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  • Valentine Carstensen

    “A man with a gun is a citizen. A man without a gun is a subject.” “Arms are the only true badge of liberty. The possession of arms is the distinction of a free man from a slave.”- Frederick Douglas, American social reformer, abolitionist, orator, statesman and former slave. "Recollect that in arming yourselves, as you are bound to do unless you are willing to be forced into abject slavery, you are safely within the spirit and letter of the law." - Eugene V. Debs, five-time US Presidential Candidate "That rifle hanging on the wall of the working-class flat or labourer's cottage is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there." - George Orwell, author, member of the P.O.U.M. militia in the Spanish Civil War "Any unarmed people are slaves, or are subject to slavery at any moment." - Huey P. Newton, co-founder of the Black Panther Party

  • Dana Ferguson
    Dana Ferguson 5 hours ago

    When I heard the voice, I couldn't figure out who would lie so wholeheartedly. Then I looked up and it was Ivanka, real shocker!

  • Tom Thumb
    Tom Thumb 5 hours ago

    Trump =Wall Wall = No Cocaine Bidens, DeNiro, Hollywood, Schiff, Nadler, Polosi Nancy and Paul hate Trump. You figure it out. They all refused a random workplace drug test they have immunity to such test. How convenient. Stop all immunities from local cops and prosecutors to Congress and all politicians. Immunities is root of all the problems no one is accountable to nothing. If you want to make a million a year should have to take drug test. Performed and administered and overseen not by FBI but some trusting entity. Think Californians do Cocaine? In all reality should be legalized and taxed Trump will never lose if he did this. Even Robert DeNiro and Hunter Biden and Schiff and Nadler would vote for him.

  • Rascal
    Rascal 5 hours ago

    BTW only those little girls rich enuf to have Mr Trump pay for their plastic surgery in their teens, can grow up & achieve the American dream. what a lucky & special daughter Ivanka is. cheers to the Elite.

  • Mr.D Simpson
    Mr.D Simpson 5 hours ago

    He is a big mouth from ohio he ignores sexual abuse. He is up for reelection a farmer is running against him I hope the farmer wins.

  • Alain Y Cote
    Alain Y Cote 5 hours ago

    Fantastic... job, incredible..., never done before..., tremendous..., lowest..., just bring proof to what you say... liar! liar! liar! Go back to school to learn more words! Uneducated! Money does not give more intelligence!

  • Rascal
    Rascal 5 hours ago

    its ''Ivanka Biden'' or is it ''Hunter Trump''

  • Steven
    Steven 5 hours ago

    More biased than even the New York Times....lol

  • TGI
    TGI 5 hours ago

    Here is some action for you: "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." Benjamin Franklin. Molon Labe

  • Alain Y Cote
    Alain Y Cote 5 hours ago

    Your not allowed to talk about families when you separate them at the border!!! Assholes!

  • Spirited Mapa
    Spirited Mapa 5 hours ago

    To future youtube viewers: The speech doesn't start until "14:55" then again until "17:46." The first half of the video you will see the the flag, stage, and a screen. You're welcome 😊

  • SFbayKID
    SFbayKID 5 hours ago

    TRUMP 2020

    • Moloy Banerjee
      Moloy Banerjee 5 hours ago

      Yeh! By 2024, under the glorious leadership of Trump, we must finish whatever still remains of USA...

  • Oscar Schnitzerz
    Oscar Schnitzerz 5 hours ago

    These folks look like they just attended a funeral!

  • Wade Bolderman
    Wade Bolderman 5 hours ago

    No talent Fredo is out of his league here.

  • Souless Valleys
    Souless Valleys 5 hours ago

    Waste them tax dollars

  • Leo Podstanicky
    Leo Podstanicky 5 hours ago

    Y forcing its users to agree on false premises of 9/11, it is nazi jewish channel, spread

  • Leo Podstanicky
    Leo Podstanicky 5 hours ago

    USA speaks to nobody, RUssia to everybody, what is better approach yes you guessed

  • Souless Valleys
    Souless Valleys 5 hours ago

    Hey nancey how did you make so much money??????? Hummmm.

  • Dave W
    Dave W 5 hours ago

    No STFU!!!!!!!!!!

  • v. w.
    v. w. 5 hours ago

    No that program isnt vital. Who was doing those jobs before they got here? Americans. Stop with this false narrative. Obama created a man made recession which put millions of Americans out of work. Then came the replacement of American workers with illegals based upon his OBAMACARE, that made it profitable for Corporations to avoid paying healthcare. So, this article is B.S.

  • Ritchie Negrea
    Ritchie Negrea 5 hours ago

    I just love the president. God bless you mr president and your family... Merry Christmas

  • Todd Jenkins
    Todd Jenkins 5 hours ago

    At this point anyone who still supports Trump is a total failure as an American citizen, a total failure as a person of good character, a total failure as a person of principles, morals, ethics, honesty and integrity. Oh... and totally lacking in patriotism too.

    • White Jesus
      White Jesus 5 hours ago

      @Jamie Whitehead So what now...We let Trump go ahead and use foreign influence to go after perceived enemies? is this America? What then, when a Dem decides to get help from Iran to dig up dirt and have them make a PHONY investigation...........Trumps deeds are proven OVER and OVER, saying hearsay, and process is deflection from the truth...........WAKE UP because some day they may come for YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Todd Jenkins
      Todd Jenkins 5 hours ago

      @Jamie Whitehead And sad how the GOP ignore what Trump did and think it's some kind of coup......

    • Jamie Whitehead
      Jamie Whitehead 5 hours ago

      You speak well, for yourself and the desperate Democrats in bed with CNN & company. We see through this bs sham as supporting a President who is actually doing what he ran his campaign on. Sad how many Americans are clueless to the democratic parties pathetic ploys to regain power.

  • sapientia_potentia_ est

    Why do we have walking corpses in office!!???☠🤦‍♂️

  • Christine Gower
    Christine Gower 5 hours ago

    So surely as Ted Cruz was also spied upon as a potential presidential candidate MEANS THERE WAS POLITICAL BIAS, because they'd have used the same info against Cruz if he was the Presidential Candidate.

  • Blue
    Blue 6 hours ago

    I listened to trumps rally, and he doesn’t speak like a Christian. It was quite shameful

  • Ritchie Negrea
    Ritchie Negrea 6 hours ago

    No no folks the Big boss. Speaking.

  • Strikerage
    Strikerage 6 hours ago

    The first interaction showed the difference between the two styles of governing. Pelosi didn't care about getting something enacted in law... she just wanted to waste the taxpayer dollars for "feels". Trump blatantly pointed out that you can't change a Dumocrat's mind, so why waste taxpayer time by pointlessly going through one door when the other is closed shut?

  • George Segien
    George Segien 6 hours ago

    Police.. as useful as geldings on a stud farm!!

  • Mac
    Mac 6 hours ago

    Greta Thunberg, all of 16 years old, runs circles around the soul-less, morally and ethically and intellectually bankrupt president of the United States, Donald J. Trump. She laps him in vision, purpose, integrity and maturity. Only little donny dump could attack Time magazine's 2019 Person of the Year. Greta is the real deal. Trump? A pathetic loser by any measure.

  • Brian Parada
    Brian Parada 6 hours ago


  • Jared Anderson
    Jared Anderson 6 hours ago

    Revoke all current AUMFs

  • Kevin g
    Kevin g 6 hours ago

    As much as the health insurance industry steals from American citizens every month I dont feel bad for them at all. It was only 10 players does this really warrant a DOJ press conference? Seems like a planned attempt to distract from those hearings on capital hill, I think ummm oh yeah the impeachment hearings

    • Safety Fairy
      Safety Fairy 5 hours ago

      Are you for real? Other HONEST people and their families could have lost their benefits - no excuse for theft!

  • Mission Blonde
    Mission Blonde 6 hours ago

    WTH ! What’s with the bogus flag. Trump is so disgusting. 😒

  • The Death Twitch
    The Death Twitch 6 hours ago

    Fake cia news

  • Bruce Miller
    Bruce Miller 6 hours ago

    If you can't hear the questions, the answers are out of context.

  • BigBore 44
    BigBore 44 6 hours ago

    Something I WISH had been asked..... If the FISA warrants were issued under misleading and falsified evidence, does not all evidence obtained under the authority of the warrant not fall under “Fruit of the Poisonous Tree”? Something tells me that this will be brought up in future hearings and legal proceedings. If this turns out to be the case, Flynn will be exonerated on that basis. As will almost every other of the 6 convictions. You can NOT (legally) obtain a warrant under false pretenses to investigate someone, and obtain a conviction based on the evidence unlawfully obtained.

  • Wayne Campbell
    Wayne Campbell 6 hours ago

    Security guard tells her to get back then she jumps forward

  • Castor Chua
    Castor Chua 6 hours ago

    America, we miss you. Come back soon!

    • Bunkiebe
      Bunkiebe 6 hours ago

      Castor Chua I miss too. If the GOP has their way, we won’t be back.

  • BearlyMHere
    BearlyMHere 6 hours ago

    All the idiots on here to slam without watching it? Don't bother replying.

    • Spirited Mapa
      Spirited Mapa 5 hours ago

      Reply hmm🤔 reply to what🤔 Okay then..

  • Average guys channel

    Welp looks like they held their word, before any “scandals” they wanted him gone sad

  • Blue
    Blue 6 hours ago

    Nepotism. Her China dealing. Her husband took money from Qutar under pressure for his building 666.

    • Castor Chua
      Castor Chua 6 hours ago

      Should be investigated... maybe Ukraine could do us a favour

  • Lailia Silva
    Lailia Silva 6 hours ago


  • J. Muller
    J. Muller 6 hours ago

    Believe me people will remember all the players in this deep State coup when it comes time to vote.

  • Troll Patrol
    Troll Patrol 6 hours ago

    What does the flag behind him say 😒

    • Mission Blonde
      Mission Blonde 6 hours ago

      Bogus Trump. Dude really thinks he’s a king 😂.

  • southsidepatrol 67
    southsidepatrol 67 6 hours ago

    Does she have any idea what she is talking about ?

  • Davey Badman
    Davey Badman 6 hours ago

    Nadla looks like my grandad looked just before he had a Hart attack & died.

  • Laurier
    Laurier 6 hours ago

    Journalists are the most dishonest and incompetent people I have ever seen. How do they sleep well at night knowing their paid propagandists...they disgust me

    • Hello Hello
      Hello Hello 6 hours ago

      Yes Fox News is really a terrible organization😂

    • J. Muller
      J. Muller 6 hours ago

      You are right and what really gets me is their families live here also but still they support all this corruption that could harm them.

  • kristilyn1963
    kristilyn1963 6 hours ago

    This was so much fun and what a great cause. Bravo gentlemen.

  • Sean Pan
    Sean Pan 6 hours ago

    Beautiful sight to behold.

  • Bunkiebe
    Bunkiebe 6 hours ago

    The DOTARD is rambling incoherently yet again. He has done this daily since before taking office. The only difference is that he’s gotten much worse and more demented by the day. Today he is so jealous of a child that he is attacking a child because she is Person of the Year in Time magazine, and he is just about to become an impeached pos authoritarian dictator who was supposed to be a POTUS. He is also our first lawless authoritarian dictator who the GOP has decided to allow to be above the law. All of them have violated their oaths of office. None of those who have supported him and his lawless acts have even attempted to uphold our constitution. They’re all DOTARDs.

    • Bunkiebe
      Bunkiebe 5 hours ago

      Oh yeah...... And Plastic Barbie is getting some hypocrisy in there when they act as if they support family leave when Barbie told her employees that she came back to work after two weeks so they can too. Of course she had a nanny, but that was not relevant. And look! They have an “African American “ to prove how racist they aren’t. So really, what’s new?

    • BearlyMHere
      BearlyMHere 6 hours ago

      Bunkiebe didn't watch it did you?

  • Bigg Roman
    Bigg Roman 6 hours ago

    It will not be tolerated to ask Russia, China, and Ukraine to interfere. And beyond the crimes of impeachment, the crimes of morality are not tolerable.

    • BearlyMHere
      BearlyMHere 6 hours ago

      Bigg Roman didn't watch it did you?

  • truth explorer
    truth explorer 6 hours ago

    Trump is a clown

  • Larry Kramer
    Larry Kramer 6 hours ago

    I cant wait to see her lifelessly swimging from a rope

  • Muneeb
    Muneeb 6 hours ago

    *There are America, Nato, Israel, India, Afghan Puppet Government and Army, their made Terrorists Groups and Private Armies (Black Water Terrorists) fighting 25 - 40 thousands Afghan Talibans still all of them are loosing and Afghan Talibans are winning. Afghan Puppet Army alone strength is more then 2 Hundred Thousand.*

  • catdog
    catdog 6 hours ago

    demonrats are nothing but lying pigs and will never listen nor to them nor believe them again.

  • Blue Line
    Blue Line 6 hours ago

    AMERICA! AMERICA! But to tell you the truth fast food on a consistent basis turns you from the guy that almost beat GSP into a regular joe in no time flat.

  • Kawish Alam
    Kawish Alam 6 hours ago

    I can't believe this Americans are honest

  • A Sev
    A Sev 6 hours ago

    Pelosi and Schemer 2 effing losers!

  • Rich Winder
    Rich Winder 6 hours ago

    Trump is a crooked old mope, who seems to be tweeking on dope. He acts like a gremlin, 'cuz he's a tool of the Kremlin, who should be dangled, at the end of a rope.

    • BearlyMHere
      BearlyMHere 6 hours ago

      Rich Winder didn't watch it did you?

  • Un psicópata
    Un psicópata 6 hours ago


  • Christen Brazelton
    Christen Brazelton 7 hours ago

    Funny you cant contact her directly and said it failed

  • Penny Grensavitch
    Penny Grensavitch 7 hours ago

    These people don't have a clue on what reality is.. Uneducated self destructive Hicks..

  • Bigg Roman
    Bigg Roman 7 hours ago


    • DealierD
      DealierD 5 hours ago

      @Bunkiebe troooooll

    • Bunkiebe
      Bunkiebe 5 hours ago

      BearlyMHere You can’t read can you? Or are you just incapable of comprehension.

    • Bigg Roman
      Bigg Roman 5 hours ago

      What the impeachment inquiries, and the congressional hearings? Or mick and Trump admitting to it live? I not only watched every second I read the transcript, skimmed the 100 documents brought out by a lawsuit for violating the freedom of information act, the Mueller report front to back, I read the articles of constitution related to this from impeachment to emoluments to article 2 section 3 clause 5 and on, etc etc. But this, no I just said boo and kept moving . From Twitter to congress to fox I've heard enough from Donald J Trump.

    • BearlyMHere
      BearlyMHere 6 hours ago

      Bigg Roman didn't watch it did you?

  • West Coast Treasures

    These people trying to defend Trump are disposable, Trump would fire you if he had the ability just like any other if you failed to serve him personally, the American people are smart and can see thru the distractions and America will get it right to impeach and ultimately remove this criminal for America to get back to business and lets not forget republicans will still be in the White House, less a criminal

  • Tom Campbell
    Tom Campbell 7 hours ago

    And we pay these people $174,000 per year?????????

  • Tom Campbell
    Tom Campbell 7 hours ago

    The Nadler Clown Show in action....

  • Motherfuhker Jones
    Motherfuhker Jones 7 hours ago

    Nancy looks like an alien from they live. It's like she forgot to put on her human face or something

  • herve macias
    herve macias 7 hours ago

    No se las cree ni él.

    JAMES ELLIANO 7 hours ago

    It's not that he's entirely wrong. BUT...., we live in the age of opinion news. Not "fact" based news. Our government is kept in CHECK by the media and any......ANY collusion is not in our best interest. The only thing the media is successfully doing is inhibiting progress and from one extreme to the next taking sides on topics or issues that in TOO MANY cases are inaccurate. Fact is that that by itself is polarizing and does not allow for any solutions and real progress. SO...., as a conservative....admittedly I will take the opposite LIBERAL side to this argument. IF...by chance the government was liberal and progressive (those words choke me) we would have a socialist agenda. Our prime concerns in this case would be...., tearing down walls, socializing medicine with free benefits for non-citizens, climate change implications of higher taxes and energy costs, more money paid to schools and universities which would all raise your taxes, defunding military programs, and a host of other social agendas. In other words some very expensive proposals. Then they would go after corporations (without regard to jobs costs) and in the end we would with great joy all pay more taxes or just tax the "rich" until there were no rich and no corporations or jobs. But the government could then just print money and anyone who disagree would be send to the "safe spaces" to cry to themselves. Extreme example. Yes. But isn't that what we are being told they want to do??? On the other side of the coin, why would people with those agenda get elected? Would I be allowed my freedom of expression and choice to not vote for them? If we abandon the electoral college...would then all the millions of people in New York, Maryland, Illinois, and yes California now choose to vote because their votes would make a difference. I personally would not have a electoral college all or nothing state system where the electoral votes from the state are split by parts of the state that win. So if California has ten counties that vote Republican then 10 votes would go to the electoral college instead of all of them. Oops..., the Democrats might still lose. Anyway...., all members of the press need to get back to fact based news and not wishy washy opinions. We are up to our eyeballs in assholes.

  • Ola S
    Ola S 7 hours ago

    Strange that she saw everyone covering themselves and still did not think that maybe she is doing something wrong or illegal 🤔

  • Ken Harris
    Ken Harris 7 hours ago

    I thought Pelosi knew how politics work! She seems like an old lady with Alzheimer's disease!

  • Douglas Sullivan
    Douglas Sullivan 7 hours ago


  • arquilli1
    arquilli1 7 hours ago

    Nunes Memo Vindicated.... wapo and cnn should be ashamed

  • Douglas Sullivan
    Douglas Sullivan 7 hours ago


  • Mister Mylo
    Mister Mylo 7 hours ago

    More radical extremist cults! It’s coming apart at the seams. So basically he had no information to share...

  • David Valin
    David Valin 7 hours ago

    America Protect Your Elected President... Impeach the Impeachers... File Class Action Citizen Lawsuits against House of Representatives People that Waste Tax Payers Money knowing a Political Action taken by them that is not true, will only be reversed In the Senate. When a Civil Officer of Government does things from the minute they are elected, against our President, Government and USA People, that are meant only to feed a Politically controlled Main Stream Media, False Narratives to "Program the People" against that President, using our Tax Payer Dollars, then they should personally have to pay the money back to the people. Search this 5nUZekJ3pfM

  • Rosie W
    Rosie W 7 hours ago

    Perhaps, Trump will get his wish when he's impeached.

  • Lisa
    Lisa 7 hours ago

    Clown, how dare you, God help us if you were ever our president go away

  • Jeffrey Morton
    Jeffrey Morton 7 hours ago

    We finally have available documents proving what we all knew 17-18 years ago - That this whole thing is to feed the military-industrial complex, people are dying to help the rich get richer. and every American president since 2001 is guilty of war crimes. What nobody mentions beyond all this is the CIA's connection to the Afghanistan opium industry & how this never-ending fiasco supports drug cartels using our tax dollars...

  • Foxie Dog
    Foxie Dog 7 hours ago

    Boy, they ( Demon-crates) show no respect for the President of United States! SHAME ON THEM

  • Roadray
    Roadray 7 hours ago

    Trump has now made the opposition even stronger by not providing the overwhelming aid to the Turks. Trump, cares about no one but himself, we shouldn't be shocked just listen to what comes out of his mouth. I'm the best, their picking on me, you are so lucky that you voted for me, I did nothing wrong it was a perfect phone call. 4 and a half more years of Trump no one will have to worry there won't be anyone talking to the U.S. any longer. Can't trust anything that he says after Trump there will be years before we are trust worthy again.

  • niftotaha
    niftotaha 7 hours ago


  • JuegoMaestro
    JuegoMaestro 7 hours ago

    Wow! Trump was right. This is incredibly scary.

  • Mel Tan
    Mel Tan 7 hours ago

    Nadler and the Democrats look like kids deprived of love. They are so desperate to win the election, and they are doing everything by every evil means to impeach a duly elected president by hook or by crook before Christmas! They are on a smear campaign against Donald Trump!

  • C. A. G.
    C. A. G. 7 hours ago

    Pretty stunning that, two things, one: the 'press' is reporting this very stale commentary as 'news' in 2019 (and we're supposed to doubt they are 'fake'?); and, two: it is pretty remarkable that a journalist would character criticism as 'an attack on the freedom of the press,' when, in fact, criticism is what CHARACTERIZES free speech. But, when you're part of a narrative you can't let facts or reason interpose.

  • Stephanie Quinn
    Stephanie Quinn 7 hours ago

    If The GOP Republicans ever said to themselves “ dang or dam....Why did Trump do that or I wish Trump hadn’t did that”. That is your conscience talking to you, so try not to con yourselves

  • BS1
    BS1 8 hours ago

    Trump is talking the way is, he's acting the way he is cuz he knows that the Democrats will impeach him, his Republican friends are going to go ahead and and make sure he is not impeached... and the American government will continue lying about the Afghanistan war being a success which it's not, well successful in selling weapons helicopters you know The War Machine.$ Protecting corporate interest.. and tax the hell out of every American. Stealing Pension from Teachers, Cops, and Firefighters...with the help of Wall Street of Course.. This Country is a joke and the American People are the punch line. ....All of Us... Be you City/Be you Country... We mean nothing to the powers that be. Oh what are we going to do about that the information from the whistleblower from Boeing...? Absolutely nothing. This country doesn't do justice it does very very beautiful attractive news women, who report on our American hypocrisy over and over again.. Nothing Changes.. absolutely nothing except the time the date and the month. Welcome to America Get Rich or Die Trying.. That's all we stand for everthing elese is and illusion or a media market tool so we just keep buying stuff....as much stuff as possiblile....😔

  • Adam B
    Adam B 8 hours ago

    Is doug collins so mentally deficient he can’t put together a complete sentence. Shout out to Ohio, Florida, and Texas for electing incapable idiots that f@cked up this country, you un-American morons.

  • Edwin Holcombe
    Edwin Holcombe 8 hours ago

    17 huge mistakes due to incompetance? Meaning all these top FBI Officals are hugely incompetant? I don't buy it. They are very competent therefore they knew exactly the crimes they were committing. They made no mistakes.

  • Victor Domingo aka Big Fuentes

    I hate Black American women...

  • Marian Higo
    Marian Higo 8 hours ago

    Ever since the thumbs down from Mr. McCain ,the president and his trumpets regime started this B S , just to get back the ones that voted with Mr. McCain... God bless Mr. McCain for being himself and the rest of the United states of America should do the same n this so called president will be IMPEACHED...

  • Willy Wise
    Willy Wise 8 hours ago

    Democrats are COMMUNISTS

  • Knife Shark
    Knife Shark 8 hours ago

    So trump has literally lowered bar on the presidency from this point moving forward what we’re saying is that it’s ok to commit high crimes and misdemeanors as long as there is no proof this is the new America we live in now is it worth it? I don’t know I hate this man I can’t stand him but the economy is good we as Americans are faced with a serious dilemma Who knows what this president will deal with another four years maybe World War III really will happen the next four years will be nothing but tension that is definite

  • Red Bull
    Red Bull 8 hours ago

    Hey there’s a channel in Pakistan that’s revealing elite secrets. Check it out whenever u want

    BEN DIESEL 8 hours ago

    These Dems seem to not give a care in the world that the fbi was corrupt to the highest of levels. Every American on either side of the isle should be terrified that this happened and that is could happen to you one day.

  • Anya Ma
    Anya Ma 8 hours ago

    This is a huge reason why they push a child to talk about this, “how dare you talk like that about a child” is said every time someone has something truthful to say that doesn’t agree with Greta’s points

  • Walt Gibbs
    Walt Gibbs 8 hours ago

    Long term effects from weed isn’t near as bad for anybody as any kind of alcohol period. You don’t have control except what we the people give your sorry asses.

  • Cham3leon
    Cham3leon 8 hours ago

    Ok so in young years its normal that girls and boys prefer thin people in comparison to full-figured people but this most of the time changes when people grow up...and btw the film was made by Koreans so its just normal for them to call full-figured people ugly

  • Damon
    Damon 8 hours ago

    If you have a known objective standard of operation or law and it is not followed purposefully, than the only reason that you did not follow it is a bias or a subjective rather than objective undertaking of the standard or law.

  • David Francis
    David Francis 8 hours ago

    Totally agree with Trump. Trump2020🇺🇸