnations, like the Panchen & Dalai Lamas. Kidding, of course; I just wanted to make a joke about Tao being in superposition (Tao [yes, I know, it's spelt "Tau"] mesons, anyone?).

    MICHGO1 5 hours ago


  • Jublixt No
    Jublixt No 5 hours ago

    hydraulic press to the next level

  • Ardy Smith
    Ardy Smith 5 hours ago

    This would only work if the earth was a plane not a spinning ball. Do your next video on why is impossible to take a photo from space of the earth , ask a astronaut to take a picture with a Polaroid camera of the earth from space hmm impossible. Just one roll of film from space why is impossible. Only computer photoshopped pictures hmm. Do a video on why Elon 's car , an why the tires didn't explode an catch fire ,an the seats didn't catch fire are the dashboard,are the paint job why didn't it catch fire 🔥. Another good video idea would be if all electric was cut off too Huston swimming pool an that local would we be able to see astronauts at the space station.52 million a day an not one photograph.

  • Zach Hathaway
    Zach Hathaway 5 hours ago

    Whoever made all of those graphics is amazing. 👌🏻

  • Adam Rawn
    Adam Rawn 5 hours ago

    "And that, is stable." Can we have some support for this statement in light of the historic redistribution of ice cap mass on the Earth?

  • Graydon Bazell
    Graydon Bazell 5 hours ago

    Anybody else curious why there’s a baby bottle on the ISS?

  • Anonymous NickNack
    Anonymous NickNack 5 hours ago

    Anyone else watching this for an applied tech class?

  • Dodge This!
    Dodge This! 5 hours ago

    At first I read "rotting bodies"; still think it applies.

  • Rich Lizard
    Rich Lizard 5 hours ago

    planet 4.5 anyone?

  • drmnys
    drmnys 5 hours ago

    In the Terry Tao explanation there bump causes the flip... Where is the bump in the wingnut? Does that mean it's due to unequal force applied? What if the force was 100% equal on both sides?

  • Rose Child
    Rose Child 5 hours ago

    You could be making this all up and I wouldn’t know the difference

  • Victor Espino
    Victor Espino 5 hours ago

    Any usefulness to this flipping?

  • Victor Espino
    Victor Espino 5 hours ago

    This fake, space doesn't exist and the earth is flat.

  • Deva Dersan
    Deva Dersan 5 hours ago

    I'm a graduate student in chemistry and still I found this confusing

  • Repent &Trust NJesus

    I won’t believe it till I see the water.

  • kelly smith
    kelly smith 5 hours ago

    i think this proves how the earth could flip if adding enough ice mass to Greenland would this not pull Greenland to the equator until the ice melts and mass is reduced then pull it back again? I believe this is the theory of the DieHold foundation guy i dont remember for sure. When things cool and ice builds up at the poles wouldn't this change the mass dynamics of the planet? if im wrong cool just explain to me why relocating large amount of mass in the form of ice wouldn't change the rotation characteristics of our rotating body?

  • Joe Carr
    Joe Carr 5 hours ago

    I think if you used a mechanical device to flip the racket rather than your hand it may flip and land on same side. For Eg. if a left handed person flips the racket, does it spin to the left or does it spin the same way as someone that's right handed? i think it's because we don't release the racket straight as a machine could.

  • Dom Ex
    Dom Ex 5 hours ago

    when i first saw this behaviour my first thought was incremental inconsistencies in the axis causing moments of inertia to balance and then counter balance, to me this is a simple explanation very simple u can see it to start with a coin when you spin it poorly the only difference there is that the motion stabilises and stay stable till friction slows it but for the first second or more the axis of momentum are out of balance , putting this to the wing nut without friction the stabilising effect continues till the motion cannot and forced a reversal oddly this sounded simpler in my head than it was to put in to words

  • tropicspoon8573
    tropicspoon8573 5 hours ago

    What would happen if you put 1000 grapes in the microwave?

  • SysPowerTools
    SysPowerTools 5 hours ago

    You can't just look at it and see the cause? In the slow mo it's obviously not spinning perfectly there is a little wobble. As the spinning continues the minimum moment of inertia drifts and the centrifugal force yanks it violently all the way to the center, then beyond to the other side. Like a pendulum but the centrifugal force is whats affecting it instead of gravity. Thats why the process repeats. A perfectly balanced object wouldn't do this if spinning perfectly on any axis through it's center of mass in a vacuum. ... That said, I'm still gonna finish the video. I'd like to see the math behind it. I bet it's pretty clever.

  • Renni
    Renni 5 hours ago

    My mom can lift it when shes showing me how to open the pickle jar.

  • Don K. Johnson
    Don K. Johnson 5 hours ago

    You guys need to do these same experiments with your test subjects under LSD, Mushrooms, or Peyote. I think you will be greatly surprised at the results. I believe it was Terence McKenna who did tests like these in the 70's, and found that certain drugs "turn off the filters" and allow these signals to come through.

  • Eight Ball Talkin'
    Eight Ball Talkin' 5 hours ago

    ... *and that is stable UNTIL continental drift changes the balance of the system* ...

  • David Lanham
    David Lanham 5 hours ago

    If I found the Kuiper Belt, I would have a hat with a large feather in it. You're going to need to look good in your history picture. And would it kill you to wear something besides a TSHIRT??

  • wali syed
    wali syed 5 hours ago

    What if we get hit by a meteorite and the axis of rotation changes, is this possible and how big would it have to be? Or an eruption/ massive bomb?

  • Mana Yawngtun
    Mana Yawngtun 5 hours ago


  • benjamin topper
    benjamin topper 5 hours ago

    I feel like they pumped this up

  • TheWhisperingPenis
    TheWhisperingPenis 5 hours ago

    Why are they black? cmonBruh

  • D Lee
    D Lee 5 hours ago

    I had to stop watching when he kept saying "centri- fyu-gull" I have no idea if thats the proper way to pronounce it but I'll be damned if I listen to someone say it that way. Also, you owe me a new phone.

  • David Lanham
    David Lanham 5 hours ago

    Name it something sensible, like Myanus. No joking around.

  • Flight Jameson
    Flight Jameson 6 hours ago

    Yep. no need to worry about random axis space bodies. nope...

  • Adam A.
    Adam A. 6 hours ago

    I thought the flip in my remote or phone was caused by the slight imperfection is my flip. But now I know I’m perfect, and the addition twist was caused by this affect. 😏Thank you.